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3c76 r ^ 








9h MM^ y-.^^. 

3076 jf ^ 









New Pocket Dictionary of the English & German 

languages. By^.JS.JVesse/y. Twelfth Stereotype Edition. i6ino 
sewed ^ 1,50. hound ^ 2,35. 

New Pocket Dictionary of the English & French 

languages. By^.^. W^5*tf/y. Twelfth Stereotype Edition. i6mo 
sewed ^ 1,50. bound JL 2,35. 

New Pocket Dictionary of the English & Italian 

languages. By % E. JVessefy, Tenth Stereotype Edition. i6mo 
sewed ^ 1,50. bound ^ 2,25. 

New Pocket Dictionary of the English & Spanish 

languages. By^^.E, Wiessefy and A.Gt'rones. Ninth Stereotype 
Edition. x6mo sewed ^ 1,50. bound ^ 2,25. 

New Pocket Dictionary of the Latin & English 

languages. With an Appendix of Latin Geographical, Historical, 
and Mythological Proper Names. Fifth Stereotype Edition. i6mo 
sewed Ji, 1,50. bound JIL 9,35. 

Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche des langues 

Frangaise et Allemande. Par ^. E. JVessefy. Troisi^me edition 
st^r^otype. i6P. broch^ .^ 1,50. relid ^ 2,25. 

Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche des langues 

Fran9aise et Espagnole. Par Louis Tolhausen, Edition st^r^o- 
type. 160. broch^ ^ 1,50. reli^ .4L 2,25. 

Nuovo Dizionario Tascabile Italiano Tedesco e 

Tedesco Italiano. Di G. Locella. Edizione stereotipa terza. 
z&>. sciolto JL 1,50. legato JL 3,25. 


















Abbreviations explained. 


a. =s adjective, aggettivo. 

ad. = adverb, awerbio, 

am. = americanism , espressione 

ar. '=^ aiithmetic, anmmetica, 
art. = artide, articolo, 
bibl. =: biblicJEd, biblico, 
bot. = botany, öotanica, 
c. «== conjunction, congitmzione. 
cant. «s cant term, espressione del 

chem.(cliim.)==cheini8try, cMmica. 
com. = commerce, commerzio. 
cont.<»contraction, abbreviazione. 
f. BS feminine, feminino. 
fam. =^ familiar(l7), famigliare, 

fig. = figuratively, fyuratamente. 
gr. s= grammatically, grammati- 

i. =s interjectioo, inierjezione, 
in comp. = in Compounds, ne//e 

parole composie. 
jur. « jurisprudence (law term), 

m. BS masciüine, masculino. 

mar. = manne, manna. 
med. = medicine, medicina, 
mil. = military art, espressione 

mus. == music, mtisica. 
opt. BS optics. ottica. 
p. = participle, participio, 
pl. BS plural number, plurale, 
poet. = jpoetical word, espressione 

pn. = pronoun^ pronmne. 
pr. =s preposition, preposizione. 
rail. = railway, sirada ferrala. 
8. s=: Substantive^ sostaniivo. 
V. a. = verb active, vcrio o/ftVo. 
V. def. = verb defective, verbo 

V. imp. = verb impersonal, verbo 

V. ir. s= verb irregulär, verbo ir- 

V. n. ==verb neuter, verbo neutrale, 
V. r. = verb reflected, verbo ri- 

vulg. = vulgar(ly), volgare, volgar- 


Osservazioni sopra la pronunziazione inglese. 

A sta pronunziato come e in pera^ eiica, 

\ „ „ „ a „ casa, 

ft „ „ „ a mezzo come o ed a mezzo come a (vocalo 

propria alla liugua inglcsc). 
a yy n iucirca come e in ccro, in^t co^n^qä xss^s^^ ^Ssöäs»-. 


e 8ta pronunziato coine i in vino» 

4 ,, jj fj 6 „ meiallo. 

i „ „ „ ai„ hat. 

i „ „ „ 1 „ grillo, 

o „ „ >» ö )> parola. 

6 „ „ „ u „ 7nuro. 

o „ „ „ il primo in orso, 

o „ „ „ „ „ „ motto. 

i\ „ „ ^ „ juin^wre. 

li vocale propria alla lingua inglese, rassomigliante al eu nclia 

parola frtmcese neuf. 
n sta pronunziato come u in iutio. 
6x1 „ yj y, au „ aura. 

j »» n . . .;» ,S >» geitare. . 

/// ( consonanti sibilauti proprj alla lingua mglese; Y uno (tli) pro- 

Tlif uunziato piii acuto, i altro (Th) piu dolce. 

Table for the Italian Pronunciation. 

fi sounds as a in far^ father, 
i „ „0 „ pm^ mei. 






, „ ti'Äere. 

„ fi(/, mal. 

„ hot, no^. 
o „ pole. 

., „ u „ bull. 
k, ^, 1, 6, ü are pronounced with a sharper and quicker impulse of 

the voice. 
gl and gu (in the sjUables gia-j gio-, giu- and in the Byllables gua-^ 

gue-, gut- &c.) must be pronounced very rapidly. 
B.U sounds as ou. 
h is iievcr ßounded. 

r has a liquid ßoimd as gli in seraglio or the French / tnouillee» , 

n' „ „ „ jf similar to that of min companton, pimon. 


Ab«!l, ibtn'. <••!. (nur.) . p,pp^. 
A)»IIhi><iM, lhll-.)nll, ». i. .!>'M.ri^. 
AIiAüdoii, Ibli-daji, <.._*. fiiivi,! 

Abnje, Ibii', . -., 

AblT.Ctblrt''; '», =. »™<>'|Üär., f^ "''. 
Ahme, IUI- ■ ■ ■ 

tiürei.lbl'ijtn, I. 







ÄbdöminÄl. tbdl'ofnil, Abdoin'iooni, I 

>£ra"-.i. ;.».,. ...,„. 

lblril'.bla. >.»(.»..», il.^,-(~.uh, . 
Ibprrlng, IblnHl, P. a ■. imn». 



Abelt^r, Abellor, -llr, >. ballgtlarr, n.i 

AbTj-lSrcelViMiii, >. ap,iuHvm,f., (U«.) 

Abbar, ibtilfr', ». .. äi^rrirc, £ltutrt. 
Abhomucc (-Cf }. -lu, .»»..n-b»»». «/<s. 

Abliom'ni, -i^u, i. iMarrlmtnU, m. 
AbMe, Ibrn-, v7.. fr. rfbu>,«r.( üp.lI»->( 
AbidpT. ->^ i. ailluUi, mtllml„rr, m. Xf- 

AbigaLi.'l'hlÄl, 'i'cli^^'u ?I^™/?' 

AbHitr, Ibll'lll, .. .fti»lJ, cpacilS, /or»! 

Abi"ed! Ibl^ld, .° iL,.i'p'i/ti"üo!'."^ ', IfllH ,. .*,■«« »-«..t.«.! -, 

Abiic'lVdHMi.^Hmld^^l, TiuiiH, «J- 
Ab^ollo iTlbjik'.blg, i. »«li,/. 
a£ «TnMr'jb-IIklüIu .. »,V(J, /Tämili- 
Aburatton, Ibjlrl'iblii.i. oithiraHi,«,, f. 

Ab lutnLe. Ibllk-dt, «... iJaiiir^, i.»«ur(. 

Ab IiliDn,''ib'li'.lisi. 1. ^'^oZ',/!""'"' 
AbUliTe. Ib'lltlT, I. tiU^nm, ~i. r/Würr. 

Ab eAloJiri, -iiifli,\. 'r^JZ, linAn. 

Ah «gMe, Ib'iJili, ». .. d,;~B«, 
Abvifali'on, Ibllil-iba*,.. .£p.luf.«,/. 

Ab ""^ ÄfcVi''p"r'd!ll?;fS7jtH;, 

Ab DCMlon, I hl Ibl -1111911. .. 
Abation, Ibtl'.hln, i. .eTi,a.;.c, purl- 

Abll"d»"™lh''n"jli, ir.a.ii(6r«c„,, ■*""- 
Abnoruiilr, Ibnir'ralll, i, Ji/Tannili, /, 
Abnormal, Ibalr'n.ll, Abna'^<ni,V«^<- 

AboiniiMblc IblB-mlptbl, ■. ■tbnrüiijlli, 

ml, lbii1']1i>l], * 
1», Iblrl'jtgli, I 

, Ibli-ibln, I. thrli 

AborlivE. tbBrl-li. n'.'.iarthia, pi'Hnil' 
Abpul Ibtli-, i 

trinclpalrnnte, VdtllA. 

Dvn-TnHitioiieil, -nliiblnd, .. npra- 
Abnd*, Ibrld', v. ■.nihri, rjue^Jo». tf. 
Abri<ian,lbrI'ibiD, ..ruMrm •«»»■Mr., 

Abredl.lbrl.l', •J.tltbH (i».r.)»f™, 

AbridfC, l'bil;', V. >. mUmiUrt, tarlMrc'i 
Ahridginenl, -ml«, i. .*»w<«~>»i «— 

p.,Jt„, m. tipUl-ri. 

Abrouli, IbiliA, ad. iplIUni u hI -, 
Abroid, Ibrl«', ..{. ^i»-.! /.«- dt oii, 

/•»r /J piari U> (0 -, ucirf , to let -, dl- 

Abragulion, Ibrltl'ibln, .. Mbrc,ula.,, J. 
Abnipli Ibrlpl', •. ■»Aflu«, rrpmim, i«- 

Abieni.Vb-'iIi, ■.''«A/iini >^''i p^iu-L'f. 
Abiooa, lUlid-. •>. •. liKNin, if<^lJn. 
Abioiuipn, Ibilibln, i, lacninnifs, n. 
AbaeoBil, IMIail', v. n. „iL.CF,du$ii ttU^l. 


biolutiiini Ib-illlllim, >. uiof 
bioJnlf«, Ib-illlll.L., «»fiii 
biolniorr, IbilL-liIcl, .. „.kI^ 

Aixrlenlt, Ikill'lIrlL n. •. ac 
Aecdention. IkilUlrl'ikia, 

Ascubutioii, Ikilallll^li, >. •cuxi»- 

Anapt. I^P)'! >■ ■■ ■nx'Mnr rttraJIm 
Acc^UbiUli-, UuIvlUTflll, >. f>.fiiJ ■>- 

ACHpIntil», IklhnlM, •. tcrtiurtit, mt- 

AcEepUbir , -J , nrf. ■ccillnvlniali, «f- 

gradrvotmMmlt, gittMmfmIr. 
Awpmnce, -du. AocepUtioii, ItalpO'- 

S«.. ^ ■"""""'■ ■ """"^WMrA 
Acavplicilli -IblDi «- fifJt^csArt Jv. tigmi- 
Aosni. IMf. •. MCHni -diu, ■>. «bvUi 
McetHpm^'wiUM^'t. 'bh^IIÖiI, 
AscuHrr, b'iftiltl, ■. «niHr^i -> (. 

AcSCHiSB, Ulllh'll, >. »nHlIUI u^ 

AoiHiarilr. Ik-ilHlill^. «J. M«i»n.. 
tatnUi ttgmlermmu. XliumM 

ADcHIorr, h'.lultl, .. »CMfor». n~~. 
AeeidciuM, If^dlBi, •. nähuiui dtU, 
A«id»(, inü'lil, r. ttildau, «», <w 

ult, ftmfrh, 'Ij, tu/. BHivarwtImBar, 

..-I, lillB'plcil.,..,. 
DT.1ktlm'nW,.....i;n, Ikkla'pili. i. ta^^ti.S^tf, 

kcciuacr, Ik-klilil, . 

AdouiIici, Ikllr^ki, i. luirU dt 

Acquiltal, -lll, •.miUUtUnui lAc^biU, 

Acndilr^lU^d'Ill, •. irmu, .ilMli,/. 

cnuamoiu, fl^i^;,!^ ^^^^^ 

AorirnonT, Ik^llolnt. Aorilr. rtrll), .. 
Aaou, l^rlf, .J, .. •Mmcla, . .«nie. 


litt, prmm.n.x -t, pt. JimdUn. pl'. 

icllon-likiiig, -lU^ni, a. lüitinH. 
koIlTC, It'tU, •. aUiiioi ifib, ilHIrsi 'Ij, 

livilki viii^lA'i mgllM, p»*(^,/.' * 

itioiilj^lruiii,^-.^. «.,.(., .j-«ift,.,"V. 

.cIuniT. Ik'ijllil, .. «uorb., n.i.;», «. 
OIU.M. K'ilJli, ., .. ,ff„u,^., ^„,„„.. 
.CDlüflle, Ikl'DIt, .. .c», .»»,„.». 

Acumi^n^lj JM'nlol^ ^.^^t^..».^.p. 

Adngill, Idl'Jlll, .. pr-i^rtint.. 
Aäipt, Idipl', V. •. .dtl'liu-r, •ccTmuää 

dder, l^'dlfi «. mtptj 0tpidt, M. 
ddiblB, Id'dlbl, ■. agiluniiHU. 
ddial, Mlltkl', v.u. mdJirti I •ppUnr 

ilioaiä, 'tl,} Kpnppiltl -Ij, aiJ. Ja 

rb', hlinJlnus, iH.iHi» 

ddtHi, Udib', i. In 

..j/ucF. Iddli', V. >. tddurrn aitlHtirn 
Adetndt4on, IdWililo, •.priv>ii»>,/. 
Adqit, ldl{>i', f. xildniK, nlMiftiilutm. 

AdA^niCfT Id'JHvlrl, t, sorTUponJm 
JLdrqunla, li'lkwll, ■. tdcjumte, prs/i. 

^dtlüte. l'dbtr', 0. ■. nllaccanhf'^Tir, 
Alllureiil, -ht. ^.anicnUs, anif«! -, 

Adlfn, Ul\ Md. uUü. 

jAdiU Villi, i. tdiu, m. «u-u«,/. 

•"Ssf?."""- •■-"■■ — 

Ad|ODninienl,'BlA(, t. diUtianf, f,i 

•Äl^dicille.l<jjl'dtldl,». .. »nWi»r. 
LdisiliDii, Idjldlki'iblii, i. aftJiiilii 

:Ad nbat, Id^AllI, >. ajalmlt, n. 
Jld Ute, IfUli'* «■ a- mitLtMrt, t-Marrtrt. 


Ad^ni'itnlor, llBln1ilill9r,'i.°sm'i 
.Idmlnibitilr, Idulrlbll'tll, i. ammi 

j4diQiniI>l«,ld'iIiiFlli1,a.aa>nIn>Mtii > 
jLdniirBhtT, -i, arf. ammirahitm^nlB. 
Aduiinil, id-nfclt, t.aaairwgUa, m.i 

Adln Eni tr?'-ll', •'. an.'^tnlSu.'n.' 


dmiTtur^U&^k^tjlr, f.nii 
dmonich, Idsla'nlih, v. •. ■ 

A dolnMaeE, (-er) Id ll li'slai.i , iUd/i 
Adnlpicnt, Idtllillnl, ..*(.< 

Adoiil, Idtpf. V. •. mJJnllar,! rion 

ImiJn, ldlll''ibi., •J>lui«<l, ^üt 
L*tor. idi|l-ll^ i. .äul.ln^bnintUtr 

Adul.lorr, l-dtlLlirl, .. baUttim. 

■ • •■ IdÜl-, ■. *■ - 

1'.IqL ..!«,„ 

,, Idttgljlr, 

Adicnluroiu, IdililtJrli, ■. 

raff»» . -Ij, > J. uä<l«->jtl> 

AdTirb, Id-Ilib,«, mmirUa, m 

Adnrtuil. Idilritll, >. iv» 

AdTcne, IdMr., .. ■n™. « 
Adnmlrr'ldil^i^il? ., w" 
AdTWI, idTliI-, v.l. oMUma 

Adnrünoe, -iu| 

AdrcrÜMiiient, Idih^InlBt , i. anm-ii- 

AdrulllVTi Idlll j'llr, •. auufialw«, n. 
AllTÖtUillI, Idihll'iTaf, •. infrmmüont, /. 

-kHl, •- **M älunttccü, f. T'''"''. 

AdTinllJB, Mll-lllli, •. w»> , ;y». 

Alfutiiiiv; fälbln'°i*°''!''äSi*i(i.i, c(«;K; 

Aliabl«, irnbl, .. .g-MU, .Mit, aruit. 

AirirctHd, -Id, ■. .ß.ll.l,, iKclinAU, iU<. 

^i>i«i -ir, 4ui. tofmfru.üm. 

AflectinE, -1d|. •. pmliiict. [m. 

AITFc;HDn,lalk'.bIn, j. •jtth>Kt,f., tinor,, 

AffidsTiti liridl'iV'^'^H^"!^« •<"> 

AffiJinIS, lnij'lUl. V. ■. idnlLr». 
■ 1, Iflllll'.lil«,.. It/Ül./Ol.., / 

5jrmFi.(i»;-i-»«,"^«.'^«™"'«/>.' ■ 

AlRi. Ir-rlki, i. •ffini, «. I -, lirlkV, •>. •. 

-fuMTt, ./i««*. .'!.»■». 
iot, tnilkl'. H.a. ^iggirt, lona.iilnrr. 
icUdncii, -Idali, >. ^iuaiu , daclm- 

AJnicrer.'-lr./. cAt^^/ij«, "V"™*"""-, .. 


Adruar, -li. i, mruiimrmra, HIitltHaMrl, 

A.(i.."l\""'«. 'g'/i'}.'' """' " 

AnouiHl, l'lriill, j.'!i^^Ita!-l' "^ 
- il*e..TM BliN 

U BliM', lUlugil 

A Ali Dl 

AlUux, Imlk^, AfHiäi'an, lniI]>'>biD, i. 

AffortI, Islrd- <i. g. ifu-ii frmjidrr,, 
JÜflitnMt, Inl'rlil, •>. >./..r A'Jnir •'/».. 

Allst.ivxlt, ti.tipr. äc^'äctndnil'iv, 
Aflcr-blrtli,— tilul.i.Kmidvia, /. 

Jittridtyt, -all, I. pl. twnlrr, >». 

rhiiiteitM, f. fitwtHirf, m^ 

Aflsr-hour., — lln, Aiirr-liU, — lif, 
ÄttKIMtb, — mll*, I. t"!"; •>■ 
.AfternDDu, -ii9d, .. äx,p. ^r«u, ■>. 

Af ter-Rckoning , — rltkilnf, i, renttbua 

Afl^lüle^^llW, •, «ilni. ,4^''i~- 
Allei^Uigiiibt. --Mi, t. initiaUatt »c- 
»lu, /. (/. 

Aflrnrnrdi, 'Vlnii. «^ dapu, Ji/Hii. 

Alain. t|h', uJ. i« »u». •~«r>, ■!>■ .Iir, 

Agiil.Uill'. «.ipir 

Ag«, !],•. ^./.i 

■nialiUU,/.) rUI -, —.«.»iin..., r. I .- m 
■r -, M»- mmggior,. [nmt m *«c<II>. 

Ageat, *'i™iJV "«'r^' op"""' -, "■ 
AHlameHt*, luJln'liil, v. ■! ageoniu- 

Aigiot™», l«!?''"". •■ ■■ "-e'-'i^ß--, 

Aflnuilliia, lrirl>'l>i ■• ■■ ■jp-aw/ircr 

AuTBndizeBUiil, ll'l^adlimlHt, ff- aggran- 

Ag^ÄeTtörftl., V. * .gB,«.™,'^i 
AU">T<it>OB, ruilrl'ffblD, •.^i^gratHuuau, 

Ati"i»te. l|'|iliti, •.j^irigait, -, ff. 

Ag»l. ■lill''. a. ipnxiiMU, ffnüt/oll 

■ Aniiesstion. l.pJii'ililD, ff. »Kr<g«xiBB, 
Atenu, -, Angreiiioii, liicli'ihlii, ff. ■,, -ilr, ff. ogef «.wt, «»lilx-«, a 

■*""™''*™ "'r' ■■'. '■ rf'.i'T'"--'' 

AggriivV, "i«;!.', 'i°*r"J^iig"ff'?^ 
Aegroup, »iiriii', v.i,.aggnippart,fiirmii 

Aghul, 1(1^1', •- ffpauMtaw, linp«n». 
Agilf, l'lTl, .. mmlU, oMa, daln. 
A«ilitT,%)ti, j. .gUM, J«»-™../. 
AflUBIMiilU^ ■. <*• n p.» FKUHri. 



AtilJilDr.'iltii'llr,.,iii«a.ggw[or.| ■;«» 
AgBuil, Ifnll, ff. panirtcctn, n. 
AgMIp, lljil-, ff. -g««. ,.»,.,, -,. r/. 


Är-!S'.t ÄS 

Agonr, li-Jü*,_. .g«i., „gnän,/: 

Agncäbt«, -Im, >. •t^'a,'i!^U,"'pi^'v!f, 
Agrrnb]:o«.,-lI.t.l., .!„„„%»(»„, 

'*'t^i "*£ *" 'ggii-tiita, -, ai. 

Asüiffb, i'tai>h,..ju't*^. 

Aliend, Itlll', ■iJ. immaiitf, ilatiaalli ( 

Ahull, IbU', .it. I«0 • •.<». 

Aid, U, t. ^JMli , taaaina , aj-aammla, n. [ 

Alling, -iog, a. JnfiffpHts, MOnni&fs. |/. 
Ailmut, ''blDtj ff. mafff. HM iM/titpaättiatta^ 
Aim, La, r. mirn,f.i terwaglta i dütgua, mti 
-, ^ a.niforfi atplrarm, (nvtem 

AirJÜllnillu-'bijrln, i. pallant ursiMliu' 
Air-built, ^111, >. •Ai'-via, vwg. 

Air-Egle,-^!,!], ff. «/og»!"/»! •piraglin,M. 

Airling, -^tnt, •. vn«« gi»>i.< 

Air-ffhjifC-'-«lilnt <■ *pi^attia,t 
Air-alciTe, -'-axU, •. ealanfm, 
Ajt-right, -'•Itl, a. imfiirmraHlt 
AlT-trap, -'-trlp. ff. «taHlaUre, i 
Air-lniiü(,-'-lrliik, Air-Tiln 
Air-TMIcr; '-'.tIkI, I, mlpiaale 
Airr. -'1, ■. ''' aria, amp, 
Ai.U, II, ff. ■»«. W ™ tW.™ 

Akin.'lkiu', .'. •FP""""- ""•"«»in". 
AlAhaitrr, lj-lbl.(]r, j. alatailr-, m.i',m 

Aljick.*"ii»r.' A)>chidaTi 'UlTl'.'Mmt. 
AUciilr, lIlkTlK, I. „i«.ciU, .»«er— ,/ 

AlanD:bEll -Hl, iC um^iu Mio .Urmi. 
Alirin-'.Ölt.'-'pilt'l i?^"iu ^I/> rugÜH. 

All, llli, Al»-a-da)F, -idk, f. eiiai. 
A beih, llblll, >./n>H»i., iiMlJ, 
A b«), llk I. ««HM, «. 
A buiiaeani.llbtllii'tl», ■. ilnMuh. 
A gkTiBi»>l,UklB'Blkll, i. .fcAüif«. 
A ahrinül, IfUsI»!, •■ ■fotimlil«, n. 
AlckTinr, tl-kini, •. •ItUmln.J. 
A sDhsr.ll'hllilJ, •. •/«!, M. 
Alaoholiw, ;-ti. •>. a. r^ffUarr ptrjttu. 

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A dM, ll'dlc, I. anlou, la. 

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Jilerl, Itlrl', ..vietlM^U, IhU. 
ftln-UteU, -all, 1. vifi/anu, Jnlrritt, 

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lilTer, ii'illTlr, <. J«»(hf«> ii>U> 
AI«-il>ke,''-«lk, I. tiutih.dl HrrariA,/. 

Algebra, ll'J(l>rr»..r|.ira,/. 1^-1,.» 
J,^™«(.h lljM'fl.rtl),. ,/,,*™j 
Mliwnult, llllbtL'lil, I. almiirUia, M. 

Ifib!« Iirjlri, 1. »■•ij b/MI, ». 

ah«; iiTh. -; •'"«. w«'"" . -. . V 


lirp'el'li'öa. iDil'ihli, I. J/»'?b!i*"''dx- 
lllPC«. lUlJ-, •^ •. mlU,nrr, Ji^Ur.,,. 
Illcüiinci-.lUi'jJli»... lc>JI,>,/r./rfU,/. 
tlJ»I|0cic<l1 . lrjJ|li-Ikll , I. allri^Ticc, -Ij, 

if\r'toni^A°\Ttlji', «. .. atleg<u-iii,.rt. 

tljrcro. llJj'irl, .. ^/»rV ~. 
lllcTJaüon,, .. .»r»'«»», 

AII-bflUoWIMll, llklL'llBll, All^allDW- 
lidr, -dd, •. pW<«> äiJUmmtr., m. 

Altionu, llllliu, i. ■Ifu.Mi >/iJiilA /. 

AlliEd, lllfd'. ■. mtUml; tfJ'iirmU. 

Alligule, iKdlll, >. .. (.(ktvi. 

AlllcXar. IrifaKar, •. Mllliaurt, m. 

All-knowiiic, llillai, .. «HfUEcou. 
~ ution,llJlkl^bll>,l.>fJim>war,/. 
liuui, iJli'dllii, >. ■tforfi*. m. 



Ali£«.'lilk', '.. « 


A?»-^n\. Iinlol», 

Atimonr, U-KbIsI 


C^J, M. 



AIIdt, in»-, >. liim,/.,-,<i.t.lrt'r: 
A1l->nu1tdir, Il>lV«l, t. /••!• i/ri.ii; f 

lE.llU'rlni, i. fühl 

'■"l"Pm.:^. •■ 

luiiie, tllj'>1>, •. .lU.h^, -1], . 


AlInTion, litl'iiln, •. ■»■I 

Allvi», Ii'kU. <. »nniicf. 
AIIt. Iltl', .. ./(MPoipi^ 

AlmU'"l''i'n'>i" ilniilln'l.7' 
AliniihlT, iJinll'*, ». o-nv 





I pr,ut,ctt. 
'Jm. f. 

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Alpliohtl, ll'rlbli. >. •(r>»i>.7, n. 
Alplubct »<], llrtbll'llll, ^ ^(f.t: 

Alpiner ll'^Hp a- nlptalrm- 

Alreadf. Ilrld-l, aif {.J, iJie», i«~i^ 

AllO, ll-lt,«- ucAr, .ncnn.1 .Hr.. 
Altar, (l'nt, I. mlUrr, m., Ill(ü-, ■ 

t ~AlUrib1i>, -lU', a. KlUraJiU: 

; Alwrnblr, -I, <uf. In noff. .JnnlkiVi, 

' AltPmlidii, -l'!l.»Ii,i, .(,/. 

AllcrnÄlire' II iti^liS, °>.'^7»!^fuJ''-ll 

AJUiouah, Alilio', liTui', c, imiilii, wi. 

AllD£<'Ui« lldtlTH'ir, xJ. ■fii»r^> 
Alnlii, U'Jlm, I. allumr, m. 
AlÜminoDi, Ijll-inlib, ■. altimiifQ. 
A)Bm.»1|, -illt, >. u/i~~~, ». 

Aianbilllr. tiiilti1|-lij)'^?'<l<iiniHl!JTp^ 

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Amnirat, tmiil^.'j. .•»»». 'difiilBnir, « 

linbiül,llli'bi)nl, •, ^miirnli. XH"",f- 

Amubfli iV, In AblV'lA, » ■ 'AuUblSD» v 
Amuble. V=.IIbl, .. ^ff.ä.n.lo, .JMh, 

Au5^1»n«l, -«ll, .. •f<Limii,_frfia./. 

AinUiilbD/lsila-:«li, i. •«iuM. n. 
Asiiubläris'lUbl, a. amiciarali, l-i^tr. 

Ainid<jlJ, tJSj(jf), ^,./r«i i-«!«.™ 

Afnong(i''),"iinlni(<l)'. p 




AuiphithralT«.la[ii«l'liir, >.»iA'»m.w. 
AuphilheiilijOHl, ImftMi'utktl, a. anSltm- 
AmplensK, -nli, t, m^iiaiH' grm<iiitl^,f. 
AuipItlieation,1iiipll[lkl'9lilD, (.sm^/fyCi»- 
ijoni, /. XiMtrtiriitm, JB. 

Ainplitade, Im'f iTlId, 

impAü'Ahln, j 

An, lo, .«. MO, u„!!'. " r-'''<'iatlUII,J 
Annbiptiiin, Inlblp'dm, j. (n.i. ilrgl 
ADlbspliil. liilbip'll.l, .. Biul.iiui.. m* 
An>clironilU), Islti^iilim, (. ...or«;'ü 
•u,". M. per .«.litia 

AuloMlul, Inljl'Jlkll, .. .;C.f«"<>i'lr' 
Analogai». Inll'iili, .., •imili. 

Aulyiu>,bU'Ui<,(. «ofui,/. 
AulTtioal, Inllltlllll, a. tKalitian -]/, «I. 

ABdniIlicdill, tiVklklll), ■. t^uvUca. 

»llral. In'ililcll, • 


AniiliDnl, ii'kJrtl 




An(ll">D. Ind'IÄTTi, *. alaft, m. 
Anccdole. Is'lkdil, i. unJJnM, in. 


Aii«<^i;c;r.I), lajU-fkaU. ..«(.fico. 
Aogu, tsf'ilr, >, coUtft, itm , jiiiu 

nginniiM.flil'ininJii,.. Ahm,/. 
nglini-rod. -rti, 1. vcrfi, rlU ^ult •' 

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ngr;, In'ltl, •.,!«»■, nlltrla,. [•"■ 


■hin. I. •nln.siioiiri tihuicilLf. ' 
.nimotilr, Inlmlcilt, j. .«imartiA, f,i 
.niiniu ^■■(nli, >. valmiU, IkIbiuhm, f. 

!niwiil, Inl'iJd, *. .niä, ■ulfil», ... r/. 
.nk1r(-hDllM, Ini-U, i. tmimia, iil pitäi, 
.nklft-i>icki. -1)1». '. pt- uM^'ti, iL pl. 
.iiiibIi, Is'bIIi, t. pt. unaK, n, d {. 
,iinMl, InslL-, v. .1. tt^f.r,r, (Uytlrti. 

[nmlvU'blS d'l.l''fi.l°' "Sr^>"i£ 
.nnili'i'M^ Insllillll, t>. •. «.nletl/ir,. 
.nniliilfltign, iDDltllL-mln, •. .J<,ilcl,!lt- 

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nodVn^jIn'ldln, a. (mril.) oaoifin«. 


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ilnmticT, Inllili'^k, •. ■uiini-ii». 
it-bcnr, tnl'blt, Anl-Ealcr, --tltt, .. .»- 
mcAiT., ... ^ TprL,riiA,f. 

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«nlFdntbWlldlt, v.l. onn'ifiluY. r<>'«>. 
tntediluTian, Inildlll'.tln, a. Mnuilil— 
«nl^lopE, In'lJDii, 1. fiutlla,f. T'««*. 
«nl^m^ridi.!., (.Itjc^d-lls, ...Ul««ri. 
«mennae. IoiIh'dJ, i. ;>J. »nu »otiVi >(• 
.l.,™™.»/,-..!. rn-.,/. 

«nlFpcnull, iDitptDill', 1. (|I'] •i<l'7»'i''J- 

• tlcipalF, lalVillll'i ".""' l!rl)ci>or(, 

Aillipillbr, Inll/pllAI, >. uli^alu, iv- 

An([pode'i,'lDl)Dtdi, 1. pl. mlpadi, m. pl. 

Anliaiuriui, laiJtwl'iOn, Antinuiur, tu'- 

MiiA, ..mnllnMrU. m. 
Anüqamird, li^tvlild, a. ■■ilnta. 

Antiilläil.Mfkwlir;. inlicklli,/. 
Aaiiäm-TtTT, hibU'Hqrl, ■. rmü« Vf/(a 
AnliipmiiiDdin, Inlliplsnildili, m. anlli- 

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Apn. l'filk^ i. »Jn.,»;. »i>.»iä, cu»>,/. 
Aphofüm, trirltD, I. •Juriam,, ^, »u. 

AphDMJicAU Irlrii^lktl, ■. a/^rMi». 
Ap>"Ti Jl","". •■ ■«"./■l «A««^ -. 

Ap1«9e, 1PU| W'. • !«'«> • VWHIW*. 

Api.h«... -.1* .. ii/«™, gMl^l^f, 
Apilpat, Ip»'|>ll, iu<r im/nfuu» j»!- 

ApOMl™"., tplliTtil)«, .. ,p.«li,„.J. 
Apoorrplu, lp4'kr*fl, i. /pf. /j^ri a^o- 
ApDCITplul, Ipllnlttl, ■. mpanrifa, nm 
ApodicliDlIil). ipialVlUtll), •. mpfUlUna. 
Apoloi^ticill, iKiJiJh'llI, ■.'. 

Apoplrdicdll), Ipipllk^lk, a. o^ia^f.lica. 

in. Ipli'dlll, «. B. apn'Utmri. ' 

Apoitletlilp» -Hblu, f. appaälolale, rq. 
Apoilolic«!, Ini.lkl'llll. .. .pp^ulia,. 
Apoitrophe, Ip^'ltlfl, f. a^«rr4/pj m.« 

ApatliccniT, tpii*'(tlc1, t. rpaUU,' ••■t 

ApÖüiPo'ii'ripi''lAÄl., .. apal««,/. 

Appll, »Pp(l', V. .. llMpt'- — 

AppADHgv, Ip'plntj, f. a;j 
Appimluii ipplri'lLr, 

Apnaral, Ipr^ill •• addsita 

ApparEnt, Ippt'ilol, a. a;>pii'M 

■ "ipaTilvmi^ V^VA't>^u, •. 

Apprrli>'Diini>, l^prlhlB'ilila, i. udariii 
ApprEbiiniiTe, IpnrtDlt'iIi, a. ^prauiuci 
ApprenticHhip, -nblp, «- mptdAia tanpa 
Ap[>riie, Ipiirii-, u. », Bi^nnn™. . 

Approiiqli»u"j -lül, •. IciJiiiiuV '■ (/. 

Appro^Abie, IpprS'rlbl, ■. ap/tr^vmÄilet 

ApprOTd, kiu^''''. ■- MpiirBt,tlm,u,/. 
Appro*e, Ipprli', *. ■. tppnvtrti mtri 

ApprOIM, -ir, j. Vf"' 




Appsriler, Ippli'lJlii, 1- cunurti ildtllt, ■ 

Appeal, Ippll". t. •ji/«(Im(»"«i •tcmi, / 
Anpw, Ipplt", V. mo^/iarirJt oi>iB/i«rin 

AppHunbla, Ippl'lfn, •■ pUcaiitr. 
Apueaic, tppll', u. a. platarti (.lelan. 
Apprilut. Ipgll'llnl. i. .M»"»". ">- 
AnpetUtian, Ipptlll'>lil»,».«7'^/Jp«(»>»'rj 
Apj>ellitin, ippll'IltlT, •. (irJ •p;''^!- 

Ap'l^tlUtiTfJr, -H. "J. ■ -•■'" J' "W"«' 
Aiiiwil™, IppMI', «. meauatf, m. 
Appellor, Upll'llt, I. «ppWliml', •>. 
Append, Ipplsd', «. •- mpiiatJtrt, i 

App'eBdw. -Ui *■ -'«"r^". "•- t- 

Apprniii.'-Vu.i.npM.diiii, dtpfKicnrnm, 

"!.•.■:;»- '"*"^ •• - """"ES 

AppElfnw, Jp'l-'llo^ I. .f JWIIM« it^h— , 
Appeliie. IpJpiH». 
AppTaud. ^pplU', ' 

tpl^.dE-t, Ipp: 

AppIauH, Ipprh-, •. appltuti, m 

Appl^yirA -jirj, •. p™«lit, n. 
ApplifliHW, InplriBB, ■- ■dflJUnMio, 
ApptiimbililT. Ippllklbll'lll, I. sd 

ApplicxblF, ip'pllklbl, a. appUfhit, 

Appliutiaii, Ipptlkl^tbU, t. applicnltur, 

f., ricam. riftl: "■ 
ApplT, *PP,lf'. "■ ,•; W««'?. •Jal'arc,-. 

V. n. Mpptitvtti bfipUtani- 
Ap^oini, Ippllm', ■■ ■. «rdf-vii r^f.Jvc^ 

AppoinlM.-l-, .. Y""'""'». /""■*'"•' 

Apportion. Ipptt'.bla,«.«. prvmni 
ApuDtl onincnt, -nlni, i. dVmtU 

AppDiP, tppDi'r v-d. <taiv.) HrrT^arr, i 
Appof'.^fcvi""-) ^ 


^„,'v1bi Mtprapri4/^i eiHTtPMj*ib 

liable, tpP"^'"l>l, •'•pprtttal 

.HU. „ ri", prtji, 

:iBtt>j Ippil'diUl, V. m, itimtrc. v: 

ÄpprOElibate, Ipnttk'ljDit, v. m. ajtproni" 
ApproxinulJOn,lpptAiLtlBi^ibSii, *' «iWa- 
ApproiiuJilive. IpprtfaJgiktlT, ■. apprc,'. 
Ap^uTlenancR, tppic'liatBi, i. ■pfwrlnicfH 
Apnöotri'p"*!^ .. «»(mm.,/. 
Apnl-foot'-flij'r'-™"'.' Mi ^ j(.~ ... 

Aprao, Vpilo, ff- grfmiitil^ i». L". 

Aproji- mau 'bId, t. .pf r.i.» m. 
Apt, tpf. .. .".. iolpa«, .iamci.. -V, üd. 
•tumnlt, .dc.™/™«!.. ffMif.;..c. /. 
ApHlode, Ip'lfltd, i. .iim., iiaiii>-.f • i^i>- 

-{:5,vr •■—"-—■- 

Aqu*-Iort;i, IUItl(ir'lT^ ff. ■«../orli,/. 

AquKäuM.lfc'kwldllU, ff. .CV"««".' ""='', 
Aquiline, m-Jlip, a. •^uiiin«, ä" ajuiU. 


rbimiri Ir^lldrl, 

Iillclrl, .. ^riilrana, Ja/>o 

Arbitr« l'l DB, lAi irl'rtlo, ff. »-iiln. (.. m , /in, 
ArbltRinenl' lAVtr'l'iiriDl' i.'lrU'A.»: 

rTl^lrtiMol. .. nm'r' 

Arboor, Ir^ar, i. pirt'tt.f. P'rg^U», m. 
Ankae,'i?ti"'i."S^^"m. »ü".".°/'° ' '"" 

Archbribop, lrLil.h1>li'lp, .. vcfutioni, rn. 
Arvl.Uiih(.pr[D, -clk. .. .rciu„c»..,J», m. 

Archdukfdom, -Hn. >. trcidua^u. h.. f«. 

Archclrpul^ Irbld'pll, n. iCaralltli'pii. 
Arch»piioDpiiiT,likl1p!t'Ji)fljt, >. ani. 

.'V, lj^li^tt!','."\hZul^m. 
liLibll, vJ. fi'scDi»««». 
». Iiul'oti,!. ^tUUlu, uludi, 
f-il, Inik'nrlii, t. arelprtle, i>. 

r,-'wl,..™'i^/.JSrti.," "■' 

r, Ir-dlnil, •. ardurit ftrvor,, „ 

Ardent, Ir'diDt, a. arJiau, appmolentlo \ 
ArdMuu's, iKUb,'!. aril>.s| MßlelU. ' 

A re«ta liDii.liJliiil'ikW, j. flnoTf eh'iÜ m. 
AriralifaroiUi IrShti'tlili, a, produecn« 

Ai^ueoni, IrlTlTl'ibii. .. ^plÜHa. 

- j. /. fc 

Te', iKinto-aili, 

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AridilT, tri«-!!!, 

Anftacnl. tpiuilrll, r. anirlacraiins, ii. 

Ariiloeraüodil), Irliilhlilkllij, ., aHtl». 

AriÜi'nictiöf 1, tr1i:lmii<l''kll ra.'trilÜ^I«!^^ 

Ark, Irk, •. •ria.y.i - af Itl »•«■•■T^« 

Ana, Inn, i. hn.cS,., ri»i fH>un,»., anaib 

t, Ir^iminl, 


.rmoiT.ViDliJ,!. «n.1.^^., 1 
.nsow, Ir^tr, .. groaruvIV.' ' 
.imDmwtxarH, — bltlr. i. i^ufi 

IfB^J.'lrlmll'IUli), ■, ar 

■ -. Iill- - 

ArcMii'bDlieF Ic-kufbailr. t, •rcAJtuicn, in, 

rgnif. IrTllll, u.a. pmmnirf,'^ 

m, Ic^Ia, •. hci„dUA,, m. 
in, .. .Tic, prt/athiu, lufulr/a, J^ 


Artful, Irl'rtl, .. ./■(ijTrfdio, aSiVa, -Ij. «1, 

rrlnl, lr-cli.l,a...M 

Irrlf, ■. . 

jJ^^OMm, hÜklU-ibln,' •. tr'iat , 

Arlifiet, Ir'lflli, (. mräficU, m. uihh., /. 
Artiflmr, liilntilr, : Ji-Jtt; *rilitt, 

ArtUaär?kriillAll, m.tnlfitlalt, irrifl- 

AMitteiT, Irttribi, (. mrliflltrlm,f. 
ATtJllwT-drrran, — ilrJilR, «• «i. nTH« 

■f>' mW J-viUlleriii, m. pL 
ArtilltTf-IBILtL—miB, •.•rlllllm.m. f 
Artillarj-pcKlie*. — ptnili. •; •«■»■ai 

Arll«l,lifl)*,a.Miu''vic, t^'liutf 

l-rtuaMllitriAi, poMii » r«, nn. pirj 
u Idr Idi £«#Ha«tt Br ■• t(r«nr JIrr «Dil 

Aib>itcu,IÄIs^*. u>lMto,n. r>> 

- '"ndin "-üi;*' ■■'?■" ■*"' "" 

AicsrtaiB, InlVaii-, v. ■'.'^'tar^/lür^ 

lund, lifa'kaiilrd. a. iwi»Wa, 
iabH, Itti'lji ', «^ itnert.f. BBiuH,J. pt. 

<■ll.ho]^ iik-hii, I. ui. lä uwÄ ■•■ 

Ü, lili-plB,'Aih-p^,''^-ii1l, J,vus 
Aih-iredntidMj-, -".irlnitidl. >. Hwao/Ka 

i, {<k, U.'.. diKlUM^. 


1■UI■^ Aikut, lillll, *i<. a fr>- 

A.pwt, !•>«.,. 

. aiUormitt, toiuitgUatoi I 

iT^Tti, ti.lT'lr, AiieTcnlf, 1 

Aiiiduoiif, tiiU-lis, a. uiUi» 

lll'lril, V. 

.•>i<llinenl, tnfu'mliit, i. un 

■ ■iinilll*. UtB'lllt, V. 1. a 
.■■unilalioB, lulmlli'ibla, i. 

Atrannce, Isbl-clu, i. ifurius i JCJiuiu i 

Airtmi, bl-ull-, '•^'ai'««,/!"'''"' " 
Ailhiruijii, lilmll'lk, ^. .im^ui. 

Ajlonühiniir. -1.B11, .<*. -m-™.«^-- 

Altriddlc, lilrld'd], JH. J aiaileinäi. 
Aitntl, la'lrij. •. vlrsl', iJcrfi «In. 
Allnir, tiUi', ad.J««rJivU. flrcfllvci. 
Allrüigoat, blHn'IIal, * ulr»««» - 
Artiolu(»r, bir*l'I(är, .. auntlufi, m 
AllralDgiul. Islrilij'lkll, a. „Irohfi 
AitrolojTi blrtl-ljl, >. 

AlTium, U'llm, I, uiVoi ri/'iieia, m. 

Ä.'Ä,-,f-.;aS;"; ""■-'■■ 

tuoiuhpr*. Ii-nlitlr, i. mtmtuhrm.f. 
linD.jiJiericIiI!, Iimlillriktm, ■. itir 

lailii'c>i],llSD^l(li:, i. ««>■»■» W.unil 

loncmf DI. -nhl. fc Hpl.xl,.t,J. , pfa«. 

lop, t'ltp', ai/. <■ alu, n>(l> »«mU. 
InbiliDi», llilbl-llb, >. <lr.Mt{>rt, na. 

trocuiui', llrt'>t>li, ■. tmv, trr»Ht, 

tractl][, ttftl'jlll, I. aIrrsUii tttllti'a. 


Aluck, inUi; I. wm,, M>l(->«>if, ».) 

Atlum.'l'dü-, ":». .im'.«, ä««>i 
Altainnbl«, -n,\, •. .cf-UiMÜli. 
Allninder, -dir, i. (Leu.} »avinWaH,/. 
AlUiiunmt, -mini, j. «fnii», ■cfiiito- 

Alljlin?, -i', v. •. i>i>tiAI>r>i nmwpT'r 

,n™dr»»Sd"v. .-■..(«, 




Altio, li'ilk, >. •frt.o.iii Micta, -.i.rnt- 
At°it'^''\"€uk^'. „a^m, 2 .1.. 
Altin, llijr', I. •iHglirmri,lt,,m.,.,r, ; 
A1tIluiliiiAriiui,flilild1<il'r1lD, t. •*ltffrrf> 

tllrlk-ihlD, >. .iiru/oi 

jttlritlDn, tui^ 

AU, .."«in"".— ,-_. 

Aadltörf, l-d(llri'. ". m^lunn, -, : mJt- 


Jurifriout, Itlr 

AnwDlUtion, likllll'ihlD, i. aibH ftt- 
Aatfiot, l^ll, I. rMIpiaio, m.i fruia,/. 
AlU(llDiDUl, llfit'ilili, •. ftmirnail; JmmtUii 

Anit'en! bllf.a. ■»te^, riffiJ^r Hwni 
-tj, «i/. 

.AularilT, Inli'lil, 

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.AuliilHlliinle, -ll, B. a. ■■»«■(■»rii «<••>■- 
AulhnilidlT, llillalli'illl, I. •gtanludlJ,/. 

Iln ■»»r^Iii. ' lli.,p.rlina,y. 

AuthDnt4tJT«tHf .-vli, r»«rlB« «wiifrc- 

^iMentt, l-MiU, c >. 

Lillrlil'lliai. •. mmuHa» 

AsIocnlKKiil), titlnltlkdJl i.imif«. 

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Aulognphr, Illi'i^H. I. tMlagr^m.J. 

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ATOiMtiDn, Inlkllkli, i. b'pi't', '"-r 

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Awarder, -Ir, i. crt'Irs, n. L"«"- 


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Avkmrd, Ik-ulrt, •. ..j^., •p^-J'K.. „ 

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AwL II, •■ brt-./. ' '"iJS^jinJ./, 
AvUai. Illi, •. t^HUM I inwi rSpilU. 
Awn , A, (. rwUi •pii'm,/. 
Amiu, -^Df, t. >»</•, f.t ptJlflbiKr, m, 
Awrj, \A', m. ttorU. imHvalU, diilsru r -, 

Aia. Iki. I. aisMU, ilart,/. 
Axiom, Ik-itlm (Ik^Im), >. malam*, m, 
Asii, Ik-iU,*. Mt,/. 
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Azur, nhb, t. luiiim, m.i -, a. uinn 


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Bibrhao>L-lild,i. Qäaiim,/. 
Babriih. "lab, >. iV"'"'. 
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BuiMoilbip. -«klp, f. ttetrilma, f., i 

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•i Jtrtt, ds», HL I f cM>», fy -. ti. 

Biuk-lMiik*l, -'-litinilt, *. «IM, (tn 

B^lMte, ^h •- ■. n/iuulw, Jigtmai 
Bukbilcr, -^ilr, f. M/aiMüfwv, ■■•'« 

B«ckboi.., - . 
BuekdooT, ->< 

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Bigkliuninaii, ■•In'Btii, i. ut^Uri, •■. 

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Baek-ii|Bt> -"-rfi,«. »/n ifi tcUrpft,/. 
Baolulide, ■^•^'^ •• »■ i«-t*«f«rt. 

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Buckiliiirt.-'ian, >. ,t^a iirrtl^J. 
Backiword, --^nL i. laiatl^ teimStlm,/. 
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rumfiiaiuiu -,ad.Udl1r<!, Jtitiurai -}j, 

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Bacbwooduaui, -Alru t.Mbitmittt dtittfa*'taif. fordwu, fanAi.». LhJc,». 
Bad, bld, o. emtitvo, vuiow, dmiuttit*, 
Badga, hIJ, f. HfHfff iitditJ^, m.i -, v, <■ 

Badfr. bid'l'l, arf. «Jl, nWxJä».' 
Bfldn««, blnih, (. HIlhM f.aHfJ, /., <fj- 

Baneilim, V. ■. 'tlMiltn!'j^-!^^, 
Ba|,^bt|, -j^^. ««J««^^™^™, .^ 
Bailäge, bVlIJ, *. iaf •(»«, ».i ttfmieU, 
Baggini, --itM, (.(•/. (rHJ.(ai.a, .^ 
Bacnio, lilii^.*. 4>vw, n.rilit/^/. 
Bacpipe, bUVp. «■ ••"■"'J^JLJ^^^ 
Bul!"bl1,'(. «(«rld,/.! l-allnrndlrt, iT) 

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Bailable, -tu, ■, du >t p.i m.lln,rt. 
Bailf«, -1'. •. Jttmilariii, m. 
BÜiiH, bl'lU •' Wim, Krginlt, n. 
Bailiwick, blrilufl, t. giuriduiuM d' u 

Bait, bll,' >. ««, /-I iHgaHHa, •UetttmtnU, 

Baiw, EU'. V. a. ir. «anr* bI fvmr, fort 
Bakfhauia, -HilJa, j. »«(>«. Ji/.nui«,/. 
■"-■— Jiaati, -"rnJUi t. p(. P""c"r<a,/, 

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put, UluHit. m.,_ -, *. a. UlmmtUrt, 

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MIcoBT, hU-klal, i. M»a(, XL Lm. 

laldacliin, btl'dtt1n,7. to/J«c«i», m. 
Jalderdath, bll'dlMtik, : macitliai an. 

Baldn«!, btld'Dla, >. <>>/»»>, ttt„Uit,f. 
Bai», Dil, I. »./h, /., fmltUi »»», la.i -, 

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Bali, blk, iv tnwa, /.< l«l«( Hafrallini^w, 

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B.nkn, -'ir. 1. /..ntlrVrt, i«(Si.n>, ... 
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B«, -Tlpl, .. ».„c«ft/.»I.V.. .u 
BukmpIcT, --ilpit. ../.HiVi.w«, «. 
a.Mk-.tODk, -■illk, ., ™.. Ji *...o,/. 

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BvbiiiUn.Vl'TlI'irrii, •'. !•' °/»^7ü'»..», ih 
fiub*rit;,'liliblr'lil,'i.' iaiianV, toii«.- 


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lUrrfuI, blr'rtl, .. pinc. d' Ml^cli. •' 
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Buhiw, btilil', i! 
Baihful, blib'fflj, 

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Bökel, bti-kll, I, »n«ir., /. eg^ubv 

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BiuWrd, bli-ilrd.i. euia>-i/, 

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ButUraj, -i. fi oatrmraigia, 

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it-fDwJin'i, mi'lHlliif, ,. c.cci'i il 


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B™rd. bicd. .. *.r(.,/., -, 1.. .. ««(■;.«■. 

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«o... /.| j.«™.«. n. aJli.i.Hr, /. Jo- 
J.r.,m. rp.tficci;/. 

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ÜHrifr, ktllin. K -. *«lr|e«r>. l»',/. 
Brnlinn. blflst, i. ktitimaib, ptlfUtnti- 

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Brailt-ODi. bl-qli, a. tijh, v>(>i -tj, «W^ 

BrnutifHl. klllrll, •-»•fb, Iffffaib«, »fn 

BHiiliFr, bl'iirl. K ■.»»». ^«*iu><i 

Dad-clininbEr, bld'ltblmblr, t. tamm 3* 
■ Med-nloüifi, -'Ulii, :pl.apirfMt.iu,, 

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BM{-ttn<k, -'■llh, i. cw^wwte A ■sx'ijia, 

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fi«e-inMlBP' -'null', t. aI« fin« rucoA«*, 
Bht, WJr, I. Urra,J.i »»II -. *irr« Irg- 
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BHt, kil, >. UXpJih M^/. L7 

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BcalndüN -^AMTSHlraol, -'il 
]|i4(ll, Udl', D. ■. IT. mtmdf, mtmi 
Bdit, niny, V* bt ffdiH*«BtM, tfHM floai 


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lehendina. --Im, ». Vccuffulo«,. 


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BeEldf, liJblr, .. /«»>A, m., «wi)T <Y„*- 

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Dehold, btbilil', v. a. ir. rjf.>rif>m wcr- 

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Being, bPhi, ■. »•■»,..■ ..i.i.H...y.| ., 

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Keller, bllTiJ, j. cuKfimnU,, n. 

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Belimibla, hlll'ilbl, «. •mliMc, dcMH' 

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BelirTÜiftx, bill-.lnill, W. H nudo crc- 


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Bcllov, btl'it, >. ». > 

B*liowi, biiiliflili-ri 

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EdoTHl. blTlK-, .. «i.u, WiVmk./ 

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Bfuralmt, UiIt'tIJIiiI, a. »&■».&, *«». 

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£lH]UFiilIi, b'kolTH-, D. •. liE,re, läiehrr 

B«|u«t, bikvilf, I. IrrtlK, m, 
HEn-alF. blrtr-, v. >. irf fv».n: • 
K'Tlia. bhlla-, i. »<irUii, /. (cirni 
Berrr, bli-T). i. I.iu, H^.,/. 

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n^twininj, -Im, 1. dnma, Irtgli 

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bJilrirl', V. a. Ir. acMHlcJarti 

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lennen, bllilli', Balwiit, bJtwtW, /ir, 

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^«U biwlr^.v.ü'. m<^äl"i'. i°'"ll!—.. 
■wilder. bMl-rti, «, .. «\«t. V-».«»- 

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BfwLLoli, 1.(1.1 ic L', ,«. . 

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;B«riLchinilr. -4n(ll, -A iT >"•• '«•^uti 

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llibuloni, bib'llli, •, luD.f/DiD, DHiiriMli. 

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1111, -'■ «. "rju/o, f^o'o. 

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Bilnminoi», b'iJ'ialDli, a. tiiumüt,,. 

BlTDOU. llVIk, t. faWc«., m., -, V. n, 
BUb, MU, I. ciarJBlsn, clarlsm, m, i -, v. 

Bl'ekTÄi",' ».'^'r'Sir«»I"Z-"w.T«(. 

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BlHslc-bFTTT, -"bln-t, >. mar» A rms, /. 
Bluk-bird, -^iid. >. nti-fi, n. 
BUok-bDok,^ "" ■■■ ■■ 


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BI«ii»dMH,'-'l<lDli, 1. efti 
— 1, bilt, .. hiU 


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BUinilblT. -1. md. iimtimevolmnU. 

Bl*neher. -^, i. intiuiM/sn, ««idauri. 
Bland, mW, s.i/i/mi Uanil»i BitcaioU, 

SllUL<lilll, -AA, r. >. Uniin. «uriiu». 
Bluik.lillDih,.. »i«», p.Ui.i-icv^—1, 

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BTju|ib«nieT, -Ir, ', bHttmivmlor«, m. 
BJupbnDOIU, bluTlhli, ■. «ff cna^i'r» cm- 

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tittlU,/. LMv 

l«mith, l.llni'l.h, .. ™;t»üfc /. <(H«ur<, 
~. inf.mU, /.l-,v. ■. ««c.i<«-, , diff^ 

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- jm r Ä» m itniJica I f «iiJ, V, 

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Iciiml, -^u, t. tniu^iiuMi iriiiD iJI 
VifTJ- . I-n-^titrctU—""- 

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Blindl*^ -11, «t fi«:!^tn<>. 'tu rfKi. 
Blmdiuin'i bnS, -^tniUr, >. f j»c# ././/■ 

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Blindwortn, -Vlrim .. ciäfM./. 

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BliDkftn, -in, «. />/> parm^ee^i, m, pt, 
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Bliiitul, -'rij. ■. ftlict, »nbii -l>, ad. 

filiamaiu, itaumnilt. If. 

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Bluter, blli'lli, t. vtHiim I i-lla, f. , vMli 

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llo.!, Wll, V. .. nyl„,, („Ä.ri, -, «. n. 

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alockide, -Ur, I. I>Idiu\>»s, l.%-.v*- 

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BlosktMp, -'*1p, ». grmrdaCMU, m. 
Block-tm, -JlK •.-*!»• pfTB, m- 
Bloeli-np.-ap', >. iHwiitri n. 

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Il'DOd™iini -'kHBd, •. limün, m. 

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B OOdlsItR, 'Mlllr, 1, •ajHMlan, m. 
BlaodJcttiu , -llulti, •. B.M« Ji « 
B aodillHli-^I^.'-'^vrt»*"'''^! M 
B DDdubDt, -'■blU '■ dravualD. 
BloodiBCkcr, ■^•lub.a.iufalitffi, 
Bload-lliiiitr, --rAInli, o. «ugi.iwh 

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Blabber, UÜi'lilc. i. uauimi fu-u 


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]liiu-pellr,.-'p)lll, •. ividim äl/iTliui . 

Bluk bllt, a. rulios, frtxtBUna. 
BI^CH. -'Ell, I. rutlia*^^/. 

BlluidFr,)ilia'dli| 1. trrvtt' 

Blunder-lieid, -li)«, i 

Blluh,Wh, •. rmu^, n.! im-gatna, f., 

BgiirdinK-bouiF, •-^olbiBä. «, ptpntHt.f. 
Boud-WIE», -'!'>]'>. •.pt.t'Url. ii vfiu, 

Kant, bhl, •. jalfuu, mUUiiHri'. f.t ; «'. 
BoB.I-r, -4r, i. miUm.ltur,, wMmIfn, m. 

Bodilr,t>'>d'<tli,<.«'rJ»r~(-,^. Mf/'.- 

Bodkin, bid'kli, i. pmtitrumln .ilhin, m. 
Body, bM'«), •. «ir|wi fuicls (iT.» eiv^ 

BoaTclolllH, -UAlj «HdUriiMa, CB- 
BodT-coloiir, -klUb, i^ prina n.«» ^i «. 
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Boll-llOUJ*. -'hi)fcfcprit..U >((u.MI»,«. 

Bofieulloiil.bllil'lüjpj.ii •' — 


Bolct, tild, ■.inJIlD, (<■•», aurrnggialo, in- 
Boldneii, -^li,' •. •rdlnuä, btirtpiMiA'. 

iloEtinf-cTaUi, -nniUArA, «^ j^mj^flapy. 

Boi"n'j'riipi , -lopoir, j, ».Ä'pi-7; 

Bomb, bim, i, ftomii,/ 

Boinbard, hlm'blrd, u. a. iDoiiinJan. 

Boiubard'H, -(i', >. ^'»»»ir./iirc «. 

Bombuiiuieali bOmblrd'Dilal, i. hombarda- 

Hombatx',' ilmtiUl, 4. an,p,{lZ°""" 


BDinb-kelch, liliii'klub , i. g, 

Bond, bind, I. iiBiJa. [•;•■>.,«., 
Boadage, -"ll, j. tiiiLvUAi — 

mUUea,t<i„,, m. Inltrla./. 

Bandinn-wniehom?, -'In|i>lrlilli,'.i'ivii>- 
BmidiHian, -■'ioIb, i. maljmacbr«, m. i'ii^ 
Sou, bib, f. «». »., -, II. a. tlÜBHai:. 
Booelu», --Il>, >. iwrf'ib, «. 

Bon"»' Ma'Si, •! /•■Ol .l-.U.|raH, ih. 
Bouiet. blj'Lli, 1. itrrtiu, cuppMiitm.f. 

BoS?f 'bto°(.V «•w't^f'"'™' 
BOObr, bl^l, >. ttlvrA,, •cl.cia, m. 
Book, b(k, >./»», id-i,!».) -,v.^.»i- 

Boakblndsr, -lilkdlr, i. (»■<°" <" "trf. n 

3Mk-dcbl. --an, >. d.ilu .uiv, m. 
Bookfal, -m •. jnm. rfj »u»/ iwA>uM 
Bookin-offi», -^nillrti, i. uffitlB MU 
BaokJiJi, -^b, .. $I.JiHt. iJüifa,, n. 

Bonk.knprr . -^Ipii, .'. jüv«. dj »u», 
Baak-kwping, -'k)p1n|, i. imu-i i JiJvi, n. 

BaakiPlIrr, .'.Ulli, ., /itri,'/ m. 
Bo^hop. --.bSp, .. ».llif|. ife/ lliraln, 

nooktrada, ^iria, .. i™jfi™ di lii 

Boolnd --id, ■. iMii.fiM. L"«»" 

Soolh, 1i!tH. i. imßMiuta,/. 

■• ■ <ck , äfjtk, .., m. 

Uouli«K.-'')l. • 
Bool-inb'ker, ■^Ul'"*''^ 
Hnol-rimi.; bll'ilrlp, <.if^. 

Uordcr^ir',, , 
/.( -, V. •. «rfor«, »■lA'V" '. « 
BorduTIr, -li .. M-ifin^lt. m. 1 
Baw, btt, I. iüCM WW »™,J, / 

i>' bi'rJ 


Uorüngfa. bBt'rai j, borni villaggla, n. 
BarTDV, b&T'r&. ip. a, pijfliare^ijt prvtilo. 

tMi'cia'l'j, billD'ilMlLI.V'nu)^». 

Inar, ^nlnl^ I. bilXiica,/' 

Uli. blUb, I. «tA*»!''' P'Ili>'a,/.(-, », 

I. r.ppiMjfn. ralfppart, aiarpmrt. 
BoIElwr, ^b, I. npptiMBUrr, n. 
BDlh, bilV, ■. anhi.ani'irwisara/lrs, 

BdUiet, bl-tBlr'i.. >. {»».rruun, «■.. 
Botll*, btl-U, i.jriHMt/adelh (4'i jCnu),n.i 

■, u. ■. l^A'M'». •iff-'UlIvt. 
Bolll^^-bmih. -braik «. loiuiafih /, 
Bot 1 1*-«'^.:^,',',**"' ■'■' ^- 

Bountl, bMlul, J' li^itti taf fo, ab*lw, m 

BoniSaiT. bUii'di'rl,'i. umi<i<'i un. 
BoHod-^ fallnl^, >. ■»»!(.», (»mU. 
Saimdlui, -Ih, •. fw.»», ij./!.!!.. 
Uounldoui, bDillI^ Hoanliful, blli'l 

Bounlr, tMn'tJ, .. «M'Ji ll6a^llii,J. 
Boill, tili, <- vllm.JlM.J., iruu. m. 

Bowfli.'lill'Ili, >.<</. 

m„rU, m.'jll,f.,,pia,'f.'pl.,(ali.)/,i, 

Broncb, btlMb, .. «™^ «.. pr.fHjr, /.. 
Brnnsh-honR, -lilli, j> accgiruaniufiis, I 

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BOwlUl»,|l»l'lUl, •.im..., Y"""-.J- 

BovTBPTLl. b&'iprl^ t- havipfttMO, m. 
B.,ww<nT. >Hwll. t, !.»■< vauginllvt 

jH.f -■ V. ■. tAiMittn Im lututeatoUi -,ih 
Ba«iii-'>. ik/iiu illtiHu. 

■ )loi-kwper,-^{fir,«.M»«(o'-rJf«tii'l!([', 
UDi-miiEir, -'inUli, i, »<>d«/^>, »>. L>', 

H.inr. W(/(rM •TmIW /■ im >>. ' 
Baj-, bll, 1, ^fwuilto, r>z<i>K I » 

HaThood, -'kld, l. suriiia. inA" 

BoTi«'"'!" ■-■'*»*■■•■ '™«^'"'' ■ j''!"' 
BnCE, l«k •■ mpplit.f.JHätii, m.i OKI 

Bnick*t.brltrt(.*.*«t-I.('<',m.| -../.J, 

Bmkill'. krlkHlib?^ Hirnen. 
Brnd. h'ld, t. c*l..b »u i«u, >H. 
Bii>d-><wl,''ll.<- !«»>./. 
Brnjl, bllf.i.uMlarariiU.n. ^illnlrrU,/,! 


fapn'deTj --rlindlr. (. MUaaje, n. 

Bril, kill, t. iMimUm^^imim, m. 

■, brl., ■. tr«g. c.n.n'~>i r.o»r(er -, 

BrHcnuMvd, ■ 



Br«»d«IBff,-'ililf, ■./nuM'.lo, p». 
Briwdlh, hrldiA, >. lirr«'.», ^/>>«»,/. 

•<tM/tl>nri «b«> »iunn , »IMHIUn I 

BroLinMr, )>rlk''<r'ltlr,i.'«sb, «. d'ifl,/ 

llremlbonf, -Tiln. j. ji»m, ™. fp."». 

IbWil-kiall, -'bl. a. ütiC tUnta Ji puri. 
Bieul-iiin.-^lii.i. •goi'jfifir.n. 
BmutrptnK, -'rill, w. ptiBtiant,/. 
BrfUl-waik, ->Irk, .. ptr'pilM. n, , 


Briir, bri( •. trwci »rci'n», > 

Br!g>d<,*brVfld', i. irie'.i^/. 
Brigodisr. bcjildli', i. *rig.dli 
BriDjind, brlt^Dd, f » fdW'vHA «ii 
-rijlil.brli, ..luMmihiU,. 

SrMx/ fcrhf, a. rh^iKMte, rifrifcraU 

Bmni«, -^], >. mülm,}. i funlild dU *ü? 

3nwer, -'Ir, i, Urrmia, m. 

tivwtrf, -"Ir), Brcw-Iionie, -Hit k, i. Ziioi 

Bri>r'bi(^ri, Kdl'h'ji"' 

Brjli«r. -flr, I. cumutiira, luixra.lsn, n. 

Bn<^ ,°'bSk, >. ■a.llMr I p.J'". , ^"r. 

Bnekwölli, -'wirk, >. ■, m. 

Bt d»\.iT\-itl,m.l,,,iaU,tpMrrtcchi -,, 

Bnd(, brU, <. •p»».,/. L'f»"'""'. " 

, ftran*, m,t tfiiMr, /. pt. 


lifiLtlp,l,t1i'il,"./'-»i«',/"i(', /«•'». 


iriiLip, iiTuu,o./r.j«F, A-a(.,^r™.p. 

troncV brltib, i. •^n'id., icilU.i.c, n.i -, 
.- i>i/f Jwf * ^kUc ttidianti tpiiUrt 

'-"dojjiitl .'l' ji»rM ^i^'.T,' « 

Broadiirord, -füti. : •/W. t«fll.Mi.f. 
Beeil, killl, i.rfnai ilipMIa,/., nutart.n.i 

t, tallUUAd ItaiU fv«^« tffl^f «1» f/orno r/l 

Brojun-windvd , — vlDdll, ■■ klM, ■»> 
Sroksr. brlKtSr, i. tsHafir rittlllirt, m. 
'J, brlii-Ull, .. 1 "-• 




BrOiid-hntt -'bin, «. 

Brauin, litim, t.wlimirmi mcptäi gbinlrn, 
OHtomiult. -'Ulf, BrpDiaitick, -'■llli, •, 

UrOlhFl, LllTU-il. I. itrirlla, m. 
BrolhM, brlTU'lr, .. Jr.uilo^ m. f<ülA,f. 


Brown , brllo, .. »r..», «r™rJ=»K, lo b. 

nniirna««.,T-B^ i- tmnaü.f. 
Bnjwie, brtli,>.~nH,/,if»('aH>,n.i-, 

Bnoh-JOBi^t -''"'■ — i - 
BruihnDod, --»irL 1. 1, 
JIruihr, -"i. -- uulm, 

BrulKl, btl-dl, ■. h-BIal 

BraliifjJ brlllrt' "■'■*" 

I, 1. »»»»gfg.iiUBi h.t.HllU, 

■•ff-, IB. I -, 1. ■. * «. toWnr 

ick-hasket, -'lilikti, i. 

BnckmiiVt, -•iitl.l.../iMS^i,/. 

Buddmg'-knifc, -'diiiiiilt, t. Unaialäja, n. 
lludBB,'bii, «. i. rwnw», ttn^illlB. 
Budget, bid'jlt, (. vtlltlmi pmniitlaiit,/. 
BuSTb». >.«>/> inWaJa,«,, ., ■. .ff 
DHc/a Ji hufal-t ^v. K. toff rrri Hfl fimgui, 
Buffalo, mt-njl, I. htfof», W'. ••■ 
Bii<F*r{-Jii-adJ, liac(3r{kldj, i. (rill.) suiilii 

Buff«!, birril, I. tcAfi^a, n.i jpnuieliila,/! 

BuCÜo^Df bitglu', 1. hff-n,, um.;, ». 
Bliiroontry, -^ri, .. iiff^urU, .^n„l„,J. 

IlÜfUHiri -t'!" "'•pivalamMt, m. 
BuKKT, -'■t. >. pi'" dl ilmid. Im. 

Bugle(.liOTii),t>l'|l<blTD},I.«>n.B JacMilt, 

Baili, blld, V. .rZ-. •dtfi..t.,, -. 
Buildini, -^Di.^Hrj/ci», i>.|/<tirluc 
anlmiiun.,/. fnjo, fupillt, f. 

Bvlb.bltb.i. tKt»D,m.. ci^.»a,/.. .otll.g 
BulbDiu. bll-bli, ■. luUw. 
Bulge , Hu, 1.. ../■'■ "^—f •S-'d^'.i. 
Bnlk , bllk , •. iHH., ercHw., /. I CT.«. I 

BÜ]kil^!"^Dli, •. (rD»«u| l-rghi..,, t., -■dir. •. '1'«', "■- r"«~"«), /- 
Bullel, bll'Lll, <. p«n- idi mcchilK, 1 di 




Bvll-fisht, klnlt, «. etmbmttumml» di tüH, m, 

Bmll^, .11, «. ujmmi, m. (/. 

BulIioK« -"ffiai •• «MTf a ^ «r» • iT Tgtmtm, 
Ballock. -^ik, «. toreUo, iue giovüu, m. 
Bvlly» Mn«, «. ^mw, «f A<rr«, m.i -, v. «. 

y«r« ii Atotniccm. 
Balrath, blfriih, «. f liw«#, ■»• 
Bnhrark, bll'wirk, «. Mmmrdm, hu»ü»me, 

m.» •>, V. «. feri{nemf, 
Bani4MuKff, bSB^li; «. 9Hrrm, •trgemU, m. 
Bamble-bee, -^Mki, «. körd9m9, m. pw* 

Bnm-boat, -^l, «. hmiUU» dm prmv^immi, 
Bnmp, biiip» «. taiaer«, m.i pr^imkermmam^ 

/^ colpo, m,t ^ V. «. MrepiUurm, 
Bumpert •'Ir, «. miechhre tmboecmnte^ m» 
Bampl^ui, -Iclii, 9. cotUmdiifoeio, «. 
Bumptioua« -'akls, «. prt$mnüio»o. If. 

Boa, Mb« «. focttecim fmtto e&m kmrro e «•«•, 
Banch« blash, «. fo^mi, /.< tmmoret fm»eio; 

modo, m.t - of fnpea, grmppoio dP uv,m.% 

-, V. m./mr comvetto. 
Bonch-lMcked, -'blkd, •. gobho. 
3nnehj, -'I, a. ere$cemte in mrmppoH; gobho, 

gihkoto, Tv. •. jare um /urdelto. 

Bändle, bla'dl, ». /ordello, fagotto, m, t », 
Bong, blaff ** tmrmecioto, coecmiume, m.t ->, 

V. m. tmrmre, stoppare, 
Bong-hole, -Hiil, 9. huem della botte,/. 
Bangle, bia'g 1, «. aboglin, imarrome, #M.f -, 

«. «. mceiarparet aceiabattmra. 
Bnngler, -Sr, », eUu-pone, ciarpiere^ m. 
BnnJLer, bSock'lx, «. iiMgauMo degti ««r- 

^oNJ, m. 
Bnnt, blnt, «. cmvit^,/,t goHfiamento, m. 
Ba07,blS4% «. (narO ^«vifc/JU; tegnmtt delV 

mmeormt m.§ -, v. •• galleggiaret nuoUkrt, 
Bnoyancy, -tiul, «. leggeret*a, /. 
BaoTMit, -Int, a. galleggiante; leggiere, 
Baraen, bSr'dn, «. iomotf» carieo; ritormel- 

tOf m.t "t V* •• eariearet imkara**turem 
Burdensom«*} -sSa, a. gravet oppreethfot 
Bnrdock, bSr'dSl^ «. Up^ta./. imotetto, 
Bnreaa, bi'th, «. gegreterim, j, •erittojo, mr- 

moriOf m. 
Bnrgets, blr^ls, ». borgkeee, cittadino, m, 
Bnrghpr« bIr'fSr, «. borghete, m, T*fh/' 

Burghership, -ship, »jTorgkesim, cittadinan-' 
Bnrglar, bSr'giSr, «. /a<<ro dtAneetico, rmbm- 

tore per rotturm^ in. 
Burglary, ~\, «. rubare per rottura^ m, 
Burgotnaster, bSr'g ftgautlr, ». burgomattro, 

fit. \m» plt 

Burial, bVr'rttl. «. »epoUura, f.t funeralij 
Bnrial-place, -pllsi «. eimiterio, m» 
Bnrier, bSr'llr, 9. mppmregehtmtmre, m. 
Bnrlesqne, h>rl}sk% •. burleeeo 1 faeetot -» 

«. diacorto burteaco, m. t -, v, m, burlare, 


BnrTineiitblr^lals, •. groaeetta, gnmdeaMm, 

Burlj, bSr'U, •. groeeo, oorpmoemto, [j, 
Bnrn, bSrn, v. m. ir, abbruciare^ brmeUr«t 

•>, V. «. ir, orderet -, «. 9eottoturm, /» mb^ 

brmodmmemto, m. 
Bomer, ^8r, «. imcemdiarlot bo^eimotm^ m. 

Buming-glass, •'Ingtlls, «. vetro mrdemto, m, 
Bamiili, blr'Bltb. «. a. brmmiret dore i/ 

tuetro I -, V. m. divemtmro Imoido, 
Bumisher, -Ir, «. brmmitoro, brmmito/Of m« 
Barr, bir, 9, t immmmo doli •rMcyUv, ■•• 
Burrel-Qr. bir'i^Ull. 9. n^fmmo, tm, 
B«rrow, blr'ri, 9. borg«. tm.t tmmm di «M^gw 

lio^f.t -« V. M. mm9€omder9L 
Banar, bir'airi «. teoortore, m, 
Bune, bin, «. hor9o, J,t bomco, m, 
Burtt. birst, v. «. tfr. crepmr9it aprir9it to - 

into U«rs, pirnnger dirottmmomte t ta - wilb 

UufbiBg, tmorire dolU Hmi -, «. cr«p«f«r«, 

f.Jrmco990f m. 
Biury, bir'ri, v. «. «allcrrar«, oeppelltro» 
Burjing-gronnd, -lafgrliad, ». •imitmio, 
Bus, vedi Bass. L<*** 

Bush, bisb, «. eo9pKglio, ns.i Jroecm t eödm 
Bnshel, -^1, 9, 9tmj0^ m. Idi Stolpe,/, 

Bushy, W. «. ceapuglio9ot Jolto, Jromtuto. 
Busile«i,bis's^lls, «. ^/oeeentlmto, ecioperoto, 
Busily, bls'iill, tuL rnttivomente 1 ditigemte' 

mentet orditomemte» foemdo, f* 

Business, blx'als, «. offore^ megotio, mujoc- 
Bask| bisk. 9. 9Uccm,j.t ceepuglio, m, [m, 
Buskm. bls'kla,^ 9. bortmce^imo 1 9thmUttOf 
Buss, bis, «. baeio; ommibtu, m. 
Bust, bist, 9. bm9io, m, Tdio, m. 

Bastard, bIs'tZrd, «. gmllo 9olvmti€o </* /*- 
Bastle, bis'sl, 9. tumtUto 1 romore, m. { -, v« 

n. for 9trepito^ mffrettmrei, 
Bustier, -Ir, s. momo mtthfo, t{ffammom9, m» 
Busj, bti'sl, «. mffmeeemdmtOf oeeupmto t *» 

V. a. oecHporot -, v. ». «ocm/mtsi} ialr»> 

Bnaj-bodjr, -bSddl, «. e^tuuumo, m. 
Bat , bit, c. HM, perbt Juorebb, *cc9tto t »o* 

Butcher, bll'sblr, a. mmeeltmjo^ beocmfo, m,t 

•'s sbop, 9, beeekeriot /, mmceUo, m.t ^ v« 

•. mmcellmre t uecidere, 
Butcherlx, -U, «. crmdele, emmgminmrio, 
Butcherr. -I, «. beeekerimt mmcetlot m. 
Batler,^blt11r, «. diepeneiere, emmovmjo, m, 
Butt, bot, 9.9eopo, M,i mirm,f,t eegnofjime, 

m.t botte,/.t -,v. «. cassare; airl«r0. 
Butter, blt'llr, e.butirro, burro, m,t •,«.«• 

condire eon bmtirrot ungere com butirrot 

truffmret -ad «fg, •• «ovo eomdito di brnr^- 

ro, m. Zfioretto gia//o, m* 

Butter-cnp, -kip, Bntter^flower, -fl&llr, •• 
Butterfly, -Ol, 9. fmrfmllmf /. pmrpmgHon9,m, 
Battermilk, -oillk, «. 9ero di Imtte, m, 
Butter^tub, -tib, §. »mngolm, f, 
Buttenr, -A, a. bmrroao ; -, 9. bettolot f, 
Buttock, bit'tik, «. eAimppm, nmtiem,/, 
Button, bit'tia, «. botlone, m.i boeetm, /»t 

-, V. «. mbboUonmre, 
Button-hol^ -b&l, #. «aala, aacAiW/A, m. 
Button-hoolL -hSk, s. miejna />cr «Mol- 

tonmre, m. {-, v« •. 9o9tener9, mppoggimre, 
Battrast.blt'trls, e.bmrbmemmet 9o9tegno,m,t 
Buxom, bik'sftfli. «. obbediemtet mllegro^ gta- 

eondo, tieto t -If» «d. «MM»T«««»MmXA \ ^^^ 
B«y, YA, »• «• ir% awiÄpr^r«« 

^J-\me, -'lln, .. ir,«.j vicolo, m, 
nT-umllrr, ■'mlulr, t. •ccitimc, es», n. 

CflJDtvryj -Ort, r. /ittrnf Äaria , fli^H/fliJa^A 

CaJ>uulr"ä)llK-l'(l, •^«/^ll£'^W(■,/. 



CalculnlilB, klltlllbl. ■. cllc n Dkl atlar- 

...Jffictor, btitrik'ilr, .. •//»■(«., n. 
Ol«idor, kll'Isillr, t. »r.ii'l.rii., .In 

Calitior, kll-lbfc,< 

Cnllinrt, klbidi, •.f<i«i«MUiar>..W, n. 
DnbiiKf't-innk«', -mlklr, i. tivlua, m. 
Cabin-pa>ini((>r. kll>'b1ii|ilulDj9c, >, pu. 

Cnhoüt«, ktb3i%>. (mir.) iucüa,!*!. 
Ciielcl(, ktk'kl, .. mcc/b, »(»«liir* 

(M<It> *>'!'«• •- •'■"i'n >'■ li.f. 

Cfldet, kidll' ., Md,l._ 

iliKFluhr, kLti'irlrJ, •. cul 

_.,lk, kik. V. .. «V'-", e^.^ 

CaLkn-, -'ll, i. sal^^i, nt/'a», •. 

rtl, ktl, t. MtKali, f. slf.nuiHMM, M., 

CulL-bell.'-titl, >. etm/>aiulltamarU/U,m, 
CulL-bird, -'blrd, t. timhUi,, ■<. 

CAltou., klllih •. Ufo«» iiu.i£ni.. 

CnJinn«!!, -'sli. •. a>W IrtntuiUitA.f. 

C« uuiii«(llt*lllmBll'iar,».aB;«ii.ia«i-ui. 
"jiluuiiiiDUI, Ulin'nili, D. nJuHUHa,^. 

1"l»lllllllH. klMllllpStJ, i, itmmHU f. 


Gudle-itmk, ■iiU, >. i 

Ca puHUtC, kipb'fiai, r.a, fmJhv Mfwa. 
CAptiiit)'. klf b'lil, >. cafwciU; mMiii, dU- 

dpuriion,' lilpli'lilB, •. aptrliiM, fmml. 

Cl|)e, klp, (. »;m^ pnmtiUKUt C'tlm, 
--er, U-ph, 1. ..fH.U, f., cppm, pi. 

Ci|Knr, -Ir, t. tmlliOart, Mlrrint, m. 

Copilllüt, -bl, >- f^lalitlu, m. 
OpiMlur, t»-!.!«!!.. -. .. euii.(iu«. 
" itian. MplU'diti, >. eii^IuiI^ih, bH. 

oT'Il-p}llj.^U„llc, m. 

ilir, klpl'ljlJli, .. lu,.»» '««■ 

Ci'pilu1>lV.Ü|.1'UilkB.*. euÄu'III^.'/JVi 
CaeiKilittian. klpHlItl'ilili, i. tmpilmU- 
-'lion. kk'pa, f. capptMt, Im. 

Mjce, UprJj-, .. wriccf., i.h>.iuf../. 

jr"°°i;t"™ ^ '■ "'"■'«"™' -* 

iiiciim, kIp-nrJkln', f. eijinoni*, ih 




GnpfltAn, klp'sltii, Capstem, ktp^stlra^ «. 

(mar.) argano di vtetUo^ m. 
Capsnlur, ktp'shAltr, a. eaatular«. 
Captain, ktp'tln, «. eapitan^t eapo, m,t - of 

foot, eapitano d* i^/»Ht*rim,m,t -of honOf 

eapilano di eavalleriat m. 
Captaincy, -sA, Captainship« -shlp, •. grmdo, 

mjfieiö di eapitamo, m, 
Captions, ktjp'shSs, m. emvilloBo, itiaidioso; 

critieo , »ojigtiec t -Ij, ad, etnnllosamente; 

eriticamrnte. Tf, 

CaptioimneiSi -dIs. «. eavitlaaione,J'urbena, 
Captiyate, klp^Urit, v. m, eattivartf tog- 

Captive, klp'ntr, «. eattivOf »ehiavo, m. [f, 
Captivttyt ktpttT'hl, ». eattivitdt »chiavilä^ 
Captor, klp'tSr» «. ekefa una preda, 
Capture, kip'ljjir, «. eatturuf pretura^f.t -, 

V. a. eatturaret eattivare. Tn«)» m. 

Capnchin, kt'pAshin, ». eappuaeio (da d»n~ 
Car, klr, 8. carretta^f. carro^ m, 
Carabine, klrbln, «. carabina,/, 
Carabinler. kirblnlr', «. ewraBiniert, m. 
Caravan, kirlfln^ «. etwovana^J» Ivane, m. 
Cararansarr, -»tri, «. atberga delU •rntth- 
Caraway, kliHwl, ». earvi, m. 
Carbine, redi Carabine. 
Garbonize, kZr'b&nU, v. a. earbonUtare, 
CarbunclCt klr'bingki, «. earboneello, car- 

bonchiOf m. 
Carcass. kSr^ts, «. eareame,m.f earcaMa,/. 
Card, kird, «. car/a, /.i eardo, m,i pack of 

-B, «. mauo di carte, m, t -, v. o. «mrdare, 

eardeggiare; giuoeeue alle carte, 
Gard-board, -'bArd, «. eartone, m. 
Carder, -'2r, *. cardatore, m. 
Cardinal, kir'dJnll, a. «ordinale, priaei- 

pate; -, «. cardinale^ m, 
Cardinalate, -U, Cardinalahip, -ahfp, : 

eardinalato, m, 
Cardoon, -8d% «. (bot.) cardone, nu 
Card-rack, klrd'rtk, «. eattello da muro, m. 
Card- table, -'Ubl, «. tavola da giuoea,/, 
Cnre, klr, «. cvra; eoUecitudine, /.t ", v. ». 

curare, aver curat apprettare, ettmaret 

wbat do I -1 ehe importa a mel 
Careen, ktrin', v. a. (mar.) carenare, 
Career, ktrir', », earriera,f,% eoreo, m,t »-t 

V. R. correre com veloeita, 
Carefnl, klr^fli, a.eolleeito, cauto,prudentei 

-Ijr, ad. eautamente, prudentemeute, 
Careniinesa, -'fSinls, «. curat attenzione; 

eauteta, prudenta, j, 
Careless, --'its, a, ntgli^ente, traecurato; »ly, 

ad. $en»a eura, neeligentemente. 
Carelessneas, -^iSaBls, «. negligenta, trat- 

euranta.J. T-» v. a. accatezzare, 

Careas, klris', «. caresaa, amorevoletta, /.; 
Carpo, kir'gi. «. (nar.) carico, m. 
Caricahire, klr^klt|3r^ «. earicalura, f.% -, 

v. a. mettere in rtdiealo.' [cature, 

Caricaturiat, ktrlkUjSrlat', «. che fa eari- 

Cariea, kl'ritz. e. eariet putr^fa^ne, J, 

Carioua, kl'riss, «. earioto, fm, 

C^rm^n, kir'mla, 0, carrettitr«, •arrtttaje. 

Gannina üve, klrmln'lllT, ». earminathfo» 
Carmine, klmln', », earminio, m. 
CamaHe, klr'nlj, e. mtaeello, mm »trage, /. 
Camal, klr'nil, a. eamale, eeatualet -Xj^ad, 

earmalmente, aeneualmeate, Uittenma, f, 
Camalitjr, kZmtl'hA, 9, eenaualitk, ineottm 
Carnatfon, kIrDl'ahSn, «. earmagiMie,/.$ i»- 

eamatoi garofano, m, | m. 

CanuT-al, klr^nCTtl, s. eamaeeiale, «armovale, 
Carnivoroua, kSrnVTiria, a. earmivoro, 

Carol, kIr'rSi, », carola, J, camio divotot 

eanto d* allegressa, m, t ", v. a. carolaret 

cetebrare, r/", 

Carousal, ktrS&'xtl, e, gouoviglia, erapuia, 
Carouae, klr&&z% v. a. A n. gouutvigliare, 
Carp, klrp, «. carpione, nu; -, v. n. eritieareg 

Garpenter, ktr'pfntir, », legnajuah, faleg" 

namet (mar.)^ earpentiere, m. f -'» beoch, 

baneo da artiere, m, Xf't tegname, m. 

Carpentry, klr'pIntrA, e. arte del Ugnajuclo, 
Carper, kir'pSr« «. eavillaiore^ biaeimatore, 

ceneore, m. \prire d* un tappet«, 

Carpet, ktr'pit, «. tappeto, m,; -, v. a. co^ 
Carping^ klr^plng , a, critieo, litigioeo 1 -Ij, 

aa, eritieamente. 
(^arriage, ktr'rlj, §, portot earriaggio, m, 

vetturat earretta,/,t portatuento, m. 1 a - 

and foor, carrotta eon tiro a quattro, 
Carriage-free, -Irk, Garriage-paid, »pld, a, 

franeo di porto. [vagoni,f, 

Garriage-house, -\klls, 9, (rall.) loggia da 
Garrier, klr'riSr, $. vetturino ; portatore, m. 
Carrion, kXr'tila, 9, earogna, f. 
Carronade, ktrr&n&d', 9, (mär!) earronata,/, 
Garrot, klr'rlt, «. carota,J, 
Carrotjr, -\, a. roeeo, roetigno. 
Carry, ktr'rl, v. a, portaret eotidurre\ 4'**«" 

dagnaret -, v. n. eomportarait pro€edere( 

to - tbe day. ottenere U vittoriat to - it 

bigb, procedere eon alterigia. 
Garry-all, -il,,«. omnibue, m. 
CarrytnB-buaineM, -IngblznU, «. H9gotio 

di epediuonet m. 
Cart. kirt, ». carretta,/, earro, m.» ".v.att 

n.eeporre eurun eiwroi eomdurrecoXcarro, 
Gartase, ktrf^j, 9, nolo, m. 
Gartef, kir'lll, 9. eartetlo^ m. dießda,/. 
Carter, kir'tlr, 9, earretttere, oarrettajo, m. 
Cart-Breaae,klrt'gr Aa, «. untume delle ruote,m. 
Cart-hone, -OiSra, e.eavallo di earretta,m, 
Carthnaian.ktrfAAz'yZo, 9. f rate Certoeimo, m, 
Cartilage, kir'tAllJ, 9. eartitagime,/, 
Carting, klrt^ng. «. nolo, m. 
Cart-load, klrt'l&d, «. earrettata, earrata,/, 
(Cartoon, klrtSn', 9. eartone, m, 

Cartouch, Gartridge, kirtStab', Ur'lrlJ, «. 

eartoceio, m. 
Gartridge-Dox. -biks, 9, gibema,/, 
Gart-nit, kirt^tt, t. rotafa,/. 
Cartwrigbt, -'rtt, 9, earradore, earrajo, m, 
Garre, karr, 9, a. tagliare, ecolpiret trimeimret 

-, V. ji. intagliare, [eiamta, m, 

CarTer, -'Sr, 9. 9culfr9, inlt^liatoret triff 

(UkFtT^I, ■. CMMTM, /. t - , • 

CxIch-wDrd, -'wlril, • T™». 
CHIKblH, kll'ltl^ V... Utonlinini lU 
CileclluK, kll'lkllB, (. caKcMs», a. 

CllFgaiT, klrlilrt' 

CnlfTpUtar, ktn^lUb. >. (ran. a. 

&.ln™l, —II. V. ^ -i.g.Ur., («./.») 

Cmb-drji]. Idi^l'drll, >. nl»^<^/. 
CiMiole, kli-kU, >. f>u.i'i...f.,/. 
Calholin, hllA'lllt, .. a>. cmtUtin (n.). 

C*iMn«t, Ui-lloB, .. ciltgmillM, J. 
Ctaninj, kliclat j. rrarAo. ■uhiafh,» 
Oil»lllin. tlilllltB, I. cM<f tau, ■•. 

CÜlifutf , klj^lill, V. ■. tulfun, /wnfn. 
Gnligatian, klsUil-ihb, >. fmiüftmimu, 

CHtin"lioiiK, klillmblli, ,.J«,Jirlm,/. 
(^iting-papcr, -alplr, •. ovIaHfHili,/; 
CKitinii-Tatc, -Yit... fffroil- ibclfiw, ■^ 
Cnslinii, 'I, •.pl.lmwtm dlgtlt», m. 
Culla. kli'II, w. aaulUi, K.Jatlaa^f. \ -, 

CKBtnrlion, tlärn'iklli, «■ eHfraro, m. 
CHtdRl, tld"«!], j. ascU/s/k», n. 
CnBKl, klili'41r •.&.«..<>, /Midi.: -iT.uj^ 


■iitinl, ktiklli-I. 

Calaclftm, kl'iltlliD, I. dOmio, m. Tf 
Cn'tVfTh! ktlff?"! •Ij^™, ,;^'™"'' 

CiMiole, kli-kU,!.» 
Calholin, kllA'lllt, ^ 

Calkin,' kii-k!*, f. (bal.) jCMcjli, •. pl. 
Cal-pipc, ktl-pli., .. Sufü» »/.J.. .. 

Oliup, klub-Ip. I. ■./«.,'. J.j„,.i,/. 

CILl». rtl-li. .. *«(.■«■„ m ipKmn,/. p. 

blick -, tu(i< i»!»,/.^. 
CnKlF-rlA^D, -pll|, •. inrts CHUfb 

Culllfrihow, -dl.i. nsHBEiiu di tnlliuKt. 
Canl,kll,..«jr!a,/i ut«<i, ». 
CnaliflDwer, ktl'ltBtUr, t. tmalß^rt, n. 
Cnuul, U'ill. ih uüJt, nwsfj». 

»mü7i. hl'ilil. 


-1h, • 

^•eM. Vw'jlH^'i^^l^f n^?. 

GlTil.klt^l, 1. laaiU 

Calabniih ilj'llnii, u. a. itltirvn Mol 
ClUbnÜOll, ■llUii'ililii, I. «ritra« 

CpIlWlOr, illthrlllr, >. fiditei, I 
-'' ilr,>Il)'l»iill,..«/<frril.«,y»., 

Celcrr. atl-llci, .. .„- 
Gal«ti*l, ilJli'ulill, ■. . , 

--■Ur.^lr,..«-" ' 

■r.-^lr,. .,. 

Inga, -^1^1, >. •■ulüic, f. pl. 
uci, -Urli, (. ttuiflU«-«,,/. 
Itrif ^ -'Itriit, ti cttitrajo, aatormftt m 

Cd nie, -niL (, •aimü.f. 
-GÜiBat, •Im'BtDl. i. ciimla, 

£■»•107. ilM'BllIrl, (. ^ndlim, alimiurbi, 

■Ccuori tiq^A^ «^ e^mtart, crilioo, ui. 
G«HOiioiiii ■Inl'rlli, m. aimirla, H«m 

-b, ■<(. <U OM»n, <>■ »»b Hwni. 
Onionhip, thVnbtp, : SgxiU äi Hn- 

Cnniraiil", ih-AiTribl, ■. ici^^wTft'i 
Cuinre, «HiaIfj «. «Ktikrai Apwnviioma,J.t 

Oouui» klk'lSa, «. «Mta, M. fcATB. 

-Cnlnui?, ■li'dDlrJ, ■. aenuaariii, dl cmf 

Cmlni,us1 , •h'ä^A\, a, ttHli„arlB. 

-Cnitnl, aätjtl, m, mirmtt, ntKlrii^l Hj, 

Ctütrc, fln'llr, I. CMInii cuih, m.i-, u. ■. 
Dentnctal), ili'u^ktli). ..cotrf«, snmli. 
CaBtrifngiit, •IdIi^ITIiII, a. «nln/ifs. 
CantTipetil, AtAr^v*pit\\, «> tattnpwls- 
finlitpl« ilfl'lll^, ■. ouui;iZg( -, v. ■. eo- 

CeBiuiT, ilBlllr).!. eiiilaiia,/.iieci,la,m. 
Cetil«, tl'rlt, t. crn»^ n. rirralM,/. 

CHHlalh,ilr^ll*,i. uiuriU, M. Mj> A- 
Cemaonialf itrimb'Blfl, ■. artmonialti -, 

Ceilillciitä, •inirrtkll, i. ccrlißcü, n. 

Cemiliodt «lui'ibÄa, V. wua^iu,J.t -nl 

Cetlioa, iFibBii r ■- ««nnu r ftffafMp^iBjH, 
Cnipaol, ■h'flt,>.>iiiaM»/aipi>iiui«ii,in. 
Clulc, Ciklbi. anfan./nniK.M. raUia,/.: 

2 ^Ti™ -, w, i. K/Üvif, üia>llainL " 
ChufffT. ''Ir, >. narv/.inJi>, n. 

c>i*C unii, f. tiiU?Un"hJ- 

ChüiF-CBtln, '^Illll, I. IrilmpMtll'^f- 
ChaflWr, -'Or, *. H. Ir^ficara, iliracthkni 


ChHrSBCh, - 


r^;i,s;i£_ ™. 

Chuiiubridse, --bcU, 1. p»f Ji «>«'. ■■. 
Cluüi-iliot, --•htLi./W/iuc.In.«,/./'!. 
Cluit, Utill. f. nJim I nJIm purliuiU./, , -, 

Chjiir-'botlaDi«', -"bliilmlr.i.Kcfü/'i/D.m. 
Cluirinilil, -'Bla, t. pnäidtnttt ptrtantltte, 

Chilii«, ublili, <.«(/«, "~- ' ■- 

Clulk, Ulil^ >. grflB,/. (1 

CfajiUc-pil, -'pK M. n*-» ^ 

..,/. H-. 




Chlm!>Fr-CT0imieltDr, -tili 

Cbamheivd, -J. ■■ 
Cbunbtilaljn, -11d 

ChumhcrliuniluD , -dniblp' 
C>uimb«r-ui«d,i-nld...»n=, ».»,,. 
ChamfaBr-poI, -pll, .. «-In.^ ~. 
Chninp, uLlmp, V. s.Ar, nufiieorr, i^drrt. 
Chaiopaüne, Chauipaien, ililmplD' i. csun. 

CluimpiDni Ii1iIb'[i(Id , 1. tanplon,, mc, 
CllHnoe, tiblM, Va^^&.m'vrwü^, f. 

ChuiHl, libli/ril, 1. Mufim-Ii, R. 
Cbanwllor, -]lr, ,.i,mttllltTt,m., lntiUA 


Ch*nc«T, uUb*!!!!, i. 
Chuici«, ihliii^lr.i. et 

ChudcUcr, •hlMlltf, 

CbBBdT«r, tihtnd'llr, «. ea^ilrlajv i tumJitai 

Chuf nblTt -^ll, »sL iMwtlmKUintttif. 

ChoBcl, Bhts'nll, t. euHfci 


Omi ticiw r, ^i'klli, •. ^f^, hl 

tiiMi, U^ •. 4w, m., c^iaUif.f. 

CkAOtlo, tUf^^*. tviftum^ 

Ckip, Mir , •- /»«« ,^™bIm»,/. /«n 

COwpe, Ultip,t,;riiHlW«f rßmpomr,/£rmagiii 
Ch.pfl,l.hVl]...«pp.H.., .*,«.((,,/. 
Chajiiter. bbls'iiJllc, >. crpiitlU, m. 
Glui|i]aiB, ubfr'llii, <. «ppiJ[«ii| tin« 

Chä^e'trübtp^l, •. coro«,/.. »uW>, _. 
GkApnan, Ufelp'BtA, «. tompr^lmni i^i 

Oumo^ Mdnil, (. Mrti .._, 

Ouin. Ulillj,*. eu4»,-.<v/iu*/. I 

llrli'tTk^),*. u 


mmmnSärw, »Ajmj ■mur«, imeflfitrv, 
ehiriwbll, -Ibl, >. fianilatiVi, dbpM- 
GllUf H, -Jb, •. Btwmat dt f..rr. , frmi 
Gbuicl, ■All'l4lt . •• tMrre, m. nrnm^/., 

Chui'lj;, Ubl'rlll, •- «HI' 

1 »«./<•«•, 

CkirlattmD«], Iklflll 
Cburlalaur, Ali^ita 
ChirWimln, iikliiPlivU.i 

. ■■/■ 

durlod:, Wilrm.i. 
Chum, fahlm. 

Ghulw, lAlrnlr. •• 
Autezwpmrtj, -bItiI , i, (i 

Chinroinu, tiklfolnb, 

Ouiir, UhiU, >. ui.rta, prmdaU. 

GluititT, Ukll^ll), •. (nuiai f«nu 

ChaliUkll,!. «iu-'a.y. n'«(>«A, ■ 

Ghiltr. -"it, ■. liifmmct,'cUrla 

cb»|i, uklp', (' 

CtwnpoMI.-'iih.i.tuHi mmul*, v«I Brtua, 

Cheat«, -*. ». imtaimalrrt, Irmffilart, m. 
Qttct, IHM, w. K>«>1 HUuä, ^;mÄ. 
nnb| rimprrvtrm^m, riprvnivmr,/,! -ttt^ 

ChHk*t,-1[, ■.a.J'aF' ■ Ktetliii Imim 
dwolwr-band, WcUnl, i. lu«*/!», hl 
CheoLenmrk.-'trvlik,!. l<ir>l,,y.lKF<M(>, 


Cluvringi, ^1 

ChnrlEii, -'lli, a. . , _ 

Chefie-monear, -'mlag^r, I. ~ 


Chcinic«], klm'mihtl, ■. sJUniJ 
Clieuiill, klm'mliL i. lAtmics, 
ChFUii'iIrr. klm'aliul, i. «in 
Vlieriili, ubIHib, «. ■. uwi 

Clieraot, Ubiill', >. mvlilU [iliir},/. 
CherTT, uhlril, .. tln'.tU, J., »iid -, 

agrioUa,f.t -j ■. roiap, vtmngUo. 
tHitllj-OTibtrA, -liublM, 1. etrUgelt, m. 

Olicrrf-trcf, 'Irl, i. cirlrgh,, cjfi'nw, sT 
Chenib, Ubtr'lb, I. CjtiriAliu, n. 
Cherril, utlr-««, i. ctrfymUa, m. 
Cheinnl, .«U Cbt.lD.t.'^ * 
Chili, Ubli, I. icatchi, m. pl. Tl.. 

Gheil-bouä, -'blcd, i, .ctioUire, UatlUrt, 
Cheil-inul, -'nll, *. jurfJM./.i tciiici, n, 
Cheii-pluyu, --iiUar, i, s'""«"''« i^i 
Ch«I, Üb}», >. aaim.J., emm, t-iurt (M 

Chtlt^plöltt, -■iiiplirli^t" lUUiTc'pi«, 
C1ieil-foundf«d, -"rtlndiM, •. tcln. l™. 
Cheitnul, uliViiIl, I. call ' 

IhMrlfd, - 


Chilbliin, lililltlia, I. ptditiHm', i>. 
Child , Ubild , >. fmcialloi ßello, ßfUaala, 
■■.I rrom t-, daW infaruta, datta euUai 

CIiHYp™ i^T.'-^tidl, i. fa"a"Z'l''li- 
ChUdhoad, -lllil, 1. imfaniiai/aneiallataj. 
Childilli, -'llti, a. haml-InMai.JaaciaUaa,, 
•\ a mtda Jl/tMäulh. \f, 

Cliildubuii, -'lAAt.i.litftnda.piitrIlili, 
Childlwi, -'Ul, .. Miiaa^fllMaär 
Oul dlike, -nlk,*. /aaciiUmca, iuathiam. 

aSllü^,,--!!.!., ../r«lda^,f., trivi2'. 
Cbüue, lAhlm» j. teampanala,/.! accorda^ m, 

Chiinn»r. u>>1b-i)1, >! nannin». m. 
Chiuuier-cotBFi. -klrnlr, i. la<^a ie aar- 

ChluiiifT-doclör.-iliiE'llr - -■ ■ ■ ' 

Cliiinnc7-pi«B, -fti, 1. 


I'dI, I 

f-i(«, 1». 


Chinoongh, Uhlnl 

Chii£ Liblaft, *. /cmn^ er 

Chlntl,' UblDU,'. '■''ip'a,/. (Uli dlpinti). 
Chip. liblD, >. tdimia,J.,iraeKls, «.i-I, 

Chili-«*, -'llu. <• «cb rfa »oIU/i, /. 
Chlp-hal, -^ll, >. cappttia di norlrteU. 
Chitk, Ubllk, •. (in.) ~«n>, all'jn. [ 
Chiroiiodut, Url'jlldltl,!. caliUta,prdica 

'.■ larrim^l'talar', ;.i«r.. ' ' | 

ChirSrgeiiB, r^rtr'lil"<ed'l ^"/»n.""" ' 
Cbiiel. Ubli-ill, >. icalp.Ua, n.1 -, v. 

Chit-chiH,.1ibll,J. ii.f( 

aUUrUntt, -'ibSiüp, ,. p,. auuif.ia, n... 

ChiTilroiu, ubii'ilrl.. .. »iv.flcru». 
ChlTfllrr.tibh'llil,!. i/igniliiia canaliiri. 

CbocaUiMTucker, '.kiUklr, i. JUt^h, 

(AoeolalB-diap, -ddp, >. pmtlieli 
ChooolsU-potNrlLr -' '-" 

tU-poL-rlL t. tlrtaiUtlltrB,f, 

Utll^ >. HafM, tlaltuti viritli, 

t£mäl%t°^'^f7^Su'' im dl m- 

Chcüinaeu, -■»!•, i. i~iiJi tfrfioainu,/. 
Choir. *lr Mt], •, "«(''' "" <*■»■). ■-. 

Oockcr, -4>, (. imuiM,/. 

Chol«, kllllr, (. aoU-rnx Mn nittm,f. 

Cboleni^ -Ife ■■ mtlltri—, u'- 

ChooH, liUi, v. ■■ IT. Hif 

—, 9. m. It. pQiam tttglUrw, 
Miop, Mtp, I, Jau, trtptutrti k- 

Cllbffilietl, -'flpls, V. nuAHk rutltem^M 

I, tUfgwrtt 

■t, pl. I 


tlullaath, m 

dlOppAf -'P"[* ■- «"«Mowa, HB. 

Gboppml, -iPi«. •■ ff«»'«, ptffii-. 
OhOppiBg'blofik, -'plncbJ&h, «, Imgiitrti 

ChDapui(.knif*, -^IiidII, i. nfiiA*' ifa 
Choral, klMl, ■. ifi am, J< cwvi -I;, id. 

Cliord, bird, «- aard*,f.i -,«.«. mfl'nv /v 
GhoHit, ki-Hii, Chorul«, kirlrlHlr, i. 

Ghomc, bhftlj, V. «. ingj 
Cbriit,'kH>l.>. CrUu. 


Ghritteqdoiii, -^Im, «. vün'wirif J, j 
GhriitviiBf, -Ini, b ^(Xiviaio^ ■». 
Chiutiui, krliftrlB, a, (riMfuui - 

Ohriibuilr.'kilMfla'ia, T 
Chfiiliuiiie, tiliOrliiU, t>. a. j 
CbniliuJr, krlil'flill, md. cj 
Chriitm«, bl^Ml^ t nlmU 
Gbrittnui-faox, -bAki, m. uivmdmamrti, i 
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Gosl-irliipper, -'bwippb, t. /mcMm oAi 


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r.cca. c.^u, d,t gahc. m. 
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CoEk-brainsd, -^nn«. ■.KirAu, iwnWip. 
Cosk-ehii(er, -'Millr, i. lamrmin, m. 
Cockiiwtnnnt, -trllH, •. eum d^ttJU,m. 
goaW. -*[, ■. ■;>. ripitt^u. 
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Collin;. tlf'jlr, >. tarLj^it. m., J 

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aüm, k(1a, r, «■«via,/. lAuv* i »fr», ■ 

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loniit, kll'Mil, 1. »b», ». 


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Colophonr. k(I-lß.l, .. ulc/tmim,/. 
Coto>ul, kttt.'.!!. .. n;»«^.. 

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CaiDmeuinrabilitv, ttnnliiiklrlLII'J 

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Ilton, kllBBlili'fa, I. »nWH/'^ie, 

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lominiiliible, kSmmllltil, a. ci 




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CDmpnr, ktm'jlr, t, nmtpmtm, ajf(| 
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CompelFnce, k&m'u^iliu, «^ eomba 

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eoUrtÜKr.f. [ampr — 

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GanuTitT, UpiktVllI, i, «ncwChj,/. 

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ConoEBlratian, kiuloUi'ihlii, t, «uicenlra- 

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ConceptioQ, ktulp-ibln, j. aiasaäiu, f.. 

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Concubine, klni'kiUii, >. oaiisiieiiiii,/. 
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onduciT«, kliidl'.lt, 

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Confi-Diian, klDflk'itilo, i, »i^y«!«».- em- 

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ConwrtaliTC, ktnIr'TlIli, ■• n 
CMiatTitar, kbilnlllr, j. » 

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miolidation, kaullldl'iBla, (. mmlliU. 

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CDOitnie, kSn'iUl, v.a. aurmrri pn'uvxi 

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CODinIste, kSii^ll, Coninlihip, kSs'ilt- 

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CaBiuinioaÜOD. klnilmiiil'ibls , •. canpl- 

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CgnUKion, kiml-ilin" MBU^M-r p!!«i,^ 

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luol, tlauS^i'ihll, ä. di «»(nl 
«f, kll^ctilnl, - 

Coniroller, -JBj, v. rn 


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COpper-nut, -tIbI, *. ^trdrramt, m. 
Cappef-ilJiiUl, ->m1M, ■. ealdtraio, m« 

COppery, -*> ■. cht eenlTrpg del ramt. 

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Coräi län, >. /nuiu«i> I 

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Coraelun, UnMlt*, i. »milj 
Co»«, hli-ilr, >. «i>Ig| «M>, 

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CDrpOrtr, kli-l^lll, •. ttrpmrali, maltrial 

Corporale, kli-ftrlt. •. Hl«« i« ■» Mrp«. 
Coiponlion, Ulf lil'itils, •. cjirp. -iu/< 

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larrod«, nerrU', .. .. >i,rr<>i'<T> < »«.- 

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rittulai malroBaua, J. im, 

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OrDiuiup^tian. -iplJc-ili>a, •■ 

■ntial, -illü-ililj, I 

Ollem, iVlIn, f. cUlim^f. 

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ihip, -illlp, ff, eUladimaiam,^, 

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cencimr^ a<a »fk (11 ™'i I -, -. ■■ '«i'a- 
Clarinel, kllTlnh, ff. ctWb..,/ Irfri''. 
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Clltler, UtClIr, ff. »Tff^D./racuta, •■ 

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denn, U2i>, a. A >./. ail», p.r«, hl 
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a'rgr. Utfil, >. lfm, -. 

dargfnun, -bIb, i. «»faiui 

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Clerk, kJlA, t. vU-iiii, oAicrii 

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Clod-päted,'-'pli>d, •''(cF^i'^^'rstH, 

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Uli, a. ksi/. tirrals, ib^lM, ^ 

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dmr, Ul, f. itmiult, m., fÜM. /. 
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ClöiElr, -'iilj.^'iJjf^u.nici ».»«■■«ii.. 

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Clolliei, titi. •. pl, bMIo) vnljraiiii», n.i 

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CloÜiirr, UItH'i", a /laiuia/as/a, ;>»- 

CJotli-pc'lt, kISiVpliI I. laviecili^mT' ' °' 

Cloth^hearer, -Vhlclt, •. liiuaun, m. 
Cloth-itOK, -'ilir, t. ituita äl rmwnl t 

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"lond, kllU, L »ii, ■■ulai luiiitlar ov- 

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ClDm>T, Ulmll, .. rn-s nuliu. 
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fUjiter^-biTV, uli'LKiplp, - — 

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Candiutor, kiUH'tlr, >. tttdjuurt, n. 
CdriuIhIe, kUl'llil, V. •. > ■. camtaUrt. 
Co>|uUliDn, älfifl-ililii, (. iMtii/iii«», 

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CtwIitiaB, kUibti'l^ >. •uii.nt, cauwisni, 
OoullJUB, kSlnlB, >. eurtan./ii; i.. [^ 

Caal-mine, -mli, Coal-^il, -"iill, t. mtiuini 
Coal-whipptr, -Hn^nlr, : JtcMna cht 

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ConaliflC, -^Bl, t.reabollagrie, m. Tm. 

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CDbbl», -^rv. ■. rmppiamrt, rmiupparr. 

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CODh[l.V>l, klüli'tDlI. ,. «/.iai,H.°^ ^■' 

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Cock-ii-iioailJr'-ddo, -1dl d'jdl, i. cnc'cu- 

CockHU-oiiHnt, -InJlü, t. uMs dtltMa,m. 
Cocktd, ■-'Id, ■. ufa&M, rlpiifm, 

CDckFrel, -'kÜL i. (■/(• tüniiat, n, 
CgokFI, -^1^ >. •iiilla dwil. Jp.anm. m. 
Cookfight, -'riua. tallMilUili [•lli,f. 
CooUiOrnT, -'bin, ■. ■ cmallni Irüif/mlei 

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Cockiinm, -kiV 
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Codo, tll, ■. ccdicc. M. 

CodllUK, Ltl'Jlgi, 1. pic-^U nerf.ul , ..., 

Cod-liTer än'"lfiiclTI, •. dH. dinuce, n, 
Coercc, klln', u. .. rnIrrrxT', r'pHm^,-. 
Cocnuon. kilr'iblii, (. (HlWfnim'iiU, ruf- 

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ColTH-roaite^-rtiiar, >. fsiniar* ifa ar- 

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(klbabit, kiliUll, V. ■. »sUlvi, vi'nn 

CvSäfaTtMion, kibtblll'ihln, •.ci,.illu.U«i, 
Cab«r, kill-,.. ™™Jc >i. [irHliiA,J. 

Cokerv, kAh^, v. h. «^«-inr «■«rwr^nni, 

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OOÜ. kill, I. H^^Ito, row>», c.r»icf lb,>kl 

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CuDDiduockdlnii^hi,*. n>iiiiiU>iu>,/-r 
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GoM. kill, >. frtMl, ladlffirtun riarht 

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«■HHIIU, kllllg', I. cilfiu, «MBafrM, n 
Otdhel, klllikl, i. ttllriU,/., -, kllllkl 

aätrt, Ji.fu,/.i «MI», K.. 

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CÖllnliTe, klillk'iTij •. <u>l[.»m>, • 

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»■.Ullllllg, f. »•mlnij'iiii ii/I'^b, 
ite, killl'llll, .. calM"". '^^'• 

□llüign, tllll'ibla, i. co'i 


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miuiar, klllm'ilr. ■. 'Ji »fonic. 

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uitible, k^mhls'tlhl, n, 'camiuiithi 

Carardr, k9n'n!il>, i.cofHiK 

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Contm-oS, kim'lr, I. /»w>u, ■>. 1>M.U. 

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eainforl, Hai'rlri, i. u^/iirin i ojiusi m.i 

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Coimni, kls'lB), •. vcgnuibi jäunx ', (. 

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loiainoner. -)r, i.mimtni di- inrnSti, n. 
iDimnoii-hilll, -h|l,(. »lifui. ><c»a «'» J, n. 
lommoB-lM', -ll, .. AhJ m^l.,p.ll.f. pl- 
^mmonlr, 'll, md. anniairmBilt, »an/- 

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roimnuniMliii-, ki^i'olS^, 

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'-^n, klmmlil^utn, t. nm» 

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CninpnrtuKiit, ktmiilri'iiilDt , i. 

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Coiapast-tmld, •iiti. t. catli nai-iiiB,/. 

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lili, €„>„iei.i«it, ifliu.,/. r«iicF>r>. 

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CompiilriaL kSmpl'lrtll, i. atmpalriala, m. 

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Cotnpi'tilion,' kimiillliVis, i. «■>^ii<iiu, 

Compiler, kimpl'^lr, •. c,mpilal,rr. t 
Comprac^ncr, li*i>i>ll'itui; j. »np/i 

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CoSp 1 1 3 n"Li iii"S'l r,'''/'cl«jfiel"di'«,','. ' 
Cqiniilicnli!, ktn'pllkll, ~. •. i^bnsliürr. 
Compliulion , ktmplJhlfiklB , (. lampttcm. 

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Complimcnl, fSm-pUmlil, I. •«•mpli-trnl'^ 

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CampMcnl, ktmpl'DlliI, ■. tamponr^ut. 
Coinport, kimpltl', V. .. leßirlrt, -, V. m. 

Compiwing-iliak, Unpi'iluiiilk, >. un' 

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intablp, klmjil'lllll, ■- chmtifiii ' 

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hjudemn, kftadlm', «■_ d. tvmJaimargi dU~ 

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Condltion, klnilliL'tll , f. csnijiiünr, /.[ 

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Jendaciie, klndj-ili, ■. .ciwJi., c«. 

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}DndilctOr, .Ir, 1. mmUllartl Jirrllarcl 

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CoaRgcsle, kinFl^Ll. v. a. uußscart. 

Coilflict,ktB-lflkt,i. , 

ConiluSBc«, klc'Otlgi, i. eii>iS»iui, ^1 
Connuenl, k»D'al>ni, >. a,,Ju,«u, ci». 

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Caofonnabrs, -Ibl. <•. •«•«UrmtvaU. 
Conforinsbly, -Im*, oj. £■ ^„(«rmillt. 
ConfDtmntion, -l-.bln, . <«,iÄ'mi";""-,/. 
ConrnnnitT, -Itfl, «. vonfarinilä, eimiglian- 

Gn^ünd, kSoIitlDd', v, a. c'nfa'JJ'4V"l- 
Confrstf^rnity.klstillli'nlij, a. co't/'nirFni- 
d , m,, f. r/'o"", /««f mum. 

Confrant, klofrtnl'. tp. a. od^fd.r«-., am^ 
CDiuroDUliaHj "i'ihaii, «. oonfronttthan*, 

Gonüuion, tlDfl'ibln, >, mufmlanr, f.i 

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vunitnlnfMoiT, tlBirll-lJllIii, DTc'nE'''-'- 

adürmre, •luin. Utof I m/onanu, /. 

CongrcBalion, kJDggrttl'ikln, i. cen^rrgi. 

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juniitiire. kSoJtnk'ljlr, i. aingianiMm 
juialion, klsl/cl-slila, i. bicaiiu, m., 

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ConjuriDE-book, kai'JIrlDiblk, >. fitro i/l 

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bi.1, klnalhlli, ... ™.(«,(^j, «.iri- 

eit, ktoa-kwlsi, I. canfuiiu, i^iti«- 

ignincoug, k!n3ls„i.1ii'(]i, ■. cool 
.gu,nily, kln.»B8l.l»'(ll.'.. «». 

onitriEt, rta'iWii, B. irtjiliw 

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■IUmIhm I r^tmmr, f. i vltrt , prtm 

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CauiitoiT, kln'ilillrl, f. «lulifiirii, m. 
CgiuolatioB, ktuili'iblii, i. cuHJuliiii 
c/u'^l^'orr^'uiulllllrl, .. t^l^Jufi 

CniuaDincF, klE'itnIiia, >. «>•• 


"^u W, kliiilb'tllrl, t. t».d<r'~H7-.| 

'iFllilion.kluilllE'ililB, t. uififiiilm«,' 
ileriution, kSulInl-iblii, •. niurw. 

Conitipll«, kfln'iliplt, v^ d. couiput^t e»ff 
-■ k(uHl-ibil,.. ffim- - 

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C(Hi.btclar, -ir. .. g«i,...„., ■». 
Conitiuiinit. kfulTli^Jliil, i^ «i 
Corutnut, ktutrAkl', v. ■. CHfrii 
CUDitnictioil, klulrlk'ililD, j. uufraWiwi, 

CoiilrnrtlTelj', kSmiStilSl^^. ilylülfc 

Caniuj, Ud'Ä. >. umafs, uim/i^ m. 
CoDiulute, Ui'iIlll,'ConialiIiJji, tln'riW 
Comult, ktulll'., V. a, uu>I<u>n, -, ■. «., 
Con>iillitioA,k)uilil'fblD,i. uiuii/lulon^ 
Gonivuiwbb, hlul-mtÄt, ■. unmaiilt. 

CaniDuunfttion, kÄDiümlol'ibSii, m. 
GaiiiampliDii, klnilm'ibin, i. uiu 


1, ktml'Jtlj 

lüution, kinltmlnl'UiSii, 

ConleinpInlirB, ttiilim'plllli, '■.' canlcm- 

r, ktnlla'pitltl. 

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ni di,p-lart. ^ {Hl.. 

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Contatnre, kSsfllirijii, i. iiaitura, '"/l 
ContiruitJ, blmlfCIl), l. tnUtuia, wl- 

OontinenUI, tJn'lfäinrtlJ. ■, taUmmUli. 
COBtingfni, kSntTn^hl, ■■ ttntlAttaU, a 

ntbnutiOB, klaltDil'rtlln, 

Contraction.tliilrU'ililn, (.u-irui».,/.! 

CoDtruotar, kJnlrtk'llr, i. »ulrBlfäjilii bm- 

CoaRtdfDLhSgUl^tl' V. •. manJdi,., 
Cantiadfctlon, ktnlildlk'ililii, i. canirad. 

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Conlcndimontr. klaut4lk-ili]Jl, «£ »•. 

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[teBtnbuCion, klulrlbl'ihln , •- luairlta- 
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:oiiIribator,klDlr1b-liIr, i.ionirJtS'ato.nh 
:ontribuIorr,klglr1)i'llEri, a. ualWiaia». 
:i]ntri»,ktB-<riL ■.coalrJU, »>ir;aK», -If, 

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tlrigtirrn gavinan^ m^Htarw. (m. 

outreller, -llr, •.ntümiorl, cnalrolltn', 
flntroTenial, klnltfilr'rtlL, a. Oi «oalra- 

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io^l^™». kjaliJ.!.!, .. a. M,i™*<rUr-, 
:antniTntjtu, ktnitlili^lM, a. »iira. 
lonlnmainoDt, UI.B\i.isVi\fti. ■. c<ini»ni.»\ 


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Cool, kll, M./rrHB,/irdi/»i -.t.Jraa,, 



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CanvenxbU, kinrlr'ilM, •. tumvcriMliUt, 





Countiian, kSnTlfilila, f. cnavirtiinvC /-l 
CanTwt, kSn'iliL I. anvtrllu, m., ', Us- 

Gonvertible, UaTlr^N, •. •BwcrtiHla. 
Ganrci, klliSAi, ■. aaiitn. 
COBTUilr, klnTn'iIll, *. umiiuäi,/. 
CoartJ, kloil', v. a, IrmlptrUrr, Iraimil- 

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loüTuliioo, itm^'rttii, 1. '■■■- 

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:oDliiei>, -'Dil, (.>««*»■■, fri3kirm,f. 

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otdinntion, klSctUnL'iliiiii, j. enardim^ 

■apurtnti, klpln'nti, i.uclii, ornj 

! klplll'ntl, i.UTdi, nn/ist«, 
ihip, -Ablp, «. taeUiAf camp». 

Copin-, kJLp'iSr, t.eapuld, Aipfaron, A. 

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Copr, ktr-fl,!. copä 

Copr-'boak, -blk.i.jutdern3, IHtb'JiTÜ 
GDprini-iBiioJuiw , -^M^wiii, t, pmiii9- 

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Caquet, uÜlC, it, iu eivtnart, 
CotpUtXf, U^hrl, I. liMinurl.,/. 

OonlÜna, -1>, •. €<,r.lli„., /. 

Card, kird,!. un/ii UHdiat.J., .afnood, 

GMdiäl, kSr])!!, a, uv-JIbU, nffttuam -If, 

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COFpi, kii.i.cBr;» dlftru, rtgtimau, ■■. 

Curpuli-iil, klr-plllal, ■. !,--■— ' - - 

ir«, w.raipinat 

Cork-HnWp -'Alt, 

Shh, Mit .. /n»i«ra , fn», n.. t -, V. . 

Cam-bnadfi-'krtatl, i. actua mriimü li 

Conilun, klnhll*, i. »nifiiia,/. 
Ocmn', klr'ilr, <. ■hh/oi ch», uniH», n. 

Gomer-houi«, •-blli, r* v«» rfff/d e*iil» 

ConHl, klr'nA, i.trrKara,M.»/, corKt.'m 

Com-Ürid. --ril^ •. >«.J..u. ... 

Gam-Baar, -JUT, ,. gnut^o, 

Cortijüoiirji-, -'Oiiat, ..^r, 

Corti-Üoiirc'. -'OlHt, 
duni«, klc-ili, j. ur 
Comioi-hoiue, kln'' 
Conk-Iari. UnlUt, 

CorB-ulird, -^ÜÜ'' 

MBIT, .'1, a. nnm pnilm 
orallnr^, klCllltl, •. «ni 


CornoralioB, kfcniAii'ibla. «. e 

-Oarpureil, JiArpA'iJlJ, ■. »r^ 
Jf el., Bi/iit ■«/ /M/u», 

tartigibt, klr-r4)jM... »,^ä/Tfc !/■■ 
JorroTjotste, ktrrlli'lilt, V. a. esnvkuwv , 
:orrobDniboa,t9iilbirl'>bIii, i. mmila. 


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iTruplif, hSrrlpt'fi, ad, comillamBnU. 

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Coltoii-ironl, -wll, •- hiniMglii, »•!»,/. 

CDumil, iliä-X"'. ^ViÜ,', i'-Tiie'lil, MV 
CoMcil-bo'ud', 'ttrd, (f f^^ d<i '■»>.. 
CoiuulTkaLi'ill, f^dmifjfrjiojawwi «VW»- 

Gaunllble, -'IbO ■■ uti ■/ pmi miimn. 

Co>u>lBiiui<n, kllu'linlB.i. ii-ii /. >i>o, 

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-, 'blniOB, V. d. ftnlrmppanrwt orfffiwc, 

Counleifllil, -dl, ■■ amlrmFalU, üniun, 
/,(»r HfF»r« .... Abf/C"'»«/., ü- 

C^tu^i^l«, -»itr, I. u.M/-i.cjiWT, /.t 

Coanl«-)iiht,-Ul, ., »»ii-.Jl™»,».. 

Couniüpldt, -pllt, >. rrilßvo apptta ■, 
Gounlvrpoiali -pftlnt, r. toHtrmppaiila, Di. 

CtnmlirnU, -lU, u. n. vafiri iillrellwUii 

cönntci>''kilii'll9, >. hui.«.,/. 
CoDntini.haiut, ktlnl^ulilli, i, i»e 

iVmabr-haiu«, -klli, i. vrfJn, cnu tff cam 

iDunlrr-iruin, -iiila,>.uau^iru>,ii//^<i>,>>i. 
[Diuiliy-iHt , -ill, n<l CmaliT-liiiua. 


inum, -nlnlii, i. 

CÖupfi,' lip'pl. •- aippimjf., p^t. 

oiuleoui, klPltb, ■.. 

Courter, kln-lr, i. uriteioii«, m. 
CDurtnui, klnlih', *, »riigJ™.,/. 

ConrUiaeM, klMUh, .. .ff^Uili, •«.. 
CourtljF, tlrfJl, ■. sivilti #ruioi>. 
Caurt-uurtial , kln'alnlili , i. sww ■■»% 

Caurt-pIaiMr, -f Llilfc, >. Impiim it^ 
^'•'"■^'•- Iputiu»M, g,b«i«-i..f. 

Courtalnp, "^bTp, t, ehiiUit eempImstuMm^ 
Couit-yardi -'jilir f. mnliimrle, /, 
Caniln, hli^, >. »grv, «. i n(DU,/.| 

Cor., ii'X°J^l'»C/., rlf^th, m. 
Cover, fctr'lr, #, voptrahiat ri/mgiot prv 

CDTe«ure, -IjJr,,.o.pwl«niinrt(nioi», 


r-knper, -VHr, •, 

MWl, »Hl. I. wppilMl- 


Coi, kli, 1. (lua.) »i/», «. La/i'il",^ 
Coten, -'11, «.,-. ü.g«».«, (r.Jw.. 

Cnh, krili. f.irwHAbi ni'- 
IHluufi»,/, r>V»<ai'fl ■rofU«»!.! 

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(äibbedn«», -^l4i>h, i. dSpra,», ■ 
iiin(iu./i vIh amigjia,»,! Jijflaiai,, 

Cnb-t»«. -^t, •. mcla inJinffiu, a. 

Cnek, lörlk, I. mpaUrit, franra , iiu, 

Ctsökts, -'U.V. ' ..?"■"■ . <r, 

CraeUüi(, -'ftm, 

Crackoel, -iV, t. 

Cndle, krl'UI, • 

Cnfl, krin, 1. ■■«»TT, 

Cnttilr, ■•M, vi. uf-Kuii 
"riiAiiieH, -'IsIli — 


Crantiaan, -i^ln, i. «4wiiii 
CnRj, ''I, ■, lUMU, tcMm, 

Crageed, -"»Id, •. M/w, crlo, 
f^aHincH , -'(Juli , •. upm 

Cram, krlm, v. «. impl..«^ j 

CrBüxp-liili, -'f^Bli, f. ror/Mf 

Cronk, Iclesk^ '. robatt^t VI 

Cranmedj krlii'^ld, u, erfptifi cnpclalo 


r, krto-ol, .. tr^,ra,f. 

Crav*t, krlill', I. > 
krli, >. .. .1 



CniTiii, krlVlni, ... 

Craw, tri, .. j.™, m. iJ« .^«(., ™. 
Crnwfiih, -'tinh, i. die*», nn»in>, ». 
Cnirl. krll, V. «. tlKiiih.r^, nu.»/«»-., 

CniTfiih, kii'tlj 

Cnir, killl, ■. iKnpii-, dMh, mMinna, 
Crenk, krik, v. ■. itHicAüUrtj eigolar: 

V. d. «cAiKmarvf -, ir. jr. rmppifiürvL 
CrMlnf, -'), a. />icna lU crm.. 

CrMte,^!', V. mfcnm, aaiuan. 
Creation, krll-rtila, •. irMinari itniiiK,/. 
CrftltivB, krfi^t, s. wwofiuBi fmtraiHm, 

|fedpn w, krl'iüm. < cni/u» , ftrf«/™.,/. 
''fj,^^pl. *'•"' ' ''^d^luf'.pt. 
Iredentinli.krldlii'ahlli, i, o/. leiurccr*- 
;redibilitrj,kr>dib1l'llJ, >. cradliilitA, pn. 

Jri'dibI e, Vf id' 1 bt, ■. <r> Jii»<, Af M> iHMb 

Crediblv, -J, •>/, cndMInrnlw. 

Credit, krld'll, i. sre^i», m.,f^t, ripula- 

'ditab]ü*9>,'-tblo)>, •. «MrwsZoH r H- 

Creditablf|,-ibll, ad. «>■ uwUm, on^iwrC. 
"-■dftar, -Br, j. efvc£Jior*, n. 
...jänlitr, kildi'liit, i. •nd.tiii.f. 
Ondnlcn«, krAd'djBa, «, ertämlst »gevoU 0t 

ilated, krla1IJll1<l, ■ r»»c. 

Crepuiculiir, kripai^lllr, ■. In'l Jl t U 

Crril, kt^, I. omow'... ü^»!.!/! 
Cnit, krkl, I. tmim.f., pcmmmceiät orii. 
CrHled..'U,m.trttlHU. lxlUi»U~.,n. 

Grib, blh, i. ifM^aUjm, u^»u, /. 
Giielc, kflk, •. nritiiUUu,/. 

CtiDu, krla, •• __ — , 


Crimluhtr, kriiOill'lil. •. trimi..tuä,f. 
CMiuuiM;btB'iai,>...u..JHr.. ' 
GriiniuluHi, krlnlii'tkli, •. Iiittlfa^,n,„ 

«J"i»r«, ufaffiauni -«•», v. ■, in 
GliiDic», kAn^i, ■. «lirniM»! -. >. nl*r 

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"^Sir ij'' ■•""• *•""*" ':■"•• 

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GlUp, lltlvt*> * — 

Jl. trluh, (. loMlatUD, uu, m. 

iBCh, krlllili, v. II. apptmlUrtii •milimni. 
_jyp, krtft .. cr>f>/w,/.i fPP''', -. 
Cnwr. iiri.t. t»fn« M *wi Anwi lUafo,/.! 

Crowd, krll«, •.jatUi o/Mi ~i/liliiJii», 
/. I -, v. A ^<&.r.| Hrlftrt, -, «. ^T 
llrigjurtl nltb ni« t U - »U , /ar J«u 
i , ttlli , •. asniia I tMrlmKjm i riiu. 

CnKOdilB, krl^ldll, f. K}t€tJriUt, m. 

CroÖ!"rC"- ■ 
Grook, krik, 

Dk, krU, >. HM 

•. a ■. bom 

IBhmrt, g9imla*rt. 


Grookadlr, -44ll, WT UrummUi «1 uk- 

Croii-biir, --blr, i, ^vra, /.' rmufo, /. 
fitvit-io^, '-tl, i' iiUmtni,'/.'' 

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Cröinupriiui«, -'firiia, <. prüuipt mäiia- 


CrucÜDmi, kTl'illlrn. ^ J./.r>P><»cnD<. 

Cniditr.krl^ttl, (. eiWouiliiv 


Cniel, bltl, m. «»<>hi l<wni«c> 
dir, -'il°'.!'!2^/7)"^^H^ii 
elf Irl'll, «- f(afjwf»t «i^Dj 

iiFf, -'Ir, .. m™>^ «i-.u™, ;,, 
Cnunlb), kriB, >. Uli/»!«» nie»,/ 

CniiDPir, krln'Bl, m. MubJlHa. 

GnabiiiE-iiiilJ, -^1(011. f. 
— II uii* a nOnmlt, f. 

CrDitT,-'!, ■. iroilul« hättlin. ru,f. 
Crntoh, trjub, i. irmciilm, crcHia, tlmmptt- 
Gtf, liA, 9. ■.sUuunj/nmiiiJliwt-,«. 

Cnnl, trist, •. trlpU^. 

CiTitäiliuliDD, krbdUkl'iKlD, •. «4I1.I. 

Crntalllu, lirfi-dlJU, v. ■. A ■. crtumtlü- 
CoU Hh. »- «« fiM»«, «LI -, B. IL ^». 
Calw, kU, >. n*>, «. L'iv^'. pviorlr: 

Gabielalt, kl^lk. •. tmtif. 
Xmbttmm, U^rtm, ■. aitiftrnu. 
Gubit, kl^ll, r. i^ta, »nii'u, m. 
^'Dukoa, klrl, t. »»£, i». 

Cad, tld, i. <it> rmgim'ml; m. ' 
Giiddle, -'dLv.ii. ap/tltiimnit ttmrt mßpUi- 

Cudgcl. kiSgll, I. *«aUi, 

>!diljr, klfld'li) 

o!.. kl-pllt. ,. «w/.,/. l/. 

— ,JpuiE-glaii, 1ilp'|ilD|itl<, *. vnIHn, r. 

cofTkir, <. MH >r»«»», y.f-/..», ■.. 

CanbUt ^^•*Ü,ih w»*».-, »u^rh! 
Cantfi kl^rll, >. urafa, emmtr, m, 

irrkiri'iir,;. (^»r.,»..ri.<l.»»:>r: 

Cub, klili. >■ /»>», nwM r rv<rff -MH«», 
-i.jiroi*;«.»., /,. -, «. ■, /fMir., I»ir 


Cnrhr, klrTI, >. «;» 
iurjotily.kirtti'lll,«. ••JidUlirtrili, 

COi kl!. .. «-f.«», ..I B««i«.,/r-, 

v.l. ttliUJtfgimrn -, v.H,J^'llipMtar. 
^lirflll, kvt'rll, «. Mnuva, ammdam d*t 

Cu" »^, -Je', •■ tpldaU mrmiU Ji ^r^ 
cSimirr, kl'lUlrl. •. <// ««..<ii. 
.Qnll, kSi, «. n .»ff Jt». CO»;»... 
Calluider, Jdi'llndlr, i. ufainio, ■>. 
Ätlminiita, kll'nUll, V. ■. «ibiuMrr. Tik 

cäp>bilUr,klij.lkirlii, L<fafjii 

.BBlimblr, Ht^lkL ■, »i>MMf.i 

eiaud>ir.'^«i'-'~«<ii>> «»^ 

cSpnl, oi^ .. «<>>»*•, r», 
«dtinU, kmtili, «. •. uJiiH 
C^l^'alioiwkliil'i'ikli, j. «(Ihrimnw, 

Cnllim.kllljli, f. uJUm,/j »llitwua- 

. (>, IL r*n>tu»^. 

Cambn, kln^r, v. ■. Imlftiart, im. 
Ciiuib»Timw, -^B, Cbnibrovi, kiB'hr&^ 

■. taMmeda, matall, r^awi». 
Cmnim, ktat^ln, «. oph^, m. 
CumnliitiTS, kl^4jUi, a. saBnlnfftw. 
Onniuiigi klk'ilai, >.aikil*,(«/iW»./Wii| 

ludgean, klrmld'jla, .. ■ 

r, klrTlnil, . 


lurwnl-prioe, -TiAi, t. f«.« 

:;umnllr, -Jl, ••'. turmlna. 


Cnrrlih, klr'rlik, 

Cnnr, Urtl,' ». 1 fufrw .< »ej» «r.!. 

thUrt, •Irlglitr: 
CiuTTlIoIilb, -kim, .. tlrrgiUm,/. 

GiUie, kln, l.nuIn/iUaiK, im,,rt<^äBnt,f.i 
-, «, ■. tt.Udlr; -. i>. Z t>'r"-'l if- 

>Ilii;l, klTill-, *., «. ».» 
urtatk, klr-ili, i. wIh 


Girwcl. -^J, J. ltmȧUtm,t. 

CrUi. kftk, i. ■»(«ivioi cipm^Mt, f. 

Crick. Uli*, ;. MHK*ini.,.,y. 

Cnolwl. -Vit, t inUi, •g.Mlt, .iwu 

Crin, trlllr, a. «WiUn, •>. i>fj. ^a7J>, •. 

Griniul??! Trialiill'lll. •. trimii,atUi,f. 

niaurt, im'fmuiMtrm, -<]«, -. f. (■- 

Criiuon,hilB^g,Ael>mü<i»l -,>. c*«^ 
Crinar, kriii], I. SHinte »nilJi. i.i -.MB. 

CrinU*. kfloi'kl, i. firfttgrint» liiinnH . 

GrÜu.krl'lll^l.B'Hi./.i^^iW^Xäl'' < 
Clüp.Ju1vi>- iru/»! -.Kihiliv i 

Gritio.kril'lk.a.A'jffcat -,<,•. '; 

Croak. krlli. >. ■. gratUi ■ 
Crpckfrj. krtk-klAiLr ^; 

r'«:oSiU,kr^kldll,«,^ Tj 


,fc,kclk,^^|l t. 

Crouk-liM«d, .'^'■ 

Crou, kilp, ) j' 

•=?» D. 




M, 1. Mht'p.drt, m. 

CroiidiT, -'<i. • ^**^ 

Croit-euiuu, *• ^„ / tJtOm . m. 

Croji-itinlnH -fjSu fatftur«, Wr- 

CroiiiDf, -'•' , r«f>'(»n»' 

ttoir '- /■» tkt/ri Uni- 

Crair "Mm,/. Icüu,/. 

, •. 'in/- ~" 

lUHp, «BP, >. lim'if*|'ii«>r«H,frJI»| ~, 
(. inMlf/i tjlitbiiie, f., -, !>. <. luiKi. 

(■InpFT, -'>r, I. (iDBi.J itn/i*a,f.i naila- 
lUdpfili, -'!ik, •. ■■nUioeli, L^w, n. 

DjUdpnni, --Uli, i. unii/nu, mmilili, J. 

Dainid, dlm'ilJ, i. n/nmif cjra^'l<»>,/ 

Dnncing-purtr. -s'rll, ., i<Wrm«i» »■ 

nHncul-ürhöul'^kJl,"'. •ü«/. ii VSlt,}. 
Dnncini^ihoR.-übLi.icvBJiioifi »•»•.»•. 
Dindlf'dlD'dl. v. 2d-Kd«l.r,t .cconiurr. 

D™dri5.dlraH(, ../'"■/'"> !/i"->™ff''"i 
Dsnily. diD d(, >. ijani/^, i/inerun, n. 

Ding"«?«», -Il>, ■. hhu pmlttlt, •J»r>. 





Outflert -Ir, «. gmlrnntti imtuunormto, m, 
Bapper, dipnpSr, «. Itsto, atti%fO, vivace. 
D«pple, dlp'pl» V. «. «triteUret -t ^ p«mato, 
Dare» dir, v. a. ir. $/iJaret provoeartt *> v. 

».,M«r«. mrrueAuutl. 
DariA^ dl'rfnf, •. ardito i audmee t "Ijf '» ■ 

mrtnUunemt« § eoraggioBomente, 
Dark, dlrk, «. oteuro. foteo ; ignorante t -> 
9, oteuriti, /,t taneore, /. pl.t ignoranta^ 
f,t -(«d)« V. a. 4b n. oMCurar« i oacurarti. 
-Idsh, -'Isb, «. oicuretto, 
I7, -lt. da. otcurmmenttt eieeumente, 
•it, -'ni«t *• oteuritd, f. teneire, /, pl. 
ie. -'sSm« c. M0uro,/o$eo, n*ro, 
llr'llDf, a. /averito, diletlo, carot 
Hto, m, ^ r/>«sMr0. 

•. a. cueire, rimendar», rmp^ 
g, togliOf m. »MaitiMff, 


race<iffCialor«, r%m*mi 

>7» ***** A* coflATOo, poiironeteo, 
t, 9, data % eonolu»ione, f.x dattero^ 
t of "ffuor d* tuo, vtechio t -, v. a. 
; ta aata^ datar*. 

ia, IM. r -. V. «. dardeg" 
. -^VmH.anaar velocemente* 
k ^ colliaione, /*. f trattot eolpo^ 

[len, ptnnata, f. t —, v. a, eol- 
-let tpruuare t vereuoler* | frtr 
, caneellarei eoiijondar« t "9 v, n» 
rai; tgorgarti ", i, md Mtn tratto, 
DOard, -'hhtd.a. m»»tel»tta,f, 
.ling, -'\ngt a. oriUantt, milutalot /o- 
^oto, impetuoto, 
.iastard, dts'tlrd, •. eodardo^ poUrone, m. 
Dastardlf, -li, a. eodardOf poltroneteo. 
Dale, dlt ' ' 

m.t out 
Date-tree, -'tri, «. patma,/. 
Dative, di'tlT, a, ft «. dativo (m.). 
Daub, dlb, B, pitturaeeia, f, % -, v. «. int- 
brattaret »chiecherare f ptaggUurtt -• v. n, 
/ar C ipocrita. 
Dauber, -'2r. «. pittoraeeio, m. 
Daughter.dt'tSr, 9, ßgUat ßgUuolm, f.t - 

io-Taw, ßgliasira, j. 
Dannt, dtnt, v. •. intimidirtt gpaventar«. 
Dauntless, -'lis, a. intrepidot coragßioao. 
Darenport, di'Tnp&rl, «. ieggioj »eritojo, m, 
Daw, Ol, 9» graeeniat eornaGchim^f, 
Dawdie, -'dl, v. n. indugiare, 
Dawdler. -'dlSr, ». indugiatore, m. 
Daum« dlD, 9, alba, f„ tpuntare del giomo, 
m. I •, V. n. tpuntare t eomineiare a na- 
9eerf, apparire, 
D»J, dL a.giornot dU lume,m,t giomata,/.; 
"*, pl, tempof $0colo, m.t -s of praee, 
giorui dt graatot m. vl,t -b/-, ogni gtorno. 
Daj-boarder, -'b&rdarj «. aeotare in mezta 

penaionet m. 
Day-blashi -'biSsh, 9. murantf/. 
Daj-book, »'bik, 9. gioruale^ diario, m. 
Daybreak« -^rik, «. apuntare d^l giomo, m. 
Daj'flj« -'Al, 9. ino90a effimera^ f, 
Daj-labour, -'libir, 9»Kiomatatf. 
Sa|'-labourer» •'libirlr. a. operario mtla 
gtoruoMa, ai.. f/. 

Day-pnnil, -^&p11, Daj-icholar, ->'ik&ll3r, 

9. teotaro eatemo, m. 
Daytinan, -s'mto, a, arhitrot artigiano^ m, 
DaV-spring, -'spring, 9, alba, /, 9puntar9 

aal giornOf m, 
Day-star, -'•tir, a. atella del mattino,f» 
Daj-tiine, -lim, «. giomo m.i ehiaretta del 

aoUf /. r«« 

Day-waiter, -'wltSr, 9, aervilora di pia%xa, 
Day-vork, -'w8rk, «. lavoro d^ un gtorno^ m. 
Dazzle, dlz'zl, v. •. abbagliare, 
Deacon, dS'kSn, ». diacono, m, 
Dead, did, m.mortot atup^attot vmmot mo- 
linconieot inaenaibile i inabitatot bianeoi 
(of loands) aordot (of liquors) aventatot pe- 
aantet (ot lett«rs) ehe noa ai puh/ar venire 
al auo tndirUtot -barfaio, a. abitonmerea^ 
tot - water, «. aequa ataguantetf.t " wood^ 
«. legno aeceo, m.t -, aa. granaemente, aj- 
fattot —» e. ailenaio pro^onäo^ m.t (of nightj 
Winter) meaao, m.r the -, i morti, m. pl, 
Dead-born, -'kBro, a. nalo mono, 
Dead-drtuik, •Mrftnk, a. ebbriaaimo, 
Deaden, -'n, v. o. rallentaret addormentare, 
Deadhead, •'hid, 9, paaaavolante, m. 
Dead-house» -'hoAs, «• aianta mortnaria, f, 
Deadlj, -'ll, a, mortaU, poriglioao, fatalet 
violentot implacahilei -, ad. mortalmentet 
Dead-inarch, -'nlrUh, 9. marciafmnebrOff. 
Deadness, -'nii« «• addormentamento, m,t 
acipitezsa, f, 

Dea^ dif, a, aordot inaenaibtte, fdilJk, 

m.t a freat •, a good -, moltOf aaaait -, v. 

a. ir, diatribuire t dare t -, v. n, megotiare, 

trafficaret to - at Cards, ^are le earte, 
Dealer» •'Sr. a, mercanlOf traffiemtmre, m,t 

eolui ehe aiatribuiaee le oarte. 
Dealin g, -^og, a. traffico, negoaio, «oiUß- 

mercio. m,t äff ort, m, pl, 
Dean, den, 9, deeano, m, r<Mto, m. 

Deanerr, -'ftr^, a, deeamato t grado del de- 
Dear, dir, a. diletto, earo, amato, Javoritot 

-I7, ad, earamentet teneramente, 
Dearling, -'ling, a. /avorito, cueeo, m. 
Deameta, -'nis, a, amore, m.t 9car9ith, 

eareatia, f, 
Dearth, dirM, 9, aearaeatm, emreatlOf f, 
Death, di/A, «. morte,f.t trupaaao, m, 
Dealh-bed, -'bid, 9. agonia, f. 
Deatli-bell, -'bSl, a. rintoeeo funehre^ m, 
Death-blow, -'blA, t. eotpo mortale, m. 
Deathlike, -'lik, a. inanimatot letargieo, 
Death-penalty, -'platltl, a. pena dt morte, 
Death-thraw, -'/Arl, 9, agonia^ /. l/, 

Death->ranrant, -'wSrrint, 9, etniemia di 

morte, f. 
Death-watch, -^Rr8t8b, 9, grille^ m, 
Debar, diblr*« v. «. «•Äa</er«\^'pr«»>a»\re, 



Dar-Hght, -Oll, «. giammehimr» m,% fMCe,*DeA>ÄW, ^\\iW,».a, «wniVUr^x dx%x.T*««»*% 

CiuluoD, kU-??,'": t 

Ciup, klip, 1. wnni d 

CiuUrd, klCiIrd. >. *vfu«.w. -. 

Ctutoiüril;, -Irin, orf. aildu^«», >r~ 

CujIOin-hovir, -bftdr, j. dfgana,/^ tm' 
CiiitojiH-luivi«-o^er.-fllTinrr f. dvgiuiiBrt, 
Cut, kll, V. >. iV. Iif »IT» »lu». /lirt, 

KtMn^JiirtdttU otiprÜHiüt ID-lBBLIi,>dr 
j lailii -> I. biglhi poMoi (niU Ixusliir, 
m.i iumi>m,fj - ni irj, s. Ii^bIIp pron- 
Caüatoat, Üli-alli, m. caliui». 


as'f.Vi!;.r:ilÄ-'i"'-' r^. .. 

Cutpun«, kll'pBn, t, IttmUmkaraei htnaJHO^ 
Culifr, khllr, (. UgUmUni mlUn, m. 

Culthtoali'UCfilril, •. «luiAu. faf/fn. 

Cutlüip, kll^, •. rflaffii.'ZL l^Uita. /.i 
(MUjjM«f<», n. Irimm,/, tf. pl. 

CrclapwdM. du&pl'illl, 1. auH d nun J 

leJMu, ok «iirJi/B/jn/lii, /. 
C;lind«, ilnlnillt, .. ri(i»A«, ™. 
Cjlüidncdill, .^lllo'dtlk, >. ciiimMn. 
Crinbal.iInQill, I. tmt^lo, n. 
Craic, .Snlk, i. emfcn, «, CjuiotslJ, -, «. 
CrnoiPFe, Äiu'AibAri t. Örta miiton.f. 
CrP'W'l-"»). ■l'I"»i, •. .^r«™. I». r™. 
Czvina, 'ilVl ■iil. I. '"i«'p'r.°I^a Muäu^ 

tlabr dlbr V, ■. p*FiMOItFt ttgfrrmatiei -, t. 
picrata Betiiajfa. m.j Mtethtrtt^f. 

Sud, dt i, >. ft>.U«, pg^rr, «. 
Bnddock, -'dlt, .. <ri.>ico m-riiu, m. 
Dm^Aw. .'lt. »dl niil. 


DiÜri cll'ti, B. «HiilMlaM, ifiBriH ( -, ■• 
DaintllT, dln'llll. u/. dtlUml^niukU. 


itmniblj, -'olbll, ndl. i/>ni»Urmc;,lct er- 


npiit, -l'ih,fciii»Ui«*.. ■ _ . 
npnni, -'■!>, >. umidt..», mUiti,/. 
juel. dlm'ill, I. JtmitMa.tiltll,,/. 
i>.on. diall, t. f>r.a* di hrnrnrntilt. 
ice, Au, >. iilU, <H. d.«., /. , -, V. n. 

noVr, ™af, .. liJW™7*-''«tol^ '"■ ■ 

Inndriff, alp'd^f, t. fKrJam.'forJtngiur 

Dang* rifil, -lli, a. unm B^lBtlt, ijcun 
Dnngl«, dlot'll, v, a. p'nitra, J'iidaU 

^<Kiirid,/.Mu<(r^/.pf., it.T- 

narksBn, -lin, *• mmrlU, f. inttre, 
UJirklBlak >^iiAi, a. utmura, fuiea, mn 

BÜt, diR, I. Ainfs, H. r -, v. '. Jtrdig. 

fiart, Unclani -,v. /•••nlCv vtltamalt, 

m.f -.ritiptm»«iH«ii^/.,-,»^«.M/- 

fÄuiflniV Kgortarti -, ^ aW u» rr#(ta. 

Biih-bDuid, -{ird, I. mvitltu.,/. 
■ihiuE, -'1d[, a. »rif/«», allll^»! /•■ 

DMlurdlT-, -ll, a. e»rf«iia, podrarWK-. 
Daif-irac, -'iil, I. ptlma,/. 

'Daub^r, -'Ir, «. ptltsraosiot m. 

DaugblB 4J(-Ilr, ^egU„J!tll"l'. ft - 

Opiut, diät, II. c UlimUlrt, tpavr^art. 

Dlhri fl, I. (iwlia, nraaiHiil/H/- 
Dnrdln, --dl, «. *.'. 

ewillitr, ■'dilr, >. inAti 
WD, dfa, (. aUa, /. ip 


u, t. parititt du Anacj M.r j 


tbrul il grmMlii,m, pLi 'iJ-,ttM t 
Dar-boardH, -ttidlr, i. i«ifa»fa 

garbnak. -l.l*. •. ,p,Mv dilglarmi, m. 
■y-llr, .'Ol, t. m«.a .ffj™«,/ 
Dar-Inhonr, -Hblr, ..^«wai«,/. 
»■T-Ial>aunr, ■'llklifc, ., tpit^Hi 

D>7-IÜht| -'ill, I. (Jiraa cIiImtb m.i 

> DEB 

Duriinaii, -.'atn, .. «rWrro. arllglint, n. 
n^J-ltnt. -^lllt, .. ihlfa rfrf ■aallfne, /. 

D*/Iwöi'C-'wi'rii^ •'. (I^o'^I^la^aC*^ 
Dsill., dl.'.l, «. .. a»(.j/(.r.. 
Dnuon, dl-tla, •. ijiac>/ia, n. 

Dvad'dnuik, -'dilnk, a, tSbrUtimp. 

Dttihf'i.'-nAi," p'^l^äitiit/ii. "^ 

Dud'houie, -'lifli, I, ilania nprUarJa, /, 
Dnälj, -'ll, a. aurlali, pttiflim, fiarlti 

Dvid-tDudl.-'Blnali, i.narsla/anfn,/. 

D^Iing, -1a,, .. u-a^,. 





>uth, dllA, •. Burla,y.r IriiwM, hl' 

)eaU.-bed, ^Id, .. afüaia,^ 
)aiiljhbpll, .,^11, t. Hr.lDircii/aaiOr*, a>. 
iHlh-blcnr, -^^ I. alp, natOlc.n. 

)Mlh-prn'ailr,'.'pliillli, l.p,«.M'"«'rlr, 
)ealh-thraw, -"iM, i. •(»aJa,/. if. 

D«bar, dlblr-, «. a. 




ibJp, dibl'lll,], .. nmaiJil,, dU- 
j, d/blt, t. »•i>»i dupiu^ Juc.^ 

BebsucK, dl'blub-, i. («Jv^n., rfÜtüä- 
nibäucher, ^, f. eummpiurr, ■•daiiiri* 
I>eben(an, llbWair, i. iwuu d' u •'- 

blVUlr, , 
ill-lill, v. 

•. dMUlmr^ ^t 

D«b!t. ilbil, •. dMu, «.I -, B. >. VHidiri. 
Hebt, dli, : diUu, aUllgü, m., u, nt imn 

Dtblor, --iti, >. ätüun, «■. 

JltOHlDp, dUlDp', A ■■ UtMra U eaimbot 




DMifStliÜ, -dl, ■. uf.«n>Bh,frmMditaLi, 

rinbla, «M'tUI 

öre, dlalt-, v. >. 

DWHTW, -Ir, '- '-- 
SMmbfr, dtil 


inu, aÜl'iliil, fl. Ävinivb. f^ ^f fma, 

ph«, '*^;''^ "■ ■■ ■*«(/>•■". ruo"«,/. 
■ ive, dlil'ili, ■.'ibcM», LfIrnBi '-^ 
Denk, dlk. •- t°r''*i pmlt IM nni), ni. 


, ».1 (tili.} rfi.«»,/. ri^^ji,«». 

ion, dIkllll'.htD, I, duipAorii 

™ " 7»(f"-"-.--. 
»ition, dlklapiiWliti 

SHDr-bitd. -blrd, >. ibmMh, m. 

Dh w| d/tri'ri.'rf^Wi >w>l^ 
DHsepit, dlMjilt, ■. 'dimtpilt. 
DrcntcHT, dlklnlait, a. JieMH, 
Diorlnl, ''^^ >■ ««••» ((rr^fi* 

D^dlnu,^ df/iui. «. i'i'Tti/» 

■dicütioii, dhlkl'ftian, <. i/ci/i« 
■dimarr, dtd'lklllrJ, •. Ani 
■ l\l,:dcdlct t- r-^ 


rJ.mi «•,/rW'i, 


ShpIt, -'ll. »J. pr.Sf»''-"il'l <' 

D«p-laid, -ni*, ■- •Den/», uJa». fn- 

Bnp»», -iAt,*.mJftHäiiÄ, f. prt^t^, 

Sn/ibirkini, ^illkli»,!. «cci.V --' 

tÜhUnlr, dl ni'kl 1, ii. a. ^CfWfsarnnUFWTC. 
Il>flil>ullion,<lBliDl-ibiD,i. Mf—iui^ni, 

vSnmhlöSr, dlltm'lllcl, ■- Jsffmmmarim', 

fitlPUlD«, dl [l'llu, •. ■■uuJJannito, ^ 
Bdialtilrtl-, .. «nuiA»» ""•./-[ -.V... 

gttajrdiit imputntlM. [praibirr, 

Dsfudani, -Im, •. di/auart, rn ran- 
DtfendWi -Ir, f. rff/«Mw-rr prvltllarr, m. 
ndeiuible, dlfli'ilbJ, ■. >*• />^ •ht> if^ 

fijoaiii«, dlrlD^h, ■. difriutv'i -if, Bd. 
»«f*r. dMli', V. ■. dQTttli; pt^lit^., -, 

iWll >li im ilrn rill 1 •■ ritfWUii , Hgumnlr, 
DaGdcnL dßt'dilil, m.d^tiB,u,difMii„t, 

■fi< lijt;.^."*'*"""'" "■*■'■ ™" 

I|ä£uible,dlffBlhl, a. ^i >i/>Ki i/i^iffri. 
P^B«, Mtlo'.v- •. d^Blrt, digai,., iung. 

-IT. «i. Jijfuiilu»««, pTMiinnuM. (via. 
Stiiäal, dJalkl', o. ■- dtvUrt, HKlrt dtUm 
-ItaflHluin, dlsli-ilila, j. dciUAmt,^. dt- 


Dffnmd, dllrld', v.>. dtffmudmrn Irnffan. 

D^l^^, <«li('ki'''.!'3<Ä"'» '^^•-''™' 
ItelT, dlll', V. ■. iSrfuvi f^^par^ truMH. 
DflCHCUT, dljMrtil, r. rfif—w wr i w f, 

D»J!^».I«. dllln^lTSl A^„\^ ^^ 
DrinwnUDn, dllltlrl'ilili, i. dipm*. 

nÜlulinHlF, dffll'llDLt V. i. tealUn. 
UHndmioii, 4f(rltl'(b)a,t. Uccrtdaimi, 

f.dt^.mt,u. m. 
negTfldp, di|Tld', V. a. dfgradmni avvUirr, 

irin^'an. atlFltl'Atn, >. ^'r^cHj«'^,' 
ifjfr, dH< .^aj^rf,i^„, Äwi-i..». 

*il'"'dn J["/ djüM™"."' 

eilr, dl'lll, •. <<•'«), dM.hi.f. 

efKt, dl'}lkl', .. .. .tUrtirc, ..„rnrnlirn 

rfKlion, dlltk-ibln, i.ajidiMc, MUcuai 
_etiir, dlll', V. a, n'lardarr, i<(#'iririi -, (. 

Wl.rJo, larfnai», ~. ^ 

n^lHTlnfalr, dfflk'llhll, o./. JJhlUiwbi«.!.. 
)e. d^Ilfll, V. a. drittmrt, dtpmUrtt 

I>p{»alion. dl'uli-thll. I.dif» oll^a"^ 

Dclibtnle, dlllb-lrli, v. a. diliktrJ,, p,^ 

-Ij, «/, ddiitr-Uin'ölü'ia^lLmnuT" ' 

Deliteratenni, -afc, t. ei- ■■— — 

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.. dlHhli . ._. ., .._ 

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libBrXiTa, dlllb'lrll' 

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-lY, .d. dlUlMtlmMU, MMoK< 
DelinMli>, dlllD'lll, V. a. JcJ». 

D^i^'^Idü. dilTBa-Aln.f. AI. 

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I)(IiU|OgIs(llU, diiil|t|'1li(lJ), ■. dvmm- 
l)«mA|fOguB , dlmtiAf , f. HIV dj Jaaianr 


DHnolilh, dimil'lKb, .. .. imfli,-', m 

DeuOIBliIBÜDli, dlulrllid'iban, t. 
Deinanlii«, dlmlr'ltli, «.'. i.-u,t.\ 

bllllil, dtsl^'lJ, (. UfwuiMsi rj^in, m. 

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o'nJ'tT, ii;';iii,".'°j».f<,ii';^«,™, /. 

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DtaUlttctj OtlltiSt , I. fihtrt da iHUmn 

Drnliil'diD'l'hl, I. dnultly cniadinl/, •■. 
DeniuuiatioB. dlclull'iliif; •- •'"•n'f- 
Deput, dtpirt', V. M. prlim mcrirt, rb-u.. 

Dc]ieod . dlpln'd'', v. ■. dipciidirt, uitrt'di^ 

D^pündanl, -Int, Oependent, -Jdi, •. a t. 
Deuendenn. (-»). -Inidl. >. diatndBOM, 

OMfornhlT. ->. «f. h ihi/o f<n«l. 
DFiilomtion, «Irlirl'ibln, i, Iw 

D«plori>, dJprlr', V. a. ciiiiipiu>D>H 
D^flor, dipli*'. ". .. wil-opS-.. [ 
DFiiop.ilile, dIt>(|,'Jlli, ».I. ipop.. 
DepopuUlinn, dlptplJL->blD. >. < 

■-■"-- *1^bI-iJi]o, .. dtp«, 

Ml, dtot'ili. • 

Depoiil, d'jili-1l, I. depi 

Depotillirri dipii'idrJ, *. d/pviilMHo, n 
DEpoiilion, dljiii1'>li)i, >. dipaiith 

DcpoiitotTi dfpli'lllrl, I. ^pDiliD, n.i ^ 
UtprUTiition, iitiUl.'it,lB,t.drprtiaati<i~i, 

Depreoilorr, dip'ptktllrl, ... dipr.alh 


n»r«;*u, dlprlUilll, ■. •. äbpriffTt, 

DepredatOT, «Ip'pddl'llr, I. depredaart, 

Depreilian, <li|i'rk'gbS!i , i. Jrprritlane,f. 

Beprintion, äfthi'tbJa, t. prmuia'mr, 
IMiprive, ^iprl*', t. a. pnvarei dfparrt. 
DepUi, iHlfi, •.praf-iidili,/., «iim, m.. 

Depotalion. dljilU'ibla, i. dtpvlaaa<it,f. 

Oenliction, dlrlllk-alila, j. *kiandanK<ai- 

«•nde, d)rl4', u. a, dtriJtrr, icgari. 
-tiHtdu, -Ir, >. dtrldlur., hrff-äor-, -. T». 
«irilion, «Irf^hln, t.drHili'ii,/.i tchtna, 
Dcrivablc, dld-itbr, t, ckt ti piA iltrrnan. 
Dinv)ilion,dlt)<t'iii3ii, I. dirivaijo«, «;- 

Denve, dfilf ,'«. >.Vb. 'ifcwJ^'r 'c^V 
df», irsrn „Fiel«.. \dadlr,L 

DerogniP, dh'riill, v. „. dirKgtm -, d. n. 
DeroiitlioB, dhf(Wk3d, i. dtn,gatiaiu,f. 
j>tnftDtT, dliii'iiaiX >■ dtroxaioria. 
Dem'ck, dlrTlk. i. Unit, f. cr^p-llclr, m. 

Jlaieuit, dlililM, I. Dutim ^gs iimnn, 
"Dneend, lialad', s. n. Jl^V^i, irarr^ 

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IlaiEriliB, 4>>krlb', v. m. datrtvrrci di- 
UeioripIlOn, dfikrlp'ilJb, >. ducridiK,/. 
»«iinplire, diihrip^li, .. <f«eWHiM°. 
HodiT. dlakH', «. •■ •«vu«'» dUttnim. 

Jittat, «Il^l, ■. iflnrlii, KilUarüi, -, •. dt. 
' ~!jbHnI, dhlcl', I. miriui »uiiiXii, «i.i -, ■- 
, .. diurl.rn .U,.ndi»i<iA, U-iitn. 
Dcirrter, dtilr'lli, i. diitrbn, dMrl«ri,m. 
Seitnion, 4)i»fililii, I. diicr.i(,M,f., {B|.| 

OHHT«^, -tr. .. <:(. ■urlu. 
Dnerring,'ilne, .. mal 

imfe, «rri. 

Deiignedl^'Wiil<ni"'j. ^„ Jii'gnt, 
Dnira. dAli', 1. i^Jdw",' a^TÄränai ^ 

Da,dlitU'jliiii,j. dUlru,l„ni, ro- 
,....., dJiplr', (, drjpei-oii'ipn«,/.! -, V. n. 

leipAlcli-box. -btt'i, •. ttriritL coriaille, 
lenporadD, dkplrl'di, r. ditpiraü, .rT>*- 

}eiperatP, dh'pttll.s.ifiii 


tijTn. dli'nSLTTm, t. drtpaliHHO, m. 


JCtiT». dlmSMIi , ,. Jltlr-IInD, ptr- 

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Deiullorilr. •lW<lu«TlU.~LUuVcrm..\>. 

DsUil, ilM; i, dM*tlif,m.i pmrliiaUrili, 

nätain,*«^. v. ■■ rimtm Imptillrri /tr^ 
Uatrol, dklkl', v. •. (Htwlrri wdin. 
DaleVlT, -Ir, I. •syrllrrt, dttmlf, nfc 
Ili>t«ltoB, dtllkUk, I. mptrir,/. 
DstHlW«, dillk'l1(,(.iurül>I> ätllm polUa 

IMMlUaB, «Mi^bli, I. AlBulMu, rili^- 


--— inM, diaf rllrll, ■. ■. Jiur'trati 
inlioD, dlilrlitl'iklB, .. J,i«-i« 

■Gier, -Ir , f' mAliiletHlt, m. IdarMore. 

Setrinml.dlllriBlni.i. uri- -' -' - 


DhmTiU ', <'■« iluKiItr -, 
OenHiLte, dMi-lit, ■. >. / 
nanilKtiDB. dlilid'ikfa, j 
DHilop. dr^l-lv, ..TW 

Dvf|«tioii, d^u'ildn, t. 

Deril, dli'il, i. JUuilt, m. \^lait, •.. 

Dniblh , -\A, B. Ji'ira» i -Ij, mJ. dlahe. 

Dmirr. -'', •.•'•'rualerl.,J. 

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»VTOJuliaii , dlilli-ibln, <. i/no/uiiD«, /. 

DfriDtt, dliil', V, ■. dnwlan, JrJicMrt, 
DETDI^R, dllill-, •. »«Hll'MDIIl, M. 

D»l«ilr. 4>k>llr-Jli, •. J-lirlli,/. 
D'Itcroni, diti'llcli, a. ifiilr*, aiilit -Ij, 

Dhudeen, aUlm'.i. plrt ccrlm,/. 

Dlabolicial], <llliül'k(li), o.Wf./Jwr-ly, 

Siij|iuiitie,dllnb'l1k,i.d»ijif>i>ifj«i -4p(, 
Diagoiu] . dll'lillll, •. äUgamItj -.Yj, md. 

BUl, dl-»], I. i-inr. i-irihgh.f., rrthglt 
Diaicct, dHltkt. i. di^ltiu. n. 
Dl^lßl,. dlliUnt, j. .«■««.■«,/. 
DialoiiitlD, dlllijli'llk, s. äUInfiea. 

DiaiKler, dll-mlllr, i. dUmtlrt, m. 
UlainelricMl, dilml'utkll, •- iAai«lra/lt -1% 

Dlainonü, dl-lmlnd'. i. dl.««», n., (it 
cinli) ^mmtiri, m. pt.t ' «1 iDM Adf]«^ 

inper, dllpir, i 

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>}ibbl«, -It, i. />m«T>, /. 

Diskmirdfk'bi, Ld^lmil"' 

Dickr, d1kniiri..>fir'> »' dl^mfilfm^ 

lllcliilJDn, dttil'^, j. iJ(7m». K'd'^i^ 
lliclnlar, dikli'lir, i. dilUlarr, m. Uitr»,/. 
»ilUlDTIllI, d1klia-l(ll, •. diu.uti., m,~ 

d' Ti^'n'liin, dlklltlriklp, >. JllUlirm,/. 

niclign, dU'.1.9D, .. di»^.f. tlil., ~: 

l>rdi.ol>aiMf), didlfllkttl), ■. ilidmllhH. 
Kic.dl.'f. itdi^Di innii, h.i (in/imi IbUikf. 

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nlstiirT, -1(1, >, a 1. Jiiuitan dUlaiam 
Sielelb, «Ulll^k, ■. diiuii». [wu 

SlSÖalC'^fÜlli, '.. JlJUiln /Min. 

BilÜDlÜH^-ll^ ■■ (IB.) fa.*«»«'», 

DisfnilSs'-l, i. difitahi, f. d-HiT, = 
DlltSdenoe, iHPrtdliu, i. äiffiänta, f. 
' D^dmlT'dTr'rldliil, ■. dimJtiiU, »tj 
■ »ui -Ij, -rf. w- d!/!rfnJi. 
Dlllaie, dlali', v, >. diff'iulem 
-, a. dijfmia, •ptru,, pmlüta, - 

Ä, di 1 l^bld, I. dljitilnr, 


D featian, dljli'ubtii, t. dig^Mh^r,/. 

- -%Ü\n, dßlj'lli, 1. rü„tUh äifiHnia.m. 
;er, dV|ir, *. tM/ipmlott, vifUrr, m. 
l, dVili, I. diu, digiu, «. (inUBnli 
nya U difrj., /.)^«-pU.™, «, 

lill^, d°i'nllVri''<' ^^io".""' 
■ity, dll'nlllj t. diiuilÄ, J.I grmda d' 

Dfirei'i.diiili', V. n./o» Jltroilin: 
nitreiiion, dlgib-iblD, •. disraiüine, J. 

Dlt"'dfk, /./«'.«r CMaf« «./(i, m. 

Ailiitabilitr. ddkdbll'tll, >. diUtMluh 
Dilnlable, dlil'ilbi, .. dilßiatUt. 
li;t.l.üoii, d1]ia'|lriMFd!i/.lu''<>iii,y. 
DIlBtr, iHU; *. ■. dSikm UfLdir'i ; v. 

n. dilmlmr,!, dMindtfi. dlffnadtni. 
VilHlarr, dll'lllid, ■. diUrtrla, Imrda. ff. 

nlliKCBoe, dli'iljtu, 1, diilet«!, pmni'zu, 
Diliacnt, dlUtlhl, •. dlUrwnu, uiUud, 

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Dill. dlJ,i. uirl., «. r/-lldirc. 

vhlf-dMy, dlt-ltdll'rl, v.u. llarwaiada, 

DiIhi", dilti', l. l'. «JUPJlrr, miMC 
Dilation, dtjl-ibln, •. iluipiranMIi, 
DiluTiar, OlLl'<lll, .. dU^vi,.«,. 
.Jlim, i'ia,,.aituro, /imit, ilupldai 

Dinieniton, dl&Iii'itilDi i.dimtrahnc. 

liinilT, dim'lli, >. ifiiulu, n. 

liinlj, dliDit. i^. DKi.ra«MM. \pldM,f. 

liinplB, dlm'pl, .. plmlmfunlla',/,' 
liin^igllMd, (Üur,Uii, B. <«• Jta t. viiM 

lin<li.diin'gle, dli'cldiD'il, ad. pcndaloHe 
HriEr. dis-jl, ». »K«r„ ir-m. 
liaini-hflll.dl'Dlafblf, Diniui-roDin.-rliil, 

l|nnef-tiinp° -IIb, •fX"!^^^'./.' 


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UrploiniCT, dJpIl-nlil.I. dipl«mallB, J. 
jplomalilt, dlpli-mlllil, •. diplaoMlict, 

Direotion, dlrlll-iblu, >. dimUmri lepn- 
n'^SS^^I.^Li.'i.'tMd^/!' tdlatt. 
nirntlr, dirlkl'l), i.d.i^ir>IUuuli| igui». 
□ irHtar^ iMviiy. dlr«u^, m. 

D Irge, did , V' L«^"s^iCi, f. 

Din. An... f-f, (.'", ~. . -, .. .. .P'r- 

Dirtilr> -'tili ad. uunufniBIi, iin/Ua' 
DirlineH,^iDll,...pofrttr»i Un,ua,f. 
DirlT, -'i, a. ij,»™. fräid^i vila, .-^«n., 

UimbUilf, dklklrlll, •. iacpalilA. in- 

Dfiable,' dUtr,"». a. rjdm iiisi'^l 
Jlimbiiu, dllUilt', V. ■. dimjmiinBrt, 

DiHlloT, JlMlIll', n.m. diä^prtvtr; .. 
DiuppCDT, iHllpiilr', ■. ■. ipartrt, tvanirt. 
BiHppejDiijtoc, '^nät V. tvanirnrnio, m. 
1]il(|ipoint, dlBlppUsl', V. ■. niHair di 

tikAppaiAti&ent, -bIdl r. mw ~ 



ilontion, dliklllr/iMii, f. Micslara. 

ilour, <iäll-lir, >. .. JlK^rri. 

ilDfil, «likla'Ill, ■. a. dl^an, mi»- 

litcouipDiure, dlikimpi'iblt, >. Jinr^iw« 

)ucaiitniii7, iliU>|ii'lil, (. rfbfoa. 
Jiiconncct, AikSnilkl'.v. ■. düiuil>«. [/. 
~* aoDuciiian.riikliitk'iliIii,'. " 

rteoai, dtlkJr'Ulia^ a. IctrUtt, U- 


DiiooTcnblb-lbr, >. al> il p^ 
DiiBOTayi-lil, tJaipmVM^. i 
Sinndit,4tAHlir, i.rfüer 

Dlismt, fliMl', a. rfiierau. 

)iicnii!on. llikli-iblD, I. Jüa 

üidn'iniui. -rii, ■. \dee-'-} - 

Uitetnliodf, JltlmKi. 

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Diienoninbrnncp, dt.lo'lillli'litloJ, t. •fon- 

nüpn7"'erii'M'^°'mint^ >. dUimpip«', m.i'Snsirdl'.'liiiiri'ii, B. ■. nihpp^, 

»™f.,/., dr.gulo.m., -.»..i.diV"""*-!. 
DllfilnratJon, dlillilrl-ihli, •. Uifformhä, 

niifruicIiEte, «liIrLi'libli, v. ■, prbnrm 

oilk.'äilb^ pltlu.K.f,mimijM, Imut, f., 


dllll'Dtc, L A 


IKllDnlion, dlillu'ilila, i.ihtaiKtniii,in.i 

Billonl, ÄlllMl, a. dlilralr, i^rdrh, 
ptrßd; -fj,.d, Alntmnile, in/ri/omn». 
Dltlonlt]', -Uli, i. M,lallA"l^»l„üi, 

D..ll»l, alilnll, •. ( ini-Hn, fi.>.M.i 

gtmnfttitp^fart, Jwtvvmirt, dllairlart 

lIimriBtHir, il^ngtalllr, «. ■. tmrntrmr. 

iiabiHliKnt, dlitei-dllni, o. W. , 

-ty,-l. di,MtUJItmiii^.H. 
[lOliH, dülbi-, ■. .. AwhUdin. 
iieblita, OMÜAy, „. >. düM-l^rf". >»- 
italilUinfu*». Aih'HV\'f>svA''>. •■ •««<— 

irdar, dlilr-dll, i. dliKtili 

Diiorimiiiatlan, d1>Ir|lBl 

Diipirai«. dlipb^J, V. ■. i^rnuri 
Jliiauilr, dliglr'lli, >. dupvUii dh 
DupiiilDiMI«, d1ir>'1'<<>l(, ■. ip^i 
Diipnuabl^ dfaph'itU, ■. ääptmille. 

Siipaiiubon, diqilül'ikia, >. Jiipt«ia, 
DUpBualaiTi'IlipiD'ililcl, i. rüxiiiiris,'iii! 
DMpeBK, dlupki', w. «. dUpBtntti di- 

Diipena, dliplo^ n. ■. rffi/Hrt»*) '^iw^ 
UujiBmon, dliplr'itiia, h düptnUnt, J. 

llHuirif, dMf^L ■. a. lecnttl'r; m<i- 

«^»«•uWl«. ' rJuar.. 

DudIviI, Aipltfll'i «. n. Mfiiamtani v» 
Buplajr, d1.|S', ..ap,.l.h,., m.,lrm,f.i 

Dii'lilUie, dtniJi', V. n. Si^iT^trtT tj- 
Oiiport, dtiptiiV ■.■.*<•. Aiiiri 

puu'ble, d^Äp-pilllbL a. Mrg>(in»>. 

DiARPutitJon, dlarlpdii'Bblq, DurtpaXw, 

lM,'dWl>',''v.'>. ^ilrii ij>*(/i>n. 
l>llon. diirlji'illla, i. Mrampättutn, 

ll, ^l'ill, I. 'Wil/iHi 

DiipropDrboD, MnrApir'atiaD, *- ditpro 
panüma, dap»riiM,t, ^tpnponunata 

i)iipuiahi<r<Viiiiti.i, g. jupMi'-hat. 

DlipilUnI, (ll'plllal, J. diipmlmUrt, mm 

lUtpiiMioni, dlifilll-ihli, a. ■<iv>''aflii< 

DiiqiuJificiüOB. <t>k>Ul»U'ibla, 
Diiqualifj, dlikirll'KI, >. a. rtndtrt 
OitqusDli^ dbkwla^ll^ ■■ a. dimln 
Itiirjuwl, dUnlIl, •- im^mtlmlimi, 

Ulii|u[iiliaii^ dlakulil'iliiii, i.ditt'mä 

'ßätl-iit, 1° 


■lllin'k'iblg, I. 

k'llcl, ■. .pfa«- 

liiialiiRed, d1i.li1.rJd, >. malcMii.i.,' 

iIHK^dltlkl-, V. °. r.°Uniiian. 
iil>ecllDg-rD0iii, -iDirln, .. >.I, d/ »I,. . 

li'l'^u'aD, d1»lk'>I.SD, J'äülJli^^t^, 
>!tlMlor, dlolttBr, t. dUntn«^,, «.. 

DltUmbler, .)i, .. /^.».M,'"''r'aii-»i|b 
Duuinblin«!]-, dlaln-hniiill, arf. rfininu- 

•mptifr^ tcmrdir,/.. 

iln-ililn, >. <fiMBtfüa>i ^fa^ 

■er, -Ir, I. 

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Diiiidince, db^dliu, i. a 

DiiiidHi'^o'lldliil, I. dlHldrnte, m. To- , 
Siiiiuiuiallan, aluImtlVililD, i, ^iuiMaJa. 

.itatFÄ.!»"»,/. r«ar>4| 

Diiiinala, dli-.lpli, V. >. Jhilptr, »M«* 

lElLUipitliDn, dluipi'thBa , «- JiHi/tmminIa, 

Diliolublr, il1>>lllU, ■, JUtaluHlt. 
DiiioJuIe, «li'illli, •- ^iw/«», ffcnihim 

DiiiDlHlioB, ^nlll'iblD, >. Jtmlataiai 

I>iuäl>ll>l»,'d1>iij'"lbl,'-' dtmliiHU. 
DbiolTü, dUiili-, V. >. diu-h,^, ~, V. ■. 

■olTui'r TwwiT^t'li. rpl.'JiHcVl'ili lul 

Süioiunl, «lir^liilit, ä. iitKimaui iift- 

aaoer»! rUptlto, m. 

nhmid, dlulid' u. •. tundirrt ullmrtmit, 
Hiitcniion, dUhlkln, i. dlilenilinaiU, 

BiÜM^Tl^"^^,: JUlha, «. 

Uillil, «lull-, V. •. a •. ililUri, dUllllart. 
Uitlillntioii.dhillll'.bh,'' ''••"""'«■'./■ 
Dil li II er, dlilU'llr, i. •llil,iUl„rr, m. 
Ui.lill«iT, -*.•- di.immii,J. 
Dillinol, dlillnikl', i.„b., g|»>~i »- 

D^Hitctian, "dUiaePAS'i. dUiiiutat, 

»IltinDliTe. dlilloik-lli, ■. i/uIialHHii -If, 

Uistinciüih, düllBf'iwIklii V. A dtalipgMtrti 

SinHnüniiihiibltT, -Ibl,'. cht •! p'idUilr^ 
]>iitiliganliiiil|lf, 'IbilI, mU, mn UiMiin- 

Milorlion, dliiJc.liln, j. tcmniiixi , }. 

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^,.««, , !ß,„„ 

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[Kllriel, dtflrlkl, •. tlUb-tUc. m., rit'-i'l 
Diltnut, dliulil', ., ifid,iaa,/., KIpBlIO, 

Diiunion, 'dUl-atlDi "'dl(wd»i( 

-, D. ■, älmiurri, UicUr f'ai*. 
Ditilh,d1U>.>.^l», .../>«.,/., . 

Divetgeooe, -hi, i. ^Ivirgniu,/. 
UiTBO, dl'Vfn. .. Ji«tnif pJ'mH. 

Divniififlaiian, 4lilnlrlU'iktD , t. JIvtr. 

a'iinnhai, dlib-ih^ j.'rfnimS», Hsrtt- 

Dlveriitj.lMl'itlt, i.Aoirinil.ifircrnua,' 
Dil«), dliliViV. a. dItunMrt, divrrllrm, 

lliTflit, dtTiit'* V. *. dhiewtini tpaetiarr, 
-lirid*!)]«, dJiPdltal, ■. di«l.aiU. (privmrr. 

l<.<i[— ticutf. dinli-llkll, t-.a. rf»uMi«r^ 

Don. dta, j. ^, •iE»rc, m.i -, ■.■. 
pi>niiluin,<lal-ililii,i. JM^tiimi^. dt 

DoadIl!.d3'ill,'(.'lilH<ii>, JmccatäMtl, 

JUparlt,/. friere, m. 

Door-Leepcr, -^Iplr, t.portinAioi «r<#- 
" ---«11», .'UrLpir, <. l»iu .li yf.» 

nndinr, dlrmliwIiM, i. •/lir^ 

Dotmitorr, dir'mdirl, i. domtlarfD, n. 
»ormouir. dlr'mlli.i.iJlirci, n. rnitra,/. 
Donel. dlr'.ll, Donn, Ilr'ilr, f. ».i., pi- 
Ud», dl., .. J«a, dw. pi™./., -,»' .. 

Dal*;;«, d'll'lj, •. fiirtfiia ifiiüilliiin , luiit. 
Hole, dll| V. ■. vaa'rfpsn, liiiajvjr([ürr, 
DouVic, dill'til, ■. doppit, timilaUi -, : 

Doub e-ohin, -uh^ «. ttoppiv itmta, m. 

Doub ■.entrr, -laal.l.'iriliurt doppU,J. 
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nanb «-lock., 'Ilk. v. ■. ifrart a J>>ii;>ja 
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Doubl F-Ionitlfd, -lamd, •.yarjo, IniaO' 
Düuli^r, AiVb\i, Md. Jappi^m^Htg, a dappi 

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DonblUu, ^i', •'. f«t»»il.*lj^c.r'a ,' 
DDa(h't)r, '4li'l'> •• >^'W, «r«ff JHS. 
Douif. AII>. V. •. lauwfmafr Imprmü 
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DOTC-cor, -^ll, DDTe-banK, -'klli, 
aT^^r'^U. .. tlmil, aj».a «,fa.nia. 
DoTr^lail, --lll, >. ud. rff nnJif.f. 
Dgwiger, dtl'ljtt, '. viiJaua,/ 



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Down- lull, ''rlJ, >. iratoac^ab,, ■■,, n- 
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Dewnnglili -'ill, ■. nii^iiilci/nvKai-iad. 

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D^^*liil,'drtii'mll1il7™'u.,. i^!^ 

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DrUlLO, drU'LIk, ■- <&■<,) vfjrardiB. 
Draufbl,drln,i, pl. lar.oi al^^asirfüri 

Dranghl-board.'lil«, (. Iiivfiiri) > 
DriiuBhl'li'one, -niin, t. «voI& rf. i 

>nw-bwtk, ■Jt.U, i.iCMia, ..,, rjifr.i 
)»w-brid(i^-'liHj, I. fii-u Inmuft. «,. 

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DTar(-«rt).drl(-kitlJ, iflu 

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Dr«d[nl, -'III, .. Iwitiu, ,pr 

Dr«iru, irim, ', •ofi^ n,! «Irava^aa 

Dmmer, -^j '. »f fufant pnuitm 

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Ttn^tji, 'b\i. fmmiiJUrt, m. 

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Sadicdll, .. mumr/Mti^l; iptrmit ». 
Dadiff, -'Ir, >, fnirlfiM», JH. 

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Ddl-diup , 

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DOB-bolc, d9|'lilI,I)o|JieDiul, --UdiIi, i 
TKU-ialin, -'IIiId, >. lalins ^rt*ni, n. 
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DOluulliu ditiullli, ti. a. dimmiliatrt. 

Dolphln; dll-^D, 1. ifirf/iMi, .IL 
Dull, d«l,_>. »tnctiou,'i, «. 

Dome, aln, ../umf., uol«./, tJi/C^n., 

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DmTn lic'i lT',"diB)>i1i',] il , T'^ötnlfäi^ 
Domicile, dl'mlill, •.danicUU, allitrta.m. 
UomiciJiai7, dlmlilllllrj, s. danitUiiJü,. 

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DDIUtian, dlnl'nlila, I. JanmtiaiiJ. ämutt m. 
Do«, dl*. •./■IUI mne^ia»^ «i»«. 

lonor, dlllr, >. AiHbn, «. 
töodlf, di'dl, .. Hiam, (/■cumf.ii., ik. 


Door-ea«, -"klj, i, Im/vIt 
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D^mer-windUH-, dlfalrwlDdi, i' i;j(if». 

Jotmitorr, dl^mälrl, t. iarmiuria, ». 

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p> .J<^/a,, 

Dose, dil, I, Ja„, rf„„, p,™./. , ., V. ., 

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lon, 4lil'il>l>. I. 

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I)D««, -Hl., .. d.ppia,.. f. L«*("-. 

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Daublf.dl'b'bll, aJ. ^u^piBuo». »doppln. 

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nowibliill. -^11, •- i'^'»~,/.i WhIwu, rn. 
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Bimll, drin, >. iingna, n.i »/iJ« Iriitto, /.i 


Dianoan, drlflo', i. druf", ■". 

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m-ietpiai IrmllMff.i linCiTmo^mmyt ti- 

DrAUfht-board, -^Ard,«» tfdiw^'<r«( ttm^ 

Dnir-brid» -^rl], t. pmu in>•l•^, •■. 
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DrJiwing'i»aii, -'llt^hi, t^ liraUiuf, nt. 

DniHna "nit*, -^npwll , f. ftmirnJ^ ?■ 
Dnwl, -1, ». II. .u-MciB«-. (;. p .r.w- 
Dnw-mll, -'wll. •. p«u p^iHd,, m. 
Dnji-tttii, dcl(1ii[U. t. fvn, -.r i/iUa, 

Drü^loria, -^In, >. »»>»> da Umimt, m. 

DreHd, drld, ■- urrMtti -,i. Irrrm, nt, 

Dr«fldlni.-1b,*. bitrtpidn JtrU. 

nrcHinT, -t, ». lliiMr/u. [•«»'> 

Drrarilr, «wrlll, ad. «rriUlnulii Iriu». 
DmrT, dri'rl, o. arntifn Irüti, «>u«>. 
Dnde«. dril, 1. friiuifj*. IL Fit, 

Dred(Fr, -'ii,!. pttcmt-rt »■ n fm.«»., 

Drr|i, drin, >. pl,fitth,J. nMmiiilr, n. 


SribbU, drltitl, >. >. uUÜrt, -, .. ■. («^ 

DnbtFl, ^"knil, •. i>f»t rfili'u, M. 
Dritt, fflll. •- l»f-^ I HTM I «MüIUi <iw- 

Drük, <>1uk, v. 
nrimkaUa, -tkl, a. pautiU, 

I)niiluiil-beui,''t((Mli. •. beitrit,f. 
IHaluBf .«aBipuioB , '^■ikinrlorwi '• 

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Driiuii-IWK, <ri'iniblki, >. M^tt >/•[ i»- 

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ProinvdflrT, drlv'mTdlrl, j» Jnmtdarioi 

-bIIIi, f. 

Drud^e, drlj, •./■«* j«, 

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Dn.d,.nil,, irijlMU.-J. —W«- 


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SucbI, dltlJ, .. di J 
SBeal. dl'kli, •. d,^, 
BuchMi, dl'libti, I. iiiiu<ua,j. 

DdoI, Hit, t. arulr>,/., {Sl.) eiTD.m. > 

BHilk-waiFd, -'irJl, I. ifHli pmluart, f. 
DnckT, -'kl. •- (»u*'' 4J unui) prinUltut, 
Bnctila, «b'lll, a iImiUii ßatiUI; Inl- 

Dacliliir. dllll1l'lll,(.>fii«fiilil|ff>w»iVilil, 

Budi, dldi, >. •Uli, •rjiul, iK. ;iL 

Doe, ll; n. iJElilp, rfnwb , -, md. AMim. 

»Dcl,d)it,>l<»°,<ll.f -, tl.„.dttU^l, 
Badlut, -Uli, •. d..»»'., d.dt.nb,, m. 
Dail, ill')l, •. (vu.) >/ii'ln>, >tHO, n. 

»ntoui; -'Sil, .'. {iB.J P"^«»./. 

Dnlie, Alt,!, rfn«, M. 

DnkMlaia, -'dBA, #, dneitlm, m. 

Bau, dli, -. .••.pid^.,ff^,.ij.>.,jr{.l,, 

DnUnrd.'^ilM, Ä t.tiJä^, Z 'ifiöLn'. 

Dbnb, dSm, fl. nur«. Tfiiiffjjfjtfj, m. 

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BunbfDund, •'tllsd, v. ■. nmfir nuu, 

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Dninb-illinr, -'ilis, ;. pM»nii»i.,/. 
l>Dmb'WBIlf Fj -'viulr, «^ tmpah ptr pomi 
■■ i pi.ttt .mII. ipfo, W. |^..r/i™«l., /, 

npiins.-'JlllI, 1. pfdiaen, m. 

iwa, m. I -, «. >. i»ip»rWii«-r, 

nuinpT, - 
Dtan, Ab, 

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»lUig-fprk, diüBTliy, .. /WH... i* i-i- 

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n üpi'ic'iiirSl'Mlkri.'ir'^äp'fui., R.. «p^' 
D>i(ilicilv, dlpHi'iIll, •. dupliiiU, Sap. 

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Diimble. di'rlbl, .. .J*r>i»., ..(.'<J.. 

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iDittnc-bniifa, -Inibtlih, i.iMpiiAi,/. 
Initmjui.-^U, ..p.(.d/....., ^ ^ 

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DnlifDl, dl'lll 





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»r-l.p, trtlp, .. ,r,,ll..f. 
Iflrldaia, trj'^ln.i. cmim,/. 
X*ri*ii7lT^, •- "■!■■ "T««*'. 
Xuü'fliili, >. sn».t«H 

ZiniHtl]', Hl, .d. imH. 

alCBlnii, .. pl. 
Ku-riig, -'rlif, 

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EntricilT.HiliiiHi'i/ü, i. .a^iriälltj. 

Icuitid, IkU&tWilk, .. a 1. Mclviw. 

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»lid, hilli'ilk, ■- •cclu. fiwt.r«™i. 

pae, luW, •. ic/i»., MlüH,/., -. o-n. 

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Eist-toal, -'lli, >. trr.MMIo ItgUnlt, «. 

lificntian, Idlllkl'iblD, •. tJificuBia, f.i 

EdiiicriÜ^ilf JT'- idlfi^,-.,ftihict,J, 
Edllf, SfilA, V. •. «i</;un, ftUriiut, 


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Ecl'ipenr. -'•plt,t.JC>olu,/. 
KffMC, t<n>', >. >. lEUHfUrn RUHn. 
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EflluTiam. Itdl"!!!™, J. rrmp^rathntif, 
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Irtlj, -I), ■. •lUnij'aiD. ly 

den, -1, 9- pi. maggiorit antlan 

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tSSa iKeBl, >irai']l° 1, ■■ r^/^'l < 
WTonioni lirJ'itilii, «. '^""o~, j. — ' 
Eftlll" .'.«°uS<«, m. '(iBcW.). 

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E(rEgiöai, dtJ-lli, ■. -S"g'», «M/lMle, 

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EjHÜon, (Jlk'iiMB, •■ MiJjü.»., [mm 
Eke. Ik. ». ■- a!W""( *;■'"*, "»■". 
ElabontE, Irlii'i'TLi, x. ■. WbItuvi fi- 

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E1«W. Iiii-, .. ./•">, -re"!''"«" -' "■ •■ '"- 

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Slmfinucnn«, -Irlii, •. JIilHfAf aiW tlf 

Blesti-n, ("^'Iv ■■ ■'■"!™'i "*■ " P"* 
ElectDT, (llk'l^r, I. rMlorc, n. 
Eleotonil*, illrUrll, i. •tituraU, n. 

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Eleolrificnlioii, lllkulllU'ilifa, i. •Icilrlt- 

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»iro-ijldini, illk-irlillilTii, >. Ipufsra- 

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ErmtuarT, Jllk'tjMrl, i. >fMUan>, ra. 
ElcFinoIinaiT, iJJmh^dlrt, i. c«> cJi» iT 

El*g"i°^7'l'l*i'"'. •■ •''»"■■ 1 f««'-,/- 
ElEjanl, 1J'I(|1°': •' f f>|-a..'r. fuiu« 'Ir. 

elpinPnl. t^i'llmlDI, t. dimmn, priHtipia, 
El-in™ial, -1], ElHiwiiMrT, -iS. .. ./.- 

ElEBlinm.'lWJrtnl, >. tlt/inU, •■. 
El'-vnl«. iL'Kill. V. a. ijiv~-<i «a/lare, iK- 

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ElI-iLot -'Ibtl, a. inn»!»». 
E!Ilu1.1IViTl,B,a. ■»«'«( iia«r"i (Hnun. 

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Eligiblc, ll-IiHU, •, äititilci pn/,rMU. 




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XlMBiieiujitioii, tulatJpl'ihiii, «- mainM. 

EwlMlm, läblo', v. a. linhiJnun, imtaÜ 

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KubirtD.lmKlr'i i, >.i>Trs>««r> Ml»irt.m. 
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BinhilKTi iB'blrtil . »M oJnbMc^ria, mmhm*- 

lubut'llp, )a>lill'll.'ii,a. miUtr in hUimilU. 
Imbellilk, Imbll'llili, v. s. ihUlUri, ad. 

Emher-diili, Im-birdki, ff. p'. »alln Ion. 
Xinbiri, IbIiIii, ff. pl, cmrl taUi, J. pl. 
Xldh«-^k. l»'b)niik, •. ..lli«,Ji.dilU 

Xrafaeill^ iBbh^l. ■. ■. («uUr., armm. 

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Einphliait, llB'riiiltj ff- tufa^i, rnwgUtf. 
Esiulwtic, Imrllllk, ■. ti^fitiu, •utrilai 

Eupirlsiil, -^1 


EapiriMl, -II, f.'nmpiric, cüj-f«u«; 
Kuiploj, impllf', ff. iitplffo, nßitia, nui 



Eiaporiiun, iDp&'r^ii 

EmilUtian, Inlll'itls, ff. ni. 
Enalil* IiLII, .. ., .iilii.rr, r 

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„.... .....Ä^ 

ElicIuBtÜigly, -IjlJl, -rf. M •"•Jn uciHIr. 
Eildoie, InUJii', V. a. lAiidcrt, üiMialerr, 

EacDunler Inklln'lir, i. fnccmlni, mißllU, 
Encaunfie, Iflklf'Hjj V. A. imorogpare, 

Enc^ub^i, loklnlilr, u? •, W^^'i 
Xiicuinbruice, liklm'liclni, •. imii»!», 

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End, Ina, I j!W, m., airrmilä,/., itüigmc, 

Endcumwl, -bIbI, i. «■•n'H'l ifalDM, 

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En>|r^>t£o, iDlijIl'lk, •. Acrgicn, uifonK, 

EnlUiidE, tilllLd', I. (mll.) piuuggiii ilrtlH, 
Bnlorcc.lorln', V. o.u>odar<i/<u-i(,!cir>i 
nforcedl)-! -I<]l>, ad. V^srirvoJincur, ;xr 

n Jag" i™l"' ». .. j™p.r>"-., .**%...! 

nga^PiDPiit, -'mint, f. ImptgHvi mihUga, 
Zi'«"™'"'''"'^'' ""^''"'' '""*•"'- 
EnMUBIUglr, Injljliifl), tJ. ii mods alll^ 

Eiigine,' Ü'JId?'.. tof.j«; ...: ™..A«., f., 

Engi;n».driv«,-drl.'- - '- "■ 

Eniiaecr, -tf.i.^ini 

^ndpmic, Iqdlä'Dilfc, ■, nJofifa. 

:lld «;, hd'lV.,''.. lJjlMt"pIr'^.b^,, -I,, 


Irr" i.| ;.° 



nfi<io-n,ci,,pl. ptmpicrl, tn. pU 
[nginwr.-rl,.. «■iis<iB-l«i/- „ fpi"- 
Engnirr, IhHii'.ii. a. rr. iniagrbn, iml- 

EniglD«, iDlful >. «.(■»>., m, 
eiüiinoliiwl, li^lBtl'^kll, .. ^Immui«, 

Enioio, Inllla", v. s. Mfiafaini onfiaart, 
Eii)Dr. Iijtl'. «. •. foifm. inlLp pisccni 

EniÄrge, lollri-, V. a. diilatäcrc, iilnUrt, 

Enmitr, li-mlll, •■ iiä^icUt.f.i cJin, m. 

Knornoiu, tatr-mUjA. «onu, 

tnaufh, ilAl', md.aKtt, mtifUia*, -, i. 

EurmV *äiB', «. ■. >r> ■, Irrl- 
Knniiitan, faiVtfrp ■• ■■ »Hrt. biouiHv. 
ennoh, hifuk', «. ■. u-riartirn ■>»•«. 
Knnll, lartl'iv. •. mmUrt, rrtülrmrt. 
Ebkuumsh', hdilsi', •>. *. i(fadarti pm- 

KMiin, In'ila, a. bHfu, immUm,/. iiin> 

Kulan, liulli', ■. ■. rMi/ir Khmi^.ftn: 


fniium, hinJa*,*. aT^rnJinE nUi u^p. 
ftm >J^Y"' *"*"''""*■ trtJtiw. 

Email.Iaill'.i.HMiliuh«,/., -,«.■. (Inr.) 

l.>!l.-hll... U..MM. 












«enH. (.J,.««»),*.! ™1K-». 










; rj»-(iß^ 

-■](, «/. «w 




EnT07. •"''<'. •■ ("MI». *fc»to, M. 

KnTr.lo^'.i. ■«liiAiiriwniJ,/.! -,■.■. 
E|<aa)«t,lp>ll>l,>.W'>lu,/. LmviVIv» 
BpFrgne, Iptra-. >. biduI. Utltlt^f. 

EpbeuHTnil, IdB'mlrlJ , o. i^ntrs, iTm 
Epid. IjlJ, . «i«, m./«. U*™.. 

EpitniB, Irtifcrlin, ., ipiiruuu, «. 
Epignnunlbo, IpliiliDsli^in , s, ipi/rmm. 

E^^7, \fflii^. •. .p««.(., /.^^SUi 
EpilcptiD, bdVilk, fc «■»•««. 
Euiloinr, 1>'f4i1|. i. <pn>ts, ••. 
Epji.h.nT.Ip1pAj.J^'Pj/i-/r,/._^ ^ 

■piiDopal. Ipli^^pll, ■. rp^ctptU. 
EpilodF, Ip'phld. I. rpÖBilia, m. 
Epiiodis, l]i)i j-dlk, «. Fpfioi'i», dlrraihn. 
Epiltlv, )pl>'<l, 1. rpliHlm, trlltra,y. 
EpiitoIvT, Iplillllil, o. »flliUn. 

Euilomil*, IpU'llsili, >■ a. ulbnärf?^ 
Kponh, Ip1>lk, 1. cp«», tr.,/ L*"W-.'* 
Eriiwl. J-k.l] ..<.(..(., - ■ 

irjunl, l-k*!],«. ii(>iff. 

1,Jh>tlM->bIi, •. «((..(0^ 

Kqmllf . Titwilll, ad. arubim». 
XmianiinilT, ttwinim-lll, i. rtuml 
■»•(■HAU ill i^FOIn n»Yif~i«»', /. 
JqqitKlB, Ifciri'JlUn. .. .(fl.tlu.>Mi>, 

BquiUniil, Jkslil'rJll, •. mu» 
XfloHTT- •ll'lllllni, j. tcuMirt J*« , 
Xgm'lriiii, Ifrrii^rlln, a. ifHMn, ■ 

Xqiiilitnia, IkwlHliill, v. ■- «HfM 
Snillbilani, IkuMh^lB, t. itmillhrl 
JClilrinacliäl, Ihnlntk-ihtl. ■. lyirte« 

i:quipl'ii:i.ip" l.J.'jä^t, .ppt^Hti 

iblT, -(, . 


EciDiTDIUliDII, JknloTkl'lllIlI, t. •s-lv«- 
Xn, frl, I. »^, rpon, /, l^h«, /. 

Xndinlt.lil'ilkli.v.V itoJIcn, uifr- 

lt^&^nXS*M ■thhx.t. vnSH^i »i!^ 

Xnu^, -li'tr!^ifl*, «1™° fiiri». 
Kr*. Ir, «L ptimm, primm vAt, stt rMb, viv- 
Unnt, ^e,m. •ralm.lia-Ml-ia, drUu, y 

KrKliOD.Irttibla.i.iläiffiwBbi, iii.tHnrl^ 

■Er, lt. v, ■.«->»*, lr«ürn i>r«JUf«r>(. 1/. 
■fRIwd-bar, -UliTläiiSuni», JWfllD- 
'Brnnl, Ir'rlnlf d. trrtnlri tmgaAojtd^ 
CminIrTi -rl, f- v»dibfq(D, vaHr«i m. 

Eradil». Ir'liflt. ■. rraifltt. Mm 
Erudilion, MA'ibh, >. tnulUii,^ Ulf. .^>»., /. .««^ 

ftuilllllot, li'ibllllt, ,. i!iptllbtm,f. 
KinhHll, lilitll', t.projliu aunnJrti 

BHhf^, bu'bl', V. 


F, IrtiMr', t. tn-iiiiun, n'wiwt.iH. 
(, h'kllliL ■. «culün. •ifaiaT -, •. 
'•."-. . . {lm^nt, 

*d>i,1a>i'>i>Ib. >. lud., ..., .r.11, 

ElpDIIP, Üqitll-, V. ■. jQHUarri Afrvlirr. 
E.pT, lipl', B.., tpimr; imtmart, laprirt. 
Eiqiiin, ^kwlr', >. rcmilim, (« lallin) 

Kh"T. 'Z;^,' '■ 'P^""". «efta.r.. pro«, 

pmU,-,t. •HoRfah, 1. 
ExeiilinllT. -Jl, ■•<. •»»■(•(in». 

fitnFt} JeHlUrB, 
EibibliiliDinil, -slgt, i. lUilllianla./ii,^. 
äf,.u, ililmU. ■•<.< ■pprnw>i«ic, /.( 

KiUicIürfil) , hMlltkdl), 
Bitinibli, li'ldolbJ, r.ti 


EitilMtioil, bllBl'Mllii,-- 

Eilnmie, 'liirlBj', u.' " ' - 


njuiilagüiil, hiatll'jibtl, a. tlwuilagica. 


_,ji'.lk,. ...„, 


■na|*lut. Ma'jMiI, >. nwu*Ii>u. m. 

Knponte, Irir*«^!. «- ■. lu^mrit d>^ 

Knpantipn, iilj3rl-ikli, i. •»»ruHiir,' 
SniioB, Iil'ibla, i. •c^/Ma,3., »u«^ 

Innre, l<Mi! !^ •«>»■■ -ij, Md^ÜHfinl- 

KveOif'n, a.nfuZi.pvi, ilnUriaiuliimct 

Kr* n-lundc^ -hkdU, ■. iaiptnimlti >fiw. 
Xrsnlr, -li, id. •(nlntnli. ai^/sr«- 

Ennt. ItliiJ >. B>«u, »uiiu.n(., «im 

ETCntful, -III, - flo« •Tmm-iimcili. 
ETentunl, litii-gllJ,..n<..l.ui^,.HiH(<r, 

ilin«. -il^ilöi.-. 

Erillr, -l[, •d. lulf. M./U»«». 
Krit^nuided, -alUU, a. BaUiUiMb, •■- 

KTÜ-iräkini, -«Iklat, I. mmUii'^^--' 



Evoty., J.ll.-, u. a. a n. rvUnpp. 


KiidUr, liilm'll, .d. «UMmnu, 

Exugtnni, Inlkfnh, I. nillnai 
Euelor,liilt-llr, I. ui.iurc, ■>. 
Exainnle, l(iU-Jiili, v.a. •■•{mvi 

_wf'«-, . (■«./•(rA""" 

EMiiienIlaB, Hildllil'dih, ijauerai 
Bull, Ifllll', «. ■. «•Ilart, ai>.ni (. 

Exallalion, Ifillll'iblg , : cufiauMi 
BuiDluIion, IpInliitblD, I. naw, 

(«■., HvolHaHrr, m. 
E ™ipeni 'u, "l^li-pilii ,*^^!° m/wi 


Blchuga^fRn», -llfl>,'a. taitcit, n. 

iichrqner-bill, -Ml, i. tum dl auia äi 
jxciic. Itdi', (. auitt,J. 

iiait^SceT-lini" j. KgLi/ddP a»! 
-. .<>f a«. /, f=i(olo. Irrflak 

lIclHbicIkil'tlbl, •./•aiVi ad »nr, 
ixulg, tkill', v. a. «Ell», iiimtUrt. 


ElJiibit, liiblb^l, u. a. aitir 


E>lubil>unpr\lr, >. l-oruh, ~ 

KibiUrnte, iKbll-ldC V. .r» 

EXl^tipn. tpl.l]lrl'd.h, . 

KÄo'^ft'.bsn-/;;!' i'^""^ 

EMoIp.W, Ikilll'pl), V. fc ^fpin, HH- 

«". ffUfi'-"- 


Exancr^te.' h.l.'l'.U; V. ^'. 

"^:S;s.7.' '"'""""■ ■■ 

.. JOM.,/ 

■surbilinl, liilr^Iilm, .. .» 

K"«,noi^'ii, .. ...««-(", ;/>'» 

EveJDpliirjp ll'llnpllri, o. HliKpImrt. 
Ei«n.pi'i{y,"li'"»i'pl'Jrt', ». .. «™./^Hj! 

Itttlin'ibia, i,,UUtlnr»,f 

Eiurciiin, Ib/tnliD, i. («n-cfing, n. 
KKord i II m, t|.l r-d Hm, j. ...nAVr pr./o*., ~. 


Ex|iiin)iTF, Ibpis'tl?, a. Hfiuiivs. 
Exi'ect' llDpIk?-, V ■. ^t/^»Iil^"il»>i^.r« 

Eipn'nrfllE, Ibfpit'llrll, V. ■. upiiuf^ 
Eii>tcloriilion,lkiplkitr('>tala, f. «pillira- 


Eljiedil*,lti'pld<i,ii.a.>pnfin, ■scitinrA 
Ej|>edi1ion,lkipld1'ibli>, i.ifixfilisiiii;:». 

Eii.Fdiiioui.'lkipldl'ibli, •, .prJiiivi, 
Eiprnditure, Ihipln'dtljlr, >.'<;•», f. 

EtpcrilRH, Ikipl'rllu, I. tpirltiuai H- 

XltpRuneDt, Ikiplr^lalil, •■ •ptrlmtuln.m, 
Tiptnment»i. liupirlaln'il], •- 'i/wb>m- 
Eipnt, IkifiR', m. tiprr», •ptH~ataU, 

Kxpiulf, Iki'pflC'v. 1. rtpirrti rtpurmn. 

Eipirc, Ikiplr*, ii. s. tpirar', amUrti -, n. 
Explflin, Ibplln't V. H. Ktptiemrtt 'JN'^'^ 

EipIbHti, Ib'plflT?, o. aptubia. 
BlptiuU, lii'pliUl, w. ■. itiitgv^, dl. 
Mmrart, äilucüiikrt. \ipii^Qiii,J. 

Banliculiiin, ItipJlM'ililB, i. uptiattiaiu, 

ElulilMtiTC, lk<-pllkll!<, •. HfilllMlivc. 

EiiiHoil, lu^lli'ill, •. inratB, cUilüiIa, 
E^plode. lUpl&d', V. '. i^fiurr, AHmp- 

Bf^":CfM'r^''/,iu rf- Sä,"?."; 

Espl Dilti D n, IkspAil'ibls, i. teiwlif«!»« 

Elplon, Ilui)!!^, V. ^ nptarArt, m- 

bplailoitj huplhtilii, •- ap'ln'imut, f., 

Vx^foin^^A'Ai, a. apltdcnlc, -bh- 

ElpDI^i Ik^rl', tp. fl. ^porrart, tFOäpor' 
Iiuoit, Iki'pin, EipOrblUin, llapflll'- 

Export-dulr, ÜM-Aiiillii. ■- *"i"i "i- 
Eipocter, Ibpir"«!-, i. oi/mrlowr«, m. 

•CBpr!rfi MmidtKari. fli-pr^lmiUme,/. 

BlDailulflle, iJupti'ljlllt, v. m. iwiiluufirf, 

KipDiuIab'DB. lkn>l>llll''>><li>'> 
ExpOinTfl, Iktph'thir, 9. apaaUio 

Bipnu, tknirli', i. ttprntn 

ExDTHlible.'-'llM, ■- oAl pu» (J^rlnurtjf 

efp^iiion, Iknrh'iblg, >, ii/mimiu, 'C^, "ir™A'rtPr«J.-.«ile, d;r«i^ 
^^^o^aat^ a^ti'prllt,tr.*^ttpivpfl*i-tM 

ElprnprinliDii, Ikiprlprll'ihla, t. «pr*. 

Expuliiaaj ilupIftklD, t. tipuUiaiit', /. 
ExpQA^V, lUplnJ', V, d, apHAgtra, co*- 

Elpurflale, Iklplr^h, v. ■- ttpurgarw, 

Eipurgmioii.lkipKrri'ihlD, a^pmrfmMut,/, 

ElliidB, Iksld% ■. fl. «An, Ir—pim 

Elcjnporizv, IkfllulfiAHi, v. ■, Im^rvr 

Exlmd,' hill»)', >. >.' titaktr 
~ tmiibiJUr, Ikillulbll-il), i. 


ijjjtf »li, I^M. 



Eil»™lnaHDD, Ikillrailoritila, >. »Iir^ 

Extrrntl, IklliVEll, •■ UIECU, nUtlar«! 

:ilJ^"i*,'fk;iir^it; Trä'Sp^. 

• •tKHa,/. mllrgmU, 

aotioa, Uiniiribilii, i. aiuiükiiui 

llldl'ifilil ■. «1 

Zitnoi'diiuirr, llnlilf'dliilrl, > 




Sxtraraganoi^ ikstrlT'Ttfiinaj «. MU-myrngan- 

tat pauim, j. 
Vxtraragant, IkatriT'Tlglnt, «. stravaßoHte, 

eectMMtvo, tsorbitantet /antaslieOf buarrot 

-ly, aä. ttravagmntemente. 
Extreme, ikatrim^ «. ettremo, uttimot gram' 

dissimof — 17, ad. e*tremamente% -, 9. ettrt* 

"*('^*jf> £"*' parUfJinMt miteria,/, 

Extreinity; ikstrtm'IU, «. ttlremita, estre~ 
Extricate, iks'triklt, v. a, distrigare, «vi- 

ExtriniiCt Ikstrla'slk, «. ettriMeeo, •ttemo, 
Extrude, ikstrSd', v. a. €9trudere, eaociare 
eon vioUttsa. [toprabbondatuOf J, 

Exuberance, Igxl'bJrtai, «. e»$tberan*a, 
Exuberant, igiA'blrlat, a. etubtrante, «o- 

ExuJt, igz&it', V. n. etultare, 

Exultation, -WbSn, t, e$ulta*ionet gioja,f. 

ExuJtingly, o^nfU, ad, eon gioja. 

Eye, 1, «. oechio # rampoUo, m. gemma^ f. 
bottonet viaOf atpetto, m,t Joro deU* agOf 
m.| -, V. a. eonaiderare^ guardaret ottar* 
varet adoeehiare, 

Eye-ball, «^ll, t. pupilla delV oechio^ f, 

Eye-brow, -n>r&, «. aopraceigtio, m, 

Eye-drop, -^drip, «. lagrimat atilla^/» 

Eye-flap, -'fltp. «. paraocehi, m. /;/. 

Eye-glait, ~^8l"i '• occkialet oeutara, m. 

Eye-lash, «'llsh, », cimlio^ m. 

Ejeleif, -'lls, a. aena. oechi^ ci'eeo, 

Eyelet, -'llt, «. ocehiellof m. 

Eje-Iid, -'rtd, «. palpebra,/. 

Exe-flalve, -'•IIt, a, eoUirio, m. f"». 

Efe-ienrant, -'sirTint, ». aervent* cattivo, 

Eje-shot, -'flhftt, a. oeehiatatf. 

Eye-iight, •'dt, «. vi8ta,f.t ocehi, m. p/. 

Eye-sore, *'sir, «. faatidiot m. 

Eye-stringj-'itriDg, a. nervo dell* oeckiotm, 

Eye-tooth» -'t8M, ». dente oeehiateg m. 

Eye-^ash, -'wftsh, redi Eye-salTO. Tm. 

Eye-vitnetfl, -'wUtoii; a. teatimonio oeulare, 

Byry« l'rA, «. n/c/o «/' uccello dt rapina, m. 

Fable, fln>I, ». favola; Jtntione^ f, 
FabriCf (Ib'brik, a. /abbrica, /.; edijttiot 
teaautOf m. Xßcare, 

Fabricate, ftb'briklt, v. a. fahbrieare ', edi- 
Fabrication, flbrikL'shia, 9. Jabbricazione, 

y. Jaeimento, m. 
Fabricator, ftb'brlkltSr, a. fabbricatore, m. 
Fabulut, flb'bAllst, a,»eriltore difavote^m» 
Fabulous, flb'bAlSs, a. /avoloao, eontrovatot 

—Ijf ad./avoLoaamente. 
Face, fl«, a. faecia^ f»% viao^ voltOfm.j ciermt 
aria, j,\ frontet proapetlo, aapetto, m.| 
yhcciatat auperßtiet apparen»a^ f. eate- 
rioret 9tato, m.t conJtaenMat aaaieurantaf 
f,% ia mj -f M preaeuMa miat ', v. a. guar- 
dorm nel vtsot voilare (nna earta); -, v. n. 
^ar4 yisccia, fare frontet far delle amorjiei 

uffromtare, bravaret to - (il) out, mam» 

Faced, ->d, a, «olla/aeeia , • . 
Face-guard, -'gtrd, «. nuMcAer«,^. 
Facer, -'Sr, a, aehit^ffot bieekier^ pienot 

danno. m. »eonjittat f. 
Facetf fi'sit, «. faceetta, f. 
Facetious, fIsl'sbSs, «. faceto, gioeoeo, bur^ 

teaeot -Ij» ad» fficetamente^ ourieaeamente, 
Facile, ftiKi^l, a, faeiUt pieghevoie, trai>- 

tabilet eompiaeente, 
Facilitate, full'lhlt, v. a. renderefacile. 
Facility, tttil'liU^ 9, faeilität agevotetsa, 

deatrevun affabilitätf. 
Facing, fWlog^ a. fronte ^ m.t faeeiatat 

moatra; guenatura, f. t -, pr, m faccia, 

Fact, dkt, a.fattot atto, m.t in -, ^ettiva- 

mentet matter of -, a. coaa difattOff, 
Faction, ftk'sbSn, a.fazionei diacoraiaff, 
Factioniit, -lat, t. faxioao, m. 
Factious, rlk'abis, a. fatioaot -ly« <><'• in 

modo aedizioao. 
Factiouinest, -nia, a. apirito dt faxione^ m. 
Facti tioua, flktVabSa, a.fattuio^ arl{fitiale, 
Factor, flk'lSr, a. fattore; agenle^ m. \f. 
Factory, -i, a. fattoriat aoeielä (dt mercanti)^ 
Factotuin, flkt&'lSm, a. faceendiere^ m. 
Faculty, Itk'kSltA, a. facoltA^ potentat po^ 

deata^f.; privilesiOf m. 
Fade, fid, v. n. ajtorire; tanguire. 
Fag, flg, t. galuppof achiavot groppo (di 

panno), m.t -, v. n. aßaticarait dimenaraU 
Fag-end. -'lud, a. puntat eatremitäff, 
Fapot, fig'St, 8. fagotio, m. 
Fall, fll, a. falloi erroret maneamento, m» 

omiaaionef f.t *, v. a. abbandonare, eea^ 

aaret omettere^ negligere t -, v. n. fatlare, 

erraret maneare; perire, morire. 
Failing, -'Ing, t. jatlOf errore, m.t colpa, 

mancanxa^f, IfaltimentOf m. 

Fajlure, -'yor, a, dejiciemai maneanta, f.t 
Fain, fln, a. obbligatOf ^orzato^ coatretto; -, 

ad. benevolentierij pure. 
Faint, -t, a. tangutao. debote, fiaeeot timi~ 

do; -, V. n. divenir ianguido; aveniret tra 

mortire, I"*^' ~v» "'• timidamente, 

Fainthearted, -biriid, a. timido, puaittani- 
Fainting(-iit), -^ng, a, deii^uio, avenimen- 

tOf m, 
Faintly,-'ll, ad, deboUnentef languidamente» 
Faintneit, -'nia. a. deboleua, JtevolexxOf 

ßjacehetta^ f.t Imnguore, m. 
Fair, flr, a. bello, vextoaOf buonot chiarOf 

aerenof aineero^ eandido, franeot •nealot 

favorevoUt biondot > aex, bei aeaao, m.i -, 

ad. pian pianot eivitmentet ->, a. Jiera,f. 

tnercato pubblieo, nt, 
Fair-complexioned, -^kSmpllk'sbSnd, «. 

biondot di earnagione bianca, [f. 

Fairing, -'Yng, a. donaiivo di ßerafm, fiera, 
Fairly, -li, ad, vagamentet bfne, di ouona 

fedef aineeramentet piaeevolmente, 
Faimeaa, -'nii, t. &e(ta\ pToVua^«tv«»v^<vS'A 

candore» m. 

r/ilh(ü'l,*^'Ill, L'Mtintmaidl'-^ad, 
FüJobion, rtl'Uli)., (./•JeiHxf, •>. KbolMr- 

Fnllncr, rtl'll-J, .. /«H«*i, /. J<i/l™, ". 
FniiibililT, flll(t.11-(.i, ., /.iiitmu, /. 



■■-'■■ «i 

FoliiFr, rtl-ild, ti, m. taufest. LIDn, ... 
T.llrr, tll'llr, •>. ■. ».JlMiv,,' «iVin, 

F» m' Ir.i , "-'l ™°"'«. jvli^ri/iirf«"* 

'«"'■il"^""..«. "' '■ '^'™"' ■■ "■ "■ 

Fun-, rLr, j. «r.,/. K^e'": -■ «i-ri, m. 



Farlhlni. fi'r'TnlDV i. fardhio, n,. 
FxiHnn^, rt.'.lDlI. «... .««.fi.r<. Tm. 
Pa.Qin»tion. tlMlDl'jilLän, .. .»-«Hamm«, 

FMh'iunahiy. -Ibl'l'.rf. .jT/.ü'i^^r./"}^)^ 

•^'j',:,\'f'{:i7""''"'/\T° •""'%' 

T»»™, tl.-«,v.«.Jte«r.,.-«<r<r«^,(f™«, 

Xiitldioi», tinleai. .. iJ'i.ciD , -II, ^. 

Aüiaü'Ä.Ci.'filL'ÜM'il'!^."' W...,/, 
Falfllilr, Illll'Jll, i. falatUi, pr«/«l»i- 
FfllE, tri, i./'». .J'«/", «.t ->, uJ. pmrcl;, 
Vliltä,-1i,a.faUIB,dicruit. \J- ph 

Falher, U'TIltr, .. p,«lrt, «. 
pHtlierkood, -bld. i. palmiili}, /. 
FfllLpr-iu-lB-Y-lall. f. »ocrnl, «. 

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Falhoinleu, -üb, i. inn •ifiurviiVr, iiD- 

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ll£\i.^ilt, -nndlr, 1. nmre, irilf», s. 
Fmillilr, '-Hl, u<. f^oE^J»«^!.. 
Faiillin«i,-^Jnii,i. i&<liDrdWii»,M. 

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SaiUitr-hifä, -Üd, I. Jnia rfi pluiu, n. 

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FebnIUY, Ah'brSIi^, t. fätr.i^, n. 
FecilU, Hk'Jil. ../<«;■, /. 
feouDd, rlk'tinil, •. ftci>iula,ffrlUr. 

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teCftKÜie, rld-OcllW, ■./"'"'■f>"r «i"- 
Fee, /),!./« Jo,n.i™rM!jJii,p«j.,/. vb 
FfFb|a. ri'bl^ ■>! d(M(. \xtiiptrt, 

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Fetd, tu, w. KulrifttHIa, m-iPa*lMrmtJ.t'a 

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pmlpMggiartt müirti -, V. ■■ ohpm «oüi- 

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Tairow-crcalure.'ktJiJlr, (.linilcm. 
^elIow-f«lini, -rllhii •. •bnpui',f. 

^'dSu'p^f^"''-^'*' ' '' ™'''^', -.tli. ., un^jab,«A 
Fellow-ioldiei, -ttldlir, i. ttmyat"' ^ 

THIow.Tr^'ell»r, -liltlHli, .. tö,^ffj«."3i 
Trlly, rlllJ, I, »>» ^i ms», m. 
FtloiI.rtl'Ii.,''/'"'"-'! "•'/'"'<",/. 

Filonr. tl'ianl, t.J'lUima, «uttcmtiu,^. 
F.Ibceb, lJllikl,.V''"«-,/. 


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FM(!iS^p«d". -Olli, .. p(.»r«ir, ™, 
».noini-Khoof, -rtü, .. »1. J:.^l.f. 
Fvnd, find, t. tf. partrt, tthivarei ~, u. H. 

»«m. Dm. •./''"./■ Ltto—,/. 

Temilt, t1r^[, i. f*iiri, vür,,f. 

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FervMil, rlrMf - ^- 

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T, Ih'Dr, V 


f*lioEk"'()i^'li,'i. *.r(iÄ"'5Ö(«'M.hiS; 

^'""i: *■' '■ '■'■ "'"'' -^ ''"' ■''"'■'■ "'■'■'■ 

»»nil, lt».t. feuda, n.j «Wien, rfna, /. 

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ciiuoiu, ükii^bC,../(iu>,J[<ii<>i-1r. 

iddl^'rtf'jr,"'. LI.«™. «. , ., V. a. «=- 




tT^:h.^^t,'- '"'•""■' 


d, lllit tB~po.m., um/Uf. 


d-inouiB, -'ipfl., .. jo,<i" Ji 


d-offirfr, -'äiriaj/, 



J (IMtn, nriJn. o. fuüinel. 

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Jhfliclh, fUlin«, ■. lUfWuMiürH. 

»Ig, Skt, «. Jt"i "■! '••B'll'll-,/. 

»^^UH, ■■. u.jr.. »«fcJia,/. I -j ip. .. ir. 
■MlrulUHi -, u. ■. IT. enai»*»»«, /ar 

Vilhler, -'■i, >■ tamtaltlun, JuiUaiiM, n. 

Xi|iiratmi<<ii-iltli1i, a.^(mi(»,BUf- 

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Mlumtllt, ni'Ilnhl, I. ßltmtiila, n.ßtrm.J'. 

Fiiuil, rt'iU, t.Jm^I-, KlKn«! 
;™e. rtilii.', I.ß»4,m.,, rmlll.. /. 

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F)nch. Iliub, J. fi-iuintlli, n. 

riadET, -"Ii, I. (rsvaUn, laaprttorf, m. 
Finr, rb, ■. /w, tKlillijiimllui Mir, •(>- 

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Pina-ipmi, -'bo>, i. (Ba.) ^ilinf«! HUili. 

'in|[er-BlaK, -lJl>,'i. tiiTcjlurc vd iiiiu Jl 

'«loh, Aw.V.i.'iwrirtr 
■MBher.-'ir,«. (ntfl»M,j ,--. 


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TÜf T«dn> -IHit, J. ctp^ti, m. 
HUitl, ffrai, a.ßlUU, sUjTf NmIiii -If.w/. 

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Hfibuwr, nilKbÜi, •. iutnaiitrt, m. 
Mi«w».rtL-lJtJ. '->/■»"--. /■ 
FaiflEli fl'doii. i. ^^ UmmlHm. f. 
FBI, Sl, ■. ■. i-^h», -Vfrn »^f"t ""^ 

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rill*, nvtt. I. nnlfB ii~»', ^«ic^», *.. 

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Jtatn, ni'lli, >. jHln, colMor», m.i ', •. ■. 

Ttftrulian, flllil'uUa, •.ßl<nai«»;f. 
tÜuble, rt'DlhJ, >. (Jor.) i£(u <ff «.II«. 


Ml. -pi'l. 

Fintsi^ibill, -illl, •. äli.U, m. 
Fingle-fiin»U, nn'|lrti.,l, ., t.t.iulU. clii. 

fr, nt,J. «l'K, «. 

Fiie-bri(iiJff, --billld, j. »dtti».«)!!!»!». 
Fue-bniill, -'brlih, I. pUtrU icrpiia da 
/-.«,/. 0:pl. 

Fire-f oinpiBT . -"bliiiplal , >. f II immpliri, 

Firc-dog, -'dti, •• ulari, m. T™"". "•. 

FJw^ngme, -'tj/lii'' ."^m*!^%r'i°™I 
e«>.I/./. [i»nIiI-uIi.c«/i.,H. 

Firr-eicnpe, -'liUp, t. ussml* ixr lal- 
F[n^llr, -^nf, ., ».^ l»™»,/. 
Fire-fork. --Urt .. .nu..«/,. m. 
Firlvlnddef, -'lliHlr, >. icul. ptr .(" In- 
Fjr»-loeh, --1111, .. .Müppo, n. i?""^- 

Firt.inBiii-[,--B\5'li,«. t«r= JuotHiw«,-"» 

F)iT-place, -*plli, t.fotelan, n, 

ir M-plug, ->ll(. *. »Ir. if«a. imniti, n, 

Tuc-lids, -^, I. Äi«rKm Mauntoii, ■■.' 

nmomi, --did, >. /x. tfitEti.,/. pi. 

Kn-moÜ, -^wU, i. (in.,/. p7 
Kra-WOTk, -^m, I. fa«! 
Tin-yorker. --.Irki;, i.fmdUr, ij/»uU 

^^«. n'rt'v. •■ '^"•. / ^- l"«-) '"". »■ 
^Jun, Ar-kt), t.furup»/.,/. (nlnn). 

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rmiMiiml, (Ir^l shl, f. enmmimttUftltU, 

Xinanni, -^^ i.ftntat, tM-t-M,/. 
Finl, tlnl, m.frimii, prinäptlc i -, aif. pr!- 

Vinilini, >''i>i,7. dWikT^uu, .. 
Z hmI, Ai-kU, ..finml: 
Plan, flvh, f. VTKC, n.r -, v. ■■ psteart. 
Vuk-bon., -%a, (. .puU Ji pi...,f. 

«.1. al-irfnl .. W«/r,/..«-, «»H,.. 

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PlHcid, DUM«, m-ßacnJU. 

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•'■H-tkit, •. JlmglMim, in//' 

fjüili, Otih , >. .^innui luHtai vani/'i, /. i 
Fl«l, Uli, a.'füllm, •pimi.Bln UilptiU, fmii. 

FlHtnm, -'Uli, I. pluiiu I lif>if>MuH| rf*. 

PluIlinü-milL Bll'lln.nll, .. V.~.i,..i.j., m. 
FlntulMUT, Bil-lJlIniI...(ii.M,)Jl=(»..f;J,/. 
FJnhilont, «illllm, ■. irni««., mioMi 

1»™,/., jy.". 

n«,aljDLh Wi>.| loirm-, h 
f u-IOWb. -"Un, I. ngloJ«,/. 

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tilge, ÄldJ, V. ■. •nprirt äl p£« 
*,ll^,"MH, IJ« 

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ih-traiii, -■brliS.i. 

rtilhl, <llt, t.fiit'l vaUla, BniMa, tcartta, 
fllanmi Sftpiu, .J«cfs,«.i M .le,,) 

»light-tiiM. --am, .. («mpo dl pt.,. digli 
F ighlj, -•*, .. /-Ml.h.., «;.». fV/l», /. 
Ftiuilin'll , Dlm-|lDl<, .. lufcr...., IrJoi- 
Fliinil', Dlm-iJ, a. facct,,jtMci-i IraiiaU. 

Bing, Bly. ". "■ 'f. f """. >"l'«"l vtt™- 

FjjSi-gUj.,'-','ii.. ,. «<" -Ä ™j«;. 


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Flo»! , aii, i.'/°i,r™ 3('i^».J^,"'».',^™; 

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Plock-Mper, -'pLpIc, •. w-ia ix/fnUln,,/. 
Flood, nlJ.t./rui.i'ü.i.u./.dilu^iilJfuHi, 

omI. oi'rll. ä.k-r, 

Toimder, fllju-dlr, >. >ici» ptmra, f.i 

lo'ur' ohc, I. /•r'"', /■ j!<n •''' f r»*- -- 
launifa, Olfdib, •. gr»«MKii tralM ib' 


FloV.'al.«. J*-^ 

FlDwer, ail'lr. •. Awiiirio'imM, M. I A- 
Flo^«l,-ll...>-»'..l..j!.r.;H«. n. |/. 
F dW»t-pOl. -fll. .. ICI. prriji^,l,m 

Fid*'I:»o''r'C^.a;k, "^™7,'-.'-^ '■ 

FluGluNlf , aik-lilll, v. n.jUuiürii Ulan. 

FTiip, Bl,i. >«l°,».i »(»£.«,/." 

Fluid, Bild, >. k rJfWs ('■.} 

Fluldltr, Oild'dll), ..ß.idn^, li^uUlli,/. 

Fluke,lSJk,...u/^^/r./!. ^u'L,»»;^. 

Fluny, dlr-il,i. »^<>Wf»r.u, t.n-UHr 

Plulill. Rlllil, •. nmitori ilfl.«u, m. 
FlulUr, tll-llr, f. >>Hf>f»hu,/. < ^l>u~>- 

Hr.!!, t. »MCI mim,/., »fum hSU^Lri, 

ritMow, --Ml, f. A iMtir.f. 
HT-bcnl, -Ui, >. l^^fho, M. 
7lr-calab«r, -4lUhli;i. mafumaicla, m. 

Vij-wbcd.^^ll, t. Mfu», !>. 
VmJ, Ol, t. imIrJrm, m. I imvmUlmm,/., -, •>. 
m. Jmrr im palwdr*. Xtpmmart, tcAiumare, 
Puin , Am I 4. tpMjnm , jdAfMMi^ /. i -« v. n. 

i-ociii, rt'rti, ..y-M.i Min, m. 

Foddar. tld-dlr, •./»ranio. ». 

Toifal«, A1%1, t. <Ut*Ieam,/. I. JCh-mu, b.| aUJmUti fofUmi 

niUts pitmmr: 
Vold«. -Ü, >. pügmltim, m. it. 
Fnidiag, -^Bf, .. pitjmmrm, d. 
iDldiBi-bed, -iiflild. 1. /• 

Folding-duir, -'Ifttlatilr, i. ci, 
Faldini-doOT, -'1s(4lr, 1. ;>oi 

FoldinM-icncii, -^tnkrin, f. pvmvfitlB, 
FatiHge, (J^IkJ, •.ft,tli.n,.,m,.,jr,« 
Folio, Ii1*l,*.f*"»/»ilto, m. 
FDlk. '"• f- - 


■- ifhardr. -lilMt, ■. Umrr. 

FoDt-bridiB, -^i, 
"- -SöTd!-^'- - 

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Follown, -Ir.I. »(.»«i mdcHnu, Imllm. 
Follr, Ml'll, (. ;»u1h iir.Mcuu, /. 
fanient.ItBl»', ».■./»»•<"•»" ^»»g 
."". , r/.™rnu, n 





alling, -'hu, (. pi'.'J'i», R- 

Fool-it^p -'«In, *. vnrlifc, ib bmni-,/. 

Faol-wMiuir, -•wlnitt. •. ^Mmmlm, m. 

Ftippen-, -'jMi *- imprrtUifHtan «jfJUA- 
Foppiih, ->tili, ■■ ■fiifla», ufftHmlii^nSaeem. 

iSd, Hrbld'.ii. m. 'ir. preibbt, imptA^', 
Un: GM -, im. Mr. »£«■. 
■rHlla,f.,-t,pl. lrupp,,,-,w.m. 



lle, tlr-ilhLL/orlri pil^au.xigmrt 


Fanbode , -bid', v. ■. pni^in , /u 

f OR-carriaie, -^nrlj, >. iwn> ifnHuf/ J" 

romltl, -'klM, (. prrvcJbmls, m. ort- 

PorMilpd, -i!-lU, •. iMiUuyi. 
TondoOld, -dln'. v, n. orftfulum 

Forstend, -115a-, TcdL ff.r.&d. 


ToregOna, -s>d', '. fiatHtlPt vtticipalo. 
Toregroimd, -'■liliid, i. pari' b^ftnnn 

VonluiowlBdie, -nll'Jlj, /. pramiunccnla, 

toitlmnd, -^Init. t. »;io, primanIDn'a, n. 
SarFlook, -'Llk, i. taprlll iTtniaMii.m, bI, 

{DnmiD.'rirln'iTi, a. /»»». 
roieiAid, ^alil, <i. n'pr'a/dtlurTfirettn'ir't' 

J'DRii, rtr'iist. 1. /imu, » w r. 

roiHUlI, (InJl', ■. ■. ululfwri, pmecm- 
Fonlailt, finlil, >. iSpwi <f «Uiiilf pr>- 
FohLf", -lil'.v.a.Ir.^rdJIriipre/.lIuD». 

ForfiTfl, raritf'i V, o. tr. perdaKMrti rimti 

°S-J,T"' "' ■'■'" •"•■■•■'"" 

Drlom, rtlltm' .. MU...f.fl.w. jffnJiIlK 

arlornnnt, -*h. w. Mii.„daH,, ■.., »f/it 
mcrai wrfiii /ormliliT, /. 1 iannii ««v 
oriniil, -^, M.fivmlti ^rllalai -If, ad 

od. ;™»/il, .'llrV vJic'"' [ribil. 

'onokE, Ilnlk', V. olf^. kicurt.'.siu 
'onoaUi, OnllV,'!!. J> 

'■wir', «. A. ir, «^»r^^rjirv. 



ortielh, rJfid'A. '•. T>.gr«<.i«i>».' 
'ortiRuIien , Ili\lllii'iiia , >. /orlO^i 

■orti(T. flr-lirt, J. '..fuHißc^i mmnlr,. 
■orlihide, (li-lllld, .. /'utu.M.L, /. an 

.■/rliigiit, BiCüll, ,. «Will tbr.!, ~. , 
Forire», rlflrlt, •. ArOuai &Hiu,f. 
FOrtnitDui, (lill'llii., c»u> 
_i. -J *._.,;, .. -"(y,.- . 


pl.l ritetiau,/. pl. (JS Jnm rU. 

;ortBn(-li unter, -hlmlr, i. lit lu a «1 

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'orwurd, (iVwIr«, ■. mtllcipait, pralo, 

'OrnnAtT, -itt *.pramottrK,JmulM'ai <i 


tUl'r, >, 

PMttr-IirDthR, -brlTEllr, .. fraulla _ 

rut^rer. -)r. t. •-uici^., ». 

Kriw-blbn, -aTjlln,>. Mto. n. 

Oitcr-ioB, -«Im •■ mlliHt, m. 

Vonl . lUQ-- •^TO. bl^-r, , .^iv, , ^ 

toandatiaintoat, -ülm, i. pülr^ fyHda, 
Bonnder, -'Ir, i.fritduari, JattdiUi 

Faiul.rllpi, Foiinl>in,-1o...Af.,M. 
FaDntnin-bnd, -bid, i. trri'Kir, f. 

Four-roolffd, -'(ALid, ■. atiodruBtdt, 
SonrlKn, •'Hu, .. ^H'.tiordUi. 
»onrlwnth, -'.I.H. .. ,u.ri»i.eb>.. r».. 
Foiirlh,'fV4.0i«iir(pr -Jji4U. intfiu/^'D iu0- 
Fowl, Dil. •. •cc.IJl., /»»«c, m. 
Fowifr, --ir. I. »csiffaun, m. 

FOI-»1diI, -■tllT, .. ftol.J (acc:l.rii/. 

Fai-^>p,-'lclp, •. ir.pB'l-divülpi.f. 
F»otion, (rlh'ibSD, I. >..J».,/. 
FrMlioni , [ilk'ibb , •. ptnimt i tUlflau, 
F™ol"wihU'«*',<./r«l»r., /., -,■,.. 

Fniik li4Tll,o./r«ti5,™S.(.''r(.h.»,/ 
Flügilitr, [rljd'ti ll, t. /f^i (ilä. /™fc.«., dk 


FrBmhiie, (ili'uhli, ../-■■«■*«". /j Pri- 

FrVnl'lbi'litr, MBjJbÜ-lili, ., fr'MlIili.f. 
F..l.[(il)IMrf.')rtl. ../«(ii.. 

FrllnkiJ*™"'"^./™^.".^.""; "' . , , 

FmlHcid*. frl'ui.ld, ., fialUtdi«, n.. 

Frtcklt, fr»"*!, •.U,lltglw m.«*w roHU 
Fmklrd. -d, .. In.litt'-'"- \J- 

■RIMBi. •nion.i «,, -. V. a. li»«». 

Fwtdg "'-'dlm. °: Uitrfi, i'o^-nili.f. 
Fr^Fhvnrled. -'birlld, ■. liirral,, (miran. 

I>», --Dil. •- 

cJiddI, -'.kli, . 


FRCiTÖ^r, --llLil, J. p<<lr., /. 
pMUiinktr, -'lllD(k3c, I. lAri» firli, 

FFHthinlun^ ^l^lilklcE, >. libirliaatfia, 


FrHlien, -'m'u. ..«!.. nnfr.:Kiir,, 

lYelting, -"'"li •■ "«fl«"!"!«,/. 
Friilbaill. fHiHl'l/ll, l.'frl=UIIli,y. 

FrUbir, rA'ib], ... /ri.iif., p„i„,iüUba,. 

Tribbl», lllli'™"°',.X'io™«. 
Triction. [Hk->tiiii, •.Jre/tminU, u, 

«ml.;™ f^;. ^««j, m. , 

Pllfnd, rdod, I. oni«, n.i anuu.,/.! -*, 
Itnendleii, -^llit, «. imh mmM. ritHtm, 
friendlT, -'ll, ■. •aiBl<«>/i, hunuto, 
Trirndiliip, -'■blp, •. •mIcM; f. 

priKiiilui. -rii.V.p.i 

Friifd', (^!Rd'"r/risiA,V/,^Ä. 
Brigidil^, M'Jld'jtlJ. 1. /rieWd 


Proilbill», -lilllii, ■. MUeialB -tat Kki.t 


f, .MnJ, 


prilt, I 

Trook, trtli, >. f i»ic»> Uli lein niaea, /. 


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'rnnl^bDi, [ilal'blhi, i. ntita pilcirlbi.n. 
rroiiri.P^e, (Uii'll'iii7../™(ä^ii/i.ii,» 

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m4i, fll'il 

VtmtB, ij&la, m. frtaU. 

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Fruit, Ml, •.fnUir, ■bi rw^V /- 
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riitidle, lld'dl, u.U. An. itMacari, in. 

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Fuiliui, artoblg, t. fralrngme, m. rmpal- 

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Fnmilh, rtr-nlih, «. «./!,—- 

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funaw, Hr'li, i. tolim, /uiKI.Ua, M.t -, 

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rarlirr, Il'r-llr, .. /urlhu, tur^t, . 

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alle, -'ii, V, ■- p^y«-- {ro~. > IUI- 

Gnin, |ln, •. «.~<M™oJi..f., pr.jru., «.r 
iBiningi, -Ins., ■- pl- f'dH"' "■ 

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lUcT-lttve, 'lUl, (. laüaUo, fanaia, M. 

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«•ljol..'lil'llp, 1. H"'''^!^:' ^ 

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OalTUiu, iU'tIhIi, V. ■. nlnuil 

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»tronoiuil, (liKiu'uimlil, I. gailnna. 

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Gallier, lllB-lr w. ■. «pfW, riiagliirtl 

«lUiKrenB, iWerJa, i. (Bad.f «.j™.. /, 

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Qnplir, '-^r, 1. f«»rÄ'«BO i/>jj< prigiejir, m. 

QaHT, -•»I, t. C*e tfiaillfll'l ckl in 

Oap-teothed, ili/Hitil, a. idmtau. 
Giirb, ilib, I 

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aurdeii. rti*'», >. gianliaii, n.i -,' v. ii. 

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Oicland, C>r''>üil, i. iMrlamU,/. 

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BcJalmoui, jllll'llniff, ■. t'lali^'o. 

Geld, tlld, V. ■. CHIrarc. 

Gel ding, -1n{, ff. cavmlla cmilralo, m. 

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G«inlngi«). lliJlllJ'lllll, a. itiamlntUa. 
OaiwlogT. J Wll-Iijr, ff. f «M/fff i., /, 


"il'lUrilil. llf^liish, I. «ff, <«. 

I.f 1, JlbTill, i. /orc«, 7.1 finiiNo, m.i -j 

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G ddr, lld'd). .. i>irlliiiw< tacMlMO. 
G Jl, .((l, •. J"»»! "'""'. "- , , ., 
" e< l'.»' '■ "UoIb, i™(»1b, /- pti-^t **■ 

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la, iiw.B. •..<"i''°'»"- 
li,"if.'.. i°wV*i/(3i'p'Ä/. p'- 

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-iincMck, Jlm'krlk, I. ■BMCBl.u.i» w/e««, 

Gin, ÜB, .. irmppiUo, uittat, f.i «uwp«. 


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Ülw, .[(,.. ll»/aia<™>-i.«i.™(.((,/. L"- 


GjQl.ul«r, Blib'lllr. ,. fMulo,„. 
Globirle, (lib'll, 1. sMtll«, m. 

GloHNcnÜon. ,ltr)tltl'it>aD, •. gl^-ific. 
Glo, fr, ill'jjf .V .. sf^rl^iirn ««iir., 
GJanoiK, llS'iili, •. if»-fw, /omnui-Ij 

G"öM?ili'., 1. gk,-.J.i c™™™». /-«« 
^™^. •"■' -^. "■ ■■ e'""«". /■■■ S'°"l '• 

GllHirr, --lll, •.glMmlurti InUrprtI,, m. 


GInte'n, glJ'llp, ■'('•"inö^ """' 
Ginllon, gill'U, >. (AiDlIi, (oCois, n. 

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■=ud, gJd, .- m. ijj,>, ™. ■' r^;^/. 

..d.d.ugi4Hf. -■dj.if^ .. j!«««,:,;.';/ 

odhnad. -'iTld, .. Jil'äfj, f. "oi"^"' 

God-like, -''\V?a?Ji'vhT!"°' 
Godlineii, --ifnfc, ,. divotlii'», pltli.f. 

i;E^ii.i, ..'^rfZr JIrS; 

iold-bouiidl "'b!lDlj','i./r«i''''?J'"''.. 
iojd-oöinj -'ktln, 1. rtnil'd^rp.J. 


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Genrnlnr, jlnlrl-llr 

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6>iIFt, Ilii'nl4, >. mtwMII-, m. T"»"'!*. 

Gnrijilinciil. jtulitlt-lblr, •. ft.tiK„c„, al 

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Oeoini.llJjl., .-ihS. ^i.« mVm», ™. 

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fllTBlilF, IIb'iIIj >, fnllln tMgant, m. 
Genlililr, jlitfl'll^ t.tnläUii («ilifnm 




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GunnuidR, JImU'dIr, t. (bau] eimiiMr, 

Gel, t'lf V- •■ 'r. (aaiJaf uni (Hnuri, ae- 
f.lii.», ;™p«™,, WMwni .»r&wr 
■M^4tfrDjiu-n, ficmaen, pigitnrr ' 


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GibbfrilK. ilb^Iiub. >. (•r|>, i>. 
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Gibifti. JldllU, 
Giddil^, (1d'd(i;t, ■£. i;c°«><'a"W<M.l<. 

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'»"riijl(i«-llt, •- f iMfliH«, rfi ji*«l* 
«le, iTrH, •- "- »«|«'i-«r.. 


„. 1, ill, •. krMidiit iäl P4un.f. pl- 
G> iTflower. ^Kalllt, .. («.«,.. •!. 
Giiunck, llurtrU, i. ■mkhwm in;«»^ 

■t^J eiiimppotm, /. 

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idUlor, illdtl-lb, <. ■Ul.Cn.^L^ "^ 
Idnn., tlld'BKl. tl*it,_tmiaMm,f. 
idioinr, |lt4-.l.,... (■»»•, l»«rfh 


tU.d.t.,J. r»JIO.- 

G\ii"doäl, --dll. 1. p„tl.,/. 
GluH-hame, -'tilll, i. inlrmja, fiü,drtaL Jt" 

Glflis-l'nlikcr, -^Itli, I. (vlrn/a, m. 
GUil-thtde, -'>bld. >. iMo 5l tclro, m. 
Ginil-illDp, -'Jhlp, 1. »mii-ja Jl vilr^ia.f, 
GInii-vark, --nlrk, i. y'lra;i.i ftUrimi dl 

Gl-irier, sll'iliät, I. vrrmU, m. L'iKisre. 
GUling, iII'iIdi.i. Jwc/.-ü»c«w, m. 
Gli'J^in, tilm, I. i-a»/pr^H/H1bir, m.j -, tf. n. 



Glidp, tlld.v. K. •«rrrrcipuHTi/.ggür- 
Gliin, Htm, '. r«x»rm> c/'<u,/. 
eliinmer,-'m!r, 1, l~ci Jciotc, nla,,f., -, 

Gtuam, tlK Glaaiainr»,-'lEl>,i..i». 

Glorinut. (Zl'fili, >. f fort 

^wil*™'' '■ v".'''ii.^w"'%«"ii 

siorl'tii'' .'!*iu"M;,''™.'i°io hVur«! »t - 

Ginte'n, Ill'lln, i'.tlZinQ, ^. 
Glulton, (ill'lB, •. f'iltllD, in 

"' ■" X". — 

GS«:iS'rd''-"fM/.. «pr's'' jST"' "■ 

Go-belwHUi, [l'blliiJii, •. Burfianwe, nu- 
Gobtel, llb-lll, 1. <i»ta[>, Uiu, /. ticMirr, 

Güblin, liblln, I. J.™.| .-.K"/^!««; 

Ggd-cblld.-'lililJd,!. firliitcäi.m., ßgliea. 

Ood-fatb'cr, -'aiBlt', t'. psirm , isixpMrt, 
Güdhf-Bd, --hld. 1. ^Mmlä,/. dU, 1». 

God-like. -'dt, a. iTfvino. 

Godlins.i, -'l/p»., .. dio,i4n.i, pMi.f. 

GDdIr, -1), .. o'.Wo, Db, -, W. ^l^nu. 

Godion. -'rfo. 1. kgliBmlc, m. \J. 

GDcr. ({'Ir, >, ^mL!.»», ..nmiMtori, ». 

GnaBlf, l'l'jl, ". B. luardJ-t bitcnrnlt. 
GogBJe-f/cd, -H, .. »-«■no, (itm , .Iru/ii- 

gÖ d-bpunS; -■bliäi.'k-Jri'ii^.d'crc. 
Go ^"iTtiFr, --ri'ii'lr, I. .fln.l,r- d^iro, m. 

a,mi^«KiU, - b](.), a£,>% -,md. k«, ', 

6Dodi>i. •ii, 1. eaä/cib, m. U. 

BoodliB«!, -'Jl>U,.ricIfe<u, .frfu^ 
SoodiT, -'LI, ■. ittUi, viv"! mpliiiiiiti. 
GDodii«!. -^1., .. »-.iS; h^t^M,/, 

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Gonmiu. llOll, •./ubUD, pamfHMI -Ij, 

BoigPl, «Jni^ I. |0'»fc™. firgiaivif. 
GorauDoi^ff, ilr^lodLi, i«. ■■ mangimrt 
Oarnviidixcr, -Br, r, jAülfd, (^MHBjiif ■>- 
SaXiwk. '|>|^£,V™III.'}J!'^ 
ÖaiM-lT iBb'pII, f. rvuntttB, m. Tf'iBi »■ p'» 

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unceiui, -'jaj. ■, 

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GTHciDiia,Krl'ibSl, a. fnwo», /flitffvAi'« i 

Gmijiilion. tFldl'ikln, j. (nrfiiiinii, /. 
Gndff. irld, •. i~</>, n. tdi.,^.),/. 

SradienU, iii-dODli,!. pl. (ml.} ■•fiu<E 

Griidnal. irll'dlll, >. erWuabi -Ij;, wf. gi*. 


Gnndnir, irln^i 
Ltb^, iiind' 

Lud, i^nil, ■. i^u^i nM6f. ülutlrt. U 


■, Ert.d1 

Grand-inolhrr. l'rlnd'mlTHlr, i.aüs,.»;., 

GrupV irip, '. ■«»•,/. > t>mngh^ ->, i"!^'^ 
G™pe->liol,-'«hH,.. ni«r.([i«,/. 

Brapnsl, ([■p'bII, I. p-tpplM; m. 
Griipple, rlii-pl, «.^i/'«™«, >^l^ 

Gm>-hD|<p«r, -'bippir, >, ca/o, ■. i. , 
Sniir , -'^. ■. «-In», im^wu d" trta. < 
Gnt», ickl, •.grmlicol*,ßrtlttlmiJtrrmla,fa 

Gtitefnl , -' 

, (rtlJim'illIn, I. grmUfita- 

Gr.lifj.irl'lltl, V. •. gralifieirt. cumlHi 

Graliladi, (il'ilildl t.criliiWinc,/. L«ilf 

rtBi -^. i/. fnUiiJMU'i'. 
Gnlaitr. |.rlil'lu, t. ^u>, pratnU rr, 

OimtalutiN irfnllll,«. rk«Mtn»>ibr>I. T 

GrilulitiilB.irlUU'Mita,!. ctagtaluUtbn 
Grmirt, pii, ■.(Tmw, (vis, W«>| -Ur, ii 

V. ■- ir^ lurvJMFTi temtmtrt^ {wmrü, i 
GnI*B«lfllllBl,-Vll,(.^.IWI»~*u d 
GrflTt-djsuri-'dlntr, - ' ■' - 

r«tli«>, -'Dh, >. •rmu'fiHi digHil»,f 
.p.Ur.. m.,m,p,ifiam^,f. (mal 

GrvffilT, ET^dl, a. §9to80, vttraett mitU, 

G^Il^lio"rB''-'hlM! .'' ',iJi"u\l°, m. '^If, 
Gmiihouic, -'bjli, j. il>/s Ipir /rpimto), 

eiuicknau, -^IJuh^ i. tUrori,/. 
en-ilKll, -'Mll, I. iMmM M ?cpu>.l, m. 

el. rrtl. *.■.*■■. nWrn J^lüllmn. 

Gnclini, -'^, I, Hfal« SU 

GnyilDBnd, lUlitlid, t. IrtrUrr, ». 

Gridiron, irtd'lln, w. fruiufa, /, 

Griet, F«. .. wrdcjfi., n., iJtiMitKr.f. 

•- *r(^, grifamB, m. 

ImLi', >. 1. 



Gnnd, tnad, v. ■. ir. Ktaaiiiirm, trilai'wi 
äit-^s-iar, I ä«.l,i pnpmrm 

GnllT, iKrt, ^ IrrÄj^InTTwE!"*" 
Griit, (ilu, I. nafliHi«!», n. i/arfai,/t 

Gritl!^ --ll. a. .»WH. 
GnillE.iili'iL. •. oo^r fri(k,n. 
Grizxled, -i, Grizsdy, Jtrll'lU, .. aia^HMIa 
Iri/In, illiecit. ff "■~ti mpirtrt. 

Grogs)-, F»t»ti '■ '"">. »t'l"™"- 


Soodl»», -Jj, •- ceitfeiu,m. tf. 

Goodrine.!. -'Udi., I. i.H*M.( ^*t«.«.. 

Rrndnal, irK'ilU, >. 

Qr>diialian, iildlL'.blD , .. (ra^...£»^y. 



GoSflwL '(Si'hlk,"."*»"»;!!'". 

Gdub(, |I11, >. ntrpiltc • doccia, n 

Grteefal , -Till ^ (-■«!»» , u'ggii'dn , ^ 

CM^, -,, gl 
iriincd, -i, . 


Dil. I. eru 


Grund iL oqucnl, t'ti^ll'Jllniiil, •■ "»piij- 

Gian^lT, ■'lid'-lt, nd. frmJrmroU. 
arÄnd-mollin, l'iui-mnuir, i..«t,micl^. 

Gnnd-ian, iilid'iln, i, iiJ^igitjiB, «.i inm 

»nii fl e, I n n ». ■. ^j^.»^ y^i,^ 

G«p^IlD'np,"-''>ii>i.'i.T" ""•''■"' -™. ■"■ 
GrBpnel, Iflp^ll» «- grappitto, m. 

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ulnF», -'Illib, >. grrUlHdüii,/. 

Grltillf, fit'üll, V. u. tmlifittn:, ivf/KK. 
Graluilr'i irlll'lll, t. •b», priualt (rv- 



G«»«, rl'.,».»™"- ";»■. ••'™'i -ij, ■J. 

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G»*hIs1Iu;, ^CT-Tpf. «»ÜH.I.U .f.- 

Rray-[rÜ. -'l'l>,'>.'»RfM<«>. L" 

Gruniiokne», -'iTIiiiIl •. ctcrziLJ. 
iHMiward, -'nricd, i. -' 



Orrcn-Iim*, --ilj, •. »ubia i/l Mior virA, . . 

c,^A,flu «., ,J!l^nt,f, 

Griprn'u., [rj^ .! a,rJ«ili^ 
GnfflnVirlr'nn, ^ «rff», ^™. 

Grill», (i4n, (. ipartltl',/. 
Btinmeu, tctB'»)<.'. «m 
Gnnd, (HbiI, y. •. r>-. nitiii 


icrry, -1, i. ilro(,h.. 


Gmuiid-floor, -^^r. «- ffiarr 
GroDüd-WT, -^«l, I. i^* '■ 
Groandl«*, -^ -. -«i^™^ijM^-r» 

Gn>«id.plal, --H»*, •. b— •,/./<> 

GroiTidniiil, -^rlim. fimii». . 

Grpnnd«!. -■•Jl, .. ».(J-./.l «™ 
Ground-wotk, -'irliC, •. /-ml. 

m..,ti^ H f ^_ 

Gtonie, (rill, t.frmimlita, m. fmtula, m. 

enidc-book, -lill, I- ifiii«rio. n. IrHn 
Cnidr-iml, -^ti«, t. fiAwM müglUfi»,/. 

'Mli d-hlll, -^llt, •. «H MU •/!!» 

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GniltT, -'t, a. Afpnvifl IC 

GOIW, ■ll,f._fIlfM,/lTHMl«-<lli<l^/. 

GailH, iTltr^ I. aUu^, /. 

Gnir, llir. •- c'/» mMük, m. 

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d,r,t prtuutr., -, «. ■. iIu-< in i^aWi« 
Oourdril, -1d, ..«■«. lorn^™.™;. 

oüydihlp, [iH^hlft .. (m,r.)t«.--A™Fp OlllKt |J.'.1i; .. »Jl™r, 
BndgeoB, iSa' in. i. (*/d.<d Ipiinh ./- Öml, l«il. ■- J"»l "((>» ' 
„Äi^-, », G1HI7, -'f, t. IL-paMn, 


:k, -'•itk, J. twUa cT ai 

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H^iMU, -'Iah, i. pua, dlfflaiUä, •r/C 

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Hard-wan, -"wir, J. tliUcagU.,J. 

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Henniliul, blrDll-likll, ■. imiilu: L-. 

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Hoirid ,'rld, a. »ri.b, arriUle. 

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Horu-black, -^llk. >. ~«l*uig, -. 
HoFK-bnalier, -^iLklr, i. lonrntH,, ». 

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HarH.<ill>lh, -^lli, j. tHaiärtpmt,f. 

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Hotpital, Ui-pllll, I. ipiä^i.Mpn/aff, n. 
Soiülalitr, Uifltll'lä, j. tipUrlili, J. 

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Aot-boDie, -lilli, j. t<f» mUü.ai.i 

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iindroin, hloMtlB, a. •Islu, tnioasB, Ih. 

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H^diDpli'iliia, I.ldiirl-Ml, •. iÜH.tM<^t. 
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IdicKor. ->i, (. Uloiiim,, m. i-haUili.f. 
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Uiumine, llll^^iiila, v. °. il/i^Ji 
ÜiiuiDR, Ua'ibio, I. JlfKti'>..r, , 

tlliiilrioui. lUIi'Ir»]. g. iVfuIn, «Mm 

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lUuginiilKin, Imljlil'ihln, I. immasina. 

luuginp, JmlJ'lD, v. •. Jniiiiifiiiani inl 

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lniibUr«. Ib-bIiIiIt, ■. bui.ihw. 
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iBuntCHlaU, Inulk^lUl, a. lnm,i.hli,, 

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lulluiBfUl, Im'DlsinI, a. imminrnic, ». 


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nuioriilili, Ijnnlrll'lllj, i. b.u.,^,li,ä, 

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nmorlolite, Immlr'illli, ~. a. i.i^.r'.f.;'., 

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pxiiian, JmM'rt'n. «■ a. ao 
pa«live, IpplrtH a. uunii 

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p,„.l. (b.rb..,/,, ^i.!,JI c«-«.M, ... 
ImpBrtAliat», -Uli, f. pt. ImpvUti {HlOaU}, 

Imp^trili ImpIr'rTJ, v. a. ptriclitart, einen- 
tlnpprioui, Impl'riii, b, inperiont mr- 

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linpenii»bLr,TiDpli'mtll>l,ii. injiinifr-itih. 

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ImpEtuoiily, implljl Villi, i, im^'C^a, 
Impetuout, ImpIfjJ^ ■. m^iiud»! -tj-, 
luipptlll, ^m'phia, t, Ifnptloi f/ärBf vio- 

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linpJieil, Implli^U ■■ l-pimu, -\,. w! 
ImpUibmmnlf. tcmn. 

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lUpITt tBptl'i tf.d. iAptlemrtt winprauurt. 
UapoÜey, Implllhi, i. fm^ndoiu, indU. 

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Imp^l?, Im'p'rtJLlL V. .. i„,prie,^'^"^ 

ImprrEDiible, Inprli'nlbl.'i! iaapmfnatii'. 
JinprrfllintF, Imprlg'nil, v. a. inipFB^aarBi 

Impriton. 1flipi4i'i^ ip. a. impHßionarg, 

ImprobabililT, Impiibtblllll), i. insral 

linprobitf, imprflbliilJ, f. imprabili, f. 
liDproper.lDprftp'par, ■> iimprvpriai indtm 

ttnlBf -ij, mji^ ifliprobHanrMra. 
Iinprf>pl-Ifl^, Inpr&pH'iu, t. impraprimlit 

ImprmbK."npÄi'illil, .. o*. li*;»*^; 
IinJiroTe, »Bpflv, ». ■, ™i,/ipr«, p<^ 

"X^/.""*' 'F-r'/,'-'''i"P™wi2™„.,, 
IinpriniÜFnt, ^mprAT'vJdlm, d, i.v'^*'''^ 
lmpT*J-iice, Innrl'dlüj, .. imp,-.dB,t./. 

Inpiidiniie. Im'Ei^dlM, f. imfmdmßiti^. ' 
Impudmi. Im-pidlil, a-lmpadrnlmi -If,^.' 

ilobfe, Impl'ttbl.'a. 1» 
.I-.lioA.1rapJ ■■'■ 


iBubilih-, lutblindl, (. (~ 

IwiofiTltj, InlliilT'' 


rli'Hul, I, M.i'itnut, .A ir 


IniipiiJicibl«, Ulp'pllblu, •. mm apfli- 

Ibappradiablc» ulpprl'ikllbl, #. btmpprtw- 

taimlittie, iDlp-Uild, >. ImUIIU, f. 
iHHienlila, 1sln1k;tllli, a. lumriittUio, 

iBlllnilJTe, ^illh'llr, a. JltmUnOi 

'niiullblx, lil-ilJbl, ■. UimJibilm. 

Inaoganl, tsi-iMi, >. 

IBHUiplciOni, Inlipt'ikb, ■. Buiufiuwi 

■n tat jon,lBkliill-ikla, i 
IboimU*. tgkl'pllil, >. il*Hji 
Innpawlal^ luktpl^hli, v 

BUWM, Liiliii,/. 

lacapaiätr. laklpli'illl, t. fan^uiii, u. 
läOHf»», lükü-ilill, V. .. Äiearur.», 

tn»niall!, Ilklr-gkl, ■. fauraa», I 
iDBUnalia n, lnkliBi'ih ts, i. inuriHilMI, /. 
Imaiif, likli'. V. >. ''«»i»r>i ri^alilMä^i. 
—,.. '- — -- -'- "> 

lD»iiaBl,lHl.-a», .. imemn 

lash, 1»b, 1. äila, potllct (di 

ncidmln'Ü'^irtUtnat, . 

. meeidaltlr, fir- 

nclinltion, lükllDl-ihlli, I. (ncfHui 
nclinE, laklis', «...*■, lncUnMr; 
ncJad«, toUid', ■. ■. bi^ludtrti i 
ncluiin, InUlMn >. inclurtvti -M. 

ib.f>lT*lDUnblUtlblJ1(ll. i. f*- 


iMd./. rtM 

IUI« hie, liktnntf^tliJrlU, 

IIEOin[»rahlT, -(. •J. IncmpartUlmcnl: 
Booinpiitibilll)', Uilmjilllbll'tlU, i. Ix- 

BODiniialiblr, hkliqill'lllil, • 

Inooinplet«. liik&mjilil', h. ijteoutpiHtß, fiu 


liicainprebruiihlr,iaktD]»ililii'>lbt, i. r~- 

iiitf, tnklDiiI-llI, 1. ih 

r, Isktnili'lllui, I. ItccmipMl. 


ImiHTidl. im'pl'rdl. .. impiHidis -, i. im 

IiapüiültiU, -liu, I. pl. LnpttimU (wIdaU] 

li^mi, Implr'rll, i.. a. ptrMllar-, ci^ 
luip^au«! Impl'r^Ei^ A. Ifmprriatot ar 

Iinperi)hilblf,'llli|ill'r1ibtbl, ^amrnlli 

-Tj, flJ, inprrrointtmtnte. 
Imp^rigiutlOn, ImpIrAiDi'rhftüf t. rvpprg 

hnperviantf ^mpir'yita, *. iaiprmfrmbitt, 

Im^'tuD>I1^.'im)>)l)iga'l)(i, 1. impi"^l{', 
linpftiiou., ImpIrjJU i i«/,,!»«,, -ri, 

luipvtnil, Im'pÄlJ«, f, imptloi »farto vio~ 
lmplety,lmpi'iii, ».^mptttätirrmüfionttl, f. 
Jlnpioiu, Im'pdi, a. tmpui, irrdltlattii 'ij, 

Impiiruibk, Impll'klt.l, s. ImpUcMiUt. 
luplaiMblr, -4, a.J. i-|>vi'>«e!j»uxl>. 

-l, pi!'m,lili'^£ ^), «i'pT"™"°' ""'' 
Tipplical», Im'plJklL, V. a, impiloartt Xf, 
lUiplicMtion, 1mB]ÜÜ'<k&Ii, «. implit*aUlu, 
AnpliciÜ iBplli^ll, >. l^plUil«, -ir, W. 

llBply, läpIlVv.a, iBiptiaart, ""^rlUrr 
lupolic]', 1n|lln><J, •. «mpnifuu, iiifb- 

InpolitB, ImplllI-, I. latMIt, vllbma. 
ttmalitriau, -nTi, i. niiiuu,/. 
lDip<ilIli'c<iil], tnpini^lk, a. imptÜtUa, Im- 

traportj im'p&rl, <. imparta^ont,/.! Bontvi 


ImporUlinn, tmpiitl'alilB, f. jmpiiruiwini 
Unpaitf-r, Imptrilr, i. &(• Mnduct U' 

ImporlniHill-.lmplrtlDll,.!. bnparlMiKi^ -Ir. 
bnporlanil'r,1m|.lrlI-Äll>, t. inptruial^,/. 

'"m'J"™" '■ "^/a^ 

mproctlcnbltilT, Impillilllilli^'lili, i. m^ 
mctaclJEnble, ImprU-ilkIbl, n. rnproileo. 

Im^cn li öo, 1 msd kl'i'blg', JZJl'^ZtTj: 
'mpreinnbU.lBprli'iilbl, i.uar'>.f«.efA. 
inpref niltB, llliprl('llll, v, m, imprtgaarti 

InprobsbllilT, tmpitliltill'Ilit, •- Jnp'rvl 

Improbublr, -(, ,d. imprat^bä'nf'-U. 
' nprobitr/f-prtb'b^it; .. •mpr.iliA, f. 

Impropriety, irapr^prl'itlj r- tmiptvprtalAt 

[iBpra^TbLT/lmpriV-ab], o.^J^i. 
limirove, Tnipr^T', tr. a, MlgUorvtt per- 



■, Impill'. >. !mp«r«. 
In"läll ;^.' fiii Ulli agira, d«I 




Inabflitj, Intblllltl, §. inahilith, ineapa- 

Inacceiflible. Intksis'albl, a. imaeceMihiU, 
Inaccuracj» tntk'kArlaA, «. inetatteatm, ne- 

gtigenta^ /, 
Inftccurate. tnlk'kirU, «. poeo etatto. 
[nacttoiii Intk^shSn, «. inationet diaoeeupa- 

Mtone, /, Ipigro. 

Inactire, Intk^lv, «. mon atthtOf otloto, 
IliftCtiTitx, Intktlt'vitl, •• ineniMf traten- 

rargine, /. [ineompteto. 

Inaaeq[iiA,te| ^nld'dikwit, a, tproporzionatOf 
Inadmiisibie,1ntdin1s's2bl, «. inammutibile, 
Inadrerteiicj, IntdTlr'tliisi, •• inawerten- 

xa,f. (tamemte, 

InaaTertently, fntdvlr'llntl}, ad, tratew»' 
Inalienable. loll'ylotbl, «. inatienabile, 
Iiuinimate, intn^oimit, a. inanimato. |y. 
Inanition, fnlnVsbSn, «. inedia; deboles»a, 
Innpplicable, Inlp'pi^ktbl, «. iton applu 

eabile.^ \$po»lato. 

Inapposite, )otp'p&xU, «. tenta rasione; 
Inappreciabie, Inlppri'sbltbl, a. inapprtm- 

Inaptitnde, tnlp'UUd, «. inabilith,/. 
Inarticulate, lolrtlkOKJillt, a. inartieolato^ 

vtdütintot «Ijr, ad, indittinlamente, 
Inatmuch, InlamStah', ad. atte§ocki, 
Inattention, InItlin'sbSn , §. imattenxioHet 

tra8CuraHui.f. [eurala. 

Inattentive, tnlttln'tlT, «. duatlento, tra*- 
Inaudtbic, ^nl'd^bl, a. inaudibile. 
Inaugiiral, Inl'gArli, a. inaugurale. 
Inaugurate, Inl'firit, v. •. inaugurmrt, in- 

vettire, fn«, f. 

Iiiangtiration, InIgiri'shSB, •. inaugurauo- 
Inauspicions, loisp^'sb&s, a. malaugurota; 

-Ijr, ad, infauatamente. 
Inbom, ^n'bftrn, a. innato; naturale, J^eolo. 
Incalculable, Inkll'kAllbl, a, fuor di eal~ 
Incantatipnflnklnti'sbSn, «.incan/amtfn/oym. 
Incapabilitr, ^akiptblrih^, », ineapaeilä, /. 
Inoapable» inkA'ptbl, a. ineapaeet inabile, 
Incapaoitate, loktpls'slllt, v. a. rendere in- 

capaee. [abiUtä,f. 

Incapacity, Inklpls'skl, «. incapaeita, m- 
Incarcf^rate» ^nklr'sirit, v. a, incareerare^ 

Incarnate, Inklr'nit, a, inearnalo, t 
Inoarnation, iDklrni'sbSn,«. jncarxasione, /. 
IncaiP, Inkis'l, v. a. incaaaaret rinchiudere. 
Incauttous, tokrsbSs, a. ineautoi -Ij, md, 

ineaulamentft imprudentemenle. 
Incf^ndianr, Insln'dllr^, «. ineendiariot m, 
Incenie, To'sins, «. ineenao, >n.i -, Insins', 

V. a. inaaprire, irritare; provoeare, 
Incentive, Insln't^T, a, ineentivo,motivoi in- 

eoraggiamentOf m. 
Inceiaant, lDsl:r'8lnt, a, imetaaamte, aontinuot 

-Ijr, ad. eontinuamente, 
Inceit, f n'slat, a. ineeatOt m. 
Incestuous, Insls'tjils, a, inceatuoao, 
Inch, Insta, a, dito, votlice (dnodecima parte 

d'an piede), m.i - Itjr -, poeo per voUm, 

Tncidenc«. f n'aldina, », eaao, aeeident«, m. 
Incident. in'aidlnt, a. eaauml«, Jortuitot -« 

a, aeeidente, m. 
Incidental, Tn'aidintll, a, aecidtmtale, /< 

tuitbt ineidentememte, 
Inciplent. inslp'pilot, a. comminciando, 
Inciae, loslx', v. a, incidere, tagliara. 

lnciyilit7,)naiTlnki, a, ineiviltä, ruatiehe%m 

»a, /. [verildf f, 

IncIeinenCTfInklln'mlii««« •. inelamemat «e- 
Incleinentfinklim'mlDt, a. inetemenie^aevero, 
Incluiation, Inklioi'ataSn , •. inetinationet 

propenaionei tendenna, f, 
Incliiie, Inklin', v. a, ft ib. inelinare, in- 

ehinaret ineurvaret imdera, 
Include, InklAd', v. a, inchiuderet com* 

pr andere f contenere, f^inetuaivamente, 

IncJuaiTe, InklA'aiT. a. incluaivo t -Ij. ad, 
Incoherence, fokÄbVtina, a. ineoerenutf /, 
Incoberentt ^nk&bA'rlnt, a, ineoerente, dia- 

erepantet -Ij, ad. in modo ineoerente, 
IncoinbustibilitjN ^nkimbSaUblriUA, a, in- 

eombuatibilitaf j. \bualibHe, 

Incoinbustible, InkSmbSa'Ubl , a. incomm 
Incoine, In'kSm, a. rmdita, enlratotf. 
Incoinmenaurability, InkSrnminatairtbll'- 

Uti, a. incommensurahilitä.J. 
Incoininenturable, InkSmmtn'ahirtbl, a. inm 

Incoininode, lokSmm&d', v. a, ineomodare, 
incoinmodioua, Inkflmm&MJSs, a. incomo- 

dof ineonvtniente, imporluno, 
Incoinparable, lokSm'ptrlbl, ^m. ineompo' 

rabilet eeeellente. 
Incoinparably, -I, ad. incomparabilmenta, 

Incoinpatibility, InkSmpttIblllhA, a, in» 

Incompatible, fiikSmptt'tlbl, a, ineompati» 

bitet contrario, oppoato. Xcompetenta, f. 
IncoinpetenceCcj), lDkfliB'p«t)ns(i), a. in- 
Ineompetent, InkSm^pitlnt, a, incompelente; 

-Ijr, ad. incompetentemente. 
Incomplete, InkSinplh'j a. ineompiuto, im- 

per/etto. ^ _ F». tneomprenaibilita, f. 

Iticoinprehenaiblet iDkSmpr^bio'a^bl, a. in- 

eomprenaibile. [aibile. 

InconcetTable. lokSosi'Tlbl, a. ineompren- 
InGOnclutiTe, InkSakli^T, a. ineoneludente, 
Incongruity. fnk&ngrS'iUj a, ineongruenui, 

incongruitAf f. 
Incongniona, ^nkSng'grSta , •. incongruoi 

-ly, ud. incongruenlemente. f^derabite, 

Inconaiderable, InkinsldMlrtbl, a. ineonai- 
Inconsiderate, TDkSnsId'dlrit, a. Ineonaide» 

ralof -Ijt ad, inconaideratamente, 
Inconaiatency, InkSosla^tlnal, a, ineompatim 

bilitd, incongruitä, f. 

-\J, ad. iÄConjruenlemenVe^ a%«uTd*m*».v«» 

iiiaIiibte,1ijlitDii11)il, ~ 

lUDBTrrtible, Tnkln.Ir^ 
inoorpoMte» laklr'p&iiL, i, _. 


JnoorKcl, loHrrJH', n. incomlto, icoi 

Ircoirigibl", TDlitc-rljIbl, ^ Ja'urWirtCh. 
Incginipl, fnklrrlel-, a. »corrolta, 
Incanu.iiibilitr, lDhtRl|<ttl.1llH •. b. 

InDOrruplibIf. loVltrlp'llbr, ' 

InsrcdibUitj, Intrldlbll'llll, 
InGrediblr! X'"'. ini^lilüi 



Iilornil,1i>kr9il', v. I 
Iiuufa'fB Jnt'klbtl, V 

iDcnlute, ln^'kli, i 
Incnmbeiut ■ ■' - 

lucunbility, IntlrUlnltl, i. ti-lil 

JncnrvaHpji, Inlilrit'BliftD, «. pletalk 
Indpbled, fndlllld, ..i,d,Hiv^,,H' 
vnnwfuu, /. findecntU 

Indecition, IdiIM'iIiBd, f. irrmotuw 

IndFClInab'le, IndtUl-DlbJ, ■. i.j,clh 
■ndecoraui, TcdUi'cb, a. ia<Ieaif 

I>dFpd,1l>dl4',.rf. J..>Wi 

lIllÜ, a. i„drf.Htt- 

Indfhniible, IndJAn'alU, o. da »■ , 

ladp|inils.'liidlri(Bll, a. biä^nila, 

■ndcllbl«, iDdlrillil. II. iadrIiUl., 
laMiacj.\oah-ilä,i, .. ma, 

ladfJicnl«, lödll'lik'nj a. gn 
IndPinnifJoti'aii Tndfiulrni .»>>., .. ... 

Indemnllf! iSdlB'nlit', ".' iU-M"iä./"'' 
Indern. IüSJd.', V. a. ;»«=««, Migliar.. 

Indentim, tsdla'ljlr. j. ujHraiUi ucoHfo, 

IndpRcndsnce. iHlpIs-dlu, >. (nl^ur'^ 
Indcpvnilenl.lndJpIn'dlnl, m.InJeprndenU: 

Iiidnerib*bl^'lii«r>lirl"lbi, >. linpH^I- 
iiU, inäitiHU. [Jislruggcrii. 

Indutniiilible, 1>dlsii)k'I(bl, •. /• rna 
iDcIsKnniniiblB, Tnddli'iatpllil, ■. du un 

, ln'dlb, >. iiHJJ«, n.i latmlm,/. 
i-rnbbsr, tn'dilirlbhlr, >. gsrnF 

e, U'dlkfl, «. •, te./lu». 

Indifliveni, TMirflili 

lüdtl'lJrlu, t. teii//kni|uai 

IndiaeitioB, lodiJIi'UIiiii, i. imtigraliaiia 

iBdilDitiOn, tidlnil'aliln. i. Indrgaatüae, 
Indignitr. Ifldli'n»'. '- i'dcgailX, /.< all 
Indigo, »»/dlrij^hJ.™, n. ilraepo. m. 



idtikrl', ' 
IndiiiKiuable, Indlifli 

llllinlilT 1«t»1ntlt. I i.^iiriftlir f.jT.i 

■-■■■• ■ ■ ■ >. ^fri». 

iMUliml , -lit. ■. imUlfan, -Ij, ti. m 

IndlUlrill.'ladll'lritl.a. fai^ulridl. ' 

iBdulrioiu , tadbnWk, ■. üfrfuirlpM, Z>. 

■■aReHiDiu, loMIU-ikl^ •. iMrftcMf. 
1att6ä.rv^,\mtlH-iMt.ii,t.iiaJ,cmcim, di~ 

lulefluL IfelnlitH, 4, wtV»«Am imatltm. 

bwii^bißir.iJuljlMi'iiii,.. in.uniu- 

iH^n^l JT, llUwIlllll, I. HrjH.mX'jJ^rC 
iJWTlnen. -öl«, 1. imrrvA^f. [>r«iaÜfi. 

lUTitable, lilolilbi. j. Ä ■>■ wiiu^f. 
Inncutable, lilbU'ilbl, a. »f~—.>.'i^ 

Imshmutibie, fnlkilili'ilu, 
IneianbJe, luIli'iiilliL, a. i 

Inapfdü-iuf . Iilbpl'dllul, •. » 

l>«p>itblr. Iktb^MW. • 
Imiplwa'ble. Hlb>ltkb1, < 

InnpHfublr, Isbwl-ilW, •- ' — 

hwxtnablt.liltolilklM, • 

I ■InllihCilT, UÄlUklnllt, *- tt^U* 
Infdliblf. hflCIIU, ■. J-^UiMür 
InliiMDai, li'llak «. inJ^Ki -b. «A an 

ImbiBCT, li-rtul. Ltilfc«*. b^^aiMi,f. 
InruL ta^tl, *. ätil^*<i ttmlm ; mr- 
Ubadode, lalla-lLU, k >^«if<i^ M 
llrfuiKBe. Ii-rtalla, a. U/mulitm, mmtriU. 
lalUtrT, la'llauJ.a.^ulv»,^ Tli"« 
iBfutulr, liltr^Ul, ■■ a. uMäarn a-iaa 
Inhci, hrhe, «. a. f«b«ar.. W-.J. 

InlHliDD, laltkNkli, •. ü/iMiWa.1 shu. 
IntKtf niit. I.rlk^tli, a. laTfiM, t i at gitm, 

Inlr^, laflr'. *. >. »••tSmZ^. 
IntRnc&lollilH, I. c*,clMiitmt,f. 
lafKioF. Wl'rllt, a. f^^rüm -,>.ii/Hja& 

Infrrtilill.laAnlnlll, a, 
Inlnl, tanil', ■. a. üi^san, 
lalidcl, U'IÜII, •. ^M•I•> M 
■nfidrlitr, 1>rl4lldll , *. tuWifhi 

ifinil*. 1i-[la1i, ■. tn/Ea''*. i~"H-. 
iRliiliTt, ladinillvi. (|i.) i\rtaiIH>a, 

IbIIux, Isllni.a. iKßiunjtliainimmlii 

lBtonn.'lntinD-. v. ..'ir/.f™«, i>H, 
BJonnBl, -U, B, itrqtoür.. 
iBformHlitr, Inflrmilltlt, i. irrfpi/srila, 



Xnfnclioa, luhlk'ltilll. t. Jitfrualnuiu, n, 

JnfirlniCT, -*t, i. i™*»™*™-», iifofarori,«. 
jRfurilU. iDrl^Ill, V. <. mJ^furlcm. 
lnfiup, lafii', V. d. infoH^^nj uptrartä 

Iflglcttioi»! 1ii|l»^e3a, 4. Inglarien, Jüca^- 

jBpnlt, Imtln' V B ioiaUn, fn-crii-BT.. 
iB^rahllle. lurl-'l'"'. '■ »■ ■-"■« "■ «r» 

Inildf'lni^f. , - 

InHnbil, 1iibll>ni1l, v. b. * n. iJlii 

[nhihilnnt, lotilb-lililiil, •. jM» 
IclaklP, i>. a. ipiriirt.rapir 
nnaniouL f Dblrm&'nJl«, '-« 

Jnhoipiliilitr, 1nl>tiplllJ'llLl,(.liwa/>iu/ii 
lubiunnit, IdIiJ'bIii, .. Iiukmu. , •"''^'^ 

JnhuiuIlitT, 1 nblKln'sl ll, I. Juunaiidi' 
Inbnn», lAla-, f. .. wipp-lUn. 
laiinimi.lDlm-iiiltll, ■. b.lmfc»»of>. 
IniiDibibl*. lalni-utiltil, ■. ii,MiM*U, 
Iniqniloiu.loilk'lnllli, •- lolfi», A^ 
iDiautT. Iilli'lnilll, i. ialtaiiJc ta| 

laitJuIiDP, 1n1 ibll'ilil*, •■ •manelruui 


Injore, la'Jll, «. o./«r intlurif, effa,d.r^ 
lli|Utr,lil'jlr/j., »ti^i* a#M.,/. .^u», 1.. 

Inkting, -'«•(. ». mw£«i »ri^, »nur«, m. 
Ink-tland. -'(lliid. I. calanaia, m. 

InJet, ll'Jll, >. pmmmtjvi, n. «Inls, /. 

Inner, iB'alr, a. iBlirüm, vOrrim Rsnls. 

lnnö^t,'^ii^lilX'«''i^"'« P«'™ -i)'. 

IaBociiouj'''l'^tt^'<l9>, i. iDn nwfcD, l.- 

InDoy'lfon' Wil'ibl'i, i.'wl^*'« 'ul 

Iiinu«!'irarw7nM&:>. (JiwO«~i!^ "^ 
Innnincnbll!, Icjil'mltlU, .. u»wun»»<. 
Iimculale, lläk'lilLll, u. a. fiigsiifani, iü- 

Inodoroui, lui'dirb, a. inndottbit; ■».» 

InolTniiiTe, IdIdIii^It, ■. lui. »cIvii 6fl 
Inorianini^, lilraln'iittll, <•. tmtm •t^uiL' 

IniiuiaJliTE, Inkwli'illti, ■. nrfo», -]y. 

^ribe, Inibll)', .. .. iKrfMn, iKäiri.^^n 
:riph'on,1n>lirip'iblii, I. iiorufanii m 

iWw iHiMH. 

Sniiwct, tüphl'. 1. 1. WT f'lni/nwKi • 
IBI|WTlion,lBipIt'<bls,i. ilpiioi II «r^ . 
laip^dor, liupH'Ldr, V, ifptr'tn, «prsi 

JUpIntion , luplrl'ibln , i. uipirui« 
IMtdi». YnnLi'. V. ■. ipaolnirr. tptrmn, U 
fi^rrt. rt/<u- 

lainirft. Imelr'iH w. ».mabmMrti famj 
luiiibilltYVliiillblnJÜ,.. i»uMa<J,7. 
In.t»ll,lMltl'.».«.(«M««-t. L«.l»«.,y. 
miallilliDB, iBilIlH'lliUi I. ilaiilJiuilfD U 

LDDejlD'lrilfU, t- UMMI^Wf» 
H^HH ^ V. ■. mdÜMm tstmp}. 

lutif sU, iD'illall, V. v. Illmalart, Im, 

InilniBliTMutrlk^tl, ■. iKnlU», 
iBlltDBlOr.fluDU'llr.t.iRri-llorl, hHfmi- 

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mierj^tion, Inllijlk'ililii, i. «u>i4«tD»,y. 
iDtn-Uid, Inlhlltd', v. ■. UrJtlUn, /ir- 

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iBterHna, IbiIcIIb', «. ■. •nHnr« (n Hu« 

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n(«rpnl, Indr'prlij v. ■. fitfrrprtfw- 
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iwilic«, Inllr'illi, I. falrri 

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lerrention,'<blii. f. I«i,rvw.i«, 
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lolenuit, iDiti'iIrlDi;.. f<ii.»»»x». 
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loiicale, iBltt'iUlt.«. ■. innrU-ri-n. 
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üimtäiT, tl'ihllTl, I. laurMmrü, m. 

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InnnciblF, IbiIü-iUI, ■. InvIndUU, Oi- 

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iward, la'irird, a. taUnu, laHrbni -(i|, 
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nioible, Icb-alW, a. irmKiUU, cUtrün. 
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ron-monger, -nSmlr, ». J'rrrla, fi^ttra 
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iTTHtionnt, Inl'lbtDll, a. irraifaBaJa, Ir. 

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malainublc, Irrlkllmlbl, a. imp^rmtUt. 
rrscoTerable, Inlkh'rlrlliJ, a. irma»- 

nafninbl». 1rrlrirl|lbl, a. IrrifrigmilU. 
rrtfulüble, iRtrl'llbL, a. iacawnlalSa. 
mgulrir, m)|'|lLtr, a* irrmiarti -^i atf. 

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rreligion, lirM'lIn, •. irrcllfioni, cmplcü, 

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rn>pra*iiblF, IrrJprcNliil, a. irrrprtruiiiU, 
rniiilibfe, Irrlili-ilbJ, a. IrrnliililU. 
rreiolule, Irdi-itUi, a. Irr^Uia, -ij, arf. 

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rTMpKli»*, ItrJiülb'lli, a. aiKi/afa. 
rrMjiDniibll, Iirdpla'ilbl, a. asa riipon- 

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Intnijidi, Inllnld', v. ■. hure 

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InlEreil, In'llrljl, i. MlETcmi luuilaff Id 

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iDlnllird, ImlrllM', v. ■. larMU^, tiir. 

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fnlRnrine, tallnvlii', v. •. (Mricdvc. 
minral, ln-ltnll. •. I.i.r^ll; •>. N<r<. 

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iDMnacdiite, loilr 

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iBlrrpeJIatian, Inllrnlnl'ilih, t.lHUrctil'a- 

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ntJDiAOr, Ie'iIbIiI, t. uKna ••!<••; »/ra. 

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lolernble, InlU'llrtM, .. LitllirMU, 

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Inlolenint, Intil'tlrlDl, a. /nUlhnui». 
iDlOMtion^ tnl(Dl'>lils, I. Intw^oM,/. 
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iBTübdalE, ImlL'lldLi, v. a. Jan iitumlln 
Inrnlidit]', iDfllld'dlll, t. i„«ilUiiii e 

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irim-pliite, -allt, i. phtint d!ftrrt,f. 

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Ironr, iTlnl, •. Ircnl^f. 
lirBctinta, Irrl'dlll, ti. ■. rgniari, »n»>r>. 
tnitioniil, Irtl'ibtclJ, ■. irrubnale, jr~ 

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tmtanU, loTli'ilrli, v. •. lüuiHrfr 
iBTinsible, tnlVilU, ■. bailucüiUi l 
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larite, IbtIi', «. ■■ limitm. 
iBTOotiaB, liilll'ibln, >. JniucruJiiM, / 
iBTOioe, lo■JM^ •- (cod.)/.«.™, /. 
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rTemf'lifl'bln.llfiml'dllb], a.i>ri»<^i^ilci 

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proTable, Irrliii^-tllil, a. irr^pr« 
iiJtiblc, Irrltl^libl, ■. b-rt^litiU 
lOLute, Inh'iljil, a. jrrwjabi -1 

Irmolulion.lnladl'ililii, t. 
IrmpfelirB, Irrluila'lli, >. a 
Irrespaniible, IrriiiiBn'ithl, d 

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IrtilibUitT, tr.llll.!|-iill, ..^rriiMUi. f. 
Imloble. tHrlllkL, >. IrHUHl.. . 

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Iubber, llll'blr, v. ■. dimUrr, isrtoKin. 

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Jadidii, JUl'All, •. linilUidlt 

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Hop-isrden, klp-jlrao, Hop-groond, 

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Hap-;ud, iii£ Map-fiidtg. \f»Pii'li, m, 

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Rotel, hilll, I. Aieiif <<•,/. r/u»,/ 

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Hot-fiDiu*, -^lli, >. *>(» uU>, o.i 


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Roddla, bb'iM, •■ A"i> I («lA''«'. /- 1 

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lunch. b>°<b, >. foMioM, »ui,/ 

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Huri T-burtr', 'hl "(b^i "t 

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HniDchondriiui , Ilpfitlii'dillk, ■. A. i. 

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Bypoorit-, hlf'plkril, 1. Ipairüa, m. 
HypooriliMl, üIppikHl'lJklL, .. iptcritt. 
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M^^lhnätml, bipllill'llkll, ■. IpnUtice, 





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iBiiuiniluDiu, liDAmiD'rla, ■. iEnominioea, 

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[Iletible, 111 Hirn ; .. th- »«, ii uBi frii^pi. 

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Imbibc, tmW, 

iBurabls, Ib^iIM, ■. ImUmUU^ 

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iBlblliT«. Ib'bIiIiIi, ■. Imilunt. 
^■■lar.lBVMUlr, •- Imäimi^rr, m. 

IjamtaaMt, tnmllrtlUl, •. imm, 

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iDinninrubt«, Inial'iliirllil, s. fn 

IvunedutB, ^mmk'iiU, m^ itmmtJUt»t -1*. 

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ininod^'itP, lü»l-dlrtt, 
4niBod«l, iaial'dtil, •. 

numaLii*. iB'mEilL >. •. 
auBOlalian, ImbIiI'aIb, 
minanl, liiBlr-ili, ..1^ 
juiBonlilr, Inialill-llü, f. iiH, 

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■unonbte, laiä.-il)», .. i«»(if., C^ 

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i^ot^blc. liIHlltlil, .. »nuictifr. 
jnmuOblr, -1, •<'■ »«-foliJonU, ^.r 
mp, Inp, f. Iflna»! J'llriu, dimiihin, m. 
iB^ülj^blF, Injitl-fibl, ■. i>|^a/^^^li^ 
>n"li^,'l'<^l>ltl'. V. m. /-r ftltrip^'J^'. 

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miuiiiah. TbiFl'thBB, v. «. ■p^dsr^nar«« 

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inpenj'Enblr, iBpIn'nJirlbl, ■. impnttr*- 

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mpiralive. Inpli'rllli, a, {MK^imi -Ij, 

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ipsrii.lmplr'rll, », ..pmcülir., cini 

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at. ImpJi'illi, ■. imp.UiM„ .]y, 


lDip«tiif| IrD'p^lii, ■. impervt ' 
layioutt lin'ptli, ■. tmpio, irret 
Ini|>tiiciiblE, InplL-ilbl, g. InpUcatilt. 

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Iinphcnl«. Im'pllhll, u. B. impliuari. [f. 
ImpJiciiliiiii, ImfJJU'ihls, i. inpfiauJou, 
Jpiplicil, Imjiai'ill, a. ünpllcilti -)T, uJ. 

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l^poUcj, }mtf$\'lht, Bä impruiUiaMM, iadit- 

Inpolite, Ispilll^ m. iKcaHtt, nlllau. 

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ImpoHnnt, Imjilr'lliit, a. /n^srluw, rfi 

Iinpurblion, imjilnl'Uilii. t. m^grluiinii 
iinporlpri InpAi'Lar, f. aJa inlrodMUe {la 

Il(r,1iiirir'llilll,rt. liKparli, 

ItnpOrliuiB. iBpflriCn', V. a. impatltinarr, 

Iinboiitian, ImpAit'ahlit, j, ordinr, n.r b^ 

linpoiiible.tmpSi'alhl.a. impn.mir. 

oprecAlE, Im'prJtll, V. •. fn^rK 

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t, Imprli'ull, v 



Improbnbiljlj. Impr&blbTl'lhJ, f. impr* 
ImprobAlile, imprJb'blbU a. improbabiU^ 
IinprohiiblT, -t, ••!. <mptti.,t<imc«it. 
luiprubit; tnpclb-bdi, i. üiprMii, f. 
luiproper, Inp'ip'ptF, a, imirmpi-iai ladt 

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iiprM"niiej Imjtl'dtoj, •- bnpruJiia. 
.jipniilml, imprt'Jloi, •. iapmilmr, 

IinpDd^l, ^m'pidliit, B. 





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laaMcarioa, lUula 

iMwlibK lal 4^ «. mmmditti,. 

Iwiaganrt«, lat'gAriyi, «. «. . . . 

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laaacaratioB, lUfAfi'ahU, «. ^ 

iMistpicioat, lalsfl'skiB, «. 

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Inboni. la'Mra, «. *«■««•; Miteral«. | cm*. 
lacalcalable, laklTkAllbl, a. J^«r A' e*U 
IncaBtatioa.iaktati'Uila,«. imcmmtmtmmi^^m, 
lnca|MibilitT. lakipUln^tl, «. »cgyMCtf«), /. 
Incapabl«^ läkl>lbl. «. äacaj»acr} immhite, 
lacaiMCttate^ laklpIsfiMl, v. a. rwm/««« m> 

Incapadtj, laktpts't^t), «. aici^^iaeiiii, la- 
locarc^rate« Inklr'sliit, v. a. imcmrctrmre, 

lahcamate, laklr^lt, a. memrmmim, 

lacamatioii, laklral'skla, •. imem r m mt i m mt, /. 
Incas^, lakls', v. «. imetutmre; rincAtaWcre. 
Incautioaa, lakJ'skis, a. imcmmtmt -I7, ail. 

MitfaJifat w t f ft imprmdemte m t m te. 
Incndiarr, lasH'ditrl. «. imcemJimri», m, 
Incense, Ta'tlas, «. taeeaM, m.i -, laslac', 

V. a. imMMprire, irrilmre; pro%>«emrr, 
Incentive, lasHtlT, «. mccariv«, maCtwoi ta- 

eoraggimmemtOf m, 
Incessant«Yasl»'slBt, a. . 

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Inceit, Yn'sist, «. iacrtfa, ai. 
Incettuoiu, InsIt^Als, a. iae«tf««c«. 
Inch, Yash, «. ditp, poUie* (di«4«ciBa parte 

4*10 pie4e), M.I - B/-, |wea ptr «aifa. 

I»cl«ae, Hk;:ir. «k «. 

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iMombvttibtlitT, laUaiOrtlblllM^ «. «•* 

iBCombvttiM^, Hkl»l)li*tftl , a. «»«v«^ 
lacowe« 1a itm, «. mwAifa, «atnfef«« t\ 
iBComaieBsurabilttT. taiA«»lask4rlMr« 

lltl, «. UKwm*w>*»araM'»la. ,f« 
lAComskMuurabtet YaktmiH'MililM, a, «W» 

iBCooiMode» 1akt«»M*, r. a. i ^rtmt d *»^ ^ 
lACoauBodioait, 1ak9»a4M^I«k a. iajvw x 

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lacoMparabl^« 1ak4«>lrtli|»,a» »i «*iv^< 

lacoMparablT. -1. a«^. i aowa^*ara^'Aa»a l»> 
laconpatibilitT. Ukl«ptiUtnhl. «. ta> 

iBCOmpatibl^^ Hklwpttn^M. a. Awaiafaff. 

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Ineoinpetvnt,1akSai*plilal««. imc^tmptttnttt 

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Incompletc, Hk&aipUt'j a. iacaM/*j«la, ^«^ 

per/Htm. f». m«#ia/»rf#»w*i7i*^, /. 

lucoinprrh^ntihle, taklaipi4hla's4kl, «. in* 
eomprrnnMt, ftiMt* 

laconc^iTiihl^. 1•kS•sl^tbl. a. facam/*» fa« 
lnroiirlu«iT^,1akSakU*«lTt a. Mtraac/afTfarr^ 
Inconitniitj, InkSagrl'IU, «. iii«»«fra#ata, 

Incoogniout, lakSaf^rSI«, a, iac«»iifr«#t 

>ly, M«/. ineoafriirNrrmMifr. TdermHU, 

Incontid^rabl^. lakAa^lJ'dlrtbl, a. iMc«a«j. 
Inconsidmit^, Inkftasld'dlrit» a. JacanaiV»* 

rafoi ^-Ij, «</, <a<aN«it/rraf«iMrafr. 
Inconsittenoy, 1nk(ns1a'tlDt4, «. laaoai/tarf« 

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iBCOnaiatentf^akSasiallcil^ «« iacaiM\»v«>K\*\ 

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luuit. ' ' ' 'f*iit 

lacomiBiUblc, liktsibttkL -'. ha—iaia- 
InuBIPitabJr. -1. ■>'- l>uiauMaiJfini.u. 
lllCDIItiDFK>.1 nk>>^nlH,<.iiui«(Ji»iu> J. 
IaeOHtüi*nt, Inkli'Unlu, a. iMMiiünUi 

&iEDDnni«iD*, hikiail'B'^Tu, 4. usm- 

Ineanrni'enl, 'takLml'BHsl, n. iitamne. 

la«arpor*te. lelilr'iitiit, v. ■. An. Mcor- 

ysror«, JuaM-jHrpTWi -, m-lmiar/iarmbi. 
iBDOrpOntiaB, iBklnptli'lH», w. tiicarporm~ 

lBBÖrMni^>intfl'iUl,'<ri>< arfiarn. 
1, l.liirrJlil% a. baorrtlla, Ktr- 

jBBoiTi(ibl>, li>kti'r4|lbi, - k^vAilh 
Incorrupl, tnlrlrrlEt', a, inatmtU. 
Incarru[.iibi]ilr, InUrripilbll'llli i. io- 

liiDOrnipliblf.'lDtlrrlF'lllil, >. ndmlil-' 
InuTdl'bn'^T. lotrldlblfjlll, I. liuirtdiülC 

tnercdiblp, jnlirld' 

iBmibui.llll'kllirla, I. Jncul., m. 
Incnlute, Tnklltli, t. lai-/«». 

Duoibbent» tBkim'btnlj a. apfm^gintot -■«> 

Insunion', Iskit'ihlii, j. in 

Jn^nlion, Inlir.l'.blD, .. 
IndpbUd, lndll^d, a. (iij;«il. 

IndKVnl, Indl'ilil, a. in.«» 


e, Wikll'ilbJ, • 
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Indlr-Hiill, a. lul^nilo, biifb 


Ilidnitan,lBdlii^ll! •- Ki»lrall-i apc'er, 

Ind^Mndimce, InllplD-illiIi , 1. ini/rni 
Indi-pfndenl.lDdiptn'dliii. ■. i^tpnilin 

ladnuribablc, tadlriirililbl, a. i*>i)»v 

Indn'tnH^ibl«,' tadirirlk^bJ, •."'J*"i 

id«, In'dlki, I. iHfiii, n.| launla,/. 
diniBIID, ll|-d(Ig<t>,i. i»dinplf.<t. H.. 
.di<iD-rubb>r, 1*'dllp<»>b]r, «. foMa 

idicat*, ts-dlklt, v. a. inJU^r. 
diutiop, tndlkl'iblii, a. larfic».«, /., 

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ridon, lBdtjii'libiiB,'>, iidirrtliänrt 
...dili,/. y. .Ägno. «.. 

IndiniaUon, Indlipl'rtiiii, i. i>dr««oiio«, 
IndignitT. Iidlfniil, i. litirg.i,I, /., .f. 
IndifO, WdllA, j. in ja», m. Ltfof^ia» m, 
■-'--wl, hdlrtkf, a. iitdlnttti -If, ai/. ». 
«mt . IbdlikrlC, a. ImlUcriu, ium. 
iir*iinn,'liidT<tr)'>blii, i. 'buDtcrt. 

Indiiptninble, 1iiJ1i|iId'iIi 

IndiipeniRblri -i, *d, UiJiapmMmbi 

IndilPDIC, llidlipif , V. ■- renken ™ 

Indiipoiltion, Tnlliplil'iblo, t. in. 
IiX^ulibk, IsdVgltlbl.a. UainU 

-i^j:_„..i'>h1- -i, ad. IHtitMfintuiit— 

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lAllil«, tili 

hidlvidith, I^ 
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Implore, lirtll^, V. a. Implirtrr, •uppli. 
Imply.ltdpLr, v.a. iM^/iewi Bonpmifert. 
' lopnlicT. InptriiU, >. fn/vaifnua, fniUi- 

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Emporl, iB'pi^^ ■. imfwlaadan^f.i coitloi 

ImparUtion, tnpird'iliSB, i. imptriniiaiu, 
Ijnporlfr, Isiplrilr, i. ihr UlreUuct (li 

Iinpartnnnle, Inplr'ilill, a. bnpivliaici-\j, 

Impoiiliun, tmplil'ilili, >. «rJiar. -., loi. 
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ImpTiiDnmenl} 'iniaE, r. imprigmaammip. 

Imprabflbililr, Imprlh*"'"^"' - ' 

ImpTabablr. -* ' 

Iinpropriftr, iinprlptl'lli, >. mprcprUiAi 

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Impriätenl, 4>pr^-dlnl, a., -{;, 

Ilhpudilie«, Ib'pAillr^^ '■ impudinta^f. 
ImpudpnT, lu'pJdlBI, a.Impudeilwi -\j^md. 


■HonncT. ImU-UrU, • 

coluble. l'«kil-kWhl', - , - - -- 

lacwM HoB.littlail'iliIa.i. Utm „j Mm i iki.^m. 

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iBBUcmtf, tnlji'iliü, >. ■- uiwiuvc, 

lnunui IJoi, liklnt'ihb, t. ImanMiiMi, /. 
iBUDtiOBi, fnÜ'ikli, ■• fwanui 'I}, ad. 
Insnilijin, luIn'tlU, l. inmiimt, m. 

MlHDIU, lull^tb. ■. faenlaua. 

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lull', >. ^ ixilA 


iJd'neacT.lilUlB-BlHl. •■£» 
liul«aMl,1dUlB'Bbt.>. iBcl 
iBcliiudi», IkUlil'ikli, >. 

iBCDiBbiailibTl'it^ Imklakbllkllllll, i. b> 

InsoDiiiiTiiuribilitr, lottsBluärtkll-. 
lBCO^«uanfa™lLaBntB^kltlU, a. i>. 


tagampFlnl, 1«Ü«' 

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benBioIiible. tDl 

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bRwtntahla, li 
iBMiitnlabir, 'I, 

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Isanrtiarale, lnktr-|ilrli, D.a.ka. Ihoii^ 
Iniorml, lihinlki', ■. hcomiu, mop- 

biaoniBiblft, Vaktr-rljUl, - IoBrH(lUh. 

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JaoKdiblT, -1, ••!■ incrnUMImiKU. 
JnarcdiilitT. Inkrldl'Uil , (. wcrtJulUi, 

InertduloDi.Takrld-dlJli, ■. incrtiUlii. 

Inn^iK likrilf, D. •. bicmimtr. 

»tejai'kllilt, „. H. ».»'.. 

jui.lni'klbli, >. ino.»»,«. 

UM, InklL-kll, >, tecB(«n. 
iMuinbiiiCT, liklnlilul, t. sihhiis d* ■» 
itn^clB, m. , , rinujlciilt, m. 

iHnnbililT, InklrtblFlIll, f. IIa» (acäu 
bwamble, fnk^'rlbE. t. iHcmrmbiU, irrt. 
ImniinhtT, -), aJ. da HO. palmf oamn. 

r-^^m-t^i,^.1.1^ -^ J. I 7„ 

uiubtT, '-), I 
ununiM, tikl 

f ncsryation, InkSril-il 
Indfblad, Indlt'iH'-i 
Indttrnuy, Indl-ilul, 

IndKcnt. iMi'.IiiI. .. 

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lndrlioliIir.°nil1l'llk'irj,'i. na' 

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IndnnniEcnliaD, IcdlniD 

tnd'nn'nifT!°l7d>m-i>lt1, T 
IndEmnilT. IndImlitiJ, 
Indrnt, IndlQl', v. : k 
ladnitotion, -1-iIl9i>, i. 

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Indnc, lü'dlki, >. hdJci, n.i mw.!.,/. 
Indi<iii»n, li'dllnlii.i. tu/jraplu», «h 
IndinD-nibber, ti'dllirlliblr , >. fd«>>i> 

IndicmiT«, ludlk-klll*, ■. A i. (ir.) fi 
Indialmenl, lidlkl'Bliil, >. oeiiuii, /. 
Indiffncnn, hdlrHrlö^ i. iu'ljmi 

mdillinBl, »idlWiilBl, •. lidiff'rnUii 

lndl|vii(mi, hdl'jlnli, >. niuJiv J" ui'dllhl. ■. ii^diernlci pmrra. 
UdiiHlfblc, 1iidlil>-l(b!, •. Mif^liMIc. 
Indigniion, IsdJJI^Uhlii, i. üJigriH^nn 

OfdUA,/. If. Ul,,».. m. 

iDdieo'tiDn, 1«d1|jil'«liln, •■ '"«''■•noii»»», 
iDdignitT, iii4l|'>rii, >. lf«/ct.irl, J., .L 
Indigo, \J/*M,, ,. tnim^, m. \.lmttu. m. 
IndirHt, lodlrlkf, ■. iiulinlU, -1;, ad. »- 

lad iicri in iiMl e, 1 n diikrl m'mlnll, I. 'II Aiifn. 
Indiipcniable, Indlifih'itkl, ■. buitipm- 


rldllnlll, t. lndiriäHa. 

IndmiibililT, iBdlflilbllllA, .. . 

ladiritlblt.^BiM'Tlhl, ^. lnJimiiii 

ISdonl«, Vndl^l1^, ■. iiuttält, ü 
iDdocil 1», iMlalnlti, j. uubalili, 

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IiulalinKKv -lu. 1. Udi-Igofttf. 

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liwli^I billig, Intllljllill'liü, i. iniliftUi- 

liieqnalijT,_l»(hiln)il,». Utpialiii, iiji. 

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InFTiUblc.Uli'TillbJ.a. imnmni 
IneidunbU, lntkikl'aiil, ■. ii»cw 

Inuhiuitibii', l'nlkibla'lJb], ■. ina, 

lnnur<ihlc,1iilli'ilrllil, a. luMr.l 

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liieip>dieai>r,1albprd)lul, t. « 


iIe, InlkypLttllil , •• ineipliu. 

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Innpugiuble, lalkifl-iillil, a. trmpiigmM. 
InntinBiiiihabls, lolkrtli^ivlitJu, a. te- 

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-nfdllbl^ Hrll-ltbl, .. IfifMlliilU. 
nfillihlT, 4, ^. MitfjUiMUJ. fuifririK 

Infuiidda, Inrti'lUd, (. biJ—lUiiiUt, m. 
lufuliDe, la'rtnil«, .^^f^tü..f..ra.. 
ipfantTT , In-rliiui, (. jimartm,/. fiam 
nfiniole. tsdCllll, V. a. i^Jäuarci •••»«■ 
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ton, iBDk'iliiii, •. wf™'«" »"^ 
ioui, InJlfihllia.I^Ua, eiiiila(LMq 

DT, 1ir(-rllt,a.K/^l>r'i -.•■-Ji'i'U 
luhmsli^DDr'Iill, a. ii/'xw'ii - U»«.*. 

iBjHta^y.iiJinintii, j. ü^tttnJiiä.f. 

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r, Inrldb'itd , •' mf^'ii'i — ' 

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I mliniulT.lBnr'lDia.i. Iit/Vnxildijra'iua, 

inliämiMble,"illi'i»'iitW,' " it^^^.kU^ 

InileDl, liBIkl-, ii. a. u^lUri, pligMr,, cmm. 
luriaibla, laUk'i. 


iBdncn», UmU-A t. Ulu-r., m. 
lofliil. In'alki. I. ui^iu»! tisDiuAiiiils 

jBfDnnlll, -II, .. Jr«™Ji,». [/■. 

iDforinalitT, 1iill™ll'lliJ. t. tn^t^ltriii. 

Infannitian, tirlrjAl-mls, i. B,ftrm.,iairi 
InfnclioB, iDtrlk'iIitii, i. iVraiainunb, in. 
iBhincB, tarrt^', v. ■. Irmigriiirr, nälirr. 

Inluie, latli', v. •- iafiiiubm jifiiran. 
Ufuion, hrl-iklii, •. iKA««ii iMipIra. 

lai^th'nuK, WTB4tlH. ■■ r.aalU,f. 
iBtMnit/, lällpl'lll7i. iKtnuilli, Jm. 

iDiloriOH, iHlCrlH ■■ ("(TorWo, dU-Ha 

Tngnfl, loirfR'.v. •; ÜMHlar«, intekUn 
iMntiaM. Imil'iklli, v. il «ir.r. J. t» 
£., ■.vn»b>rti. ry 

Iniratitnd«, Tucrll'lllll, f. furxIImiVne 
Inandient, SniA-dllDl, •. hfnJiulc, n. 
IngrMlpln'irli,.. Mira«,/. 
Iniiil/, ln,lJC B. .. ,Vf «(.Hl™, d;«r^». 

Inhabituit, lDklb1>(lla(, *. iWlim», util*- 
Inhiil*,1aUI', V. ., Mf~-r. ™pJ«™. 
InhumiWIlOlir. Tnhlr&D'Dlei, «. «mu HPjnff- 
iDlifnBt, 1Ä(-nil,a. ' - 
tnhniUnlil'^k«' • 

Inhfn tor, libhMlIc, j. cr«b, >■.( mrfi,/. 
lohoipllalili, Inklt^ttfcl, ■. imipOmlrnj 

'.'tDklb'Mllat, *. iWlim», lüili 

trtdüi, f. t 

■iihöVpltalitr, Inklnlillllil,!. luniiii 
tr>d>J>i_-I;, >rf. (■■»•Mooiii. tdwM.J. 

Inimlini, IhIb-bMI, i. ntnictnwfc. 
IidiBitiibla, tsta-ulllkl. >. bilmli-tUi. 

lUDnlr, Mlftalll, t. inlfHUAi b<,b^a- 

Zitate, M'lblll,v.>.frii>I>r>. 

!■ (iaSDii,1gbUl>ikl.,..<»nliul«H.I.,.i. 

In aotilajni', ■■■./•" ■'"''^'^■^ ">M>- 

In'«S?n, tol»'.Hn, .. ii,j«(m., /. 

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tja/naeti dii, lajlii 

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IninTT.ln'jAiJj«. HTiorfaipjTi^fai/. MtMiapi*- 
In Ultl», 1iijl>'l1i,t.J«tl«>li>U| h-lliUlA,/. 
Ink, 1ii(k, (. ^eAiun, n. 

_.iklhom.-^lni. - -- .,-, - 
Ink-linea, -Olni, i. pl.f.UtAt,i,f. 
Inkling, -"IIbi, I. «WHi vnUi, niilin, ». 
InL-itAnd, -'•Aal, i, ubunafs, n. 
Inllir. -'1| ■> ^iBtilflrt, Htm «m umll» 

iBluder, 'lt. t. lillMslt dtlC InuHm. ■>. 
laUr, 1>'ll, >. I««ni ■ unid, n. >-,».•. 

Inlet, In'ltl, 1. pta^tgln, m. tnlr^l., f. 

bunat», la'Bkl, i. piioiuli, a, 

lomDrt, In'm^L. a. inirriarei orv/onäiHlmo^ 

IBiiate. lü'all, a. fimi.. aalwaf.. 
IIIuv;|ab]e,tDDl>'-l|lb1,i.iHin •ua-itmiilc. 

InoDinDluT'l'Datt'tili, .. n« wvicB, tn- 

ucMlai -Ij. oJ. illMC«.!«««!.. 
IimaTale,1iI-Dl.LLv. a. Iru«>ar>. TuifJ,/. 

Iiui[uiDii>,tiiotk'>li)a, •. UM uciiwi -Ir, 
lüii*üdD'*Wl'D"i'; I. (tlw.) awfi'ä"»^ 

In ücula liOD , 1 nSkk 1 1 L'ili 

Inoffan^in, InlSl^ll.a. jwaucfuJTiäl 

InordinaM, tall'dliill, ■'. iaarrfiaulo i -I7I 
InoiganicU, hlrita'njlltl, ■. f«u< irf uf. 


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lIiraad.lntU, a. bnini'oaa, £n»i<{p.../. 
lualnbnoni, lulll'brlta , s. iiamtutrt, 

InäälXiir, laiUllilIll, a. fuatiJrfM,/. 

iiiirsriT,".ii'B'n'jii, .. i;£i">iii',r,/, 

l»>a[[aM*.1a.i'.lilll>l, .. (uau-:;»!^. 

iMnäambt», 1b 

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luinceritT, luliuli'clu , i. ^tJi~iiuhu, 

Intipid, tu^p'pld, M, vuipitUt atipitBt -ij> 

■niipiitilr, lulpld'rlllt, '- huipUiuMtf. 
IDlill. »u(if. ip. «, iMfalrr., pTiiUtr,. 

Utmnl, Invlr'i^, V. kMifmv«t ww-df- 
billll.lwU', •--.^'■»■"■rc. L»i'««,.' 

luUlinHlt, IiuIIJ'bIiiC t- pmgmMBMta _fiää 
toilmine.lii'iIlM, ■- itUmtt,üUKUt , tolU- 

AulRiiOn^il, 4. firuHUi, ari«!*! -tf, 

-ll, >W, jMHifJIUMMr. (f. 

bilauriitiaii , luUfl'ibIg, i. Hdonainai, 
iBili-id.lDMld-, pr. in 1.1.» dl, II. »«• di, 
liultp, lü'illr, •. u"» iM pi"/'. ". 
Toilifal«, In'ililll, V. m. uüwlarr, inellmrt. 

1, ^uli-jlnl-f, ii^'fnilt, ri 

inliihte,1ii.lnii>lsiaM, •. i 

Krtion , liihrlk'ihlB , t. iM.rmuiu, 

■stionary, -lil. >. Htwiu». 

10, Inill';!. I. Hilf Iw, •■- toällarm,/. 

ll' VUtlll'.a. inltrilt, ijito^|(illlin.) 

IT, 1>llV(tlU,>.MHrMl pTtMU,/. 

ici, In-illdkL •. I.uaau, m. 
dual, lilllllnilll, ■- UltUtHmmU. 
ginoe. Iilll'lljhh >■ ImullittMiM, ■>. 
, /. «niH, lau owrupHiWaus, /. 
-«ifln-i -Ir, <, mavrilittm, gav^ätr*, 

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iBlenul]', Imln-itit, (. « 

Vn'äfa-ikärr.' h- 

iBIcmlab'BB, luliUJl^liti, *. brirruf 
lBts»»lit, lallnlfl', V. m. inuretllmrtt ■ 

ImlenJunafl, In'llriihknjj t. » 
IKUIP.xi;, -,1lu)lUhM-,o.<.>»i*i>ri, 

Intorcouns, In'dTkin, i.°wl^J!?lii 1^. i 

lllirdlsl, Inlhdltl", I. falcnfrlO, ■i.icnt- 

lÜHM,/.! ', V. •. iDUnOn, pra&irt, 

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iBlfrdieUOB, tnllNIk-dila, i. forinfl>J«!ii 

blcCHl-tinkft.-lMkll, •.pn/iuilUdifl' in- 
iBterTeiCi lallrfJi', v. n. falcr/bnli itnr ii;>- 

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InKriia, iB^lito, >. hfnVitii mMTnalfm fn- 

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IblCrlaCntlDn.liKlrllkl'iblll.f. butrluru. 

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blFrlopr , Utlriii>-, v. ■./ir c«ir«»»<>iirfl. 
Inlerloper, -)r, i. uRimAudli», m. [f. 
iBlcrluäe.lnlliUd' i-fHlimou.m.i/imi, 
iDlfmtnmace, TallcBinT), f. üilinulrj- 

"'"iTiiTT, InlltBlr'rl, t>,ii,iiilimir(UHi. 
ni-ddle, lallnsh'dl, v. a. infrsmrl- 


iBtmninBlr, InllmilDr'll, v. a. A t. fnm- 

IntBmiH'Dn, lillrmlB'ilifa, f. iiiimfiiui«, 
/. InlirroinpinKiil», n. r'"«"'! oriMTr. 
Intninil, iBiIrmll-, v. <■. Jümiiiuart, Irw- 
tulirnil, InllfBlI, ■. ImcrtM, ->, w«. iiiMr. 

IiiIrr|>eJUlioii, 1I<''J>>lll''ll)■•'■l""^;>'"— 
/"^l'°r"'"' °' ' '' }fMß"mxfn.'y. 
tairrpa/ailan, UaipllVshlB, I. In—r '-- 

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rTi'illliJ, .. inlirrBfWK. 





IntHtiDC, lilh-lln, >. 1»<«*I«, I 

InIhnl.lBlAiIl', IT. a. rcn^r teil 
Inlhralmcnt, -nlnl, t. •t^ttt, « 
IntimncT.tD-llinbt, •.«!»«>»< . . 

iDl'iinnte.'la'IJmkl, a. hlima, /•-l!i-t, -)}, 

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IntolenibT«, hlllllrlbl, •. hiollcr^lU. 
InlolfnblT. -I, ••'- inullirttilm^M.. 
lnl<>lEr>iic*,1iII>n)tllu, 1. jxlillcruu,/. 
Inlolimnl, JmSI'ilriiil, a. (a<o«.raal.. 

in I ö itntfon ° 1 Dtlkitk^-'bl'n, .."'Url^l /. 
:nlMolHbl«,1°irlk^il»l. . iHifitMIt. 

Intwpid.^BlrVp'*."- lulrtpldo, -V.aJ. 
Intrepiditr, Inirtpld-dlll , .. («irf/iiJ™«. 

Inn^gv^, In'trliltl. i. Iulrlfsi Tmiafa«», 
IntnOHtV, la'Liiklt, a, ffilHfafaf niiAa/a«Ba- 

bmdBClim.tMri^b'ikl*, t. i»ir.A.i.»., 

iKTDlnmtinly, laitllillilll, ■ 

lanlld, tatf 1114, m.lmrmIlih,Mrrmi,4 

imlr. -, lailldr, >. ÜHMild*, «: 
limüdlll, Iaill-Jl4ll, n. ■. >n ünw/f. 
InnTiililT, Isilll^-dllj. •. inw/Urbi.- > 

tiTaliubU, Inlnlflil, a. IiafiraHliJ>. 
iBTlHabl*. IdiWMu, ■. im-rUta: 
IBTIFubl^ -I, ■</. imtmrimHlmiia: I 

lanif lü Tn&', v- ■. jaj^ivvr*, «*£«jhÜi 
Imniflc, Inl^l. V. ■. tUtturt, liulMrr,. 
■■Tnl.llihl'.B. ■. lnButan. 
Intnlum, laThUb, >. uwaiJUi, /. 
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laviäablfc biWilbl, ■. 

luTiolabli, hil-lllu, •. imvuUUl. 
iHTiiibilil*, Uililbll'Jlil, (. iu>ü< 
laniiblD, Inli^lü, ■, ImilMiiiU, 

larUiblr. -i, *4 
iKTitatiaä. tnltfibU, 

JmTOnätioii, ^i'tkl'ikh, i, inccsit 
lK*oice,1ii'>n>,<. {CDU.) /■uu^/. 



IB^mt, -ItiLi. füuDir* iij'rra.f. 

Ton-plale, -tili, I. 

national, lirl'ihiBll, •. irrmii,tMLt, ir- 
r-lfon»:.!,. fU./. 

mtlonal'lT, 1iTl>)i)hliilil, .. {fm»a>(k 
rtnUimubU, IrrtkUs'tU, •. Orcpmi^Ut. 
rr«an<:ilabjF. 1rr»ttBil-]lM, .. muiltctUU. 
FiKDvnable, Inlkli'rttUil, ■. wr-mpt- 

rnCulable, trTln'tUl, •■ 
iregular» Inlfl'iJllT, ■. ii 

golant7r"'l"'elll'T'lll. l^frrSSISiii 
IRrfniuil, iTrlllJTlnl, ■. irrittfM.:. Cf. 
irr^ ligion, Y*f;','j; '■ '"'"tl^ '"*';7 

Ir^mrd;<ih%. iTrimJ-dfbil. a. irrnnn/utifÄ 
InF.gpdiabLT, -1. 'iJ. irraudUiilmaai. 
Irnniiitible.lTirmVitU. ■.imB.r<'»aliIi. 
Irmua'able. 1rrlml'<lbl, a. i.»ul>»if>. 
rmpITiiblc, 1nl|>'plrlbl. a, irrtpartHU. 
ImprehFIuiblF, lirljiprllilii'itlil, a. irn- 
1rTF|>roiu:häblf', InJoiiOblM, a. Irrtyrc- 

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[rrFiilluti% tirh'llLll, *. irratluln -If, arf. 
lrr«oliitiDn,1rÄiilhU^ t. Irrtirltalm^ 

InHpKtlT«, Icilnilll'lll, a. MHlala. 

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Hiirdle, blt'dl, >. if^ijcah, unJicJs, 
Hardf.tnrdj, nl?dJilnll, >. viol. d 

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Hri>0]i, hli'ilp, I. Uafo, itiapi,, I 

um«! <'•)■]>, I. g.lidt,^, f. ,ial, 

IdeHt, Idl'll, 1. i.f«ih, inuUatuaU, 

Ideniiciil, IdlnilklJ, i. Una'», m 
Ideulilr, Uh'M, V. •■ ymifiear 
ld«ntllr. lillD'tllt, I. idnlili,/. 
Idiom, id'dJifim ■. idivmut m. 
Idionulia.ldJiiBll'lli:, a. idiimali. 
Jdiotitd'dlll, t,iif»la,iiifDriut»,io 
IdiotCr, -li, t. iiJüluHU, n. inlcei 
Idioli^ Tdlli'ilk, n. üliKiicK. 


lolLie, Will' B. '.!'r!fo;.ü«. ' 

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linöminj^, I.-Ämlp'j, I. itn-mi»U, l>^am[.\ 

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lIlHilimalctUljll'llDll, a. ittitillan, -i], 

lUibenL'illlk-lilrll, '■. iUAcrtUi lardiJ'i 

lllibcnlilr. miklrll-lll. J. ltnjarU,J. 
lllleit, IllWilt, ■. fUtäu, praitat. lllimiH. 
lNIt«iite.1ll1ltlHi,>.lfJMHr.ipi Im^wat. 
Illn«>. Il'ala, t, «adrinai iiHAiJwniuiK, /. 
lllociol, mt'JlktJ, a. I«u niüoiM«». 
Ill'ibllped, lUtlpd, •. K^lSmlu, iiftrm: 
Ill-tTHl, tl-Ull, lU-DK, -'!>, I. ». •. «af- 
BluiainiriF, llll'ntoli. D. •. aiu^inrnr.. 

IlliiüoB, 1Jl4'>li)ii, •. fll'uio«,/. •it^ri, -.■ 
llluttre, lUl'ili. lUuorT,.llll^.'^tf- 
IlLmtrata, lUt^rll, 

n, lllliiii'ilili, f 

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Itliaginiiblp, Imtj'lnlbl, a. Imma.ln'iil 


I', ■. ■. Ii»uJfcni in 

ImiBPAiiinibli^ TA ml 

Iniineduli, Imni-tdi, i 

ImtMimiUT, Innls^lt, l. Inmui 




miiiDl{1Ii'lr. Irnntblr-llll, i. b-it*ailA,/, 

inmoniblT', ImmliL'ltl), i. jnunu.HiJi 
jungriJil.'TmiDicill, ■., -Lt «(^ 
iniaarliilil7,1miDtrlijl(ll,i. imrtarlaliUJ. 

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lUiirliiitilJ'.liiplnlilL'JllI, •. impartUllli, 
iimxIlbJF, Impli-ilbl, ■. tht um /.ui ui- 

lp»iibi%. Inrlulhll'llli, I. lm'X,l^l 
ipmcioti, fniil'ittJB» w. «. itpptumionmrw^ 
..upBulT», Ispli'il^ ■. iiimtlUlr, 

ItnpaliFDl, Inpl-ililal, •. ln/W"<>' -Ift 
.„ipucfi, Imiilliy, V. ■. ."-.~. 
]uap«lilMhlll, -Ibl, ■, 


lüplg'dlBlal. (. bi^Ä^niD, 

[iiipVr.'löi'pliL V. ■. impMUtn. 
JmppnrLImplqd'.v.fl, ^huim^tc. tsprattar*. 
Iinpeiiplrj.b.[il]r, 1ii>pli>ll>U1lllU. .. f«. 

fi.n,U.i,H,i,y. lUU. 

luip«aElriiblp,lDptli'iilUlU, ■. isuiMdra. 
ImprnflrnblT, -i. .rf. impnilraHOMIi. 
Itnarttilrneii,\mpl^tiilai, i. ImpnilntaJ. 
luilMiulEnl, luTldllllDt, ■. imp«,UaUt 

iDiacralJTfl.lii^illli, ■.(numflHi -\j, 

llnpi^wplibj'e, iBplnIpllbr, ■, Impm.C- 
lUkfrnrpbblT, -1, md li-kr""liiHlnr~u, 
Unpirl«;!, lülr'ftu, <. inpir/ilw, i/(/.J- 

imptfjmc, m. 

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lm''J'^'Tm TtHI . j™ ,r!.U . im 
tinpenaliili, -üu, t. pl. iMpirimU (laldaU] 

Ipcriihlbls, Implr'rlibt^l, a. u<iu>rn.Ili- 
iperioiul. tmpir'ilDll,' a. impcriiiiule 

Ipert'inencs' InplT-llnIu, .. hnpTI^ 
JmpprTJDUi, Implr'Tl^ t. vnptntlrabllit 

InpiOiu, WtOi, t. rntpia, irrtUtm'l -ij, 

Impiarable, tupll-kllil, •. Implßuillc. 
iiapImblT. ->. «A finpUnKlmtiut. 
t«p lia(,(npllnl',ii.a.f<J»tani imprimcri. 

.ap1>»t>, tm-pllkll, i>. ^ Implitarc r/. 
implicflion, losJlU'ikla, <. J^pliiu^H, 
Implmil, lm,ll.',1l, ,. implicili, -I,, »^ 

linpjo«, Imllr-, IT. ■. ü^ir. 


Jmpolite, 1BpllU^ •. InehMr, .liJJuH. 
tDpnl!l!c(7l')iBpJlfl-^™£pifilia>l im. 

Importnnn, Inplnlsi, ,'i^p,rV<ut, f. 
Impurluil. Iiipirilai, <i. •'mptrulTu, d 

ImporLiiliüli, Iflipirli'ihita, j. fnüi0rfaiwaff 
luiparlür, liDpirilt, ■. nti uumduct \l 

IinporlDniile.laplnliitt.a. ini^orfuBii, -1; 

m^Ji'ib'ililj, tapluiliMllhi.lmpHiliifi 

linpoiiible, ImplValbl, i. impo» 

Tmpotlor, lnEpfs'lSr, *. iiifallaaf 
linpaitnn, Tmpli'ljic, i.lnpinl 

Iippoteniw, T&'pillv, f, bnpaint 

lioprncticabililT, l'mprlkllkltifl 
Impracliunhle.lmprlk'llkltil, i 

Iinurobit]'. iiiipr£b'b^Eti r. impnbitä, f. 
tmiiraprietr, lup'lpn'lli, t. Impritprittii 

ImpraiFInml, -idIdI, •. ml,lf„,, 
linpro Tide nee, Inprtr'ildlsi, i. impt^i. 

Iinpro*idpnt, TutprAv'iUlqu ■- Impraviiioj 

Impudjncte.lin'pAdilntB. impudffm,/, 
IiniludHIl, Im'piilliit, m.impmdaalt, -I;, aJ. 

LippuIh, Tn'pSto, 1inpulaion,1iapEr»hBn, <. 
iBlpiinilJ'. Impl'illl, ■. Impai^ilt,/. 


lamotiTitr. lilkilVitit, f. 

-ii7/«V-iC'lnIii'dl*wli, .. 
--'-^ -■•-'- •-•■-V.lbi, 


ntl]', Intditr'lliiUl, • 

lniinit^ii''ls'lEl-ibTD, *' k"'l^i 
iDüiipliiiiblB, litp'plUlM, ■. . 

lupjp'«>>Ur, lilfjirJ'ilitlbJ, ■ 
hupLitads, la^'ülld, j. Ittillii 

mild, l'a'iUlnlll, ■- rccUaUrlr, Jm~ 
■ncipIenl.Uilp'plInl. a. comniitclauda. 

DD.IniVthlD, i. inciiüat,}., laf »a.n. 

□ cliiulian, Inkllsl'ililll, l. üulinnltmi 

InoDnuh, IgliailUb', mJ. •( 
lutimio-, IbIiiIb-iIiIii. > 

luttmtiTt, Uiuh'lli, a. J 

nfnium'tniil™ l'ilkl^nluVMbTI-. 
oeniumble, iDkluntn'iblrbl, '. I«- 

iblp, 1llHiii|ill1(lil. a. fiiirsn;»!!. 
[naaniprtmee(cT)j IpkSn'pJilnifJ), i. iiL 

__ judpetent, lakf m 'plil nl, 
IncomplVl*, fuAÖpLll'j n. incanplult, im- 
Inctnnpnliuinbi II t>, 1 nttm p rh tnitbl mill', 
lucoinpn]irni;bU,1ntluptIh)o'^bJ,ii. Ffl- 
InnuiDC^TiibUVlnklfotMliI, >. («»npri» 
I nnoiiDliiiiTe, WlsUl'il T, ■. «I »neJiK'ni rn 
lniiongmil)',>i>bliiitl'lll, t. tenninmui, 
iBDOntiriiana. inktqi'irSti, *, litcont"'^! 
iDCDniidn-abr'/Ukln^il'dltlU. i. biDoiuf! 
InoonndRIlF, Inktnilil-tllcll, ■. limntUt- 



iBfonioInbl«. Icktoillltir, •. lacentsl 

Ttnie^, Ink^'U'lI 

iBoörponte, loklr-plill, v. 

InaoR«!, Inttnlkir, ■. bicurrmiia, itti 

bKorrigibf», lUli'^Uit, a- hcurniMli. 
iDBOnrapI, IntAirlpC, «^ htEarrailt. 
lomrrDI'Tibilit^ laktnliidMriltlj i. 

IlMotraplible. >ittrrl|r^llil. 

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jiniri, lakrld 

InBtrdibJe, lütild'dl 
IflorediblT, -*, urf. in^rfuin^ 
IncndaJitr, lnkrldl'llil , i 

Inonduloni.'fahrld'dllli, a, 
Ijujriiniiutt, Iskrlm'iDjDUi v 


luuinbcnt, lEklm'lilr 

cnt, liklm'lil 

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Incorriiüp^ 1nlIi.l'.blD, i. pliralirt. J. 
Indfbiad, ln<Di-ili), a. bCMU,\a'„U,l\ta.iii. 

IndeceBt, IhiII'iIbI, a. btdicr^u, ~\i, ad. 
ladKJiion, ladlil'ibaD, i. IrrimJ.iIanii b- 

iBdHiItrV/tadl-l'il', a. iadiclH. 
Indeotinable, IndiUl-nlbr, a. adcclimiUh. 
Indecutoilt, ioilil-lii, a. »iJccDn, fa- 

Indplrniiblri Igdllfn'ilM, •. du aa> 

Indi-fiml^'lBdtffJiill, •, M^m-I 

Indoliucy. iDdlllMiW, . 

nifr, tadls-i 


Iinnilrl Indlm'altt', 

n, -t-ihini " 
tii«lD-lJlt, t. 

niw. Indlpln 

idlpln'dlH, I 

iMtraolibli!, I>dl<trlk-Itl 

Indian-nibba, In'dllartbbli. i. (omau 

Iiuliui-iuininer. -»Inralr, ■, Um.) filn- 
Indioale, U'4lklL *. a. inJlfot. 
IndialioB, ladlkl'ihai, •. liJlc^tKt, f.i 

A, IntiVlIrlllt, a. biMgirnitt, 

ladl|«lA>le, IndtAi'ilR ''.'i-dif-^iMli. 
Indlgntian, Indtjh^bb, i. inditttiia^i, 

fli lndltpl'qbtll, r- indrrnatlant. 

idico, Wdlil, I. nid 

1, Ikdllkrlf, a. MitcnU, lua. 

Indiipeiuiiblc, Indüiiiii'iliil, i 

IndtipciuiiblT« '^t ^ iJtäUpfnBahiLHtnfe, 
iDdiipOM. Indinill', c. a. Pmi/cr' tncapuct, 
InditpDHtiaii,Ti>il1ipliV>I.Iii,i. imAipsii- 

b^^Dtiible.lDilli'plilW,.. b-KnIaiMl: 
iBdiiuatablr, -J. aJ' i'dUputahUM„u. 
laäiHalnlllh ladli-iillbt, .. U^litKt-kU: 
ImSiUnet, 1i41h1ii|U', ■. iu/,.ibiis, iHinr. 

Indil«, t><ll', v. ■■ rtäigtr,. 

MM^ -Ij. «L »J».'A.(,«Wfl ... i*. 

MrlduM, m. rlili,/. 

ImdiTidDalitT, IndlTKatllll. j. bdi»Uu- 
IwÜTinUlitr. 1i>dl<l>lb)nia, •. biäiväl- 

IndiTliible, hdliVtllil, ■- ImUvM»».. 
iBdiTinblr, -l,ad.uiAnii£ifnciiu. rrallio. 
iHdaml*. hUi'ill, ■. Iiufai^lc, mparHu, 

hHi.r. (f. 

Indolncr, In-dllii*, *. m^oI»», pltriiä. 
Indolent, iD'dlJlw, •. IndoUMi, -\j, td. 

IndubiUbi«, In'illliillbl, .. iad-hiüUUi 
iBdubiMblT, -1, nd. induhiiaHlmau. 
ltlAwt,\*lAir,t>.f.bulnm,pma.dtr'. fin. 
Indusrinent, -■Im, i. iiK/uiimMio, ■.oihio, 
lud», tllll', ■■ «. tiiHiI^i BnvwilinT. 
iDdnll*, 1n<IU^i>.a.* L/anTTfr«! M*- 

iBdulMnc«, •Iki. I. Ituliägaiia, f. 
iDdnlPiit, -■■r>. b,dMlitn^,i\,, .d. «j. 

Induilrial, tmli 

lnnp(d,i<>nt, Inlbpi'dllol, ■. 

■JHble, tnrtl-jlbl, •. MMMli. 
illibli, -(, •<!, iV"'*!'"'"". rii^"»-'- 
.mDDI, Is'Ilnli, a. l;i/a«>l -tj, 'd. tau 
illlT. In-dnl, •./n/xM'a./' 

^ ' 1e, Inrli'Qild, f. i^uiieidfa., HL 
In-llnlri.i./MUi^a.y: fiTh 

Infer.lTll?,'^ * 

Llil'ibli, 1. 1 

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iB^Htinriiilitii'^*. IiwIThIÜI, IslBlk'- 
IjlU.a. i>i>^«Hr (bwi'>, -Ij, ad. luuB 

Inältuciinu, tnirlkl'ihb, ■. fniffiuei. 
Iieflkiniffr.lillltklul,!.!.»^!:!!^!^ ijs. 


_1 bI^^Im, ■. Mf^oaui (ftiiili. 

nttlalrililii, a. 
liÜtr, 1>llI1|1bll 

iBtrt, llin', ■. biirEtt -Ijl, ad. p/ir 
iHertUMi, -sb, t. iunin, /. r>ni«i|iili. 
iBMtioMble, likllialM, a. inHiHH-iili, in- 
Ineritabl^ lah'rlllbl. a. dk aaa tviiurtl. 
InnounMe, IqlbtWul, a. u«iruaiiJ>. 
IntUDwU)', -t, mJ. iHKUuUbim», 
Ineihaiiilible, Inlbbli'llkl, a. iniaurihiti. 
lUHonbl«, lalb'ilrfbl, a. l—nrMli, lo- 
pUatlle. Jvatcaa.f, 

laatpidieiicy,lDlkfpl'dt)iiAi, <. Eeomient- 


t, iDlknpl«'. ■, iarlptrli-, liilCi prt- 

inbls, iDlb^llklbl , •. I\ 

,able, Inlkipl-nl 
liihable, IsiMlIj 


L, latlb'ibail, 

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Illidll'Ull,!^ unedel 


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<>dci, lu'ridii, I 

InfidelilT, " 

Infinn, lirtciu', a. Jii/irm», i^rieb. 
liifinn^ry. Iirti-mlrl. .. V"-"»'/- ■/■ 
Infimülr. lodr'intll, •. Iiiftrmiti i frtlmt, 

InkjilDtnHbJe, laalm'mlbl, a. ii^ammmbiltj 

lnti«ti-, 1liBl?.U.B.e«Jfiu-., t'nfi-rc. llmrtu, 
Innilion, Inal'ibla.i. ii^aun, /. tj^f"- 
InHesI, Inaltt', u. a. uX«'«-'. P''I>»I >«- 
Inflcction , iDÜlk'iblE, 1. iflj(«Iiaiii| varia- 

Innsubls, laBlk'ilbl, •- iafirtiaili. 
Infli-ublr. -1. «'■ infiatdilmnu. 
Inltlut, InBlkf , u. ..X/IJft.m coadoMan. 
Infliction, liink'ibSa, j. pvimna, m. 
Inflarnce, lu'ItlDi. i. iiüfxnu, /. i -, «. <~ 

Infln». 1 Billig .. iwfiuMnimro* 
Inldnniilitr, lalSinfllll), i. ir 

lll^lU', U}i''tlU^S...r'^irfJh^'.'^ 
Inf nie, Tsfli', u. >. uflMi'irii itpUvrt. 
iBlniion, Ind'llil*, t. iltfiLtuKt, imipira. 

haltb'rAng, InllTH'IllDC. >. raccullm,/. 

Ingcnioui, injf'illi, a. ingiixait, üim- 

Ingj-nailj-', lajlöl'li^ .. toe™.JU, fr«. 
*.!S^'~."*"" ' f"i'™/™c.m'™(i! 
InlfBtiaai. tgjh'nlb, .. iM-i», .«tm, 

Iniraft, laicln', u. a. buMu'i, iiacMan. 
Ininliita , tnpl'ikUt, •>. ■. «ilrv. •■ ir- 

Jnint?ln'dB. TuntCIIll«, •- inpulUnilrit, 
tnirtdicnt, lg|il'4llal, i. (utiWJaili, ik 
inim., 1bJ.Ii, .. »vo«,/. 
Ins Ulf. IniOir, V. d. ttimhlellU-ä, dHiertrr, 
InJuibll, Isbllinill, V, >. fe B. Mart, dimii- 

In^biUbl^'-lM.a. •Huaili. ru 
Inliabilanl, lablb-btilm, i. Ktb«», . 

Inhmnl, IndCrIüI, .. litn^lr. 

liThaipilililr, 1abl>pllll-l)ll,i.liiii«>fiafiij| 
InlmuJiii, lalil'miD, ^<«u»», jor»!», 

Inhnm*. Iiikla-, v. a. Kp'pilllrt. ' 

Inimilabifl, lilm'BllUl, <. Inlniiotlh. 
Iniiputnu.lDlt'Inrlclt, ■, iaffiiB, Jiv<''^° 

Injiill, lal'ibtl, •. immbulmiiUi -, i. (tlltr 

n, iDJik'lbIs, •. i^rVikrie,/. 

Injoiy^ la'Iiri.«. Ulf Uräi 0/r^Mf/- ''üi 

[ak-tiBüi, -llu, f. pl.fmltmnfB,j: 

l^.llr^uäd, -'thti, •■ ofa«/*,'». 
Inkr, -'I, d. d'iuMMIrvi rm chh ü 

tiil>i(L lalld. ■. uUr>»l*. 


Innoccnt, ih'buTbI, d, UEBOfAiUi /fMTOj 
IiuKtDuoni, Isnlk'k'lli.». ■«■ iwuicd, 

InnoTtüön, Tnnitl'iblD, i. 

],1llBltB'4t,t. (Il».}l 

liUlll'ible,!. b 

InDdoroiu, ^oi'illili, 

Inordinatii, Inli'^tull, ■. iuirdraoior -Ij, 
InDrg«Bic«l. InlrrfB'BUII, .. «~. .r^Mi. 

lnqniTT. 1%l-(>, •- faieAinM , rUtra. , .». 
InquSiilioD, Intndl'cbln, I. üi^Multm,; 

EnquuitiTe,,1nkw1i'ikh, ■. auriatai -Ij, 

Inulahnoiu, lullltrlb, o. tB»I*ir>, 

iSIuutT.'lMt'B'BJil, ."i»«3!'p«°ia,'/. 
Ituotiafall-, lB>l-ib(lbl, I. iKiailMr^. 

InHnil(blF.1nki>-llbl, ■. inKrataiilh 

InmnirilT, lofkf'itll, (■ i-iieliä , ptricalo, 
ULI utBHitttAL f. Tttnpuina^tJ, 

Ini«li>fbilIlf.1°>lulblL'll(l, >. Ij^itillä, 

iBHoanbU, 1lilr';l(llil • »^ imi^aniUli, 

luminblT, -I, a^. liitipmrmUliKtmU. 

iBKrtlOn, Itutr-iblD. j. hhtWo", «urei. 
luidc. iD'ild, >. «Urwr', J>lin>, >ii. ;«>r'i 

toidfSä^'iii.ij'jJii. .. (JwiwJT'-sr^; 

taBiBht.ln'iai, ■. Iiapaänt, «.»«m~. iiu 
Ir"i^'iS;iüJ|'l.ll,..B/.f...i«,/.F(. , 

laiiDunlp, lisiD'iilti, V, M. lufaiK.ri. 

nuilKlKtlüd.llulDlPlIlIll, 1. iuloiKI'IWH,. 

tniijudilTi liu'plil'ildt, >, hulpidiaa,/. 

laiolÜMOB'tl'libl.i. l>>H/i.»fh, nÄ» 
InlolTfnitr, loitl'iliut, I. (nia/itdiJ i<j/>i 

Ittatrait. IhIiMhI, a. slhi luui mt /"f" 
lUowoeh, luinlub', a. <'/ »oiA> c«>, I. 

bllpHl^ ihipllV, V- IL BVtfr l'taapimituts a. 

IMIabilitT. luilbmtll,!. wibitifiKi, »- 
■iui<lll,1luaj',v,>,jul.»ar>. liaii.,..,/. 
nutmUiiÜm, luiliiL'iblii, j. •uhilifHU, 7i< 

UaUlnnit, Inull'mht, •. pamamtua Jim] 
bulancK.ln'fllDi,!. ■«WH«, SlauanvU^ 

ButÜBtuiBaiii , iBiAiil^ilh, ■.'iiliai 

InillontiDn , Imilck'ifalta, i^ riHsn 
iDttriid.liulId', pr. b, fiuw dj, (n ■.< 

lluliflU, In'illlll, v. ■. •Ilmritrc, ia, 

iitigulion.'tMtJil'ililii, •. hullt~i'r-u./. 
ulidutor, Villilllt, .. liHliiauri.m. 

i.iiiUiion,'i»iiiii'.bin, •. iiiri;»,..., I.. 

iitiliol,1a'u1li(kl.>.üIuu,na. \Jiuiimt,f. 

rmlt, -i].äd. vir ulh». 
lotlitnle, ii'iuilt, i. iniiiWIsi pnHIU, w.i 

lutlUlioB, liuiltl'rtln i. ijuliBuhiu,/' 
iDitrant, iHiilkl', V. o. jiinijr., iM.fiuH. 
InttrantiDB, lutriribl* , >. HH(iw>nM, 
n,( ^llrlim,/, 

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Intuition, iBlll'ikln, •. I«iul.i„ne, f. 
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Innudiitt, Ifltn'dLt, v^ a- invttJoj-e. 
ImmdiiliDn, lilidl-ibaii, t. i'jinufujon',/.! 

Invninent, -«tnl, v. atitudinm,/, 
Inride, Imkd', v. ■. iMvmJiri, ufsluri. 

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iDTenlon', lailitlii, >. Imalirlii, m. 


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IiiT«li(ale, Inili-llilt, v. s. iiilftiiltmaiiU 

In-nttilKtiaD, lnTMiiWIiln, I. bamUiit- 
iBTeiBhn, Imll-llOr. t. wvwrilini,/. 
InTutmeat, Imlit'inliil, r. tMjiimnfff, 

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irrsligion, 1rr*]l-]Jn. ...>^<(iei.-.r, ™,(,S, 
IrrtlisEoui, Irrtir'JJ«, a. irr'li^iiM, -Iji'd. 

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Impurilble, Irrip-ylrlbl, a, irriiiarafrifi. 
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IrKlrieTibl«, InJlii'ilhl, «. 1.— t— Vi... 
IrtelrieTublj, -V, cld.^^r.^»'a^>^V"-M«- 

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lun, «'^i< '■ Md"^ /- otof. nmioi 

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ItinauT, (llinlrlrl, •. Ui^nrim, m. 

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Jirrk*ll*pH, -^alr^ 1. I 

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'■ t.Wi«.u., -. fo»«'.ur>, 

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k Jul*r, -'Ir, 1. »Mirim, m. 

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jMloni, i»nli, ». rA«. 

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rellr-brolli, -brfi*. •. »nnM»», -. 
teopard(iu>, ll»'l>il«(ll], v- •. arri'clHan, 

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IM. lll, •, (-.iriM, M«pit/<, ~. 

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Matt, i^7«™«"/X'°"""~'f "".'" 

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loint-itoak, -i-Mlk, ■. <«■.] pir «bu 
Jointnn, -^Ir, f. rnJUm, f. iHsitb« 
Joiit, llTil, t. uwfuJfü, M. 

'■^äJi^'^sä ■'' "*""' "*' ■' "* " 

JollitT, Jinufi. (ä/«u, • 

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Jonrner, t>r'*). •. v'>(f J°. ••■i {''">■ 
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rnriilieal, ItHd'dtkll, ■. rinrlMtu, -ij. ti. 
oriicDninlt, Jtilitla'ilji. •. «i-ru»»- 

iirildtction, Jlllidlk-iblq, I, gluHn/Miu,: 
uHiiirudcnce, JlriiFrl'dlat. l. gi-rUfru. 
Iiriil, ll'rTit, >. (iurvM, <■• L>'>-"'i f. 

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gidfiiiblT, -1, arf, ila>l|/r»Iaia«W. 
Ullifiulll»!, IJldillcl'rfllB, •. f(Hl{AH- 

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K«'Dicilc,kl'rliim,i. ptmlic, m. 

Kf nie, tlllL •. caUua,/. caUlruI, B. 

Kctllr-JnmiBwr, ^IrlaiBli, •. u-^»^ 

KctUhhu'iI, -■Üät'l- rnüln, b. lutitrM, 
Kaf-hali, -'kll, (. *•>«• ■»/• eil.«, •■. 
5./.»nle, --.Ji. .. (...) j>»i«,/. 

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Kitt«kil, d'rMI, ., Hjli«. ^.Hmm,/. 
KildcrUm ttl-dlAI., .. hHbfM, ... 

Xillbi|,^Jli(, ...»rufn (^.) i.«.!» 

Kindlinni, MidllBlt, •. lun»r«iH, f. 
Kindlr. U?41l. >. /fi^/<, *»!.«. 
Kindn«>, kliiil'ni>, j. »aff<ui.l, üjaimn 

t&^al^'ä'aHU, m. >»«..(.£»., -,i 

KibHdoni, -'dlm, a. nv'», pnnr. jn. 
KimJik^ -'lU, Kinglr, -'II, ;. (b.^. 

KiniimiB, -falD, i. r^IUi^m. Tm 

Kiuwonm, -^IbIk, i. parau, uiiHi 

Kim>ni])i^ ktnlillk, i. tl^ <!•/ tum, ■ 
Kilckm-dmor. -drlnlt, >. uiwJr -" 

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•ttdmltt^. tflasea Jl taru), ••. 

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-^1, ■. a^ Au JC> ■' (ÜMuil. 

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Knea-pan, ->la, t-pmlrtU drl flrnttdim,/, 

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Knifo-lraT, -'Irl, ■. pttmltn ptr 

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Knithtlr.-I), ..c«..i/<r««K Ji—vll^rt 

KDillini-necdle, •llBfnIdl, t. ^p Ji 


king-uiU, -UaiBll, I. oiafua </■ 

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ßmlli.f.! -, u. a. lumairrti ImtWtlitrti 

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Knaw, al, u, a. fe j>. !>-. iiHn, eBauevai 

KnowiB» -1a,, ,. „««.ol^ «p-«. .V 
KjttnrmtlT, -1a|ll, «<. impti^brnrnli, ■ 
Knowledge, nllllj. ..»au«.», .c.'.«., 


Labial, [Ititl, ■ 


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Libonr.U-bli. (. 


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IdHiuT, Itt'kl, (. fuiU, M. r«. 

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Lud«, tu. ~. - i/-. <i.Wi>,.V<^Z-^e. 

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IrildU, ll'dl, .. luctU.!../., r^.>'u?.,B. 

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l«dr.binl,'-blnl, 1. i,eci^lU,/. OniillD). 

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Lüdrihip, -ililp, ..f.. ;.M Ä J.«™, Ajn.. 
La|,Jl|,u. >>. rill«', i/.'.lrir mH„«tr,T pi. 

iJiKgBrd, -'«Jtai I^g»er. -'•'r. •. pif", (n- 

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LÜfrd.llrd, I. Wf«n J-a^/ndi tin SiWita}, 

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ItAmbklll, -^^, «. mgmUnie, ik. L^<*''^- 

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Idurntiilalm', ir. i. & >. uiyi.jnini b- 

Irilin>>iilnblE, Iln'ntiilllil, L. Immcalnul^ 

IiSUFiilaliaD, ItslulL'ibln, i. /•nu.lMxUni', 
Lamp, Itmji, >. Ji/spii/a, liiMrnt.J. 
Lmnp-bJiick, -'bllk, i. iimi di/immi, m. 
I.»np:iiEl.ler, ^Jltlr. .. c^Utl,. Jcn,d, 
U IvMpadB. fv. p. rmlirfggimft. 

LUDp-pail, Jlisp'plK, I, ian^iiu^u^ n, ' 
UmprcT. rtm'prt, i.imi/ir.d../. r/iiJa,/ 

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Luidrd, Ilad'ld, ■ 
Liind-flDDd, -^Id 

do, m. fpimrurotlatu. M, 

Li<nding[-pIiioe),-^B|(plU},i. (».rcuo/si 

Lnndlord, •^Inl, l. ptdranr dl Baäiri'i 
Lnnd-Inbber, -'Jlbblr, i. nmriitjaßuvaln 

I.iini[-nilirk,'-^lrb. t. Umiu, m. 
LandioiipB, -'iklp, i, panofgia, »Mi, ■•. 
I.Bndl«ji«-piiiniEr, -plslli,!. padiiia, ■■. 
L«iid->lip, -■■ilp. t.fronm, fi tmicndl- 

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X^bliijj -'fAL, •. gnmbUla, f. rrtmkmU 

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jrgene«, -'iili, .. larfA»», ir.>irfuu. 
Jtgeil, lldl^ •■ I»tr.lil4i Urtiatt,/. 

jichudui, IIkViIIi. ■. UaciHi -li, »rf. 
jtli, Jtih, 1. tf'irHMr ii>t*u,/.r (Dr.) 

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Lirtrnt, II-iIdI, ■. Mmu, ocuIu. Twi». 


lÄViu, llllllilBl-rll>, i. J^ili 

LnudJlhlB, ll'dibli •. laJ.M., itjJvtii.' 
LiudublT, -I, ■/ Lätiilminu, •>» !»/>. 

LnIIIli«, -'ir, I. et', rij.r '■ frW"!.. 

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L*U|lllrr, -'llr, >. rbs, riibn, m. 
Lannch, llnah» v- «. * h. Imaolmrtt imtwimrlij 
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Lfldadrr, Jla'dri» ■. mjr' ''* Uvurt, n. 
Law*l, ijr-rfl, i. für«,/, rann, n. 
IjIiihIIhI, -d, .. i»M>M» di Cr«. 
lillTa, ll'il, i. Zavo, /. 
LrrMdFT, Ili-iliidlT, i. In^i^; S- 

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Lninllo, niilrlrii, I. Umrtlta, m. 
Luilr, Jltlll, md. h.Lu.uaa. 
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Muclifnlil, mtuVolil, >. 
Itackrrel, mlk'klHl, •. ■( 

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»■Itlifr, mli'Birt, V. a. mtgaißstrti «of- 


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IhlrfllotOT, nillrlll'llr, t. matftlUrr, m. 

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Mnliinanl, dIIIi-dIdI, ■. nulif», -1/, W. 

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Uall-hoBiie, -'blli, •. l..a. ij. <>r'n^> 
Hall.liquar, ^llull, >. »ivv-aHi. ^er» 
HaU»a1°nJliill', v. a. mtlimi.r.. 

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anaia, mln-DlJ, .. .. »«rui 

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Mar», ml'ri; I,' J"»M°"'w?'i^"na7/' 

n«ri|Dld, Dl-rliild, i.^arrancb, n. 
Marine, dIiIb', >. marina, f., laUtU di 

mannn'.aii-tiait, i. mt^aja, läUtit di 

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Muitims, nlfrdlm, a. marlllimi, ärrinr. 
Har-jor, mlr'ill, i. ginlafau, m. 
MaHonini, Bir'llrim, i. ng/srana,/. 
HflA, nlÄ, f, mmrca, fpgnüi birttgtiof m.i 

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HurlLM, IDlr^1^ (.», in.i plana di 

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u. .. /.r« ilr-ff. Iroad.^. 
i-booL, nlf'bAh, «■ mgatalr^ ak 
live, ^rtlT, ». mwriocia, „Kola. 
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Malarnal, mtlli'uH, >, »aUmifc, xiali 
MalheuM<ic(>ü), mliAinliiklr, o. man 

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Unlfll. B)4-dlL, f. Mri^glUi mantlt „tllci, 
Mcdallion, ■IlL'jh, i. ««faifwar, n. 

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Hrdiatf.'Bt'dll't, V. ■- lü-Anurc' "' 
M<di.l!pn, .J^Il'ikh, f. -^ü««u, U. 

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B^d'iltklt, V. ■, mtiUc 

■U'dMs, >. Kudicliu 

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Medley, mldll, >, mHaoIuu, /. -iKafUi, 

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Itiurirt, -, r. n. ir. /„^nl, OfMfftrti, 
»fiter, --Ir, j.AiuJIUn, ■■. liMlnnirA 
Melting-hoirtr, -^sibUi, i. fondTlt.f. 
Mnnb«, nlinlilr, •. nn^i^ m.i pvli, /, 

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M>nariiJ, alai&'rUl, •. ■«»rWr, m. «>- 

Mfnigpric, nUbli^l, >. t^rr.glh> di 

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MeBiliicit7imlBdli'illl, i.inai»!«, tufi', 
Haidn. Bh'Ar. t. nipp«uaf«rr, n. 
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Ha dioul, nh-dMal, ■. k •. •• 
HeBilinte, ab'dlkll, «-■-_<. 
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Hlridianiil. Blrta'dllnll, ■. mmrüHoii'U. 
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liidnnnui, -ilatif, v. n. s 
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Mitinfora, -lirtni', v. ■ 



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UoielT, nlJ'llI, •.>..|A,/. «uu, «. 

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jilisatian. nillI>plikl-AlD,i. noJiiiiU. 

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Malier, w.l^'tl.i.m 

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■■liBT, Blntaiif.n^UBJui HMIini,/,i 
Jlntt«, nllllt^K^ *■■ *«r*«il>n.>na^ 
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Hill», nim, ■■ w>i?.t, «. r /""•. rifMU^n 

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n>nkin, liElklD', >. i>~>cl>». n. Luaii,' 


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tic, alrtll'llk, .. urun» 

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H*r»Ur, ■IrElltl, •. r«e» 
Narrow, alfit, a. ilnua, aa 


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laial, at-^ a. wai.^ M a« 
laatilr. Bll-Ifti, »f. tptrc.-. 

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ramttTi .■^'..■- Ml(iw, nah 

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Nandcal, al'iltll 

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KwdIariU, -dl, (. .t.&U,f. l^|U, n. 
mdll^wamiili, -wlnilii, •. a,Mrict,f. 
greedJui, nld'lli, •. hi-ÜIii -Jf, «I. iiillU 

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Mi-n-OM, Dl.".!», .. «™™, « 
He.«, •»«, .. nJiJu. -, .MhI., /., KA 

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Mel, ill, .. rill, m. miall^f. 
IIMhFr, nITK'il, a. tii», if/irisri. 
aittini-ncEdU, ill-llniiilill, i. •(<> rfa , 
Jfcll'lV,Vl"!i. I, -Mfc., /., -, .."^DJu^ 
»■nl«r, ll'lli, a. nnlmi imliffa:nt; 

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S^™^7^l''-k^mil, ,. AralUn., m. 

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H™ MOm 'i-rln .'" *'*?'«°'i' 
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atg||<irdlinei>, -llsh, •. .u4j. »riJi. 

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NiubDi. nim'bls, t. hiik^, m. 
Kine'folf, -'rtld, '.. .D». «.fcfia. 

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ÜDbJi'iiiim, -min. >, mHI,. ..«:il-<m,, ^ 

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noKlurinl, ntkljc'nll, .. g^llurni, dl -«llt. 

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KDB-'ttFndBniEe, -lilln'dlü, t. faiwria, y. 

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Koniuit, ntnriil, •. Clor.) iitlMlimtHlt, d! 

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Xarth-DDl*, titth'rti, i. »;• o«/«». n. 
Sonh^Ur, -'illr, t, .lilä psf.rr, / 
Karlhwürild), -'■Ird, n. virn KirnurfDni 
Mose-bii», -"blt, >. m.»«M, /. 

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noilril, ilii'lrT), >.«n-«T, i.»-!-,/. 

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Hothing. Ali'\ci, i, nirnli, mj K-Ulli, f. 
Notioe, pl'U., >. iioMi», >. .i»!», ..., m- 

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Notiff, ällll, V. •. HfifCcirc, tliaificart. 

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RoTFubir, nitta-blr, •. «amnirt, m. 

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Nnismice,' dC*Iji>, •. RKcamiKU,' i-c-nida. 

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NiillitT, -IJll, i. »»ir^/. 

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Vnt-iall, -'ill, •. f«.e. M galU. I. 
JinllBeg, -^h, •. nsu motaiida, /. 

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0«r, If. •■ T". o. n 

Omu, "■■Ji.<. •ttl,/., {t,.}p«tH/t,r 

Oith, ilA. >. I.»r.»i™i 
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Oblü'mneti, ll.lI'Hn(.lw. """'•• "■'- 
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ÖbliqoitT, lbl11l'k»(l(,Tcrii/F,«l«,/. 
4J)hlFnU, IhLli'llilI, B-a. •jfjurini h«- 

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ObtoqiiT, ib'll^>l, >. i-'lilc.^/,, U- 
ObaDiious, ibglli'ilili, a. laggrUt, lolpri 

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Jbicure. Ih.lir'. .. «.»1^, -];, aif. aicara 

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JbtFmiEoni, lliillnidi, a. «innfpii 

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Obltinala. Ib-allall, a. oiiinaloi -Jf, ail. 
Obalrf»peroua, Bba'rlp'iiirils, a. »trtpüonr, 

Obttmeti'on.tNuIll'lliln, •.ailraiJDiM, a/i^ 

Obtrudf, Iblriil'^ u'. •. hiriiärm imlurrV. 
Oblute, ttilJi'. a, sllua. ua.l.lD, .i.Eiite. 
Obrlal«, tb'TAl, ». .. Wv» i>rr..aln.. 
ObrEoi», tb'iliti, a. apcrla ; n<tif»ii, -jj, 

Occaiion, Ihkl'ililD, >. occu^m'. aDD»^ 
Mail.), o... «(»a',/. laalivn, -.1 -. v. 


oScidVnÜi'lV.lSÖ'itl, ■. c<,Jj',l°'^ü"'d' 
Oooult, IhtlU', a. ac«,t(.. 
OlcupBnoj, tk-kJpluJ. ,. tccpt^K,/. 
Ocnupution, lUlpl'llilll,>.accrapaaiein.,/.i 
OccupiEr' titlpllr, I. DocalialM*, as^ 
OcGupr. ik-kJpL, V. .. «le.pani p^i,«l,r^ 

Oc^ar'tk-iii', «. a. occoff., .cwri^Sv'"™ 
Ochre. llll,...<:ra./. 

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uaiuin, D iiiiDi, i. tdi-, m., colpi, r. 
Odour, i'dlr, >. .der., m.frngrM^U,f. 


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Ofieme, Irilu, .. o^™, »(?«, /., ^. 

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Offennvi, tOlu^li, ■.■.^«•ivd, uvixnoHi 

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Hie.r,i, -, .. o/Srt.,/. r»-»',/. 

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Onerlorfr -loft, •. »/fVi-ioncp, n. 

OfEoe, im.. I. o^ci., (mpi.^, («■!«, 

Offioer, -^r/t. •/)eJi!>. mflirlal; m. 

Offinrfd, -Im, a. lopiii.Bro. 

Offininl. im-ihll, >. uffälil; ~U, td. ./. 

O^'^nMrial'ililli, f. ■■ dUuiiJi'"^'- 
Offuriani, tEl-ibli, •. uJinUnni 'Jj, rnJ. 

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Off.='uring.'i&fcilr1«, ;. I.™.,^-;,V. 
OSiBt, IPifl, >, (muflu, rmmpttla, m. 
Ofltboat, -'•Uli, ». frm.iU, 
OBtpnni, -'.ptli(, .. p 

Oft, (n, Ö/töi, Irin, atf. 
Oflxitiinn, -dsi, «<. •; 
OgL*» o'|J, V. Mm awkivg^lmrai in 

OÜI 1, <. Oh! Ol 

Od, Hl, >. >fb, M.i -, v.>. »«< 

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Otlinni. •'Inti, •. d/huiM, /. 
oa-paiBliDg -'pUtlni, •./■■IT, 

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Ukin, -'iMa, T<3roi)-ilDLh. 

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Oiniiiion. Imli'itilii, t. inuuiiinr, /. Iral 

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OlDlilflloptH, ln'Allplll, I. Hin lexli.». 

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Onmtd, to'nlH, Uli. Hiuii, L «"'ECO, ... 

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OpncItT, IpU'lllt, I. SHcfliti ipuuiu,/. 


Opeiui»!, -b}b. f. cAlvnMr ^-öncÄcud, 
OpEn-WDiE, -irirk, i. tntn Urrfartl; n. 
Op^cn, Ip'plll, i. ipini,/. •r-t'l-M-, m. 


Jpral^-fp'plrll.' 1/. ■ . 
Oprrjllill. applill'llk, a. dl aptn 
Oprni-li(, Ip'pirltl. >. crnniiia 
Opnnlion, «pptrl'iblo, I. s;>« 

ipiilflllL •. 
-■■ptflll, ,- 
Spplrl'jl__, _. ... , 

OpprntaT, Bp'plflllr, t, eprr/ilfre, «, 
Oph1liiiluio-ili<Tjipcum7 tp'iAklBlitlrU 

plln, j. efJam pf((( oci^i,/. 
OphlhnliiiT, Ip'f^lljDl, >. iifialiiHM.f. 
Opiale, i'pAl, j. nfplala, m. 

Op£aion, ifiii'!U,t.„pl^.,f., „äüiLi 
OpinioulF, -ll. DpiDiDiutiTC. -liW, ■. 
Opponenl. lopi'olni, .. crpxDtnlt, .™," 

OpportnnilTi lpptHi'nlll,( 
OppDie, Sppii'j Uf a. Ah- tpt 

OppDtition, ApjfAtViblq, 

Oppnüm, Ipptli'ilT, ■. tppraiivt, ü, 
Opprvflior, Sciprfa'fSr, fr pp/mtfurAfH. 
OpprobriDU, AppilnirH^ ^ b.»..u>H 
Opprabriam , Ippriliillni, >. ojlrah-ii, 
OpUo(iiÜ>.Bp'i1k(ll}, ■. rliiCK, vimlri 

fhitioiui, ApLVihiD, j, ortifs, m. 
Opt!>>n7lp'<b3a, '. •etttai »hixA/. 

OptÜtiDce, Sp'pll?», f. opitUnti ricohei 
OpuJrnl, Üp'plllnl, a. >>^ii/ninii -Jf, I 

OriüDtal, iWtn'd]. •. •tiM-lt. 
Orifica, tt'Mt.i.erißtin.m.i aBrrtm,f. 
Origin, iriM,,,. ,rigi„t.prl^äi.i; ». 
Originol, lA')lgU, <i.k i. .rltu.(<(n.)i 


r, Ir, c. j., „d, - iJ», a!,rmr-li. 

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«nce-hani?, -ifl«,Onui(€rT,J 


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Onüönl'tri'ibln, >. >ra,unc,f. 

Or.lorTSr'.llil. t. orpl^r^, .;.. 


pinlorr, it'rliict, i..(=Vri»«i, / 

oJb.'t,''frbi ".t'^r^'«,'/^""" ''^ 


OrEb;>tn^^?uC'i. .rcA«ir«^' ' "^ 

»j.|»fWU> d rüigU.;. f. , l 

Ordinal, li-dlnll, ,. riWlt, m. 



Oldil^y, icdlalr», .. <H^A..«-i., 

OriKnic, -Ik. •. -rciw'n. 
Or«l>nilii>. ICftBliiIi, I. •irtllurt „rgMK 
Oriiinilt, Ii'iIbIII, •■ Tganitlis, m, 
Ö^iniziitiDD, «nlalii'ini, ,. «-{».i 

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m";/; -1), ,. ,ri«i.*,/. r/«;./. 

m-Hirluin. -b jliin , >. »H ''•eil w^ 

Otil?0«™rbj-.'"*'lTW. •■"■"'«'^■./■ 
OlcilLfll-, ä.'illill, y. ,. MciHor.. 

Ol^lMÖ^.'loll-lt^rt, >. nalltlerip. 
Oiicr, L'ihir, .. x»c., i.,',,,^ 
Oiprar,»"'?'!, •-/"'"". " 
OuifiiKlioii. iuliriU'iiilD, 
- LifT.ti'illl.v.a,/«'"'""'"'-»«»'.!'- 

ollen^ble', tuliiWb!','^, hÜ^*!»., '."p^l 
OilenlAb'on, liültil'>l,li£, ■. ^ttnt.ü^«,,t. 
OilenUliuiu.lUliU'ibls, s, pampan,^ 

Olllsr, VllTii-lfalfi«^, lUikfu-».». 
Oltncll, I^Ull^ •, ifriuKi, Ilnuigiii, m. 
OUwr. iTa'lr^. nflra. 

Oa«hl. ll, V. ifi/. iJn«». U- 

Oiin», llu, I. <Mefa, /. I lüat, ■■. puun. 

JnIbiddW, -hTd'dlr, i. iHHiw- agimlm, 

..™Iir('i. p„l,ilica,f. ' [ii.A- 

Ould«rs, -dir-, u. ». li. vfi^iir., l,' "■-••.■ 

Mnilurr, Blllilltl, •. mllllar-: 
»iilU^ n111'.Sl, .. milltu,, ■/., ulJ^il- 

Milk, nijl,' (. UlU, «.> -, ». •. lr.rrt 

Miik-loolh, -'lir*, .. rfMf. IMIaj^lB, •>. 
HiJli-woman, -■Imlu, i. Ullß-j;/. 

Hill, mil, I. mvJiu, la.i J!Ulmra, /., •mli~ 

SÜl'l-d'iim,'-'diB,°i.'^™"i'iSS^rf' > 

»tiUe!rB°rT,'a.ll'llplil,.. WHm.,^, ■«. 

l;liopper, mlriilppir, .. ir<u-.i(fo, /■ , 

Mill on. »II^/d, f. WfJ.F», ~' 
Ujiionll.,-,*, i.milUn«lm,. 
HüUtoiia, -^iId, t. 

Hiniitrr, BlD'nlilrl, (. t^blMWl-, n.i ml- 

HiDOF, sl-olr • nü»r>, /«ccpJoi -, >. 

Hin/l«, m1^»i^. >. <hiut ntUdrtU,/. 
Uinilnl, mls'iirll. •. ilrimfU.Urt Ji 

HinI, 'diI'h^*- ■"""> (••*')• msRiia, wih, 
IH, mlDfiMl, I, coi»dinMlU,f. 

inlDry. -tJ, f. CmJrAijffn« ittrüwct i Airf- 

Hinsingtr, nlg-i^ilt, •d. >« ^IhdIi pu-li. 

Wind, nlnd, I. "'''•• /• iil'll'K'L ""'""l 

ßtittm -. w. n. äUrgn^rei apptiMrMit 

Uindlnl, •■rll, ■■ ■u«u>, ifU/f»'» -Ir. «rf. 
•iu>lin«i». InttUginU. 

Mine, l^i, p". '"•In. "K mWl -^ir, l»/««,' 
Minml, mlB'alrt'/"'*".. »AirnJi («j; 

Hinini, -»iKf, •. IC»- ^./t. «fVi/rr, ». 
MiniPi-ihan, -.bit. .. /mm cAtht «fcn/ii 

I tUni'tetM, mlulirl'rill, i. «fniinrfüh. 

Mi«, mlf, •.Ä"»c., /in.", r^ 
MiiTpF, Diti'rar, t. »pteckli. m. 
Mirlli, iDlH*, .. fi./., .«,,rt.,/. 
irihfui, -^1, >. |l>yui>,«/B. 

LFT, ml'ri, II. /aqf SM, ouTm«». IffUr». 

...jHdTfiiln», ■1it(t.ln'<]lr, </'.n-vn>H>r., 
/. üJiTtmit, m. (■«• ^iW uiKliiJM., .. 
MiinlltHnH, >1>tllliu. >. inirlrAHin.A ifj 

"■"ipj.lT, mlilppll' «. .. ^ipiicari a.U. 

ipnn-liniiian, BltljiprllilD-iblii, >. rr- 
4{üulh, <■. r«.'<. 

xliM, Bllklklf, •>. ■. ir. m«d,r,l 
»luTiovT, ahklia-illi, I. »Ilh» u,^ 
-.«.,/. rw'Jn.M^/. 

MiiMW, -UUIC. .. oJni^uu, hI. 

Milbdicm, ■litillf'ilr, t.mlicn^mlt: In- 

MfwlenUto, iii1>)ill'IIUi'','u?'C^«^n 

MiHMni^ta, -kli^li. i. uifiuauiii^Ui,/.) 

cmllnH wnfHf I aiw-U, h. fonvririj. 

"■--■innop, 'bbliV, t, »»™i"™, / iV"'- 
il'pf.-'libll, •.nohi diinoi i>i>rIHii| 

JlGiliDn>tructJOa,'-klDilr)h-it>In', i. /hIh 

Hiionul, -^rltm, i. mlMmduit, MiJcU, 
Miidnd, -dld-, i. mi-fallt, itiilla, üTimr, m. 
fiiidemna, -dlnln', v. h. om^rtj «h^. 

KiidonM, -dlll', V. ■. mpttum ■Öf/CJi 


«liiHi iäfiÜEii ■wni. rnMU. 

lUw-r, al^lbl, i. mIKHm, lnillHUI, en- 
ltmlä.t. rttl'ftli.f. 

Miitortune, mlitlr^lB, >. 1.1/brii.i.lD, hl 

HiiliTlnii-iVrlu, •■nupiiisi ptmmjJ- 
HlllOvnB, -tli-ilis, ti. n. lautnart mit. 
XIlHiide, -|)(1-, v. ■. iiiJv> »h. Un/i, f- 
TtiAm, •Vfy.l. acieiiinu ilublrr, m. /aU- 

nirii/om, -hflnii', «, ■. i/<H >ii<iii> «<- 

ViiiBterpnt, -^nllr'BiIt, v. •. bUtrpr.imri 
HiiinternnUlion, -fBarp^lll'Ihl^ •./•Im 

Mix, mikir V' m- miiekimn, m«flM/qrr. 
HixtDK, k1 ti-tllr, >. aunmJuu, nlUi 
MilUD, bIi-io, I. (Dir.) mwtttum.f. 




HilW. -■•■. •'- •• "■■ «"rnr^ ™..«»«. 

VÜlead, -IK', ». ■, Ir. wIti, IrttiUn, 

lliuäiuga, -Bla-DlJ, •>. /"I™«/"' • 
llüamiUEanent. -mint,!, «ifjw hu.j. 


ll'llllB, I, 

■itllupe, BlHbtp', u. a. diffurmarr, tUtfi- 

Il»IDB*T7,-lrt, I. nuikmarts, n. 
■ÜIITC. ali^li.a. iniu»>| -,1. lilltrm, 

jpdl'lf.j. fjrr.Jli.«" "■»'■- 

»upvJJ, -spll*! ", ^T eampUMTM matt, orla~ 

acafirmJtm -t r. m. Ir. thagltarrj aga»' 
mtl., EtflM tad tulU*. 

"i.."Me'ml''lT'i«L°ll''v » 

mit, raliUTlii', v. 0, ift/f 

»DU, Illl.l.', . 

n, Bis, 11. ■. pimtrirr, r, 
link -, I. pld.u. ?««.* 

UJAI, BDI, F. flflaai 

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•ibi\llflt,' •.'mMlilAipiciaglli', 
IO«fc, nik. ../.!.„, ™»,r.^.,«, -, ,. rfe- 

slDcklr, -llr, t. brffmlurt, .cktnülKrttm. 
UockpiT, -^Irl, I. ülitrmo, m., hirf.,?. 
Uoolung-bird, -^Imbltil, •. BcccfJ« Lll<i- 

Hoclung-itook, -litiicillk, i. trttmlL,' m. 
MDds, mid, I. naJai iHlmmr, m., mudm, 

/.™o, ^,Hifr*.f. rd,lUrt,/,.rm,rc. 

liaif], mti-ii}, : n^dtlU, m., -, v. .. n» 
-lodBlW, -Ilr, i.n^MlMUrt, inwirsri,«. 

lodenle, DSd'il1lll,a.n<idviil<i| mrdiaerc, 

lOd'eration, mlddli^'ililB , >.' nDtfirauuai) 
lodern, nli'dirn, •. KuHltmn, necnU. LJ. 

iSdnir"-!, •'m'dalLrdmjiit.oiclIi.f. 
pladiliiiiition, BlddJnU->liIii, i. m-dliOi- 
HDdithncii.mi'dlibnli,!. rffemaltut dt 

dadulidöii, midlll'ibis.'f. (aoi.) maduU. 
«oiuii, mitilr, .. IN»» rfi' i»fi di »nWb! 

floisturE, m&li'ilrii, i.uniifuu.nn'irilil./.i 
«cn> (rfe/fc pf« Jl, in. 


Hnleit, ntllil', », ■ 

Insii'kJtll, >. m 
«onillRT, ntn'nliljrl, i. moa, 

— tr', nlö 

';mSDl>'.<.,>. «..».< 

Hang«, mlnf-iSr... nircu», t,H,ällBri.m. 
Honinl, mlül'irll, «. ( fra dat 
Honitor^ mta'Blltrl, o. mtHiliurh. itpaii. 



Moaluifi.-^ ... ■■saoiuoa, •uuofi. 
UonopoEit, minlp^lUt, >. «du^Jh 



lolp'pJll, t -, 

»TlUbicIlÜ], mSiitslUlb'bl 

■ Hkfil},«. rno- 

anöiri^nible, nliiilJ- 

.ulrlfilll,!. M.Mr 

Moon-beilin, -'iJoi,!, raggin drila (»na, 

Moon^ih't, -'Jli.'i.'lSJiJ™ ^iT^^m?" 
HDOD-lßne, -'ililii, j. cji/amu ife»a f> 

Marbilf, mtr'bld.'a, nulilicciD. 

HorinlilT, mlnljllll, i. martmUii./. 

MorHir, nlrllr, >, •urlajfi, n. 

Marrtige, mlr'ilj, I. iptlrcm {di ttnl (<■•«- 

Hortlficiltian , minlrllt'ihla , j. mortijicm. 
Sfoiaio, Blillk,«. «'MSI». 

MDtliEr, mlTB-lr, •, •i^Jj-n n^rict, ftaia, 
!AÖairr}iooä,'-iild, i.m^tmiri,/. \J. 

Mollipr])-. -lt. •■ "■""rip, A- maJr,. flofn. 
Molion, nCrtln, 1. Bow™.MI..moro, „.„ 
f.™p..W..c. /. . -, ». .. /«■ ■^. pr,p,.U 

HotfonlHi, -Ib. *. •«»■ ««.lo, faxiutJIc 
MotivF, nklT, .. • ., .nnll«. («.]' 

Hounlcbuill, lülkll'litiliik, 1 

Uoarnfi^, -'rllj iTLgmtrt, U 
MonminBir, -^nlll. .d. Ii-Uli 

tia-rÖM«, -Ib[, ■. •~<«'bi -*, •. pl. »n> 

MOWtr, ;'Jr^ *. mltliion, m. (graluitmtntB, 
Muoh, ZLdLBh, tf. AdJ. ■'■»(fd, oMdir rpaßH , 

Mud-eart, -'klri, >. i«. 

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die, -'0,.. .. »~y>rc, iV.», 

mlL^hrl, j. nsni,/.i -trse, i. 

tbddluioiu, ullild'tJii, , 

iptuution. najllplltl'ib'lii',!. mU^U- 

HÜltiplicstoT, BtllVpliU'lit, i. mulili^Ü-!'. 

Mnltlplimtr. mlillpHi'iia, 1. „u^ilßlicid, 
Multiplier, mai'llpljb, 1. (tr.) mtftiplUi^ 

Mult/ply, mll'llpll, V. ■. mtMjMe.n. 

■lutiiplribg-fUii, ^luntlii ■> dfleilja/v « 

lulütiide, mll'illld, >. noJIiiBiiliM, /,i 
Iiütitudinoui, mllllll'dlnb, i, niinm», 

Iniubli-, minilil, v. a. ^rwiHiuivi Imfiilu- 

)uin|., niinp, II. .. -.»ng(.tcfl=>-.. F/. 

touip., -I 1, e.rii». lu^o.t, »., »JiHiun, 

Hnninpnlily, misTulpIlllll.i. mi»ie;;<a. 

MuUr, ma^iil.:m^r,^nviiu.rfifn^ 

llBlibililT.BliUll'llU.i.'IiiJr l<r- 
HaUblc, al'ilW, •. wwUiur. L<w»>^- 
Hulalion, Blll-ibl^ •. »uifu»«!,/. 

Kütliil^, Mii'ÜIll, V. »■ miuiUrt, mttrmrr. 
HutiJitioB, BlJimta, >. ■■■filiju.u, .l 
HuIiMO'. bIiIbIt', I. ttäüät, riMU, m. 
JUtinou , al'flul^ •. m«>w> i -4/, rd. 

; <,. m. '^I'w-fl, rütiltr^l, mM'.'rtL 
MaiUt, bIiiIi, ■.■.«■. »«4>iur<, •*»<- 

MutlOHi Ktt'LMi J. cutrab, At.f canu Ji 
UBbul , al'ljlU, a. rrci/vtat -ll, md. rt- 

UMati^rmlimtia, •. miprtciimiir,/. 
Muile, >V>'»- »». •^' (d-tßilm-M, 

*• — "l, Blf, j. -™^/- 

üV-Trioiu. ni.ü'rn.ri: -iiw«,,™; 

MTlIerr, ■IVitri.I. -i«»-u, n. 
Mr>>>'^i nWtlklJ, •. »itli»! -]>, u«. i 
llTitificUioal nlittirllll'ikla, i. «fill/Ccal 
Hfllitr. »van. V. a. a»uan ibl/a «^^ 
MtIIi, ii>1<*. '■ ■"'», ■•- ijili ä'aiauit 

Mrll'olon:»]. nl'JlD'IJkll, a. fniuhlia. 


Wt. all, '- *iJ"«, Mv«(lii.., ".. 

■tllt, dU, •/ "r*>'a> »raasa,/.! cJdifs, ra. 

KaW, -^r, i. MtdmtMtlr, a>. 
läiüdr.allllj.a. aaiJa, ln.uf.1 »iVinU 

• iT, a^. Marfvanihi mahlen.«!.. 
ITakadw», -all, i. i».//!.!! etiariua,/. 

J»l»/«l^-jjl^., M.i.(™. * r-w 

N.nkin, afalklB', •. aaaoltlu, n. L».nc,r> 
Nflbe. olp, •■ auAk arBpA,/, 

Jfiplilhii, alfrAI, t. n^u,/. 

■ pljin, al|i^1>.(. nUvtnu,/. [I 

Mmti-^tt, >1 
KalBial, altUliU, a. 
fniUi"! -», aJ. aa 

münlill, -liL j. >Mnra/lHa, ai. 
"-•-—'■-itioii, allJltlJlil'iUa. •. 

Haloniiu, al'Oiiflk, ti. a. aalar* 
"^-tture, ^'iiir,t- mmiMrmi prmpivtMe 

Vaabieta, -'Mt, t. 
Hebaloiu, klb^U 
BecsiiAriti , Dlt-i 

Necnulate, slib'.lili, v. .. „.tmUmri, 


Need. bK. •. Uns», », i»!«!!'^/.! -, 

Nrcditr, -Au, nJ. piHriwu'.l.. 
N«pitlnuj, --iiib, t. |H>»n4 mi«,rU,f. 

Nerdlctul. -fii, / .»(lüilf,/. ' lilrAi' f 
Vmllü-wDinlin, -vlmio, >. auilrii»,/. 

rdlcH, uld'LIi, ■. in 

Ulf« -V, ■!(. M 

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llKidn, Dlil'iblii, I. 



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glHl.'ol^lIl.l', «... 

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Ewi/., -Jr.,.J. «■" 

loii-hle, .lii-.i.Hb 

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(oüiior, .»i^Mtl 

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uro, Bi-pi, I. iKfi-». 




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'ihn, nlTHtr, o. n 



KffpheSr, alt'«!, «- aipBit, n. 

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Sn-erthEUii, -TS lila, c. »fjufirrxiiii. 
Mnr, dI, •. »■«•»./rii», ^a.rn«i -,md. 
lVnT-DÖ!n«','l-knm)F, (, /.rollen, >.. 
I!fewf>ntl^-nD|'|I,H. a.lnwilin ii frttr*. 

Hnrnui, -''ili,' I. ii«i<iJ, /.' 

N«wapnp#r, -i'plplr, t, ^duclfa, /. TrHi 

Itibbln. -l>A''l''.^Üiür'll n^^i^i^ M. 
K;«, nJt, •. njaau, Mic.4<>, JMui, 

aieenmt.'^ah.KiBetT.-'Ü.i.JtHiiM, oil- 

Kisk. ulk, j. inip. niuifii, n.i cpparlunili, 
J. uiHq, iikt lU -, .<■.».>*,, ..r -, V. ■. 

RteBT^fr, -ll, >. »ar., i'crJlda, ., atf] 

HighliiiEll't«, -^Bill, I. n>i/(»>fi,ii>.^[i>. 
Ni«hl-!iglil. -all, .. I.^UIm..f. li-.f.,/. 
HltiliUjr, --ll, ■. iisll».o, -. «f. dl noiw 

Nighl-wiTkiT, -'vikll, *. n-llh-g; i»k 
Niinblf, Dla'hl, ■. fiiln lau, Uftii". 

Nin^nld', -Tild, i. hdw va»i ^U. 

Kipple, -'pl, '. tmpniaU, m. 

Nilnle. nVlrll,..'»';;,.». ... 
Nllre, id'litr, t. jB^Ura« m. 


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ll, iMl jrntl, >. HIU 

IlDddle, -/du >- x"i bU«,/. 
Koddr, -'41, (. jcJoccB, nsuMmr, a. 
Rode, tild, >. ■>I>i i—wv, c^/>, I«. 

HoininatiTC, nWiDliil^l, •. (fr.) ju<iiiiui> 
Ran-Ig«, stn'll, ,. mw^rilä./. 

HDnüniiul, El»lll'>ttlr, 

ir.i. •»urA. 

«01^. «I .jtoi«, g.™o. ™., -^ p(. 

Book, nAk, J. «n^for r^darj«, m. 
IVDOiIj Bin, «, nmuiÄ. •rtfi» giamo, m, 

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Vftrth^f Bit, ■iKVpil, (. »h arliiTj, n. 
Vorthirirdti), -^M, ■. vcrio uiiülr»!», 

HOii-Hr. '-■<!, •'■ ^^^i^'äißnrl, m. 
W0I1117, ollirl, I. itotrje, ittlmra, m. 

(Dtin»liiin, ■lillltl'dl^ I. Mtti/iai^iJ. 
Toliiy.ii'llrt, B, •. rwliltivii, nfw/t«R. 
lotian.ii'ibln, >. flousu, i'lit,tpb>i<mij: 
(otarielT, nllM'liI, 1. ••.••riai, pMlSl- 

Totvitlu(n>dinK. •InillibllBd'lifc i. imi 
loaght, all, f. läBtir, •Mltm,m. 

i'"?"'irt*r"''*" jfa. "°7*-^ 

(oTeltT. -U, .. »«.■.A- « 
firnmlicr, siilniliir, >. 


Vuelrui, ntliKig, . 
RadilTrat'dlil, .. «u.. 
NnEilorr, Dl-illbl, .. 
Rnf»!!«, Diu», 1. noomn.», ■.< 
Null, Uli, •. iwll-, i<n«Mlid: 
NnUifr, -^lÄ, !>. ■.»>rT, ciH< 
HullItT, -1*1?. ». •.•UM,/. 

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HmjiTicB, Dlmlavll'llkii, f. nf. n>vm£#- 
eiT,ii»ii'=lil. •■ c™b,w (Ä •»«c«4. 

Runi^g, Dln'iW, ■ 

Vat-snudur, ''blkUr, i. pl. amn 
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Hntrimnit, nrirliDli.1, i. n.lW,...!« Mp, 
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OreTtirwin, -«klii', v. ■. ^nmrt, raßman 
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bltnlj, WIrUi, aJ, a^iruwHli. 

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|flCkrl, -'kll, •.f.rd^th. ialLlI,, „. 

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•ncking. --Hin, .. Imtillari, m. (J. 

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'Kit, pikl, 1. fi.IU, n. coK^n.!,..,/. 


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P>pUT, oIbU, .. ;r.p.a, ix. 
P1P"I, pj'pJJ. ■■ IUj,aU,<:mU. 
tapn, rl'pit, f. urlm,/., tun.U, m., -•, 

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FapHT-orediti (-- «mntr), -krlati, i. ooru 
Plill>r>«iip, -kip, I. HTfuMlii, n. 
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Pardon, pir-ilii, •- prrdtm, 

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i-itrioiu, plIil'lklB„a.p*trV>far - • — - 

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r«-ei»k, pt'ktk, t. «Vau, auu, n. 

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PcntDbXtf, pl'iim'bllLt, v.l. 
F^rceivable, r^ttlMhl, •. pm 

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FcrceptibilJli, plnlpljbl^-llt) 

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ttrfonn, (ilrllim', «, .. A n. fffiltuitr, 


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RuinbEr.nim'bir, f. nuFnim,«, ^uanf/ri,/., 

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3b>equ{Fi, Ib'aihwii, : pl. atfilt, f. pU 

Obiot»!«, ii-itlli. t. i/iiBiilp, vmhit. 

)b>l?n>cV, lli-ilU'iii''^ »I^Wcmi, u- 
p.rbiiii./. _ f""'»'—«!». 

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»bilrUDlioD, Ihalilk'llilD, >, Hlruiiiai, .p. 

)blllin. IbUD,«. B. sll«.«^, MfsiiUn, ^ 

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Obtrude. tblrüd-, u. •. inlrarfnv, (m»MT.. 
Obtuic, iblJn', ■. oKuD. jiiaafaiDi luiida. 

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Odd., -I, j. düptrili,d(gtrBut, /., ^.^ 
OdToui,' l'illL •, i^Ibk', -It. ml. ^Jit^ 
Odour, &'41T| f. 0äort,m.frap-mitt^f, 
Ol, 1', ^. iJ/i ■'•4 if^. ''^J[>, d'Cä'll: 
OB, tt, arf. («fww, fiMji, lnjisfi vi« .biad, 

Offen«, IrdH, t. afftHH flpa, f., mj. 
Offcnd/lElDil', v!m.'tffitdtra dUpiacrrr, 
Off»d«r, -ii.'>.'i^«Hfi!gni trüim^:,, ai. 
OffenjiT«, Irtn^il., ^ =X->n«. W^no», 

Offer, tr£,™TyW>, r>n».Mr,, i„. 

gffanng, -Im, 1. o^.rl., /freJfVrt« ofi/a. 
Öfffnorr, -llrl. t, afftrlaH«, ~. 

Offi«, )rn<, >. *^sj>, H^iija, cu-i«, 

Ofli«nd, -114, •. t. 

OOiliiaiu! tVI'lkb,' m.''wJUi^i'-\',, '^', 

OWini, ll-rtni... ./(om«r.,«..tA«t,/.p(. 
Offiiuurini, Ibhllrlm, •. fovii.ra, >., 
Offivl, trifl, I. femaflls, rmmptlla, m. 
ÖSlboat, -'•>>3^ I. f«iMi(f Jl, rvnpsfVii, n. 

OH, tri, Öhm, ICtD, aJ. vws, tBunit. 

Olltr, -Ir, •. H[il<ff(aMn, 
O&l 1, (. 0*; OJ 


OuuuDDLeiü*, lunlr^lllul j. «uifi. 

Omnipotent, tnnlp'p&ilqi, «. oaawoj 
OiIlpU*lDp(«r, In'Allrllc, i. viln («■ 

)Be, irU, a. A /.. .-., •«'•, .m W. - 1^ -i 

Onwird. Is-wln, md, .vwaL ['"■«•. *- 
Oaie, >!, I. /««>, ■>., ., V. •■. irtpitar,, 
0017, >'>l. <>-/<"l»<>. U>«»f^n. 
n f, IplrtW, ». oBMjia, II, ' 

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9 "y' iJ- ■■ '""^ »iM""! WUIMH. 

Öint, Mal,*, m. nfim, nfir*. 
ÖiMlneal, •'■In, i. hmiih, ««laiiii, n 

Ö dllh, -'lik. •. mttumau mttUa. JnitnU 
Ö iätf, -^ ,1. mMili, xectfau,/. 

Q mdw^UlU'Ur, *. tttmnJn, m. 
O botorr, tlMklBrl, •. tffiuurla. 
O io, l'lif, t. (uuiluUa, n. 
U JT«, Ii-Ht, (. a/hw, itfJi»,/, 
O ire-ftoTt, -irlr, t. e/imln, m. 
Olirt-bw, -irl,,. tätv, mllvt, n. 

Opnoily, tpti 
OpM- • • 

orfr_ ,.....^„^..„^,. 

Opener, •^Ir, J, mprtlorn aanilerr, m, 
Oiien-Jieuted, •kln'ld, M.Jrmca, ilmet 
Op™|ng.'-1n» ..■>«rt<r.,/.,fn«c^rii. 

Opetl-worC, -wflrfc, «. Iniet^ tlr^frrml*, 
Oppm, Ap'plrl, r. Bptr^/. laaekiatt, 
Opcra-ilMi, -|ll>, r. snlii/ina, fiii 
ile, Ap'pirlt, tf. H. operarti pndiu 
itio, Ippirlt'ltk, ■. dl siicra. 
i-Iie, Ip'pVrlll, I. criHIU >n><r4c. 

Optntor, Ip'FlrlKr, I. »»•U", n.. 
OphlbahnD-ffaifiapeDin, Ip'iAllmliJllrt- 

Öpine, Ip^', V. n, aphn (••, 1 

Otiinidn, rpts'jio, •.BpMeKi,/., mUmn 
Opinioniilf, -li, OpiDioMtire. -111., ■ 
Opponenl, (ppj'nlil, .. tppMMr, .™" 
Oppotinne, Ipptrlln', a. cpparlasti .|) 


Oppoifl, ftpp^'i V. a. &A. oi 
jOppO«!». ij'pi»lL •.appt 

OppOlitlOD, flppM'<hlB| '. 

Oppmi, tf Pili', v- •■ oppr 



Orb, Irb, •. ct<, (/.hl i/' 
OtbiLlrMl,!. >r>ii>,/. 
Oietwnl. tfuUri • ~^' 

Orderint, -Inb •- tUtfutu 

Ordinnl, Ir-flnll,«. nin.b, «. 
OrdiiKiiicft,!/!!^^^;. •rrfwMM,/. 
Oidinarilr, Ir-dtilitll, .i<. »Wi,>.r!.,nHili. 
Oldiniin, Ir'dlolrt, •. oräiuarin, -,>. I'il. 

O^'i'i^lioil. Irdlnl'llllg, >. cräinaü,.nt,f. 
OtUrnncf , liä'Dlo., 1. arliilitria,/. 

OiB>Ni»tit;n' lrJi'pbk°iflD',''.!C(.fli>i>- 

1 Oill>»-I<i|" < *''tWlP] •- o"» '''"''Ci'i*, 

2 .OrilAU-»luJi,-iHlp, i. siWocelifa; »rfiiiip),"!. 

Orifim, ifiifl.. ., .ri/fc». >.., .f»rlii/ 
Origin, Jr>ljlD, .. o,'!»!»., „rhnpi.,, • 
Ougüuil, tAgfnll, ■.*>. or^'cüial.l 

OricRinlilr.liillBlI'ltlt, •. BrliintlUI, 
OriginaM, tÄilBll, «. ■. « n. >n>iii 

o^hi^l' iniBh'ai , ■. o^,!^ 

Ori»IP, Ir^ll. ■.im»», .MWUlD. 
Orilhan, ll'rtii, •. orftMi -, I. Ol/.«! 





Oioülularv, tBil'ililil, •. okJU» 

8wr, l'itilr, >. »üu, oiVü«, . 
■pn^.lrpck, ../r""'. wi/: 
OiiiKulioB, iHifftkl-ibls, >. > 
OiiifTj.Wrtj*. .. /« <(.'««; 

0>l«i>ib|e, lula'.!),), o. titntiU 

OileBlotioui, l>ilBll'<bIi. •. r»» 

0>Ui;r, tillr, l. uallitrt, lUhlmr 
Oltnch, li-lrluli, f. «ruH^ Urvi. 

Othn-, iTQ'lr, pn. •ll». 

Oller, »i'Isr,".. (J.fn^/."" 
Oiighl, ll, «. litf. rfoKt«., .. .««■«,/ , /f.«, - 




Oulbnliuici-, -bll'llDhi 
Oulbid, -bU; V. M. ir. 

o'atHdder, ~h1d'dlr, 1 

Otiteail, -'hl<l, 9. 
OuloTT, HH .. 
vnJil. pMlic. 


Oli(f»ce, -rLt-. v. ■. nanlacrt u. Jiciia. 

OBllunrä, -'■1(4, >. (un/ia ••MHUIs, /. 
OolhoDic, -'blli, 1. rinnui cmtlpotn,/. 
Outing.-^ni, >. ttairtioKt,/. [alttn, 

Oullindiih, -'ItndlUi, n, iirmiltra, fin. 
Oullut, -It«', V. a. irtrri pli ImgumaU. 
OnlUw, -'ll^ «' pr««-jrfa, hmn^tVf ni. f ', 

OulUf,-Al,t.jt*r», n. 


Outn.||i;oui,-tl')i<,». •Iir^gflota, Infl«- 
Ouln'ihl', -ril', 'uf. nt/usun'»,' iimiiU^ 

Siitwflgh, -wk'.E, o. ^eiiirr pti. tUl 
olwit, -wll-, ». .. inmmmrr, Irnfart. 
Ontworil. ->Jct, •. ^ifido «Itriimi, m. 
Orill, i'ill,..A>.oi;.Ii {'«.). 

'r>cl, -Itl', «. >. (^'rJcr. 
TnU, -II-, I. KpraUl„, ^ 

OTmlODil, -ktX'l', u.a. tnivniilv^, stcii- 
OTFIEOine, -klin', v.i. ir. luwan, nr- 

Ori-rconEden[,-kiiif)dlol.>. i/^ppo •j-JIiJ, 
Overda , -il'. ■. .. iV. fori it^ppa , .«<- 

OTprdmi, -drli', v, ■- viilrt un iroBB« 
OTcrdriTS, -Irlr', V. o. ir, /lU-c in^iirc 
mppo pmtv. [irappo. 

OTer-Ml, -tl". V. r>. ir. (UM-. hH) «••J.eit,- 
OtcHIII. 'III'. V. >. implurr Irüppa. 
Oierfloir, -ni', (. fr«i>M'uls>i>, /.i -, v. >>. 

OlErfond, -Oai','.. Iroppu äßniunala. 
Oin-ironlll, '[(Iti. i. SDcrEiciincnKi' iir- 

)T«hailV, 'bli'll , o. I 
frettoioeo, prteipUalo. 
)Tcrh»il,-)lIa', xJ. £«• 

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0*«Hl. -üi-, B. . 

Ormliaile, AtM' 
pTcnhoe, -nV 

Orsrl.i'ilrl. •.*;««., p.Hd». L'"W». 
Onriake, 'im v. ■. ir. fufurii •coiup- 

OtetUix, -llki', II. D, UHim Ifopps, »ftni 
OrerUiiow, ^r*.!', .. .nir— ^ - 

Olflllfi'i'llrlll, (II. »ptrUr 

J'"'^./- ..__ _ 

Ofnwoni, -«Im', ■- oppr 

Owi>, >> ■■ ■■ ir. äeiitm oi 
OwiB|, -In, •. äMun, > 

Qwn , Ip, A. prmpria I — - 

»T, -Ir, », praprimi 
umirnhip, -tnklii. ■. pripri«; 

OiydnlE. Ilr'ii411, ■- n. mUmrli. 


I."' ''il' '; "'°"3^''' 

Pacific, pluli-f1k,i>.pai;i/CEa. ' ' fls, m. 
Pack, pik, i.b„U.,l,^U,IUL,/.,f.rdrlU,K., 


PH«ker, -^li, ., ülfigf/^l '^ 

Paokrt, -Vt, i.fanlilU 

^'üdilaek, -',1311, f. lallm, /., purca, m. 





pUltlld,!. pi» 


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r>lie), ?ll'Hl.>.fnV«>;j>ll<.->i>tro,i<QWl<ic 
PulJinl«. Ftl'All, V. •. »I'i»^. 
FaltinlEon, plllU'rtli, .. pallUm'nU. 
fallüUTe, BJnlUt, ■. a<. p>{Uai'»> (-.]- 
nülill, bII'H«, ■. pa»l>Jo, nur». 
VÜia, l\a, t.pmlm*, mlltiriii, J., pilmv,mj 

F.lmiitrT, pll-inW.'r':*™'™».^- . 

rslnabLe, pli'piä, n. /••lyMiti tviJ'äu. 
ctart. !m,«lt. 

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CaI|>itote, gfl'piai, v. >. pmlni'mrt, pulnn. 
|.lpiUüoa, pilpli'rtla,.. ,,^/..i«(»«,/. 

rill)-., pll'il. •■ pntlilM,f. UM'i'i,!' 
|ii|tniieH, Fll'trbb, ^*»«B«.. ^ili», mfc 

fjwper, pIm'Hrf v. «■ rrafrart dehnatit- 
limtn9alaltaH.Ül§rHMar*. taprrella.f. 

fimuhlel, pln-Dll, •. lUrtlu, libilU, m., 

runphlBtHI, -Ir, t.HriUnr, di likrrUl, -n. 
Fjid, pliij f, padttlM, aoMäti-oU, f. 
kuDIKen, plall4i, I. rfMi>IJs uniufrii'f, m. 
Eimake, »lolO», •. /i-f uH», /. r/!""r., 
Fuder. pls'dlr, *. r>(^r», jb.i -, i.t. ti\f- 

ruMiiiit, pigill'tlic, •, pmartli-itu, n. 
Fuul, rtl-iill, >. ^Ml-drtllt. n.i li». de- 


pÜ^Eirpln'oll. f. »UK, r». iTdrtlM,f. 


Ful, pUl, 11. n. «clvr, i«<nt 

P«p, p^p. .. paj.iü.1 p.pp^ /, p« «»^ »^ 
F«p», pM', t *.SS=, m. [.<»• r.D»liUuu). 
FllHcy. p''P*>). '. p«»lo, «.. 

So«; pi'pir, '. «fl; /yT^!^,"'^" -,. , ^ 

p(., -. ». .. «.pW.-. JJ .,„■„. [-..-«..a./. 

Pllji«r.f arder, -illdlr, >. piiiauja, n, 

Faucr-Iiqldn, -blldlr, >. porlscirir, c<J&J 
P.per-nJl1, -.11, .. .«-Kr. <.fa faböHiar, 

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nnd?';' pirkd', j'.pHlIi'Jürr >'»<>«, ng. 
«/..r piaj« J-»r«,,J. , -, V. .. /«-■ In p^ 

flrndiip, pir'rldli, i. pmradäi}, m. Tiliiria. 
■rndoiiCBl, plrldSk-iJtll, >. pmdt-i. 
■ raKOn, plr-il(iB, >. RD.^cß« pffill,, «. 
flraBMpfi, plfrlirlf, .. ptraenj,. m. 
■n[l>r, pli'clllll,i.iwaf<(l>,«'iii/jilutin 
-,i. liniw pvMU,/., .,v.o.p»g^ 

rr^ilTl^ril'IMi, ■. pmrmlbla,/. 

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oil, plr-bMl, . 

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nrdonnblE, -IM, >. pc'v'o".»!';- 

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Furilvf, pln-ll, .. ptir^^tll,., „. 

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rf>wri,ib*ru, M.i -t.pLmilradt,j:pl.< 

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rutialiu, pb'ittllt, V. •. p>nii^((><n 

Pirticipunt, plnValptalt «■ ptrIiripmHit. 
rulioipalc, flnlVatpLl, v. •, ^•rllcJli>ri 
nrlicijuÜDii, flnluliii'ililB, I. ptriUipt 

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ruticlB, rlClhl, .. parlU„U,p.rllt,illM,f. 
f utktulu, plrilk^lAr, a. parÜttUrt, ibigö. 
Urti -ij, mä^ pmrrtBmImrmMialMi -, ■. f vf^ 

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Farticntirize, plrllklilllili, v.s./i<vliiwla- 

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■»HOyer, flfiflr, .. p««». J.' bi.d.i,J. 
^■»pott^lrpIrU •.p,2Utp„rU,f. 

P..I« pi.t. r;;i/,, c.< /., -', .;. ,. im. 

Pnilriiaarct, -'biid, i. cvism, m. 

Pmlry, pV"t'ii »- JKUliiMri«,/. Trar.. 

PniluniMe, pl/UirUI, u, jin^iris ■ puia- 
P«,lurB|f, pi.-lllrlj, .., /.i p«», 

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'■teil, ptlAfa, t' pra*j topp^t /,] pnu, /Mh 

PartT-coloured, -klllird, ■. 

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PlIMblc, -'tUL ,>. ^WH«»Sl (>(/ 

paaatgm frmHo, il, 

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Xatrr-bT, plVifahl, 1. 

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tuiiün, plih'lr ■-— ' -'— - 

Patcb-VDik, -•Im, i. rapp««!»«,/. 
P«j«, pll, .. I.«., u.M., /., ™., ,»f, 

pj.lla, n. _ 

pRtliJfii, pll«11i, >. »«• Knlilni, »pn- 
PatholDiioil. pl<«Ua-JUll, •. p^fUwico. 
PallialaBr. fMUnli». : pMtleti.,/. 
PnUiDi, D.'lAI., 1. uustfa »»M» ;< pw. 

rniiPiit, pi-.hiBi, '..'» 1. ^li'iaii (n.)i -ir, 

Pa°ln.'rTlif^i'"»Vll, t, palWar«, -. 

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Palrioiin, plM'^tIa,,a. palriiJai -, (■ pa-'S'mCViliiaS^iltl, .. p.,Hmpmtl,. 
Fatrinon]', pflrlmlil, i. p.Ir£m«.i>, X. 

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FhLjOIiBUi fL'Lrlnlf, f. pndronaM*, prauu 

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Fair, plf r> ufH^«, yTi -, V, fl, &n^ «am- 

p.IIiu-t, Hin^urci «uidiure, iiuii.{(i.r.i 

TlWn,pla.j.piciu, raffen,, pwdua,/., 

fairn'broker, -^ijtir, t. cAi wprnu mf 

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r»J, pl, •- ;.«., /, mW., «in-., «.; -, ». 

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Peiicnblr, -Ibll, mii. IrautaUliuitnU. 
Pemh, pIuK, 1. gata,f.i /-riiet,, h. 
FMEh-tiM, -'Iil, i. fKriiu, p«», n. 

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Peii^hlr,°^k%llil, v. H. rJiitt WaJ^Z'o 

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■o pnitiim, m. 
lliu, plkl'lllr, a. jmcaltmj-,, parllca- 

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Pfdnl, pJ'ili. ». mJa/p, »i. 
"Pdnni, pld'dlDiri. /»Ironie, n. 

cJniilic, pidta'llli, s. p.danu.^. 

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"edetRinD, pl4)slrllii, a. » i. prdrtilrti 
pBdi^w,"id'iUir(, .. s.n.a/.gi.,/. 
Psdilnenl.pJd'dlmlnl, >.>.»«.(i<. m, 

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FrS', fta, : rictiilit,'}. p'l. 'l^eaviglir. 

Pell, pii, ..»<[/.,/. .. . r/. 

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Pvllmell. pU'bII, ■<<. g«^i.un>c7iU. 

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F»-i»I> ptn-kU,!. y 

Penoil-poJDler, -p&lKlEr, i 

Penduit, ptn'dlsl, I. ptadcnll artccinvi, 

FcDPlrale, pId'dI lill, v. •', • ■. pentlntri. 
Prnttralioa.fljmM-ahla, t.imtiruald'in- 
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P«niDJ1lls, plnta-illl, •. DMinfo./- 
f enileno*. pla'olitiil : p«Ulr»U. /. p^ 

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Fcnthoua, ploL-nll., i. iciwii, fwmi^ y. 
PenuttiniL platlllml, .. paulUma lilUÜ, 

Popper, plp-plr. i. ;«;jt. ii... -. «. .. impc 

P^ppfr-toi, -).(»., PeppiT-Mtl«, -küär, 
repper-carn, 'kini, i. i^c di papi, «. 

PcnunbiiflitE, slrlm-tillll, v. a. u^ir. ul 
E<-rc«v<ible. plnl'TlU, a. pirMlIUlc, un. 

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Prelematiunl, prjllc^'ljirli, .. äpn-n- 

rrnT»)] pijllbl', I. p^l^l:,, c„I„r; m. 
Fr-Ior, prt'lSr, .. ^r-Jer., m. 

Freltüy, p[1l'lljf,' od. iJ'iuia rä.al«^ phof. 

""«t ™'p''rlti.^[UÜtr°'i'' f ™"iS2^ 


rM.'lW, .. » 


l'.tj., .. fr™ 




pr.Vafc.rf, '™ 

rnoe, prU, . 

;tnu>, Mt.™, 




äi l»«C,/.f 

-.B. a.™ 

i»,a(a«, V«. 


ciHfb, la. 




i; ^pttl.?'" 

.r(OB(iü,m. lu 

p<rfl., «.«il^ 



»UiDÖd, -^14, J. lüCinJuW 

rriin, frlm, ■. tfftuaa, lUtdutliy. LIri|jf>ri. 
trimne;!, pt!'n&l, i. primalri, im. 
Eriinanlr. priUtlU, ad. primltfViaiU, 
FniiurT, pil'nlilk a. Btittimrii}, prbu.Bri*- 
Bn'n'lVF'l"!'. '■ prü--', •«-, ». 
rrune, pHoipM. pfimo, firin^ipmtr, ai-igiitmUi 
pmoat -^S,öä, d* primai fcetlttnuitieMu 

V, «^ mf lf«r« j7 /»Jvr'nDr brupmrart. 

PrimeTAt, primi 

IriuiDgcnilun, pii'mijlipBl 


FniUi|HlI> rÄa'ltfb, a. prlnaifimlt, «Rf- 
•bh) -Ij, mä. PrimtipitliKnIt, wpmiMllB i 
-, t. prineipait] capitmifLm^ 

riinaptlUr. ''^'•ii'li^- • ' ' 

Frinciple, priD'ilfJ, i, prlnclpio, Jaada. 

I ^i. 

■«Ir, .. 

FrintmE'"'*'^*! -■utui», t riiLiiiiE-uinuv, 
-^■^nlf, I. IlrnnpiriM,/. Ititmpa,/. 

Prior, id-tr, f. prino, pricnUi^, -, ,. 

FriDn», -K i. triam aiuitrl*ra,f. 
Pnontr, prii'tlll, I. pritrlii,/. 
ri|o[T, pHIrl, .. /.rhrUi. »: 
Pt^q , pilin, j. priHuMf m- 

VAnU.fA'llil, ».privaln, parllealarti n- 

Fn-ril»M,' prlt-tlll], 1, pHmbäia.'m.i'^^. 
.. prSMtiUr: f»"». 

ttitil-f, prii'fdl, aä.privalM,mau, Uit- 
Frililr, oi^t'tIiI, 1. etlifidtna, nallü^j, 
Fri»7, t>n>'>t, a. prluaM, pmrtiaalarii Jwni. 

r^^piii'" ' ' ' '"'" """ " 

Frabnbl*, prib'bllil, a. urciaHU. 
Probably, -t, «J. pniaHl-naU. 

Probmion, prJbj'öin, i. prafa,/,; uptrl- 
Pmb^tion"^-!','''»""."™-/. kian 

Piobitr, |rtb'li)il,'t.p>v^iij,ijanrl<il(^>i- 

Frobltm, rrtdllm, l. praHema, m. 

Froboicil,' ptllili^li, (. tnmb Ii/cÜ' ,lr- 
Frocetd, pr»aÄ4', v. n, pnenttra, dtrhiarn 

Froaua, prSi'tlfl, t^ pramtoi progrtäiio, m. 

Fronouiul. p<%(,.. /<,'»cp..W., w. ' 

lanarnjidiitian. ' JMKatltiu,/. 

Frocra ■ liM lion, prlkrl ilti^ '.hin, J. proir^ 

Frooreällön, fhktit'Aiu, •^JXT^ZLwT, 
FrDclpnhip, '«btp, <. i^iia jA praam-a^ 

Fradilflli pTftd'dl|1l, a, A «, pradita (H-)f 

Frod'iiaiitT. prfdnu-u'il, •. pr^JItaUti. f. 
FrtidlJtiDUi, pctdi-jli.a. praUgiaaa, -lr,u^ 

Fradnop.prld'illi,!. pn^(M,ra.i -,piid|>', 

Fraducl.'plld'dl'kl, •, pradalla,' rjaiu%i:', 
Fraduolion , prldlf>h9ii , ,. prcfuiiaiia.f. 

Proin, pilltki'. •. /iraU», Mftim. 

■ "-SB. f^l^'Ula. - — ■ 

ftofäond, fwittimV, m-pt^rtt^ti -J7, « 
mloBdilj, »tmt'ihl.i. pr^tmJili,/. 
rtabut, »riAi', ■. mfm^, •mun»! pn 

itl'jlil, >. prmftmit, tlirp- 

vifluw, ■>.< -, prifrlr', v. m, prv$rHlim 
mi(i«HiaB,pr|i|Tk^>|ta, •- ^™jr««i«««, J 

rrohlbil. prUtk'bll, v. •. fraiUrr, imfn 

Frabiinlf^'prlUkr.bla. •. pn£^i 
rrahi^IaiT, prlblb-biait, ■. prtiUiim, 
rrolMl, pil-jhv •. ■'i»««*! "Kf"'. •>•' ■ 

piompIididF, -'I(l4, FrooiptliMI, •'■li. •• 
prtii~—..p,Jilrut,/. (p.Ulic-r^ 

DDOlinCf, p^iltu', ■. a. sr«>u4i>in 

DBUmdallDn, prlilun'iliU, *. fnuK- 

pclp, •. MJIrgM, ftmllttiviptt», 

Prapi>I<iililii, dl(pltU'*l7 •- P^F*I^*-J' 
Pn.|UiJ«W, prlp'pW. «•.«.»«.» 

pnpafurwi. }mittlipuatU9HmtJ^ 

Proper, pnp"l'i *' *' «petlBf» «««fi, 

Propsller, -b, •.tiMrt ■ wH frrptOtMir, 
ftopciullT, ptlpla-riH, i. prtpntiHH un- 

■->pw, n4p>lr, ■• praprh, #n/-ki <«- 
nrmlf, caa/vlniln Hlla 1 -1), mj, prm- 

|-rDph«T, prirrftt, •. pn^tün,/.' 

>phel, prirrti, I. pnifilm, -. 
jphele«, -ti,*. pn^mi™»,}. 

FropoHiÖn, ptfptl'ltilii, >. prapoi 


PropDrtioiuible, -Ibl, rroportionBl, -ii, 
f ropoHlj Dr^p&'ill, «- prifpoMt^ionei pr^ 

FrouriflUT, prlpH'lilri, Proprielor, pil- 
prl'Jrlr, f. ptoprlBlmrio, potlmiB, m, 

Fropriety, pitpA'liJ, •. praprlilii aiiaimt- 
Fröröialion. ptlri(l'ihlit, >. prKrrgi 
rrorogue, pririf. ". a. p-^^'i^: 

inn, prtlrtfihio, i, pniriiliinr,/. 
>, priLr3d% V. p. 4 n. aporgwrr, 

lllld, •. irftgUiun, tHptrlni -If, 

ProTertiaiiPtlTltTilll, ■'/'"""'■"■''i-'ji 

eT(n*,prti, •.pnnj. (/■ 

f »•«Wl«, pFlf«!*»', •; «■ proMfKfM. 
FrDIHnillODiprBitkl'lblD, t.pnargauKtiila, 

PrueoulDT, fitt^SÜHt, t. »lUrn p^u- 
Fiaulrt«, rdfMt. I. p^utUr, m. 
FrOIodT, prli'ill), (. pmaiU.J. 

FTOipnjtlTffr 0n*pn'Hf| a- prvrptirtim, 
Frnatieotntf. pnaplklb, ■- pngromma, m. 
Fniiper, prU-pIr, v. >. raJa^filla, -, .. 

FraipSISKT'ipt'^'C'.. pr.,ptrtÜI,f. 
FroiperoiU, ptW^tIi, ■. pmipJni, /ifici, 

FHnlilBteT'i'ST'tlti '■ pr'iäft, f-i ', 

V. «, prnllUlrt. , , j , Ij- 

FroitnlC; prirtrtt, «./iniHraf*! -,p^t■'l[t^ 
Prottrolion* Pi^trl'ibln, m, prvslrmiiait*^ f. 

Pmlüot, ptlllill', «. ■. pnUfftrt. if. 

..«, jtf. 

Froleil, pilt'llil, I. snlMu, 

Trotocol, pri'likit, t, proiaaoiio, j 

,/.. ?ft. 

tildln-ibll, • 
I pr'Uln'ihtr, ■. *i. 


FrOTOCStiOn, priilkl'lhis, i. appilUtha; 

l!roTokil4lri'-inel*. «''■ Ik'hiIii prtvita- 
'rovOBf> PTtv'*uL, f. prvpvareif prev^l&f M, 
'roVDftttnip, -fdlfp, *^ prnpo9lato, m. pr*- 

■ESjr"jii4ii,'ü! .. ««r«j/'^iSr™T'"=- 

Fraunatr, pitkVImll, i. ;><«ilm>i -U, aA 
_ . tliflilaini'xiÜ, t. pmulmlM, f. 

FraS; Jrid, V 'ji/^ü^.":'"" '™"iL/" 

Friidxnaa, -Jli«, •. pruiteiu', f. 
Fruilnt, -"lol, B. prndaili, einmpillB. 
Fmdentuili, -In'iblli, : pl. rcfofi •lipra. 

Fnin«, prio, /. nii« j«.:., /.i -, i>. .. Ä 

Froill ^"'""-IMtn'-'pV"«"»'", /- 
FruiTiiiG-hpak,pr3'DlB|b£k.Fruiiin g-kn»l«i 

Pi-f, pri. f. .. .w.". ««-«.( 


hTcholotinl- AllMlMl. •■ ^«»»fi-. 
rntrholDiT. •(Ulnlll. >. i»l^l.t-,f. 
Mintr, pl'llrli, t.pmttrii, miltlartiam,/. 
TpImcoiI, fUli'ilil. •. ;i-»'>>MU, rfi 

gabUc, itVta, •. fUlii^ iwMiyW»! .. 1. 
pmUlU*, OHMUit, «.1 -Ij. •«- ^11**01». 

rnlilimtr.Btlilli^ill, >. p^UIMIi, »ab- 

Khliihcr, -Ir, 1. p.Uliaurii «liurt, m. 
5k, jtk^».^Jo'to«, *«'•*», -.■ ^__^ 

»Hft plr, ». «(/I"! /«•»•> Jf«". <^r -. ». 

rniilUt, Dl'lTlIit. I. pHiiiUlBrr, m. 

ruf -oou, pli^'i' •■ ""• •"«!:"■'•■ «■- 

JPbud«) »«I. ■. »ä/«», injeriart. 

flikii, »k, ^ ■- vomirt^ fwmni. 

JhdUt, -nll, h fullmim, n. 
IbIIiTi -'!'. ■• !•"«« mimi™(«,/. 
TDll>ICiluiTjr,pll'K&Hlrl, TDluiolUD.plIlilKa'- 

M^t. pfc'pl., .. pJpl». ™. 

Pulponi, PuipT. pll'p", pil'iii, B. (lof^iMii. 

f>lu. i"^ •■ pultm Ufumr, n. 
ral-nniitiaa, ptWlrlil'ihli, j. ^ilircrii- 

PdlTHUC.pll'tlrLi, V. a- potvtriiiarr. 

Käuo*. fl^lt, <. P-^", f. 

YUUip, plBpj r. Iramim {Ja lirar KCfbit)! 

runolinin, -^ i. pwHin 

Pa»hT, -'1, ■. 

Fnnclnl, pllfVIJlll, ■! »Haalr, Ma«.i 
Fnncliuilil]ii pbfkl)llrllll, i. piwlaiiftlit. 

F^l•ll>■^ p'UllI^UL •. -. ;>u»tti». 
runcluabos, pUitlJll'iklD, >. wivMuk 

FnitJtDr'pVB'jlBl, fc =,,p,B..„ ,£,,.. 

~ ' le», pl^Uh, I. pi«J«u, /. 

Fuuln. pla'iJr, •. 1üi1i(1*ti ~~H<:^>. 
P>'n'.'p'"H'- *"* P^"-./-' -■ •■■ ■■ »■"•^ 

FapiliBE, -tl, I. •Kuribli Ulr^A /. 
fupillaiT, -Ar;, •. papilttTt. 
£upp*l,plp'pll, f.iamluo. tanh>cciiH>,n. 

IpPTi plf'P*. •■ o«t"olu»< «c/mm, n. 
Pur, pir. V. ■./«« amt Xfai. 
ParbllBiI, .'bA'i,: Ol »rf> viil: 
furohFH-, plr-ubl», ». .efaiili., n. o-pr^ 

pSI^'i"'."^' '" "V^""' "' '■''"'"* 

Furfe, plrj, v. ■. pmfw. 
Pauli«. rVll«, .. J>.™rr, ». 1/. 

Porficlio». »Irlrlkl-rtS,, ,.f .„:,¥„««.. pl-cl.=, ., p-rt.m,, „. U!'"-!. 

Piiri.[, pl'rtll 1. p.ri,lA. m. 


*'"»,.?'ji,': 7'l''ma7J„Va7T''' '" "" 

Vurpl», pVpl, 1. pypcrt,/,! cn(or Ji/»r- 

ForpKili, plr'pltik, •. piu-p0rrfglMI,. 
Vuiptltt. pir'ptrL. f. comltnalm id' ummtorft^ 
Iwaii «ABitf, m.i -, V. jb ^fm^TTf f If nj- 


Fun;, plriJ, •. tu! 
Funit'nce, pl-riHni 


-. •■■ "■ tf^riunl, ; 1, .M., „.^, V"" 

Fuiliingi-nafi ■• futrumidinli. r>"f'^,, 
PuiillMlDlilr, pillnlllB'mdl, I. BitMti,„ 
FoiilliiDiino^i, pUNli'ilai;; /pul». 

Fnilöla, pli^Ü, >, fiabiU, Mlit,f. 
tot, nll, .. ■, b-, MM^. pprr.. «H.«r 

Fut-olr, jll'lt, *. tni-lto, riUrJt, m. 
Fntnfuriion, pliiirLk^l^ i. pMO-^fa^m 


'ü!rr'!"i"i.'^.Vii.i — 


ftro'lechnifli, pirlllk'ii^ks,'i. ar» i<i Ja 
ryihooef, pVMtb, i. Hvln^lrire, f. 

OiMsh, kwlk, I. clurlalme, m., -, v. H. 

^unckeiT^-'k^rl, (. iUrUi„„rU,f. 
giudraiieiim.1, kvtlrljli'iiDil, >. i^jiüiiu 

ludciliteral, kwIdrilli'Llil:, .. i^^drit^ 
Ouadroon, kwtdrSa', >. fci'i'ifo <<a ■>» 

Qo»|(imre, ki.lCüilf, .. ;»,n™, «a™,, ™. 
^"™/« "' '■ ^"'"'■■^■' -■ "■ ■■ '"'''"■"' 

uiliRcatlon, kwllllrlkl'.blo, >. fKmlifie.- 

Ou.lifr, k 


lJ-[lll,>. f 


QDirrfllOmP, ..ÜB, a. rlaltiK, rj..«.. 
Poniry, kwJr-rl, t. pif^j.,/. r-rnft, m. 

Pnlrl, fcwlN,^c»;,,».";»!«'.)"'«.^ 
Cio-irl»ti,k,lr'iU,,./,iW?--,<a»^/. ly. 
^urter, kvir'ili, i. v**"'. «■ f«M> 

«ler-deck, -<Jk. ., sauira rf" m M™t 


JljK-gathar«(— Dia.-.piikirj.rli'ilTair- 



'--1,1, rÜ-cld, hIS^j/---!, . 

Rjiiiin, Tl-m, t. Hw puu, /. 

Hak«, tlk. .. r,llr,, V^ir.lU, liitrllM^, m., 

Bnkfr, -'Ir, 
n<ik[.l>, rl'k 

'"''w'tf ''lii; V II 

lÜndoiD, rln'dlB, i 

y rlili, 1. •n/Inf, elaift i»llA,f.\ 


Riinki«, -TU,' V. B. palrffimi'.' '" 

R"Pi rlp. •'- culpa ftrU.m., -,>.•.*■. 
tiiHr^ pUtliUi^. httur.. Jr.p,i:itA. 

nnpRlHaDa, rlnl'lkll, a. ra^am, -Ir,«!.«!! 
HnpaoitT, Tipli'illi, I. nfiaci/.!, /. 

Rapid, rlji^ld, a.rapUo, u/o«, .If, arf. 

ropi^aniiirln -•, w. Bl.ßam rapide, n. 
Rapidilr, rlptifdtll, I. ripidUätf. 

R-^f r, .^ri,|ri n. ^. -_;;.jW;^ „^/•i'j;^; 

Raioalilr, rl.kll'lli< ../«^«i™,/. r~. 
Ratwllion, rltkll-Taa, >. »Ir»«., (ricca.!, 
■>— lllf, ll>'klJII,a. /'"-/aal"«, frric»! 
Ralh', rish. a. l^auraWa, prnilpUKfi -If.arfl 

i»lm™.--al,... <H.m^, ■«praJ«.,,J. 

RalllbIj-,-i,aA,D<rniU. [/, 

Ralan rllln'. .. i»-l. rf( e«» (MP hji,]. 

Rathpr.'riTHlr arf. pli.ll„u, migli, lai 
Halifiialioil, rlUllJkl'ibtn, i. r.l(/AuafaBi 




noltea, rliü«-. •. rwwai, K (pno^i. 

im tfe« IknU, cwntluri. 

RaTPli rl*'»*. *■ *- i""***jü"Br«i -, V, «. (^ 

RanBC. rl'iWi ■■ "Wir—Jn -tj, «JT/rub 

R*TÜbucTT,'^7lf, •■<. (T'maTIwJ^ 

Raw-hnd, -^^ •- U(i»». /. 
RnrDMIi -'•3', '■ trudüii imttftritmMm,/. 

HbmIi, rHW, -. .. rtptUat. 
Rnalian, rUk-ikh, .. ruWu.,/. 

H»dlbI«,'-1U, ■. ItffiUlt. 
Rmder, -%, ■• kltan, kf ritor«, n. 

RMidj, Aitl, m, pramm, irrpmrmla, rp/im- 
ri«Mu>,aocHctoi biellaaMi -> '^rV't 

. rllpr«'', D. II 




RrtH-lliOD, rltlL'rll. •. riMli-mt./. 


RE^ni, rCMi. i. ^»i»»! mnimmm, m. 
Rebnl, rlbil', V. a^rihmllMrm, riMpi§mrr*. 
R«ull, rltlJ', *. >. HutiHUPfl -, >. rwti 

KecuT; lUIal-, *. -. HMib^, rfUir^ 
RcoDliition, rIkUlUU , f. nlralUii« 

RKuni lallt* , TltlDMllll, K ■. r^i> 
Rfciipitulation, i>lit|i1lUi'>bU, •■ ritmfii 

R KHplan/rlUptdlr, I. eu 

Receipt iiilr,'..'ri™i»ite, i 

RsorpUnlf, rlf-ihltkl (ililpltU).i 
RcwpliaD, iltlp'USg, i. rfcniiUi 


ip», ih-tjti.i.prttcritiKumräi'../. 

I, tJilii'plIo^ ■■ -«'If' 
al, ricIlF'p.ikll,..'. 

Rnipnuatf, ritli-ptlÜI. ». ■- 
RtciprocitT, rlwlprVilil, >. i 
l<i£^/. fr»"«»«! «^ 

RpciUl, rUIll, DKiulion, iM 
RniUliT*. itulllllT', I. {Kli.) I 

Rhik, rbh-, ■. ■■ I 


^rl nie, 'llkli."',"i.'nVf^ji !"','" S,f^'-, (. 
[cl'üiioTi'.Tikli-mlB, >. ritlrßl''«:/. 




Prie8t*ridden,-Tld'dn, a.govemato dapreti. 

Friin« prfm, a. affettatOf »tudiato, {jürt^ffare, 

VtvoMCj, prl'mtsiL t. prünato, m. 

Primanlj, priaalriU, ad. primieramente, 
dm prima. {cipaU. 

Friinarj, pii'mlri, a, primario, primo/prin- 

Frfinate, pri'mtt, a. primatet capot m. 

Fnine, prim, a. primo^ prineipaUt originaUt 
preeoeet "Ij^ad, da primmt eeeelUnlementet 
— , g. princtpiot ßoretm.t primawerat f.t -, 
V. a. mettere il potverinot preparare. 

viariof m. 
Friineral, prlmi'vtl, a. primitivo, 
Friming, prl'mlog, «. mettere la potvere aut 

fpeont^ m. [primitivamente, 

FrimitiTe, pi^m'mitlT« a.primilivot -Iy,a<^. 
FrimnesSf^prlm'Dlflj a. affettasionef f. 
Friinogeniture, prlm&Jtn'nitir, «. prünogom 

nituraf J. 
Fnmrose, prfm'roz, a, taaaokarbaant, m, 
Frince. prlos, a, pnneipet aovrano, m. 
Frincelj, "'1^* <>• prineipeacof >, ad» da 

prinetpai nobitmente» 
Frincess, prln'sis. a. prineipeata, /. 
Frincipal, prin'sipll, a. prineipmUt aaae^ 

»tatet -1^, ad. Dnueipalmeala, aoprattuito i 

1t «. prineipalet eapitale, m. 
Frincipality, prlnsipll^llu, «« prüie^hUo, 

m.t a&vranita , f. 
Frinciple, ^i^o'glpl, a. prineipio, Jonda- 

mentot molivOf m, cauaa^^. 
Frinti print. a. impreaaiont t atampa, lettera, 

S' I gtornale, m. t oat of •», ehe non ai trova 

puk a eomprare i -, v. a. imprUneret atam^ 

pare, f"'* readerj correttore, m. 

Printer, -^Zr, a. atampatore t tipognufo, m.t 
Frinting, -^nf, «. impreaaione^ alampa,f, 
Frinting-house, -^nghBAs. Pnnting-office, 

-^D^tfl^s, a, atamperiat/» (atampatj. 

rrinting-paper, -»^ngplpSr, a. earta da 
l'rior, prrir, a. prima, precedentet ** «. 

priore\ auperiore, m, 
FriüreM, -tsj a. priorat auperiorm,/i 
rrjority, prlS'r^ti, a. Priorität/, 
Frjory, pri'2rA, a. priorata, m, 
Frisin, pr)zm, «. priama, m. 
Trison, prlz'zn, a, prigioneff. 
Frisoner, -2r, a. prigioniera, m. 
Fristine, prls'tlo, a. priatino, priaeo, 
Frivacy. pH'itsi , a, aegretesta t retiratezta, 

aolitudine, f. 
Private, pri'vlt, a. privalo, partieolarat **- 

greto; -IJ, ad, privatamente. 

prtvtlegiare. {greto^ 

Fririly, pmt'tIiA, ad, prwatamente t inaa^ 
Pririty, pA^^ltl, a. eotifidenaat notiaia,/, 
Privy, prtT'ti, a.privato, partieolaret /ami- 
liaret aegretot -, a. ceaao^ deatro^ m. 
Z0J pj\x, a. preaxot premio, m. i preaa, f.t 
■> K a. a/fpreM*ar*, vaiutare. 

Pro. pri, pr. pert - & eon, pro e contra, 
FroDability. pr&blbll'UtA,«. prohabilitä, v«- 

riaimilitudinet f. 
Probabte, prtb'btbl, a. probabile. 
Frobably, -^, €ui. probabilmente. 
Probat, pr&^bit, a. ver\fieatione (d'un tsala- 

mento)ff. \mento^ m. 

Probat Jon, pr&bl'sh2n, a. prova,f,t eaperi- 
Probatjonary, »tri, a. per prova. 
Frobationer, -2r, a, aeotare ehe fa laaua 

provat novizio, m. {ta tenta. 

Probe, prAb, a. tenta, f. t -, v.a. toecare cot- 
Frobity, prSb'bltA, a. probitä, aineeritat i»- 

Problem, prSb'Ilm. a, problema, m, 
Problematical, probi Jmlt'tikll, a. problema- 

Hco t —Ijt md. lA modo probiematico, 
Froboicis, pribSs'sli , a, tromba {deW rle- 

fante)f f. [greaao^ m, 

Proceaure, prosl'dir, a. proeedimento t pro- 
Froceedf prisld', v. n. proeedere, derivaret 

provenirei eomportarai; -» «. prodotto, 

guadagnOf m. f tarnen to^ m, 

Proceeaing, -'1d|, a, proeedimento^ eompor- 
Process, prfts'sls, a. proeeaaoi progreaao, m, 
Frocession, pr&s28'8b2n, a. proceasione^ f, 
Proolaim , pr&klim', v. a. proelamaret pub- 

bticaret bandire. {/.; bando, m. 

Proclauiation , prSkIlniWh2a , a. proctama, 
Proconsul, pr6k6n'82l, «. proconaolo, m. 
Procrastinate, pr&krlsH4nlt , v. a. procra- 

atinare;^ indugiare. [atinationet /, 

Procrastination, prlkrtstJol^sMo,«. proera- 
Procrastinator, pr&krlst2oi't2r, a. indugia- 

toref m. t dürre, 

Frocreate, pr&'krUt, v. «. procreare t pro- 
Procreation, pr&krU'shitQ , a, proereamento, 

procreare, m. fm. 

FrOOtOr, |2rtk't2r, «. proeuratoret fattore, 
Proctorship, -ship, a, uffitio di procura^ 

tore, m. Xrare, 

Proeurable, prokl'rtbl, a. che ai puh proca- 
Frocuration, pr&kkArl'sb2n, a. proeuratione, 

procura^ f. j^ogente^ m. 

Froourator. pr6kkirl't2r, a. proeuratoret 
Procure, prlkAr', v, a. proeurarei otteneret 

fare it rufftano. 
Frociiremeiit, -mint, a. vrocuraaione^ f. 
Procurer, -2r, a. proeuratoret »netzano, m, 
Frodlgal , prSd'digll , a. Aa. prodigo (iw.)i 

•ly, ad. prodigamente. 
PrO(tigality, pridtctiahl, a. prodigaliti,/, 
Prodigions, pridl'jils, a. prodigioaot -ly, ad, 

Prodigy, prSdfdijA, a. prodigio, m. 
Frodnce,prtd'dA9,#. prodotto^m,t -»pridAs', 

«f. a. produrref cauaare. 

Prodncer, -'2r, #. produttore^ m. lopera, f. 
Produot^ prSd'd2kt, a. prodottot effetto, m.t 
Produotion, prAd2k'sh2o> a. produidone ^ /, 

prodottOy m. 
Productive, 'prÄd2k'llT, •. produttivo. 
ProductiTeness, -nts, a. produttiviti t fer^ 

tilitti, y. 

rrofwution.DrlJTlp|'.h9n,i. frc>/<"«"<>"'i 
rrohae.pMa; a. pro/mni -Ij, td. pn^ 

tp(.net. Jf, .. proj 

Pro/au, prinir', V. i. A li. pr^iji—. 

Prab»iaii(). ^ ,. di pr^ati«-. 
Prouuor, prOni^Br, «. profntort, m, 
Frofmonbip, -ihlpi «. bHpUgv dt pro- 

mfidöcr. priiViUu?, 7. »»^«.u 

Profil, prtnll,^iu, fnulagiui u» 

f roftUble, -Ibl, •. pnrßllm>lr,viUti'' 
ProfiUbtanni, -tUnfi, >. pnfii,, m. 
''rafitublr, -1U>, orf. praßllai ' 
nifilF— -'•- - -"^■-■i-- 

i™fiÜHii,*-i^'i-"5i %'iwp"ßäS!'' 

■■-oSiBiicr, pilmlflii. .. «fif^Lw,, 
iifliiiile, printill, ■. tcUUrau, 

frelonnd, prlrtlnil', ^pr^fnidm -Ix 

frofnilon.'prlli-iblii, >. prijig-IUi, «u- 

rrogbOltlDatfl, pr&gDU'ukil, 
rrainoiÜEiitian, prtiEliittt'ibId, i. pm. 
rrngranuuBjiitJfrliii'ml, >. pi 

', priirli'il 


f rohibit, piSblVbli, v. ■. pniHrt. hnpt. 

Prqhlbitorr, prlhlb-bl^rl, a. Pmihilirr. 

S,,,. „...,„. „.„.. 

ProJHtlail, pclllk'ibi., j. pr../e.i«i>, rni- 
p/SiMlor"!^ prljJb-llr, .. JUrin"X''i!^ 
ProlrUri»n, pillili'iJln, tiolsliUT', prll'. 

rrolhc, prtllb', ■. pntüta, JiffaBi. 
ProUuI;, -til, >. ^WhiUi J^lietiu.,/. 
rrolDiue, pt>I'llltr>. aroJ.», J! 
tiDlaDBxIioa, pitl£ii|l'ibllif i. p^l-^tt- 

. ^ W0^ prombiHttlr. 
•uiat. pcUli^lIi, 


FrannnDifltion, pr^Diiai^'sbln, f. proäun- 

prlp, •. HiiirtM, pinullni MppniglB, 
PrnjJBg'an'dil, pflpjilo'dl, .. prapteanJa,/. 
p^V''nL ''rm;.*"'S'J°'? 

'ropelw,"^ •.' ™^r/"lil. prop'llmZl 
•tvpniitl.iri^a-iiil.i.prcpni&nti Ufl- 

"T. -ll^ •■ prtiprUlii t/utUlA, f. 
»t-y, prjwf»!, .. pr,f..i.,f. 

°„'J;i^, "■ '■ '""/"'SS'""! -. 

trophetio, prlOl'llli, a. prof'licai -U\} 
riDpitiXion, |,tiFl>bll'il>i., .. pr-p 

r'^l'SillarT. pTipVihHilr., ■. prapU 
FrDpitioui, pnpVthiv, ■. JOvorevalK r 
Fcoporlion, (iilplr'iblB. >. proper' 
Fropordoiuble, Wm,' ProponloiuiJ, -V, 

IlOpDial. DiM'illi «. proimr-' 

TroDOfe, piipu'i V- "- proporr 
rcapäiltlcui, pitltVAlt, •. , 

t^'^i: .lp»M-. "■ ■ prö^rriVüä- 
IIDprietBrV, ptipri^Ürl, Proprwtor, ptl- 

p J'illr. .. pr»pr(«j»-|- --' 

Fropri»tr, priprl'Jll, 


rlri«l'ihlB, I. pmrafa,/. 

Froinic, pF&il'f k, «, proäaia, in pref, 
rrouribe, prlikilb', v. •, piwW»» 

rroHribar, •)[, j. cAtalll^, comlam-tiif 
rroHription, pclihilp'iklii, i. pnacrhui^, 
etat, pti«. i-pr^f,/- , If- 

EroHMl*. »tirtl";, 11, «. pnuifulrt. 
rjTOHOvtion, pru^fea'fllilD, «. /jrfffrp"j™«><'Pi 
FraicculOT, Blli^ldi, I. alur'^ /IDJIH- 
EroielTlf, prt^ilUl, i. pn.Klih; m. 
rro§oAr,ritfil>U,:prtKäU,f. _ 
Pro.pKt, pilt-plM, ^pr«pHiiv.,,>«^T., 
rfU.»«,»to.i^. f'*°TS^°' 

f rOipHtlTB, prt<pllrnY. «. pfaiptUhJe, 
Wtntptotuu pTlipIt'A, I. /JrotmmiB., n. 
froiper, priU-pfc, «. m^Jm,/tllcn -, i>. 

Proipm^rpi*;pIrtW,'i. proptHii.f. 
rraipcniiu, pifc'^m, ■. prmipera, /«ifc«, 

lMllillll/r"Jil?IKr,"i. pr^lilMl^J.,- 

rraiti'luUÖB, prLiltlMilD, f. proillini/iui. 
f railnte, prtArtt, ■.pnnrni»i-,prli-lcll, 

PrCHtTHlion, pTiJtrl'ihln, r, proBlraaJaK^fJ 
Frotect, prlllkl'j V. •. j^Wgr«-.. y. 

ErotntiTe, prlilk'll., ^ Ji^cixiv.. f»- 
prDfector,pri'.Ik'ilr,i.;i™i«r.r.,<(tfMi — 

PralMtüt, prtl'lhllal, b. pntliilwilii 
itiDn, prtllitl'fbln, I. prslduii 

fOlotTpe, pri'lillp, I. pmliilipo. <". 

roiubHjinoif,prlli-hliȟ, i./'"'"*"--i", 
rolnbüriuil, pFlll'llrlnt, a- pnrniwM'ej 
coud, pclld. ■. sricfUnMi, mptriai -];, 

roTEfldrr, prli'ilnillr, i./ariii(ii, m. 
rOTCrb» pT&T'<1rb, «- prtnitrbta, atila, 

PrOTided"ld,"^.'(-lhil,)» =.»J(u£.m oA.. 
- - rldeow. prl'-ildliu. i. pra,ld-i—, 

Jidmi; prit-ildl.!, «. p~™™-1ö'-lj; 
Ero^videnliiil, prJ.Tidlo'rtll, ■, Mlnpra- 

/-• -f-i 

il| prlllo-Ililr, •. k t. praviMialt, 
IIIDII, prUI'ikli, •- pr„«,riliBXt, f., 

iloVy^, piitl'ilr',«iinrio. If. 

ocatioiir prA*ul^hant r. appelloMioit*, 

iTOSi, pTBT^lri. t, propotlOi prevoMto,!*- 
ProYoalinJp, -«lilp» «- propaetato, n. pr^ 

iximitrjprlkiilli'llllli I. pnaiiKin.f. 

PrudfSl, -4gl, •• pmifu», nroupclU. 
' ntinU, -lii'ihlli, >. p(. rtt'ti äl pr*; 


rulter, «h-it, ■-. "Iw, at" Ä »hi'i^ -- 

riTckalsreil. Airt-Jlkll, .. ^»(.if«. 
rmdMlocT. dkinifi. : ptiaUl!-./. 
rmmt, pl'rtnli t.puterli, td^^rt^MMm,/. 

rBblieiticw.-L'iUB, i. pmUIU 

FaWii"^— *- - - 

Zl<ff.*li ■- -^"J /"W Jt«-. -.. -. .. 
J^^fc „ _.»,»,. ,1-.!. _«.... 

rai-Biue, ph'ili, •. ■•» tuAUecimlP, m. 

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Znllct. -ntL f. Batlmim, nt. 

rn nonurT.ptl'BlUit, PalDianic,;9ImlE-- 

Pn pon«, FiupTi pai'pb» plKpJj «. pvtptv. 
Mialien, pHil-nlilii, J. i-CnuiDnc, /.( *.(■ 
MIh, p^ls •- po^l Ifimmt. m. 
tvlrmMÜBB, plltlrlil'ilili, j. poiwrü- 
ViÜrRÜB, pll'iirli, v, #, poivtriuaH. 

Piin, pt^ •. teifcci., .,.»», -.,-..,, 
Funcli, p)»1> .^«,»-.1., .Mp., . 

runchiDeno, JaU-ll, (. ,rUrAu^.^ 

ruBchT.-'i, ■.untitf*. i; 

Punrhlio, phrtlll'ri, .. «.fb«. ^flo 
rnncrihoiu. pb^f^b, ■. Irtppi .aui 

Puclnal, piait^llL ■.' Malaa/r,* ^^ 
rnaclunlilj^ fbtU]lll1tli, •. pwUufii 

jw't^^ piaif IJUL .. ^ p.M,,gi^. 
rHBCtnalJDn, pliiUili-Ala, i. ültrpi, 

t"^,^. pZatk-lllr .. p..l.r.,J. 
" ' (»»t >. f"'' ■ 

■'■»■/"«—"■ --- 

Pimi>b,~V^-a\>k,<t. i. f«v(, w^«rr. 
fuBiilmble. -tÜ, >. <f<r« di p.ti£^. 

roauluiFBt, -Blit, j. BuiiiwH,/ 
Fmuler. ^a'4llr, v. >uf jnutvr aH«^jjV 
Fnnl, pl>^>- ttrat plmllM, fj -, V. .. tJa» 

Flui;, P^'bI, d- giffVmmrj imftrHrv; nfl/tsj», 
Pnp, pip, I. ca»l(., ., .. m.fmr, i •.utli.i. 
Fu]}<l. pl^ll, 1. papilU, uiUrr. m., pa. 

Popilai^ -U, ;. mi^rlH, iHirM. / 

PnpillaiT, -Ar), -. impHlT,. 

Puppet, ptp-p)l<i-f-ra"'>u. »•■■»ucJiH.m 

''^£.?!K' ■ ■* ■ '■ ""™'" * *-~* 

ruppn.m, -liB, •. «f»». .r«j.iM, J. 
Fnr, pli, «. .. /r—M, cwM ifi.l«. 
Furiililid, -'blLad. •■ Jl mrln viila. 
rurcli^ll*, pIt'Uhli, I, aifaii», n. Mi>pr« 

PurcJiairr, -'ir. >. än/irmlart, m. Lfufil«*. 
Füre, plr, a.purmt -}y, mtt. piärmmatlr, 
Furg.liOB, plnl-.hlB, *. p-r/ttÜM.,/. 
Iiirs'livc. plr^tili, ■. pv(ift»i -, I. ■■i> 

Purgnlorr, pl^llrt, I. parjauria, •■. 
P"'B', pl>/, .. 

Purslng, plr^laf •. ««■»««, >.. M 

PaHficIioB, pliIrlU'lhlB, ..»rjAeui»:., 
Fnriiln. pl'rlla, i, parlima, m. ijtttnl, 
Purilr, fi-jHi. .'.^iri.'^' 

Futluin, vlrl 
futpl«, pVp 

TnrplM.pir-pli, I. »I. ^»«n pilteciUlnJ- 
Furplilh» plr'pHih. •. parparr^ia^lM- 
Turporl, pSr'pirt, ■, ftmlMiirff (i^'fcjrt<cr/J- 

Fnriaanoe, plntlms, i. njurfUn», /^ 

PurreruMi^ -Im, *. 

ruikini, -^M 
pDitlluimitr, r- 
rwiltmiMDiu, p 

Puitnle, pfa-ljU, *. p—Uli., ü»^ /. 

Pnl, |>lt, «. ■, (r. •••(^»y, ;™-«. »Jbu^, 

tält'i-n'illiSTl7' paUlbni, ripuuit. 
Piillo«, pHlll, .. "t-UilU, m. 
pDl-on, plt'lt, •. »>f>f io, rll.rW*, w. 

r*(n(natiDn, n4(ilrlk'>blg', <. pmlrilfa'iau', 

Eulrid. rl'uldLJL fotrUr ~ — "- 
Pnlridlif u. -••>, t, pmirl' 
- ■y.rH-a.t.cImnaa. 



rjiqid, pll'nmld, t.pirm 
rflmidiilf plrim'aidit, «. /i, 
r«, plr, I. pir..f. raf, ■». 
raivflhniCfi pirAiit'p^b, t 

mrl. di fm 

Quock, lolV, >. Clorfsf.»., ..., ., V. ■. 

Quidniictiina, knSdttjViJml, <. i/ifiiw 
Qnadnocli-.kald'drlai], I. f un/rangDls, la, 

?n'£''nd^i''^Urln'nlt], .. f...b-icu«b. 
undrilaleriil, bwidillll'llitl, >. ^„•idriLi. 

(IlUdrnped, kwjd'drlpld . a. A i. f iKiiJr»- 

Duäit;, kwll'lld, i. ^u.liii.f. 
Qualm, kfrln, «. «vrjtiüHfifej auf^i 

QiundiirT, hvlidL-rl, >. daiih, n. 
ÖiunlitiilfTe, ImlD'llildi, a. (umI. 
Oautity, kvta'llU, •. funiM,^. 


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'm'° " u' '' "'*' ""■' 7 "■ '■ 

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rUiaiUt -tl''2" 
in», •b.f.Urll», 

^iicll, kvU. V. ■. 

■>liniiililMi,'^ •. Intlinliüilli. 
SohdIoui, knIiTilli. a. UiimIrrwI'i -If, 

• ^kÜ^vt -tV.H./lf faHfiallii ^ii/bi^Anf. 

Oimllaiuble.'lU,.. däpiiitm;dmhUM. 

ine, kvln-nln. i. cithä;/. Fr 

innnial, kir1>kirli'r.lll. >. i» W 

, IT. »wl>-.l.-f «■"".*-./. W.. 

Quinl. l-l.l, .. ,<.;»,.,/. (.1 ilootD AI 

intuple, kirlD'lJpl, a. fiiijil>i|>h. 

g^.. ,:L- ..iL . „,..-„..=... , 

(JlÜoiuiEU, ■!•, I. 

Öuickipl, -"ill, I. Ml,p,tlU,/. 
Qiiiak-(i|hted, ''■llld, o. di viiin ■ciils. 

oöidu ilTand, ^, •. cit/>ii-lg iTartn.» vivo. 
gnigk-vitlEd, -'wluld, ■. •H ■»» ufifu. 
Öoid, Mid, >. Iilue« >/• naUJnrc, ■•. 
Ouiddilr, -'d(tl, ', fuififiirii »»ff Ifuu,/. 

^»1, llwl«, ■. fulBfa, Iranfui'U^i -If, hL 
OuMiHn. -lim, I. vuf •liKiKl Ji mn 

^nt, twil, i. p'iuui ciuu»a,/.| Ig» 

Öuill, »will, t. e^ptriM Id. I.,u},f. 
AtaiaSCkwIiu, .. nulm n.«in.,/. 

ui»iv>,/v f.ilui., Ukirtrw, -, m. li- 

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T«r, kvlT'iIi, I. Au-«fr>, f.i-, «. • 


nidim, mto-dl», •. mlln vtlU, vM 

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lUl, twll:) nhltiA), V. bmp. - ht, i<iM 

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Ouotidinn, Imilld'ddn, i.JiUrt ^mtldiant, 


Ihbi, 'rlM)!, .. rä™. "."■ " "l?- 

ibliit, rlbtiK'. eonlflu.m. 

It BinMii, [i-itiili. I. (Ute piieon» {Mviial, 
Ruk.lU, •. Ivliirst nUFtUUrm, f, rm- 
•lrrlhlJi«.tb-),'tn./.i %■«« 

Incket, -nilLi. no^.ii*./.! nnirc, s. 

Rldidi, tUiUt., I. npa,/., rauom^o, m. 


HufRe, rlrn... «™, /. I^onr»), .,«.. 

Rüg, rt,, .. MncJ., ii™«;., n. r» 

n»*», r4,..r.»i-.,y. /-TOM, 01,1 -,•-.' 

Jtiaeed, rlr'tl', ». ilramltlii, atmciBH, 

"X^/™il7' '' '■***'^-'"'''- ^- -''■ " 

Kndcr, -li, i. prwUiir,, in. 
(flu /w'4i/. r I>(w(r> , «^ (nlT.I r». 

HnilFT, -'U i. allrauUlart, m. 

Bailroid, rll'rtd, Hiiimr. -'o'i '■ 'v 

KaimBl! r^uhl, t. vatÜM-it, ■*■(>, ■ 
aaln, (In, «. i^fc(s,/j -, ». n. ^/euji-» 
Rnliitoir. ^i. «-Mt,!«.. X.. 
fUin-f anic, -^Oi. •. (./™io«i(™, m. 

HAiri^rL,rtiü'p1f1» >. bmluardo, ripart, n. 
HHiliifia, rtmpfrltv, t. i-mpersuMlo, m. [f. 
JiHMod, rl iD-rld, >. tmtXta liJ« w*l-apt}, 
Rinofd, rli'rid.'. r>uf«<. 
R>.«.!d[tr. rleSdyiil, .. ™-tWn«,y. 

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Rjinkifl, -'hl, tf, ji, pKtr^faml. 

Rupjicioi», Tlpi'«hU. ^rrmpaötj -ijfMlJ.can 
RspnDitT, ilpb'ait), J. rapicll^,/. 

nupid.At^l», a. rrpU^, tiilact, -Ij, •<(. 

rapidfnnln -fc », pLJliun r*piitOt m, 
RapidJIr, rlpTd'dllJ, I. npiJili,J. 

RflpjSroulJ" ;^'.""^5^^ *'^' j„„ 

"j,'BV'r'r«™f°'('.'Är«i<."' ' "" T"! 
»■r»-lhow, rl'r«U, .. H"»' •P-Ifcl-, 
Ruri'fRalion, rlrirlk-ihin, >. rdr<A>ii>»c, /. 

R,WRlilj, rl.Hl-lllJ ..>r/«(rri.,/- Tl.. 
RKuMlIian, tl>ktlVle, '- »iVl"-», Ir/cc^gi, 
RhohIIt. il.'lilllI,a.>r/i«»CD, t'ccc,^ 

ÄmpbeiTJ, -'blrri, •> mara B 


RdiKlHlioii, rllllrltl'ibiD, i. rafi/Ttgiioiia 
Rmity, rlcUfl, V. a. r.lj/tMr.. l/- 

H>liDn, f' 'j"". ■■ Cf'j;' ''"'/•^"■•'"•'■f- 

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Kräft >l''W. •- J.Ür««J -U, «17/™— 

äft-ruArr» -ir, j. rmatlmrtt wlMarMUr*^ m. 
•Ti-hi-Kl»; 3;|ll, -A I. «rf. J-f«!.- 
Bte», '■■■- crinf!. Ah»i tn/ifMU, iwiiuH. 

Bnw-boiud.'^la^ ■.>■■(», rHiofoi*. 
Bm-bnd, -'Ud, 1. tifiww,/. 

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HuDf. tflb, 1^ rM■/■^ "h 

R«e&, HiA, •. ■. fr. p*f «( (Iurvif -, 

üiIMnf -, 1. «IMiiwi tapKlIi.f.t i»- 
3wr, M.iurarllJ,/. 

nCtTVittis «■ -. ",»«»■.. 

JtaMlion, rOk-Ah, i. ru^u, /. 

Bnd, rU.v.a.i'.^fvii juAarci /an 

Bndiible, -^. >. Iiigitlli. 
KmdtT, -•*•. I. Uinrt.hiilure, m. 

B»«dür. >*^*'it."'- p"iu—^i>i why 

Headineu,' ild'dlilh .. ™n rtu. i AVrj.j»., 
HMdini, ilalll, i. Itllurm,/.! dlicr», n. 
HeadT, rU'4l, >. wo-.., prepar.u.opPB- 

iHinJ. ~ ' Ä> r»liia. 

Bul.rTlI, ■.iHfiiscn, iAuiiM|-lr,«C 

II»!!»«™. ilUM'-ki., .. <f«<«r., tf- 

Hfanuiutg, lUn'ilall, v. ■. r/< 
Hnp, f Ip, «. •. »(«'«1 naglu 

|l«J.üig -1«,- ^-"— ' 

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HHiOMbl«!«!, -dIi, I. ra(Wi ( 

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Hrbfllion, rlhll'jli, >. railllnr,/. 
»pbtllia«, rtMIfb, o. rttwruu. 
KrfadUBd, ilfeaigd', ■, ■■* ■. rivWur^ 

RrtiuflrrÜ>'tr, ■. .. ri^i^S!^^^!^ 
JtebuiH rthlid', ". .. ir. nfattrunrr. 

Rthukm, rlhik\ w, m, HprtntUr^, jfrn/wi 

Rani, rP£><, I. ^anwiii tiiiinna, m. 
R«hU, rlkb-, ■. ■. ria^ia-u-., -, !. rlctla. 

Hccuütion' tÜi!lBä-rt)>, •. rSb^lUii^' 

RKflpilnillta, llktBlllllU, V. a. rtL^I^ 
HKiif itnialian, iläflllU'ihti, l. rümfilr. 

R RH plDn.'riktp'lthb, (. eaflana ricmpcrml^ 
Rn»a«, lUd', .. ^ Wlirani. 
Rn:Fi{il,rUl-,i. rlKin>U,ricifbi,/. 

RKFiTiblf, r^l'Tlbl, ■. aeatflalUr, •>.. 

BecM™ 'tl 'il'al ,'aT'r." ™ K .^Si™? - 1 J, 'iS 

Recpplnolc, rlü^llkl trblp'tlkJ) , >. r/irri- 
Recffption, rltlp'tlilni t. HarvaUf aaca- 

R«i'™'rU.- . r»H» H<>. -^''iäi 

Rnil)rOiial, rh'ii'prUai, a. rmcipraca, -tj, 
R™ '"(Sir"S'^ilHl « a «'rfÄ 
RHiprnsitf,' rW^Flrtlll, ». a«».««». 

R^, ridTiL «^«"1™? rlBlllrtir, .; 

RrdüiiXl'ltll', •. ri'lra»-a,/. 
nEsdxnininct, ilkl|-iJ>lu.i. iciLtw» 

RHainition, rlkiiD^ihlo, iv Haifnultnn 

™n^.rW.' ™- 

RMommindnloi-r, -lllcl. .. «»rf. 
R#camiiirBdec, -U.: f.M..™J.i.r,. ™. 
B«caiBp«ue, llk^lmpliu, •. rlionpu» 

B™"™^' llklBpil', »'T rUmf^rr, 
Bnoneiluble, [IktuL-JUI, .. <A> •( ;i«l ri 

RtCDluilE, rlk-klnJj, v.r.r<Ci>Klllurtirac 
ReconeEluÜDii, tlUlullJI'ihlD, .. nC 

Recondile, rlk'iloalt. -^ rfoo-diw, ^r^ 
RcoDiinoIlre, clkii°i-ilr, V. >. (nll.} riu- 

Rmoroö'er, ttHtnr*!', k- "■ riMi.j-fii.r.. 
RB00rd,i™rt, •- '"«i«™, ■■. I 
■•■ ■ -'.I -.riflt*'.-.«. '.»Ärra", 

r«. ilkli-ilr. *. I 

KKTHtC, llktrtll, ■. .1. 

Rcomtlon, rlkrll'KliIo, 
JtecrünLJiJite , r'krliD'iBJi 

BfelJuigiilur, rlufni'iillt. •. «KMf.fü. 
Recliliciilion, >)tjl!kl>'ibln, i. rtliific»- 

mm-, m., JuiUla^Uot ucaiid;/. 
Hectifr, rlk-llM, ■. ■. rrUißt~^. JJ. 

Rntiludb rfk-ihUi :i-iSi„dii.„ airlinfm, 

JUatorlUn, -fklp, ■■ ^ib Ji rriun, m. 
RtOlOtl, ■% t- .'»j'"'«I pmmttila,/. 
Xcuunliail, ilklirtlnl, ■. (huii», H/w- 
iaear, tGli', •, m. riatrrtri. \ß~u. 

XacBimiH, -^•^•. '"•""'. ''•"■'*J3&"- 

JfMT, #^4 '- IHi'/ -• '' Ai/ar FVHOi M- 

........OB, rMlmrtIi.,..rrJ™«.ne,/.| 

hof, ild-htt, i. VaiMni. LHiMiia, «. 


Fll'dtJlnl, •. .»Igrin.. 
, ildlb'bl, rnddeppinn. 

bl^ -lb^'■o./™l3aii".°''TV'"■ 
Rpd^^■te^, -'th, 1. rlförmtUF', m. 
ned-l«pi.t, rla'ilplii, .. bnpi-g.u, .=.-t 
tacciRn», m. Tdimiarn nbhaittrt. 

fltimr, lldli', i>. >. nViu-ri, c-tlriw«irr, 
ReducibJ», ildl'itU.s. rid„aiiila. 
Rrduolion, Tldak'shln.j. rfifauwu,/. 
nrdiieliTelr, ildük'llTll, uf. dv nViuisnc. 
Redundsno,, rfdis'dlnij, .. ..pi-rfl.ilj,/, 
Rfdiindiint, itlla'dlal.-. rii/D.<ä<i»,n- 

Redu]iliiial>, ildl'plikll. v. ■- r-Jd-ppSmrr. 


, rtdlpItU'ibln, 

RediiplicilliT*e.rld('pl>tll1>,*. r^npllcn- 
HHd, rld,i. ».»M»!'../ 
Hnf, rll, v. .. .nn»».» J. „.I.. 



i, illlik'ibln, , 

te-.nler,cll.-i(r,B. . 
le-Hlobliih , rllillb 


R. rt/Vririf, r.pp^rlmni. ^m. 

nefcrn. illlcl'. .. .rt.'mi n^pr^^i»^^ 
a^Imnct. rlrdrln., t. r,U.ii.t.f., np- 

pur«, ™. r«. "• ro^«n(, pmriJliMrwi. 

Ref..i"r?-lr' .."r'il'^.prrr"" liw^ J 
Refinrrr, -Irl, .. r./1-..t.™, /. 
RfHI, rldl', f. .. rrW.rf, rac»i>cj.r.. 
KrHrcI, rliUt', B.I. ri/»n:>>o!irr., rinu- 
d.r„ -, v. >i. ryirfHrr, Mdil.r,, f m«™. 


Aelona, rtwtrmi'.Ilrie 

JlefuriBiii, rlltni^] 

JlefnclutB, rtf«W<blli, <> rtfrmtttitnato, m. 

gcfrfttli , , 

A«fri|enitoT, ilti^jlrtllt, t. __ 

Heb«*. itFtU, •. rjfi>(bi «il°, ». 

lldand, rinn*', ■. ■. ™«i(«n-ei rtnd'rt. 
B^hhI, ilri^lt,!. fMJKO, ~. 
KafuH, tltli-, >. >. A/!iiur>. 
BffaUtioii, rlfflll'ibln. >. tonfi.iaiii>i-f,J. 

Ragde, riU', u, ■. rtgulvt. 

niauld , tl(irt', ip. », rupellare , wir rf- 

Ar^KriUul. läj, i. alln»! -Jl, aJ. Hü 

BMudiMt, -tli, a. i»u rliuard,., !««! 

B^™T. rt'jinjl, ..r,„,„«./.,,™™. 
&«l«iiF»tc fijh'nltll, «. .. rig,.,'"^' -, 

«.»fnt. ri'jlpl, .. "gt«!., ». 

BEgimeD, rl-)lmli. j. pliiu,/. 

Sälimenlnfi, 'ij^To''r£, t. "'/. .ij.v.. u-<i- 
HesioB. .l-JJn, ..'»"./. ir"-m.. «. 
K«|iHsr, rl-jljUr, I. regiilr; m.i -,„. «. 

foiillriScm, cl|{<ul'Ibl"'i. rtfUlnÜ^^. 
KaiitbT, ll'llilrl, i. rtgitlr'lurm.f. 
Becnt, rJfrlL', «. Ai eaalpißgitMrri tlaUrwti 
näfidar, rli'illir, a. nft*", gn^üulDi -Ij, 
K«i.!«Slj. rlvlllr-ift», ,. ;;,.(.,J^, f. 
JlepiUle, Til'lilll, v.a. nialari, rrJuinre. 
|lrsuLali(M, i1|1[|'iIiIb, •. mtnlamnlo, m. 

1 RKt 

Repiliilar, ili'fllfli, t. ngulmurt, U- 
n»suiiii,'il('tlll., ■. Miuf/s purißtMla, M. 

SrhMi""' '"■•"""■" ■ "" "*" "" "" 






Lrll'lTb.i. r>H< 

:t. rll'IIB, •- vm™., j. 

>f, rlllr, 1. Kllitmi, alfiff lunin»! u»- 

Belifioui, rlllll^ .. n»ti«s> -u, «1. «. 



gWTiy WHO*. HMID'fcfhil, I. rJianilru- 
iMNU^IwUfc rlalalf'lilu, •. rtmlulMCm- 
^fvA .... r.* -.»(if«u-nl.. 
■MIUU. HalTi ■» PHHHi fAitüi bigrai -Ij, 

'Spe.n, thali'ibk, ™™ijfe«,77 ^1 
St, rtall'. V. •. rimHirrc, limJj.^, 
- - ^- -unlsHvt r(ftrim -, V. H. di. 

rin'eUl, I. rnualr, raiJ^i 

«.^. iH.rt o ta'i IrllM.'ViMilriiiiu,/. 

J^autl^r, rtmln'ilrll, ii. .. rinmlriu-f. 

n-nll, 1. IcKUnaMM,, dalnm 
milol', V. a. « ■. rjnanlo, 

Hi><nblB,ir{iiiJ>'.lbr, ■. rf<iH>u»»if, ■« 

Bender, <Wilr,v. ^ rt-d'n, InaUUr, 

Hninel, rlM'oll. I. caf li>, n. r»'"ar<, 

n^iKlvoTi^'n, ciDLTi'thaii,j.r<..h>.,.<>.Vni',y. 

n>liown. rlnita', i.rbioKonu./. 
Hsnt, ilol, .. .iracciaiT«,"/., ifn.»!«, n>.| 
m™f'i'JJ!^!'ut^ '^*°/''' ^^ *• "■ * 
RBDtabJ^'lbl, a^ffA« W^ai larHa^irwiu. 
n™}Jr,'-'lr,V.3l°iai..™, '■"f-"!«,-. 

niBunciiiliiM, nalull'ikls, •. riw^ 

Heparabl«, Hp>IiihiJ, a. ripantile. 
htpnnliamt itplri'tlilq, a. rifiara*iffne,/, 

nlpaÜt^Ipb?. "');..», «'«r^* 117."», /? 

Hr^lT, tlpl', w. a. /p«jara •■' allra iielu, 

RrpaTunit -nfcil, l.ripttmrt, m. 
nl^poil, riptl', V. a. rivaaarai aiuv/lani ^ 

nepetllbl*. -lÜ, a. WnntiVa. 
HP|t»l. tipll-, v. a.rjpMT« rtpllcurt. 
Rrp«alcdlr, -Idit, ■<'. ff>4H va/ii. 
RirpmdF, -'Ir, t. ariaate a rIptllElam, m. << 
Itepcl, rtrlf, B. a. ryaUm, •nucimri. 

nepcrtorr. i>p'AkI'>. 

Hrnlnoer r*plli-, «: ■. »l/ecan >K naaU] 

n»ptlin;iition, .l'itlD, (. planlau Kaoiia, /, 

lUplele, ripIiL', a. piano, rirtttpila. 
neplolioil, [Ivll'iklB, f. «B(n(Ml,/. 



ItFprobllF, FVfjibic, «. a. rJ»M«( -, 
ArpIubaliDTi. rl^rthl'llilii, >. nVnnwuiu 

RppiaducliaB, [(prldik'kÜii, j. ripr<ijm 

F^raDt. tiprar, t. nn/4^w«r«, «b riMntt- 

ftiuublicuiH^ -Uli, D. ■. mrfo- rua*. 

nri.ubliiiatioB. r)ptutkt-ibli. i. t.mi3. 
Mliubliih, rlplb-lfik, V. ■. p-MUtrt Ji 

n^agonaat, lipKlwu, r, ripmgitmtam, »jw 
■ "ijlplf'liUl, •. njwcuuil'I -ll, 

HtwiH rJpil'. ". •- ri^-imr.. 

Jtpq^nl, ilkvill', •■ rlctjfifs, Anumfai 

!<.■.. > pil'rt 

R-qmul. A'»P_ - 

RnldHC, iti-llll. •, tm-^- 

RHifUtiiui, iliTiäl'ikü, t. f u»| 





Prieit>ridden, -rld'dn, a. gavermato da preü. 
Frig, pr^gf «• pa%%o, m.t -j v. a. mariolaret 

dm prima. [cipaW. 

Priinary, prl'mlri, a. primarie, primo/prin- 
Priinate, prl'mlt, «. primatet capo, m. 
Fnine, prlm, a. primo, prineipale, originale^ 

preeoeet "Ij^ad, da primat eeeeltentementet 

", g. principiot ßoretm,t primawera, f.t -f 

V. «. mettere il polverinot preparare, 
Pfimer, pifm'mSr, «. pieeoU librettot hre^ 

viario, m. 
Frimeval, prlml'Ytl, a, primitivo. 
Priining, prl'mliDg, «. mettere Im polvere tut 

fpeonty m. tprintUivamente, 

Primitive, pr^m'mlllT, a.primilivot '•lj,ad» 
lPrimne»$^pT\m'n%»t ». affeitauonef f. 
Priinogenituxe, prlmÄjtn'ait&r , «. prünoge- 

niturut y. 
FnmrOBe, pr^m'röz, «. iaeeobarbaeto, m. 
Prince. pr^os, «. pnaeipeg tovranot m« 
Princelj, -'U, a. prineipeeeot -, «<2. i/a 

princtpet nobiimente, 
Princesi, pr1n's2s. «. prineipeeea, f, 
Principal, prin'sipll, «. prineipalet eeee^ 

•ialet 'Xj, ad. princij>almeiae, eoprattutto i 

1, », principaiet eapitaU. m. 
Principalitf , prtnsApll'llU, «. primeipata, 

m.t fovranitä,y. 
Principle, pr!n'ilpl, «. pHneipio, /onda^ 

mentot motivo, m. cauea^f, 
Print, prlnt. e. impreaeionet etampa, lettera, 

J'. t gtornale, m. i oat of *, che non ai trova 

piä a eomprare t ~, v. a, impruneret $tam^ 

pare, f"'* reader« correttore, m. 

Printer, ''Sr, e. »tampatore , tipogrufo , m.t 
Printing, — ^ng , », impreeaione^ elampa,jF, 
Printing-houce, -^n%\Ai%. Pnnting-office^ 

^tkf^t(\tte. »tamperia^f, letampotj. 

Frinting-paper, «^Dsplptr, e. tarta da 
Prior, prrSr, a. primo, preeedente^ *, «. 

pri0re% euperiorej m, 
Priore^i, -ts. «. priorat »Hperiorm,^» 
Priority, priS'rlU, «. prioritd,/, 
Prjory, pri'irA, «. pnorato, m. 

Priracy. prl'vU^ , «. etgretena i reiirateua, 

eolitudinef f. 
Prirate. prl'Tlt, a. privato, parÜeoUret—- 

gretot -ly, ad. privatamente, 
Pnrateer, -\x*. e. eoreale, m. Xctuum^f, 
Privation, pnVl'sbSny «. priveatonet mait- 
Pririlege. prlT^villJ, «. privilegio, m.t -, v. 

a. jtfriviiegiare. [greto, 

Pri-vily, pAr'T^lA, ad, privatamente t ine*' 
Privity, pr^T^viti, «. eo^den»at notiaia,/, 
Privy, prtT'ti, a. private, partieolaret /ami' 

gliaret eegretot -, «. ceeeo^ deetro, m. 
PnzBß pA%, «. preuoi premto, m. i preta, /.| 
•V •'« 'V' a/fpreMtart, va/utare. 

Pro, pri. pr. />«ri - A ooa, pro e eomtra, 
Probäbility. priblblKllti, «. probabilitä, ve- 
rieimilitudine, f. 

Probable, prftb'blbl, a. probabile. 

Probably, '1, ad. probahilmente. 

Probat, prVbit, e. ver\/ieasioHe (d*un titta- 

mento)ff. [mento, m. 

Probat Jon, pr&bl'shSn, e. prova,/,t eeperi- 
Probatjonary, -tri, a. per prova. 
Probationer, «Ir, «. »colarc ehe fa Ueua 

provat AtfvtzJo, m. fla tenta. 

Probe, prib, e. tenta, y.t -, v.a. toeeare cot- 
Probity , orSb'bitl, e. probitä, »ineeritat in- 

**gritä, f. 
Problem, prflb'llm. «. problema, m. 
Problematical, probUmlt't4kll, a.problema- 

tieo I -ly, ad. in modo problematico. 
Froboicil, pribfli^ili, «. tromba (dell* ele- 

faute), f. , , . [greeao, m. 

Procedure, DrAtl'd&r, «. proeedimenlo t pro- 
Proceed, prAsld', v. n. proeedere, derivaret 

proveniret eomportarei; -, «. prodotlo, 

guadagnOf m. Itamento, in, 

Proceeding, -'Yng, «. proeedimentoy eompar- 
Procesi, pros'st«, e. proeeetot progreeao, m. 
Procession, pr&sCs'sbSn, e. proeeeeione, f. 
Proolaim, pthk\lm',v. a. proetamaret pub- 

bticaret bandire. {/.; bando, m. 

Proclamation. prSkllml'shSn, «. proclama, 
Proconiul, pr6k$n'88l, a. proconaolo, m. 
Procraitinate , pr&krU'Unit , v. a. procra- 

etinaret^ indugiare. latina*ione, f, 

Procrattination, prlkrlst Jol'shSn,«. proer a- 
Procraitinator, pr&krlsUni'tSr , «. indugiom 

tore, m. [dürre, 

Procreate, pri'krUt, v. a. proerearei pro- 
Procreation, pr&kril'sbito , a. proereamenio, 

proereare, m. [m, 

Prootor, ^rftk'tSr, e. proeuraforet fattore, 
Proctorilup, -«hlp, a, uffixio di proeara^ 

tore, m, [rare, 

Proourable, priki'rlbl, a, ehe ai pub proca- 
Frocuration, prikkirl'ibSo, a.procuratione, 

procura, f. Tagente, m. 

Proourator. pr6kkirl'tlr, «. procuratorex 
Frocure , prakdr', v. a. proeurare t otteneret 

fare il ri^ffiano, 
Frocuremeut, «inint, «. vroeurauone, f, 
PrOOurer, -8r, e. proeurutoret me*utno, m, 
Frodigal , prfld'dlgll , a. A «. prodigo (m,)t 

•ly, ad. proditamente. 
Procugality, prld^ctllltl, e. prodigaUtä, f. 
FrodigiOiu, pridl'jAs, a. prodigioaot -ly, ad, 

Prodigy, prSdfdijl, «. prodigio, m, 
Froduoe, prSd'dM, e. prodotto, m.t -, pr&dis', 

V. a, produrret eauaare, 
Prodncer, -'Sr, a. produttore, m. fopera, J. 
Produot^ pr&d'dlkt, a. prodottot effelto, m.t 
Produotion, pr&d2k'sh8o, «. produaione , /, 

prodotto, m. 
ProduotiTe,'prAdSk'llT, a. produttitfo. 
ProductiTeneii, -als, $. produttiviti i fer- 
tility, /. 

Piofauutlan. prlnlDl'ililD, (. pr 
frDftnfifiiliit'j «^ profan* 1 -i 
rrvitii, prtrt^,' >. ■. A •. /hVh 
Profni>dl]r, -Jdll, ^ ^ 

rnfcuioiHl,^ a. dt pr^iiUiHi. 
FroUllOr, pnnv'ilr. «. pr^naorr, m- 
FrofeHOiiiDip, -dilpi *. ^pifg' J* pra- 


r«r, prir-dr 


prifl'itlnl, •. pnJScIrnl'i 

fAli tubl», -in, . . pro A«™ 
ProRlublcneii, -Ibloli. j. p 

Profil»blj, -Ibl!, aä.prißU 


ProfundilT, prtila''illtJ, j. pi^mt 
FrOflUH, pnrdB\ a^ prp/ltlfl ««cuiivai /^ro- 

tröiiiiiaii, priH'ihlii, t. pfmdlgalitäi um- 

tTOifJ. prl-jful, .. J^™f«l., «irp,, 
rMKnDiljo, prlin».-!!», .. pr™>.l.«, n. 

ön, prtinSilIhl'ibln, i. /»-^ 

rroenu, prl'irU •. Pr^f-r, 

u»(i<, "i.i ,-, pTltrf. "■ "■ *" 

PtO(r»nioii,pii|rlj^bilil, »./M»fH 

Frohtbil. sriklb'bll, v. ■. pnnUrt, im 

• Prabibilioii, prth)b1->hlB. i. pr^iMi 
rrohibiliUT, priblb'blltit, •- pmitilüo 
rrol«l.prHhl.».''ö.»-.i ««."..«, 
pililkf, V. •. pratnuri, mata^uau-t. 
IniiHlile, prijik-ltl, ■. projetl-, m. 
rroieotlni. pt«!»-!!"«. •• i™«»*!-. 
frpJMlulB, prtjJk'lhiil, •- prajaiaa; t 

— '"''-'^- prlllrilf, •. JU,,^l"n'' 


t-rDloniiaiioD, pilItDcl'iklt. '. pt'-if- 

Fioimncnt, pTtn-Blalil, ■. p»».i.<.h. 

rromptitude. -'Jlül, rroinplneu, --ttt, i. 

FrquiuJgiiÜDD, prtmtllWhLl, : prvmilf- 

Fronoun«. pcltiUn>'^ v. m. pn.i.w.ii>/ i, 

FronnnoM'ion, priSoi'jf'Ib^n'T"'^™^ 

Frop, prJp, •- toiUftK, piaul^ ^ptttlr, 

FlopÄganrlii, prlpliln'dl, i. pmpagmliJt,/. 
eropntme, pilp'plfll. ". •. ^n. grapagm-c, 
pr-ptfr^l. rmHlKpr^mi-^m./. 

FropJiistiOn, prlplll'ihlB, ». pnp'f"'"! 
Propngiitor,pr(pTil(,«.p»o;i«f ■!«■»,». 

^p™7t)ri tTii\^S^\X°*.pnp^än,X^'- 

FropertT. -", •- pniprinii »o./da, /. 
Propheoy, p»aPfi«l, •. pr^^Mo,/. 

Fronbet, prlCrti, •- prafil', n. 

rtophetiD, prWl'll k, •. pn^Mii 
pn nK.^,.1^ ^ ^^ ^ 

priplibll'ilili, . 
r, prliil'iliitl)», >. 


;pn)lilWE,,pripl^^ y. B. Dro/Nirrf. 

PtopailHa, pclpUnd'. ». .. f>»pprr.i n,'^' 
Propri(Ui7, priprl-tlliJ, Fraprielor, pil- 

pÄpriMreH^wf p'iitft rp"^"i*i, /. 
Frorotniion, tirlciil'AlD, >. pnr'iga,/ 

.dJi.», r». 

frouribar, -"i J- =*■ "'!('■» «njinn^wn, 
Fnu& piiii V' praltm, f. \J- 

EroHeutoi, prli^Midr, i. nlum j»jia- 
FrOHlTt*, prii-lllll, f. proKlIii,, m. 
Froiodr. pli-iKI, •. prM-dla,/. 
FriUp«!. frl>'plW,«.)iiM;nuI™[uiM.,/',i 

Proipedtu«. priiplt-lll, .. »™irw.»«, M. 
FroipvF, prflB'par, w^ fl. ruidan ftticBi -, v, 

PtoiSenff, prl<pl" lll,'». protpirlli,/. 
Fmiperou», pria^pIrlB, a. pivtptro, fiiiet, 

'"H'SE*'''''- '-"-'•■ 'V 

ProitllutiDB, T'lildl'ihln, .. inHlJr.if«», 
Flollral*,prirtcll, ..;,r«<In>bi-.pFli'lill, 

Proitmiön, piBiiirl'ibh, •. prWrilau, J. 
Frolecl, p.l Ai', -, .. pm-ir-". (/- 

FrotMÜTe, plillfllT, ■. lii/cBit™. fm. 

tlBteiUpAnh^ 1, pr^lau., m., pr.l-to- 

FrolsiLnliiin, -lin," ..' r,l,i;.M iV«'(* 
rmtoool. priuikSl'i. i™%»S" h' "'"'" 

Fro-oocatiOn, pi^.ltUblD, •. mpp,lU,Unt. 

rmJmiltF, p'ilVilnll. a. pmalmv, -Ijj aif: 

PrOM'Tp'^L^^'^ ^»r^ll^f°r',7w^. 
P™d|j_pc»*^.Ji.,«««j^. U- 

'md«ltl*ll. -Ib«!»!!!, i.pj. rtfult di'prt- 

'rndiili, prJ-dlili, •. di imJciUm afinalA. 

'n'nt]lo^-l'r!i^, f, 
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nitnul, lU'Ultl, •. * I. riluuU (m.}. 

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nif .ll»t, rl.'ll>l, I l■l■»<ell,^ m. lAX, 


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giulsr, --b, •. umiatlta, HiSiillt, m. 

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SB arr, ■ll'JliJ, i. MJarfo, ■•. ,vreal,,f, 
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Sa Piiinn. -i'"°ln. ■- rietiiicrr, m. ip. 
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Sa Ip(lr& -'DlllT, i. Hjnilrs, lüln, m. 
Sa l-vorki, --whhL, •.IL.^f. 
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Sa nbrilT, tlll-trld, t. imInMii, mlli, f. 
Sa uUn, itJllilrl, .. •.iMi.n,. rWiii>, « 

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BalTaga, dl'dj , : w«jg iis- mI». d. ■ 

Sa Tation, •til'Ala. >. nfnu>nb>, m. 

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BunplfiT, -ir, t.noMIrmtJ. motteita, Bt. 


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Banil-uil, -'pV, >. >av* A<a*tfw»,/. 
Sand-ilone, -wla, i, pliira ara,^U,f, 
Saiidirich, -^lllib, >. paai tiaa» aafs «n 

iärÄii '*^^ia''^r'l^t»^ - 
Sarouliii, «trkli'tjk, «. larcatii» 

Saill, itili, >. cwla rfilrli 

Saah-vindDV, ->1gll. 

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Satanio, atlls'ntk, •. Mlaal«. ["■ 

Salnhcl, allah'll, i. laccAdU, laKjllnias, 
Sau, all, V. a. niJvt, Hia/Jai-i. 
~ 'llil«, illlllllLa, Mfiffl», M. 

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saiiriit. iii'taiiii, 1. JiWii 

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)alilfac1onlr,>l<1>n^llr)J). a,y. J'.n. .u- 

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Saliiiy, ill'llirt,«,..«! 

sälu'rata, ill-fiil'!,". Ifli 
Salnrdar, illllrdi, i. tat 

«tlllrnlB, •. n 

Sam-r, Wr, i. «aiul 
Sancirr, A'tM. mä. in 
Sauoliie», d'itDb, i. 

Safinr, -'^■fc ■- äiam 
acmbbtii,-^lii.'.faJ!r;m.gmi' - 
Seabbrd, --Mt, m. loUiM, i»» 
Bubbiae«, ^tlth, •. '•f',^ 
SabbT, idl SufcbB«. 
Sodi!o<u, itl-bHi, >. •«»>»». 

Soffold, iklriild. 1. paJu. nrV'l 

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säldtdlbi' t. rii»./-' -. ". -. •""•«. 
SeildlDH-bDt.-^uUl. •-ta'Inf^/nivil', 
SeildiBC-boiue, -'1>(1>"^ •> '»(• <'• ämr 

Sulini-lKdder, •tllTnilUdlr, i. •«{■'9a 
Scallion, ikll-ib, .. Kibf •!.,.. clp^Itb,^. 
Sl»\.\ap,äA\-\if, I. ptUmdiiii,_m., -•,ii.a. 

Scalp. lÜlP, A fiKioTM«, ■.! -.».«./«IM« 

sündil, ■kls-dl, i. K«<r.(., «.., i^u^ 
aonndiiUze, -h. v. . «».w.U^«. 

Srapv-io*!, ■aiip'th. i Im. n. — 

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SnnulT, lUr'ilii, i. 

S»rf, •drr. t. a>r^ 
Ssuf.pü, ->1l a. <.. .. _. _ . 
Seirf-ikiB, -Wa, *. wUfrn<>fr, j 
ScviTr. MinrJfL >. a. •mmr^tt^. 
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Senil. .IUI. a. aJara, .»(apr, a./»^», /.la, 

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SctDt-bOtÜ« -■Ulli, a. (acnfla rfa Jf iVita 
Sc«tl«k -il>, ■. b^^mUln Miu (Fbm 
Scapticfab, •Ä'fl'j -. * •- t^Htt, <■). 
ScapliciHB, aklrtlalin. a. talliiüiU, m. 
SctutR, atä'«!, 1. KTlIn, 1^ 

Scbidule, tli)d-41l Idihltl], i. uJatai 



Schitiu. AltBlitln), a. affniwi rfniM^a^ 

Ulinatte, Anlinlt, 1. jriMaHoa, a>. 
iglar. •klnlt. t. itmifi Ittlmkla, h. 

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SchoDl-uuiu -'iilD.t- na/v 

Saboal-Diiitreu, -^inrli, >. aMaiva lA 
Schaoncr.akFalr, i. f«/»»,/. 
«rSaliu, a^lltltl, 1. £i.lici[}. 
rienn, d'lu, t. aa/aftu^ dallrinm,/, 

-^Intifie, dhiirm. a. t<>i«i(A«. •'•"°i 

SciüViltaiF, .TolHtlV'i'^i.iuiii.;., ly, 
S«nlilla<i0ii. alaltlllflilii. i. •dullUtlni, 
Scialiil, il'lmi, I. HBiiAi(u,<K. 

BcuIHdbIt, ^nntlt, md. 
Scoltl, rtil- 

- — ra^nffart r soitlrtt- 

BcuacBt »käu, «. tfnäelmbr», m. 

Scoop. sklp, J. pmUtUi (slou* B r>a»,y.i 

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Saarbuiin, iklAl'iTt, ■. Hwi-iln. 

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SeorniT, --ii, •. Jupriiitilert, fc-^otar*, m. 
Soornfui, -TiJ, n. «frfnMi,, -1^ tJ. Jii. 

üeorulon. •klr'iiiln, i. tcorplam, m. 
ScOl. ikll, I. loiu, n.i for», p-inhBl.f. 
Aogicli. ikSub, j. pi'eef«! liif(i>, UgUaiue, 

Scoundi^l. .kSls-f ij, 1. l"iai,t. m. 
SDUUr, rtlar, V. t.l,n. fTbirtt HUirii 

EODDI, iklll, a.ipla, iiUnWwb, n.r iiih/iI. 

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Screw, ikri, : viu, f.i riuils -, viw /en- 

■ir-nul, -^II, >. ckiiccMm,/. 

'npiUiKlc. M. r>- •eartt/acila, m, 

bbre, ikrllilil, B. ■. K<iraiocMiwc, -, 

p. BkHp, t. tllaitU, f. ucc/itlla, m.i 
Snriplurnll iliilp'ljlrll, m. dtlU itrUmn 
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ScrafiilDui, ArtCMJli, a. lont/sfiMi 
Scroll. .H^l, >. ™,i. tdicmim. 


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Soramb]», ikrl n u, ^ n. .ggranp«™, ™^ 

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Scmpi^pTniiT, -'plml, t. ui/o 
Scropor, li, .. ruiiiu./.! w 

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Spufae, rtars, i. *"■./■.; conftu, >Uu,f.i 

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^Iker, -1'- •- '-*-•( -".m- J.- 

Scull, ikll, 

Sciilptorr't^Vtlr, f. tmt 
ScnlplatF.ikllp'Illr, (.tu 

ntf,.mip'Illr, ». 

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HMll, •'kill, >. «■:■ rflf wtmrr.J. 

S«-»ll, -^ •- ■••(»■/•. -. [•ccUta] 
S»-EqI, -tXt- •. r,rttli. mmri-m. m. 
Scfl-honc, -'hir«, «. »uaU* ^vtv«. ■. 
GhI, all, •. •itHI: -., -,*... „plltn. 


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6.-«it>nibir, -tut, «;. .^«ifb. 

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SM-vonliT. --win«!, >. (vt ihipij n«^ 

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SKallir, ■Ik'kllln .. irc>l«p«i li 

Svdllll, mIAtf, t. tnlU wtrulUt, f. 
SnlaU, (hlr, ■. ttdMU, bwf •i&i -tt, aJ, 

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Srdutin, i>l-«tfli, ■. «Awifi. 
SedHtur?, ■Id'llallFl, ■. •titmimrim. 
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SedlBBll, (fi-dllDlDl, •. ••Mm.I., m., 

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Sccdlinc, -nlnc.i.pfUliufdi.y. 

Scnl-tlinr, ''Lin, 1. rm/M rfrt Hinfaar*, m. 

Svedr, -'*. «■ Ai«* Wf »wi«/fi, 

Swing, tW.b fc iPKfwT. •>■ «M,/.i - 

(Ibil), I. p^iM, mntr. ^i. 
Snk, äk, «. .. fr. Rrcm, ifoKuiwr.ri , ., 

Sf^kn, -^ir, 1. .«■'cur,, n.. 

SmiHT, J-.t, *. .Jute», /., -, ». t. Mllt. 

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Sentlbl«, ih'iJU, a. «uÜiVci cluJi.lMi. 
SeniibJr, -i^ ■>/■ i«u'ii^cii!>. 

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lEimialliC-lil, j. »«!> »rmi-g«, .. 
■ciiuulilT, jlublL'liil, (. (.»u.i,'/J, w. 

i9iiIeiiiiDut,>>oiIn'>bli, a. KnlinifH« -Ij, 

Scntüiel, i!ii'iln]L, Sentr:ri •lo'irl . i. "«^ 

5ppBr«ble, <'lp'plTJ6li a. «fpar«*»" '" *' 
äfpntHle, «»p-plril, V. «. * n.^art, .^ 
^^rür.;, -, llp'plrlt, .. I,p.r.l«, -I,, .rf, 

Septe'liihfr, itnllai'blr. >. SiHnnti-i. raanl, 

SEPuJDhHl, >(ull'krllj, a. •ipoltr.U. 
Sfpulchl«, lip'pllbür, I, •eyahm, m. 

a Sinei, tltwfl, ». uqatlai emurstiraia, f. 
Sequenee, ■i'kwip.... kj««.«. .triV, /. 

tla. ■iii'tbl, a. ct. u p"i •Iffgi/T:. 


Bsldain. ill'diu, wl. 

MsctSnn, illtlr'llilii, >. xhIii,/. Tiiw. 
Seif, illf, pn. »Umo, proprUi Ol«'«-, w 

Sell-defrnce, --dlilBi, •'</</>» pri/rü, /. 
Silf-d™«!, l'JJnWt .. «S^w-i, S«.«iif- 

Bi-'t'in'lereif, -^ilMil, •■ »It™« jinp^I; 

Salfiiiineil, -'l^k, i. preprbi biUratri 

Mi-U>n°--\ii,7.'Mm«' pnprit, n. 
eBir-inutjM, -'illlrtSt, .. «mtidie rfi K 

ae'lf-müSerer, -'nJnlJrlt, . oiiucWji^i^e 

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SeltHeUng, -'ilk1ii[, >. •goäliso. 
8el(-.trl«d,'%.lM, .. wS»«. 
Self-lBUlht, ^lll, IL »»(nafa da « .1«». 

Sai, ■». «. «. fr. «W«^ . («>■:«" . -. •. 

»»iTw, -'iSr. . ««<fll«-.. R<r.<»», ™. [f. 


Seutor.ilK-Dldr, ..«■■&>»,«. L^alV/ 
Seiularuj, llulll'rllJ, a. nnalorlii. 
fitad, iltidj f. m, Ir. mmjiäarrj Uvtmrrt tpt 

SaudAT, -fir, t. mmidmivrwi imviiklmrj, m, 
SHiHohiil, iln-nlilill, I. ihii«J«, »•. 
Scnilf, il'iilJ, a. Kiil', vHotig. 
Sanior, iJ'uHr, .. •.»J.r., ».. 
SmiorilT, ^Bil,-.ill, ., pri,Hil, «.{<»I. 
SeiiBii, iln'iil, ■- •'iMa.J. Li*,/. 


arqueirintor, .ikwlilri-ilr, >. ci, ••jualra. 
S«»giio, .Wl-,i, ,, „rr^glic. ™. 
SPraph, «Ji-rlf. i. itraß", m. 
SncitniiF. •IrfglJ', •. Hriiuia, /.i -, v. a. 

i^nftr, I(!i"n'ol'll,T«™ii,/"" """*" 
Serf.)>it,>. «.(ia»», ~>. 
S*rg^, >1,J. .. ra,.(«, ../.,/. (piiiüol. 
SflrMBBDt, Si![jennt,tli'ilni,i.irrf>iili, Mn 

nt, ulr-pVnl, 


Serviceable, -Ibl, s. afiVc.BiHBiiSö) ^jlritla. 

Stirer, ilitr (<ttr), >. »•.W.i» uuutrt.. 
Stvletlmtß. t^drllj, i. puiuiu, m. Im» 

Snribi-adflliioB, ■A'lBBklBkln , f. fvaflfl 
SeirinE-n'iebise, -MBlibJlitr. mm^kimmi 

Bewini-OHdlF, -aldJ, •. ■( • da nc^, ■• 
Snri>J-pRM, -pili, •. •niM Jt'ltflmrl,: 

Bexeiui*), ihaatilh, ■. WJ wi «.i. fi 
BesicB, db^h. i. *«euH>nl, - 
Sciniple^jlti^f I , ■. ittlmpla. 
Saui, «n-AUl, •. KAub. 
SklbbilT, ikf]i1illl,>d' 
Sbabbine», •faUi't.Mi, 

lUlbl«, (klB'kli, •. W- mmctUm.m. *IV- 

SlianbliDt, iIiIk'mIdj, m. ctt tl ■mm 

bwB« , aU« . ». virc>f ui i^ftmlm,/. , ^i 
^™?*' '"•*■•■ "*'^'™*' '''"" 
Shl-cful. ^Ib. ■. W«.f 1^ -I;, «C Mf^ 

Shuiiwo, •kla'pl. V. "Z^fimimn. 
SbKinroGk, »blB^k. •. iMfttf», ■. 
Shutfc, ■kUfk.i.nHk./'iinoiJ'iw. 

Shuked. ''I^a. a^t im ftmU. Ifi/fti, m. 

ipB,'>hlhi.'yHm<,^rira,'/-l mtMlt, 
• I -■ •. «. .^nM», i*f»(M«( mmffin, 

ShuR-haldcr, ''kildlr, •. ulM»^^ n. 
ShAivr, -It, f^ pmrtieipmimr^m. fMmm,Ji 

ShÄrk. ihlrll, 4. p«n mir» m. 

Bh«H=r,.hll-lii,». ../■'•=M.<w»l i, '«. n. 

fihRiing , iklMm , i. Muüura, 'j.,-t, pl. 
^'"•'—""1, -1.1 -,».«. 

eiicBth, i'faiTB, 

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Eh*Ni-eut, -^il, ShHp-told, 

8hM"h!*UTB'//»"<ro'!Ä'»iD'.d.), n,, - 

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(mr.l.M'ta./i ADDkli-., üir. .M(fc 

EKHl-iIininae, '■tlnlilk, >. ulcüdsru di 
flhwl-«iEhor..lB(kSr,..«»r. -.«ir.,/, 
Slwlinc. -1di. >. '^ rfi '(»•Dl., ■>. 
ahHI-iran, --11™, .. piHfr. äi/em.f. Tm. 
Sbnn-Iichtning, -'Uiolai, ../«^.J.. I.r«, 

Shell, Ali, •. j«{Qd, laieAltHt, ctncm.f.i 

Shrllr, -Hl. B. M/ni-U M isaglh. 
Dbclwr, •ti>l'i3r,>.<»/>eru,ri/.^,. 
KliteKH^,/., -, V. .. dir. il«;»». 

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ehFIihpFd, iblp-plrd.i. pmiun, ptca, 
BhrpliHde», -1>, •. pubriffi, /. 


Shifl, •hfn, •- 'mi^M, umiie 

Shi/ifr, ~-bi '* imjiittrt, m. 

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Shilling, .ill'^n,, 1. je.lf»c, m. I 

Stlillr-lhsUr, •blLllihllll, >. irriKUli. 
Shlne, Mb.'v. n.V.'n'jlV^lT,' rltpl^d,. 
Shinils. •bloa'il •.wjiti^n, /.i -•. >. 

Shiiüni, thl'nlnf, •. ritpUliJcKUt -, I. In 
f., iplniä^n, m. 

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SluTtrmg, -tni, •. iHi/IJt, m. Lfo^i< 
Shoal, ibll, j. f,IU, moUlMälH,, H< 

ahoulT, -■'! ■. piria di rtcc^r. U™j 
Shpck, >b)ll, I. -rW, <>»'«< I ionjlüi. 

Shock-heni, -^Id, i. miunccAis, m. 
Sfiockinglr.-- ■' ■ ■ ■ - 
Shodd;, ibld' 

Sboe(ioi)-bom, -^In, >. ui 
BllOFiniikrr, -'mltlr, I. aalal 
Shoo-.lrinf, -".Ifliit, *. o 

BIlocTCiUll', «■ ■- 1>- /«iriari 

Bbooling,^!), j. «cirii (d»! ,iiitpp-i, 

Bliop-Iwipn, -^Iplr, •., H, 
ShD£-ll?ler, -^nll.t. «•rf— &, •>. 
BrioK, rtll,!. UMa, •pimttit.f.i lU,, 

5Lott.a)llii,i>.a>rta, tlrtKii mccfuto, In 


SbOTllHBd, -tlsd, 

BbaitBMt, -'ah, 4, - . 
ShoH-nfhlnl. -^Oi, 

Sbrncu, -^Ii, •. itfranai 

Shmä, -i, <.u4aUL - , -. -,, 
flün-Aem.-'A.i. -!•»•, f. t,mr. 
Shrawiüi. -^ik, ., ri(™», -1/, ad.l, > 
Shrewmaaiie, -"bMi, t. »;>o uauiuin 
ahrick, ibilt . H. H. ilnlfo*, ilridini 

Ebrill, •liHl,'«., ■uiD. 
ShrilliiF», -■all, I. icMtam Ui w«. 
Shnmp, tkrti>r, •. ifilfa, /. (tiBbl 

Shrinlü ■brinik.P.n. fr. tfrei^rtl. rllir 
Skrin-I. <lii1m,a. ..ka. ■KFUur.) 

Shroid, ArlU, i. »fio-ui pisiw/ui 

ShrabbflTt -^ir^i '- turnt* pimulmta 
SbrubbT, -^t, m. (.imo iTtriicilU. 
Hvntl.ikmi'- •■ «rttmr«! -,1. ri« 

SkalB», ilill'a, V. ■, miKo/ari; mi^fmjfrn 

ShufUer. -ar. .. &Ab, (»/-.terc. n. 

s dL ilk, .. .»_(.•. ■ ■ 

Sokle, -^;t,/^, 
S sklincu. -liä^>. 
Sicklf.-U •■»•'««>•. 
' cknnt. -^iiU, •. lufanMi/i 

a. («Urafiial4'(tHi -, •■ a. ^rf lian la 
.idfbaard, -"bll^, f. ^Atfa, •- •rWnH, 

J. •('«Il«, i. <nll-f 4ü»i« ^Iinli, n. 

Sid]>, d-A, «. a. «Wer. Wa u tu>. 
Siege, rfj, * -M*aj nnia, «h 

"^iH, nfl, V. a. cHvWarv, iavnrif afrj «aiat 
iifttntl, '^■Hi '- ^' THck/h, m. 
Sight ,.'■■<.•- •'i'U I /Hii^ilihiai räfra,/.! 

jioiliia. -<(,«.<. •ba.far.. 
_ gnuMicb^ Hll. t.JS^h, m. 
Sl£D4l'iiiul, -bIW '' a^ affaa/a. 
Siinatiir^ rif^lljr, i.^niai «(aalara./, 
RiKnar, ■l'Bir. «. «f aaafar^ ■■- 
Siiaal, .tiliK (. •tff'U' IM r*}. ■>■ 
SignilSmiwi!, •Itii'rlpui ». *«p^mm^^ 
GigDifintion. •Iiat'lkl^bla, l?'.f(a^a*- 


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lllk.w'orin^ 'mt'äT: ii^lifaf"*. 

tum, '^ah, t. 

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8> l-warfc>, -"wirk". ■■ P/. •■''"«, /- Sute, ill, v. ■■. »4»», n»n<r<. 

SiubriDa^ttLl-hclt.,....(i.W Siit»llil»,iln»llll...M««i«.>-. 

SiJubritT.rfll'fcrltl, t.»fa»rili,iHi;iä,/. Sutinlc il'alitll v • iuul«'i 

B> nmtioil, illlll'.l>l., .. Hbuuig«, /., S>tiD;:it-dil, I. nw, ■•. l3n»D). 

Bit, •nie. •■ »«V«'», -.1 -, v...»(«i~». Jitinrt.-Il,..«./. di tri. ««( ttttirm,S. 

SalTH, •tl'llr, i. VHHno.n.i nttaaippt, f. BmI 

B*me, t\m, ■. nidufau, jl« 
Eniopl^ ilm'pl, i. Ht mpl. — 


SuictiGoAliaii, •lll|lIÜr>l>l'■b)l>,•.w•lJltlIa- 
BunolimaniDui. liDikiJml-iini, .. •»!., 

.'IId, I. Alu,!"« 

»unin, •iLli'ntl^ 
Silcfa«], •li>li'!l, I 

SituntD, •iLl'i'ntl^ ■. hMJm 


"" 8Bliirdiir''<l'''<'''fl. "•.'»«"•, "1. '"" 
Sütuniüi^itl'llniln, a. nalimwnlu, iHUo. 

=-"'-'- - '■-''--,7!i7m.) I*-".', - - 

S>uus>, ittV'. : »Uccu,/. 

S«T>tCi>«H> -alh 1. •afealicAnu,/. 
8*f uu, •ItIi'iL (. >nl«^ /. 

Santon -'lU, •. emMlUla,/. 

SlT*T, -*r, •, WvUmi -'• •■ 

ftaVÜ^, ■l'TIDflt «' «wo 

Smiiu. 4^1i. f. »«>■ 

Snf-lBill, --nll, .. •mlim, J* H$^, m. 

S«*b, nkU, t. Hoiiu, rofiia,/.! Urtiuit,m. 
SolblMTd, -'Ucd, *.>Ü!r>, !■. (wiiH,/. 
Scabbrd, -^14, a.iuf tiS«, runaH. 

SobbT, tili Scihliiit. 
Soalüaui, lUtilli, a. HMitlsn. 

sciRoid: lUniu, I. fiat», MfV«ics. ■>. 

SoiEaldiBi, -Inf, (. imiiMrt M pmloiU 

Sul^ •kflV'' ''pHi/'i -•'•■■ •»"■'^' 
Sculdini-hol.-^aElill, a.itllrnU,/trvaiU. 
Scnlding-boiue, -HBiblli, t. fu(> A> rf«r 

Sen''ij,'"™''»«!!.,/., (Mci<^ ■■.( (Bu.) 

SuSing-lidder itl'lliiilUdlr, i'.'tc^'^i 
SMlliOn,ikI]'rlii,j.Ica&|ai,n. ef/w'tiw^, 
Sallop, ■kil'ilp, t. pttone*!«, «.i -,»■'. 

Scnndsl, Mn-ai, •. •andah, m,, lnfaaJm, 
SEHnduliie, -il,t,.M. •au.iatlutn. 
Scandaloi». Iltln'dlJti, a. ummdmltli, ia- 

OCHIT. Hirr, j. OHTiMi cmwiH Itmgm^f, 
Scuf-pia, ->»», »r^ A «»■«■, .1, 
Scurf-ikin, -'Äti, •. tpUtrmldr, f. 

Sciilitiui.tklrilllll, *./••*» 

Surlfl, lUr^l, ■. *•, Hvlar», (nO. 

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UllKcuiM, « 

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Scati«, itllllr. V. ■, jB«£ri, äiiripmrm, 

3«ii<, .1«. ..««.../.. i«'jr^ ■.. 
Scnvrr, -Irl, j. %rul*i rmppritmttmvamt 

Sncnt-boTÜ«, ^bllil, I, *ic»Ha da ipli 
8qenll«7;-ili. «. 

Sctiedufi, •btd'dil (.tWJfi), .. 

Suhtme, iki*. "7>^'>». ^•(»■i ««'r»>, 
- - " - vrvgrltmr^ dUtgHan. 

Sciu^^.'Ililim'dliliai), •. ('ite^i divUim, 

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qrtliip, -flhipi t, '/ifffr^d, teitiua,/, 
iiM!ar>hill<'<1K, .. mtutUe. 

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Scisnce,' J-la^ •'•iitHtl'Sillii^*., 
Scientilie, •lliilll'nk, ■. »Juijit« 

litnilu, rin^Illr, j. iiilmlumi,J 
imliliali, •laltlllt, v. ■. »ÜHiil^ 
Scintillation, •IhIIiU'AId, f. jcla'l 
Scialiit, iNaüii.HKUiiiu.m. 

»oi.iuri. ili-ilii. I. pl.fs,lnä, 
flcoll, AU, ,. .^i,nü, i. »orJi.V.r-, «. m. 

itJ-'T', lurUr.. 
icöntr, -Jfti, fc •c/umiltr; bcfUirr, m. 
ScufKiul*, -■fiatil, tA. tarlt^am,nu. 
Sculd, -khi. ». a. a ■. ri*»/*.», coiUa. 

ScopE, iklli, I. ica>;iai HfHiii iflirpiiii Jim, 

Sootbulic, ititbl/(&,'i: luriaüca. 
BEOrch, iLlrUk, u. a. A n. H^Jarti at- 

ftcoTili »kIrD. «- idrgpa, Sit 
BcOrB,-r. -•Ir, .. Jy. ■-. 



SoDloh-Iiorpen, -'lilpplii, i. ^. iws^ifo, 

Soalfnp. tkii'frl, 1, tmmuM. 
ScDiindnl. .ttlD'dtb, .. irUipm, m. 
Bouur, ikllr, i>, a.*ii. /ipeir«! mldrci 

BoOiug?' iklrj, A t/Vru, /.| (luiigD, m.i ', 

Seoul, iklJL t. >pi>ai bäuiilrud,, «.i vnf>I- 
(../linirtHc™!.«, r».( -. «. ■, *«J«™ 

Serunhla, akrt a bl, o. n. aggrappari I run 
Scnp, ikAn, «. pnu, /rsniiMlgf run' 


orew-nnt, --iill, 1. ciiaichl., /. 

Scroti! Ln', Bkrlrdlt, >. icni/afa,/. 
Scrulnlotll, •trlrrllSi, •. icroj^fw. 
Scroll, ikiil, •. r.oro (i/i r.r»!, «. 
- uh, Arlt, B. >. «™/r».™, /r«orf ^« 

Scniple, ülito'pl, f. tcrupuln, m.i -, u. n./aj- 
<a]oii>, ikri'pjlli, a. tcni/»>£>o[ -rrl 

Sculk. ibilll, ~. n. n 

Smin'or, »kilp''iJr, i. icu/roft, n. 
- rullilurf, üllpliJr. ...üullura./. U 

Smirriloui, >l>lr'r1ll>, .. J. 
ScurriiiEia, <1ilr'<li>Ij. I. . 

Sculclieon, ikSüli'in, >. icnd 



aei>-B*ri, -'lilrii, f. »•-. 
««■Ehllrt, -'litiltl, j. Borli rf> irni/iuv, /. 
an-BCM], -^iU >. esriancjettilt, n. 
8«-oo«rt, -1ii>i, I. «Uli ^if M^i, j 
icA-Rght, -'(ll. 

8«1, tll 


SHlini-w*!. -^Dinlk^ >. iiar.Um,f. 

gM^pÖrl,' -'pirl, I. por» dl n.», m. 

ftüRRh«', -^r, I. riairi»l*r>( vitilnisri, n. 
SeJi-iemite, iVaIMii k ■rrvul« haimIk, m. 
SM-i^ore, -JiMr, «. tatim dct mitn, f. 
9«fl- liokt -'llk, ■. nanf f lalff. 
ften-IHcluiHt, -'tlkuli, f. maf di majv. M, 
Sü-lill*, -'ild, 1. fitlp ifW nsrc, n. 
a>B>on, iWl, t. tlutiamt, fj Umpe appof. 

BHUORHblr, -Iblt, «f. • firiipatib,. 

Sfci-lfnn, li'lJrm, ,. „™„, Ji m^rim. m. 
Sin-WEcd, --irJa, .. (hol.) «/i»»,/. r*«'. 
SN-woilIir> ->SrrAl, a. (ar (lijpij ii»if& 

Svcriilon, •t.lT'ihln, i. irpat^lMii,/. 

Seelnrino, .üaTHn, Ssotiiy, ilVtlrJ, 

Seeuhr, •Ik-kiftlr. ■. »^(.», {, 
SHiiiUnt)-, ulkUIrTKl, >. »n > 
StDuhriutloa, •IkUblilltils, 

SewiliiTiii'.'ilktillrli, r. ■. iiu 


l'illl, •. 

SediD, tldlD', I. HiK 
ScdnM, ilrlll', ■. tWu,, u, 

lid^w^r^h*. fr.«« 

jedentnrr, ild'illnllrl, .. ■ 
SedBB, «Ij, LgLnca, n. 
Sedfm^it, ifa-dJinlDt, .. 

lioui, ildl'ilib, ■. IC, 

leed-bed,(--gardi!ii,— plolj, JLJJ, ., «. 

a.p°»U. ««"'«tL 

S«eI, lll, 1>. a. (OK.} iu'C^llar. 


ine, a>. .. 

dOBD. lU'dlll, 


Se Bth, -Till, «. W«" 

Setf-tlrled, -'•Hu, •. »din 
Srlf-MnEbt, ^III. .. l»nn 

ScltwElI, -'wll, •■ ••ibimä« 
Stil, ilJ. v. •. t-. «nd>r> , 1 

I. iKttrtMH prifpria. 

»ibilitr, ihilklnlli, 1. maiHlili, J. 

iiible, •lollU, ■- «oRif/'i (•»■'iii«». 

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3f-niii<nia. iln-iIillJli, «. ■. mtf«^ M.. 
" len«, ttn'llu, «. «M'VBWj dtcuiont,/.j 

tulioDI. iIbAii'iIiIi, a. idkchiüui 

fieMpl'iore, tln-mlAr, i. tcJcfr,^.. Horf^', 
BanblaDce, ilatltu, t. limifliiuiu, »>■ 

SmuDilolv! >ilrU, I. utniilratla, «. ' 

Eainiciniilu. -ilr^illr, .. iialclrclari. 

ttmianwitl, lim'mJDtrlll, fl. taulBorlata, m. 

■er, ihi'iilkiililc, >. (nM.) ■ 

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aile, al-BlI.ii. nuä, viomllD. 
■Hsior, il^llT, (. HKbn, m. 
Senlonn', aaUr^lil, *. prl„rUA, «uV 

Semulbl, ila'ali, i. »tu elarni > neun, j». 
Sfaia, ihi, •- IM» I •mlimn» i LlrlUlu, 

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SfPulEhrB. »Ip'pSiklr, ». leun/cii, ™. 
Sfennan, liu-flMr.,. •'p-lw^, f. 

SfquMift, ilkiri«'llt, 11. a. •f^uuilror». 
Scqueilralioti, ilkwbirl'i^liin, >. ui/uair^ 









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Ssrrila.ilr'ill, m, nrviU, -Ii.bJ. nnrii. 
ScnrililT, ilFitl'lliI, •.iwruHta,/. In'nn. 

Sfrriludc.ilr'Tlll«, 1. ' ' 



Sil. ili;-«. ^ «.. y. m.a^, c.».»», 

^rrli jivari, tlahilirt, tftrmtrt, Ira- 

»riMeipio, M. 
MM», -iJ', t. Wiwlo MBV».'"- 

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JltmiCt ■'''ir' •• »Hra, rlfuJo, ^aH. aaiM- 

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Sewint-nuclliDe, -dIiIiId, i. aiaecjlaa da 

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SbacUa, iklrtL.H.a. ■■•inn Ja HEsfl -a, 

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ShuuicODk, ibtm'rlk, >. Irlfcmlia, n. 
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jfarc, antdrlri pramMt af'Ttw, itivacei/rr- 

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Shnf, >X> 'cn»^ 

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Shlllmg, rtll'Uar. .. ,«lli^. m. 1/ 

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Shins. »l3o,'.. ». fr. ribt^t] rUplndert'i 
Bhingls, UXat'e, t. fHictUm, f.i -%, i. fl. 

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Sliip-huilding, -llldlnj, 

ItHpiiboMl, -^uliBh,. 

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BhvLI, ilitir, f. tcifful; n. ICüuJii •««! (ui 

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'liitling, -1di.<. uf* d< «~'c;.,/. 

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ihock, ibli, I. »it,, uialu r ~"irf>"o, i».! 

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llioriuiEcr, -'mlblr, t. atboUio, m. 
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Siiop-frant, "-(rant, ..^m«™ä *.«.^, / 
Sbop-keepei, --ktpar, .. tmttmaj», n. 



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Shoulder, itll-dlr, •. «nHt/, •mir» 

Shainr, ibtl'ir, i. rmmtit, „tmto, la., -, 

Shnii; meld., •. rbifiui ^u>, »., -, t>. .. 

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ahrfwilh. -lib. ., rilr.«, -Ij. .d. i~ Fno,<. 
ShtSWUloulB, -'bII., .. up= =<.».DM(rt, », 
Shriek, •bttk,». «. Iln»''^, «ri/'ni -,J. 

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Slimbbr, -"^i. '■ !'<'«' d'srSaicilli. 
ShniB. >t"'f ."■ '.Ilrientrrt -, i. rilt 
&\mii>i. inld'dlr,' V. n. Inixurt äif 
SbuOle, ihlrn, v. ä. ««ni/an; »iii^ifirai 

ShnflSr, -r'i'jKo,' "LjaUrc, m. 
ShufnJni, Ibirinni, I. iori.r>(iii, m.(./vr- 

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Sibvl, l1»1l1I. f. ■i*^f^ Wovlnairic«,/, 

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Siok-Wiini, .'irlri. I, Infnr^iria.J. 

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Sigh, .1, ». I.. K.p/™r., -. .. «ipfr., 
Sighl, >ll, I. vitlat pmpuilvai aiji 





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Si.lw, il.-lil, t. »n»«, r,litian,f. 

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ilcilj, -><, ■. ^i •crelU, tirecdlaiiiU, 


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SitDalF, •TltllLa.iImh',»»«. fiiu, 
Situatioa, ritil'Ala. i. «luaimm cn 

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Iketch..rt)i>b. j.Ktiku, .*».„, _., ^ 

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JttTp -'■I. «- MB* n, utaiUttitat 

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Slanl^dtllt, w. ■. i»^« aM/Muanii 

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BhUen, atlcitrii, i. ^hu utMfUH, /. 
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Staashter, lll'ltr,>. ilnw^/. manilb.n 
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aiipilcm, •llfUlp, •. «Iliiw flfurrb n- 

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alopiellfr, llipilllir, I. rlsMIiirt. m. 
Slolli. ilil*, t. pi/rUi«,/., .1 (tsliiiil.), m. 
Slolhfld, -'lll, m. gu's». 
-' ' iltlUh, c. •. .tJHUr. f> »>!., 

SJougbr, --l', a, /««iiM. ' ' r«. 

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elareniiDHi. -Iliil>, >. fpcmiU, /. 

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Slubb«, Illb'blc, •>. .. ucJ.l^Uu^, ,^r- 

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■■ilU>ii, t'*'*' '■ f ''"■'"™ j ^1°« f>B- 

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■auiUrio«, »ilrtlil*«, •. mräüntr, t, 

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ftrm, ßmUrai -,9. nUr9f ßtut, m. 

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Ilni, «li'n, (b. M .. pro; «u». «, 
•■wek'hoiik.HiU'Mk, i, tt'tt'if •/! i3t, 

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•JfMt,Hi«H, pUtwl; -II, «<. •^>4^ 


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Snow-dnip, -'lilt. •- BJui , 

Snow-^lift --.11». t to™»./. 1^*,/. 

Snub, Hlb,!!. a. ripröiJira, »ifauninb 
Snnff, Blr, I. ■«Wcas (m pthitrti, Jacipub 

)nllff-bikn',*^iil^^> piWf M*wH. 

S.jtu-boilW, -' 

Sobri«tT, libri'llJ, I. Krti 

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Solitorr. itlllllrl, •. ritirmu, d-imi^t, 
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Socket, -\\l, >. töaciHcU, itiTiMti. iJMir 

Süd. (U, f. gU., hU. >a lim, /. 

Soft, ittl, .. m«lU, dol^, iilialt, UniTt, 
M-rUdc, tnitHt,, .X«J"'«i -Ij, td. dcl- 

SoU™, liriB, V. •.'•»x.Jtfpi, .Äfs^ini 
SofUniu, -?■(, >. nilifuAMi.V'. 

Soil, ilU. >. •M^lo, l.rr^„ Ulan., n.7miü. 

sötiS^riU, i. »HDlubf»./. r^f. I'. 

Sgld, itU, j, »(iJs, illprxdu, n. (/. 

soidin, lii'tiiih.V hjXu| •■'.'' rü«. 

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Soldierr, -1, .. »M»»«,/. 

Sali.iU.i, «Id.iuu'ui •fmaliti, -tt, ,d. 
•>f«Mto( ',,.pUMImtdifpl4lUi,«iiilt, 

SalnsflD, ■illMiin, t. •uJ.DJnn, n. 
Saleuu, •ll'rtm, s. -tr, arf. MhuifnuM. 
SolMnnirr, •iÜm-nlll. .. Klnmili,f. 
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So] ici !■ I Ion, lill-l it'lbl n.>, »»M.'l.u'°n.,/. 
SDlEcilor, •ilWlMl, t. »liniMUri, pmc 

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nuitulitt, ilrnDtm^llil. i. «■■»n- 
al«m,ilm>glllu, f. ••mmlBoa.f. 
•h, •.ßtlin dltDB^titu.m.i — la-Ji*. 

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So'iciiloiüi •lUi'lllli, >. n 

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idifr. itHil'dlll, «. a. u'hJiu-: 
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goothiinr, illjt'illr, 

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Sophlll, itr-fllt. •. ImfH-, m. 
SophiiHciil. illrt^lläl, ■. •c/ImiIo., 

Sophiil^itrililr». .. KjUliahrrit.J. 
Sopanlio, ilpM^nk, •.«•, nKmi/civ («.], 

Soranr, lAnlri,«, tir^tawrim, f. ammatla- 
Sordid', lilVU, m. wvfUs, Ipunx, tvart, 

il, •.«^■./.jupWtoi I 

^cad, -^iflU (--liii), I, pianr. 

tonn Jiir», -'all, *. »lilJi ulUfUi/cmii 
Bonp. >i». 1. «r»., miMttIrt,/. 

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Bpaniel. ■fla'rll, •. *r.™, ■. 

Spar, .pi-, .. .*«■«,/., -, „. n. tUilci^il 

Bparin(Lipl'i1ni,«.(Mr», ™™, Hsiun 
Spai4ngnM«, -dIi. 9. partimviU.jf. 
«park, iplik. •■ «"'-«"a. J^lll,,/. , d 

SparUe, VV^h "■ a. idatlltartt V 
Sparrow, i^lrri, >. noiam, n. 
BpairüW-hawV, -lli, ., iptrvlm, n. 
{pam. »Iiu, ;. rpiimo, ,p.v», m. 
epaimodio, •plimld'dlk, i. ipummHa 

»*ju.Jlrr, .Jill'llr, t.. a. iptrcrt, hnitr. 
inlii, ftfllllt, ,. t/imuU,/. 


Spaakpr, --li, t. armtarr, pwUlart, m. 
Sptakuii-tniuipet, -'lailrlispll , f. irnnin 
p.rl..l. Ißtt"^ "1 UikU. 

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SptciaJ k iplthll. a. tpt%lmirt ptrtieolarti 

SpcciaJlr, -ll, >. tpaiatüi,/. 

Suecin, ■pl'iklii i.iW., wa.V^ 
SpadriB, wiilrfl*. =, «<•)/!». r^ * 

SprufT. ipb'lfl. B. a. i/w^ava. f-. 

SpHSjuiea, iFVijBb, .. 1««™,/. »«.pü^ 
SpHUOIU, ipl'ikla, •. t/mimni -Ij, W. Ipm. 
ap«k, Iplk, (. nauUai atüiui /-r -, v. a. 

SpiclMte, •tl'i-aia^M.'.pHUnlt.m., 

SpKlator, •plIHl'lIr, I. i^Mlalsn, la. 

Dn, •pIklll-ibiD, 
•e. .plk'UlliI,; 


SpacuCalor, nttlllllllc, I. ificuUlort, m. 
Speaaluiii, •plk'tLllIm, I. tpcccii,, n. 
Speech, iptut, i. fiiiiiiai(i'ii i/if enrfa, ia.| 

SpreghifT, -'iri, ■. a. ptrinrt. 
ApttDh\ttt,-'lh, a, mula. 

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Spppdr, '^1, a. tpgjilo, proHto. tml&i ttU 
• -. r. • (r. ^mpUmr.. .rUtrifi'^':. (- 

Spcllini, ' 


SpFiidlhrift, -'iMn, I. 
Spetai, iplrm. •. urrnia, ,,. 
Sparmiiceli, •plnlii'li, >. »lan» Ji h 



ApiCT. tfi'^ t. aramatlct 

Bpijot. ipVr'' - -■■-' 

Spike, irlk, . 

Jpill.'nji, «. •■ «"«"t KT»"- , 

Spin, •pln, B. «. • ■. Ir, fiUrti pnliafa 
9pfnH«1, Bplfllj, t. i^inacf, IX. LlJ^v 

Spin", «pln. •.•{'■'■",/. , ,, _ 

Spins, ipln, .. i.ji.», 
phinn, ■jilB'iiIt, 1 



«jursl, nl-rtl, 

Apir*, n\r, r, 4.^- — -mr-n-- 

6|Urill*Ui -kn, ■- atpntao, «L-, 

SpiriUuL ■^fUmK, ■. tsMni/q 'Ü, x'. 

SpirilBnUlr, •plrlljUl-lllI, t. tpüiluaUO, 
ItoiritBCipii ^r^ijUi, ■■ ^Iriion. 
glrt, nj«, -■ -■ -»PÖ(— . .Mün-lr.. 
SpirTi rol >'t ■- tpiral: 
Spit, •fIi. >. tpitii; tetUI.«,, m., -.v.u. & 

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8p)t«. «plt «. rffiflUÄ ra^can. a.i Ja - «t. 

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Bpiltle, i»»!^ ■, tp.«, ... nW/. 
nittOÖn, ipmaB, r, rpMImwhiwrUtfw 
Splmb, •rlbh, i. »««er*, / 1 -, ». ■. 
■ih-boilr'd, -'bild, I. manlilalM, f. 

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-SplenidDur, wllp'dtT, tttpltmiarr, m.i sdn». 
Bp inlET. ■pAü'llr, j. IHTUI IfKIai/j f>n- 

apnr"pJfi,.ür«"tf«™"/"<''"' -.!■.« 

»pliller, -iJr. .. /Tn j;»„. - l/'»-''"' 

SpoIiiiliaD, ipd 

SponüH-bJllh, --bll*, .. («sno i-(r«r, m. 
Sponginni, ^Vflpli, a. •;>i>j>uir,«,/. 
Spanpni-honie, ipinjiixlilli, i. pn>»i» 

SpCmMncilj? iplnäll'tli, f. •ptnlmittlli,/, 
SpDnliin>ani,iplBU'al)%>.i><i»Uiin| -^i 

SpOOn, ipla, 1. HUHIitnl*, m. 
SpnDufdl. -'ftl, V. encvtlrnjaiM,/, 
^'laA^m Lc^""°' T"""^^ Ä 

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Sqnall, itwll, •- farUu A' ikwii, dkl 

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Uck, iilk, j. <Hiii'c«I>, c,a,«lo, „,., ^ ... i. 

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lurch, >a(lih, >. «itUo, n,, -, tr. a. In- 

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fiutia^ •ili'ilb, >. fi. nuUt, f. 
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nW, M.i -, •. ■. p.iT. i. .■ ;»•». 

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atatiil, «InlM, (. psHtfM, n. 
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SUbltiM, ^Wfllih ■■ ^- M'liUcm./. 

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Stndiitfii, -^ah, •. »rUju)i/>n»>;», /. 
Studr. --l. ■. /in», uUs !-,«.■. rtnJir 

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Stul, llll. V. a. * a. (r. ruttn, ItMlart. 
SL«lcr, -lü I. Itdn, m. 
SlvalinE, -Tai, >. rvtrrim, f. {pliulii 

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i-tcndsr, -'ihdlt, i. fiuujlcksiu ■ 

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aiMlinird, -'jlra, •. titäaU,}. 

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StsanitE-iHiiHinaar, -alHliUlr, i, ptttg. 

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Slcnosraphiol, iliDtitlpriUI, >. »»o- 
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Slep-brnlber, -^rlTUlr, i. eofn.lD, m. 
StPa-danght«, -'4ll>c, l-Jt/lmO-t,/. 
Siep-filihn, -'riTBlr. I. palri'iiu, n. 
SlFp-IDDthn', •■mlTBlr, •. malriina,/. 
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ilewardiliip, .'Irdiblp, I. coriu Wj ms(- 

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Stiffrn, ->tt^ •- ■- btJarmrt, rtKdirt rifida, 
Slilr-äeck, ''slll, t. larelcalla, n. 
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Slilll, tnil^ I. pJ. tnmptii, m. ßl. 
SliiniiLlUI, iIIb'bIIIi, v. ■. ilüntUrt, ifin. 

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Sliintiliilii'b Mlm'mlltrii, ■. tlmulmliva. 
SHmnlnft, ■no'DtilUj «- MÜmoU, fn. 
Süag, Jllll. •- viM, /. Mioi •limtb, H. 
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Slonc-fmit, -'lAi, i. friu tAil-^mao. 

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Slan»'pit,''|i1l.i. cmi.rf.Bj«™./, 
SloDC-wa», -'wli, >. iwu iti tuvitlU (Iili- 

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Slaieml, -ll. m. Min 

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Sloopiöglj-, -1o|lJ, ru/. m iMcliiBi. 

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Strsigl«, -Ir, .. mU.» n.-.fa«=, »iji.. 
Stiurghl, «lll. =. dirill.. ,lr,iu, -. .d. dt. 

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itrilt, tirll, V. 11. pavamr£gtartlt -j f . 0IIM- 

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Btntch, lüllik, V. o. tHiÄm, mitndat. 

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SlncPtDrll, llnJl'U4t, t. nlpa, Imco, Iral: 

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Slud-hona, iild'bln, •. Hmlll-ai, m. !•.!,. 
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Slurdincil, •lii'dlDb', <. erp^Uwli, bar- 

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SlBIltr, idlllr, V. r>. url-gii-n:, t^ltiiurt. 
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SubdiTide, -ddtd', v. o. itääMdm. 
Subdiiiiion,-d!<1ib'Iii, i. ui/AWilui, /. 



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enb)U(ation, *1li)icl'>bln, I, »»iniaiigm 
BnblunctiTB, .llb)äni»^., I. (,t.) ««;.. 
söwIinBie, ilbltalu .. (cMm.'wima™™' 
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Bnbmpnion. •ibnlr'ghlD, t. Mmncrifiinc, , 

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Siichlini, -'llni, i. »•'■«bi« mUnU^oi 

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Buffocalion, •tolh'l's'bln, iT^jT^^nf,/. 
BuffrflBt, sJI'Ml, .. tafrugii; "o'o, m. Lm. 

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Sngar-home, -klli, i. Jith-iu ^ ^ b 

Suiar-loaf, -Hl, i. p.iu dl v<at rr>, n. 
Blgar4i^|k«TI, -nlppan, a. pl, Ivtmfiiw da 

engar-pItUR, -pJlnji. «ii/'ilte, wMtlfrima, 
lnÜHHmrt, tHMIMhiut MttUailmtianr, f. 

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iSuiBide, il'Md, I. isioUk m. 
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Svitar, ijtar, ^ aapplMmmiMi »mmttttt Uli- 

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Sun-bri|bl,-^dl, Sun^lnd. -^H ■■ 

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Snn.irtrokr, -'■tclt, i. »fn». /. r««'-», n. 
SupäraboDiid, liplil blind-, u. ■. t'a, 

SnnFrahDiiduI, -Inln'dlil 'si nipnitCi». 

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Supnadd, -U; ». B. ■(«'.(.»" rf< pB. 


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Snp^riitie, -lU, m. tmprafin^, 

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SopccicripbOBi -akilp'ikia,!. m 
gapenedi. -Jd', », ■. »prum 

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Sapvilitioi», ^•kli, ■. j.vvriri>i« 

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-, V. «. jir« chwUhi, fu^mm. 

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Surviol.ib'jlULa. > 

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BappliutiOB, £tMirlUUla,i.»p;<fhu,/. 
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Suppliar, iIpBlIlr, i. lAi tupplläar. Iru. 

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AipporbibU, -Im, ■. apparUtiU, 
«npport«. Jr, j. »ilrcw, •ppigfla, pro- 

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tajiygiiüoB, ,lfpi,I'itiin t. luppemitnt, 

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SuipHuiDaJ'r'idie.-liilJ, i. paaü di c 
Suipiajoo, ^l'ibls, I. tuptiu, m. l«. 
SuipisiDiiuini, -ih, t. tMpmUat,/. 

Süliire, .i'ljlr, .. .-(u™, «•cil.r,,/. 

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Swullöw, nli-li. (.nl»/»« tDf«,/.r ' 
Swiillow-Uil, -Ul, •. 

Swu, nli, i. c^u, ». 
Swnn-iliH, -'itSi, I. malUlUMt, m 

Swnni, iwlrd, m. lappiu iMnfr («I rliinll- 

SwnrlliineM, nlr-nl«nl., l unuf»« <i- 

Swurthr, •mtr'M, i. tikmttn dtt täte. 

Swutb-bwikler, iirllkXilitllr, t. mmntU- 

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Iwill, n^I, 1>.<L (eHwJUi fr»M>cvWi -, 

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nriodlsr, -li, t. Irugmttri, m. 
iwine, •iHa, i. p"r™, ". 

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S«in«-B«"^ -'l'l, •■ *»«■ {lÜiiMt.»),/. 
l-.glui, -'fit«, •■ Mpictkir eil ilrt, m. 

h.'ivllsh, I. i^ciiiu, tllrf., (n11.) 
iilh. i/i hrmiu. /rf -, V. ■. ifertn. 

Sword-kuÜer, -iLKulr, «. tpaJaio, m. 
Swnrd-fiih, -^il, i. iptim,/. (piKi). 
Svord-knol.-^ll,!. jw«nini><a^, h. 

ihanl, iltll&llDt, >. a^i-falsr*, n. 


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RyminFtriDal, •Immll'UJktl, s. linneh 

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6jmj^lliat, irfiii'pliAU, V. n. limpaiü 

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SyinutoiDÄlic, ilniimli'tlk, s. lubmi 

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Srnodil. ila-Dtdll, Srnoilic, >1iiM'<1 

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fiJiithHil, iln^Jili, •. j[.l«f,/. 
STnoge, ilr'cliil, i. ifrinfa, /.i -, 

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Sjitinniitio, tliltnll-tlk. ••iliiawifs 

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Till]', all), V, o. af gdulim, »Innin. 

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TuklMilolb, -iMlh, : UMfU-y. 

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Tiboo, ilbJ'V ■>. ■. UUriirt. 
Tübour, d»lL<. (»<*>un», na. 
Tabuliir. Ü^iäki, t.J-Jarm. ^ 1m«c>. 

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^■''S ^1 <-, tu ^ allMseartt tppiBiurti 

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TulJ«, llk'lllü, >. fC /•lllcm,/. 
Tndnol«, ild'p&l, «. ruo«Aj0, M, 
TlSita, lll'lill, I. tt/TcU, m. 

T«™«, '-^ll, ». em^fll., pl.t.fIU, /. 
Tun, llL, >. •«'•./i £rtf~, ~ui», n. 
3>in°'iim l] ml^ku! b,J.A^i, bifani.; 





Taneuitiil force, ilg'jIuUlJllu, 

rnngible, lln'JJbl, s. i»iUih, Un 
r.nBl«, llnfll. 


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Tuviih, ilr'>1u>, «... K-Urir^i -, v.u. 

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Tarlule). ilmn, j. lariuia,/, 
< TlItR, rtr-tli, I. larlAm, rn. 
■*Ü«Ä, Ur-lLh. .. «arWIo, «pr«(.. 

TlrtuHi, llri'Bti, J. orrsuu, scri-iJ'd, /. 

Tlül-l, ^'ll. t. fPfÄit (di Htm), /., 

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Tniwrdnfuilion, «llntl'rlD 

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TrahBOlogJ.'iiamiil, >. letnthrU, /. 
Tcdiai», ll-dll<, ■. uänK, '.'•yo»! -I], ad. 
TediDKineu, -al^ Ttdiuin, li'ätta, f. fr- 






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thjoci, -• 
Tml, ili, i. 

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TMloUf, llulll, a. nndtnilii, uli-is. 
TntDUlcr, -Ir, t. uobu nirlB, m. 
ThIdHiUiio, -tim, •.fiüfllii, Miirltli.J. 
TFFlDtjiIlf, -ll, aiJ. (in.) Ulai-OHU. 
TFFtonua, U'u4m, t. IrsiWi«,/. 
Tslvgrun, lll'llidli, (. dlt^MueJä ub/rm- 

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reiapvrHinenl, -InliiL, «. 

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TFinpnliiDnh ilcdulf Ulb, .. l^pnuS. 

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-»-Empoi»!. Itm-ptrll, a. umptirtU, -Ij. .d. 

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'einponnir, lliufirt-rlli, «J. umfar~JZ. 

TtiapDriEB, lla'pA^, «. 

TMp!l.Jion, -i^iCi" 

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Telmbll^.Dli'Iilbl, •. eKg 



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TiMiDb, llub, I. ri- 
Ttnd. lind, V. B. ti 


Tfnio^d, lln'iiü, a, I 


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TniKt HD*> ■- "'A' rigidoi -, t.(fr.J(f PK/TD, 
TentiOD, tn'i^an, l Inufo««^ /. [.n- 

Tcnltf, iIb^It, I. im^ßB, 
TcntsF-hook, -tili, >. «ei 

TcntsF-hook, -tili, >. «ef» 

TuHh, ilu*, ■. rf«nu>i -, >. didu »an 

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Tpoor, ll^ir, •. Kmla, iltpBtJauii {iT ■ 
Tepid, L^p'fild, B. tiBfiiäi, 
trnio. llrld-dt,!. /Dr>Ji«>n., M. 
Ttrgixnation, lliJliInlWn, .. Urim 

Teno, llnBi «. twvÜH^t aot^fintt in,i uprt 
Trrmiiuta, llr'mtsll, v. ■. unsüisrc I 

Tfrminnn, Ot'ultAi, t. tirw [dilla ilrmc 

TeilGlalE, Itl-lllll, K. B. pi=cl,i,lUrt. 
Teit, llil, >. <:opptlU, pnva, piara dl 



Teitile, itii-tiL, B. cAi su* r»cr> »uIb, 

TexIuiI, lltl'liUl. B. 

T«itur<% 'Iki'u'lt, t.l^Hiliu-m,/., Uhmm, n. 
TiiBnJc, <Ala|k, v. b. ri'urdkiBrB, rntd^rt 

Thnnkfulneil, -'ftiiil, .. graliudut, f. 
TJiankIcu. -'Jig, ■. (»rvto. rfüJ*, k 

inkigiTini, '■'flilllt, 1. rn. 

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Tlmtdier.-lr... cU^p^Uc. 
Thiiw, M. I. iUitcaamnit, 

Tre.'iÄtl'ilT, .'i'Jiri, ip 

ThsocnitIml,'(*iilitli'ilkll. •- r™i™ijM. 

TtiMloIr, i-iJSnljl,'.. •tul^tia,/. 
TfaEareli'GIlI , lAtirll^kll, n. Mfilla., -Ij, 

Th«017, M-M, 1. l.»r(a, /. riica. /. 

T^prn^eutiE■, bllrlpl'<1k<, '■ p'. "r-'P'- 
ThETE, TDlr, •<(. n, ',1, KiÜ, • •«,ll^oB„, 

a'iia, ■«•»»■ »i-i -«B. t°;>n> >fi <a, 
lü« d lAi -!■>■ -His', alm t ^umU, 

Thenülmlen, lUr'iiilJ*ll9n ,•-;>(.» 

iniriielh, itÜT'llllA, u. Irtnutimn. 

Tbitlr, iHr'lJ, >. lrn.M. 

Tb!!, TBti.jy,. f.MU, «..«l., •.«(■ c«u, M,a ^ireiuifBDC 

'horanghliin, -fit, .. p^ae,i,, m. , . 
'borou£ll-pHced,-piad, «. lü^ff«, n« 

.'toif, Thii.arl. luc;!!, wd, n«Iii nrll 

'■'—-'■ "11, I. i.Bc«, .MM-aSi, fi», 

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ThiekMiiii, -»talai, 

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Tliick-ift, -'.li. ... •p,ii*./i>lu. 

Lieh, IIA, .. cd», f. 

Jiiri, UM, 1. li«><<ii> [<» »rn>), •». 

hillpr. --llr. Thillliori>,-n>ln, ., 

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faüvfc, l,tlD|k,>>. ■ 

n>D»|Iil, (Ali. 



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-"■"-'und, Itei'ilnd, ■. •Olli'. 

tundlh, -Iil, ■.miJfciüns. 

Tlinldam, ilill'dlm, i. tahltvlli,/. 

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Thruh, drlih, ti. ■. (nttiarci SiUcrir 

flihing, -Im, .. r«*««««,/. 
mhing-Boor, -intfllr, <- o/o, /. 

!-{oId, -'füd, m.lripim. I 

Thrift, itrtn. (. pnifill^ SU>Ia[M,B,| pmr- 

ThriftÜT, -'*ll, •d./rwgmlmtmU. TJ. 

Thrifliuil, -'Jili, t.frKimlitii »tjmrii, 
ThqflltM, -^>». .. pnJJt^pr^nm. 


TbriTB, lM>, «, ■. ir. pfttptrmr,, Wwf») 

Tiiroat-lHnd, --tlMl. i. »««&, ... r^un. 

Throb, l*(lb,I.Mb>4M>H>rH.y.l -.«.■.^1- 
TIUVC, UM.I. ««(Us <H fwl« •fault, f. 

Throor, l*rl*, >. inuM, n. 

Thtoat, Üalt.M. alle*, fntlu./nUa^f.i -, 

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TliroDfh. '4ra, ^, • Jru^iTtoi ptri per 

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ttt¥Cala. [parfr ■% W, Jtppertutla- 

f hnmiboiili -lil'i /r^' />0^arfl, !■ *f nl 
Thraw, ijrl, v.l. An. i>. (iiiuv, biiebr*, 
liriTt,',:aili,a,gilu,m. TuAmpMtrt. 

Tbnul, I*itA, «. a, tpinfr'i urUrc) jts. 
«r., »«,.«, /„^, .. B, fc ftj^ifrt, 

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Tlinnp. lAIvp. J. ailpa, m. inltm, /. f -^ t>, 
TIlBlHpiDir, -^nl, *. CWfli cm^f- 
Tliund«, iMifdlr, i. (.». , r««r4 «., -, 
ThBndKbDlI. -Üii; i'filmhi'fiTklf,,,, m. 
Tlinndf^lip, 'kllp 1. j»f>(.iD 3i <»»», «. 
TIiunii<r-(trikc', -Hrlk,' v. n. rccUriT'atl 
Thnndiir, iJHn*«!, i. GiovtiÜ, m. i - ulul 
Thai, nii*, ■''■ *«1j i" f ■>»'■ Bivt/era, 
Thwack. uolt. >. ptrotm,/. ctt/m, n.i -, 
pt™ol.rrr Vi™«- Fi^". 

rl.Mwtn, V. ■. lair-trmn, unirm- 

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>r. liir, Thn, lU-il, t. ((■■»,/- 

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tiebt, ^ft. *. WM*,/.. -,.'... muHr. 

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rlihlnS., -'Dt., .. «roioj, mlduiT., 

Tier«., ü'pl., .. <i»»v/. l-«™.,/ 
Tile^ill, *■««"/",/. Ufib, ■.., -, l^fc 

Tillnli ll'llai, (. t 

Till, in, ^.•■.Jl 

Tilllg«, -'HL I. aa/fan, icrJnirnira, /. 
Till«, -A, *. •r^art, iavurmlarn caMUi- 
gT wcoa^ j/ tgra i rloHHf (d'nftafaraa),)«. 

Tillh, tllllk^. ca;<an. •grUollMra, i. 

Timbn, ilffllilr, f. J™«»«, •■. i i™»., y.t 

Tililbei-ITark, -wlrii, a. In>ara ili Irgaame, 
Timbbr-TJird, -firdif^rioirrfa^ /«fiiBai0,au 


lilf, llntl'llll, a. uLidilit^fi 


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TiB.tlll, •.»■(■» ■■.|(aJla./.(BtMIidV^ 
TisadiTc, (1biVi(1[, >. fAoi«, (iaiäT?.) -, 
tr. «. flEa>a aiia luititrmi imhrvtn- fwUlp), 
Tiiid«,,i1g-d>i, a. aHa,/. (nuarti IUUm. 
TlBga, lloj. «. ■• llafirat -i '■ '1~U,/. 
Tiu-glui, lla'llb, •. UnmuOt, m. 
Tiniic. itl'fl, s. a. (^Hliaaint/annlulfn. 
TIntlfng, amtrHat,'- (faibuiai mfal^lf 
Tinki^r, i^K^b,!, ra^pnuan rfi pmJtiUmi. 

Tliine., -'nir, .. cA. («1«,«. .fc nuM 

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Tw-p)ite, tfi^lll.f. Uiu.J., —initir, 

Tw'c'.'lli'rl'l. •. ilfppc -rpM.u, tuln 
■R.I, lijL ,. rii../., -. «. .. li,,™ 
Tiar. it^), ■. Pimtl«, nüuils. 
tif.Ot.t.pma;/.! ulw.H.i-,«.., 

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lipp«, -V^ I. o(«r;'«,/.( coli«™, ■■. 

Tppliy —■ ..-.--.— 


pier, -'ptOT, «. firmran, m. 

TimDme, -'«Sbi ■, noiotoM imparlamo, p". 
TiriiiB-bchist, tl't^b^lifila, Tirini-roDin, 

TilUt, -^M. t. Ahouii rfilj^^, •■. 

Tithe, dTS, >, daim*,/. 

Tllink, lllllit, •. albAia dj pr.l>, /. 

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Jll « -. ft-u m. 

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Toidrivn, -■«.0.. .. .j;.;. J..., .«*teiJ,/, 

•rdbueo-boi, -tilki, j, M»i»«iira, r r». 

Toddr«, Itd' 

To«,il, '.><•<• dilpiiA.M. 
Xoiithar.ailTH'Ir, id. ««'•». ^HdtJ.jiL 

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Tollet, -^, >. (•»«!» ^ ■lonciiril, j.. 
Token, iV'kll, I. Kfi« pthÜii, rrfmlr, m. 


Tolanillt, Itnlrl», ■. »»•rawr. 

Totl, lij. •. W>|fi>, «.l -, V. •■. »c.»M 

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TD 1 1.1*1 iKrer, ''ilTIJlrlr.i. pid-tei'".«: 

TumV^ll'^lL, itiD-iulblk, 1 ]ä'^''li. 

TDmfao'lMT, iln'dlW, •, *^l' - " 

itk, lilA, I, ijolq rHif«,iB,i -, f. a.fii 

Th-nalw, --11!?- -^ >" <'•>"'' •■■ 
ilb-drswcr, -'4rl1r, i. emufJml, m. 

TDaili-pIi^er}', -'pTkfliJ, i. lUmitmJtiii 

Ji'pawdpr, -'plEdlr, ■- potj-mrm p*f 

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Tornado, iltil'li 



T*rp*clQ, l^jal'd^,«, larirn/fUi litraUtia, 
Torpid, iVp». .. Uii^pl^JU. U-(P>K»- 


Torr, it'rl, >.' UrJ, 

fMtU§§Urti', t.nMt^i gtltalmt/-! erallu- 

Tatal, lilll, ^uiaJi, («lu, Jnfini -tr, 
■A uüJiniiUii -i >. »-«M UluJi, /. ff. 
TolalitT, ildL-llli, i. MiaUüf iMiu »Ulli, 
Tatm, ni'lli, •>. ■>. umdOmri, Iratmtlarl. 

KutUi', m.i UntMFM,/., UCfiä, «•! ^Tna, 

,vUiitn %ppiglUrti. [/iHai),m. 

Touc^'lon'f! , -'.ll» , .. pi.i/- ifi p.««.«i 
Tooch-vooil, -'■!<, I. ;«■> iwirlilä,iii. 
TnBahT.-'l, •- •M«(iiHi.. LI««.). 

Tonch, <lf, •. «l»«», l.uui rfiuv. 

TOdlÄnbl , -'nia , '. ämrnut i viteB§ilä, /€• 

tÖHJ, dV, ;, twr«, l/w«Kf '•». /■ 

TouiDUItBt, -"Dllälli, *. larafiw»», »i. 
Taw, ii, •. IvppmtJ.i jUa JrlU »upa, «.i 

Toml. illll, I. tnvtlU, Hl>»ii<.,y. 
Tmral-hDrta, -Um, i. »«iaio/>, n. 
Tower, ill^ • fc™.. «»'>>■■>. /...«. 

ToinnM, -iKi ■■ ■'m». dwiixu 

Tmni-ariftr, •^It, i. tmtillipn, ■• 
Town-lwll, -Till, TowIbllDUIF, --liSU 

Ton-ahis, -w», ». av»ru(pi-> * lAu 

Tdwuiuu, »'bId, f. »>r^>H, CD.«I 
TowüjUlk.-'r" - "■!'-"! '- - 


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Tmllio. irtrnil, l. Irmffict, f-rgitm, M.I ^ 
T^a'ffi'cker, 'klr, i."^ I^äj-.^'°i^i ^irc-n7t, 
T^lldj. ui'i^it'..°'r'as°'Ju'/"''"' "■■ 

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TrsgilDUiady, UljtkliD'mldl, t. Inificant. 

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Tnuroiid^ -'rlfl, Triunwiljr, -'nl, j. tlrub 

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■nniainnliaii, trlullilä'iliili 

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Trip. Itip, i. Ij^palm, Iramm, f., -. i». >^ 
Tmiidpoi, -'alt, I. tr^pnU. /. 
TTtppuill, -ifiB^ ,.pl. .umUrtpp;J.fl. 

TntliT, ^t^ %. aprtgfiraU^ Ja Hutla. 

"■nytl, Itli-TU (. M>M», m., -, f. ■. 

Truiigntiorj trlniirii'iilf, «. traM§rrJito~ 

TrMdrtiTi.-'lii, ■. 

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frnniilarini'jK, lilo'i^llilglji,.. p„zt iara. 
TFAntiJOrT, Irla'illBr^, #. frdfinrprjp, t 
Tranililliiblf, IrlDiIl'llhl, ■. In^firihiU 
Tranitflle, irlDilli', ». .. irxliiirn i 
TniiujaliaB, Dtnll'ilili, >. imUiitat, i 

Tnniifliinliaa, ulBiuliri'iIib, t. irumf- 


Tr^ViiHlalion.lrtsimlil'.lilo, .. I^^'i^^ 
Tnniinnte, rrlvmil'. ■. <. i/u».f»'t, 

TrvmpJirenl, Irliwpi'rlnL» '. inup^rtntr. 
Truiipirt, Irlupir, v. h. Umtpirurt. 

Kni(iT(nI, lilHpIliit', •. ■. Ir—plMHImrt, 
niplutntiDa, -I'iIiIb, i. Iratpiamlt. 

Tnniporl, Irlu'plrL t. Irmtprrln, m., Haut 
"nmuporliitian, ittupiill'iti'ln, t. Irapuri 

Tran lÜLi lau Male, lilailhill ä'Tb'») C"'"'. 

Ibillubll'.hla, •, 


id^ltld, V. ■■ Ir. liJpmiMr*, »lurri 
■Lt. («i Mnk) A 

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'dtÜiä'iül^mmli.m. "'"'' "'' 
i'nuDnable, -tbi, ■. IrmdUarim*, 
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Atnmt.wXt, V. ■. fr. f«f»r«ii -, •>. II 


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SwibmIh», -'dJ«, •. v««*» c*i fi«, ■■, 
SwingiBt, ni1ii^lM> ■> irwiA^ vul* | -J7, 

Sword, ürd; j. apada.J. 
Swoid-kiiU«, -nilulr, *. tswfpAi, «. 
Bward-Kih, -^ik, i. uirfa, /. (puca). 
Gword-kBot, -^It, >. ■•Un <fl tpmJm, m. 

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Srcainnm, •Iktlnir, (, t/Hnan, ■>. 
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Talon, dllla, I. aHif Im, k. Inua,/. 
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Taailiimilr, tblllfalj, •. »cJUniia. 
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paaaUni, üOrigMrü^ fip^ii), 

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TanieBlull toice, lla'jiaiklKlii, i. /«>• 

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Tanvle, (iBc'fJ. v. ■- impiicmrt, biVacWw, 
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Tankard. -'arl, a. haermir (cvj »^w«AiB>, 

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Tardr. llr-dl, •. lan^P, («.». 

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Tarlalnn, llr-llllii, 7. l,rU,l.,,.f. 

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Tanr, ilr-rl, b, a. «e»i~M«, J«^.m r -, 

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TaTtu(e), ili^fn, t. Imriimm,/, 
TarUT, tlr'llr, *. $ariMrr, m. 
^l&i, IIitTilL. a. arrMla, a<;>nHra. 
Tariuii, lln'nli, I. afi-nu, uctrMli,/. 

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■ubii t«a .pii, aa aS^«. 

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Tn'hnolau.'llka'll'ltlt, >. »nubgia. 


Tailini, Itillai, >. 
Tn.lj, lljl-t, a. i« 
TaltfT, tlnlt,». ei 

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•ÜtTT, -, I. iurU.f.i f«flu, riU^., m. 

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Tu, diu, *. lana, impttüäne, /., -, v. a, 

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Tliuti(in,-Hbla,4. iBBaiianf,/. 
Tu-|aih«nc,-'|lriililr, i. nJAifan AUi 

imnw» -all, Tftdium, li' 

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Tnlluai, -Ini, 1. J™.;J..../. 

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etotaUiin» -lam, t.Jrüntiii, ntbrhu 

etDlallr, -ll, >a- (lai') iDla'nrnll. 

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iFiraplifc. IllJiclCIlh, a. ul,,t.ßci. 
iFlsopc, lII'lMlif, i. ' ' 

ipPTIincp, -tju, *. UHV'<''aiuai mötltrA- 

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;«np«luaii>,Slmpli'ylb, a. »»p«»« 

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>mi>ararilr, Llmp&rt'rijl, «f- impwan* 

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Tart ifrall, I. dallrlMM 
Tenlöld, Os'tll.l, a. i/io 
Tciuii, ito^li, « pal r>a 
^wii»-GOiirt> -kfin, ■, . 

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Tenor, il«'ilr, i, irmurti < 
TVluCt W», •. ""; rlfUa, -, : ijr.f itmpt 
Teuion, (h'ikta, (. umiaat, f. \jt 

Teol, i)Bt,(.iaH/i,/.|-,«.>.uiiipf(jbui 

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TnUr-lioDk, -hlh, •. «•«», n. 
T«&. >bd, a. dHiiui ., I. JiciiKa pirU 

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Trrtian, lir-AIa, t.fAirt urua 

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T«t, 1)11, f. evpptlUi pr*v*; pi 

TnliR«. OfUlDr,!. MliAmon, ib. 
Teilifj, iIi'it/1, u. -. Mrli/f—r.. 
Teilllr, Ih-M. ^ im mid, arcifu. 

Teitimo^, 'OinlnUl, '•-' uiiim^iÜB, 
Teilinni/llyijDll, I. eilfho niHr^ aL 
Trthfr, mntt, n. ptiüi^J., rilrtma, 1 

t™i, llhl,../«/..,™. ■ 

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Tmani. llki'ljUI, a. tetOtmli. 
Tis tu», Itki-^tc, ,.ia,iuri,f.i uhw< 
Than, TUli, c. dl, eil <u., ..^ tA,. 
Think, Itlsil, v. a. rirwraiura^ r» 



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Thecicv, THlni, alt. Iiull, dl U, d^ mam. 
TKeROFlDrÜi, -■tirri, ^ä. cl> i-ä i> ami. 
Tl.foenCT, AHkIrl.l, ., (,/. j». 

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ThenloKinn, i4(tl»')»i], I. uW, m. 
ThcorOEi'iul, («BlfiJktl, B. Ituheica. 

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There, tnlr, id. /L M, «ä, ■ f.l («««>. 
Iina ■■< - 'T>d .7^1 -•lKM(p),hclrc, ti 

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Tliermolainp, lAlr-millmp, >. Itmptdt > 

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Tliick, uMk.a. J/<u»,iimlDi frsMDT/sl», 

Thickenlnf, -"knlni, ». »nAMiiifo".; rfni- 

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lirtien. iMr'Üii, '. M^Jel. 

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nrty, lAr'tt, .. <rni:^tü' n, M, • a>Mlo (■■•■. 
Long, Ulm, ■. tfriici» rfi tr«>Jo, /. 

Thorotlgli, lAIrrt, pr. p^ Irav«-», ■ Fn 

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'horooili-pBoed, -plsd, o. p.i/tH«, c™ 

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Thou, TSll, p«. I«, 

iah, THl, c, ttucii, mmtoS), f.a^ 

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-liMiliJnfi-Roor, -UiOlr, ., .^,/. 


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pr^d, -IfAmilrd, ■■ Iriaticottm. 



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im«, l(a, f. MM, »' 

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TJlXi^^t:^ MMÜ,/.! -, >. ■. <»lur> 

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Timbtr-rnii, -jlr«, r. nr 

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Id, lIlB'al«, a. liniA, luww. 

Time, lloj, IT. ■. ifa| 

Tin-ilMi, tlii'iAk f. 

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illiBf, Annlai,! 

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Tipplini, Jpll««. .. MiM.zl,eam, f. 
Tipatif -'Mit, ». »(mi. "■■ 

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Tiie,ü(, ;.jf/Bi»<nMMtaii™/.i -,«.■. 
Tiriuoilie. -'ifllll, 1- im'inB, ImpoFlMma. p"- 


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«thit, -*K .. *.«™. mCm,, m. 

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Tltl*-U|e, -rH. •■ JrtntiipM' W*«. Ubn), 

Titter, fll-llt, ». «. »rrtAi-. , -. i. ri.. rU 
Mrctto, ■>, t/iMrIlcilli, f. 

Ttttle, ara. ». p«i»(»j'™ (. J«f<" 0,".i 

Titth-tatlle, -itlU, i, cicmlmmali, m. 
Titolfr, Itl-llllr, .. liKIvt. 

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Tobmeto-hoi, -mt, t. i«*«M*i«r«, /. \m. 
TatMuoonut, -ilu. i. iwiAi.« ^ nl.«j. 
TobuHjo-pipe.-plp,».;''?",/- l*"'',f- 

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TailM, ^tl, '■ MW»!.« <{> ■» 

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Toten, li-ko, .. "ff-oi (j™.«1 
Toleiablti itl'llilbl,-. l^llml 

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To-iniht, iJnll' «d. «iKf.^^ ^ ni IpJ«.^ 

TDnS'f'r'l«'""". '•■'>'■""'?■'«'''/■ '■'■'"' 
Toniure, itn'italr, •. u«,ura.f. 

Toni, lil, / llrmtnU. arJig^. m. 
Toolh, tili. M. dnUi e«il-,m.i -, V. .. /or- 



mubiwli, ilm'inllilk. •. 

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Ton, llp, 1. •mwlldi alrtmU>,J.i cmaml» 
liit i»pi}i «W« (A< /riW, ■•., -, «.»"«•) 
r.(r('"W -. •■ •- '•«"■" " ='"■' •'/"l^ 

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fiil, llp''fli, a. D^.'./-.o «Ir .''•. 
inilut, lipltJ-rtnl, 1. (BT.) (« 

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TOpomphT, llpll'lllfl, *. upBßr^/ü, f. 
Tonnh, 1>B>1, V. !■• 'MilTt- (tUMtprt. 
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Truucribet, -Ir, r. »frfiu, •■. Ipiir: 

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Trtn<illgn, IrliuJ'iblii, 1. fiu.<if(''> «h 

Ttuniilory Irta'jlilrl .. inouiBfS. nul 
Tnniliilable, lilnill-libl, ■. irnÜMii'h. 
Trimiliile, IrlniLll', v. m, IrmtUlitrii Ir*. 

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Tranioir, Irlo'iJn, j. m„,,u,f. K 

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Trnniiilant, Irlupllif, «. •. impimu.rt. 
TraniplanlatlOa, -l'ifalli, a. Imipi^lm. 

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TiiiitubiInBtiile, l[liulh)liäwi"v"äl 

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l^ib, ul^, a. <w»uc^i laHiw/is, jT 

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Ti^itinrait» -'mint, t. 

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SapHTrogition, -Irlil'rtiD, I. laptrmt'- 

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Sopem«, -TÜ-, «. ■. Mpr«IM><<r>i ■*.- 
BvpcrvjiiaB, -il'tMB, ». Hpr«Wnu<,/. 
Sapamiar, -il^li, ». »prudiiil«», «. 
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SiipplinU, •Ip^rlttl, s. ■. imppUtMrt. 
SnpplicatiOD, arHM'Ma.w.ii»ipliai,f. 
Suppliwlorr. ilp'pJtetllrl, a, mppliBmia. 
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Snpplf , rtppjr, V. ■', $npptint imhlfrty nji^ 

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SurlinHi , >lnlKlh (. eKiih- -mii-i, n. 

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lumndBr.dErt»-«'- - - --' - 

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SUBpioiolUj Hivl'lhB«, >^ ttaptllmvi, tttpio 

SviniaioHiiuUj -dIii t. »vptMlmu,f. 
SbiUd, •liüii', u.a. •HiHiH.iui.ifiuri 

SatlfT, •Irib, i. 

Swaddia, «wir«!, < 
Swiiggmr, -Ir, .. 


BwMoyl-UU, 'IlL, •. »j> rfi »ndui, J 

Bwap. •■»B, ■- •. t»r«lnr>. " ["1. 
■•wd, ■■W, ». I^HU MnVi Catl riardi- 
enrn. nlnn, >. «i.ii», m.,J.lla,/., far- 

e«eU, nlL, 

Swift, nrtn, ■. «i 

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SV«p, iw^Pt ^ Moopai-t; ^mMMmemmbte, n.i 

S«ct, iWk ■■ <<°Jci, • 


r. f^nfiß^l Ihgrmirit 


Iwindler, -il, .. tr.J.Urt, m. 
JWInrflPTd, -^ird. t.p«reAra, ponajn, m. 
Urr, f^mre \ -, v. •■, if. doadotmivi r Af I- 

Jwing jjridg«, -"brti, j. ^»m «*. gi>«, ■- 
Swme-giUi-, -'ili, 1. fcrl. (dl WK-Mio),/. 

wilch./wliA ,' '■ '»«■'cf"«r'<"^»i 'nil.) 

woopl "ip, 'i ^IK^M '{?l.i. «"iiri'i 

vWard-kiitlpr, -^kSLltr, «. EpaJajo, m. 
Sirdrd-fiih, -■Alt,. I. •p.J.,/.(p„u). 


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Srllibie, •llllti'bik, s. •mmbics. 
SrII'ble, •ll'llbl, i.iilfi».,/. r 


8Tlph|id]. rilllld), r. tliiritn «rn, n. 
Bimbol.iln'blL,!. liiiUolD, n. 

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Byininelrr, •im-Khil. .. .iAntlria.J. 
ElinoKthrtia, ilmpllMl'Illi, a. tlni^uNn 

SjIDpAlJhizei tloi'pi^ll, V, A. nmpaUuan 

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STnodKl, •lo'nJilll, Hrnädie, .IdJ-m. • 

SrnonrniT, ■Inln'stnl, t. rinpnliiii*,/. 
STnopIina], ijDlp'lJklJ, a. liiKKjca. 
Srni», ili-ilki, •. lUbuiI, / 
Sf nlbnii, >1ii^i>1>, .. i/a'i:.;,/. 
STlingE, licrln], I. liriKgn, f., -, ■■ • 

Tabbr, llb'U, I. laU, m. Niippa). 
TabEFiuclF, ibllluUi, 1. ui'raAüBl., n. 
Tahlä, tl'M, I. UvrU, J.I ml'lm.m. 

TiblM, d^ 1. MotMUi tenrümu,/, 

Ttbolu, (ib^iilr, a.Ja Ana'a^ üillaa. 

T«U, ik^tl, a. MofUi HUlnUlsi -Ijr, aj. 

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Taol, llkl, j. IIIID, n. r'allfita, m. 

TsDttcian, llml-abll, i. icJuilala nilfa 
TuslI«, Ilk-lflü, •. pC fallfo,/. 

Tadpol», tld'pil. ». ruia«*», .. 
TaSi«, llrMll, .. ujili, n. 

""«ai*' '™'^'' "■' *■ "■ ■■ """" " 

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Tari. ai, .. .«<a./i^Ä«rf«., maaf.., m. 

T4l]c«-ill4 -'in, f. Imgmimm, m. Lp'''«!/- 

Takrr, -■Jr,..p™irf/wn,Bi. >>■•«,/. 
TlLinx, Utlil, •■ forluif /iJamcijBi -, i. 

TdlibeireiJ -'lilrar, .. ro^j.«-!.!.,;, ■. 

Tnlltüian, |1I'J^>b1^ "kf'Ja.T,''^' ' 
TalV, llk, V. n. .farUrt, d" -'— 




T.I1, lll, .. t™~;»i a/l., rc'jt,a.j»u,»., . 
—■ ■-— l,a.pj.a<<<«u 

-ibIdj f, nCff'f'arfi J 

-■rIIowt. - 

Tniir, lim, 

Tudublc. li'atu, a. AoH^lnU. 

innä, llB'mlilBd, t. laawrfa^. m. 
--'■ •■^■■lItl•k, j. ImuuY 



•H. «ifW,/. 


T«n, lln, .. »«IUI, /.r -, «. 

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TMlIuid, -'Ir«, t. tuttiUm {<•! n^MriiUa), 

Tnnllll:». ll'n'illli, v. s.' Iaflla/»F{arr. 
Tnntirr, lla'ii.t, .. t™, «.(=?/>., a>. 
T«p, itp, •- Mh» Iritlrn, m. tfllm , ulla« 

f™''*'!I(M;i^"i"'H' °' ''"* "* "''" ''*" 

Tape, ilp, ■. nail» Mi^W, n. 

Tardiiwii, llrdlDb. i. lon^'iu. dUiiu, /■ 

Tirdr, llr'dl, ■. »ri^, In». 

Tnrg'al, fi'-tK^'ia'fel'iV, m. [laillt, m. 
Ti.MrI-BrJll!(icp, -pflkili, .. «rar. <; *«- 


Tirnith, ai'll1>t>, v.l. «w/grin, -, v. n. 

Tart, U«, B. ur>, «'rix -Ü-, «/. »ir.- 
Tananfr!), llr-lfn. .. Ii-I^m,/. 

Taüc'l, di-ifl, >. itmpplia [^i »Ib), /.i 

Tai>leH. -'Il-, =. l-^-püii.. •«•» Mpm. 

Tatllc, lllTl,'». atmrlirla, /. i -, ti. ■. uW^ 
TatU», -ir, ,. tlmrllm,, ... 

TiunlinilT. -^atll, «/. f« 'ngib ilä.ru- 
Tä^DlD>icaL tlLilS'Jtkll, .. l.<.M/«i». 

TaoiolDBr, (iilritjl,.. iM>,isei.,f. 

Tuini-uidter, -1»(ii.l.ilr, j. iumi. 
Tushibl*, '-'Im, '*. Jc'elh. 

Tem.krtSt, --Viia, ,. rmnia' pr^ Uli, m. 
TFain, Hm, '- lirma,/. uro, m. 

T^arls... llr'lli.^i^Mu f.rrjm., 

TeMar, -'Ar, <. DnMf riuia, m. 
Tfn-urrlH, ij'ilnli , Tea-ast, •'dl, Tn. 

Ihiflll, -'utlff, t, (pM ««HMUB* pur ft 
Teuf, Ul. I, imtlm, pnppa,f, Ui, i«, 

T«luiiul!(iti, lllntttJ'Illli, I. pf. «pna- 
Teohiiolosi, llkalflill, i. IttaaUgiM,/. 
Todiaui, il'diti, ■. II./1U0, «o/si», -H, ad. 

Tedioiu^','-ol>. Txliiim, ll-dlln, i. »■ 

TMluln«, -fofc I. 3m.J^«, /,*"" "' 
Tfftour, lli^lll, .. l„Jrr.U, Jctlü. 

Tr-lDtallj, -iJ, ad. Um,)l,.latm.„l,. 

T>^I«gram, lll'Jl|rlai, .. JUp^-r,:?, ,.l,g, 

Telfgraph lll'ilirll, .. uUftJi, m., -, 
Telegmplitcj, XVliiiCnk, m. uUirtßiie. 
Talaioop«, lll1,l.lll», ., (.(«Mpio, ». 
Tetucqpiil, llllikla'plk, ■. uhttupia,. 
TeEl, ifl, •>. & a ■. ir. rf>H( diMi^ 

TFlIlaic, .'lll.'t. «fIdi'cM.,fl, 
"—"— , aiii'iil.1, - -- "- 

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Tcinplar, llB'pllr, j. unplani (Mrfci 

TpRiponlilT, limpiitinlll, I. iciuara'fl:)! 

inen, dn'pirlrlili, >. 
ttion, llnp&rlit'Ahln, 

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TnaoitT, lluli'illl, i. InuuiliA, vitcoKlti 

Tninn"blF, -tU, ■! •ili*Mle. 
Tenanll»!, -Il>, s. dü.tii„t„. 
Ten»nHT, -rl, ■- «rp. rf.» /i ^ffiirmmll, m. 

T,-'I<i!l, >. 'ni'fn»',/. 


TendmiEii.^ -n 

Tendrill iJn'drll, i. ranpolh, m. 

TmV«i'nH, ». rfeHm», o(li»ronc,/. 
Tenni., iIb-hIi, A MH.CO«/.,/, {(io«(.). 
.»« paff* ».. ^ __^ ^ Jiu'^l^i 

T^niion, Ih'ibln, 1. InibM,/. Li 

Tmil, liai, i. lc»r<, /.i -. «. "• cmptn/ar 
■*--'- ti«, lln'tlLti, a. iBitaiil«. 

n-hDOk,'-tilk, t. 

Tsnl«, dnnb, t. njub», rnmpdi 

/., -ly, ■</. (« <l.cimi> fao». 


Tcpid, t>p'nld, 
Tere^Io, llrl|i-ä 



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Terrier, iJrJjär^ .. £«.»1.., -. 

'Terror, rtfiir'». ur^r^iptCZlt, «?""' 

Terdiui, lir'ihlL j.^SS™»!^..,/. 

T«fiic™i.i, p«l'.b»., >. ((«ac«''™: 
Tcitainent, ifa-llmlnl, ..„n,ü, «.■ 

T»tüim»ta^'°i^i?lali>'llr), .. Ictlonl^fl^ 
TcilnlDr, iklL'lSi. •. I«l.»rc, n.. 


TUtm»! jt>^)Dtl, I. CllivC .HO», n. 

Tcsling, iVlIut, •. pm^.f, 

Telher. llTa-lr, i, patl^j.,/.,, m. 
TelWr, tlfllf, I. ™,.«iHii,t, iroLiiM,/, 

T^tile, al^hCi^cAi f»» »•« UMto. 
T»1u<il. llb'tjUl, >. luuCe. 
TfIIiirP.,<)Wlr,'''"""-"./-l '.»»»>•>■ 

Tfi™krur-''it '•'t'"'!-^!. '"'■ w i^ 

TUnnkfuIneii. -'HliJj, .. f^<i,«düi., }. 
™, __,.,.._ -.1. _ j |j.™(.,B. 

'tmdimna A 
Tflnt, lilll, M. ißi «>»<>, fu.Jf« fuJ/. 

T\vi\cK A\\s\i.HappU, f. 1 '.v.M. cii).Fin 
TlmtcIiBr-lt...=*. cop«;.M..di.l,Wa, 
Thilw, M, I- Mdimcdtmr«b, m., -, w. •. 

-"lre,'l^(I'l)T, i.'ihIt!.', ipJl'anh, m. 

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TtirncF)drlh, -'titlh, •b. da häl &qHd.' 

TlieritpcntiDI, lAJcIpi'ltJu, I. pf. Icrupiu- 

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Tliciinolainp, lAIr'mlllnp, i. l^mpiiU • 

Tfi"'möin»ler,>*1™*m'ii>Jilr, ■ '"' "' 

rhe^, IHl, p.. ,.Un„. i,A. 


i«irE^, rardatirm j -^ 

Thirtel. -'Im. iy.B«B«<,/.; *«•!«« /./«. 

TliillPr, -'ilr, THllÜori^^i»,''.. bov.Ko 
Thlll, |/i1d, a. «OHljf, i-aroi ina|n>, (.JjtwTIl 

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Thitd.Kifd, ■.<•! 

Line™, (ftJ^™ 
lirteenth, -lA, m. Irrt 
lirlv, lilftt, o. in.f. 
RS. feil, flu. •«>(<>,. 


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Thou, IHil, ff«. Ju. 

Thoueh, THi, r. »neiM, •ncsrctl, fun- 

Thonghl, Mi, t. panrhra, m. ephlant. rt- 

T\ouglilfuI, -Jll, ». /.«niui, midlLlhii, 

ihing, -^»1, ., t^M.i..,u 

TlirJHhin.-lloor, -Iniillr, i, «>■«,/, 
Tlicud, llsii, I. ,ßli„ ttpüu td'uH dbcorii,) 

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hreiJiald. liiiibftiu! t'. itilU, 

Thrift, rtrtW, •- Bnfiiu,iM*d»pii,m. 

Thriflilr, -"lll, ••t./mt'l'^'i^'' T/. 

Thnftjneff, Wah, a./mfmUlAt tvunamiu, 
ThriCtlHm, -JiU, ■. prviif, pnif^K. 
ThriflT,--!, ../n-n/^Tu»^». 
Tlirill,lMl,i.>iU^>U>.~.. -,v.../.r.n'i 

Thn-nni, nH'itaf, n. pmptrmxl» -it, md, 

Throal, Miii, (. iMua, (iiji. /. 

ThrD>t-b«aa, -"liM. ». ntt"'- "• tfil""- 

Throh, ilrfb... .JWiM.".,/.! -,..>./.«(■ 

Throe, ltl(, I. daf /u iii>arl>i a|a«i>,/. 


Thron«, liitat,i.B^vm,/n>iu,foU^f.i', 

Tidinei. ij'diwi, •- />'. n: 
Tidj, ü'dl, .. ;m/ü>, d«l 

Thronili", lilr), i-.'j 'i 
Thraii«h-bnd, -lirlit, _ . 

Tlirouihniit, -Itr^pr./atrf» 
Throw. f*>l, .■ - - - ■■ 


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I. filrlmptlUn'. 


Thnnderboll, -bin, •./"'"'"•. /•'»•". ■>■ 
Thunder-itoriD, -iilm, >. itmp„nl; m. 
Thurder-ilrike, ilFtk, v. «. iccUrrm tml 

', THljflii. <", ü.« n»t "', pl. 

nl-lf, THiriir, u. utuwtjUilKi 

ar, iWr, ■naWrÄlt, .. (fara, /. 

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TiekrWM'i, ^ JMMnC/j -, .-. ■. n 
TioUBii *nBit J. mllfwi t" (#c, JH. 
T gkling, -^m. ,. Kilhli-^ml; m. 
Tiflkiiifi, •■Jlik, •. »JfufuM. Aflaaia. 
T«IÜi<linna.''ltM>al>,a.a>Jflflca,iii., ta. 

tÜ"' 'ii'.'Tfil'.f-l "^Vi ■»»». ai. 

Tiln'ü-ll'!''. llin,/,i «ru> J> IiVraa, n. 
TiBhl, lll.a. lirau. ilrciui ;»i/;(a,.eiai^, 

Till, m, /IT. aa.y!ii«, diiinm -, I, piccnio 

TillH-.-'lr,*., ..... 

Tillh. llKM- u'lara. •fidlMrt.i. 
Till-yani, all'^ilri, •. Uata da gimlnti 

r'Uait, I. »PZ-rtaHÜi,/. Ur^ 

"'^MnTW, -'-ürrir' 

F-HrTuii|, -'ilMai, >. tmiiliiA,/. 

DTOHa.llB'Blrla.a, UaupH*) -IX, arf. 



. .'l1^', V. <LfJa|ar«-,i. fiaä^/, 

TinKlo, irD'iL, B. «. iMiimiHifmrmtuiUrw. 
~'iBlinB, iWllDfi«. 'Iniiaini •>i/«Jis<<'' 

ikcr.lfif'kli.t, mppmltriM pmJtUitl, 

Mnnn, llp-ula, .. Ullajo, m. Illulra. 

>, -'nlr, .. cA. Ir.vagtU alte mb.» 



T Hl. fljj .. ri»!^/..-. -. .. »-1 
Tip, Or. : ^uM,/., «.(n., I.. 
ftrran (■ nuMi »«w ttfUrr 
np]wt,-yfl,t. ^•/-/'•./.r»'!»^, ~. 
TippI*, ''pL. •. kmiiJs, f.l -, ■. ■. «n-i 

T Dplioti -^»"»Ii ■- ■Wr(«s*™«, /. 
TlHlaK -'■ar, .. *(r", -., 
TSÜfT«»'''. ■■ &»M<4iu. 
Tjtoe. lÄli .. ^u» <{.! ,.>J.. /. 
TlptoÄ nfVp, m. UMtlnli mlftiam -, I. 

— '■1b, a. molotm, tmparüuio. Tm. 

nPAiaJU,,. ■>/■,/. [/•>1IA>, 
w, U'i1b|I>II<, Tirinl-niDin, 

niHW, Ulk-Uli, -,>.«. iV 
Wt rtl, ». «n~/fti*, ».i eii».H»i™. /, 
Tflbil, -lill, •. »>»n> WilAuD, m. 
rftH, .. d.ciriw,/. 

trta.Hi-rtllli, *, ^ »lhiJ«r*. 
7-n, •. Ill.h, m., -, «. m'lil'U^. 
iud, -did, •, At(I* Mpnjirlüi, m. 

StB«S«,rtrrii*.,t."6'f-«'f-,/-, L-- 

«tllhHtOK -ilril, >. <:tnli<>i«r>, -. 
TitaUr, rttitnr, b. lilnJ«. 

Tmid, lÜ,'i. ».«., /. «1^, «. 
Tond-Hler, -'iili, •. pmitiii, ™. 
TDad-itoot, --tili, >. lUFiii dtfunga, n. 

TMI^, -*■... •TH» »w nrrHIin, n. 
Tobadoo, (lUkiii, <- »kciw, -. 
Tabuu-boi, -Mta, i. i«^ai*i^, ^ I 
TahUHW-pjpf.-^lli.i.^l»,/. r»««,/ 
Tobaiieo-pcrtMA, ^plltidii j- htm ah /o- 
To-diiT, ntl', td. tgml. 
Toddle, afti, m. n. JLtlltar: 
rar, it, •■ iftf ^ piaT*. -. 
Taiftb«, litlTH'!!. ad- lulnni. trUUJ.fl. 
T»ii«eri.l*riW.».»*ill, •"!»(, "».PI.™«». 

Toilet, -^1 >- lawHns ^> tm„tUnl, m. 

Tolenblf, Itl'lilllil, ■. u;fir>»«f>| mnltoiri. 

rolcnii< Itl'llrl«, ., »»»nir. 

roliTiiie, iljnhil, v. I. Inf;"-''!, 
rolrraiion. illlil'iblo, i. Mkriuu,/. 

roj'j-g'll.lienn^-'llTUlJSr.i. pnJ<*B;..f,-.. 

l'nm'ühiwli., ili>'mlt.lli. •. n» Db.T'fii^ 
romb, IIb, >. n~^, »fvfrx'i,/. 
rainbar. Itm'kli, ■■»(••>•«'•, n.i rifii- 


■on«., iii|i,".°p('M™/.'pJ' 
-angil*, llni. >. liii,(i>i liniuQEs. 

To-nigM, linll', .rf. .I.Kr«. 

■ uu.h-mili», --ll, », "nl rfi Jml', - 
TDOlh-dMncr, -'ifrttc. '. nviifaiil 

Tooth-piii'k(er),-'pl»äiJ,.. '.M» 

Toalh-poircl*r, ->lldlr, >. po/» 
Top, (lp,>.i»xoiMi ait.mlti,J., < 

miflUrtl -,■(.■. M|(iKr> Ja llmai 

Topic, lip'plk, *, ta;ij« 


Torpfiio, ligil'*!.!. nrptJinti'larpItllt, 
Toipii,&-yfi,t.h<urpidiu. L/. Im«»). 

Tonid. Hr-rld. .. (.rrW., .il™;(«l.. 
TorloiK, ilrM(,>, »uiHiiii,/. 
TortoiiC-lh«!], -«kN, ■. Ivlaraf a, /. 
Tartaoiu, rtr-äUi, .. üu». , 
TortHI, Itt^lr, •. Uriurm, f. t -,*,*. 

TortDirr, -tr. I. aimtfici, m. 

Toiil, tt'itl, M.uuäU, Hilf», iMiror -l}i 

TotlHTt »t'llr, tf. Jt- t mtiU mrtt Irti^tUre. 
ToBoh, lllili, I. (»».lalHi Irafta (lUfi'ii- 

.rutioii, lrlli'ili)K,.'.lr->inM,/. 

Towal, ilMl, *, kn>.f ».. »fuftii.. /. 
l'mnl-honE, -Mn, i. «(uiois, m. 
Tower, liCIr, •. Irmi^laU,/.! ', «. ■ 

Tovrihl-baiit, tl'4ii<lAt,f. ritforeAlmiBrMim 

TowD^I»! I.' -^Ii. i'oirä- beute ,%>))•, i 

UM J,lla ein«,/. 
Tows^lup, -^Vtp, t. mrpmtlaiiC > (»rb 

dlifn» d^KH ellrA, f. r-tli', m 

TomlS^'-'li ° •' 'tü'^t'^ iKirTl'°'m' 

r^MT^*^'. '. tiHMtlle UmtUta. 



Tti'irf.t.'-^f!i ^','m in 


Ttmning (op)'-l'^","^.'uM.JM,,/. rflK*. 
Tnjn^piL'^l' M.'^ü dl ».(n<, ■>. 
Tnitor, irtllr, I. b^Juri, iK 
Tpililmn»j-L, ■. IraJiUrlo, ptrjlja, -Ij, 

Tnlmpf uiSpV^I. 'iJ^bS™ J' ,",""^7« ifiil 

Trwwoiiti; .'ilj TnimH«j,-'wl, t. »rWn 

Tluqiiil, IrlnFImtl, •. IrmimuUln -li. lu 
TfUl.n>ill!tT,lt1n(V.ll'I)l™ ■■^•■• 

Tranquill HF, irisi'kiillJli, V, 

Tt"!*etloB, \it^ 

Iri>ntac((U, Iciulk-lS 

iTAnfcnpiian, irui 
Tranifer, IrluJlr', 

ü-iktlpl,.. Mpi^/. r— 

"n'-Vo^te-. ...... 



Tr<ln.ilipn, lilut'iHlii, u paai^i,, m, 

Tr«niilor{ne>i,lilB'>ll9rlB>t,t. /lasai&r*- 

Trnnil.lable, IrlniJl-ilbl, .. ir^^tiii. 
Tranilule, Irluilll', v. •. IniblEni (n>. 

Tr™l«lion,ltlMll'.lilii, ..(™.jLi."«tTVf.l 
Tiinilator, IrluU'dr, i. iniil.1»,, fn- 

Tr.'n'iiniit.lIon.lrlMiiidl'dilo, .. !^ü{'. 
TrunipJanüljon, -('iLln 

Tnuiinbitnntilttaii.litulbillniba'iliiii, 1, 

Trtppinai, -'pW •. ^;. p.lJr.pp;/. pL 
Trut idA, •. •^imt^,, i.f.iull.,/. 
TruihT, -^1. .pnt-vl; <A> ■Wli. 

'^"I l.??'''"" '" '*^*''' "■' ■■ "■ " 
Tniill«''.|lr, •. iri». taMn, ■■. 

Tnud, Ul4, V. ■, Ir. «JpWwv, fltarr, 

Tr«dl^ Uti'dl,.. «>r«|.J .p«™-,/. 

TrMHJDfJlIe, -Im, a. IrmJluriat. 

vre, (riih'iHr, a u»ra. n, r -j v^ a. 

'.f -, (rCuf ill', II, 

lillC, lrliulb]tlii'th!l(r"l 


OFT, -J,I.I«»»H,/. 

Tnble'. utb'bl^!^''iri!pjlni -, ■. Inu.) 
»;r«>, n.i -, •>.<.*■. irlplictri, dl 

TnfeU, '^'Iflli •- Iriftll*. trjfüfla, m. 

Tninblf, lrlB%l|£rä.(Mf>«/H>~r>. 
TreiBbl«! ^, h rata fnniB. 
■^-^iDbiuig^l!.!, .. iTfru^i IrilU, m. 

nloui, (rtu'miLL, a. Immla. 

Trench, uloili, .. /oh», ■■., (miu irtaei 

■f'ep™"ul7^ 1- irrp™. m..','''-."''.' 

Tmllc. llVll,!, c.u.Uiim irapalt, ■>. 
Trilll, 1*11, .. «gfio, «Mit, ™.l prB~,f.I 

Tnuile, idlnil, i. irUi^iah, n. 
Tniiii(ul*r, Mlifi'll^ ■' "-'•nf''^'- 
Tnb., irffc. i. WMi r—M, ,ilrp.,f. 
Tr bnUtiOH, Mbljl'ihln, r. irihUiw.J. 
Tnbunil, lifri'Bll, t. Iri6^,h, m. 

TribuMlB, iH'fcllltl. I. lr»u>fiill, rn. 

Tribuni, iHb^n, >, IrMwiD, m. 
TnbDUn', irib'bMrl, rWtiiliirüi i((- 
Trbiit(^lTltfl>ll, 1, Irl*«», -1. l^ni'»». 

Trieh«T> -4tl, f , ■rn'jfiti, n, 
Triokiib, -^<h, a. iMMiIi», <»/lr«, 

Trickitir. -■•ilr, .. .flnii., ■..• 
TriADlonred, fri'HllBrd, ■. irtovUrt- 
THrnnial. irili'rll, ■. rfj ipiMnf,.. 

Trier, Ul'lr, 1. .Igii.l^r', m., pfrv., W"» 

TnflüV. -ir, I. t,i,llAlüri, »./«!., n. 
Tiifling, Irl-Blni. »./rhinlo, da min., 


TriiB, trtm, 

iil'/i'ß''' " 

T^W, irii^llli, I. Ir!-,li^ /. 

Triiiiwf. lI1>rM^ (. tiLt'iullM,/, 

Trio, tA-i, I. («I.) Irä, n. 

Tnp, tllfi t, bieUnp9\ trrtrti ptteoU 
vfanli, I».!, -, s.a. wpl«l*rr. !<•' H 
■■m*ff<Br *-, V. II' Imelmmpart, MtfmeBl^ 

Tri tie, Ina, >. jMüiIvt ■>. pj. 
Tripla, Mp>I, ■. Irlfla\ ', «. ■■ iripllnrr. 
Triplc-orom. -krlla, «. H«»./. 
Triplet, tiVllI, ». (P»M.) Bnwri», »^ 
Tripad, in'pM, ■. tripndt, IrtpplA, m, 
Trippinf, ^'^^• ■■ •!"'■ ''«»'J™. 

Trippisglr, -ll, ■■?. ■tfI«iM''p Ii/fdn«»!». 

Tritc. 1^1, ■. ullä»i «n^nii -[/, td. Iri- 

r^inaei- ^fc •■ irtvhllli.J. 
T^larttn IrU^lrll, v. m. b-ll-ttn. 

Tnnuip°hiii, iHlu'rtl, a. iriuHfaU, 
~ ' ipJuat, (HSm'flBti ■- Iripi^anl 

ririatilT, irlilU-lllt, •. Irh-UUia,/. 

.TollDp.Irll-Ilp, I. ^«Jur/wr»,/. 
Troop, lrl|i, •. IrnfP', fmllmi nnpifn/i, 

iÄ'oper,'.»rr •■"""■'■ ■ •"•"•> ">■ 

Trophr, Irfl'fJj *. iroftai Irtüi^, n. 
TropjO, ErAp'ptk, ■. IropItiOt hl 

üir, i. fr!>llalci^, n, i ;«'/»<« (<f) 

oubtMpmT ■^'in, .. »o/cM, uffin«.«, 
..'oubloiil, Irlb^lli, a. mmullaotB, mn- 

fojo. rr; 

Trouuh, Irlr, >. (™mo, h-ofo/o, n.r nuulii. 
-[Oi..mnj, IrH'ilrliii, .. .»fa pa- J„r,. 
muTeri, irll'iln, i. pl. »f»..! l-^Hthi^m, 

rowr!, IrSl'll, ■°™r.T^«l»(B./. 
rvnnt, irl-tnt, a. fiuiWfiriJo, au<,i>i ^ i. 

ruep, ua», i. («».. —tpfiimt, f. 

rucJl, liU, j. janiu, cvnlb, h.., a». 

tra».bnd7 -^ii, m. dAmon* ra«. 
True-hcirtfd. -^Inh, a. frmncB, iban, 
Trup-Ion. --IIt, ., Hi»Ji^lp,.f. 
Tmffle. Irin, I. larli^ iura, HL 
~ ■- iri'lin.AVfrliJaBi^Hi»,/, 

iitf, Irl'll, .J. ix 


unotMOB, Irll'lbiB, I. itaMani,/ni| 

Tnmdle, trta'dJ, t 


rruii, lil^ I. fmiel', fmrdrihi ir 
['milineu, -'infa, >./«f.(iJi /ufiJ,/, 


TniÜ^nl, -Tll, 
l'rf . irl. 11. >. ; 

»Cdrd^ i.lrumWI ,-aic.ll./. {fl; ". 
'niiner, lln'oll, i./nivu/utot limKtUa, w.) 

'uibot, ili^^ii. nnKtB, mt. tftttt]- 

TÜ"buTEH,''lVb)ll>l, t. lmrtalnM,"ü"i- 

Tureen Hft«', .. .-mJ.™,/. 

Turf, llrr, >. >r»>a(^i ■°(l< 1^ crl>, /.i 

id, llr-lld, 


Tube, Ifb, I. l-iip, ii/-o»., .. 

. ..bprele, lllilriü, ■ 
TuberDtF, ll'Klrli, I 
Tubironi, lili!'Ii, 
Tubulär, iltlllr, . 
Tuck, 1», I. ilD» 

lli'dl, •. n vlfd), n. 

Tillip, lAlIp, f. fUp-i; m. 
I'unible, llmtl, ■>. >. raufi 


Tunibnl, llB-kill, I. cviw. 
TumctT, U'-tll, •. >. f Dri/f. 
Tiilnult.'ll'^lÜt. luwifü, nunin, n. 
TuinBllDOni, dnll'qlli, ■. uambmm, 

Tun,' rlsi •, kolUi irtairtlmlm, f.i 
Tiiniible, O-uUil, ■. mnm^t—. 

t.'m(oi', -rti' r n^^i^iiü^' «f, 

Tiiiielet^--'Jli, ■- dlMiordmmru, 

TntLr, l!rti,*.I.l'=J■ 

L^.. a™, .. tr'. '(«■", «-i fir»i., E^- 

-ifl, -in, A ripIptolurVt/. 
-Utlig, -tlTB, t. iBn'c, M. 

Tum-Off, -■}(, .. i«i-.~u.(..i.,/. 
Turn-out, -Hl'. .. Mi.fa.,sip, (r.ll.) i.f.f. 

TirnpiU,"-Mk"'.. ^»;«l^', _."««.(., ".. 

Tnrnicn», -'•k'rl, *■ cmadmir; m. F". 

Tnm-ipil, -'ipl(, 1. nem-ntio, ginirraila, 
Turn.h'i?, -^lll, .. «»«.(to. ™«H» -u 
T^rjmud.. ilr^-iild, .. «r;J,„J^., _/^ 

.„, -r-ili, f. i.rWicilK,/.,!. 


Tniil^'ili'il/ (.(•«■, mttn,f. 

--.iJaie, It'llll], i. I>»(« mUK^Ili.f. 
ToUIklUiUL^V f.uj^.. ' -' 

' iMfpiarti B9rrt%M*rr, ripnndrrr, 
IUI, -Ii, I. taMnr JnHf ub-icc, /, 



Twang, twtag, «. »uono acutot emttivo 

eento, m.i -. v. «. rendere un suono acuta. 
Twe^zers, twrxSrs, «. pt. molle piecolr , J, 
Twelflli, IwilffA, a. duodeeimo. [pl, 

Twelfth-night, -'nll, f. »pifania^J. 
Twelre, IwiiT. «. dodid, m, 
TwelTf-montli, -'in2aM, •. «um», m. 
Twentieth, twin'UiM, a. ventetimo, 
Tw^ntj, twln'l^y o. ven/i, w. 
Twice« IwU, md. due volle, donpiament», 
Twig» twiffy «. vermenai haeehetta,f, 
Twilightf twIOll, •. erepu$eoloi harlume, m. 
Twin, twtl, #. «/o^ a «piga, f. 
Twin, twin, «. gemello, binato, m. 
T\rine, twln • v, «. ünralciaref torceret -, v. 

n. attortigliar»U "9 '• ^^<'« *ptig9% i/ttrec- 

ciamentot m, 
T>nJ}ge, twlaj, «. dolort aeutot tormento,m,t 

^,^v. n. pnxiearet tormentare, \gU oechi. 
Twinkle, twlagld, v. n. »cintilUret buttere 
Twinkling, twlDf'kllng, •. eeintitlsre; bat- 

ter d* ocebio, m. [mento^ m. 

Twirl, twirl, v. a. voitare, girare; ->,«. gira- 
Twift, tw?st, V. a. lorcere; intreceiaref •>, v. 

R. awotgereit iatrecciarait -, «. ^/o, m. 

eordot teetiturat (of tobacco) earoiat ner- 
Twit, twit, V. «. rimproverare, IvalurUf /, 
Twitch, tw^Uh, V. a. tiraret pissiearet ", «. 

pUtieOf m. 
Tvritler, Iwll'tSr, v. h. beffkre, gorgheg- 

giaret -, «. moio auhitot garrito^ m, 
Tvro, 18, a. due. 

Twofold, -'fSld, a. A ad, (at) doppio. 
Tpnpan(ujn), t1ni'plQ(2ni), «. timpamo (ßelP 

oreeehio)f m. 
Type, llp, «. lipot earattere di $tampa, m. 
Typhoid, tl'rtid. a. /(/oWeo. 
Typbuf , tl'fSs, «. /(/<», m. 
Typograplier, tip&g'grtfZr, f. tipografo\ 

etampatore, m. [,ftco, 

TypogniplücCal), tlpftgrlfflk , a. tipogra- 
Typography, tlpSg'grtfl, «. tlpograßti^J. 

Tyrannica], t^rtn'alkil, a. tiranuico t -Jly, 

a«/. tirannicumente. 
Tyrannize, tlr'rtnnii, v. a. tirannuxare, 
Tyranny, tir'rlnaJ, «. tu-annia,/, 
Tyranti tl'rlat, •. tiranno^ m. 
Tyro, (rri, «. tirone, novuio, m. 


Ubiquity, yAblk'kwltl, •. onnipresenta, f. 
Udder, Sd'dSr. •. tettola (divacea eee.),/, 
TJglinefS, Sg'lJnis, «. laidettUf deformitA, /, 
Vgly, 2g'U, lt. /aMo, deforme. 
Uicer, 81'sSr, «. uteero, m. 
Ulceratf, -It, v. n. uleerure, 
Uiceration, •i'shZo. «. uiceratione,f» 
Ulcerous, -Sa, a. uleero9o, 
(JltPrior, SlU'rilr, a. ulteriore, Entente, 

VJtimate, Sl'Umit, a. ultimo 1 -ly, m/. /fnal- 

Vitra, aruf, a. estremo. "^ 

Ultramarine, *>Bilrla% «. «T oltre miarei *-» 

«. oltramarino, m. (tuno (m.). 

Ultramontane, -mSn'tin , «. * •. oltraimomm 
Umher, im'bSr, $. terra a ombra^ f. 
Uuibrage, Sm'brij, «. ombra, /.| prelesto, 

eolore, m. 
Umbrella, SiobrlPll, •. ombrella^/, 
Umpirage, Sm'pMj, 9. arbitraggio, m. 
Umpire, Sm'plr, t. arbitroy m. 
Unaoated, iotbi'lid, a. non temperato. 
Unable, Sa'ibl, a. incapaee. 
Unaccented, inlksla'tcd, a.nwt aecentuato, 
Unacceptahle. ZntksSp'ilbl, a. epiaeevote. 
Unaccepted, «nlksip'iZd. a. non aecettaio, 
Unaccommodating, 2nikkSin'iD6dit1og, a. 

ineonvenevole. [compagniap 0OIO. 

Unaccompanied, SntkkSm'plnid, •. eema 
Unaccomplifhed, SolkkSm'plIsbd, a.ineom- 

piuto, imper/etto. fcabilet biuarro. 

UDaccountable, 2nlkkiAa'iibl, «. ineepU. 
Unaccountablj, '-i, ad. in modo inespli- 

eabile. _ . ^ {creditato, 

Unaccredited, oolkkrZd'dltld, a. non ac- 
Uiiaccustomed, SalkkSs'tSmd, a. intolito, 

non comune, [sciuto, non confeteato. 

Unacknowledged, 2ntkoSl'lljd, «. econo- 
Unacquainted, Solkkwin'lSd, a. ignorante, 

non veraato. 
Unadjusted, 2DtdJ<b't2d, a, non aggiustato. 
Unadorned, Sotdornd', a. non ornato, in- 

deeorato. [mieio. 

Unadulterated, 8aldi{ri2rLtld, a. puro, im- 
UnadTisable. flaldvl'ilbl, a. imprudenie, 
Unadrised, ontdTi'zid, a. eeoneigUato, mal 

awiaato ; imprudenie 1 -ly, ad, impruden- 

temenlej incontideratamente. 
UnAffected, 2otfl1k't2d, a. aenta affettaxioue, 

aemplicei -ly, ad. naturalmente. 
Unaffecting, 2olff2k't1og, a. apasaionato. 
Unaided, oni'dZd, a. aenta ajuio, [iega. 
Unalloyed, 2ntllB4d% a. (of melals) aenta 
Unalterable, 2all't2rlbl, a. inalterabile^ im- 

mulabile. Uurhalo. 

Unaltered, 2nil't2rd, a. non alteraio o 
Unambitious, 2nlmbrsh2«, a, aenta ambi- 

Unanimity, yinln'otmlt}, ». itnanimita,/. 
Unanimous, yAotn'n^m2a, m. unanimei -ly, 

ad. unanimamente, [ineonlraatabile. 

Unanswerable, 2nln'ii2rtbl, a. ineonteatabile, 
Unantwered, flnlD's2rd, «. aenta riapoata. 
Unappalled, 2ntpplld\ a. non apaventalo, 

Unappeasable, 2n2pp£'ztbl. a. implacabile. 
Unapprehensive, flalppr^biln'slT, a. non in- 
Unapprized, 8ntppriid% a. ignorantt. 
Unap^roachable, 2nlppr&tsh'lbl , «. inac- 

Unapproved, 2atppr8fd', a, diaapprovato. 
Unarmed, 2nirmd', a, aenta armi, 
Unatked, 2nts'kid , a. non domandato , non 

Unaspiring, Solspl'rlog, a. aenta ambitione, 
Unaisailable, Salssii'ibI, a. inaliaccabUe. 

Bniiiorli^, Ir.lolr'lld, ,. «>n «»rri». 
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UnEock, Inklk-, .. a. ^.>,ritr,,.UtBlart. 
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Undergronnd, -arllad. r. islli 

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underlHtB, -lli'.'f. utanilo, i*. 
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Undentand, 'illad% bitiKiJin.ssn. 

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JnS'fTn'ilking, -Ü'kTi 

Undcnrood, -will, t. ^>u mfiu, m. ar 
Llndcrmdc, -v'aä', (. •Ari A' H« ■» 

Dndvtuiuna, iDddl'Dlni, ■.«JJhii, iü. 
UadHinbls, Isdiil'iUl, a. J. »■ ^U*. 

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Jn^gn^'d, Indljli'lld, ..;fl> 

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D"d'.=pnrin|, l.dl«I.n1n|, .. .:>« 'i^»™: 
Dndiidplined.lndTi'ilpIlid, •. Uilantli~ 

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(JodiiDOTend , IndlskÜT'lIrd, n. um icd- 

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Undilpuled, Indlipi-ilil, >. incuHlrmtlMf. 
Undiiieiohted. Indlnlm'blit , •. nw iOh«- 

UndiiliDBaiiliable, ludlilliir'iwfrtilH, i. 


DadiTidtd.ldaJ-l-dW, - '-J--'- ' 

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Crd, indtiilid', a. hdji onna/f ■» 
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ria d*» xiU.n., ..I -.fiditi-, V. . 

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JnAat, Indl-, a. inJwiila, Urium. 

JndnInlB, la'dilll, «. ■. a^ggiiat. 
Jndu Ulion, l.dUl'rtaii. •. ...S.^vrfc»», J 
Jndiilj, indl'll, ad. uidttllamtiiu t imprc 

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UnHHhlr, -ll, .. H«. Urra7r.. 
UiwiitIt, laCillt, itf. ^i.^i.i.nnoi I»- 

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UnctnplOfvd, Inlmpllld', a, lAisinDsiB, 
t/amnJ'tt, , , , , fl»! !■•■ ipaintit. 
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üntnliEliIfned. Inlnll-ind, .. nWm-^^ 

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Unpnvinl,!iiln'>*d, •. »n iniiidtmU. 

iiiracxl, ialUnilt-ilhll.a.'a« «all 
mg, lulr'ilnf, .. wfmllitll'i -Ij, mä. 

Unexamuled, Bntafla'pld, b. hhao uvmpio. 

:p«led, Inlkiiilk'lld , a. i'i 

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l/nnplond, Inllupltnl', i. ■» 

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Unfair, rarlr-, .. bijiuir, dlKiituc, -tj,.d, 

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ble, InHib-lBlli], VnFaihion- 
g. M,a .11. «oda. r*af«. 

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IinTB'lmd.a. lanajonäa, impcHtlntHli 

Valmiblt, i^Pth 
Vmted, lallrl', a. n 
irnfnltDi, larJl'Ui, 
Vmlüpäif irnüai-. 

Hill, I>]ll(ll,a. M. t""l'l -Wh». 
nIHl, Inllilll-, >. Hcwid, jurluc. 
l>lle,Ullil'tl,*-<'-n','Tfgn>H. froh. 

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VDfi-ttCT, bFH-t)'. .^ >. •«>•.«. 

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Unfinithtd, fafl>-DliM,a.ui>^<l>, b^ 

tTnült «Dflf, ■. huHOt InempMtM, Imprtprto, 

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Unfold, iiAw, V. m. .,„--. .„_ 

UnfOTbldden, Urtrtild'ilD, a. fwrma«,. 

UnCoreetJ, Ipf — '- ■ ■' 

Unfom»«, i 

rl'ubl.'. .' 

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jABnlefnl, lairil-rlli ■- im^rmia, majani 

nngratrfiilnui, -nJi, f. i«irml!Ujlia. 

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udlÜnglr, l>|rIil'J1o|Jj, >J. dl «uan 


VnCorli<i<>cl, iaflr'lfnd, a. KsnUrliRcala. 
VnCortuniilt, iarli'l]l°l>, g. •/„rlu,«H,, In- 

Unlought.'sorii',., -ajiM».*.ii.(.. 
Unloundi-d, Inllin'dld, a. ii^iu /imiAi. 
Uofrun^d, iBfrLniil', a. .„ajormmla, im» 

Unfnqimt, totrllislnl, n. Mrcaamltt •Ij! 
Vnfrfiuvnlüd, -Id, a, non/r^uräuu. 

Unfrock, li'rilk', v. a. 'ifofliirt. {fcrlm'. 

VBhaiHvl , laIill''rtL, s. i^nai'nn, iaU- 
UnrniitfiilnMi, •••*•, i.iurUlti, infimt- 

UnflillSlird, Inflirlld', B. KHK nJrmplU. 
VnrundFd, lollB-d)d. o. galltrriKKl: 
Wnfnrl, lortrl' ^. ■. ^a^J«,;^'»''«"". 
Unlurnithed , laracut.lid , ■. in» moAiVI , 

v'e^mlV°io,lB'll. <.. «oncio ."^""»""dfüt 
UniarTiioiied, asflrTl.lDd, •. .«.u (iia/^ 

lAiiallic^d, loiITD'lid, a. rwn racRifto. 





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i1;, li.b'p'plli, a./. u^.li'amcKi 

Inliurbourcd, lubli 
mhjinncd, iDliIrmi 


ThheAUhr, aaMiiK-t 
Inbeudloß, Isblrd' 

Vnluidcd. Inhtd'ld, •■ Ktflnin, di pant 
Uohcedlu l,liiIild'IlI,UiiIi«<djiig,iiAld1ii, 

nnhrlned, Ii>hllj>4', a. aaa a/afois. 
UnlmiUtiii«, SibliilU'i^af, a. rt.tUa, 
Unlwwil", lÖhTn-, '.T^n-, n-K lawlUu. 
Unholr. lahl'll, a. •nf». /»^"ia.l>'r'iapu 

untüük, jnbii.-, «.a. .;;ir^°'jr!;''r>,riBi^ 

nhant^ blilla', v. ■. cairaar. if> «ua. 
uifoimi rl'utf In,' »- »«(/armi i 1> i. a»JW 

initT. jlntllr'iiill), >. mi/armili 
•nJ, TJii4lll't>rll. •, •.xiUrcrilf. 

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VuinnnininablB, Inliiflln'lilllll, >. i'f*B, 

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Unialuibitcd, Islnblb'bllld, ■. dttirlr. 
Uniniiind. luli'jlrd, •. Mm, um affa, 

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UniiurniDled, Inloiirlk'lld, .. »■ ijuuu 

Unülrlligibte', lalail-ltjlli'l, i. InlabU 
trDm^EllIgi'blr, -i, •^. r« imiiJo <n»»;r< 
UoiiKended, iDliDo'dld, Uniiilention*) 
in1niln'.bl=ll. ., ™n f.r™cA-,.f., f" 

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Untenncl, InkiD'Dll, k. >.>rt ucf». 

Unki,.diie... -nl,, .. m.lit~M, .«.-■(««,/. 
Unknil, Innh-, f. •. <Ji</..->, «■«^.r«. 
Unknovilbl«, IddIIIiI, <. c*i m>i. li pub 

lUlulnl, Ullntil'lld, >.»» «.«piu», 
lieh, aolluh', u. B' mprin ü ^aliaaniia, 
,yriul, latl'lll, a. ithwil-imt, llltciu, 

1*10. Ulli.', V. .. diup^art, da. 

WIEned. Inlli^lnil, ■. Bim ftruuMUU, 

—Tellcil, IsJIt^IM, ■. niiii ipiiiilt, 1». 

icknl.liillk^ld, ■. infarmr, tf^iiimu, 

Unlik«, iMV, m. diffenKU, ImpmitiUr. 
Vnlikelitiaod, lolC^Üilil, •. ImpruitiUl. 

■aeiir>älik'ai>, >. diabmiflO^f. 


inutcd, Inllu'nfdd, n. 

UntuÖkÜr, InlJk-kJll, orf. /TW n..ll" 

UniDinaEcnülc, limla-nljUl.ü. <»lr.llaeil.. 

Jn°DJirriEd, InnlrTid, 

VnmediUteJ, Iniiild'illillld, ■- 

Tdfu), iBHir'llCll, ■ 

Unmeriled, InmlrTlDd, >. lun , 

Uninitiallilbl*, a>m1>llli1hl , .. »fij. 

UmnoiulB^ Inmllii'lld, i. iiiiiiji^lsi mf 

SinavaSt, ■luiii'ili v. ■. 
Vuutonl, ImtlftHlb, m. 

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UnoflicUI, iilirl'ilill, ■. Innffialmt. 
VnorUjodox, loBffA&dflkB, «. attrodoHt^ 
Unpftak, Inptt'.v. a. abatiarti »pürnre, 
Un^<lid,'t°pLd',V.D.p.,Uo. T«»'' 

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Uniinrdonnbli-, Inplr'dlclli 
VnpjirdoniibtT, -1^ 

lD|iirjlBlD'll[t, >. un- 


Ifnplii'lotonhiciil, Inlilliil 

UnpliGHl, IiplU', ■. IUI H 
UnpliaiifclF, Iirll-libl, n. > 
UBpleaiiiiil, lopjltilai, •. ■/ 

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u!plfii"".''S"l'iaf ^ f;^"™.' 

UnplouiliEd, inpllld', u. an •rala. 
Unululne, InPlioi', >. a. ipclinari, ji-i....r', 
Unpaeliol, bi,l)i'i1Ul, ., .n. f^Uc. 
UnpoJiiLvcJ, liipil'l'lUd, .. «m n>.Ii», 

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UBpbllulcd. iDpJlli-llil, •. uns pnUtu^ In- 

Unpopuljir, lB(>lp>4llr, *. lu» pn/u/am. 

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indiced, iDprVjldlil, s. m. prno. 

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ib«Jt, Idpclu'll, ■. Inififiu J' um 

UBprlncjplfd, BüpTlp'flpId, a. trnu Drin- 
Dnproduclive, iapiidlk'lli, >.»«-(- 

DDprä'pDitioni^d. )nprlplc'>>b!s£°^. '^rX^ 

UnpTotFCIed, lopiiiik-iid, o. »■ ßraltiu, 

UniTciTidEd. «Dpilil'did. a. i/iriw'i», 
UnpnbJUhed, tcplb'llibd, 'a. aoii ^>V&nl 


Üiüpinnchid, inkalni 

Vanniomcd. Iiilii'itmd, .. »n rtJtiUi. 

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UarHil, tnrld', •■ >••■ f«ui ifiuranii. 
Unmdiible, -ibi, >. illrggltilc. 
VurrndT, -'1, ■■ nwi rwrafui ii>niUIi rHIJo. 

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laubleiuiH, -nh i. f»« nufnu,/. 

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Uumoided, lorlklnl-lit. '. 
TTnracoTiHd, »»''Hf^irt, ., 

OBToBeebag, Intlolhi 

Vnnronnvd, InrtfttBd', >. BDii ri/srmou 
gnrrfmolf^ »irtrrlk-lld, .. »,. ^r.K.. 
VarMnihed, larihlilid', i. luui nEmu. 
Uiir«j[>rd«i], Sartiim-id, i. ni^yw», Ji 

Um^Hntinf. Inrlllgilni, i. i^jluiJtil. 

irnrpin^died, inr^'fDldld, •. irn^idUhil, 

TInr°epE«]rd, SDTipIld', 1. non rlvK^t^, 'nl. 
VunnenUnl, iDilpln'lliit, UnrEpentuiB, 

ÜnrrprOADhed, larlprolibd'» «. jidu riü»- 

Uurwervedi;«!. -nlj, ../™cSmi.,/. 
VBmiidnD, IntlililfiiB, n. non reiülalt. 
Vsaetaiytä, Inrheiid', >. Irraalula. 
Vamttmrä, liciiirliid', ■. luii riiduu 


I)iin.inple, 1.-^ 

Uni-dJjB, Jo 

Uniiife.liukC, m.Koi, ii'nra, ^ 

■IniallFd, Inill'lld, ■. un ml 
Fiiiniiclioned, ie>liiBl'ili)Bd, 



mlled, liH'TlId, ■ 

not, lorll-, 

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nietile"' -11, '«"ä. "wIa™ "ijinli» i 'i/»- 





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tm'a. \bilrtpid». 

Dn.lirinkiur, Inlilluk^ic. •- intnufiu, 
Uuigbüiiuu, lult^ini, ,.dijir-!'i. l-i- 

Dukid, Iiihld', H, a. fw>n /> ■<»!<• ifju 

Dmknrid, lukll-ni, <. ba>»r'D. -If, .rf. 
VukiltnlBHi. -•k,». ÄJ^'i»'«./- 
iniildil>d,lMk1rt', •. iMfptru. 
UniUked. kdlkd', .. ■« n(ü». 
Duvokcd, Itmablt, ■. n« •ff.mtl,. 
inuDciAbl^ Inl'rtlUiL, ■- äuocitilU. 

Uniord, I111I14-. *. •!»• v<rJ>n. r»"-.. 

Oiuonnd, Inlldd-, ..™,, ™(.n«/ 
Unioiindn?», -nli, .. n.,>cr«(«vir — 
VniJjAn'ns, KsB|ii'ilBf, >. »oj« tordid 
VntptaVMi, ImpIk^M, h. bt^ffkbili, i 
Tliiip«ki>blr, -). '"'■ <« '»''<' •"JT-^''- 
DniHDUttd, Iiupl.'tind, ., RM üptcifi- 

Vnipent, Ituplnl', ■. wii ffpiM, Hau 
tTnipDIIad. tnnll'ild, ■■ b'tmcnlmlB. 

Vltitendflll, lulll-rtH, >. lu» Jiäiii 

DntlvodlnV», lulld'JlDh, •. I«»»«» 
"«tr™,/ rus ''Sff'" 

UniMadr, Isilld'dl, •. m«»Iu"i irrxoli 
Oo.lirrHl, iMllri', *. 1.» ».«.», 

Unllrai'iH-d. &IlÄn3','..™'/o™il''i «I. 

mit, /„eil: J/a,;.l;«,itiHfB. 

Dnilf^Nglliened, iDililiflt-Dd, ■. »n rir 
Unilrln«, lulrim-, «. ■. Jevür. t. «nf, 

t/rnrc. [prtfirMml. 

(JnifiidEccI, loilld'dld, a. un iimiiale, no 
UnilnlFei), luiiM', .. n-i ripim«. 
Dnmbdurd, ■■■Ibd'lil', ■. Inibnu», 


UDluUiblr, inllü'albl, ■. tl» nsn (nir 

n^rnint^, InilD'ntmlld, : /•^tgi'l'hi 
VaUtttä. hikil*. .. ...»»»>•. ■" 

Untbank^d, laltlikd', ■. Su» riafnujah 
Unlkuikrul, InAilak'fll, a. iifraUi -If, ■ 

UnlhODghl, (ol). hijllf, a. ü»pin>U. 
Unlhnnd, >iiillrld'. B. a. ■fflu'i. 
nnthn'(tT. liir«rtra.>.fvwfi>i<. 
UnlldinPii.l.Ü'JjBli,.. ;».,.;»rli.nW,/, 
Vaddr, l>ilVdi, a. »K pafiu, HD« s>^il>. 

üatillrd, Intltd-, <. n»fM. 

UBliring, iDil'Hnt, ■, üfftiinUlt. 
DnHtlFd, toll'lld, a. irau tiuU. 
Unlold,°lnlir<r'', a.'i.*!.' Jill^'.d« « 

ilrined, Inlrisd', >.' 
itn^n^d, lilrlnd-. .. 

i«d,ldlrl'd'. .. „<•„ pi 
imi^^d, Anilin " '^ 

3d(d»). Imri. 
tnbled, Idictb 

Valraij,liiUi'll,ad.filtmjiu»u. [Jtlli.f. 
UnmiltlDFiI, Inlrb'llali, i. ptrßdU, liift- 
Dstnutr. loltl.-ll, •. /J^rflJ.. !/. 

ir^nih, Unlih; w./iltiiii m.n^g„,.f. 

Unlulond, lall'llcd, a. iiua lUrmMi^nt, 

t;ni>ri|F<l, iDÜrld', D. »<«• Mt^lo, ••<• tollt- 
Tlnuied, layt.d', .. i»«.(ai=. Lsiui». 

Unututt.Ini'i'iblll.a. nHiilaW, ilmrdi- 

llBTuicd, llll'rld, a. noii vtrial: 

DDTinJnl, lnil'rBni, ■. iavurimln. 
(TSTCiL IbiII', V. •. mtwTi wnprirr. 


UinriaUlid, lut'ftlit«, ■>. MiiaW, bim. 
tniTinted, fcrlCiJild, ■. ■«y'-f »«UK. 

UmndLuiad, innilndi ■. ■■fibriiHiifMM. 

DmKlT.liml'clIi. td. imgrudtnH^a^., 

Onmrineiii lavi'rlnls, «. üuamdtitMMf wmi- 
ÜBWUtlike, lnJr'llk, ■. •« girrrlBy. 

UnrunXbiF. lB*t>'rtulbl' 1. >k ■>■ 
(Jnwurriinted, InvtT'rlslld, •. Hu mttiui. 

UHWcJdcd, Invld'dld, •. «III BMclIaM. 
UBweiglUTd, IdvIiT, ■. uta ftttlri ta 
Trnwdcouie, liwtl'kiB, ■. ■■» Im umm 

Oiivhofname,' Ishil'iln, •.ma/ia», > 
Dnwiddilr. Inwll'dll), ad. fi««i 

DnwIelJn lU(L-<),>. puu», hi>», (riti 
Unwillinl, lawTI'llni, «. r(;iii»nwi(»l ir 

üll««i, -ifc, .. rt;.«.™, /. 
UHwind, lD1>li1d', V. >. ir. Jhlrigöri, iv, 

ÜnllillinelV iSZlfänglC«'" 


Unvorllll, InwIrH'Hl, ■. indr'gm'. 
" Lwrnn, Oflrlp'. v.a. mtluppart, ttioetiirt. 
iwrinkle, lodni'kl, v. >. J»»- vi. I. 

I^pi *Pi ad. & pr. «ff, in tM^da ^aar« ui alf4i, 

Üpbnid'nElr,-bild^i|tl,i»'. Ja niadsii. 

Upbill. -hll', a. diffitlhi pcnnai -, (.'lal 

Mr»r prttegftre.Juvtrirc. tlorc, m. 

Dnlialdn.-htJd'lr, i.fMj.ur,, lomminUirit- 
UphDlilFrrr, -bh'Kitl!, i. I.ppi„un, m. 
u£l.ol.(etr,-hfl'.Ü.l, .: l.ppZ.rl.J. 
Uplud , -'lind, •. p.HC ainal.;,....!, ..., ., 

ni>Jifl, -llll', V. D. iliarr, rlnm. 

Upper, ip'rir, ». jif/i«iof», piS ad«, dl 

Upper-hmid.'-hliid,'». nip.i-iarflJ,'/- ' 

Upniie, l»rl.'| V. .- cl™«-=f .«iiw. 
Upnur, -rlf , v. ■. ■furi, fWfaiun, 
Upri^t, -'llt, a. •Tills, Htlri [fVi»i liik 
c«ra, «iHffp t -\J, ad. dirdUawrniaj f fivla- 

Opriihtneii, -'ilUh, i. diriUf »ai tiimriii), 

Cnroar, ''tlt, t. lunuilta , rwa«-i, fi^stttn, 
Uprool, ^rll', ... «. .™AW., 

u^>«i...»i',«... ir.™.™.«. r>»fy. 

Ü^ibot, -'■btl, f. alu, «uni-, •«ecincm., 
Upiida down, -ilddllD', ad. MeBtapra. 

UuwHrd, -^vlTd, a. ariaiBf hi, arJ- in ta, /n 
uTbonitr, lilln-arit, .. arlaafli, /. 7".- 
UrcbiB,lr'Uli1n,(.r.'icfoi immtiaa ratio, 
D»Üin, rlll-ulrl.i. arln,/. r>«^ 

Essig •■■s,ir'.';i"i;~™;£^ 

Urg'ent, llnl, a. o/»««, «" "/"aJ. 
Ur!i»I, Ti'tJDtl. .. f.i-iaa(i, ». 
Urin»r,^; ,1-rMrl, ». d>lt =ri«. 

u™C;-'' "?;',<■„(../. 

Uxble, li'ilbf, •. a(lP, .*«>. 
l/«.(B, jl-ill, A .Mt wallafifMla, », 

Vrap, jüirf'.v. ■- miu-pw.. 
UlurpuhOHj-i'iMll, '. MiarpaMlonc.f. 
Uinrptr, -OTj ff. MMmrpatart, ih. 
UinipioElr.-Iii|ll.»J. ia«r^ii»i»nj.l«. 

iriouil , lilh^ll, (. MlBoilM, itnoKiHI», a 

IltililT,' rlttj'llll, f. ulltilitf.iprrßuo, r 
Utmoil, tl'intil, i.. «u-n.0, kIiuod, 
T;iler, l'-lir, a. alirhri. alrmt, talU, £ 

umrable. -Iti, «, prtff.r&iU. iKi/MiM 
UlUnmce, -lpi, •. /.r.n-.«.r<r, -., a^rt 


Ulterlr, -li, •d. »XoHo, ("leromimli. 
UtuI., Jl-lill, •.'gel.,/. 

Tlieue, lil, a. VM», «agaeonid.. 
Yafll. .lLl,l-p/. pr^lU -«.pl. 

V.U. .11. .. i..»;. «Üa«. /. " 



luiibU, itl-rJlW, a. prUion,, -t, '.. pi. 

Ipid, ^Ip^ld, ■. vfpida, ivajJamtOt mh- 
- jpidneH,-B^«. vapirUnäa, iittipidt$M^,f, 
V.uorOM,Tl'nlri., a. B.p,™«. IJ". 

Vspaur, Tk-^r,!. »»ri, n.| •»(■ijoar, 
Var *ble, .l^rllbl^. JiridiU, ».»laVc. 

. _. BDC^d'rilu,*. diftriMu, diucuü».! 

TanKfiäll, Tltil'ihail, I. ^rlatlant,/. 
•■ -milTcin.ilT'rlk&iTlD, i. fan«,/. 

Vnmtr,tlll'lll,.,«iri.U.y. li«/./. 


, .Li. 1. u 

ijj d^trin. 

v". ."''•, Hbo", m."" 'iJ^ri^pfiE^ 
VüUlt, tIOJI, .. wftai e"Ii«.,/, I M, ■ 

Y»iiBt,ilBl,v. n'.wU'rv, gltrlarA 


YmmteTi^ir. «. vmMiMlort, OHtUml^torum 
Vnl. i(i. •. vlitllt, ■-.( <<n» Jl vifU; J. 
Vtfl, lli, V. 1. uifionJi iw^urti. 
Viictable, il'JiltliJ; ■. ^^ilalhn, -, •■ w 

f ilaJ., ■•,, -1, pl. vkfgi, ■- pi. 
T(geliibIa'nrd«Di -ilmo, i. «■», m. 
TaiBIitKiB, il)lLl'itab, I. »i.uifif»,/. 

««(-dt). il'kliBWt), '■««■•>", 
•'•unmi. tI^IbIiiI, a. -woira» i *|t, oi^i 
-Teil, ill, !.<>•(■, pnuiu, m. numStn,/.! 
T*!iit ^ •■ vuariBVliil,/.! umorn jTIwK, 

Tvllna, ill'llni. (.»«»>., UM.;«»», 
TaliHiiKds, itli^pii ■. wAufpHf., •.. L/. 
VrIckAt. 1 Wlia, >. wUHIi, aUrili, f. 
Talrct, illMl.nHl&ii., ».i -, o. .A'i«J- 

TdO W,'Tlilli^ ■>■ a. Infviiui. 
TmsHing, -Tllf, I. l3ilmrlimlmra,f. \rmdii. 

Vencnblr, -), arf. unttnUbamlc. 
Venente, tti/ultll, •>. >. v«.r»'ei «••rmr,. 
TanetMion, ilalrl'ihli, >. trijurulsan,/. 
▼ensnal, tIhI'fIIi, •. «shth. r/- 

TeilEHIUe, tIe'JIiu, i, uWlIta l Bunäiinu, 

Tauion, jln-jt«, .. »(wf «,'.., /. 
Venom, tlB'olm, .. «na-o," Jw™d, <-. 
Venomaui, -b, ■, vcnino». 

i"'-L!f"°''2'~;' '• '■ *■ 7"'^' J*- 

■Vtit-hoh, -'bll, I. ipirufu, n, 
-Ventilalf, Tla'<illi,1.7. ««Ij. 

VvntQatioii, Tlnltll'ihh, •. «vii 

Venlnol«, •In-lrlkl. i. vmtrlaS, 

^"1 w. «.An- dTHalivTr flJ 
Tmtanr, -Ir, <, vuiUu'Jir', 
Vaturaai, Tlii-()lrb, a. ■ 

T'AiktiuaiiiDeMr -dIi, ■- u^ 

Verbat iVrtl"! »i-S'.f,, Ki(.™/« -Ir.oA 

v"b S i'J"i>tbi'i','J?'.tri.^pr»fi>^»^'"f/^ 

Vfrd»n't/;iVdii.l, ..'Cird-gJ;!^!',."^"""" ' 
V(rllicl.Tlr-(llki,..(yi.Jiuo,™, «■«„,.,/. 
V<T<l[«ri>, Tlr'dJirii, 1. ..rJcrmn, •>. 
Verdure, il^Jlc, i. vinJuni', m. 
Verls, ilrL l.uirin, luoiillai «frimiblt 

itrldU-iliIq, >. vcrN^amiiM» 

Veril;[,Tli-rJlJ. at. _ _. 

Veriuiop, •li'jl», j, urw», m. 
VHinicuUr, iltulk^lHi, a. w 
VermifuiSj ilr'mirli, >. «n 

VmnjIion'ilniilJ'iiD, i. ««I 


vJ<wd, 5, •". ™™«!'' °' 
Veriificmion, •tr^rUI'.Hln 
VmifUr, .Ir-.tMr. .. Mn^f 


Venui, •1i'<l^ Dr. eooiri. 
Vertvbra , rlr'tJM, i. «irf >1 
Vcrlcbml ilnlbriü, 


iloTirvirflü. ».1 ri«,/, 
UUI, •■ «n/i4j^r -17. *ä. w 
.Itll'Jtitli, = 


IIa), <h'l{l,i. vtriMtllm,'/. 

VBimnanBn','"'lL>rlnl'r(lB, i. «»rHu-^ 
Ve(eTin«cI. .Iriiriolrl, .. i.««^,«r(.. 




-Vbtat«, •i'MtLVi.>a»nL 

Tibriltio».>äri1 ^ l.r ar^^ärmt.f. T-. 

-«../,, i-j«., ««(, -. 'V. 

TiewilT, iMa'alll, •.•ritbälA, inttlmhi, 

irietiH. in-lla, t. •^ub^./. 
VictiMJH, -b, '. ■- tcHJIc.. 
-TictOT, T«^r, •. ri-uiUn. •>. 

Tfrlorr, .1»- 
Tief«), «ffi 

Tidelkel, «klnäK .3, V3. -wmU ■ .Ar>. 
TiVr ^1 V, ji_ W K it m J trt, eoMmltft, 

Tiffl-'Tl'lll, ;. «,!liM.-^llm,'/. 
ViIlbllH, -Im, (. rifUmium,/. 

Vilnwii, -iK .. min, *«.<»,/. 
Villi, i1l^ i. «H M iMHir», WÜ:, /. 
Villaf«, -Ir. (. bhI3&>, «»Iw. ■•. 

TillunT, Tlnl>>, >. •M1<M•I>^ U4-fii»,J. 
ViodiMle, 'lii'ltell, ■. .. mWjAh. 4'>^ 


VindiulDry, -1, ■. bgadUKlivm, eiiuH/L 

V nOÜlT . 'iKfa**!«!, >. r-'"- Wim» 

VolilDr. •i'lllilr. •- <M«un, f» jV 

Vm. tI'iI', •- mmmU,/. 

Tw», ili'ilr, •. iHKiiini 

«;.-V(«or^" "*""'° 

.' Ulily, 'laillil, 1. vjc/<i.t,j 

Vlüte. iViklü ■. ■. vüuMi 

"ir*in».>1i'iil>i.>.<iv«>, <K 

UiÜMliaii, ilirilbl'diU, ft 




Yitrifr, yWlTlA, v. «. * v. m, velHJStmret 

ViTary, ▼l'*lrJ, ». vivajo, m.f garennm,/. 
Vivid, Tlt'Tld, a. vivmeej -Ijr, ad. vivament«. 
Viridneaa, -nl*, «. vivaeitd, y. If. 

ViyiiiCAtion. ▼iTlfik&'shSn, «. vivijtoatione, 
Vivify, flf'f *ri, V. «. viviftcmret animart. 
Viviparows, ▼Mp'ptris, a. viviparo, tf- 
yixen. vlks^n, «. votpe /"emmüta f garritrieet 
ViZf TU, a</. ctod, vo/e a </(>«. 
Vi*ier, f^t'ylr, *. vUire, m. 
Vocabularj, vikll/bAllr^. *.voeabolari0,m, 
Vocal^ t&lill, «. voeaUf di voce. 
Vocahst, -Ist, «. eantatore, m. eanlatriee, f. 
Vocatjon« Tiki'shSn, «. vocatione,/, fm. 
Yocative, r&k^ttlT, «. (gr.) ca«o voetttivo, 
Yociferate, v^alPttrlt, v. n. voc(/er«r0. 
Yociferation, T&slfftr&'shSn, «. vocifera" 

»ione^ f. \mof9o, 

Yociferous, TOsIrflrSs, a. voeiferanlet ro- 
Yo^ne, tOgj «. voga{ moda^f, 
Yoice, tBI», «. voetff.i «uffragiof m. 
Yoice-pipe, -'pip, ♦. portavoee, 
Yoid« tStd, a. voto, vaeuo, nulUt privo dit 

•^ ». vaeuitäf J.% -, v. a* votaret ahban- 

Yoidable, -4bl, a. cht »i puo annulltwe, 
Yoidanoe, -^ns, t. evaeuanione, f. 
Yolatile, TSl'ltlfl, a. votatile; volubih, 
Yolatility, TÄlWllit*, ». volatititä/f. 
Yolatilization, TSlttllhWhSo« : volatUi». 

»aMionet f. 
Yolatilize, vftntlllli, v. «. volatili»a4u^» 
Yolcanic, TSlkln'nlk, a. di voleano, 
Yolcano, vSlki'n&, «. voleano, m. 
Yole, T&l. «. fttff« /e mani <al giaoco delle 

carte),/, pl. 
Yolley, tSI'U, ». «a/va (di motchettate)i 

brigata; acetamasionef f. gridoj m, 
Yolt, tAlt, ». volla,f. 
Yolubilitf, ▼Slibll'lh». ». volubiUtü,/, 
Yoluble, T&nAbl, a. votubile; leggieroj 
Volubly, -i, ad. volubilmente. [pretto, 

Yoluine, Til'yini, 9. votumet tibro, m. 
Yoluininons, yh\i'mlniB, a. voluminoto, 
Yoluntarily, TSnSatlrili, md. volontaHm-' 

Yoliuitary, TSKlSntlrl, a. voiontariot -, ». 

(mos.) eapriecio. m,fantana^f. 
Yolunteer, ▼SlSntlr', «. (toldmto) voloulario, 

m.t ^tV»a, /arti toldato volontario % ar- 

rolarti, f»©, m. 

Yoluptnaryf TiliptJAtri, », uomo voluttuo- 
Yoluptuous, T&Iüp'^iSs, «. voluttuosoi -Ijr, 

ad. voluttuofamente, 
Yohiptuoasnesfl, -nts, 0. voluttä, /, 
Yoliite, vAlÄt', *. votuta,/, 
Yomica, v&m'mikt, ».poBtemaMuppurata^f. 
Yoioit, t&m'mlt, ». vomitivo, vomito, m.| -, 

f. a. yomilartf recere. 
YomitiTe» ytm'mll^Xt a. vomitiwo. 

Yoraoions, T&rl'ihta, a. vemcei -I7, md, 

Yoracity, ybrU'alÜ, #. voraeitä,/, 
Yortex, TBr'tika» », vortieet gorgo, m, 
Yotary, T&'tlrl, «. dtvotot mmmntet pmrtigia- 

not m.t "f a, volivo, 
Yote, T*t,^ *. volOf gufragio, m. 1 -1, v, «. A 

n. dare il tuo tuffragiot eteggtrt, 
Yoter, T&'tSn 0. votante, m. 
Yotive, Ti'ltT, o. votwm, 
Yoach^ TSfitsh, V, «• afftrmart, me^ertmref 

Youcher, -Ir, #. tieurtät testiimonian*», /. 
Youchsafe, -'•If, v. a. aceordaret -, v. m. 

Yow, tSA, #. fiofo, m.f -, tr. a. votaret dv- 

diearej >, v. i«. ^ar« un vofof giurmre, 
Yoyrel. -'Il, •. voeaie,/. 
Yoyage« tSI'!], «. viaggi» Iptr mare), m.| 

-, V. a. fare viaggio per mare, m. 
Yulcan, yllldu, «. voleano, m. 
Yulcanize, -Iz, v. a. voleaninare, 
Yulgar, TiKgSr, a. volgare ; ^Ij, ad. volgar^ 

mente; -, e. volgo, popolaecio, m. 
Yulgarism, -lim, «. e«/7y euione volgare, f, 
Ynlgarity, v2lglr^2t2 , «. volgaritü, biuaew- 

Yn]garize^ -Iz, v. a. render volgare, 
Yulnerable, tSrnSiibl, a. vulnerabile. fm» 
Yulnerary, TSl'aSrtrI, t.rimedio vulnerario, 
Yulpine, ToKptn, a. votpinot attuto, 
Yulture, vSl'tjAr, «. avoltojof m. 
Yulturine, -In, a. tP avoltojot vorace, 


Wad, wld, ». fateio (di paglia eee.) t »topm 

WEiacero, m.| -, v, m, mettere lo »toppaooto. 
adding, -'dlog, », hambagia, borra , (di 

lana «cc), y. 
Waddle, -'dl, v. n. bareollare, 
Wade, wid, v. n. guadare. 
Wafer, wi'fSr, 9. etalda, ostia^ f» 
Waffle, wlrfl, «. etalda,/. 
Waft, wtrt, V. a, eondurre pen eonvoßUaret 

far eennop tegnaret -, v, M. galleggtaret -, 

a, (mar.) aegnale, im. 
"Wag, wlgf V. a. eeuotert, agitare legger- 

mente f -, *. burtone, m. 
Wage, irij, v. a. muover guerra. 
Wager, -'Jr, #. tcommeeea, f.f -, tr. a, /ar0 

una teommetaa, 
Wagerer, -'Srür, ». che »eommett», 
Wagea, -'li, *. ;;/. »alario, m. 
Waggery, wlg'gSrl, «. trattutto, tekerao, m. 
Waggish, wlg'glsb, «. §chentevole, 
Waggiahneaa, -nta, «. eeherao, aotlaxt», m. 
Waggle, wta'gl, v. m. dimenarei, muoverti, 
Waggon, wlg'gSn, ». carro, m, earretta, f.t 

(rail.) vagone, im. 
Waggonage, -1j, Waggomng, -tu^^ •, "p^v»^ 

deftraaporto ne( carro« S* 
WasSOlvetj -V, «. carreUUr«^m^ 

_«*™«™ -. •- »«r— '•. -■■ •^"•jf 
Wnil'ü^-rcMni, -^>i4_, i.—U^ —/mV, 

S*!U. ■!», #. ;j. ««w*, -. />(. 

Wh n», ■Il4b, .. liu* .imriM, m, 
«■tx,-lrti,f.H(.,iiLi •. V. .. Wbn M 
WMl, •«•■ •- ptllUt, tmtru. l-oalm. 

«•■a, all', t. nrui tM«lrlu naiäiL /l 
#>J^. ■iL-Or, S. i. k ., »(^ft^ 
WlU)(l*r>r, -Ift f. naf^n^ «^ Itawbri. 



WlnlfBI.'^'i'H, ■. MKcAi 

«(■Ion. vti'ilii, .. n4«- 
iMrl». I -, (. ptrHÜ, Im. 

■1dl, (, MMuau, lUfictatitj f., ii. 


MaidilMp, '•Mr, 

r'iirwu •i£'rbu Kl 

rlr^flr, ' cum«., ... 

■ih-faall, .IJl. .. p,IU dl • 



nnilFfulnpti, -'rjinis, I. pruillfalili, /V 

Walnll, vlUh, w. Hf fla, (lUrrfl 

WnlcliIulnHi, -nli, «. vii/Iuh,/. 

w«ich-iigiii, -iii, ../.«.;<, «. 

WutchlH^«', -'mlktr, I. erinUjm, n. 
Valch-VDlä, -'D'lril, >. purtta, f.t cdh- 

Wllerage, -1j, i.lmiparlii ptr «c^uo, rri. 

Wnteivroi, -«f., .. cirpio«!, ™. ij-", /. 

wStennSf -In«, ''.'Lda^uJ^Ü, 7bbiZ'- 
. jr.l«in*-|.1nce.-lD|pIl».i."*4™™,.f.,™. 
Wslenno.pgl, -lojpi'. •■ «nn^afofo, m. 


Wk, 1.111., •. «™,/^, -, «. fl. i-«™*, -, 

M«(o, n.t •unitra,/., apmJI^U, m. 

We!T",/.-;./."-iol.""' "°''"'°"' 
W»k, irlk, ■. diMti.iy, «f. diioim^m. 


w«ii! üv«. -'Ynj;; ;. op-i;;;:; /. 

J.xjiulidio, n. ricici^niMIc 


Webted, '-'ii>d, n, Dopcr^'d^lM^r/'i'cnia. 
WKiainH. -'dlm, .. .po.a/.iJo. in, noii^. /. 

Wwd, wld, ». miii' er*.. /., aüu lughirt. 

WeiBh[,wll, ..B«.,«Hp™«n.«. 
neiKlItilr, -'lll, ad. jKiiMflniMfi, (nnnn 

WcIghlT, -'X a. puämn innrläiirii. 
WaloDiDe. wTlIilu, ■. i«. w>m»i /ifu^ 

doiHjcliuu, y.l -. !■, «./or. ^Hona ai- 

Wpld, IlIIJ,». •. Ivillir« '(/'"-• uMo. 

Well, wll, ..p«». "..«™i<,/.Bta;.,/,, 

«ell-wiiher, -Mifilr, j.cti JUiJr,^ !«.< 

Well, rfll, t. .r(<i. -.1 •■■rijiic, /., -, f. ■. 
Wuler^^r, >. ■. mluUrtIt Inpuln-Hni. 
Wund* ■'lM?T'3ii«^ t,lJ^.'/^' 
WMid, >kil, •> <l.r; Miltirtl. 

Weiterlj, -^1, Wnteni, -^-Itih ■- «eil 

Vithm wn'B'it, •. 


WlULls-bone, -tiii, •- i», . 


WbarfKge, -'Ij, •. Jlrillr M rlpmltla, m. 
-Wbarlinor, -Injlr, ,. tu.^f=7,.d- w. 

n^l^bwll, ;». ««•, e«> «»r^'n'il^i^i 
Vliat[to)nfr, -fallli-ilr, pa. fufiinTH, 

irhul, birll, I.Jnim^lr, m. limdt,f, 
Vhealen, -'n, •- ii irMa. 
liVvdlf , liwl'U, v. ■. >JfiIfan, Uibinrt. 
muwdlcr, -It, •. l—i-ttUrt, m. 



.«Im-, -ij, Wliwl-hiinc, --iriril'»." 
— '-— orJu, -'ü"-'- - -' — -■- J' 
... ,m, 

lUfflalti. '"'" 
fh^iB, »Win, «. 

■ffhripVfcVlr^r'-'i-VBo'&^.i -, •.•. jSni 

-nlwiHiciiDXTer, ^ä"l'!.ir^. Jo^h**. 
WheiKialenr. Lvlii(il]lT-iIr, .d. fHHtTi, 

Wh^n, kirlr, irf. da», inr-, »««.i, 
-.J^P'ru.ito, -"ibo.KÄ, faAi«>n 

'l -W, Im tkr, ju7 fUdJtr r'Dvrf ^aId'.' 


öü't iir#4 r, «. afu.irti {fit.) icella 

n, hwlB, .. mv^ceia, «. fatutim, f. 
Biwr, -*plr, ».n. (Mun, ,iiln->i. Tr». 
BtinL -'Ukll, ■. c.pr1siä,f,xim,ii- 
1*, kirlD, V. K. äölTtt, rwmwinrji. 


VHiipplf-tne, -'pKrl, t. KIwKCiim, m. 

ik, birlik, .. •;««,(■, «<l;^ 

>lur, -"Ii, I. miiiuul j>, K j (uHl 

iper, liirlt'pir, «, n. UAitUtin, u 

.. u.lU, InW i.jf»«fa^''-7i>. 
Whit, hwlt, I 
— ■ wli, «. *i. 

, .li™.W „„. 

WliilB-Hold, -'llld, .. pUliit.J. 
While-heat, -nill, •. fiuinJuo-iiu,/. 

WhilsJ^nJ, -lld, r nru»,/. 

Wliil^wub. -'wl)b, •. linbi, -., -, V. .. 
Wliilher, JmllH'tr, aJ. Wm., •». 

Whillow, liwli'it, I. DuirMcfa, K. 
WliitiuDlide, hirlt-ttniU, i. «■(»■• MIa 

W^lilTt«^^, ■' ■■ Hffiuurr. r/>. m. 
Who, bl./m. «Af, fj«i»fa. 
HflMTir. -Il^lr, pa. fmJaiifiH. 
WhdlB, bll, a. liillB, Jjrlin, hilifii -, >. 

Whollj, hH'll, «d 

loop, nwip, v.M. g"-"' -. •■ «'■="..". 
lOOpiBg-congh, -lüirtf, 1. Ifirjinam, 
•ort, hfl (lilr>, I. kttUKtm,/. Lf. 

lo», tili, p». •!• >«'. <'■ 'I/, ■• •*;, •/• Si. 

de, iU, '/ÄVi! ärgi, ".;.[., »MWi 

■w ikt, •l^ •. WM. 

TT pnun, «liVla, i 
VIA, -tUd. «. fit 


taMlL, ., ,. 

IfildRseu, allrMimli, '*>•<«'»>, h. »(((■- 

irildfin' iJjdllr. ■,/»« gnu, in.r ürl 

iriidi>ii,iriid^,>. urfciuj.,/ r/. 

'WildiiHi,'wll«'iil9, i.n(«ilc*cn>/ir>e7i, 
-Wflj. i«, «.yiirtwJ^ •olliflia^.y. 
WiUHl, vll'caija. u;w4Js,Hi(iii>iiii -Ij, uf. 

THliBgaUi, --itDJIlIl, ..*MM«(Mli,/. 

-WillowTwIl'ji, •- »[», u'iu, ■•. 
"Wür, «l'll. •■ •ilMla.jiia. 
ViDble, win'bl, K firmujii, uteMilh , i». 
IV^n* «1B, V. ■. ^. ^uadfgnmrti ma^Mütarm, 

Winded, iris'iDd, a. IrnfiUu. 
Wind«, wlB-ilS., .. otm;.;», ™. 


indJui, wIuil'Üi. I 

-niU, «In^m^J, •. midi-» ■ •«■ 

Wind-pipe. wlüd^ln,.. rrMji«,/. 
W{nd7, <rlB'>ll,.a. VMUK, VMD. 

WinnfT, .Id'ü!^ ., j.«i.,M(.r.^. L". 

^".'i»'«"«^,°fVyijBr™ . ' Sv.tiu.r'. 
Winiert^, -il, Wiiil*i7, -l, Wintir. -Tfl, 

Wirtdra», -*drl h. ■. ir.ßimrt M nilif^i 

Ml.) It.r. ■ (im.». r(t,-l. 

Wire-pnllBt.-jiliLir, ». ciarUuta, imrltvt- 

WitB-pullu«, -'pBlllni, ». rijfrt m. pL 

IVliHom, wli'dln, I. ■•pJmw, pmdtHia,/. 
TTii«, »!■', B. mjb'», '™f"i 'Irenptlln -, 

Vup, «IIP, t. Ir^finmcIHi (iircifat. fl. 

WitlM, «iil^rll. *. •iiaUf »»wi -1i, 

Wit,' wl'u'.'!'"S'f'jii« ImltlUn^m.' Kl -1 

wll'lliirlift, '-%flftf'l.''Jä2</fH«to, ... 
Wilh, irllit, pr. ur>i Jm, di, •. lm.lit,f. 

wiuui, «iThii', r>r. Aid. ii/yi i»! »cifi, 

WiÜidtaw, wIlMrl', u. >. b-. rlllrirr, I- 
«n^(, -, II. II. Ir. rhiraril, »tiJu-.m.- 




Wither, wlTH'Sr, v. m.fiare aeecaret -, v,n, 

gfiorire; diaseecarsi. fpedire; arrealare, 
Witlihold, w1'/th&ld% V. a. iV. rileneref iin- 
W'itUhoIder. -8r, a.ritenitoref detentore, m. 
Within, ir\th\n'f pr, in, fra, dentrot -» mI. 

interiormentet a eaaa. 
Withouty w1fAoflt% pr.fuor,fuorii aenxa; -, 

ad, & e. a meno ehe, ae non che, 
Withstand, wIMsllnd, v. a. ir. reaistere, 

Witiiy, yi\lh'l, a. vtnco, vinciglio, m. 
Witleas, wIt'lSs, a. aeioeco, aeimunito. 
Witling, wlt'llng, a, aaceentttzto, m. 
Witness, wlfnls, «. teatimonio ^ m. teati- 

moniansa, f.t -, v. a. & n. ieatißeare, at- 
Witted, wU'tSd. a. d* ingegno. \jeatare. 

Wittjlj-, wit'lljj. ad* ingegnosamente. [f. 
Wittiness, w7t'tio2s, «. aeutezta d* ingegno, 
Wittinglv, w^l'tlagl«, ad. a bella atudüo, 
Witty, wu'li, a. ingegnoao, apiritoao. 
Wizard, w^z'zSrd, a. mdovino, mago, m. 
Woad, w&d, a. guado, m. 
Woe, wi, a, dolore, m.t miaeria,/. \mente. 
Woeful, -'fSl, a. mealo » -ly, ad. dogtioaa- 
yfoH, whltfa. lupo, m.t she ~, lupa,f. 
Wolnsli, -'^sh, a. dt tuvo; goloao. 
Womati, wflm'mSn. «. y^mmma, donna.f. 
Woman-hater, -hltSr, a. odiatore del aeaao 

temmineo, m. 
Womanhood, hftd, a. atato di donna^ m. 
Womanish, -Ish. a. /emminiie t ejff'eminmto. 
Womaiikind, -klnd, a. femmineo aeaao, m.f 

donne,f, pl. 
Woinanly. -U, a. di donna, donneaeo, 
Woinb, wom, a. malrice,f. utero, m. 
Wonder,wSn'd2r, a.maravigiia, f.; aiupcre, 

m.t ", V, n. maravigliarait alupirai. 
Wonderfui, -'fSl, o. maraviglioao, atraordi- 

nariot -ly, ad, maraviglioaamente. 
Wondrons, wSa'drSU, a. maraviglioao. 
Wont, wänl\ a. uao, m.i uaanta^f. 
Woiited, -'Id, a. aecoatumato, aotilo. 
Woo, ytZ, V. a. fare V amore, amoreggiare, 
Wood, wBd, a. fegno, boaco^ m. aelva,j. 
Wood-bine, -'bin, a. madreaelva,/. 
Wood-cock, -'kSk, ♦. beecaecia. /.(vLceello), 
Wood-cut, -'kSt, a. alampa di legno, f. 
Wood.culter, -'k8ttftr, a. intagliatore in 

legno, m. 
Wooded, -'Id, a.fornito di legna. 
Wooden, -'?n, a. (faUo) di legno. 
Wood-house, -'hita, «. Ugnaja,/. 
Wood-land, -'lind, a. paeae boacoaö, m. 
Wood-louse, -'I8is, a. eentogambe, m. 
Woodinan, -'min, a, boaeajuolo, guarda^ 

boachi, m. 
Wood-pecker, -'pSkkSr, ♦. pieehio, m. 
Woody, -'t. a. boacoao, aelvoao. 
Wooer, wS'ar, a, innamorato, m, 
Woof, w8f, a. tramat teaailura,/, 
Wool, WÄI, a. lana^f. 

Wool-comber, -'kAmar, a. aeardaaaiere, m. 
Woollen, -'Iln, a. (Jalto) di lana. 
WooJly, -7/^ a. lanoao, peloao. 
nool-pack, -'pik, », tacco di Uaa, m. 

Wordf v2rd, «. parola, J'.t tarmine, m,f «^ 
V. a. eaprimere.aerivere, 

Word-book, -'hak, a. vocabolario, m. 

Wordiness, -'Inis, a. verboaitä, f. 

Wording, -'Ing, *. (gr,) eoatrmione,/, 

Wordy, -'A, a. verboao, 

Work, v2rk, a.lavoro, travaglio,m.t operat 
faceenda; fatiea, pena, f.t effeito, m.t -, 
V. a.&n. iV. lavorare, operare. effettuaret 
fabbricaret faret fermenlare, botlire. 

Worker, -'5r, a. lavoratore, tavorante, m, 

Work-hotiae, -'h84s, ♦. eaaa da lavorare, f, 

Working-day, -'^ngdi, a. giorno di lavoro, m. 

Workinan, -'min, a. operafo, lavoratore, m. 

Workinanship, -'mtnsblp, a. manufatturat 
arte dett arteßee,f. 

Workshop, -'»hSp, a. lavoratojo, m, 

Workwoiiiani -'wSmSii, a. artigiana, la- 
voratriee, f. fvila, f. 

World, wSrld, a. mondot univerao, m.t terra, 

WorldJinesfl, ^'linis,a. mondanität avari- 

Worldling, -'llng, a. uomo intereaaato, m. 

Worldlj, -^k, a, mondanot vano. 

Worm , w8rm> a. verme, vermine, m. t chioc- 

eiola d*una vite,f. i ", v, a.Skn. minore t 

lavorare aeeretamente. 
Worm-eaten, -'hn, a. buealo, tarlato, 
Worm-hole, -'hAl, a. intarlamento, m. {m, 
Worin>8eed, -'aM, a. antelmintico rimediö, 
Wonn-vood, -'wid, a.aaaemio, m, 
Woriny, -'i, a. pleno di vermi. 
Worry, wir'rl, v. a. lormentaret opprimere, 
Worse, urSrs, a. & ad, peggioret in modo 

peggiore, peggio. 
Worship, wSr'shlp, a, eullo divino, m. t add- 

raxione,/.t your-, vo»lra riverenta (tiMo)t 

-, V. a. adorare. 
Worshlpful, -rtl, a, riverendo, 
Worshipper, -p8r, a. adoratore, m, 
Worshipping, -ping, a. adoraxione, f. 
Worst, wirst, a. il piA eattivo, il peggioret 

*> »• Peggiore, l'eggio, m. eatremitd, f.t -, v. 

a. auperare; vtncere. 
Worsted, -'Id, a. lana^filata, f. 
Wort, vSrt, a. apezie di cavolot moato, m, 
Worth, wirfA, a. degno, meritanlet -, '». 

prexxo, valore, m.t valuta,/, llamente. 
Worthily, wSrTH^IJ, ad. degnamente, meri- 
WorÜiiness, warTHlnia, a. merito, m.t 

dignita, f, ^valore. 

Worthless, w2rM'l?s, a. indegno , di poeo 
Wortldessness, >nla,*. indegnitat vilia,f. 
Worthy, wJlr'THi, a. degno, meritevoUt -, 

a. uomo itluatre, m. 
Woiild-be, wBd'b^, a. pretendente. 
Wonnd, w8nd, a.^erita, piaga,/. 
Wove, w&f, a. veltno. f». riaaa,/. 

Wraiigle, rlng'gl, v. n. riaaare, diaputaret -, 
Wrang ler, -8r, a, eontenditore, garritore,m. 
Wrangliiig, -rlog'gllng, a. riaaa, diaputa,J. 
Wrap, rlp, v. a, invotgere, inviluppare, 
Wra^iper, -'p8r, «. eoperta,f.t invituppot 

abito da eamerataecapatojot piecoloaeiaUm, 
Wrath, rVth, «. eollera, atizxa,/, £**•• 

Wr«k, iJk, B. ■. 

Kr.'illi, >li<l , 

ilra , V. ■. ellvcItlUrm, liUrteei' 

nmt, tb,i>.a.llH'ewi,tIr«Ki'j(!rei ilm^ 

fntilla, di'it, ■. *. blUni caalenJrni. 
Wnilln, -Ir, >. (•Ualarf, at 
WnulllDt, rli'illill, '. (mU, iHllt.f. 
WrElch, Atah, I. nlnn, Ici/firali, n. 

Wriling-rl'Llni, j. ttriltunitf.i tarlito, m. 

W^ongflll, -Tli, •. htju», l»«i>ruii>i -]j 

XTidEniphn'. illiilllnr, >. rlhirnj^, n. 


.^!?.«;;.*™."^'^jJJi«!'/'"" ' 


■ r-boolc, -nilk, >, uurr, n. pf. 

.■Ilowlbay, Ibi), .'.filnr../ ' 
tlloi™«. -Dl),., «(.««.../. »&r 

eoiinnrj-, -^,i.iMn/«a pitiii, /. pl., 

Yoke, jlli, •. ./»(.i ;■«/•,».. euppüi./.i -, 

ilk, ^k, I. iKorh, mm .Tk«»., «. 
in(der), jiaC^ir), att. ti, in vüJn. 
_ tte. }lt, «t -. I. Iln» o( -, «/. .Ilr. v.u.. 

'. iI-dI, I. 

gf;^ ^_^ __ 


Zi-nill., it'Dli«, r. >'.. 


Vinduct, MiSU, I. viä^ii,, «. 
V;.l, .MI, .. ß.1., nrJr«., /. 
Vitnd, TllDd, ., irfH>£,/., cU., m. 
TiaticuiD, tlU'lhlB, 1. v&'lEo, m. 
-Vlbrllfi, Tllrtt. «. lt. trf«nr>. 
Tibnlian.illiil'Ah, >. vilminu, /. tm. 

ViomSip, -«ktn, >. vfurW, m. 

ywinilT. Tlitifilil, 1. vIcMii, pnHhtllA 

V sioai, iVilila, ■. in»», -It. ■</. vfifa» 

V oitiiiuiFii , -ab, (. itmiHb;/, \mt-n 

■V crtiu, lUtlm, f. ^Uli-m,/. 

Tclononi. Ttkit^li, m.' riiuriaia i -J} 
T otorr, Tlk'ilrj, .. WhoW-i, /. 

T CtMl, llfU, ■. a. MMVacJbirr. 

V Clunltn-, -Ir, >. pnamdluri (di nllmn 

V dtrKoct, lldIC-lklL «3. %l^ «ifc . i/Jr., 

Ti|II, i1']1l, f. ■!((»■, Ktgli^, f. 
TUilK")*, -iBi, .. trifMium,/. 
yj^lut. -Inl, ■. bJ(Uu(^ mllaa. 

Titami, Tlfllt, t. Wim,/. n>»win.i 
-Vit*, ilJ, ■. bJIi, (MImi. I -]j, «t. «»»AK 

VilHIHI, -Ih, 1. Wfbl, kuH», /, 

Till«, ill-ll. .. •«. rt >»V<I'-. SJ*-, /. 
Vit Uie, ilKII], t. vUlagrlt, m. 

TilUrn, lll-lla. I. hrittMn,,fMrf.AU, m. 

TOlnilT, iTl'liltl, >. WUula, brfrnffj,/. 

V!l^«tiD., itilMlIbl*,«. (.Wf^^ü!^; 

ViDdiulur. <1l'dlUllr, •. v^luUrw fü. 

viJaiMiV^, -I, .. 'v^iuiiM, e.wfiyb 

Vindietiri!, i1i<ltt'11>, .. tmdiaii^. 

ViBS-brauh, -fcrlub, •.ptmp..,, m. 
Tiir-dt^,rr, -ärlnit, ,. flf'h. "Il™- 
/-"■«, -. 

naiilrNll^i'W, t. ^iäüjNHa,/. 
□U|a, lillllt, i, vtmäamm 

ien •lill'ri.l 



V pw, .Ijib. .. Bip.^., f. Iviptrin. 

r^nitr, lii^l'aJlI, I. iPtrnnlrJi parflil, 

lilV, Tlrt'nia, I. i^fiil,/- 
luäl' UAl'iif". Jrf!^ Th, arf. „'„ 
aj.ui.1.. rulf*", ■.. >«•»..,/. 

Ii», TlfHI, t.v^ndi tmncUifoFtM.t. 

|<W, .Ir^IlB., .. 



Vuaoni, fli^U ■. WMau, afalbs». 

riblf, -1, .rf. Witfil^». 

iion, iI'AIb. I. aMau^>;>fiaHiiiuir,/. 

lilai^l, -Igl, >. sMliHlfi vujui»?, ■■. 

lond, -d, a. •n.iilira». 
lU.VU'n. •. viUai pr^ptulm,/. 




Yitrifr. Tll'trl/1, v. «. * v. ii. vetrifiitmrei 

Vivacity, ylyhftlüf ». yivmeiü^ /. 
Viraiy, tI^tIfc, «. vivajo, m.t gartnnmff. 
ViTid, Tlv'Tld, a. vivmeet -Aj^ ad, vivmmtnt«. 
Viridness, -als» «. viveiii, J. {/, 

ViZf VIS« A«'* cioi, vmU a dire. 
Vidier, tli'ylr, «. vuire, m. 
Vocabulary, tlklb^Allr^, t.voembolario,m, 
Yocal^ yhlAi, m. voeale, di voce. 
Vocahst, -Ist, «. eantator«f m. eantmtrieet f. 
Vocation« T^ki'shla, «. voomtione,/, fm. 
Yocative, vlkltltlT, «. (gr.) ea<o voeativo, 
Yociforate^ vAtlrflrlt, v. n. voe(ferwe, 
Yociferatioa, tAsIfflri'shSn, «. vo«(^«r». 

Yociferous» TisIrflrSs, «. vodfermntet ro- 

Yopne, T&f, «. vo^a{ moda^f, 

Voice, tM«, «. vocetf.i §uffragiot m. 

Yoice-pipe, -'plp> #. portavoet, 

Yoid, TBtd, a. vofo, vaeuOf nullot privo di; 

-, ». vaeuitä, J.f -, v, «. voturet abbrnn- 

Yoidable, -4bl, «. che $i puo mmnutlare. 
Yoidanoe, -^nt. «. evaeuaaione, JT, 
Yolatile, Tftnltfl, a. volaliUt volubile, 
Yolatility, TftlltlHa«, «. volatititH'f. 
Yolatilizatioii, Tftlltlllii'shSa, §, volatUi»^ 

sasion«, /. 
Yolatilize, TSnltllli, v. «. voUtUhuire, 
Yolcanic, TSikln'nIk, «. </f votemno, 
Yoloano, vSlki'ni, «. volcmno, m. 
Yole, vil. «. tar« /e mani (al fiaoeo deHe 

carte), y. ;»/, 
Yolley, tSII«, «. «a/va (<// moichettmU); 

brigata; acelammnione, f. grido. m. 
Yolt, yhlt,s,votta,f. 
Yolubility, TSlAbll'Ut», ». votubititik,/, 
Yolnble, TSl'lAbl, «. volubilet teggierof 
Yoliibly, -i, ad. volubilmente. Ipreeto, 

Yoluine, vtryAn» «. voimmet Ubro^ m. 
Yoliuninoiu, TAlA'a^nSs, a. voluminoao. 
Yoluntarily, Tftniatlrlllf md. volontanm' 

Yoliuitary-, TftriSotlrl, a. volonlario t -, «. 

(mtts.) eaprieeio. m. fantaaia, /. 
Yolunteer, TSllntlr', «. (totdato) volomtario, 

m.f -, V« 0. farei goldato volonlario t ar- 

rolarti. , , .. , r«o, m. 

Yoiuptnaryy rhltptßtrl, §. uomo volutiuo- 
Yoluptuons, T&lflp'tJJlSa, a. voluttuosot -ly, 

a«/. voluttuotamente. 
Yoluptiioasness, -nts, «. volutta, /. 
Volute, lAlÄt', #. voUta, f. 
Yoinica, vSm'mikl, t.pottema tuppurata,/. 
Yoinit, T&m'mlt, «. vomitivo, vomito, m.% -, 

v. a. yomitare^ reeere. 
YomitiTe, TftB'nltlT, «. vondihto. 

Yoraoiooa, Tir&'ahia, «. vomMi -Jy, mä, 

Yoracity, T&rls'sltl, «. voraeitä,/, 
Yortex, vSr'tlka, «. vorticet gorgo, m. 
Yotary, vi^tlrl, «. devotot mmmntet pardgU-, 

not m.t •, a. votivo, 
Yote, v6t, «. v0f«, »uffragio, m. i -^ v, «, 4 

K. </are i7 «ko euffragioi eieggar», 
Yoter, vA^tSn «. votanlt, m. 
Yotive, T&'lTf, a« voiiv«. 
Yonch, TSAtah, v. m, afftrmmrt, mccertmret 

Youcher. -'ir, «. aUmrUt UetUmtmian—, f, 
Youchsafe, -'Mf, v. «• mcecrdaret -, w. «. 

Yow, tSA, «. «oto, m.| -, V. a. votaret d»- 

dicarti •, V. ». /«ir« km vütot ginrara, 
Yowel, -'11. a. voeale,/. 
Yoyage, tBHj, a. uimggia (per mare), ««| 

-, V. R. /iir« vtaggio per mare, m. 
Yulcaiii TSilcia, a. voleano, m, 
Yulcanize, -li« v. «. «o/eoMMar«. 
Yulgar, vSKglr, «. votgare t -1/« «^. volgoT' 

mente; -, a. volgo, popolaeefof m. 
Yulgarisin, -lim, a. eepieeeione votgare, f, 
Ynlgarity, v8lg2r^2ti , a. volgaritA, baeeem- 

YnJgarize, -Iz, v. «. render votgare. 
Yulnerable, TtKnSiibl, a. vutneraHte. Tm. 
Yulnerary, Tll'nfhrlr«, a. rimedio vutnerario^ 
Yulpine, TfiKpto, a. volpino% tututo, 
Yulture, TiJ'tjAr, a. avoUojOf m. 
Yulturinef -In, a. </* mvoltojot voraoe. 


Wad, wld, a. fahdo (di pagUa eee.) r atov- 

WoaeeiOf m.f -, v. «. mettere lo etoppaeeto. 
adding, -'ding, a. bambmgia, borra. (di 

lana eec), /. 
Waddle, -MI, V. H, bareoilare, 
Wade, W&d, v. n. guadare. 
Wafer, wl'f2r, a. ctalda, o9tim,f, 
Waffle, wlrfl. a. eialda,/, 
W'aft, wlft, «. «. comdurre pen convogHaret 

far eenno, $egnaret -, «. «. gatteggiaret -, 

«. (mar.) eegnate, m, 
"Wag, wtg, V. a. 9cuoter0, mgitare iegger- 

mentet -, a. burtone, m. 
Wage, wAj» V. a. mitottar gmerrm. 
Wager, -'8r, a. $conune§ea,/,t -, ». c. /ort 

ttn« ecommeeea. 
Wa gerer, -'2rBr, a. cAa acvmmaKe. 
Wage«, -'Is, a. ;7^ aalario, m. 
Waggery, wVgSri, a. Iraetullo, eeherao, m, 
Waggiih, wlg'glsh, «. nheraevote, 
Waggishnegs, -nla, a. eeherao, ao/Zasse, m, 
Waggle, wle'gl, v. n. dimenarei, muoverai, 
Waggon, wlg'gSn, a. carro, m, earretta, f.% 

(rail.) vagone, m. 
Waggonage, -1j, Waggoning, -lag, a . ^ag« 

deftraaporto nel carro, jf. 
Waggoaer« -%x» «. carr«tUtr«»m% 

Wllliil, irlriiL, I. €ulntul.,f. 
■Unt. oU, I. ««. p.r</.K /- 

«»»(»(''■l'n'iUi 1 Wd/i» I» <■ 



,.....-, , -"lüirlm, •. «/«iTav 1 

Wulif, •".•'■ ■■ • ". '<■■ rf«'w.i -ij««™ 

Wä£,*<lk'' ■''^'/•. ii'tW. «lux/..»! 

Will, .li, •■'»I''. "■ -i«™»/!« 1 /.»-rtir, f.i 
WlH-crtnptT, -'irifit, >. sJceih, n. (ii>I 

w« 1-1. wai'iii.>. «.u,ii. iiiiti.,/. 
Wi i-nowpr. ■'oliir. ;, ,.r«f„, ,Utu, „. 

W.IJ.uiU-'Iril. ../„',„ 5; .;«l/,Vr«,.. 

na tz. iillli, j.'iüfi, n.f -IS.'*. tidUrt il 
w"ä"''j' '' '■""'"• "T!""' '"■''■ 

Wand«, «tn-dlr, fri.*j.. Mf^^vgnl 
ITindnrr, -Ir, .. vat^-nd. ». L*«-'"'. 
]M^«>derut, -Ik, •. mna, /.itvU^mu, u. 
Vuu, (rU. II. ., .MwvCi ifKäuni .... 
tt<^' (dtüm twH), >bi dttuultiaa,/, 

1riIlt,«llU, I. Mwuruu, i^>rcl,tu., /.i u. 
«•|n>,ia,l ~,ir. a. HwtMHgniUi ., H. 
TÜdag, -l™, ■. >»mic«™,J,. 
«•Klon, kId'iK.. fc ji«,rut..r.: /i'MA.o», 

farble. »Ir-U, v. m. ttrgirgtiar 

pilh. m., f«i,l^ /., ., ,. i ,«,^,.. 
W4rden, -'■, t. euaiitdt, gttardtanB t gavw- 
WlrdfT. .'Ir, ., inirrfia, /., > >inViiiui, m. 

WArdihip, -'■bip, «. tMieta,/. 

WHp, »Irp, •. ör^iM, >■.[ -, ■. ■'. srJ 


Wnih-bail, -%ll, I. /iijrii di tn/unr, f. 
Vr»b-]ioiI<«. --Iiib, I. Lvauj,, m. ' 
wHIhy"*-''', .''i^ii™"SC 


Wninilh. -^ik, ».f-lldim, •li.^m. 

Wa.U, ■1<1, V. X «.uliA du,nl..,rn 


-WalebJnht, -Ab, i.^ufi, m. 
Hitehnäkcr, -'nlklr, i. orMmfo, m. 

i'iltowr, -tillr, A 
ili-irord, --irfrd, 1 

Weimling",' ''-■äo^,"^iäll^^^ii>,pplila, 




W»tei-öio«l., ... 

WalR-oolDun.-klJJln, (.^.acTHnHaV- 
WalR-oDA 4ir, (. nn 'iMff ■^r,"/! "' 
Water-flrpbant, -4ll Am, «. ippapaiami,, m. 

Watn^Ioi, -rtloi, .. «rpfiH, M. L»—, f- 

Walflf-irork, -wirk, ..«a««;«. fdruflc«, 
WalaiT. -^ •■ a«««!. ' \y. 

Taille, lätll.i.f.rhi dl »jrc/i «»iTc- 

Vari^,"'!^^? 7: jl^u^'m., Jüji, /., -, «. ». 

1f anr -4r, 11. ■. ftcUlan, lltiitrc. 
'WaTOrini, -'Irloi, ■. Imnliam,-,i,brt- 
VtJ, Ill'tl, ". «ufnloiUi. lisIiuiBiir,./. 
IFac, wllv, ■, wtVtJ.l -, V. ■. iMtttraret -, 

VH-taper.'-.'tlBlr, l. uro, o. iorvlrn, eatr. 
IVax-WOrk, -^vlfk, r. mmitllo im ctrm, m. 

naprard, ->riri, ■■ ««iaaU, piinuo. 

Wmk.'Jlt «.'ÄiMir ^, ad. d.h<f~>r>c. 

-WMikcning, -^nlai. <. J.hUbam«,u,, m. 

Weai, wJl,'». irai, 'm.Jtnnptr!li,f' ' "*' 

neaiei, wt-ii. >. d^i^U.f. 
WEathcr, ulTH'lr, •.di,p«iUi>nt Jtir mrl; 
/., ', v.a. •cpportmri. 

I^nä, ■•ir, i. in^lir>, m. 
FejiTiri, wi'TW, •■ icMitar.,/, 

lebtied.'-'hld. i. o^pcrla'^'^n p'tlUü'u. 

fed. wld, i>. a. •/««■>, -. •>:». ü^. 

mtflänl. \pl. 

WBddLng, -'dJn(, *. •pntali.h, m. iwn^, /. 
Weaga.^w'jl. .. MBl., '^>«'«- (d* <« «=i 

W«dnndar, vlai'di, a. mircalrA, m. 
Weed, «ad, >. nar tri», /.i Bifto fagalr^ 

Wcedine-hoDX, -Inthik, j. i>rotia, u. 
W«edT, --1, >. fifnro di •»/■ ir*i. 
"'eek, will, I. KllüaunirJ. 

..IWing-Tritlow, -'fnniljli, a. tmtalr la. 

wieviirwl"!, I. puiutfh, gsrtigllaZ', 
reit wlfl, .. iMi-'c m. i™l/Ä,y, «...*«. ;u«r., arider«--! 
jjeiglier, -^1^ .. j;;^;^". -■ In—J-"'. 

Wsightilr, -'bi, md. ptitAItmnü, mrmvt- 
auato. , riaipcrlaUi,/. 

WeiBbliuil, -'tnis, l. pi», n, graiiR«, 
Teigtlf , ''i. n-ptaiau, ba^rlrM: 
raloDue, «IJ-klm, a. «« ijl^e» 
•id1<, •> J, (!>» i« »M.l.r ., .. ^ui.. 

:3,d"-'' ■•"■■'■" '-•"■■■ 

ri-ld, ullil,«. a. h>l»r> »/ifrro «Mo. 
nelJ, -, a. i. la,«,. lalatt, ftll,:., -,tJ. 

Vnt,vkl, ■.•«i.lolr. .CMK*m.I -.^•/I' 

WuKrlr. -^1, WnMrn, -^m, * «<J- 
Wonriud, -wird, »J, «« pamii. 
Wlt, ■)!, ■■ ani^, imt^imU i -, 1. •midUi, 

Htth-r, wftanä, ä. mmulrmt, m. 
WelBi», «h'nb, (. !•■>««», »•UJid, /. 


Wh« c-boni, •'Ml, i. HH äl (alua, la. 

Wh-i«. -^1, f. p«o.i,r. MI. *.<«.. m. 

Wmirjj bwBrr, '- pcriat mvto, m. 
irbirfail, -^ i. dlriu^ JjU rip'ftlt, m, 
VlbKiRntn, '^ajlr, i. gaudüi, d" u 

Whll/bwil, H. il« eJi «Hl thHthti^, 

Wluit(>a)**a(, -bljli'ilr, f»i. fwJaRTw, 


Hheat, Ml, '.frummmt*, m. ilmJt,/: 

VhcattB, -'Hj ■■ d frww. 

inndlü, hvi'dl, tr. V mlMltn, tiabam. 

W bcsdlcr, •Ir, «. Inbumtn, n. 

HW, »«ll, .. """j/^- ■- ?• w/*«/". 

rwUlmn, >■■ TviCi ifilfc >Miu>i, jn. 

WhHlar, -^, VhMl-honr, --litn, •. c 
WhKl-woTlu, -^Irki, i. pj. ni.i. if-iM. 

WhMl^wrifhl, -'Hl, i./'«'I°ri i/i rvslr, ■■. 
WhHU, ttttt, v. ■. näplnH, rißttn am 

WhvjDi, hwlJn. V. ■. nprirti Mt/atmtrK'rK. 
Whcip, livllp, >, cttKnlü-, 11.1 -, v.f./art 
W>ai, Imln, id. fBanib, mmln. 
Wkenoe, kwlim ■.«. ^...I., dnt,. 
-nhanÄMtolner, -<>il><'<lr, •,<, ämdt^i, 
Whndoitrrr, bwhtiillT-Tfc, dd. fu«<li>, 

V\^TdwW.'',d. d«a., «7-, ™i».ll.| 
..ITJ-, dipptrlult«, -tbo.ldl, f.difiHi 

al «^i, d.( ul« -ftrv ptr U >u(,s Sir «J| 
-(OM-, ^»r (■ fna) na«, ptrM, -tn«', 
■&>a0ai .l»«, In ck, u[ f niln Jcwn -Uw, 

-«■•r'«r, bt^M^lm^mt LnOfot -\9'. ^dM^, 

bwiTD-lr, c. H, <■< c^i -. «. 

aa^ it' d^ 

■ich, Ira^ub, m. «^ J/ f a*/«. Ja mkmU. 
«TMühiarrv, -alhTli,!». faajaaf a>. 
WhiC ta*lr, f.jEafa, Mfladwifa, la. 
ffliil, ki^ j. »>i.Uä«aa> Ja(/w, ■■. 

fflup<liaBd, -'Üb«, 1 
Wbu>p«-Ü^ -plria, > 

rt^pdle-tm, -'pllcl, f. tilmmtbu, m. 
WbirC hvlri, >. (iraiaMla, lartiaa, ■>., ., v. 
a. ft /i. firara Pen ümpatai mrglrmni. tf. 
WbuL|I), kwiitllll, t. aarla, la. IrMMa, 
TThülpool, kwlrl>K, l. narafäv,/, 

Whi.k, kiilA .. •>-«&, «.;«.M,y. 
Whuker, •'tr, >. iMiUiut»,ai.i twiia,^. 
Whiiper, kstVplf, v. ik iMigli,^, wS>r>- 

WhiaHripit-lkf,«. tMialta, m. 

wiiiiOirilt. •. ri»« di wü, ». 

Whiilln, '■''^•'•il, >. J('°U>. a<.i -, v. ■. * >. 

Whi^ kll^l. •. 1>!^. Baute, HL 

Wbile, kwTl, a. Mu», Bar., -, .. »/.r 

»<»a., ada«. (■<' h' in«), la. 
Whit^iiald, -'(lld, •. iifai^/. 
While-llHt, -'bll, r. üuaifatin,»,/. 
Whit^-liat. -Iitl. a. (■cwi.Jw.,,!,.'-' 

W1iile-lini7, .'Hu, ,. »I» »,'Ur.,/. 

MIHlth, -'«Inl, I. lalUiäir,, irafifa- 

Vhile-mili.-'rfik, I. />>D<> 
Thilfier, k?iTH1r,.rf. ifa», 

(hitlöVbirll'% '.'Jl!!!^)^', .. 
.(liitinntids, kotribkld, i. jUfiiHu JWIs 

n^lltle, kw^Til, V. •. tofKauan. r£>, .h 
Vrhii, h<Hi, V. .. tHil^., ....Jüniia, Mi. 
nlio, bl, DO. Atf, U saai.. 
WbDelir, -h-tir, pa. faafanfi». 

'linlpiouiEiiHi, -'■: 

Wicked, -11, • 



nTck^dnj^, --Idnl., .. <—t«nli/l. f. 

Wid«l>ll, -'Dil, >. /.rf««u,/. 
Wid<n^ wla'a>, .. ~<rf™, /.i ., «. .. prl- 

IVidowhood, -IiUl«, vMWuof;^, ■■, 
Wldlb, «IdU, >. ^fAou, iiiii;iiioa,/. 
Widd, «114, V. •. mmn'Uarr, trmUmni 

Hife, wl:, •- »wj/fe, •fn^.J. 

W!i'bl<^ -^llk, >. i«u .jj /IT».., m. 

^,1^ b-i,mi" f'rJ/.', ^, 

yiiiitmnM,iflV*iiw.ii,'i.^uirU,'m. isfjiib 

*dfi™ wllä-rlr . y».» '^^'"' " ' 

"WildingJwlId'l»|'..'m>/'(iMo;«,y. " 'O. 
■yi\\inat,iini'Mi, •.KilvUiditmtJlinnU, 

Witlul, 1tll'[IJ,'a. upiri», ulfiuUi -l;r> ■^- 
■V-AWj, •Clin, .d.}rüHd„U,a»tnl.. 

■Willlng, --nBi, 
-Wilj, -Vu. 


'IIkioK •. 


~>Vincr, w1d<, V. X. ciiJcrflrvrc, lü-an n 

-Wlnch, wlnih, I. »1«»«..«^/. L<"'i 

Wmd/irlnd («bd). .. vliU, >Iito, .■ 

v.wl,l,>,( -.wt*. « «.itar.fU.W 

Wind-pipe, «loJ^ip, t. lriJ,h'a,J. 
WindvjiTd, vlad'wÄrd. ad. tfffiifr0 vfil*. 

WUldr, wiK-dJ, .. HM.», KU... 

Winf^-bib^cr, -^Ikbtr, t. tiiate, tr^nemr, n, 
niae-flODper, -lilplt, i. hHlaju, naii. 

Wiii«>gliii>, -Vb, I, blechltrt dm „Ins, m. 
Wine-grower, -'pllr, •. viguMifU,, w. 

Winged7-ld?«.' »(«».'" 

Wlnking'^«. .. »««m'jKJiiSf ,' «™| 
WinnfT. •In'olf .. f «Inf «ihi, n. J.«, 
WlDJUBg. wlo'Blni, a. allfUMIi, rlltllmlaMii 

Winlerlf, -1(, Irtnlery, -l, Winlry, -"Irl, 

lÄS°,\. äTimI 

viirr.iAti, ^.jfiü /ißi. Jimimiu. 

Vtidom, irti'illm, i. ti^Jiv., pnänat,/. 
Wiie, irli', ■.,"««'•. ■"'"I 'v^pttl'i -. 

Wiinon, -'Ulr, •. icb^ai, mhdiloiir, m. 

Wiib, ilÜli,'ii. i. a II. rfujJvorr, T'an^i 

vo/'r.! -, •. dtildtriit, m. iHigHa, /. 
TFhbfuI, --ni, ■. daUv^c, -I,, Md. .r- 

Wiip, irlap, fi tlr^mmeettj ttretna, «. 
niltfn], vlil'fll, ■. alUH»! DMMHi -Ij, 

Hil, «iL ., lofgui h»«.«., ■>.! le -, 
WUo 1, «iKh, *. «r^i, "..f../. 
— - ■ ifl, --Hin, . 

WilbnljirlTnii'i/'r'ttuf. üifri. In, uej.| 
WilhdiBw, nllJdrl', 11, a. i'r. rilfriri, h- 


H'ill•^aldl!r,-lr,>.r■I«b>rt, ibi«». 

IfitbOat.wimtIf, fr.firr,fiim, iri 

WilhtUlid, wiliilli^ v. m. ir'. ra 

«il^TwIff 1. I. Ol.«, irUtlllia. m. 
Wille», vlllh, & HH», >/i«u». 
«illiDI, ■II-Hh, f. Hcnjuiui, _. 
WitaHM, «InA, t. UHlmmit, m. 
im^UlB^/., -,•>.■,*.. mllfltmr-, „ 

WiltUai, tAVItliU. : ttalenm tf t-trinr, 
VIIübiIt. lAfflafil, md. ■ bdh muSa. 
mttr, villi, B. farrfui», luriiMi. 
murd, -Marl, Ä Ju/n^rmi», ~. 
Waid, vä, I. n>d>, -. 
Hoc, «1, •. iahrt, m.i Mj»n*J>/. Tiua 
naAnl.-'lll, •, ■>[.», -tr, .d. <bc/f« 
Wolf, irltHi. /»j», «., Hl« -■, f~^>,/ 
WollUli, -lib, >. .// f^D, f./«^. 

Ä™"' 'MMr-ElÄrT™itf5jJnB « 

Worknunihtp, -^loBhlp, 
Workihnp, '-At^ ;. J. 

WorldiluMt, -^lali.i 
.roti ilini, -Hu, L ■» 


WomankiniL -kisd; V>>«i.»" 

Jhuh,/. pf. 
Woiiuarir, -i(, <. <M <&.»., <<«»«» 
Woinb, Ulm. (. •hiiHc;/. nlirt, m. 
Wondar.vli'dlr, t.««>r»;t»i,^., . 

WDndnfn^'^l, ■. «aiC^/S»"« 

Wandiw»,^«l«'4^ <•. mvmiiliU 

Wnultii -Wa, ■. MC«».«»"»'«'«. 

Woo'd, i;l4,'t.'ft(jii>, iil^M.^Ihlirf^.'"'' 

WoDd.miiier, -niaiiir, •. iiiUglUiirt b, 

Wuad«'d, -1d, 4. /■"•''<> •" '•(><■- 
Wood«, -^%, .. {/■i») rfi /..„, 

WoDa-IrnidT-lliid, t. pai% Z^>!w, «. 
Woad-Ionic. ^Iia;, j. («Ion«»!, n. 
Woodiiilii, .'mli, f. tMU/mh, guarda- 
Wood-pecker, -'pIkkSf, #, pivehn^ m. 

Woi>l-«ainber, -'klnlr, f. (eor.f.nJ<re. ». 
»•"•Il"; ^n, •■ a.«-) * (.».. 



Work-Jiiräie,' -^lli, t. »m ™W 'J ",'/. 
Worliag- diT, -^ ■(dl, 1. .{.r.. di W«*, 1^^ 
Warkjoni, -fmta, i. apertf; Uvamlart, m. 

Worm-Hten, -'iu, ■. htcmu, larlrU. 
Woruhhol«, ■Jtihl. I. iMrrlmmi^u, m. f». 

ihipfnl, -ftl, ■. rtutmJo. 
[hippcr, -plr, t. adanuor*, jn. 

WoHt, winl, ■. •Ipli clUvr. il i«ub»i 
-, t. p'ui'". i>'»(i»,-t.«Ii™(lJ,7.1 -,* 
Woriied, -JU, >. UnijtlMa, f. 

yßrlkiir, nb-htill, ad. a, 

....llüeuBM., -_ 
Warlhr.wlrTBl, ■ 


w»i-it, M. 

Wound, »lud, •./tAi, püo.y. 

ling , -rlni'rlliif , 4, flHd, jitput 
er, -'iilr, I. copti-ta, y. , invilM) 


WiHh, ilii, .. 

»Iltra, tu 


1Trellt^,IllA,.. »T..., thü-Und.,f.i -, 
tITD, «. ■. ■IWn(fJIin,li>IrKiiian| »- 

Wrecki rlk, f.nv^ra«''*! AuJinviifs nai^ 
/rartu , m.i rftfÄnufwMf f^t -, ti. a, » n. 

It^il, All" K. l^IIarc, cMl.nJfct. 
frmtltr, -Ir, ■. (oiutsri, •■■ 
Vfrwllint Fli'il1=i. .. fo<a, M«./- 
irntcb, rtlit I. mjMTB, ictllmlo, m. 
WntoLird, -"Id, ■. ™ii«-»,f™«'i>, iMii*i/m. 
VrolclifdAHi, -M*. «* Mutr''} iii«iä4i«J'4i 

Wiiula, rtl"!!. ■- ■. Jlmtwaritt pttgaril. 
WrjiKt, ril... vir(lu., l«»n>iu, h. 

nS^^'^Br"''. "«* i^",/r -. ". «. 

Vrit^i tIi, V. ■. Ir. «cniwvi eompwrn- JM- 

■Wnlhe, pItH, u. «. larvrti -, ff. H. äeßrirt. 
Wr]tii>i,rli1u, .. g^utr-./.! «ri(i=, ". 
WnllDa-baDJ^ -bifc, .. fi.«3trn.. ». f™, 
Wntint-daiC; 'dhk, •. Hrii'.««, Ia»f>«, 

„'!'* "■ ' , , ' [f™"''/- 

WnHflg-ptper, -pvj'-j^'^j^,';!," '"^''; 

fa.hilX"/™"«! •'.'jJiUrla, ollri-l- 
Wrynnt, -"nli, ». »MUr.Ion.1 rinii../«i.,/ 

XiloBrnphn-, lElli'arlrlr, >. xihir/tfn, m. 

(mlmridl l.gpicdl|,.nl.>«(rl'<!ni 

iwl.lll, I. iarcficllit, f. hmrlta, m, 

i. l'l, (jij, " j. »1, i" «n^Ii 

..'^ir^baol:,'-^!^ i.'aiuriU, n. öl. 
Ysiirling, -'ßpr, .. =*. HC« kö eil -n s.i». 

- Inj. -^m, ». '•Mp...h,,„,/. rj 

ellowneil. -nls, >. flallaia, /. eo. 
In,lli(nl|.j1i),<> »»»Mr., & V« 

m. aecvpptMjv ai glagot MoggtogQr*. 

le-elin, -'tlm. 


r^,£. J-H^. m. 

■ (der), iSuCÄlr 

ad. M, in hXp. 



une, ;t~(, a. t 



ingiler, -'tllf.».«». 

Ulr«, /••»»''i.iKHlW. 

.. usl •(>]». 


««<*,/. r-»".«". 

• thful, WJI.s. 



nf.tL, ..'«/.,. 

■-, *-.jr.B^ -. 

«lol, .ll'll,,... 



.W«>«i ~iy, od. M" k'». 

,r»,;i1.rl.., * 

*'";/■ >;«W» ~ 

ZfviijT.flrfti', • 

Ufl"'".""- "■"" 



oologionl. iJilld'illll, .. ugfifi». 
oalogiil. liuisilri, I. •«(•jFv. w. 
oolnyr. litl'LÖl •. •i't^H':f- 

OIWfallE, I^Artl,«. piaalaiiimaUt mt 

ouadt, üiait, i. puffmriädia. 

List or Ih« most remarkable modern geograpliical names, Üa!t dilTer 
in tbe two languages. 

nntrr-Iilandi.klnl'ri, Cm- 
■■''ndiH'n.''kiD-il1U, « 
■■tL^tl'ii".°ilrlD-l(19 c!.'A'.^ 
■ r[tjitUiaiii, kUrpi'jftllat 

Cmhinen, tM'nlr, Cuf- 

ilio un, tdiilftk tl, 
Mn, ErMkb, I. A •. 

In Ouipclle, l'lblilp^. 
UUtMl', ^joiV ' 

ludlLi'iTI, A- 

Angonffw. Ir'liiBti. 1. A I. 
^rügtnai. \Ar<äptUc-, ™. 

AnneniiB, liml'iijln, i. « >. 

AllTunuin! Ii(li''>ifin, " « »i 

Atlwni, IW'Jii.. Jl'"f,/. 
Attimlii, blUm,Ailiuilicii, 

A"i.burg, Ui^n,A^.,U, 
AUItrinn, b-lrllo, ■, A i. 

Unrlinda«. bJrbl'dli, »f. 
B^lsün, UlrjUa, a. Bdg«, 

llRrf H, liilr'Ko. Bfrlüm, m. 
B'lhleliera, '"''biuClthl», 

Uuliemu, lilbVoiII, Batnüm, 

Ho'beminn. bibl'nlln, ■.!!•! 
Doipliorni, hln-Aüi, Bf 

Irjii'l, bril'l", BnKlr, m."' 

fcrl'mJo. £r» 


nnsaräii Ü'bMi, Cm, 
ctIob, AU: •I'IIb. C 


.&•. C*/- 

^HUnT, bi^cfnl, Srritag«, CamHihaRrn, klrp-nlil't^ 
Irilüh, brlfllih, ■. Ari'lu- 0.pmail.a.f. 
ni»! - Cbinntl, I. «n»!». Carintb, klrThl*. CtrtmUJ 

ImniincdO, brlu-wlb, Coriicnn, Unlbls, ■. k i. 

Iriiigt-1i,'1i^"''|-i. firuirf^|'coiu«'k°'iti^tk, Cifdi», h. 
l.ilg'.ri'.n,lillii'c1lD,a.Ai.,Cniiiow, brl'bi. Cr.nwf../. 

Inrgundinn. b)ir[ii^iHB, ... Crlinvn, brlmW Crint^J. 

A.. il«rjo,»™. , CkwI«, hrU'.hi, C,^«m,f. 

Inrgnndr, blr'|ilndi, Bu^'.CrOnUAn, -■. •, & i. (>Hte 

EofKo, /. Cjprnl, iViAt, Ci/TK, au 

.ria.bUTri-rll.C/r.r.';, Dumorml. di 
rinn, bllt-brlls,..i..| miiu,«, 

C»W Uli; Cort,/..D*nnte, dli'i 


'1 vlull'. ii'fl^,t)cljina 


Denmurt, iJn'aJifc, Onrri- 

n™Ii°"n, JA'rl'll. Dr,Klm,f. 
Uioikirk, din'kirk. 1>^- 

E»it-Tndi«, kilTn'dti, /nWf> 
£JmbiIrK<ll). td'lBblii, 

E.^ los-tllrt^-.. 7yl"., 

EiiphrilM, j*rri'ili, Eli- 

Finliuid, rtn'llnil, nnluiVis, 

FJ^JinllcT, rtnlUdlr. ■. k .. 

Fliincl<-nr'n>n'«ln. 'Ä'm^ 
FlBninit. 0!-1m, K.iidrt«. 
Flf-miili, ■ün'Ch, •. J'i«- 
j™«. , . [/■. 

Flortnoe, flij-tlni. ^iVnnf, 


itiortMoli'Cln, «■ 

nJnr«7/- [GCMrlif.f. 

Gn?]3<rVd. ii>'da.ii;i, 

IftiTetiii..ti!nl'.iill, i 


-nlo, J'r 

FnMlBndw! -Sr. 'Cr^loT«' 
Frozen Ocfnn, f^i'n^ililii 

OiiinH. (lllllt. e>»lM, /. 

ierinAnr, Jjr'mlli, I 

iS'braVl.V 'ill,"i"'Är7«;i.J 

rnoiä n, ■rJ'ihil n, n. Ai, Crici 

.mk, irik, ■. a >. G>h». 
meninnd, l'ti'lliiil.arHn 


bnrg, Jik'ilmblirl. 

UnndnniAn, mliiidi'iiUii, 


iFdilETni nvnn^tdllSni'nl- 

-len'li bIdu. VotHuf, /. 

Uexino, Bifilkl, aferwU'.n. 

'-' milSn'kh, Äi- 

ilTTnouiQ^ tlirrtkis, niiria. 

Endiam, ta'dllii. ■- » i. /«- 
Indin. h'dli, pl. /<aU,,/.fil. 
Ireljind.Tj'llsd. W™V.,/ 

IUIt, iVtii, Ifil!u.f. Lüiia. 
JüDiiicii, ttnJ'kt, Ghmi,lc; 


Jniianex, jäpliiij^, n. A - 
lordiui, llli'dln, GlDTdo; 

»n, iWdtn... 
LapiÄiidrilfi'lldd. Lmppä"- 

L».|i<in, l''p'>1li, J^.><». /. il-ndu», pVdAl. fml^«.f. 

,iil9.l(l.i.«j/. Pnri.wn, plcl'xUn. -.4. 

■™dia.|' " ' 'FlirMMn"'pllrnl.'sS™°>"'i 

London, iln'dSk.iUn'i'-ii,/. FrlaMnni-iiii.jMpinni'iIt 
'-ow-Counlriei , likln'irl^lftl.p.nnu«. ™. U.r,.,/. 
Pi^aiBa.i.-^.pl. IFariMi., lir-iW-. , ... ». 

doiCOW. Hil'ki, iiMCa.f. 

Hl^IIO,' maill'ti, HnUI- 

»., iluUll„.J. 
Kiuiich, mitliU, »»aois/. 

ranl«!, sl'p'l'i. I. Ittpall.f. 

rstlicrluidi. B'tTH'lrllndi, 
p(. «.Mi fl«.f, >■ p/. 

r*wbund*lnnd, ulltla«'- 


f Orraiin, Llr'mln, o. ai.Aiii- 

fonMrdr, «Sr-BKil! 'Äl»^ 
ioimj, nli-«l. Apr,.,,,-.^. 
forwcüiBn, ngrTi'JUii, .. 

Olfmpui, Atlo'pKi, OUmptt 


Teicriburg. piltriblri. 

ScoTiniid.' •itl'lltu] .(c«;i 

lil'b, pi'llilii 
a, pin'ili, H>ni 

pir'llill, Pirlf 

Sfiplliih, ■ttl'dib, ■ 

SicilT, .Villi, JJrili«,/. 
Siinlun.ilitl-rlD, >>.*•. £f 

Sillibnrf, illunitri, J*/<^ 

a<im?i3, d'nMd.i. £ii>i>/>c 
Sardinia. ■■rdti^, J> 

fiuan, •Iki'Bn, a. * n JW- Tlum«, itnt. rinjfi, a, 

SnxonT. dt-ilnl, .V,u»<i»,/. pl. Tin'tpiU, pt, r/. 

Soh«Id,<l!i!d,^v'.f^../. "^ ThnHilDiiiu, äinlliiil'ä. 

v>>i/>, /. [(, 4'»>iJ,'«D<i> {in.] ThcuHlT, ihi^AA.Tanfllt, 

Tin>] BHJ^ cr!f'lii'',^E»W,i>. 
rrftnt, Irinti TVn'a, m. 
rricri, Wn, Z>(«ri, f, 

Inr^Oik,'. Turkuh.llch'- 

inrd, «piB'jIrd, r, J^sf- 

■n, iplr^, a- jDar- 


in, nrl'bll. j™ui.,/. 



, ''nic^ 

led SlKl». filalf Jd ildu, 
■oLia. itltk^l, >'Df<u. 

uTiu,iiiA'i1S.. >'<.„;., 

riiuinH.. .)}»>.. .. • ^ 

Vulull. iVu^ll, n.lsis, /. 

Walsi. willi,G>J&>.m. 
WslUohu, ullüilill, V. Ti- 

rnv. olr'il, r.™»«,/. 
■MndiH, «iii!a-illi, fil. 

W»lp'l>^i>iiÜ Tln^'lltD, «. 

Tork, jltfci JtrsM,f. 

li'ltnd, MuKlU.f. 

List of the most usnal Christian i 

Adolphui, Ulflii, ^-lal/- 
AmeMa, tni'i'\l,^mallM,f. 

AnäiUiJDi, labli'itlTiLtoJ! 

A^iiold.^lKiiild, ^ri,!3ä*«; 

^rlhur. Ifijlr, 4'-'«r», -. 


Barlholompw, bIriAll'liBi. 

B«n'. Hi>°ia".°'.rfi. BeEl>>liL 
"—-■'-' bla'tdlu, ÄMif 

ueniamiii, lila'Jtmli, Bi'nU- 

Bertlui, Mr-rtt, UtIo./. 

Bei; t-ft. Utiij.bM. Bei, 


Dnd^^l, 'brldJ-Vl,' «HiJWI, 

I rj\l^,ii.vtct >rr> CinHH. 

_..cii;«, .tiVllt, OeilT, .1'- 
Cfinrl«. Ulilr'l'i, C^lJ, -, 
Cliriitopfaer. krlfitnn 


■S£n. li'!^v^J°.'m!'\i,i,a. 

Dlinnr, jlf'i, ••«"• M, 

ut|ili, j£-ii(. eUHips: ». 

', joi«i»]une, JoalOlti Giiarp- 



■ )#, .kli, Kit, ktl, Killr 
kIClt, taHHi<i:Cilli«ist. 

j, JU»r<I. 

Dorallir, dll'lltl, ^ 
Xdiniind, td'Blnd, 

Kli2>iliMI>. UlrlUin, £Ui, 
«BilrT Ib'mU, Emilit,/. 
rmhinn, tth'jtm fMtm, m. 

XnBCH. trtn'ili, Frmitamiii', 
SlKiHHB ■ Irin'm , Frtak, 
. Msik. f r-w», «•. 

e«olElT. Jlrhl, a,fr,dt,m. 

6od^r''lU"^i "ä-ffr-du. 
breiorr. pJt'lfi. Gri/w/o, 
Sailimi, tl'Ü^'li, CwiKu, 

Hd, Ul, 

Hclu>,J>il^l*,ac]eno, hlL-- 
HBnnelU, Elnrlli'il. £i- 
B«ir|F, UiÄi, &in CS, >rWgo, 
EU^rr, )i]J'l[i. /'«W«, m. 

HÜmfnri Uumplinr, klV 
ht, 0~ö/riff, m. 

Tk]^ Jlk 

iDkn. fi 

«c*. Uli. r««. dli JDBB. rallT. P"i-»> i™«« Ol: 
■ÄCOb. H'kSb, e;."-.. ». Mi'lhi. t«c- dirU^TtßTrl 

J-ao«, ilB, CiBvuwo, / l'eKr, pi'iir, Air>-g, n. 

Inidnlen. mlt-dllla, üaä- 

Msr';'"*!": -Ir-elrJl. «."ji-^ 
Mnrk. iDirk, Jf=r=o, n. 

Uoti'!' tiSl, MolJr. uti'lt! 

Neil', Dil.'nell;, Jnt"',.^a 

ei., t\i, i^icrfi 
OthD, ^lli, OllMr, n. 


'Olli-, ptl'ti, iiK 

R>1]ih. itr, Ri,da(/«. m. r~. 
nnndnl. ili'dll, ll.miMD. 
imil, nl'näoil. (iii- 

I, ibblito, Invtct dli 


und, TJ-Ubd, Orlndn, 

II, SÜIt. •Il'l^ bn»!» 
Sonil^. ilB-di, JnivB dii 
■>«buli.n. >(lilil'^lg, &ip^ 
iiiiTmund, .IdjCäl^';^- 

louhiii', •aoi'i.sopiir, •iril, 

ilt'i'D, A'/~ii>. n. 

SHinn Xin s'uMi 
■tVn'l, Jhh'hhb,/. 

TeiI. lid, Ted dr, lid'di, loivH 
ri(.- Ed».M. ' , [i-U. -. 

;|>ere<>, lAiifil. _ZVr«i,/. 
'obi'i?,' llbl'U Tobr.'^^l 

Unali, ar'ihill, Oniitt,f, 
■ lenliiw, iL'liidii, r^U 

Table of the irregulär verbs*). 












druok, drunken 





droTO, drave 





















bore, bare 


















it befeil 

























beholden, be- 













































bid, bade 

bid, bidden 



























froze n 






























































chid, chidden 


bung * 









clert, clove 

cleft, cloven 







H e a T e 




11 ew 








hId. hidden 












held, holdro 
















1 nter w eav e 



















































y ^uef/0 aslerisco Jenota ch'it verbo sia coHgiugalo anehe reguiarmtntt. 



IBS 226 


















qnit, qnitted 











































M ean 


















































misshapen * 















86 en 


























































Sbea r 















































overbid, over- 






ahrunk, ehrank 

ahrunk, shraii» 


































sat, sata 













Ot erlade 






















































Orer spread 






Ot ertake 
















spun, span 






spilted, spit 

spitted, spit 



partaken ' 







Spread . 



P e n(pargner) 
Vi ct., En^ 






lifh and Itnlia 






































Underg Ird 







Uader stand 






•tank, itank 





































Stolen. aCnla 




strewo * 




swoln * 





































































npheid , np- 

washen * 










A,i, pr. att to, by, in, om» for, with, und»r, 
Adacoi i'bikd, m. o^acM«, plintk. 
Abnntico, ibioU'kö, ad,Jormerly, 
Abate, ihi'i^ m, abbat, 
lAbftzia, ibitsf'4, lee Badia. 
Abbacarej ihhikA'ttf v. a, to examine eloaelyt 

-| V. n. to puut* one*» $e{f, [tuith a pole, 
Abbacchiare, ibbikkfi'ri, v. a. to beut down 
Abbachista, ibbikCstl, m. arithmetieian, 
Abbacinamento, ibbitahfnimiD'tö, m. dfas- 

»ling,^ \to eloud, 
Abbacinare, ibbitahfnt'rd, v. a« to doMaU, 
AbbacOj Abhi'kö^ m. arithmettc, 
Abbadare, ibbidi'ri, tee Bkdare. 
Abbadessa« Ahhidi^ii,/. abhett. 
Abbadia, UihkAl'k, f. see Badia. 
>, ihhkV 


'Amin'tö, m. dimneu 

of ttghtt mittake. {Uant, 

Abbagliante, Ibbil'in'tö, u, dauling, bril- 
Abbaglianza, AbbiraaMsi, see Abbagliamento. 
Abbagliare, Abbiri'rö. v. a. to dat%Ui (flg.) 

to beguiUf to bewitcn t to impo$e upon i -« 

V. n, to be dauled, 
Abbaglio, 4bbiM*4, m. datxlingt mutale, 
Abba)ainento, Abbijimön'tö. m. barking, 

yelping, [to koast, to brag. 

Aobaiare» übhtyi'Ti, v. n. to bark, to yelp t 
Abba^atrice, ibbijrilrrtsh^, /. eeMorious 

tuontan, detraetreM, 
Abbaino, ibbiCnö, m. dormer-window, 
Abballare| AbbAIU'rd, v. a. to embale. 
Abbalordire, ibbilördCri, v. a. to ttu/if to 

botker, [tuith eotton, 

Abbambagiare, ibbAmbiJia'r<,v. a. to ttuff 
Abbandonainento, ibbinddnimin'tö , m. 

Abbandonare, ihhini6ni*T6, v. a. to aban- 

dortf to fonalet to give overt to tfuiti to 

leavet aibbandonarai, v. r. to give one*8 $e{f 

over. [de$perately. 

Abbandonatamente, ibbindöniUmöo't«, ad, 
Abbandono, 4bb4od6'n6,m.yör«ail:mf , deier- 

tion t in -| IM eot{fu»ion t <*f random, 
AbbarbagkamentOi ibbibrbirüm6n't4 , m. 

datzling. [to alup^fy. 

Abbarbagliare, ibbirbtl'i'r^ v. a. to dauxle^ 
Abbarbtcare, ibbirbfki'ri, v. it. to take root, 
Abbarcarej Ibbirki'r6,v.a. to keap up, to pite, 
Abbarraref ibhinifr^, v. a, to bar, to $top up, 
Diet,, Italian and EnglUh, 

AbbanifFainen lo, tbbirdfflmön'tö, m.aeuj^«, 

2uarrel, . [confution, 

baruffare» ibbirilflri'ri, v. a, to put in 
Abbassamento , ibbissim^n'tö , m. abate- 

ment t diminution. 
Abbaasare, ibbiasi'ri, v. a. to aba»e, to eoit 

down t to lotver t to diminuh t to numbU f 

-» V. N. f0 eome down i to deeline t abbas- 

sarai« V. r. to fall, to tini i to humbU one*a 
AbbaaaOf ibbia'sö, ad. below, down, [fie{f, 
Abbastanza, Abbiatin'dsa, att, enough, 
Abbattere, |{»bil't<ri, v. a, to overthrowt to 

»ubduot te-mbaUt to hamblet abbattenl, 

V. r, to meot Ufith» 
Abbattiinento.übbiUfmtfn'tö, m. overthrowt 

Gonßiet, battlet aecident, chanee, 
Abbattitore, ibbitlU4'r<, m. feilen de. 

etroyert bully. [preued, 

AbbattutO, Abblttd'td, a, eaet down, </e> 
AbbatufFolare, Abbitüfföli'ri, v. m, to ihrow 

into eonfuaion. 
Abbazia, ibbldsCi, see Badia. 
Abbecedario,ibb4tsbidi'r{6,m. a^eetf(/a^tan. 
Abbellare, ihhkWk'ri, v. a, to embellieh t -, 

V, n. to grow handaome. 
Abbellimento, ibb^IKmfo'tö, m. embeliUh- 

ment,^ [adorn, 

Abbellire, ibböllf'rd» v. a, to be€u»t{fy, to 
Abbenche, iVhknW, c. although. 
Abbendare, ibböodi'rd, v,a, to bind, to tie% 

to bend, [with battlemente, 

Abbertescare, ihhkTitAk'H, v, a, toforti/y 
AhbeYernre, k\th6r€Tk'T6, v, a, to give drinkf 

to eauae a profoitnd »teep, 
Abbeveratojo, ibb4t6rit6'yö, m. horeepond, 
Abbiadare. kbbtkdk'rk, v, a. to give a feed 
Abbicc), ibbftshf. m. aiphabet, \,of oate, 
Abbiettamente« abbf^ltimön'K, ad, abjectty» 
Abbiettare, khbdiWTk, v. a. to debaee, 
Abbiettezza, khbi6tt6t*ak./. abjeetnee». 
Abbtetto, kbblki'itt a. aojeet. 
Abbiezione, 4bb(6taf4'n6> /. abjection, 
AbbigUainento , ibbfl'iin6n'l6« m. dreeSf 

finery, attire. [up, 

Aobigliare, ibbfl'i'rl, v. a. to dreat, to trim 
AbbindolainentOjibblndöIdmin'lö, m. eheat, 

triei. [to eheat, 

Abbindqlare, Ibbfodöli'rd, v. a, to deceive, 
Abbiosciare, 4bb(ösbi'r6, v, n. to get die- 
1 heartened; abbioseiarai,v,«eeow,t«>\,«. 

AtSondnolüiiW. lM>tai«<«l>>«.'c«, .ä. 

jlhbandnalfiu.UWidiilU'a, / ■»■ 
Abbonfn, tMa.i'rl, «. ■. » p^rVc«. „ 

Ahhotitttio. IhMidi-dji, n. h„trAi.. . 
AWiarAmtr, ibblldfr«, u, a. I. »as^ (i 

Ahbnmcäiu-a, Ikl^iriuU'tl, u.a. u turf/ 
Abliomr*. tbM.'1-i«, D. ., li. Kp.r.df. 
AVboimoi*, ttiMrrt-itlt, ■. .»A.rrv.i, 

Abborrgiim I o JliWrrlmlD'M^. lUorm »i 

iiff, /üunätr, aüllny. ' 

Abbat llflan.iMMlii'r«, o. i« Biftaci 
Hii>kk«iiJHni,«.i-.u..ibn,; ^ 

Abbo[liMlDf.j UJJU<jU«-rt, -.!'«*.(. 

..:?n.„. .«. 

AhbmurT. ibtTtaUfrl, r. a. u Ua ; (• 
AbbloiIalit^UkrtUill'ii, ■.a.u Uui 1.1 

AbbiBCiinuala, Ubr^uUala'U, _. Wal 



Abaprrto, IMMftrUt,mä. tv I 
Abelafil, lUllSl, /. l(r^"'--•- 

U^m. cllln'litnMg. 

, ™. 'iJ^W. ia[^, A,/J. 

ABI j 

jLbitAOOlo,l1>(U'M16,m.<lu;e//mfi hinnmcU, 
Abitante, ütiUn'tS, m. dwalUr, 
Abitar«, kitlX^H, v. a. to dwetl, 
Abitator«, iblMA'r*, m. dwelltr, 
Abitatrice, ibrUtrf'Ufa^ /. /gmaU dwelUr. 
Abitazioncella, ibfUtilönuhAl'li, /. »mall 

lodging or kou»e. 
Abitazione, ihtUtai&'mi» f. dwelUng. 
Abito. i'b(t6, m. habit, euttom, iub% dret», 

elot/utt temperameiU, 
Abituale, Ibltdi'Ii, a. hubitual, cuttomary, 
A bitualinente, ihi{Wm6n't6, ad, habitually, 
Abitaare, ihli^i*t^v, a,to ute^ to aeeuttomt 

abitnarsi, v. r. to aeeuatom one*a ««{/*. 
Abituatezza, ibUüAKt'si,/. euatom, 
Abitudine, ibfttfMfo«,/. habitude, 
Abituro, ibftü'rö, m. humble abode. 
AblatiTO, ibUtf^TÖ, m. (gr.) abUtive ease, 
Abluzione, Ablfitzfö'n«, /. abtulion, 
Abolibile, ibölf'bdö, a. abolhhable. 
Aboljre, iMli'ri, v. a. to abolUh, to annul, 
Abolizione, AböUtsIÖ'nö, /.^ abolitiont 
Abortare, ibörti'r«, Abortire, ibört^rd, v. m. 

Abortini, Abörtfr'sf, v. r. (o miscarry, 
Abortiro, ibörtrvö, a. abortive. 
Aborto, ibör'tö, m. abortion, abortiv« ehild, 
Abosina, ibösf'ai,/. p/um. 
Aboiino, Abösrnö, m. ptum-tree, 
Abrogaret Abr6gi'rö, v. a, to abrogate, 
Abrogazione, ibt6gHai6'n6, f, abrogation, 
AbrOtano, ibrö'Uaö, m. touthernwood, 
Abusare, ibilsi'r^, v. a. Si n, to abu$e. 
Ahn»iYHmente,iibüshitn6n'l6, ad, abusively, 
Abusivo, Ibibi'TÖ, a. abutive. 
AbusO, ibil'sö. m. abu$e, dituse, 
Acca, ik'ki, >. <Ae Utter H. r'it}/. 

Accadeinia, ikkidfi'mfä,/, aeademy^univer- 
Accadeuilco, ikk&dfi'mfkö, a. &ae/. acadtinU 

ealf aeademician. \b^aU. 

Accadere, Akkid6'r<, v. n. tV. to kappen , to 
Accaderole, Akkid6'völ4,a. thatmay happen, 
Accaffare, iikifii't6, v. a. to »natch away. 
Accagionamento, ikkijönim^Q'tff^ m. impu' 

tation, \accu»e c(f, 

Accagionare, ikkAJÖD>'r<, v. a. to impute, to 
Accagionatore, ikkijönitd'rö, m, accneer. 
Accalappiare,ikkAläpp(i'r£,v.a. to inveigle, 
Acoalorare, ikkil6ra'r6, v, a. to warm t to 

incite, [ment. 

Accainpainento,<kkiinpimän'tö, m. encamp- 
Accainpare, ikkimpi'rA, v. n. to eneampt 

aeeamparsi, v. r. to piteh one's camp, 
AccanaJare, ikUnUi'r6, v. a. to Channel^ to 

cham/er. firritate. 

Accanare, ikkiaä'H, v. a, to uneouplet to 
AccanatO, ikkAni'tö, a. furiout i very angry, 
Accanire, A)(kin('r4, see Accanare. \ly. 

Accanitainente, ikkioftimia'tA, ad. Juriou»' 
AcGannellare , ikkinn6lli'r6 , v. a. to wind 
AccantO, ikkin'tö,a</. aside. \,upon bobbine, 
AccapezzarCj 4kkAp4ui'r4, v. a, toßnith, 
Accapigliarsi. AkkiptrAr'af, v. r,^ to take ono 
another by tne hatr, fit « mantle, 

Accappacciato, ikkippiL«hA't6, a. wrapped 
Accappato j o,ikkippit6'76, m. combing'elatA, 


Accappiare, A\kifpU^t6, v. a, to intmare, 
Accappiatnra, ikkippfiUi'rA,/. running knott 

»norm. [eapont, 

Acoapponare, 4kkippöo4'r4 , v. a, to maka 
Accapricciare , 4kklpr(uhi'r6, Accapricci- 

arsi, ikkipritsbir'if, v.r. to ahudäer^ to 

•hivor, fing, 

Accar«zzamento, ikkir6tsiia<n't6,m. «areae- 
Accarezzare, ikkiritWH, v, a, to earoaa, to 

Accarezzerole, ikkirit«^T61<, a. ßattering, 
Accarnare,ikkinil'r6,v.a. to daah deep into 

ikefteah,^ fup in a eomrt, 

Acoartocciare, ikkirt4tsh4'r4, v. a. to wrap 
Acoasamento, Akkisimto'tö, m. marriage, 

Accasar«, ikkiai'r^, v. a. to build houaea % 

•>, V. ». to ttUte a vuife % accaaarsi, v. r. to 

hegin houae-keepingf to marry, 
Aooasoiainento, ikkisbintnHo, m. debility 

through old age. 
Accaseiare, lkkiabi'r<, v. a. to weaken t -$ 

V, n. aceastiarti, v. r. to heeome feebla 

through age. {eatarrh, 

Aocatarramento, ikk<tirrlm6n'tA, m. eotd, 
Accatarrare, ikkitirri'r^, v.r. to cafcA a eold, 
Acoatastare. i)ikkXktik'r6, v, a. to heap up. 
Accattabrighe, ikkittibrPghÖ, m. ^uarreU 

§ome /etlow, 
Accattamento, ikkitttmjo'tö, m. beggary, 
Accattapane, kkkkwÄTfk'nk, m. beggar. 
Accattare, ikkitU'ri, v. a. to borrowt to hegt 

to impetrate. [beggar, 

Accattatore, kkkklikiü'rk , m. borrowert 
Accateria, kkkkUtt%f. borrowingt begging, 
AccattO, ikkAt'tö, m. borrowing. begging, 
Accattone, ikkittö'ne, m. vile beggar t in*' 

poator. [upon, 

Accaralcare, kkkkyi\yk'H ^ v. a. to mount 
Aocaralciare, ikkiviluhl're, v. a. to ride or 

«i7 aatraddle. fupon another, 

Accavallare, kkkkxklWrk, v,a. to pile one 
Accarigliare, ikkiffl'i'ri, v. a. to wind om 

bobbina. [error, 

Acc«camento , iisb6kim£n'tö, m. blindneeat 
Accecare, kisbkkk'ik, v. a. to blind, 
Acoecatojo, itabökitö'yö, m. ru^, 
Accecatore,itsbökät6'r6, m. deceiver, eheal, 
Accecatura, kuhkkkii'rkt/. wimble. 
Accedere, kX^bk^AkTk, v, n. to approaeh, 
AGOefFare, ktBbkffk'r^t v, a. to catch wiik 
Accegia, ktabi'iik, f. wooeUeoek. Ithe teeth, 
Acceleramento , itshölörimia'tö, m. apeed, 

haat« [to apeed, 

Accelerare, kiabMtk'H, v. a. to acceUrate, 
Aceeleratamente, kttbMrktkmka'ikt od, in 

a hurry,^ 
Accelerativo, Itsh<l£rit('t6, a. aceeUrating, 
Accelerazione, itshtKritsiö'n«, /. aceeUrom 
tion, [to aet on ßre, 

Accendere, MshAn'dtr^, v. «. ir. to kindlax 
Accendevole, ^ish^Dd^^vöI^, Accendibil^, 
itshtadfbllt, m. inßammable, combuatibte. 
Accendimento, itshindim<n't6 « m« ««vtvn.^ 
an jSra, 

A^ndllölS' XhÄ^'*ÄX','';i; 

Accjdtnj-jili. .«Wd.nUI<.^-,/. .C..J,.,. 

^>-,r. '^ ^ r™;», *.«, .>». 

Acritl-nlFiriD. luWdlDtlT» Acoidwitoiü, 

Accidcnlr, «Uhldtn-K, ~. cAu», kap, 
mi.J.rm'.., .p^pUcUcßl. 

Accidiota, li-hldrA-id, ■. IdU, f«y. 

U» , »>.'c. , ».rdt {ir,,/...,: „If. 

Ao^rlllani, lubU'<r-.[, ». r,' ig jUi' »<'< 


^^Jr'*""""'''*'''''"'" "■"■•'■"' 

accUmÖ«; *uh?äV'V^ '«."/"YÄ 

Acic«i>ti>enl>.iubBlidti>'il,><{. •nJnify. 

AocinlO, lufifiiia. .. gi«. pr>p..rtd, rr.d^. 

AcDi0llql>n, tUbCUAII'rt, V. .. U ;..„.. 
Acctlinue,lulilimi'i4, u.a. lo cal uunij^, 
Acc[nlt«re. iüblim«'. «. fl. « 1,1, i, (*, 
Acciuj«, iuhd'H,/. ...cAc^. [Jafr. 

AccivfltMO, *Ubli«UT4,a. cmilliiat, lu/tf. 

AecMlo, il.hU'rt, m^ßt.p^tx^im. Ut(, 

AcoHIOno, ll>btilS'r(a, a. iccworv. 

Am« In, lutfii./. iaichri. f.f,ta),l.. 
AoMtiibile. iubdtl'WW, ... scttpi,tl,, 

Alcfiin, tUbni'rt, V. a. Uipnvüh. 

Aect itue, iUbtlllTI^. ii. a. u acti/il. 

A«c h^YDle, iUbtlifi«l>, ttt Icdeiub^i. 
uM plmnrr. 


AceoocoUm, IkkSkkilirtl «. r.^ ID M 
Aceädiri[, JUddlK.!, I.. r. ujtl'aL lUu 

AcciKUre, mtll'it, u. a. u e-lm, IB np- 







AocQlito, «lo'Kll, ••. .oivV. ° L'awl 

Acoolpulo, Ikhilpl-ld, a. amaiii/. 

«ji."; lübfri-r»,' ".'a"i/i!^,niti"it. 

■iudId, ii.tij«-]a. n. H»! (to Mitkt an 



t-ifr. ' "^ r'«'/.«. 





■rMH. «jmrp«-r4, -. .. i. *.lc*. 

AcDQtnnndifa, IkkiSmla'dlll, /. (»B.J /wl. 

ntrtkip. '^ 


/<"!/»/<■, tuUJiaU-H, m. emfä.: 



Ac^DiDodlibnii, luiBiafbnt, iT'J'co^ 

jutlmtul, •{rcrminl. 

Anorirn.UUi'Jir«, «.». Ir. Ig j.roii«, M 


^,;™«K,«,p™J««. ^ r»*.(p. 

ADaDrtuzii.lkk6n*t'il./, «MiiBc.iine^. 

AocoiUltU.,, ikl.6,UlüTl,/. «M«i... 

^?^s:!^?ii-.ÄV;,t';.:;j-' 'j^^s: 

AccoilmnJir^, IkkiHiBl',*, V. ..» .. ta .<^ 

nuDii.t,-.r.w/..W;.W« «.■*«(;'■ 

»(Um 1 (c. ll acculloiiicil. [■>■•/;». 
AccOTHsciani. lkk«ilLibil'>r. v.r. In lowr 

■*.^;^:^.^;;.""'"'"' "' -^^ " — ,?;. 

itU'n, u. AiV>. reo'/»"'"', >"•"- 
A«DZiruiirnlo,llllillillmlD'l»,'n.{>lt "-iic. 

A csanciri inenlc.riktiiUl^lin it'it,*il.priip^- 

*Br"^rt"«'"'°n"'imn'tii™)I''i^'r' U 

Aeconcio, tkklu'iilid, •.Jtiird, luiutlt, -, 

AcDudIrp, Ikkddl'id, «r. ■>. r« mpp/v ■nt'f 
Acculurii.ükÄlii'.l. o.r. » ,(1 .1 .».'. ».. 

Aocoppan-, llktppl'rt, u.a. loinscl itniiiii. 
AEcö°»in*nlö. *UI(rtiil(q'l4, n., «.?^i 

Acootillore, ikk«UllT4. m. actw.r. T.«.». 
Accm»Ino*,rtk4ilHJ-Bli<,/. .*. (^.IM- 

Aciibo, tUbtrid,..».r,i<Mi «»^Hiwn. 

AccoraiioiiP, Ikk6rllil6-n<. /. d*,;- frirf. 



AcetOiiU, l^ibiUllU', f. mcUtly. 

ACCIuinclubtU-El, ~.. tl,i«f pracn>'d ii. 

Amitiza, tiMiii'tt,/. iddOa. 


jiOquBfOtt», liknittl-li, /. Df. 

Addeilnif, IdJfal 



jlnquiilan. lU>rl>u-rt, «. ■. u 
Acntuinlp'.'lkiicDlä'l«,' >'" 

AdäiTara, Idlll'rl, v. i 

Adanio. Idi'I«, n. prüi/trhi -, 
AdHSJoÜno, SiminÄ.Ti' 



A ddfboiiia eoto'. 

AddltunenID. lldlUmtiill,... i,di 

Addillö, ""■■■■' - -i'/-J <■ < 




Lddaiclrc, Id 


' 'alorare.ii 


iiun.tddid'ct.ti.a.ip lAsui, lo funcaii. 
lilto, Iddti'id. .. «Mini, h»«<J. 
lüion», iddlliiyDA, yTadJjrfdHjffi/ijp/a- 



Ad'döuin«r7d'dg^M. «. .li^oinca. r/^U 
Addappio, ^(IdApYlt, ai/. ^•*fr/y. 

Addoiuire, MiUml'rd, o. >.' »* Jny u^ 

■ ■"" ™, ■>. Indwire.''™" '"' ' lii'i." 
jiuuiiire, Idddr-r«, V. a. ir. f> Iri'iig Jn, [ 

Ad^S""", "*I*A<, *. ■" ■ 

l^nmM^'lilli'pflrd , 
.Cr.:». .: «-. ..><yf( 

lonpitore, Ülnptlf id, n. 

iinFnIF.tdtl'iill'ln*n1d,id. r^a^lj. 
rF, mm'plird. AdfmyiiT, Idtni. 

- -■- -./«<yf(, i. ,#«a..,^ 



MoaAn,Utiifrt,i:.m ,. , 

AdopB™!** 4ddp<rl'rl, v^ ■. fp tmpUu r (d 

Adoppi"r», Uipptirt, ». m, la fivr •piUTt, 
jldonbila, Uiii'iüt, >. nbnJiii. 

Adorbnrf, lilrbl'rt, v. Ü. ist'b!!/!'"!^?! 
Adordinuii, Udcdrolfd, v. r. u snptrt 

AdDKTole, iiiiVjUt, »i AiliinUla. 

Adoltuncnio, IdSiUalQ'i*, •■■ aditpliam. 

AdalutDr«, Idliuit'r^, in,, Adotliilni», 

j^douiio, ldllll'16. •. •diptiv,, adoiiltd. 
Adoiione, lMUWtt,f. •Inpiiau, 



AdBjlwr/lDI*, iddJItrllf r<, in. ajMlurt 
AdalUamziOBt, UiMHuiyal,/. tduli 


dl'«Tt, AduUero lo^ddlitrA^«, 



.../iiif, =,■.,[. 


ili'./. affhtllüs- 
multiinr'il, i. r. U tr 

AK^c/n'Sio. . 

llUblddi'ia, ., w.» »«!,, 


AÜfloceiia», irn 


Alt-oeliinnre, li 

lUlDl'r«, ■>. ». lp^r..J(.. 

■rt,„.m.U pimlli Im Jaiih. 




re, f. a. It/,miii. 

Air<msiD, iiriiD 


Affiiiipirr, iirin 

l'rt, »...a*. u »i7, Ig 


rWaiin'!*,».. «x(«S. 

IT«,v.>. »(rinv, »t>m 

m. .~(.>y,*<».»r.. 

i'o*. -,. Aw,. 

A&rddl«^ tO-irdlill-c), V. m. !• ™*» ./. 


.^air, t.iJii«>,rHt. 


' ■ ■ rS™. 

inih (Dln ID'U. •!. /wcte>- 

l,[.ll'r«, ». .. » t^l„l,. 


•«.h,.jL.r£.d^ »«,/;,*. 

> alt, t n Ukt'ill t. A ff AliEOHO. i irt- 

AHrrrire, IBtnfit, u. •. » f>y ktid o. 

jlfffl'tiilöriltiui''U° 1 \f«:Ud° """ 
AffellBzion», inuii-HTifc/. .f.cuiioH. 

AdfllnO.O, 4ir*ll*yi4, a. .^.tliB».U, 1hl 

AflszioiMU*, iniitHl-rt, V. •. h, «»>w. 
Afftiione, ibtuiftt^f. .jfloi/.». (n. A™«.. 
Affibtainilio, »riMiü'l-ii, i>. l.elu., </«p. 
AlfiblTMiiv^nbbJ4'rA.V'ia.Jo ANet'f, (■ e/vip- 
AßibbiiKajo, irn>bll>f;t, n. iuiicn-Aili. 
Affidm, iaidi'cl, ■. ■. u <iDfl/i''f< «•, lo 

Affidiolan, tmlMlTt, v. •. It ilciiliiiu. 
A f)<>bD liioHia^irtAtiiBla ' lA, -. . <o~lx»i. 
AflirTOli«, Iflti.iU^«, o.a. I> ii/<vl«., w 

AfSl«liri' lITH'Mti, "- •- ir. lo /«!«,"" 
Afli|<ulllB«DtD, urifirtata-lt, «. rrcyni. 

ACfipriR. imrt'i'r*. •■ •■ '° "«.".V, » 
Affilätüni muH-rl,/. li-rp 'dt: 

Affiiura, IBÜ'rt, V. ■. Ix wJEii«, » />«rift 
AffiintDJO, tnntlA'lB, m. amciUe. Kbl ani[. 
AfAiHtDie, imüll*'!*, m. r^'tr. 

Ätim^i, iD-iu.; •. lall» mJ ti.i. r.B«. 

Aftiocar*, UritU'it, v. h. u (>l jsam. 
AfßHUIIWBla, taiiilmlD'U, a..Jiiai Ini. 

■" ■' "^""äü; 

UTrliU'U, •./»»/ fAin 
Afi^iing'n, ilTriD'jaN, «. ■- » »nai, 
Afliaiiio, iaVlB'U, .. fallg-rJ. r*™i*i 
AfTiUll«»:. miltlltt-ri, .. r. « Hu. , 
Aflndduiv, iirrtdiU-rt, V. •. » H. fa •! 

A^tl», «rii'I*, ■.>■■. Arl</uflln4 llt.l 
Afi>lu}>ullo, WAUji-li, m.firma: 

AfKIID, ittl-tt, m. rwHI. If-r^ 

AfllillBn, tmmtn, •>. ■■ ir. » »ßiiil. 
Affli flute, »raiUfr*, V. ■. I. ./I.c<. 

AfHnrBn, tltit»'tit,f. minnJaiot, 
AfnutiD, inidi'ilt, ■■. •/IUI ilicr«». 
A Haar*, inkl'rt, f. ■. » icl «■ >tn. 

AJFogtire, iSöiflt, V. m. lotllfit, in uffir- 



AfTondOj tlTda-dt 

AflorliiiuK, li 




.,1,'i'rt, . 







lti:'r*, «." 


,l|(bilublii.«ii' a,,Kjr-u, 

AKghiAdMntalO, idhiAllm^q'l^ ih. im«^ 

A Kbi^dsR, luküU'i«,«. ■. ta t<'tu>i-^<^ 
A(|iae<nU,ldjilUkta'W,/, afi/HirUJiuu, 

ABgmnrb .ÜHluhfi*, ■. ■. ir. i> «tCui 
AK|inoi»b»rm IdjntAliUr^l, «.r. i/l»J 
Ag*lo,*d'|i6,».«t*«(r,WJ.«.i.>,(. Libiw,. 
Aggiogan., idJiitlTi, «. 4. lu /■■" >■ (ß>«l.. 

AEsiarnaie, Idj'tRil'it, v. ■. la •rf/nn-nl 

■AgiiDDicre, uiiU-iM, - 


tUltyt, f, wd'wfi' 

Agiunflum, tiiuli 

AM>— '— ■ 

AnputaK, Mifttifi«, V. ■. fo «f/wf, II 

Alioiiuloliin, 4l«""'ü'ii, u. <. u uiiid 

AfMnmrr:, ^rini'i«, ». ■. « ■•«', ta fe-i« 
AMniiiohi««!,iBriiik«i'>I,«p.r, iD|«mi3r 

Aggreppur», i|iil;pl'rd, », ■. In ptppU, 

AEgn-gant, lurtil'rf, v. ■. " >Hr>r>in » 

ASBrfg"''*! *nrft* 1*1 "■■ "»g":e«M( MW- 
Agsrse^fio™, »irriiiuW'ni, ». .-.e.'.^ 
A?E"BJl»te, /(IriilJiT*, V. .. lo «...mi/. 

Agsrincinrs, IdcIsIilitV«, Aggrinurs, «i- 
Aggroppiire, »HlVp'rt, Agroppinnj, li- 

ASBroTigli«™, »iir(.u-i'ij, u. »., AggrD- 



AgguindoliTB, lii<iiiid^ii'i 

AggtuU», mliU'rt.v.d. 
Ag lelto. likflt, ••. («* 
Aghirtii«, 'i^^'«. ■»- *■ 

*L'^^°'*' '^■''' " 

Ji-Tmo, ira-w, ■. MMf 

Ag le, i'llJt, JmiiU, mimtU. 

Ag lillt,l|ani-,/^Bglfily, Ji'»!»!»«!. 

Aguia, itirü,/. Aäiu, iprtii. 

Ag ». ijc^l, V. ■. u aol, IS cpm». 
AgiUIIUfllD,*Illll>>t>>'IA|>n. BiilüllH. 
AgiUre, (ini'il, «I. ■. M agiMU, w Wlifiliu 

AgiUlOre, «JfUM'cl, «. (■»ll'r, cilalltr. 
Agitutone, lfim.M1il,/. Vliimi |><>/i- 

AgliliU, *M'U, /■ -«■««.»«. 

A gUrifonef fa'lUI?;*,/. r™rr.ili«.. 

fo"f ■ .'od*.'!)"'«/!.!" b.",^')"»-!/..' 
Agognan, l|to'l^ •. ■. i» mmi «w/jr, 

iinente.liilmtii'li.a'J.uiiWyi m'rt's- 
■il^ii», iirJilK'il, /. '■"«'"■*■ 

DolLt|(l'li«lt, AgrioofloR, KrIUUt'rl, 
colturi. itriktiWH./. mericmllurt. 

"""*"■ *<"•''■■*'••■ ■"■ " jl^ 
.ni!niui11 ijirmJnid-ri. /. Imd-ninis- 
olla, ,fr>"- . .„«„ 

Table of the irregulär verbs*). 












druDk, druukea 





drove, drave 





















bore, bare 


















it befell 

























beholden, be- 







foiden * 






































bid, bade 

bid, bidden 

























































































ehid, ehiddeo 











cieft, clofe 

cieft, eioren 







11 e a T e 












hid, hidden 












held, holdt'O 
















1 nter w eare 



















































V g*tes/o « 

itteriico Jenett 

1 cA'iV verbo s 

ia coHghicnIo t 

incAe regutai 




IBS 225 


















quit, quitted 











































M ean 


















M e t h I n k 8 
























































































































































overbid, over- 






sbrunk, shrank 

sbrunk, tbraii» 


































sat, sale 



































































OTer sproad 






















spnn, span 






spitled, spit 

spitted, spit 



partakea - 







S p r e a d 



P e n (vor quer) 





JJict., Engfiih and Italian, 












































linder atand 






atank, itank 





































Stolen. aCola 




Btrewn * 




awoln * 


























nngirt * 







upl>ore - 




































npbeld , ap- 

washen * 










A,i, pr. a(, to, by, in, oMtfor, with, under, 
Admcoi i'bikd, m. mbacu§, plinth. 
Abnntico* ibinU'kö, ad.Jormerly, 
Abate, ibl't«, m. abbat. 
lAbazia, ihiXaVk^ see Badia. 
A bbacare> ibbiki'ri, v. a. /o examine eloaelyi 

-. V. n. to puuU one*8 te{f, [ufith a pole, 
Abbacchiare, ibbikkfi'ripV.a. to beat down 
Abbachista, ibbAkCstl, m. arithmetieian, 
Abbacinainento, ibbitahlnimÖD'tö, m. t/os- 

»ling,^ \to etoud. 

Abbacinare, ihhitahtni'Ti, v. a« to dazaie, 
AbbacOj ibbi'k6, m. arithmetic, 
Abbadare, Ahbidi'ri, see Badare. 
Abbadessa« ibbidA'si,/. abbett, 
Abbadia, khbiii'i, f. see Badia. 
Abba^liainento» Abhil'im6tk*t6, m. dtmne$$ 

of tighti mittake. [liant, 

Abbagliante, ihhiVin'i6, a. dazzling, briU 
Abbaglianza, ibbiran'dsi,see Abbagliamento. 
Abbagliare, ibbil'i'r^. v. a. to dat%Ut (flg.) 

to beguiUf to bewitcn t to impote upon i -, 

V. n. to be datzled. 
Abbaglio, ibbi'l'ö, m. datxlingt mUtale» 
Abba)ainento , ibbijimön'td. m. barking, 

yelping, [to hoa$tf to brag. 

Aobaiare» ihhiji'r6, v. n. to barkf to yelp t 
Abba|atore, kbhi^M'x^ttn.barken tlanaerer. 
Abba^atrice, kbhiyiitViaM , f. eentoriou» 

vfoman, detraetret». 
Abbaino« ibbirnö, m. dormer-window. 
AbballarCi ibhiWä'rif v. a. to embale. 
Abbalordire, ibbilördfri, v. a. to $tun, to 

bother. [vfilk eölton. 

Abbambagiare, ibbAmbiJia'r<,v. a. to »tuff 
AbbandonainentOj AbbiDd6nini6n't4 , m. 

Abbandonare, Abbindönl'rl, v. a. to mian- 

don, to fonake, to give overt to quitt to 

leavei abbandonarai, v. r. to give one*» ee\f 

over, [deeperately . 

Abbandonatamente, IbblndAnlUmöon«, ad. 
AbbandonOt ibbind&'n6fm.J6r$akingt deeer- 

tion t in -| in eonfusion t '< random. 
Abbarbagkamento, IbbiritirimtfnHÖ , m. 

dattling, [to Blup^fy. 

Abbarbagliare, ibbirbil't'rA, v.a. to daule, 
Abbarbicare» Abbirbfki'ri, v.n. to take root. 
Abbarcare, lbbirki'r<,v.a. lo heap up, to pile, 
Abbarrare, ibbirri'r^ v. a. to bar, to etop up, 
Diet,, Italian and EnglUth, 

AbbanifFamen lo, Ibbirdfflmön'tö, m.eeu^e, 

2uarrel, . [eonfueton, 

baruffare» ihbiTMi*r6, v. a, to put in 
Abbassamento , ibbissimtfn'tö, m. abaee- 

ment t diminution. 
Abbassare, ibbissi'r6, v. a. to abaee, to ea$t 

down t to lotver t to diminieh t to numbte t 

-y V. N. to eome down i to deeline t abbas- 

sarsl, V, r, to fall, to einit to humble one*$ 
Abbasso, ibbis'sö, ad. below. down. [fie{f, 
Abbastanza» AbbisUa^dsa, ad. enough, 
Abbattere, 4J^bil't<r6, v. a. to overthrowt to 

eubduet taabatet to humble t abbattersl, 

V. r. to meet Ufith, 
Abbattiinento.ibbiUfmtfn'tö, m. overthrowt 

eonßictf battlei aceident, chanee, 
Abbattitore, Abbitlft6'r< , m. feuert de- 

etroyert bully. [preeaed. 

AbbattutO, Abblttd'tA, a. eaet down, </e> 
AbbatufFolare, ibbitilfföU'ri, v. a. to ihrow 

into eonfusion. 
Abbazia, ibbidsf'i, see Badia. 
Abbellare, ibbiMi'rt, v. a, to embellieht -, 

V. n. lo grow hmtdaome. 
Abbellimento, ibbilHmMl6, m. embelliah' 

ment. [adorn. 

Abbellire, ibbiUl'ri, v. a, to beaut{fy, to 
Abbench^, 4bb<nk%', e. although. 
Abbendare, kbb^uAk'ti, v. bind, to tie t 

to bend. fvjtth battlemente. 

Abbertescare, ibbiTlüki'ri, v. a, tofortijy 
Abbererare, ibb6v£ri'r<, v. a. to give drinkf 

to cauae a profound eleep. 
AbbeveratO)0, Abb^t^rAtö'yö, m. horeepond. 
Abbiadare. Abbfldi'rt, v. •. to give a feed 
Abbicc), ibbftsbr. m. aiphabet. \of oat*. 
Abbiettainente« abb(6ttim6n'tö, ad. abjeetly, 
Abbiettare» ibbiklÜ^H, v, a. to debaae, 
Abbiettezza, ibbiiUti'ai./. abjectneaa, 
Abbietto, ibbl^Vit, a. aojeet. 
Abbiezione, AbbMtsfö'ni, /. abjectien, 
AbbigUamento , ibbfl'im<n'l6« m. dreaa, 
finery, attire. [up, 

ADbigliare, ibbfl'i'rtf, v. a. to dreaa, to trim 
Abbindolamento,ibb(ndöldmin'tö, m. eheat, 
trick. [to eheat. 

Abbindqlare, Ibbfodöli'rl, v. a, to deeeive, 
Abbiosciare, 4bb(ösbi'r6, v. n. to get dia- 

heartened; abbiosciarsi, v. r. to loae couta%gL^ 

AlibitUAtF, Vbblllil-rl, •!.' •! u atja",' ll 
ilbbiimziäM. UkllrliiWol,/. i^/nruiM. 

jlbbcHonn, ObtUl-rt, v. •. la jTJI up » 
AbhoinimbVlt , Ibbl iDlnl'ii n*%. ■fwn iwÄ>! 


Abbaminio, lt>bi 


Abbonun-, 1u>6d 

Ab'bgn'dintc', 1hl 


tiondiiiizn. Ibbtnain'dii, /. m, 
lion dun iure, lIsbdaiUBiUlS'it, 


lUiOi ll>b6rdl'4fl, n. I 



«, UfadnCr«, V. H. I> cMor. 

Abbottunmitiito, IbMiUbiDfali, ... pil- 

h,., pUnlUr, imä,^. 
Abboltiiian,aMllU-ri,v.a, iaplllMgc,u 

IjimjD-lri, m. ft-sh 


AbbcaTiuianV, IbbN 
Ablfriiwi, Ubiia'ci 

Tt, Abbrifiduä, 4k 

Abbniitolin-.lbbnlilitti'rt, u.a. I„ l^,, n 
Abbnitir».lhbniiCr*,».a.M(™ii/"v. \.crup. 

Abhujurclblidjl'rl.v.i., ID tiV'dn^arloi. 

AbdiCHzionc, IbdlUutb'ot, J~. ali/ieali«. 

AhrliÄD, IMir^, ^^r^l^i. 
Abtenio, IbUU'le,». ttlüt-tltaUiig, 
AbiTp, IWlt, ■. a;>, cb«r. 
AbiliH,lbilAk,/.aJljlJi>, JjzliWh. 
Abiütin«, IblllU'I*, v,a. te «wUc, h «nafilV, 
Abili(.t|ra, IMU&I.«, *1p»7Ä,"V 

ABI i 

Ahiinoölo, ib(Ui'Ml^,m.dweUingt bitmmcU, 
Abitante, ibiUn'U, m. dwtlUr. 
Abitare, kbiWH, v. «. to dwttt. 
Abitatore, äbllitA'rt, m. dwetler, 
Abitatrice, ibfUtrruh«, / /emaU dweiier, 
Abitazioucelia, ibfUtsiönuhAl'U, /. »mall 

lodging or kouMe. 
Abitazione« ähtlHaWa6, /. dwetling. 
Abito. i'bH6f m. hahit, euttom, im«i dret$f 

elolMSt temptrameni, 
Abituale, tbtti&'li, a. hahitual, eutiomary, 
A bitualinente. ibiiUlm6ü't6, ad, hahitually, 
Abituare, ib(laA'rd,v. a,to «««, to aceuttontf 

abitnarsi, v. r. to aeeuttom on«*» »*(/, 
Abituatezza, AbUdit^t'ti,/. euttom, 
Abitudine, ibdtf'dfo«, /. habitude, 
Abituro, ibftü'rö, m. humbU abode, 
Ablatiro, ibUll'TÖ, m. (gr.) ablative ea$e, 
Abluzione, UtlHii6'n€, /. ablution, 
AboHbile, «böll'bfl«, a. abolithable. 
Abolire, ib^lf'rd, v. m. to abolisA, to annul, 
Abolizione, AböUtaf6'n6, /. abotition, 
Abortare, ihöriä'ri, Abortire, ih6rH't€, v. n. 

Abortini, ibörtfr'sf, v. r. to mi$carnf, 
Abortiro, iU»6rtrT6, a. tAortiv*. 
Aborto, Abör'tö, m. abortion, abortiv* eAild, 
Abosina, äb6st*ai,/. plum, 
Aboiino, ibösi'DÖ, m. plum-tree, 
Abrogare, ibrbgi'ri, v. a. to abrogale, 
Abroeazione, AbrögltsM'ntf,/. abrogation, 
Abrolano, ibrO'lAaö, m. touthernwood, 
Abuiare, Ibüsi'rö, v. a. & n. ro abuse. 
AbuaiTamente,AbüsfTAinin'ti, ad, abusiveljf, 
AbuaiTO, Ibüdi'TÖ, a. abutive. 
Abuao, Abü'sö, m. abute, dituae, 
Acca, Ak'kA,/. /Ae tetter H. TW-'y. 

Accadeinia, Akkldö'm«, /. aeademy^ univer- 
Accadeinico, ikküdß'mfkö, a. &a</. acadtmU 

ealt aeademician, {b^alL 

Accadere, Akkidö'rtf , v. a. ir. to happen, to 
Accaderole, Akkid4'völi,a. thatmay kappen, 
Accaffare, ikkAITA'ri, v. a. /o »natck away. 
Accagionainento, Akk4J6aim<o'td; m. ünpu- 

tation, {aeeute t(f, 

Accagionare, ikkiJ6D/l'r<, v. a. to impute, to 
Accagionatore, AkkijÖDitd'rö, m. accuter. 
Accalappiare, Akkilippfl'r^, v.a. to inveigle, 
Accalorare, Akküöra'rö, v. a. to warm ; to 

ineite, [ment. 

AccampamentOilkkimpImAn'tö, m. eneamp- 
Accainpare, IkkAmpi'rA, v. n. to encampt 

aeeamparsl, v. r. to pitek one't eamp. 
AccanaJare, ikkAoili'rö, v. a. to ehannel, to 

chan^er, {irritmte. 

Accanare, lkkio4'r6, v. a, to uneoupUt to 
AccanatO, ikkini'tö, a. /uriout i very Mtgry, 
Accanire, AJ^kinCrö, see Accanare. T'y. 

Accanitainente, AkkiofUmiD't4, ad. /uriou»' 
Accanneliare , ikkinnMi'ri , v. a, to wind 
AccantO, iUiin'16, ad, a$ide. \jupon bebbin», 
Accapezzare^ ikkip4tsl'r4, v. a, toßnUh, 
Aocapigliarai. ikkApfrtr'sf, v. r._ to tak» on» 

anothtr bu the kair, TJa • mantU, 

AccappacciatO, 4kk4ppitihl't6, a, tprapped 
AccappatojO|<kk4ppilA'yd,ni. eom5<nc-«/«lA. 


Acoappiare, ikkippM'rd, v. a, to inamare, 

Aocappiatara, Akkippfitd'rA,/. rumiung knott 

»norm. {eapont, 

Acoapponare, ikkippönä'ti , v. «. to mako 

Accapricoiare , ikkiprfuhi'ri, Aocapricci- 

arai, ikkiprltsbir'al , v.r. to thuddert to 

thiver, Ufg» 

Accarezzamento, ikklritsin<n't6,n». tarea»- 

Accarezzare, ikkirilsA'r^, v. a. lo cotm«, to 

AccarezzeTOle,ikkiriU^TÖI«, «. flatttrütg. 
Accarnare,ikkAnii'r4,v.a. to daah drap inta 

tktßoah» [up in a eomet. 

Aeoartocciare, Akkirtötsbi'rA, v. a. to ti^ra^ 
Accasamento, ikkisinto'tö, n«. marriage, 

Accaaare, ikkiai'rA, v. «. to ^ui7«I houaea t 

*, V. ». to loi« « u/i/« } aecasarai« v. r. to 

^«f m houae-keepingt to marry, 

Aooasciamento, ikkisbimtn'to, m, tUbility 
through old age, 

Accaiciare, ikkisbi'r<, v. a, to tueaken t ->, 

V. m, aeeasciarai, v. r. to beeoma feeblo 

through age, (eatmrrh, 

Aocatarrauiento, IkkiUrrimtfn'td, m. eold. 
Accatarrare, ikkAtirrA'r4, v.n. to eateh a eold, 
Acoataatare. AkkiUsti'ri, v. a, to heap up. 
Accattabrigne, ikk*Uibr{'(b4, m. ^uM-reU 

Accattamento, ikkittlm^n'lö, m. beggary, 
Accattapane, ikkitUpi'ni, m. beggar. 
Accattare, 4kkitU'r6, v. a, to borrow; to begt 

to impetrate, [beggar, 

Accattatore, 4kkitt4tö'r4 , m. borrotuert 
Accateria, 4kkil6rr4,y. borrowingt bagging, 
AccattO, 4kkit't6, m. borro-wing, begging, 
Accattone, ikkAttö'iie, m. vile beggar ^ im- 

poator. [upon, 

Accaralcare, ikkiväUi'rA, v. a. to moumi 
Aocaralciare, AkkivAlUbl're, v. a. to ride or 

ait aetraddte. \upon another, 

Accarallare, ikkk^iXWvit v,a. to piie on» 
Accayigliare, ikkiifl*i'r4, v. a. to wind om 

bobbina, [error. 

Acoecauento, lisb<kiiii<n^4 , m. blindnetat 
Accecare. itsb^ki'rd, v. a. to blind, 
AcoecatO)0, 4uh4kAtö^6, m. ruff, 
Accecatore,4lsb6kAtA'rd, m. deeeiver, eheml, 
Accecatura, iuhdkilü'ri,/. wimbte. 
Accedere, itahtt^dbri, v, n, to approach, 
AceefFare, ktahkttä'H, v, m, to catch with 
Accegia, itab4'iiA, /. wood-coek. \jLha teeth, 
Acceleramento , itahAMrinöa'tö, m, apaed, 

haat« [to apeed, 

Accelerare, lUhiJAri'r^, v. «. to aeceterate, 
Acceleratamente, HahMrälimkn'ik t ad, in 

a hurry.^ 
Accelerativo, Itsb<l<rit('t6, «. aeeelerating, 
Accelerazione, itabölöriufö'ne, /. accelera- 

tion, [to aat on ßre, 

Accendere, ÜshAnMirt, v. a. ir. te kihdlat 
Accenderole, 4i8fa«od^TÖ14, Accendibil«», 

itabtadCbfld, a, injlammabta, eombuatibU. 
Aecendiinento, itshöndlmdu'td, m. aettin%, 

•n ßra. 


mmtdi Jimihimg, 

ihlt, »»«»h. 

AanMocD, limik'kt, ... »irpjr, .J"™«! 
Aauiiarp, ttiblJi'Tl, ■. a. in tarJuiTilMf)' 
Aco * o, tubl'j«, ~. .!«(. ritilh). 

in, tunirplli'rt, -. iu^gltr. 

ÄcoIntO, ilshrDlA, ■. firfi prtpmrtd, rtaJy. 
Aeeitt, luht, jtcwirxioh^, (ub6likb', s, u 
A(W)aU0Un, lliWKAll'rl , v. a, ll p™-'. 

Aocodun^lLktdJr'il, v.r. It, ftUcui clau 
An" * I le"* m"?!'« rt 't'''/'i'"to 'i^ifi^'""' 
Ace iJ imen lo. ä WWnlili, ... w.™ da»., 
AceoEliliccia, lU^rnii-ibi, ■. gtilitrid ip 

AeCOjlhlOn-, mil-tU-ri, -. ,all.trtr , r,^ 

«ojput., ikk«ri(in-u, /. •"■»|.;^_|;*_|- 

«iHiHiidarDni!, miBiiidijii'B*, /. p^a. 
sDiiHndManD,lhtenlaUil'rl«,n. Ip«'t!!.i 

iUAmUl-ll, K 


^ jj^,. 


u,u;i. m. 

", lklimiiii.'lT<, 

r^. (kWopln'UCti. «: «< 

™,>., c.™p-%,-™ 


ID, ntdmdDlmln 

Lkbmdprrt, •!.• 

BDDinl, «.. r 




kkioUMl'l*, /. t 



^DOOppinbile, ifVktfppfi'brEJ. a. mattkakle^ 
jinaoppiunen tD,ikkApt>f4iDAB'IA,ii, caMfitlnf, 
^OCDppiiirp, ikh6pplA'rd, w. «. ro ■ecdii/ffv. 

Amorm. tkktH'rt, v. >. J= '•fflUiJ^pty, 


ikklidlmtnl», i... Afloor 

caortFn,iU6r']lri, » 
ccorgiiDCntD, IkktiJUnta'M, x. cinuiia. 

tfü,/. ™.»i»e. .™%. 

AccBia, tkld-il, /. .c».«!».. 

AcouÄbile, Uckditnini, >. ■««•(;•. 
AeciuBinenlD, Iklulilmlii'U, m. ■icuisiIcik. 
Accuiue, ükdil'it, v. ■. u .atuti «/, u 

a"u^;to, ftMi«[-ilS. m. (p.) .»«.'w 
Acouiilorr, IkkdiiH'ct. r». iccur^. j-itti». 

A ocüI-iuTne. Ikkdili' It'D «,'/«««.<?.»''" 

AoEtoii^, (ublMiilk', /. uj.lily. 
Acftoio, lUktlVil, ■. »xrbll. roll»»'-. 
AoEluine.lUbtli'mt, «. liintt prurrrtd Im 
AciidKtu, lliUdtl'ii./. iiii^ilih 

Il^'üjf J>t >1 

Il._ ■■"■■■ 

AsqüitÖrttTlIiliainr-u,'/' 'W>"i/°'-iii.' 
Aequalo, Ukul'J«, m. »Ilir. 

Jlflqiuic, lUfl'rt, V. ■. (p w«fw. l^hfd. 
Jlcqiurti(nni, lUntnHilr'tl, v. r. u. luli 

jtcmuriMte, Oblriila'U.y. Irmmih. 
Acqualluni, IkkulIUfil, v, r. W HHal, u 
AeqiMTite, UJuItI'H. /. fa««^, JoiHr. 


Aeqoell«, i "-'■'■' '-'—"—■- 
Asqu »IIa, 


Addirizu», iUi 

Äddiun, tddlil'r 
Additio, iisn-it, 
Addiiiou«, iddiu 

AddobE»in^ta, iJdAhbfnjQta, m. »mq- 
Adctabhlra, lilddbbl'ct, v. a. lo tntitlUi, 

Addab^! Iddtli'hA, n. {Briiani'riraO/>^t^ 
Addoicin, Udtiubl'i«, V. .. u lu.«»., u 

..JdghitiTO, Uilällikni-iS, m. (,«(,(,.1,. 

Uton, «tl 

{(-), W.J 

Ailücqu're, /dlk.l''>r. 
Adtgiare, Idljl'ri, •>. ■. la Mpclw uiA« lli 


trOi iddri'irl, aif, tthlni. 

. adipatc r plump. 

irti idinnj, ~. r. 10 t" "»r/- 
juione, Ujiol'ilüH, /. ,, 

ilare. Id'rilVlt, n. CKodi'ul'r, prannUr. 

LdoKTole^ I. 

Adol[Are, IdtiCi-m, K. >. ID i</«i. 
AdoltMiro, IdSliltCti, »> «duiilio. 
Adolmtorw.UllWi'i^, ^., Adoltl 

Adiwila, J^rte'IA, mä. (jmu^> wff&m- IM- 

Adugliimfilla, Idddllmdn'lS, ■>. «//iltJ 
Aduggiiiri», tdddjl'rl, V. •. lo lli^J'nv i 

AdlllAtoVc. Ad^l'Ü'p«. n- '^J-l. 



■.[»iion». tmiülb-iC'fß'-^^. 


Adultn/ton, Iddiitilifii, 

. •d.^Uri 

Aialiaino.UiMH'at, ».•d„/urb,i, 

AdullETio, Idilllt-Fia, n, .d-litry. 

JlWio,.r»-|t6,«..3lW(... ' 
AITibile, Mt^M, >. aßtilt, civil. 
AfbbiliA, Umilia; f. mftUlllu. 

AIFjuiii», inniTT«,'.!.'.. *!■. » hI 

A<Fniinone. miuDf Dt, •■. ba^iKd^. 
ASara, liri'rt, n. nj'alr, lubinir rsin 


ÄSbtUti, Mtll*-!*. V.». u «-1 l'p!"' 
Afictluto, iltiui4 ■. <^«imL 

Affflttuid», MMAU»%L./. ^tMlMÜ 
ASatlO.M*^ ■.Am.a^udi ucfl 

Asäiionm, UTilitsni'r«, v. •. ra m» 

Affibbingho, uriWiri-i'ir-. t.cir., dl. 
AfHbbliiri,iirDibtl'it, v.a. » i»«lf<, » c 
AnSlibiüloia, Iffibhltil'ji, ■». *«««..*. 
AfRdun, llliU'ii, u. <■ w »V'''* *■ 

AffiXilin, JirtaiMi'r*, «. ■. u JMlii 
AfGtboliumiD,! rrMUllHta'M, n. uical 
Atiinalir«, iB\ittU-rt, u, a. fs lUBitf 

Atfi|urire,4iril*'i'r(. i.. ■. w«™« 
AfRÜirc. •nu'rl, u. m. » ii;*ri, u il 
AfKlnMr*,' t»iHld'rt,y. •«srf •rf«. 

AfGurik, irt 

u. ■. H i^jT«!, up.rify 
i-)<.n. <nici&/>i. lUr fltif. 


ANUm, IIU^i, ■.*■■. jCnW^^iniiH't (lt. 



AfHiiinc, MlliM 

AtairffTB, iniiiir 


r*, V. .. I. .£liS. 

I«, irnniM'Bt, /Tli^JDK«, fW^. 

AIRuiiB», «rattii'<il,/.a*i»^u«. 
AttluttD, iHNi-jt, m. mfluri burttt. 
AlFilnirc, UliWt*, >^ ■. u in »jfri. 


Affoiida, in 


IMjmnify, mttr 

Ut'r«, 'AnnÜn 

Affruior», llrlatl'r«, «. ■, h/'«. 
AffnnMlB, IffrMkl'IÄ,^ (Amfmt. 
Afirnnlrn, irrlg'J«[i, «. •- u iiwt, u 
A^nlo, tiMi'U, ■■/■(((■»/. r*»it>n. 

A^n'ninnito, tgVMniot«, m. <*«!, £ 
Äfft»»«. Uri»i-H,v. ■. umlrtiH, 

ABrluMtf. tffFllHlU'i»,' T, .. 1° jiy (•■|iji 


, -■ --'l*. »>■ tf'""^ '"■"'<■ 

Alf vüleizn, IJ*i61*i'.l, y. Mm»,, „.Ihm,. 

AMhi>d*i«, (iili.-Ui'r*,i..i>. I 


;en, KJMa'jM, Ha Ul|la(»ri. 
1, UlMill, /. mtUM-n, i-crMt, 
n. MJMM't£ v. •. 1« BH/an. 

.............. ^^„^ 

^KIolUrF, Jll411»'r«. V. *. (B.r.) 1. Mm;., 

AÜ^iIfirr, Itciirrc«, 

'ttrtTja-lt. ^ .^eAmiling. 

EiBlMDent« , iitrtM 




Ac|T«t9rv, l|tr<udV4, m. m^grrarar- 

J,tiTojmtm,'Hti*rft'H, Airoppiai», *(- 

AMraim*, tiirttU'il, v. ■. » inri uc'i 
iniDl. rVillJMM, n r. U t^i-fil up. 

jllinimolaiv,! — ' ■ 


AgKH'iturc, liiDil'rti, V. ■ 

AjtCHcmrvi irf^nTrt, u. 

AlEuindalire, ^ _.. . 

>• M-bvi -p r (ii-) « l"J 's '*• ■"«. 
Aegn.UrB, l|t«^l^l, •. i^ B. /iw pl..i.r.. 
AchslIO, ilMTl, ■■. (■«. Hf , 
Ag^irone, «tkUu«, •>. «v^. 
Aiiainenia, ljli>i>^, i». ««r />r'«s- 
A(ül«c».4iiiti'it,/ H>jeir»>Miuc»i 

evnfitrt. tgml/i'. 

AgibiU, tfl-UlU, m.fttäiUr. 
Agile, *'J1I*, .. »;l>, «mU,. 

AgihllureT AIJUU'H, t>. d. tt rrmdtr HimMt. 

A|itu¥, 1)111-1«, V... 
AgiWtf'n, IJIUll'il, 

Ag ji>iU,_ iW Ii, /. ™r/iB-M«M. 

AtlU^ «'B'l"/. (psu.) i«i.^a~». 
Agnjilq.lii'lhi,...!!.!».« tv l*i m.U Um. 
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urdtn, Ifalcdl'rt, V. 


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t|uiutare,l|«ulll'rt, m. iru 
ninbira, litlilM'rJ, /. xSi 
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AbibA I UM, i, fii I Aunp,' - 

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nilll-«, u 

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A fgrar», U14ir»'f«, V. •. M I*™-. I. J,H,*I. 
AlIeNrpiiii.liitirtiU, Allegria, illiiTl't, 

All-gro, ttU-pt, .. c4«r/al, fay, aurn, 

Altenuneato, Ultala«*'!*, ai. iMw. 

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AI vitn, «IH'Mrt, ■ U aflnib. 

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AlhiTionp, ITIdiW-nC,/. •»■ubü. 
Alna, tl'nt./ (poo.) *»(. 
AlmuiKICorc, l|ml>>kkl'r«, -..n. IB t«lld 

AloinBlcoO, llBlliTH, M. mlmmnmt. 

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lu.nio, llk-lii'14, -A »nnvAil, f.«....r 

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Urm, »llfH'ri, m. !*• </>, *y°" *«"•- 

tioodc, IKrte'd«, ■■', /rtm rlmiAm. 

trui, illri'r, /In. fffÄcw, «J^ pnpU. 
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tMt uui'r«, p. >. » »1», u Tyi .,., 

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Anhjcno, iBbriiU, ■. ••■»iiM.iu. 

ApÖbn, iVtH, f. mmi^, tamher. 

^inbrnre, inbrl^ v. d. fo ptrfurut Miitk 
Ainbroiia, tn)ir«^l,>. • ifl^. 

AmenlU, imtillt',^ n'fi-iimlitntn. 

Alnügmi, imautf if, v. <-, lo /»r«. • Jrlmd- 

Ami™, laCk^ /.f>~Ufri.«d. 

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MibU«, iBBiiil-hri«. a. 

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aiUn,, iBntUi'T*, v. ■- u 1 

Lanntin, taatlPr«, Aiunatolin, 1 

AuorDnll, Imatüia',/ 

Adp Un, tm»\Vti, V. a. ta mtartt, (• v- 
Ami^illiauv, tapHHU-T«, d. ■. b mmaUJyi 

jUnpolloiitli. Irapllllint',/ htmial. 

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Aa^olia, IMIl|IV/.'«>7^n. *' ' 

Anche, IK^M, mtL mItB, Irr, ItUtuM. iv«. 
AnCO.ltlit, md. <■/•>, IM, «ü(. U<H. 

Ancorch^ lohtilt', i« IDConibk. 
Andflinrnlo, lodimlD'!*, •.. |.il, tl,F. prm- 

Andn^ Indl'it. «.V f^.*'«' »ttäHti 

AndiilRifli-ii, /. uip, u^Ur (■»<.) iva- 

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Ail|«1i>, iD'JtIt, •■. •api. [compi. 

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Aniobn, IniMl'rt, •. mngmlmr. 
AnlDlo, lifil». Ol. »(Ik c««»-, 

AniaidiiK, U[«dit'r4, «. i. » frir 
Ansiunn. fai^'iitJ./.MUTWMM.i i^ji 

AnLnnnle, InjDla'US, -. Ihi«t ^'t'tl »*« 
it. ■«».<«(. r^nfi, 

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AnniillnziDii«," utulüll'D«^ V-* « ■"V(° 


AntenKlo, Inltnflt, in. /■>»/■■'*''• ■'"'•'•''' 
Anteuu. IntrBi,/./"'«'"^-»'^' 
Antenom, iiUpU'r«, >, •. ii. loprtfur, 
Anlapntizion«, liilfMIalfot . ^ /m- 

Antepailo, iBiipftU, ■. pnfimä. 
Antcriare,lstlrll'ii,a. ^r*J, fvfv, J^ma, 
AnlnioHik, iDUrltritf,/. orlarin,. 
Aoteunillo, tnllakrtfli, a. .»oh isrlHn. 
Anitoatli*, mniriV,/. •KflT""'^ ''' 

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Anlifona. iiU'rtai,/. mmlAtm. 
Aaucnuäiii, lüitAw-ia,J. v«f£, UtlDtrUrt, ■. •. fr. is prtftr. 

>müpapi, ioUpl'iii, m. rnttOflf. Tlaih- 
AatipiiKi, lailiil'M, m. Ai*f «urH a* Ik 
AailJliM», IgUpiU'l,/. Aapmiilv. 
AnlipilivO. iDlIpf KU, •. mrliptlktliaU 
Aanpodii iMfr«!, ■■. *L tnüBoäu, pi. 
A>l!i^*ra, ütblpi^ ». •. fr. u /»Xr». 

Antitui, iaU'M^ "j^HfiiiE'i^. 
AMlndarciiiUTld«^«.., f>. M^rMn. 

Ap|HiiIiKlinDare. lp|iiiUl'«iil't), ir. a. u 

Aiiingarn, ippl(i'l4, v. m. U ••»Vs. *• 
fltatt. W Iti'. 

AppaUian, lteli*tfii, •>. *. Ii iUcnvtr, 

AppnlUre, Ippilli'rA, V. a. f* irt anl, tu 
AppalUlore. IpplIUlö'rl, m.fmrintr. 
Appflllo, iFpU'll, rn./.rn. Tpnilar. 

App«llgD",.ipi>l][0'u4, "1, alrifr, ••«- 
Appaaiu£iio. tppiopi'dja, ™ .f/.iu..ef 

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AppArW, ippirl'ri, v. u, la l'rmparri tf 

Bim, tg<Lrri, -. rfif-/ 


Apparente, Ippii 

App» '— ' 


Ape, A'p'./. W. 

Apcrta, lp«r'U,/. lat Jlrsrlin. 

ApcrtD, Iptr'li, s. s/i^Hi/, >;<iu 

Apnlun, tptiü-tt, /. MfrrlMTt I *• 

Apa4»li«ie,ibAkllti'*i, Apocalüai 

Apöiio, «Hl**. ■■ «f»««. 
Apolot^, l(>«l«]l'l,r. tptlin. 

ApoplHtlH, IpAplAnt'i,/. Mpapirry, 
ApOpfvtJflOi ipOplI'lAd, d. apoplefle. 
AlicHtiiiii. iKJiltiril,/. tpttrmig. 
ApDBlatJI, ipA'iUli» M. apatlaltf rrnta 
Apoilatan, lp«>liÜ^ V. ■. I> ■fwila 

Apoiliiliö.i^U''«,'«!, Apolda, Ipi 
ApDIlolD, Ipl^llU. Mt AppuLnlo. 
Apoilcofn, Ipi'ilrtn, /. •patlrnpki. 

Apairan, ipiiM-ii, f. mp«il,tp.U. r-rp- 
Appnaatr, Ippllibl'rt, v. «. ur''ifli 

1, IpplllB« 

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AppBrilO«, iltivit^tt,'ai,J.mppTUi 


AppnTt^nrrP, 4pplr1djiA^. V. H, ir. la he- 
AppfltlUWnlO, AppilalBI^D'IA , m. ai^lmr, 
Apputionani. ipplulAMr'kl, v. f. In laiH 
AppBBlianaLo. ippIxlAbi'tt, a, pauioaatt, 
AppHtBT«. Ippiati'rA, Vr B. ro piuu.uttiei, 
Appullagione. Ipptuija*!!«, AppeIIuionc> 

lpptllUilt'ii4, /. tppiml. 
Appalluilr. IpptlÜo'U, i^ mpptU~il. 
Apprlln», IpplIU^l, D. ■. u »if I ID tili, 

Appf\\lti\xo, Ippililll'Tl, n. (ir.l aiifirf^ 

Appeilarf, ippAEld'Tt, V. 4. 'a ü^fvet 


Apprtnile, IppMtD'tl, I 
Appftibik. Ipptuin«, 
Appelirf, »pr»lfi<, f. ■> 

AgpeliliDIIC, IpftUUlfa«, /. B/rp.UMy, 

Anpello, (pili'14. fr. ft ad. In fmpmritn. 
AnpIaBaralfra, liprluktiWTt. v. ■■ u 

jppIllVlllbl'r^ V. •, lo'ttlidr, laßx. 

AlipiccnlanlD.IppIkU'n'lId, in. A«t, enot. 
Ap^iwTWe IptlkÜT«, V. ■. u Aanrw W 

jttipiCQiitlI|0. IppncklU)«, m. /iBol, L>ld- 
jtiipiCGjAn?, IppiEihi'rA, V. ■. to ifffjfc f0. 
Aupiociniw,lppluhlsC'it, ».A. »<fl-{>M. 
AiipiiiiiialK», IppiukUi-rl, AppiEoiolin, 
jpRlUhtlPrt, V. a. Ii iHiin. 

AppicmlninentD,' IppUlUmla'lD, n. j»- 

Appiocölare, «ppfUMf rl, ■» ApplegIsUn. 
Apü, Iplt', Appiede, Ipplf dt, ai/. al l*< 

lloltiini, ipprniillr'il) <i. r. ID I 

üdire. ippiiudfri, i.. ». r» a/ip/, 

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App lofire, ipptWi'tt. v. a, fp "j-plu, lo a*- 

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AppIlOMiünc, IppIflUUrSlii, /. tppU«,li<,n. 
Appo, *p-p4, lir. -er, »j,, IL.I*. f.r»^. 

AppüJtBiAmenIO, ippddJdmAo'lDj in. ttbouj- 
Apiiogsiarp, l;p«djl'rt, V, a. Is Jiia, In 

App0«||ial01D, IppSdJlIA^l, m., Appag- 
Binluni, IppäilJlliTl, /. , Appoggio , Ip- 
pS'dJi, r«. pro/., tapptrl. 

Appor^jarE, IpptVuiA'rJ, n. «uiinrir. 

Apprenderv, tffrWAiit^ v, a» fr. f« fvarai 
Apprendsrolp, ipör*nO*'.*r4,_ a. /.^lo *. 

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AppTCilve, ipprtvI'Tt, w- a. & n, fa drwut 
Apnretao, Ipprt'BA, ^. afnr, hmrd bt/, h/^ 

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Appoilifloio, JppdiU'E«! 

AppOltolioa, äppAlI&'JIlia, a, apotlaUüi 


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Appreimlore, ipprtuiiCi 
Approbarv, ipprflhi'rJ, ■■! 

ApprodHrF, IpprAdl'rd, ip- 
ApprofiturF. ipprtRllj'rt, 
Approfondnre, IpprAfdadJ 

Appro'nf««, tppita'li'it, 


Appropinmiaraj, Ipprtpfnkiiir'ir, b. <■- la 
AppTOpOlllD, Ipptlpfdlt, oJ, nimmaiiff, 

Appropriltf, Ipprfprtl-rt, v. «. Ir a>i- 
AppropOMlone, IppWprCaliM'oä , /. a/^ 

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Appiintnre, Ippilnil-ri, t. o. lo poinf, (a 
ApptLnlaturn. AppdnLll4'ri, /. Harnt t mat-k. 


AppdrI'tA, t, a. fp /'"r^j^r fa 
l, Ippdlal'rl, Appnziolilre, Ip- 

Aqniloiw, Ikanfoi, m. lankwäiJ. 
AÄ,*^ /(!«».).««■. 

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Anldo. Irtl-dt, n. itinJrf. 
Aruoia, IrtD-Ulil,/. srmic. 
AniBia>t», Irl.utf u,/. .ru,w{i. 

Anrc, Irl'rt, u. <. » cfouffi M cu/ihuu. 

l'r4, «. •. bi urHmu, i 
rl'rii, ■. •rUInr«. 
Iiiü'r«, >■. mrUiftb-r, wm 


Ana. irU,/. c*«i, »X"! «yf!"' ■" 
AnndOR, lAMfr«, n. arcAir, »mmu 

AlChlimo, itUJma, ih» are^dHiii cfUHii 
ATCuIe, tlUlt, A. in:« (or • dDDt). 
Anano, IrU'it, «. onM»»«, myKnjr. 
Aiem«,***^ V.«. " »^Mi 1*1'* * *™i I 
Amt*. IrU-U,/. »ouF-iAi». Ithrtl. 

Aitihttjäut, iäiillfi«, V. '. I» »od att 
ArdlHloVl, trtUlAJl'i,/. oriltniliify. 
Atchetipo, irk«^t, n. mmAtiupu. 
AnliftlO. lit«114, m.Jtddlt^lUl. 
Arehibniiim, Matjl'c'i v- "- u •«•' 
Archibnija, lit Ai-fi, ■•< Arehlbw. 
Aiehibiui«e, UkOiiiUfit, m. vf utsiliri 

^Hhipmxolo, llklptatlUi, n. Ittä-pU 
AicEifctto, «ikMf I«, n. trMuit. Ln 
AnhilettOBiso, UlUlIt-aiU, a. nriAid 

Anhiltllnn, iTkllilU^ /. arMlttlur.. 
ArchilniT«, Irklul^t, H.<rc*finHM,/m 
Atcbiiiiria, tril'l/M, ••. iiipv ^ i** i 

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ruidu«, iiüblild'U. m. urdliteli. 

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rcignmm tiUbli<«-ii,/ cnu'.H. 

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AritaiM, tr4tm'iit, f. intm^r, ttti, tM^lKt 

Lid;cliOH,l[4U>t^iK («■(■> tf « >ul/i. 
Lrdjumto, irUilta'It, a. MillT«, in. 

irdin, iRlI'r«, v. n. U lUrc, tt tr hld. 


irdan, Irdd'tt, /. Wir JlilnH. Tpl-". 

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Eine, lirishiiulfn«,/. •. 

AraiÜT«. Andr'tA, v- m. Im *rgat, tt «jieJu/ir 

Aiguiia, InfUU, /. •ktiUiy, »fiuu«( 
Arb, i-iH,/ «In i«^>i V»w^ ■&,«»v 



A""l,b"«"rr»kr".«, ».T u gW/» ",^ 

Arido, l-rlA«, .. J,y, paar, unlcl««. tfis.\ 

>rr»lr«rt,lrr*CVlTi, Amfli»rf. »rt»nn'<4, 

Ari#Elo, i,'(t.'Ä •" Arltm., 

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ArniiiiicD><ir>, inlniUbfri, v. >. « i(r»> 

^rinSii, irlB'»»,/. AicoarKi *n-fin/. l«(i-. 
Aringire, lirnfi'rfc v. b. u ^iranri'. 

ümp, r*».(. 

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Arr»Pl.-re, lnlppl-,6. ... it,,a.,i. 

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Ancdü, «rri'di. -n, ritii»t, f "''!"". 


ArrF»barc, iTrtuU'i«, v. i. i. l».'ri"i 


dIIo. irH'K. -n. mtmim. dtatrir. 

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ArrcnuT, ticinl'lt, v. >. i> m ofniiuuli 


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Arnun, InnlT*, b. •. (e trmi (> p-( « 

i^,rf«iHiw. "' ri-f. 

Aniun, IniHll./. »«^t «f^s- 

iiicr-- T" ■'•MiK. 

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AnaeuiAn, iimWJi'r*, 1.. n, 1. ff,l, «. 

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Arr^tEur*. lirllftlTI, i>.a, 1. 1.1, 1„ . n.i. 

Anasnlo. inli*n'(*, ». *.rj =/ nil«». 

AmlniMi.ltttlrir'.I, ». r., b 

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Ar^ero. iraltW, ■.l^'".; '^^T^.' 

Amiatt. inAllTd, V. ■. » tinJ; » 

Armillu-P. tiaOlftt, m, •rmilUri). 


Amiltilin, Irmlitl'urA, n, annilliiw, 

*orr«r. lAjtiTMf . 

Al-DU., Inl.tnl'1, /. *.nm>.^. l»r.. 

Arriccür«, (rr(ub(T«, =. n. » •. 1. »r/«i. 

AnMnioo, inii»'mM,Anaonio<o,»ra«iif»'- 

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An-idcrf, IrrCdlc«, v. a. jr. la tmtlt uptui 

AiriJbre, lirlBl't«, «. n. i. pJ«» Bf dict. 

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ArBfiB, (ro6'.(, -. «■"»»■ McfalUi/KTMi. 

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Arriic^JD, Irrli'kJd, lei RJkIiIii. 

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Alf». i!-fK f. •••rp. 

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Arp.(rO, trflht.'-^ >i.rph.e, (»...l.r- 

Amaji«, Irrii.i-l-t, I.. AtHc.l.t»; 

Arpilmrr. irpttd'tf, V. m. K Mmi ^p. 

AiroMi.i'nre, Jrrdni'ri , »r™ Ü%u h 


vne. tTm'Bi, m. »I«k: *«"*! taur. 

pima, 1, otKc. 

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jtnaiiui'enlD, ln«l(iii(D'l4, ■•. mJdllltn. 

lotntw, lrrtlMl-tt,-r.». 


Atmo^'t. -- 

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^miuil*, tntaf\t, rn. •rm<J. 
AnHUSDi InCnlk«, oi. *i-(«itii. 

jlniöoiara,lniubl't«,s.a. t> rfrv In >4i ■>». 
Aniaäo, infubl, •. ranitJ, I.m, 

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Anun, ttttftt, /. inriAii ktmit mrtm. 

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Jrle, IrU, /. ■rt, mrtifitti iiillt trufl. 


Artelico. Ull'Ilt^ ■. «Hih. 
Artio'Ui, lrUUk*al./ fw- «"tJuw. 
Articina, IrUibfat,/ luifu»«. 

Artiooinre, InlUll^J^ v, ■. to vJiuiA 

. Artkolo, inrui«, ih arifibi »Au, (/hihi 

IrUrrialift, m. tnljft*, btäwUn/i 
0.ilUril>hil'Hl, ■. trlfnl, irtfll', 

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Aiuipin, Ird'ipriili«, •!. •utiT, dnifacr. 
Ai^rineolOilrUffi'ldPi. i«. /»■"(, cUmrrt, 

Aioila, idi#'Ii,/.'>rn.ö/l. 

A.oJoIt«^ fabtl'.^r«, m. A r. ». *™ V"',>Mti''*. V- •- '" '''> ' » "•*/"■ 

Al0lu»l(il0il4iUll«'jll, n. IDUff. 
AHijatliimeiita,£Mulm<a1^ stf. Ji^fy. 
'iiuiUtezzBt InAUil'al, J^. dn/mtu. 

icolm, tAU-ti/f. UUflia. 

Au:o1lö,l>kjl'Ll,i>>.j|nirJit(,fJwni(ä(. TM. 
■m, lukrFYir«, «. •- fr. » mtcritr. 

^•n», filDV/' fh^'U.' lUnpId filtivr. 

InUOCtio, &Iilt'bht, rn. imi uii ««t 
ki£in>ai, taM'dJIi*,/. •luptiUf. 

•DO, UlahiKä,' ÜMpi^dSi. 
l^'ldalU'.y. MuMm. 
ne. liM^l^in.|r(aiui,H>iiiU(iiA 

AlDliere, itillt^lt, ib. Imggrdpclnl, [aee. 

AiwriU, tMftrne, A>pmtudiBe,in«tic4-- 
dln«,/. r»(A«Mi «rwtrily. fting. 

Atptiiario, bptnt'Tli, «. <l<iä^^«- 

AntctUbile, tapiai'btii, #. ma ' " 

Aipi-lilinu, atiil«ll'«M,/. iHllFi 

Aiprtlura, lif«iu-r(, v. ■. in u, 
JtiMltHllTa, lullUU-Tl, /. erl 

.ipirän, I^m) >' a. u l^pAi M k > 

AuiIfillD», luidJiU-i«, •■. fuflcri lU- 

AI» un<mto,UMimta-\t,,^.iUt,Jil,n-uä. 

Ah* ilo're, tXin^rt^^at^Ui.-. 
Audta, hitt-ii, m. ntatli, kuiL 
AiHDun, IhJhiI^. V. .. B iW» wfflk 

1«* UM*, u >it> r l> umitJtr. 
AlMpflK, <Hij>4'H, V. ■. Ir. fr ttl hma. 




Ami, *^t», J. h,.rJ, ,l,.if, uü. 

AtlCOOlWr IvaAU'f«, MB fsedJirB' JmttUi 
AtaeDOnfUn.isilkAniU'rA.v.di Jo ffHwirrf.ft 
Aiiadfln, imiur^ .. .. Ir. i> •» ^ u wW 

AaiBdiiuil*, iBMIlant, m.'taliftr. 

Atudulorp, JhMIIUT^ nu Atwitg^r, 
itirdia, Iii*'dl4, ■>. ihf ', iltctmJ: 
rrtfu/ire, tiiAVt4. >. '■ u uW(ii, (• ••«;• 
'/»S^tesa, iata'iltl'H,/. tpaHxstia: 

AainnblH, iMtoliie-l, /.uunUy, •tnrlluf. 
Aii«nbn|diB,li'Uighrt'I'l,/., Aitrinliri- 

"'iT^' taSrrV'« ■ r" iVEiT/r*;. .ffi™ 


iii»«». teAU'r«. « M. u .JJ..I, . 

■Im, lul^nl'r«, »n 9lbll>r>. 
....„eil«. l..».b«H,/. .Si. .*.-„»(,. 
AmicuId, ("f'lrdlft, ™. «m,.// /lii.«. *£,«. 




Aiiidenur^ iMfd4rl'r6, v, «• !• cAi/^ f» 

Aisiderew 4nf d<r6, v. m. ir. t» betiegt, 
Afsidnidk, AufdAfU',/. M$iämihf, 
Asiidoo, iMf'dM. «. tuttäuom», 
AMieme, inM'B«, m« lasieme. 
Asiiepare, dssfdpl'r«, v. «. to ktdgt in, 
Asiiliare, tma\i*xh, v. «. to »mart i I» r«f r. 
AlfilitO, dssflCU, «. tmmg by a horae-ßy. 
Atiillo, issflld, M. konr-ßyt tlütgutg 0/ a 

Aitimifiire, dufmfli'rd, «. m, t9 mnimilate^ 

to eounterftit, [tioH» 

Afiünilazione, dasünfliUfd'nd, J, «miiiu/«- 
Astioina, issfd'mi, Atiioinate, itsfd'aiitt, 

m. mxiom, [mBaime», pL 

Aiiiia, kui'nkt /. liveryt duhft MsiM, /»/. 
Affiso, dMf'ad, a. $itting. 
AMiftente, issMAn'td, m. mttigtmmt, Aelper, 
Af iiitenza, aufsUn'dsi, /. «iW, kelp, 
Atfistere, iasl'nUrif v. •. ir. to mtoittt to 
AffItO» issCtd, m. bomrd-partitiom. Ikeip. 
AiiO, if'fö, m. oc« (at cards or al diee). 
Äff ociare, iasdUhU'rd, v. «. f« oeeompany. 
Associazione« iM6UbMu|ö'nd, ^. aMoei«/ia«, 

partnerohip, commereial mniom J'unoral 

proeeteioH, ttettle. 

Afiodare, iasddi'rd, v. a, to eotuolidate ^ to 
AifO^gettare. Asaödjdlti'rd, v. a. to tubdue, 
AfiOf^gettimento, issMJttUmdatd, m. «m^ 

Aisolato, Iss6li'ld, «• expotod to the nun, 
AffOldare, dsaöldi'rö, v.a. (o emli$t, to rmit» 

troop». [äücbargef to Jinhh, 

A^folvere, dsaAl'Tdrd, v. a. ir. to mbootve. to 
Assolntamente, daföliilimAn'ld, ad, mbtO' 

A«*olatO,,iM6td'td, «. obsolute^ orbitrary. 
Assolatorio, AssAlüU^'rfö, m, abtolutoru. ^ 
Afioluzione, I4a6ldtflf6'ad, /. abMolmtioni 

Assoinare, iasdni'rd, v. a. to load, to ebarge. 
AifOinigliainento, issömn'imia'tö, m., As- 

Aitoinigliare, iss^mfl'i'r^ v. «. * j». to 

eomparet to reBemble. 
Aisoiniglio, ias^ml'l'ö, m.tikoneiti portrail, 
Aitominare» is$6mmi'rb , v. m. tojiniahf to 

Astonante, iatdnlo'td, a. harmoniout, 
AffOnanza, isadnan'did, /. m»$onaneo, 
Astonnare, dss6aDi'rd, v. «. * «. to Itdl 

atieep t to get drowty. 
Ascopire« iaä^^'rd. v. «. to tutt mtteep. 
Assorbere, 4n6r^erd, Aitorbire, iMdrbl'rd, 

V. a. ir, to abtorb, to twmtlow mp, 
AtfOrdamento, 4ssdrdAindD't6, m, ttmmning, 

Aiiordare, iasdrdi'rd, Aiiordir«, issdrdFrd, 

V. *. ttn, to mok» d*^f% to grow doa/i 
Asiordo, aee Auardo. 
Asf orgere, iasör'J^rl, v. «. to rt$o, 
AfsortlinentO, isaörtfmAD'td, m. tott •»»ort-- 

ment, auit, T'ort, 

ABiOttixe, isiörU'r^t v. a. to draw lottt <• 

AiiOtbgliare, daMiUl'i'rd, v. «. l» mtmb» 

iAm I to okmrptn. 
Äff ozzani, Asa4tsdr^f, «. r to get dhty, 
Aaauefare, itiutWrb, v. a. to meemHom, 
Aasuefatto, dasMdni'td, Aaaaeto, Aaaitl'U, 

a. meeuttomed, m$od, ftieo, 

Affuetudine, daaudti'dfDd, /. emotomt pro»- 
AaauggetUre, isaddjdtU'rd, a«e AaMffelUr«. 
Aaamnere, issd'Bdr«, v. «. ir, to «wkih«, to 

Aaannto, iuAu*t6t m. tmdtrtmkimgi ebmrge. 
Aaaunzione, dasdatafd'ntf, /. m—mmptiom ^ 

tht virgim Mary. 
Aaaiirdita, iaatirdfU',/. mbourdity, 
Aaaurdo, iM»Ar'i6, a. absurd. 
Assureere, daadr'idrd, ae« Sorger«. 
Aata, i'ati,/. /Mi«, »tmß't tanco. 
Astallarai, iaUUAr'st, v. r. to fix one*$ obodo, 
Aatante, isUa'ld, «. ft r«. ttamding by, 

pr'eoemtt taiatant t keoper «ifma infirmmry, 
Aatata, isU'U,/. «froA« u/itA • immeo, 
Aste, i'atd, aee Aala. 
Aatemio^iaU'mfd, «. obstemiomt. 
AateneraifdatfoAr'af, v. r. er. toobotmim from, 
Aatergente, daldrj«a'ld,a. obHergent, c/mm«. 

Aaterper»« ialAr'Jdrd, «. m, ir, to c/mmw«. 
AiteniOO, istdr{8^6, m. mttoriok. 
Aateriamo, iatdria'mö. m. eomotettmtiom, 
Aateraione, ialdrafd'aa,/. eUtioing^pmrgimg, 
Aateniro, iaibHl'ib, «. mbotortivo, eUomimg, 
Aatiarp, iMiU*tb, v. «. to etn/u, to grudgo, 
Asticulo, iMifkilt, m. $pindU, roek, 
Astinente, datfn^D't^, «. mbotiiteHt, 
Aatjnenza« iaUnin'dai,/. obstlnemeo. 
Aalio, d'atfd, m. envy, roneomr, 
Aatioao» iat(6'sö, a. emviou$, 
Aatore, dalA'r^, m. goMJtowk, ft^pmmto. 
Aatraere, Mri*M, v, «. iV. to ob»tr*ett to 
Aatnde, iaird'ld, «. motrml, aiorry, 
Aatrarre, datrir'rd, aee Aatraere. 
Aatratto, AalrAl'tö, «. obstroeted. 
Aatrazione, AatrAUtb'oi, /. obotrmetiom, 
Aatretto, iatrdl'lö, p. * «. eomttrmined, 
Aatrignere, iatn'a'erd, Aatringere, ditrfn'. 

jdrd, V. a. ir. to/oreOf to eomptt. Ti»g, 
Aatringente, iatrfoJAn'td, «. oalringea/, bind- 
Aatro, A'atrö, m. ater. 
Aatrologia, AatrdtdJPi, m. mttrology, 
AatrologO, Aatrd'iöfd, m. matrotoger, 
Aatronomia, ättrbnömt'i, /. aatronomy, 
Aatronoinioo, datrdaft'mfkö, m. rnttronomieoi, 
Aatronomo, Aatrd'adnA, m, motromomer, 
Aatrtiao, A.^trd'ad, «. abatrut*,ob$ettro, 
Aatuccio, iatd'tahd, m. eoae, box, 
Aatutezza, intdtdt'si,/. emmmimg, mrt^fioo, 

Aatuzia, iatd'tafi,/. er<(/><iMM,citMiuif,arf. 

Aauliere, iaüKd'rd, m. odgiog, ommre, 

Alante, iUn'td, «. mgorou», 

Ateiaino, Ittfa'aad, «•. alheism, 

Ateiata, itdCaU, Ateo. itbb, m. othoioU 

Atlante, lUAa'td, m. mitmt, 

Atleta, dtlA'U. m. wrottler. 

Atleüoo, itlt'Ukd, «. «(^(eli«^vVi,«T%u%^ 


Alaoileni. <iiii4.H'ti, /. .i~»pfc«. 

Airtbiim, lirjki \i,/. tUtl iiU, -plm. 
Alrubillario, lltUllIt-rl», <. ipltiuila. 

t,Jnti{f.t. [ff 


"«ÜJ^" "" "~ -"""■ ■■ "" 
Atlnoo», llUk'U, -. •Ütilmr i ■<»>1. 
AlUtlUre, liUJ'l'i«, ' !• mii I 

AtUpiniini,' llUpInlril, v. r.' U caimpUl,, 
AtUue, iUi'rA. V. B. I« aämpl, ilo gnm 

Altwchi^, llllkkr'ri, «. ■. fi |ntu| i 
AtMlBenu, tlUü'tn'dO,/. rtUliwraMp. 

tutut'jt. !pllwallai 


^aarttmiOt «UHU-«, JB.. All' 
UmUltM-al,/ mllttlMihii, Mi 

Llli|nilQio,'*l(h.'ft*1*, n. »gel«. 
klHTlini, liirUiT'ii, v. r. » <frw «•'! n(r 

Lllinirre, lll[ii'']trt, ■« A(ii|Bert. ' 
Lllirnalio, illlcil't, »..<./(.(■, Anf>/'»»'>. 
tMlnrcluIrl'it, v. ■. u i«riw, u >llr>el. 

AllDMio, lli6pl'il, ■./'" q/nu. 
Altorcnr, iiiAr-uii«rt, ti. aTA Jr. fD nviri, 

AllOTBi lUi'ri, m. ■eJDr, ptnfri »EfHI, 

Altena, iliiil'l,/. .u.c«.ni , ..f.jHAir.. 

Lltoma, lUAr'Hd, pr. ^ aj. r^mnä ahtiul. 

Altntu£il«, UUtäfbUt, A'lIntICTolel lu 
AllnilliTJI, <IlrflU-ii,/>Hrsuici<i| ch-riK. 

A ttrarFrio, illrii4r^4, oJ. tcnni, nlrmtil. 
A llrminre.' tiutiU-tt, i., i. (mir.) to rif o-f. 

Allnii"nE, /ttrluS'i"/. aliwii«!. 
AltniuiMMi, liirtpptni, D. c, ivfa(iv, 
Alliuil«, lli«l-Jl, .., tfl. ■ ' 

AtlUllJilL,i.l41llll',/. «M./ily. •«> 

AllunHo, tUWrl», m. MImry. >wA 

Avacoo, lii'ubt, ..Z » lue. 

Arinis, liUI'l,/. •latiio-^i tfn 

] *i/<'H. 


AnDli, »«Ulf, p.-. & ~/. htf«n 


Anntich^ lilDliUf, c. »r/orc 1* 



AyUM.«, »TlDUJT*, «. .. u .d 

W.I.I u 

' "ii'.;.. 

AT(nuÜ«föi «TlDUIU'iilid, n. 



Auduu, liHUliktti/.ani/ulry', 



t'l- r>th. 


Audi n rio. iMdiavi,"^. .••li^ 

AT«. *^*.i^. «./.«*.«/ 


iö."."rt-nt, -. e.;iM,V((iJ>d. *' 

iure, «uUU'i«, Aiuiliario. »»lill'rl*, 

Anipii^, la'ipfÜblL' >■. D^wcur." 
Au>|iicia, ijupf iilil», Aupizio, tappuis, 

uitiriS, £il«rnf , /. mwrify, r»(lU«i. 

ATciciuR, li«14iiM4 au lnslsuäis. 

ATellSTTiVU, IL (i^gu) (»i, icp.htr.. 
ATen«, KfÜ,/. .»«7 p.Äi«rtl pip.. 
AT«iil>re, «Tiali^l, ». ■- U. proip.!-, ] 

A^jd™!«; iIld4l■^,'iI^di^i'°^''^^t'^^ /. 
aS! i'oo '''l^l(it°I''ij'°h"surl 

ATMDiVrt, t.»tJ»V^M°« A^( m. 
ATOgida, iit|l'd«, n. Uintr. 


AtoIo, l'Iüt, m. rnij.£tfiJ*tr. TviJlmrt. 

ATOllojo, iTÖtlt'ji, Aiollon, iTMlft*, •■. 

Aura »-"rt, / (pü».j («lli »nnci .p- 

liiflUdi''!^ a- mihamtie- 

ATVBniU, iTtnlCl'./.'ai'wnily. 
AT«rt!-na, i.trtto'd^/. riro™»«»«, 

ATTiciui'diin, 4'rlUtl*4ldl-rV*'- •• '° 'l"r- 

iTy.p.iMma.10. i.ii.»WmlD'.», «.. At- 

TimniuA, ItlKliimii'dil,/. ipproKch. 
ATTJCinan, liCUbfllt'r*, D, n. Ig appraool. 

ATTijire, JiDIH, V. -,_ (. B«(/y. 

ATTJnilua». li[D|lirj'rt, hs AiilBCbiiis. 
ATTumauto, tiUiatifli, •>. iVantuiuni 

AYrilu«, iTM'f*, V. «. lA ^viUf IQ tJmnti 

Arnilve.liUliY^ u. >. ü aimvi biuVltu. 
Ai-riltoaluuc ttoaktilt, v. ■. u iwUt, 

A™™i^i.'iic'iiii,*ii.."iiJ°fc° ' ""*' 

AmlonWlo.'irti'inil'w." "" Ji) UmO- 
Arvotpäflchlure, lillpikMi'l«, v. a, U 
ATTOlpin«?, litlpfDt'rl,' v.a. U dtcm^', 

ATTOlloni, tjilWii, J, cerpltrily, coi^ 
Ailenda, lulln-iU,/. AnHK'/iuMoiHy, 
AzioBuio.iunnl'cid, Aiioiuita.tur«il'>u, 

g«, /. ■ 

Aoan . 

Aaoto, litT*, •■ 

AzzunpItO, iUmpfU, a. fainMMd tiiit 

Azutdicv,' lulcdl'i^ u. a. u liaurJ, l 

AzzQimare, lUAppl'ri, v. a. Xo limPf ta 

BaiiCKlaarä, MbJllUa'rii, «. iiKM^r. 
Uiccaiule, blhuwil, n. »auit>u;i, p/. 

väecuIe,bUktö'li,-. p^'m^ Aa«taj>. 

BlloocllHM, bluli«"irfi, /. htlM'^Vd^ 
Baccelliere,lilUh»IIl»-r*,m.*ae*»ior !!/■.«.. 
HHKCella, biuht'll,«.Aul. 
UaoclifA, bltkri,/. «?>.■> ^■''^'•ef. 
Baeolietla, b»tb»l'u,/, r,I .l^ff. 

B«himI',''wM'sir/Vl!;J.".^',' Ul.) >. 

Brcdio, di'küjt, M. iraif, waflAit-Ufdb 
HaouDDO, bUUlll, n/%w^ fauif. 
BUCIICCDI«, MklU'kMt.y. HH'i' Jtaufdul. 
Vida, M'dl, ai/. Ii-Üiaj. 
HadagBiD, bldl'^ii; m. anara.I («.1. 
Badaloccare, blUUiUl'ci, t>. a. <• I^*t •> 

ildulucca, bldllUll, n 

D<ili>lun,Udn'l'r«, v.l. 
Bsdflc, UWIt, ■- iiUnJ. 

»■(■giM, t>k^*f/. *>KV- 
BacMUtuw, Miira^l, ■■. •tUt'f'i im. 
B*M««. **ttrti^f. HrmmpM. 
BättuciooB, Mctikfl«, m. rtmmptt'i aua 
Baiailclli. bliwn^/ uip: i—ili. 
Buitt*llien,M|tMM'i4.>i. i'iwc^, Iriilir 

•m .--BnU, bä)tU14, y. nfh mml.farUA 

„„»._■, bÜUitU.^ r,~-. ~ 

Vtglialo. Mljii-Ii, -. I>r>>>, «Cy. l/wl. 

BagD'jUDla. Md'*r*I4, ~. *.I*i«pcr. 

laiaU, blrlni./.yiJ*, nifV-j. 
Jaietn, U/Mi,/ .Hfl t^, «t«i... 
Bulo, bin», m. eUf-mtgülrtu. 

— >a>u>(aIdv. r<>f>»»7)- 

. . , »WOBtllflM« 

itn, ÜjfUll, f. 

blinitriili, klliulrl-li,/. tW-ilrwl'. 
B>)b>-ll(re,bUh«U'rl, BiiJbulir#,UU)dil^ 

Bilbunn, Ulktui't*, v. ■. - ' 
Kalbo, UKM, i. ii>«iirü(. 
Balaone, UMt'a«. la. lafniw. 
BaldnDnfiiBo.bllMkknti,-. w 

.. ((i*I".i 


0, blllll«^, n. I*lltri', flaUar,^ 



Bilocdo. bUti-d«, 

•B, mIim, .. »eil, ciuiiu.. 

■rdo, liUtli'u, .... iuliKvl. 
(■nie, UldilDit, ■. litri-tiiiirA. 

ua, Ulbt-ai, t. •aUlt-p.luit I 


in, UJUIT«, .. >. K iN-\ u /a...^, 

Bainbo. bln-hd, •- limpl.. .Im^. frlil, 
nninbgla. Umht'll,/. iltill. pupi-H, iMliiig- 


Baraciihi*», hlrlUil«-!«, ~. wlJn 
Bann, Mrl'ri, v. ■. ■> •**■!, » «wiTr 
Bararill, Urtcrl,/. fnmifwy, nmuM li 
n.™t(rJO,Wr*-tW*, «. ulyH, r^ f 

(rall.) ni«:Iilii( dl'-, /. •liiliiil^M. 
Barbfl, blrU, /.^anJl rsol, >rl(>i>| f 


'i, m. dli'm ifftlftl. 


Bireäiuolo. ii'tkilit'lif, B» 
Bircili, blrkfU, n. hul-/ii 

Batdnicix.blr'iJiih'l, B«diL'iH7liJ>i^^^ 

biriello, l>iij*'U, M. thtriff. 
BanriiU, M^l'lf, m. pl. a>cf> 
Binlc, titm*. J>. JI*nlV«d, »«r 

DiirIctIiijD, birtua-r*. "■ "'F' 
Baro, U'r*, H. ««hU, laime, 
Barocoo, Mi«li'k«, Barosoolo 

BfliTMM.Wrfjrl'l,/. ntuUh lrici',chrtlj^. 

B«"'dj r« Biw/ ' ' '" 'ü~jf', ."HrMli^.. 
Bnnilfs.Mrtr'M,/., Buruffo.liitiirt*,«.. 
Bimillo, blidlll. n. »»f/cr. 

B«'», I>1M»,'.J. i^'th",l'p. ' Lim 
B«t.rdig!. birt.rdl-ii;/. iÄ»^yf 

i, /. *Wll>lfl, Mlf- 

BBlIiportö, Mlllp«ri«,'Di./il«ii (U|ain<v 
Balliiaflia. Uiliitrtti,/. fiigiL 

Batllloia. UlKIO'y«, r«. rsKiI ^a .liw. 

Bulhllg', UIlll'U^ ■', In»*, ilrliiit' 

•, MbiAlld'rt,/' /'■ "ifl"- 
Bnullo, bUiH-M, ■. ItUfiiM. 
Btta,bttrt,<,.m. IroHj H tf~, u «ulift. 
BeatiHnn, twunu'i*, v. ■. u «hiIA. 

Baxnuoja, liMU'UM.y. vieti-ttdi. 
Baconfiwi, £lUUrit6, m. fiM.pict'H: 



rg Jinare .' blrtitlnl'd 
— "'" '■'-I . . 

H«HU, vaxVlt^J. KFmtt WIM (Jtff ■UJI 

Bn«hct»,littHcri,/. iafelViTv. lUII-fal. 
BfOKi, Mk^ n. (£äi ](«>< ^ ■ •»(El ii. 

BRnaDC, blU«'I<, m, imU tiicl-fsid. linif. 

B^, Mrn,/. li^ei, /.b. 

BelExtdo, kiläi'dV"- /«'"■> *»' 
Bäbtoi«, bHni*^ n. /»»>■, »ui 
BeStTolf . MH^M ■. inUw'Jl 
BflHFP, Btlfil, ■.■.<( «IhI, <• 
Balldla, Mllf*' ' — -• •'■' 

Bdl«» bei 

'-—Iti.m. mmvtinäJilli. 
■iUorä, SellinrD, IiOlCJI 

-Bella, h4-I», & hrmalifal, iiadic 
Brl]Dn<% bliifsi, ü. wn jI»i''»> 
BflJnnan, bMItaf li, ■. /•cdiV». >n>rr>,, 
BHd.M'I«,«!, W«fJii(. 
Bdlli.btitk',/. huta. 
B*l«, bil'Ti,/. (PBK) •cfM »«ui. 
Bmnbi, Mnbk', •^. ii'i'f i«f f. 
Buetii, htnbt', c. aMrut*. 
BdHinaia, bliLTMIt, m. intU kniti >p. 
Bcndii, bla'Ü,/. fr«rf. 
llcDdan, MiU-t«, u.«,to»girf,l.«.wi(* 
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CardtulRre, Unit4)i'rl, v. a.u mi-^i » 
CardElietto, UnllUltIt, ■■, tald.ß,tJ,. 

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Cntsgonco, ktiiiö'clka, g. u»uri»l 
Cnlenacua, uiliU'uliB, n. p^t^ci. 
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CaBlE[ia,illaU^I6, m. i.Hf»3. 
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CenLIino, libta^lIÜ, n. etalrUnl. 
CciUrilu(D, UBiliUl'ÜtS, •■ «Uri/aur, 
Cciln'lirta, laMulIf^Mt, ■. nnlrtpHnf. 
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Crnlopalo, Uh«Dl4p4^«,>i. d 

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ClliwOId, Uilfll, >. oVnr, tri««!. 

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CojniÜ4gnue, hAm^fiVArtf, v. «. i>-, <■ i^ 
Comiiinnln, »(fflpJii'U, /. cmiÄi«ii»r 

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Couipli^lio, kloIiat'iA, ^/nA^l ilnuig, 

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CfUDpUc«! kflip'pUtabt, JH. Kteanaitict. 
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Coinpcwtare, ktapücli'rl, ». ■. w (o/b-.i., 

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Canoubilo, tliti'bltl, m. l^Uf Ii 
COBOaJcdre, kAnlEillkl'rA i ir. ■. i 

Coiunipiie, ItnMiil^t, v.'a.'tBuii. 
CanmipiuBiiu, MuMpfibtn'iil 

Concuniuen, ttnkdpl'ibtrt, v. >. 
Concuure, Unkiiiii'iC, v. >. Ii 

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den. MoiUiblB'iltrl, «. a. i-. 1* sm. 

Gondiziaute, ktndlliwnl'li, n. Eiöi"fi(i>M(. 
Condiiionato, tilEdnii6ol-il , a, Ifi, vali- 

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Condasibiie, ktsdMikl'bn«, ■■ 
CandHuton, k6D-n>.i.riiT4.. 


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lonaitnbile, btuhii'tnt, n. »Itk eaaiimilr, 
lonfübulärii, Unflbllll'rt, v. i. la CDHHrir. 



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Confljto, Wöni-ii,o.;oin«rf»j- -'-- 
CduHiIIo, kOBiiri-ul, -. «-uKilci 

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lonKunKliOj käpfhi'l'd, n. teveUing, <fif4- 




CoBHenore, l.««,(B'C.i, ». >f..t(.rJ (»f • 


Cono.M«.J.4^a^miri, v^^..^>^l. I»™, B 

Coni|.lBnIf, käi«IiHü'lä,«.ioi.«ilenI,jT™. 

Con.iilMia, kibKsKn'd.i , Conu.lMizia, 

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CouiaUl9,'lliliu« 11-16, w. »•inJiA.>.. ' 

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COniOnAnlt, k6l»gDlD'te, ^. CDHIDHUK. *><^ 

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longianlD, tliiiitii'il , ■. /oii»i4 Mini, rt- 


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>CDiiA*to, k^Hl'U, >. folard imfi/iir. 

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ConfluwU, kiatititt, m. tmijl'i. 
Conlonden, li*iif«D'«lit, v. •- Ir. la cm, 

ConlOTTne, kiorafnij, ■- * nd. aitjin- 
■trwinf I ton/iintiiiilii la. r»» 

Conlonmlfc, köaMrmll4',/,Mn/fl™ii^ /iih 

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Conlnio, ktgK'Kt, a. a<.^ii>ii<. 
Canfutiir«,ktaHLi'[l,v^.ii.ri>'ui>. rifcBU 
CantEdue, ktnjiiU'i«, v. s. u dümiu, 
Congedo, kUBjCdl, h. h.,., f.r,will. 
Conicinve, ktalia'l'r«, v. >. » connircr, 

Coneel»™, kSoJill'T«, «. ». f« «»(fa(. 



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n£uiiBlia, kdo^iii'l'd 

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Canquittue, Uullxlill'rl. v. ■■ li mnautr. 

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ConaDulielinrF. ktnitnn'l'rl, «. •. Ar ni. 

ConMrillo, mukrd'U, .. anictipl, rt- 

CDU 101111111«, ktllttKlll-lt, I. »>I«»11U.I, i.l^ 

wlturtd. Tu rrc""r. 

Oontorle, »(eiOi-ul, Coniorto, tHortf 10, ». 

Coni'gn'rr, tln>tB't'il, r. : » "n-is™. 

Conioriio, kBortrT.», n.. pMuiriilp. .0. 


gs:;;Si™^l»""C';Ä^"■*^" "T.;"i/ 

pi.r,fr. ■ "^ ■ ■ f ,^, p^,; 

ConiFnao, Hufö'it. n. «»hW, tpi-rtha- 

COH.I«™, k*iiMt-ct, ». >. M *' »••lni(. 

'^"^J,, • 

'^ZTCl^r^: "fjJü'^ü^ir.ijf 3s: 

ktuirtuu'ii*,/. tm.«.», »■lUü.i. 

Coniervuiont. kiialiuuifai,/: pmirv 

c«.J."..rf. ^_^^^ .«,««,mS"%5I: 


Coll"ftnä;np°Mn™«i*-ä'ro6,/ ..«11™,^.*!^ 


cSSSS™ g-'i 

Caniu LO, k»iii<l'H.'-.nii«Tr,idKk'.lH.'il. 

»«..Htr. f;,,!./. 

cn7,:ro"'»cfö -.=,(.„fe 


^IM< .fa^ ■■■■ 




Consunzione, könsdnlsfö'n^, /. eontnmption. 
Cousuouare, k6n.s6ni'r6, seo Conaonare. 
Coniur^ere, könsdr'jdrd, v. a. ir. to arUn, 
Contadma, köntidCni» y. country-^uoman, 
Contadino, köoUdf'nö, m. eountry-man. 
Coiitado, könU'^dd, m. countn/t »hiret Ur» 
■ ritory^ of a tov/n. 
Coittagio, k6nti'jiö, m. Contagionn^ kdntd- 

jiö'nö, y. eontagion, plague. 
ContaglotO, könUjiö'sö, a. eontagioua, 
ContainentOi kdnUmdn'td, m. account, 
Containinare , könUimfDi'rd, v. a. to eontO' 

minate, to potlute. fdanaro -, ready money. 

Contante, köntin'td, a. eounting , reclonedt 
ContarOj kdntd'rd, v. a. to count; to vatue, to 
ContattOj kÖDtil'td^m. contaet, tauch. [priMM. 
Contazione, köntdufö'nd, y. aeeount, 
Conte, kön'td, m. eount, earl, 
Contea, köntA'i.y. eounty, [compute. 

Conteggiare, köntJdJd're, v. a. to count, to 
Contegno, kdutö'a'öj m.eireuit;appemranGef 
behaviouri gravity; pride, pomp. 

ContegnosOj köntdn'ö'id, a. grave; proud, 
Contemperare, könlimpdri'rd, v. a. to pro- 

portiont to temper. ^plale^ to meditate. 
Contein])1are, könt^mpli'rd, v. a. to eontenn' 
ConteinplatiTO, könl6iDpUtf'vö, a. eontem- 

plative. \lemplation» 

Conteinpl.izione, köotdmpliUfö'nd , /. eon- 
Contemporaneo , köatdmpöri'u^ö , a. con- 

tempormry, fperare. 

Contemprar«» kdnt^mprd'rd, see Contem- 
Contenaere« könt£n'ddrd, v. n. to eontend, 

ft> eontesl. 
Contenente, köntänßn'ld, a. eontainingitobert 

-, ad, directly^ immediateiy. 

Contenenza, kdnt^nAn'dsi^y. abttinenee, 
Contenere, kdotdnd'rö, v. a. ir, to eontain» 
Coittennere« köntA'D^rd, v. a. to contemn, 
Contentare, kdnldnU'rd, v. m. to eontont, 
ContentOy kdot£n'tö, a. content, pleatedt -t 

m, contenlmentt contente, 
■Contenato , kdntdnd'tö , a. contaimedj com- 

prüedt — , m. content», {aehate, 

€ontenzione> k6at4nts(6'n6, /. eontention, 
Contenzioso, kdatdnttiö'sd, a. eontentiome. 
Contenninare, k6nt6rmlni.'T6f v.n. to border 
Contesa, kdntd'si,/. eonteet. disoute, \upon 
Conteso, könti'sd, «. prokibitedy forbid, 
Contesaa, köolA'si, f. countess, 
Contettere, kdnld'sdrd, v. a. to interweave, 
Conteatabile, köntdsti'bfl^ m. eonetable, 
Conteatare, kdntdsU'rd, v. «. lo not^fy, to 
^tf7l>*SS^'<(Ma«. \notißeation. 

ContPitaaioneV Ji£ni*«l*l»Wn*» /• conUett 
Contezza, k6BU^'ai//^i/^owledge, mdviee, 
.Contigia, köntCJii. /, onunifnt. 
Contiguo, könU'gdö, «. eontijg^ou*, ^ ^ 
(pontinente, kdntfn«n't<. «. & i^. eontaintngi 

Continenza, kdntfnto'dad, /. eotifinenee, 
Contingeute, köntfojdo'ld, a. fontingentt 
caauaii -, m, eontingent, quota. fcotuotty, 
ContingemH, köntittjia'äsi, /, coH^iingence; 

Continsere, ktnHn'\tti, v. huppen. 
Continora, köntfnö'vd, Continua, könlfnüi, 

y. aee Continaazione. [tinue, 

Continovare, könUndvii'ri, v. a. & n. to con- 
Continaamento, k4nUndini^n't6 , m., Con- 

tinuanza, könUnddQ'diii,y. continuation 
Continuare, köntlndi'rd, v. m. to eontinuet to 

purtuet -, V. n, to last, to pertevere. 
ContinuatO, k6Dt(ndi^tö, «. eontinuedt ua- 

Continuazione, köntfndätsfd'a^, Continult^, 

kdntfnd(tk%y. conlinualioni continuity. 
Continno , k6nt{'ud6, a. eontinuoust tattingt 

"f m, eloee body. 
Conto, kön'töj m. account, eomputation t re- 

lation, ttory; ~ correDte, account current. 
Contorcere, köntdr'tshdrö, v. a. twist, 

to turithe. rcoDtornif pl, environe, pi, 

Contorno, kdntör'nd, m. circuitt outline ^ 
Contorsione, köntörsfö'nd, y. eonturtion. 
Contra, kön'trä, pr. againtt, oppoaite to, 
Contraobando, köntribbin'dö , m. contra^ 

band goode, [baM. 

Contrabbaaso ,, köntrAbbls'sö , m. eounter- 
Contrabbilancinre, könlräbbninUbi'rd, v. a. 

to counter^balance. 

Contraccambiare, köntrikkdmbfä'rd, v, a, to 

exehange, to truekt to retuarti, 
Contrada, könlri'dd,y. eountry, re^ion^ttreet, 
Contraddanza , köntrdddio'dsA,y. countty 

dance, (tion. 

ContraddettO , köntrdddA'tö, m. eontnuHc- 
Contraddire, köotriddrrd, v. a. ir. to con- 

ContraddiritfO, kdntriddMl'td, m. penalty, 
Contradiare, könirddtt'rd, aee Contrariare. 
Contradio, kÖQlri'd/ö, a. eontrary, oppoaite^ 

diaagreeing, TAc. 

Contradire, kdntridPrd &c., aee Contraddire 
Contrac^re, kdnlri'drd, aee Contrarre. [feit. 
ContrafFare, köDtrilTi'rd, v,a. ir. to eounter- 
ContraiFatorej köntriffAtö'rd, m. eounter- 

feiter, l/eiting, 

ContraiFattura , köntrdffiud'ri , f. eonnter- 
Contraffodera, köntriffö'ddrA , f. double 

lining. {iron-bar. 

CoutraiForte , köntrdfför'td, m. counterfort^ 
Contraggenio « köntrddj^'nfd , m. autipathy, 

averaion, \tenor, 

ConlraltO, kÖDlril'td, m. (mua.) counter- 
Contrainarca, köotrimir'ki, f. counter^aarl. 

check. [eountermand. 

Contraminandare, kdnlrdmmindi'rd, «. a. to 
Contraiumandato , köntrimmäodd'td , m, 

count ermand, Imarehm 

Contraminarcia, kdDtr4mmir'tshi,y. coutuer- 
Contraminina, köntrinumrni^y. counterminet 

»Iratagem, [eountermine. 

Contrainininare. köntrimmlni'rd, v. a» to 
Contraminiraglio, köntrimmfriTÖ , m, rear- 

admirat, [ihe grain. 

Contrappelo , kdntrippd'ld, ad. (a -) againat 
Contrappeao, kdnlripp6's6. m. countervoiae. 
Contrappunt» , köutrippnn'tö , m. (mua.) 


^siill«!! •JiirrHn,. ftAt aalrarj/. 

ConlrfltUn, UsulUl'li, «■ •■ u tarialK, I 

ContnllD, hlaliU'lt, m. iHlraiili MgrtintMl. 


«4>c«.(.' ^ ' '■ ""' ™i.«! 


ioiMrta.Uptf li,/. ch'cti •■r'siDi'^ivfirl. 
'"Vi * ' "'*' '"""'''"' '''"«■ 
|0|>EdhU, ktfilllllt',/. itkal/anlll, ;iOiUy. 

Coppa. kl'pl, /. tiei ^iitiit»^. 
CDp|H-ll(, kt|ip«11,/. 'caiiptl, cruiOIt. 

;Dr«|[io»n. kiridja'.», >. gor.,»«, ioW, 
;or»k kmi'li. ■. A«rlyr "-W./. 

Contcll., kMlIfli,^. Ita-ry u.JlfHl/. 


Cnrb»™, kirbtV*. f. «. ig titv, mli pridi. 

Comre. Mr^trL >. ■. fr. tonn, it ßtm. 

Corrori*. kirrlri'l, /. »n.J. .'ii.ol. 



coS.^jr;:;';.«... . 


.. Mr-atr. «-J. r-w. 



o\\ir,.XMVYt,mJ>-mrX-irl'f, »rrni/. 


ocnho, Vinn-t, m'. cii^f, /«jir. ' 

Ooriodö, kicI.'M, «. M^d«-p... 

c*.i»"r, tfPrmU. 

Corroito, kimm, .. um^udi k-Uirf, 

Ogmiccio. kacri'Ubl, n. luralA, ptMin. 
Coirugnn-, ttrnlil'cl, c. a. Is carriagmU, f> 

ComiOp1l(4niCUl.t,/. «r-lc/r.™,. 

/reuPü. r/.**l«. 

Comucan, klinlikl'il , v. ■. injimai, u 


ComO, tSfut, m. iTH, rrldi. Twlnd. 


Coro, H'r«, ». «Honoi cAoiri »rnl um 

Curu e. Itnl-J«, m. pir.1,. 


Corwistto. kjrrti*.'!», ■.. »nf.1, «f™». 

CorikrD, klnl'r», ■<• Csnilt. 

6o"mw, köria/'rt'^" Mc^V^ 
CaionilU. iiirtiiini,/. ~.iW vilc*. 

Cotie»«!«», klnMlfi'i«, v.o.ftn. In rirnU, 


CD>p>Daiulo, isipti^*'!*. «■ iit^'tlUd. 

«V"'-i. r"-s',*«<£i; 

Cor.iTD, »««Ct. .. r«.H(. J«.u.«». 

Oor]>rlllna,klrHill'»*. "•' '^rf tioii» »al. 

Cnrpo, lOr-pl,-. tei'y, -«•< tnäcts, «ri». 

Cunioinl*. ktntil'Jl, •. atrp^rat, Udily. 

Canoio, ktnfjt, ■. ./W«e, r-whf . 

Corlaldo, ktrlÜ'dA, m, arappnf jVprr* , ^&- 

CorlKClIL ktnrtsbl,/. twi, cnuli •■.MWci 


Car«d»r.,k'l.rfcl.rtv. =.W.,iii;j,(.«*.rn. 
CürTT«-«., fc4r.»dl^r4, .,. ..V. U ..„„., 

CorlFgeHr«. UrUdj.Vt*, V. ■. «r «wli M 

CorT«l»U»o,»6irHiU'i4, ..o.n(«(/».. fljo», 
CDtrrlllianr. tScrtlluIA'El, /. mulutt tilit- 
Oomnl», k4rttn\*, .. »rrnl, ,™rr./, 

Jssra. '.'.;,»..'; •rSi"-'"— 

Corlin^ Wrli'iii,/. (ii./.)i»'lM. 

CorrfBliJi. Hr,»DU-t,/.*«.n™«^;rti.«-. 

Gortil». tlirll'ii4.%n. iripsU, 

CDmni», ktrrtBUl'i, /. rmpidamia-n.ruiA, 


CoHBOinifiit, Umiirirci,/. caimufnpt^- 
Cavamoiitt,kitmtpiU'H, Coimopoliluo, 

\tt,plf\iti,v.'.. IT. utpHMt, 

cÖtpialoTvitrna, •. anwpjuöü' n^ 
Ocuiiinn, tli|i''f n ae., ih Cmplni* u. 

GBihn*. kfcU'r*, «. ■. nt mf i is *• pCain. 

GoitiBS H 

, .,., — llo'i»,/. •iU-4*il. 

Colons, btii'st, CotonDikili 

-_ jIIdI, Mil'UMili),™, iumi 

Cixtui. UiM-l, 
M,/., Cut 

G«liui. klilf rl. /. n 

, Um. 


Cmlmu.krMtii'lii./.tiriV. /•<">> »v^i 
enden, krfiKrf, v, ■.>■.» bfhw, u 

-il«. krldl'bnt, •. >r.d(tln irutabM. 
[bititk, krMIblUU', /. crnliHliH,. 
llo. ktfdIM.». «Af, r»«»lßi>. 

■f, «I*.lBi-rt. V. .. » 

Crtiptf«, kwp*^'^ V- B. I# fui^f, I* tfiirf, 
Gmla, kr«'!!!, /. cml, "tfl • tuifimli. 

CkMOM, kiifrldiM, ■. ülifl^. 
Coan, krirr« «i,, •■• Cmra jU. 

■ - iTi ■. .. I. «yv, i> *»ii. 
ÖVmiii«TR,"Vifiiirfi<'i*, ■. "'"''^ cHipmiU. 

ile, krtiil'l«, m. imir-drm. 

Crinb, ^Ifut. IIS Mm. 

-fite, kiTii, Crfti, krl'i(,/. iirifb. 

ruDUl, krii-nl, ■•■ CtulBi. 
.iwlallo. krfiUni, n. cr^tul. TüiitclieM. 
CnitFa,1ir(iM'6,Criiten,kiliilfr4,in. ifiuur, 
Cniliinell«, kriiUlm-ll,/. •Oh, i»>wii>. 

Cri>tiunuap,kcUUatWut,>]>.,GrI>tiiiiii 1^ 

in. MUkPH, uTI. ■> DHiJd». 

Cntioo, bCUkt, a. oriÜHj. 
(MnHue, kciTAU'rt, a ■. ta iffi, 

CriTcllo, krlifl«, Kk dn«, ru'Wfi. 
CrafleAir«t1(t4l(h4'r4tV'*.rBCra«^( ta rk*itr 

Croniii, Irt'lilil. /. •ytliri tnut*. 

Cmeifiiiini», krtumnuit'M./. >-• i(A«'* 
Cropüolo. kilj&^l, ni. cruiäli. 

iJo(u, krtuMljFi./. <«H»'>n. 




izB, kcdiltl*' 

mdo, knfM, «. rauf, onrfp«. 

nbllwa, kdu'li'Vl, /. 'imimOin. 

CdllilD,' kl'bfU. IK iflou t ujfl. 
Cubo, Id'bi, Ol, ciiji, dit. 
CnaDbiafa, kikkU'jA, n. tpiuHi tpo^rnft^L 
~ "ipki'Uitl./.M««*!™!. r»l"(e 

»^..AK, ktuki-rt, V. •. r. r«, .{du., 
CDDoiolla), kd-ulit, n. Unit dogt impltio, 

ilihlalfrt,/, i»l-iiiaid. 

Cuffi»«, kdfjfl«, ». ■. I. jnrmaarfi«, W 

Cugina, klill'Dl. /., Cugino, tijl'u», r..^ 
Cai, kd'l, pn. >»AJi«, iviton.. 
CulalU.lnllil'll./.*""J •!/■=■"""■»«. 

CnllrllD, MIK-Il. ■» Callellt. 
CultJTU«, HlUTfrl, ai. •*• Cgiliiir« M, 

Giuiiulo, kt'mHi, m.AtMpi tlot 
Cum, itti. J. wrtdU. 

Cuumlo, Ual-kW, Oanioulo,! 
Gbou, 116111, /. tmut-mmid. It 
Oiunviv, kAiHiAf i, V- ■. IT. u c 

aooo, titi. B. »1. «"-BH.i 
ajo. kt^ ■>■ Imi*«-. iI/x. 
Gooplm, UpWrl, »• Copcito. 
Chor, U'ri, ••. itmrti ni.) ui 
OBpsTf, U'rir^ v. a. ■<> luM. 
Cn|iili(äu kd^dl'JM, Cnpidit 

CBpido,U'pi'<.*'''>Kn'". <" 
Gapo, H-r«, j J"P I J-f 1 1 f. 

CuprHto, HpTi^ ■•* CIrn» 
enn, H^i,/ Buvi »m parii 
Cnmlrile. k irfMI«, a. curmU: 
CBnnle, Hrtn'U, ■. curtful. 


OrntslU, kdrilCU, /. » 
CnnlDn, kMlviil'il^'trJiiut, Ifula. 
Cnri«, kd'rU, /. Ml.« •Jl-nUn, 
CurülJÜk tirtlUU', /. I^i^uh. 
Curiandoloi MrUirdai^ m. atritutJrr. 
CnnoiiU, ktilMik',/. «Hh J^i iwfiy. 
CurioiO, kilM-i«, ■. HuisiHi temiaai. 
CDimi, tdi'nl, o. *W«y-*«r. 

Omare, k*ni^"U!T M «.«.. i. «■•rf. 

dwiiiia, llblira«, n< del». ' L»'^W 
CnicnU. ka<kni,/.'n«l'ii4iiku'i, UsS- 

CoilodU, kd>ia-dU./. »iwiiyi »». 
Giulodi«, klliltdI'ti,v.ii.'iilH/>, Ufunli 

cJl!»««; kdllkl'»'», /. *.*■ ^Ih. i,.al. 
Culicül^ kWfcil*. /■ """'•■ 

"■'Sif T«iJd'' ^™»ftAJiAr'' 

Dtbbrnv, dibkfnd, a. fHi< irpi^^l 
I)«li*, difcf, - -=— -- 
Und domo, 

-J fa S^*' 


n»|nfcro, älpC'Wrti M. dafi/rr. 

Dnppi^, dtppfh', Da|i]il«dp, dippfl'dd, «d, 

DnpuDl, dlppt^r, .d. a ^. IL^*, n/1«-. 
Dappoinhi, dtppdlbt', o. lun dai.bu 

DnppreHO, dipprt'ad, /"-, ««ar, AvJ ^y . 
Dsrdfiiure, dlidMjl-cl, v. ■. w iJarl, u 
Dudo, itfii, m. itart, wpnr. \flftl. 

"ini. f. iL,l: " ' "• *• 
TO, tieitt», m. dau ((nll). 
BlF, 44Tl>1t, DüYHBli, «rto'U, - 
a, dlallt, n. uii'U «ml. Ijir. l. 


iio, dl-UI», in. all, Juiy, > 



gcfinni«, itfUaei*, ■. dccimml. 

^.._*^__^r *,..,, _'^..-.^j^^_ dMrtijal" 

\o, dtkirTlt, rn. iltpr, Jtcllalh,. 

miplo. (I»taj)li, a. Ii^aÜ. 

Drfslifure, UrtU[frf, t 

SellMiianp, dintnlf nl.y, drfiiciitn, hnd. 
npflomre, alntTi'rt, u. a. uäißomrr. 

n-lirfo.'<*ll'Ha, ri. drilrllun, mdntu. 

DEM t, 

5 DET 

IMinolire, dilDlMC'«. V. a, u d^^lUh. 

DpIcendpTP. dishdn'därd. u. n. (a Jtietnii, 

H«.oO^ dM-td, ».. «i(t, i-.rJ. 

Dtmmio, ainVait. n. atm,«. J,«ll. 

nf.erliirf, «lärtlT* «c. •» Dl»rui> 4e. 

Dunkln, dtDl';«. .» l)>n>ro. 

Upicrtu. J«tl.-1«, ..Am..<P,v(,iu'7.1>r>.»>. 

d'°"!'C°d dtetM'rid ' J ll 1 ■ 

D»idi«, dbt'dll, /. (f-'n.) m-ih. Mcina. 


De.inul«; dd-mi'H,'/.' JWr. r^.«. 

DMirii-iiza, dinrnen'di«,/. Iirninalioii. 

».-nolT-, dt.*»-.«, B. .. B rfM.(,. 

D^'4,«. (pg.fc-k.«f.. 

Druiare. dtDil'r«, i>. •, i« »»./rui. 

Ui-iiron, d».Iii're, ... .. (pui..] » ^«,>>. 

Demo. «tViA. .. </m>i. l«;c(, »fM. 


""'"«'oy. "*"*"''*' "" ■■ " *'"°'°"'[,'; ^^ 

g-m.tirt. duirmd, ... 4ri ^ i«i*, 

0«ip»riinn, dtipttlsdU »=., !tt Di'[.erta- 

DeiuolicQ, dd-pO'lfk«, s. J^jiiuiicil. 

Dpi.i,jlBre, itam-U"v. '.. u ä"i'ü 

UcU. dUl/px,.',«c, .hil.,r„tj. 

DHsuiIini. dtmidl'il, V. ■. » d«;.| ic. 

'"'"■' 1, "•■'■"' 

D<^lil».r-'. iMI^I'ii'v. .. ll'dt,:i,.., » 


Di-lifliili-re, dtudB'dlrl, u. n. iD driiaat. 

r'iö'°dr?."'°'' "" w"-*"'^*"/ 

l-ilrr^cM, de.iili'..,/. a-ift,-y. •liU. 


Dflirn, di-.l.rl, I dtxün,u,, r„/ii, nHf-l, 

g-|m.,tD, d.pöM14, M^ d.^,(. 

D»l.r«viir», hprlil^t, u. *. w a.*««. 

O-lirn-niT, dt»itkl-ri. *. * 1, ätvrtiMIt, 

DiiiiiuTP, <I(.d-i>«K, V. ■. w auoWi, M 

Dflir-d.™. dipttJfrt, ... .. 1. ™»,,, » 

DPlPn-r-, ddllD-drt, f. *. b. i/dah. 

»■•■Uf. U p,», H*d«. 

APIPniione, diitaHia'Dl, /, diUMlIün, »■- 


'Orlrrtne, dlldr'jtrt, v, a. <r. lo Jiurgr, 

DfLiiron, ««FHii-rt, .. t I> 4'p~rau, u 

nriuil.iiun.. a*^ül.l.Ill'.(, /. J,puWi„. 

r>Mpr.!';nnti*D, d«['.d, .. .f«i.iw. 

Uvlenniniiiaue. dtitrmlUKia'it, /. ifc- 


U-Lmm-, 'd*lrlr-i*, 'v. ■. /,, w t«IU| Ig 

«lflMifont.°dflrt»"S'-D* / ritlf.r/i«. 

Drrofrr. .«rtH'it «. .. u ifr'.t.ic, ta 

OfrOK-lung, d(ro,il»-r(J. a. rf,™(«„™. 

y-y. ' ■ ■ ruA™. 

D^^roiflioor. dtr6,ll.lO'ol./. ärr^f^Hx. 


Delta, <(nl,y. JtH,'crtJii, 

DelurpAT«, ikirpi'tt, v. Mm l* di^gnrt^ 


Snai, dimi^mkrA. rfin>m. 
..f«ia. drlflD«, •. IrviDimf. 
•Cnoti, iil>'(a«i[,/. diftttU. 
■IDiulf, dtlital'll, a. Sugml. 
-itrunliu, dlifllB'rai. n, i/iifrain. 

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DlfRoiJe, d<rri-uh[l*, •. iipi^li. (ß'-änj. 
DifRoilmnlF, dtrnutilliiiln'il, ad. tniA Jif- 
DilliitDllV, diniktLlf,/. äiffinllw. 

DiCnduc, dirridi'td. •>. •. in aiiuMi, u 

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nißnodm, dmea'dirL ». .. ü-^ i„ diff^. 
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D JüTJO. dlld'Tld, n. drLcr. 

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D inüd«, dl.nt»'dl,/ .<.«(».,,'>«.«>. 

D «■■.d.;.. düDmdt'iI, V. .. ><rui. <. 

lii wdire, ilt'tit'ii, v. •. » digrtit. 

ßiire»ir(i, dr(f*»CT4, .. difc"«"- 


Dl ruDuin, dnrt.l-rt, u. .. » >«»>, » 

Di uuura, dlfluirt, v. >. » itali a^. 

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DiinrnlJirp, ilalUfi*. v. •, » natiiniA 

tiDUizn, dlntnÜklE'dil, J. /orfFl/nfKi». 

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DimaBtitr, dlmlDlti«, V. ■. u StUt, u e«. 
Dimf»o, dlnt-irl, t.Bmill'd. i'fUaid, du. 

ff^aimr. ' - UmmilUr. 

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Dimnlico, «iBt'nfkd, ■. M~c, »finnb, 
»^fnv. Tri, V- ■- » i<liMi in Jlalvn. 

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nunania, dlMn», •.■'D.Biöiiio. 

D PlUn, dlltiil'rd, V. •. u ricücti,' i> n> 

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Dlnuii, dlulD-dil, ^. • ..f. lr/«Y [Hu'i 
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DinFguiaBB, dIndilulB'Dd,/. >^«Iiii. 

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u:id.r., dlldUhlüTd. J! .. ^dib„ij^.. 

Dinitnco, dlnlirl'rd, u, >. b t;.ulMi » 


Dinod*n, diDMi-tt, HC DiaoiMte. 

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unKiirr, dlldnil-fd, •>. ■. u urndi, f 

1 n/rtriti It ii(v<di dlignitni. v. r. In 

Dinoniinrp, dfDtiiuri-r«, ••« DiDoiiliii. 


DinDlan, dUi4il'i6, v. •. u •'»rli. 

rlirr, dlptrim, v. ■.An.» d» 

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lirupAlo, dfnJpA'LA, Dinipo, lArd'pd, m. 

DiURETDls, dlllld'.«)*, •. dlSlciU, kmrd, 
Ii:>»E5r*'i>'™. ajsisiriill'r*, i.. ■. u rfii- 



Diinppnrarp, dtiipnirt'rt, u. o.. DiiKiipmi- 
»[■■lilimTiiiiani-, dMriiilitigic'nt"/. ^£! 

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■mnciire, dfikir(tl-I», b. o. I» aitlatdi U 
.»dar«, du>t'd«cd,v.«.(,o».)» ij^i. 

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multitjar oluifAer. riunjinaf, » ciui, 

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■eu»'». dhUlllTl,». d. u ilthitAtH. » 

■ corme, «»»di-tdrS, «. n. fr. 1- r— ti. 
IcnniTD, dliteril'Td, a. dlicunivr. 
■corlfie, dliliirli-ii' a. o»e(uii, -^Ji. 

ICDtlu. d/<l>eM«, a./gr, n^Ic. 
KOviirp, dIsU-rl-r*, ait DIKoprltl. 
.cr..d;[o, dh.ri-dll6, ». J.«f,SH. 

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D .dlgio, dI,dr-i,-S, m. I«,l,cr«^. 

D idirt. dlidl'ri, v. a.ii-. /o rfi.iy, » rfftjc, 

D lEccnre, dls<kU''d, V. B. 1- dry >p, u 
n .fenarf, dl.*D-l'iJ, ^. .. Ja dalf. 

) .e|,i«ioVf, drMfl;*ld;rt, .,. <(«//.-r. 

n .sradniT, dJiirfdlTt, ... a. u df.ta*«-«. 


ric. riaii. 

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Diifiiiire, dl.flnnfc M. Jllinnir«. 
Dülüitlace, dKtni'l'id, i>. a. mti^lp nßtk' 


lilKiMflni, Jliltllii'il, u. r. la Jcipaad. 
U •Illararr. Ha ifiac*ara>. 

Dingortiare, dliidicl'rl, v. n. '° d''i"f, 


iiruü, dliiifull,/. diigrtc: {Jtrlf. 
in.|nii«, JTHttWf-I«, Vm. I. Aljr.». 
Dugnxinlo, UtpiuieA, m. lufuly I du. 

tgieg«». dlifrbl'i*, *.■.(■ Awhh, m 
•iraiinn, iUftitWH, v. ■. li il>Iir:(.| 
■nuilinr, il'inUntt,v.n.Uttlm1m-l. 
• Jutglio, dlltull'», nh dUptrilv. 
•nubn, ilI^U'c«, v. a. !• IhgHH, Im 

Dulnfitw**. 'Uli 

ItitUfBl,/. MiMIttm, amlrmpl. 

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Dumu^en, dlnl'rlr«, v.a. (r. t> mm. 
Dunemn, «Intnfri, ». ., t. m»^«f. 

DiinadllH, tImtU-ti, u. ■. » «Ui ■ i«(. 
niiobli'dlFDZI, illilbM<U4n'd>i , /. Hm- 

■attaiMvtiirr, dJObbICil'i«, v. •. 1° ifl»!!/«. 
DiioooupilD, ilMkkdpl-ii,., •w'oi.pSj, 

oaor^ 4titMf[i, ■.. i/i>^. 

DÜoidiiun/dMidliilTi, 'J!'Z'lt Jiürim 
DitoiUna.'diilHi'ad, ^ iV-W»-, (»»t. 

Djipiecii'n, dtiM^kfcd. v. ■. U uf mnntltr. 

Diaputn, dbpdrd'Tdi v. 

DuptrcTole, dfnird^rdlÄ, ■, Iraudfar^. 

DÜparf#re, iüpu'ltrt, *. ■. Jr. I* liUprrmm. 

Djipan, dif si'il. • »Mf Ml,iui™nfcrf(jfir™i, 

niiparilo, dliBlrru, •, •iitrtJi /ml'. 


Diipcra», dlipttl'rt, ■. •- b Jtprnt ^ 

Diip#r|«rr, tCvdi'Jdir^ v. ■■ b-. f> lU^irH, 

Diiprllm.' d^Ul'rd, ■. ■. » dtipkt. 
DüpÖtlD, d^t-ld, ■. Jnphtdi i>»ii, vlhi 

Diipom^ UMpir'ri, v. ■• if. I* dinpowe, I* 

DiipoiiilDDii, iHpttlülfatif. Jupcrtti^ 

Diipotioa, diipO'IAt, «e., '■» DeipoUi 
DiiprFiiaiE, dtiprdli'rt, «. ■. t» i/mfi 
DiipmilD, dlifrt'lO •>. 1U«1 

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} jproporziQBe, il!fTtiii\tWui, f. dU- 


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iroiBper«, il(ir4B>*rf, ü. • . jr, » irml nf . 
Üliapore, ilttM'tt, m, buipiläBlt dum 

Diattr|>H]'e, ddUtrl'Tf, v. a, fv txürpalr. 

iltriitoni , dOlrlH'nl, .J. lu (lujljl, pri- 
Ittiuioae, «Isirlul*^«,/. ijümcijus nt- 

Dütipnton, dJnfpild'rC, m. nmtndtn 
" iiipilo, dlHlpnii. n. JH^M, l>«^B 

D ua\'y*,*.diml»u,dthmüiiid. 
VuiDuillluK. rUMIXI-4-rt, .. .. lg *• u- 

Jtioo,' iti/lltt, m. dütict. 

rtülui, «llUlM^ *. ■. * *. K WM 

Silo, dliirfU, •. prtatd, plMlxJr 

»»»ibuir^ dJilrOiU'ri, v. ■. f« duiritiUM^ 
OittribDliTO, dliurtalLCrt, •- äluriii,iiM. 

plKdl. • ■•■ ■ 

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• 'l.li11||ir.l,#. r. to-.«. 

«Itdrfr«, V, •- b uirup, to 
Diinbliidunin, dlidMIiIltD^', /. tfiigfi^ 

D{ftTvr|iaiintitbiAiJJiil'f^v.B.fa dtßv^m-. 

liiDDiJiiio. «ladol'n«, ■. Mummn, enttl. 


dlilili. p!. .1.*«. 

D TO, dr'T«. .. (poel.) dFBWf, ^"WBis. 

nfio, *'!»,'■.. (diu. t.Mß'1": I"*- 


>*•«. r»*, to i>»rT. 

D "SiSVt'.'Kfi^'j,«.™."'; '° ™" 

n Tolo. dl.6'1», .. J^-r, .«.**,</. r««.. 

B Touont, dC.auli'od, /. Jn«(i.n , .».c4. 


Dan, Jllli'rt, o.a. id dicItUi ii ngral. 

D umo, drir-tö. .. rfiurn.f, T.»"Ji^. 


■ijito, dliii'u, ». diau<; •J'ii. 

D TUJBure, dltHHn*. f. ., ij JH.b/(.. 

niTUlio, dlidl-id. .. (»™ ojT- 

Il^tun, dlUlId-N, '/.; diclalJr. 

Diiioiurio. d(I.Uüi'Hfi, ™. .i(cl(=n.^. 


Diiionp, dlull'D>,/.iyjiiii>n,i';irr(cI,cirDiiJ(. 


!!i°{b'r^,' äiitn'.'^, v. ..»/./«/)' !••■ 

nann*, dei'Dl. m Dgiioa. 

turiiair. dimrpi'rt, u. •. » diifitur: 

Dobbi«. «Vh(i./.p(«^.(™in). 

rnliiin, 4It1IU-[*, ■. •>. ib ^'»«.d, » 


Ddccid, M'Ubd, DaBctDne, «gulia'Dt. ■•. 


THiipare, «lilDDi'rt, v. n. I<<ßmth, u 
nuan, «rlauri«. ■. <, u /imini.'ut,ät, "'.'X'ca;.. itpciV». fcf 1. 




Dadici, (tt'dliibl. ■, iwdv. 


nrbia, dlib^M, H. Uli, »irnr«!!».. 


nrtm, ilTtnl-rL >. n. I> diffir. 

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•n>D, dlTtfi*, .. dif-^I.MBiat. 

Do lO. iÖT*. n. cm«. In«, (an-»!. 

Dg na, dt,'ml, -.. J.J-,., prin^ipl.. 
Do unlico, döiBl'llkl. a. Jojifi.Ii»/. 
Da inBlilUR, d«|Ditildu'i«, i>. n. u t/or- 
Do n, dV,!, -. -„„jr. *»/(J»e- L"...i". 
Do -le, dHI-üf«, a. m-«., ,./».»-., ../l , -, 

Sllteilirt, dlitell'ct, V. ■. u dhrnl, (o Mrlr 
l)iT»l«, d[<[l'lt, a. fklcl, n^tl>. 


»(T nuiaut, dKlgluM'oi,/. dhutlian. 
SiriDCDtan, dKUikdJlTt, «. ■, m luiii, u 


en\f. dtllnl«, ■. .<>fr/-f, tjJkIrd. 


err, dei«'r«, v. n. Ir. u iwff-ir, u fttt 

oran, ddllrl'il, ». ... u »I in pai. i (. 
oroio, d«liM'>«, .. ^'ib'i-. 

DiTiai^ thtiSi',/. divÜHh,, toddm. 

Douinndfliipm, ddmtcillufrl, a^. u-msi^ 

Diä!?' «rt«' /^^'iJ^"^^"'™«-, 

DoBiaiw, dlnt'Dt, Doiniiu, diml'nl, ..<. 

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nirfft". dMH-16. ■. diififrtd, «nlUt. 


»KW« dttUfad, /. •Uviiiaii \ duotrd. 


Doiiuiutr^ Mmtai'ti, v. a, la rnU awr, » 

DOBBno^l, Ubh jlibl, /. tlll^ Unit ui'diiiui. 
Dana, ifii, «. iffi, pmiM. 
Dtl,m.*'«'. .l.-h. 

Idatnt,/, Virgin, <Ii 


Doppio, icpu,/. »<«.(. (toiniiyr™«, 

DDpbinn, «tppli'cl, f. ■. a n, w rioullf, u 

•"•"•P'V " '"'»^»'■- r™- li"-ck, lau«-. 

DoppIVKfdAjipft^, DoppjCTD, d^ppfa'rA, 

Doppwzu, d^plful,/. Juplidigi Jini. 
Doppio, M>Mt *■ Auilii ätctiijj. 
DappiOBa. Itaplfn«, «. dsaifDCji. 
Dann, tM-it, r. m. u gllJ. 

Dolta, Uli', /. /awarai/t tpf>»-laain 

Iloltq. «»'la. a. («nirf. »-«AI.. 
DOIIOT«, MlU^ ™. rimloi-, naiKr. 
lioX\ä»»,M>ti'U,J.J«tlrl*l inetvittlgt. 

(lOTizin. ddinula, '/' ri^A«, Zim'l'tl, •Im 
loTulo, dli4'U, a. tfu, Miftd, fiiT-, m. 

Drag Eieria, d iOili4f I' 1,^' f^a ^ ■, graearirf, plm 

Dum, WU, m. tntrml. Mtfi Jul, 

n.1/."-'^" '*""■"''■ 

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Bül."!"d"nT,'>."l<.S°-i|i.(. ■ '""' 

Dualli, ^4-14, w. (fj^/. /^su. 

Splicin, Mpllki-rl'^ ™u tf>rM>. 
plieiüi.lälublii'./.Ju/JXni rfJtW*-- 
SbdId, 4tVi,~. ihiiflr. \Jtii-»i. 

BnabiiiU, «MhUlU,/. J^^llig. 
DhtiuIc, airlfl'lt, Ai «ruf» ImttUg, 
Suue, «bl'rt, *. il to /M, to jUfd »(, u 

SmU, 44i4'U, /. iarmtlnuK, »ifllnu«!. 

Xbbrigio,lt«iJt'>l',£bbra',Ä"i4,a. Jriuli 

IbolluncntO.lMlllBl*^.«. itüllUiiim,Uml. 
Kbnzu.'tbril'i*, Ebriuu, Mrltl'U,/. 

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EcIhif, «Lili-it, Ecluii. Ifc 



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iäiüdtktlr', Utalof^ V. ■. ta iirtMltmlt. 
ERrnlo, latft^, ■. sr»!, Ja^nw«. 
Eff*iT«<wi»<i, JnnMIa'lii, /. •f.r- 

Ol «(rfu, .h ^^ii mWi, la-, k 

EfB||l""liriiiT*, V. L"!.'!™'«."'!"'^- 
Effi,Lr, *m-jri,/.yf!ey. ^ 

tO, »fOil'.*, ». ffl"r, .X-.1.I.. 

ose, llltll«1«,/. •/'■uibh. 

EgM'^ä., «j«.uJ'™y. ».'^lu^ 

Egllno, ^toi.^.'ptr'iW' 
E|1c>(<, fH«!«,/. •cft-cT 
E»rtgio, tpt-l». -. t>wbiu./w« 
Eiro, I'(t4, .. IIJ, ijutn., Wd, 

Eduuli», lialll'it, >. ■. M ■t'u'. •• 
Eiinllli^ Jl-llriV,/ (fiWily, «HM 

Ei,V(n;,'E,*l, "* 
E.,^j4.i.«»/1 ««..»«.,./ 

Ell«»», lLl|lCd>l,/. tht-itt. 

ElcgliuD, Ut{i-ikt, 

£l*naR, tiiii 

aio, CI4, fori Kill, b». 



KmiBTazIailB, «nlplUH'u«,/. virrtina. 
Imlnenlp, «nlntalt, •. tminnil.lKflyi rt- 

Iinpiere, Im'pl^l, »^ •. ir. (■ JffJ af, U 
ceitipltle, [li^Ulw. 

:uipl*li, impHLI-, Empieiu, «mpli'tri, 7. 


Enlib, InUl)',/. «ilf'y, •xiiloi 

Rpicnrpo, iFiitr'pi, m. tblBur 
"-•■' — ■- »pia*B.i'l, /, ipidt 

Epigrimmi,' «p 

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pJllfl, Ipjik^pil«, a. rpiaaapmt. 




Eqoabile, tkmVbM, «. t^u^U, •quml, 
KquAX&imo, Aui'Af m6, a. t^uanimoust tmooth, 
Kquatore« €kuM^€f m. ttfuator, 
Equestre, ikuVttH, «. efue§trian, 
Xquidiatante, ftufdisUn't«, a. e^f the §mme 

SquiUtero, ft«fli'tir6, a. t^uilateral, 
Xquilibrare, tkulUbti'tit v. a. /• balane» 

Equililvrio, iki$Ütfbt(6, m. e^tuUbrium, 
XquinoziOi ikufoö'UIÖ, m. tquinox, 
EquipAggxo, 4kM(pi'4j6, m. ^quipagtf e^uip- 

mentf baggage. [eompare. 

Xqniparare, «ku(plri'r<, v. «. fo equal, to 
Equipondernre, «kufpöiKKri'rt, v. n. to £« 

cf «a/ in tutight, 
Equit^, <kM(U%/. equity^ Hght, 
XquiTalente, ikuhil^n'lbf m. e^uivoUnt, 
EqiUTalere, ^iHfU6't6, v. n. ir. to &c o/ the 

tarnt vmtut, 
Equiroco, 6kut'r6k6f m, equivceal. 
Kquo, AOcmA, «. futtf et/uitabU, 
Kra, 4'ri, /. tra^ tpoeh, period, 
Eradioare, <rAd(ki'rö, v. «. to roo< out, 
Erario, Ari'riö, m. publie trtutury, 
Erba, 4r'b4, /. Aerft, gratt. 
Erba^gio, itbi'diö, m. potJitrbt, pL 
Erbajo, 6Thi'j6, m. patture-ground, 
Erbajuolo, 6rbljö'lö, m. herbalitt. 
Erbata, trbi'U, /. eorra in <A« bladt, 
Erborare, 4rb6ri'r4, v. n. to htrbaiize, 
Erbucce, 4rbA'Uh«, /. pL Erbucci, <rbii'tsh(, 
Ereda, 4r4'(U, sea Ered«. im. pl. tmall htrbt, 
Eredare, 4r6di'r<f v. a. to utkerit» 
Erede> <r4'd4, m. AJ^. An'rt htirttt, 
Ereditk, 4r^d(lk% /. inhtritanee. heritage, 
Ereditario, iHdlii'rl6t a. htrtaitary, 
Ercgg^ere, 4r4'dj4r4, v. a. to areel. 
Ereiuita, 4r<m('Ui, m. hermit, 
Eremitaggio, 4r4mfa'dj6, m. kermüagt, 
EreiAO, ir4'in4, m. htrmitagt, 
Ereiia, 4r4s('i, /. htrtty, 
Eretico» trtflÄif m, htrttic. 
' Erctto, <r*'t6, a. ereet^ uprigkt, 
Ergattolo, 4rg4'ft414, m. priton^ dungton. 
Erger«, ir'jörä, v. «. tr. to er«ef, to row«. 
Erica, 4'rfk4, /. htatk, tweat broom, 
Eriiamp, irraAmö, m. ti;i7(^ erttte», 
Ermellino, 4nn411f'aö, m. ermint, 
Enaetico, 4riB6Hikö» a. hermttUmt* 
Ermo» 4r'inö, «. toUtary, dettrt, 
Ernia, 4r'oIi, /. htrnia^ rupture, 
Ero«« 4r4'4, m. btro, 
Sroe«sa, 4r44s'sl, sae Eroina. 
Eroioo, 4r4'(k4, •. heroU, 
Erolna, 4r6f'a4, /• htroint, 
EroiiuaOt 4r4fs'Bi4, m. htroitm, 
Eromper«, 4röin'p4r4, v. to burttforth. 
Erosion«, trösfö'ntf, /, eerrotion, 
Erotioo, iit*xlk6t «. trotte. 
Xrpioar«, 4rplki'r4, v. a. to hamnu, 
Erpice, 4r'pK«b4, m. harroxu, 
JCrr/ibonAo, 4rrib4a'dö, a. trrunt^ vgrant. 
JBtTMre, Srri'rt, v. n, to erri to wtmatr to 
r4famt Uf miftoAe, 

Errata« 4rri'ti, /. portion, thare, 
Erro, 4r'r6, m. hook (o/mufell), 
Errore, 4rrö''r4, m. error^ mütakt^ fault, 
Erta, 4r't4, Ertezza, 4rt4t'sit /. «/«e;?, </#- 

Erubescente, ördbtshtn'ttf, «. trubttetHt, 
Ernoa, ^nftHil, /. rocket f caterpillar, 
Erudire, 4rddPr4, v. a. to inetrue:, to teach* 
Erudito, drddl'16, «. erudite^ Itamed, [img. 
Erudizione, 4rdd(ts(ö'n4, f, erudition^ ieam- 
Erottare, 4rdtU'r4, v, n. to er«et, to belch, 
Enizione, 4rüts(ö'n4, /. eruption. 
Esacerbare, 4s4lflh4rbi'r4, v. a. to exatperate, 

to provoke. 
Esagerare, 4s4j4ri'r4, v. a. to exaggerate. 
Esagitare, 4slj(U'r4, v. a. to ver, to haraat, 
Esafare, 4sll4'rd, v. c. to exkalti to expire. 
Esalazione, dsilitsfö^od, /, exhalation^ «vo- 

Eaaltare, 4sdlti'r4, v. a, to exmit, to extol, 
Esaine, dsA'iad, m. examinationt txuarm of 
Esainetro, 4s4'mdtrö, m. hexamettr» Ibtta. 
Etaininare, dslmfni'rd, v. a. to examinet to 

diaeu»a i to teareh. 
Esan^ue, dsla'gMd, a. bloodteett half dead, 
Etanunare, öslnfmi'rd, v. «. to terr{fy, to 

dithearteiu [to provoke» 

Esasperare, dsdspdri'rd, v. a, to txaaperate^ 
EsattO, ^sil'tö, a. exactf aeeurate^ carefiU. 
Esattorej ösittd'rd, m. eotttctor, galherer, 
Esaudire, 6siudrrö, v. «. to grant, to hear. 
Esaurire, ^skuti'th^ v. a. to exkautt^ to dry up, 
Esca, 4s'k4, /. bait i allurtment, 
Escayare, d8klTA'r4. v. a. to excavate, 
Eschio, lÄ'kfö, m. bteeh-tree. 
Esciaine, dsbi'm^, m. «tc/orm o/ &««». 
Escidio, 4sbl'dfö, m. ruui, dettruetion, 
Esoire, dshCrt, see Uscire. 
Esclamare, dskliml'rö, v. n. to exelaim. 
Escludere, dskld'd4rd, v. «. tr. to exelmdt, 
Esclusione, dsklüsf ö'nd, /. exclution. 
Eicogitare, dsköjfU'rd, v. a. to meditate, to 

invtnt, [inventive faeulty, 

EscogitatiTa, dsköjfUtCrl, /. Imagination, 
Escomunicare , dskömüalki'rd, v. a, to ex- 

Etcremento, 4skr4m4n't6, in. exeremtHt. 
Escretcenza, dskr4sb4n'dsi, /. excrescence. 
Eserezione, 4skr4ts(ö'ad,/. exeretiom, 
Escuriione, 4skdrslö'n4f /, excurtion^ di- 

Escusare, dskdsi'rd, v. a. to exeute, 
Escusazione, dskilsitsXÖ'ol, /. exeute 9 piea. 
Esecrare, <84krl'r4, v. a. to ex-ceroto» to 

detettt tm hatt» 
Esecutare, 4s4kdti'r<, v. o. to exeeute. 
EsecuzioAe, dsökütslö'n^t /. execution, per- 

formanee, \jorm. 

Eseguire, ts^gMCr^, v. «. to exeeute, to per- 
Eseinpio, 4s4in'p(ö, m. exampte, copyt per 

-, jor inttance, 
Eieinplare, 4s4mpU'r4, a. exemplaryt -, m. 

eopy, modelt ~, v. «. to copy, to ünitmte. 
Eseinplificare, 6a4mpHfiki'rd, v. «» <» «r. 





^ — — — — - 

Esemplo» tetm'|>16, m. exampUt copy^ ruU, 
Xaentare, 6sinWt6, v. a. Ca exempt, to pri- 

Xsente, 4s4ii't<, Kinnto, ^ftn'tö» a. «xempt, 
Ssequiare, 6s6kuWr6, v. a. to buiy, to per- 

/»rm »bsefuiea, 
Esequie, tsA'kuM,/. pt, obte^uiei, buriaL 
Kg€><piire, bs^kuVth, see Ese^vire. 
Xtercere, bsht'XAhM, Esercitare, östriilifU'- 

r4, V. a. lo exereise. 
EsercitO« teAr^bUÖ, m. ormy. r«'cci <A«me. 
£sercizio> 4«6rt8b('tj(4, m. extrcUe, prae- 
Xsfnreditare, <84r6d(ti'rö, v. a. /o äUinherit, 
Esibire, islbfri, v. a. to exhibit, to show, 
Esibizione, ialhUalö'ni, f. txhibition, 
Ef igere, M'\^t€, v. a. ir. to exaet; io ro^uir*, 
E«isuOf M'gAbf «. exiguou», amall. 
Etilfft 4iri4, a. slender* Uan, rbanükment, 
Eiilio, «aHfö, Esigho, <sn'6, m. <xi7«, 
£iuii«re, 4af'n<r4, v. a. to oxempt, to/ret. 
Esimio^ tftl'mlö, a. axtfuisitg, extraoräintuy» 
Eilnanire, Mnint'rb, v. «. to voiW t to annuL 
E«istenza, 4s(stAo'dsi,/. exUtenet, l^fe, 
£siatere,4sr>t6ri, v. «. ir. io exitt. 
Esitäre, 6slU'r6, v. «. to *«//, to retailt •, 

V. n. to hetitate, 
Elit9, A'sftö, m. M«u«, eventt tuceettt *att. 
"BtiziOf 4a('t8(ö, m, dettruction, ruin. 
XcodOf b*a6d6j m. exodu», 
Xft)fa^o, 4a6fi'f6, m. throat, Tce$§ive. 

Eaorbitante, teörbftin't^, a. •xorbitant, ex- 
Eaorcizzare, <s6rUb(dsA'r6. v. a. to exprcite, 
Eiordio, ösAr'dfö, m. exoraium, preambU. 
Etortare, dsörU'r^i v. a, to oxkort^ to advite, 
E«080, <s6's6, a. hatejul, detettable. 
EtOticOj 6s6'tfkö» a. exotict/oreign, \play, 
Espansione, dspÄnifö'nd, /. expanaioHf dt»- 
Eap«diente, dspAdtAn'ti, m. expedient. meaiu, 
Eapedire, dsp6df'rö, v. a. to detpateh. 
Eap«llere, 69pbfl6r€, v. a. ir. to expel, to 

banitk. [experiment, trial. 

Eaperienz(i)a, d»p«rf4n'd»(04f/. txperiene*, 
Xaperimentare, iBpirlminlift^, v. «. to er- 

poHonee, to try, [experienoo. 

EaperimentO, Mpdrfmdn'tö, m, experiment, 
Eapero, ds'pör6, m. evening'ttar, 
EapertO, dspAi^U^ «. oxpert, »iilfuL \for. 
Espettare, MpöUi'rd, v. «. to expeetf to look 
EspettatiTa, dspdtUtrri, Eapettazione, As* 

p4tUtt(*'Bd,y. expeetation, 
Eapettorare,48pdttöri'rd, V. «. to expectoratt. 
Eapiare, 6ap(i'r4, v. «. to expiat* t to »py. 
Eflpilar«, «spfU'rd, v. m, to twindlo, to roh 

«7y/y« {bromüio out. 

Eapirare, dspfrl'rd. v. n. to expire, to 
Eaplicare, fapUki'r«, v. a. to oxplam. 
Esplicito« <8pl('t8hU4, a. oxplieit, piain, 

elear t formal. Ttound. 

Etplorare, iaplbti'H, v. «. to oxplore, to 
Esplosion«, A8pl6<I6'nd, ^. explotion, 
Esporre, dspAr'rA, v. a. ir. to oxpott t to «r- 
Esportare, AspArti'rA, v. a. to export, iplain. 
Espoaizione.tepAsitsld'ai,/. oxpotittoH, «»> 

EiprestioAei i$pTbuWu6,/, txpre»nom 

EspressiTO, Asprdssf'vd, a. exprogrivo, tig* 

nißcant. f"» •t'« «xprsia^, 

Espresso, daprA'sA, m.expreaa, preoistf /irmt 
Espriinere, Aspri'mdrd, v. a. ir. to oxpretat 

to utter. \rrprove» 

Esprobar«, dspr6bA'r4j v. a. to reproaeh, to 
Espugnare, bapin'i'ri, v, a. to »ubduo, to 

Espulsione, 6spüIs{6'D4, /. expultiom. 
Espurgare, 4sptfrgü'r<i v. a. to purge^ to 

EsqnisitO, dskitfsCtö, a. exquisite, excelUnl, 
Esquisitore, 6skufsU6'ri, m. aetweber, ob- 

Server. [tbeym 

Essa, h'»i, pm. the, it, the tarnet «ss«, pl, 
Esseguire» iiaAgui'rt, see Eseqoire. 
Essempio» 4s84m'p(6, see Eaenpio. 
Esaenza« bntn'Ati, f. essenee. 
Eaaenziale, bistntBli'li, a, essential, 
Essere, b'sM, v. ir. to be, to beeomet to ho» 
Esai, k'%if thejf. ilongi to bs about, 
Essiccare, bsalki'tij v. a, to dry up, 
Eaao, A's4, pn. he, it. 
Eatk, Astk', see EsUt«. 
Estasi, b*'UtBl,f. eestaejf, traaee, 
Estate, istl'tt, y. Summer. 
Estatico, baii'tOib, a. ecstatio, ravishing, 
Estendere, östfta'dird. v. «., ir, toextend, to 

Stretch. \iH a tuider sense, 

Esteniione, £st4nsf6'Dö,y. exiensioni per -| 
Eatenso, daUn's6, a. extendedt utide, large, 
Estenuare, bni^nti'rbf v. a, to extenuate. 
Esteriore, dstirfd'rA, a. exterior, extemal. 
Esterui inare, ^stirmfol'rA, v. «. toextermine, 
Estenninio, 4st4rml^fö, m. destructioHf 

havoe. \avoUf. 

Estemare. isUnk'tb, v. a. to reveal, to 
Estemp, MUr'QÖ, a, extemal t of yesterday» 
EsteraiTO, isttrsVrb, a, detersive, 
Esteso, 6»16'»6, a, extended, ample, 
Estlma, Astrmi,/. esteem, regard. 
Estimabile, ^stfreilid^, a. estimabU» 
Estiinare, 4slf nU'rd, v. a, Io esteem # to re- 

gardt to appraise. 
Estimazione, Astfmitsfd'Dd» y. estimation% 

value. [to destroy. 

Estinguere, 4slln^uör4, v. a. to extinguish, 
Eatirpare, AstfrpA'rö, v, a, to extirpate, to 

destroy . Tt^f Summer. 

Eatixale, dstrvi'l«, Estiro, «stCvö, a.estival, 
Esto, bs'ibt Cor I Qaestoii [praise. 

Estoilere, 6st4ri<r<, v. n. ir. to extol, to 
Estorcere, dstör'tab^rd, Xstorquere, tetftr'* 

kutri, V. a. ir, to extort, to wring, 
Estorre, dstA'r^, v, a» ir. to exempt. 
Estraneo, tetri'aM, a, stränget odd, 
Estraordinario, Astridrdfai'rfA, a. extrmor^ 

Estrarre, dstrir'rA, v, a, ir. to oxtrmet, 
Estratto, bsttiiVtA, m. oxtrmet i eeseneet 

abridgment. [odd, 

Estraragante, AstrivAgin'td, a. extravagant; 
Estremo, Asti^md« m, extreme, tost, utmostt 


Sita fiU». ■■. paclic nie *ww 
inidae. faVAM, ». ■•. Ir. i„ 

■lutHTiialF. Mlii(lat4, II. tr'ii 

atuu,t'Hiii./. ,uu.i,küti.. 

K.ulw,«.illt''t,v. >.»»if.. 


Kliclialtn, ^Uttl-U,/. (^«»r, cir*-«! 

Pubbriciri!, ilbliiftl'i^ V. •. (B »Biliar w 

», ni.hni, /. /.p"'', /"■"'■ 

Pnainno.'riji-oi, In. p^Mioiu. r"«"- 

PiCiaoUli, riiill-il, /. •»Iwihiu, Iif. 

FufOlIa, niO'U, m, »■ii3/>, /iul<rr (BIU.) 
fUEo, (ll'Iil .'. Ugkl'fmm. ''"'■ 

_.IO, H«i-H, ../.ld«t. Ulli. 

delJn. Clldt'Jl,/. fi..(. 

Iih'llo'. H°riiiM-]*7' '<^'"lit^!-ilad^ 
mr. lilll'Ub«, .. y./).ri.... \JtUam. 


y«l!»i!D,'rti.»i-ii,'M, (■""-)/'"'•'"■'. i"'«'i 
Tmliificure, HHIHkl'it, «. k. uj.ütfy. 
F*liD, Hfl«, ■. t« ■.l.i/.l«(J^). 
SaJtn. teit,/.v<mi,J^ih,g. 

»ÜB fl an. HBnVl( a>>HiW, »linita, 

FaixiHiino, «nllli'iiit. ■<. /oulicii«. 
Fwicinlla. HnUbdl'Jt./. «••"■ (irf, fut. 
luioiiiilatglne, (iDUhdia-djl?!,/. liildiiH- 

PiiiiDiull«iii,«o«b*J]J',*,/. ar™J^(,^. 

l'SiWr/'»*,/. - 
l-(4, »..iiui); »i 


UBlIfl, naVU, ». JiHri. Pf >ur. 

utl>lu<ui, HbAIIU./. ipirti Jri^', fHU- 

^ ... j .:£yi (r.>i*b. 

JUIMcino, IlaUMI^*, m./iiai-»U>«-. 

FintnilJcfl, HBuJiS<'./'"f/"* '"■'■"■. 

FurfiJloDr.^ l»nM6'Bt, ... !.'(. l"l>:'->yi 
F,r;»«nH). tlrlBt-i-bM. .. /.rfc.««»,. 

Fmar1J,''nniiiHlil'l./. t*.™«t». 
P<ni«llla,UiTlUkl-La,/. ««.>i.r. 

Fmctun, Uthiyi, v. ■. (• lwu<, » i.«Jtfr. 


OIBDH. Ctafai-St, -. *«p ifr^tii 



t ,, m. pl. «.A.. 


L dio, rKtl'dl«, M. u>»rfa.H. r«» 


1 dioiilll, IlmMilMH-.J. w..(fa>i>« 


t diDia, HnKlifi^ <. Mn»->, m 


tidirr, lliUdl'r«, •>■ ■■ Uwoiv, u 




ligio, nnl'n», -., w;^ «.mmU. 





:iiii^*»i*in;.-^. /.■-V." r«.i« 


■ nt, ftd-rt, V. «. >« <:^r~> fo r«^ 


.*l«m™(*, nuunio'l*. ^.J.l.tly 

nlur*, nuid-i/. t».™.;»». 







eherol», nifti-itll, •. I.*wi."<. 

coio. Ulfkd'id, ■. jiUfl'V. !•*" 


dico, (.U-aiM -..>rÄ.H.r. 





Fmiiro. fiiu>4, ..'.jhct™" i/[d.«(e.i. 

Paltnniia, IllUr*.^!, /.ilnuariTiui/t. ' 

rxluecbirria. HulkUlrfl,/. iiüiicriifl. 
;.llii>., (llid-il,/. u.r<, ,n.ii», /üb», 

, »Tili./. fpcHAtrffafMi lau w>. 
ÄuBD, nir>i, ■lAu, hui. 
P«.olon«,"M.ilf»*,«./.*»;i.(, «!»«■:«-. n.i'.i*. -. Cp.u.| »«i-«-Äj, 
rmanbila, U.trt'bd«, ../»»r.M.. 

ruTorPunols, [l-lllit|*'iUl, : ftvimr- 

Fa-rorini, b'tXri, v. ■.(•»•» <iirf oi. 
TiuaBuiP, BuiiBCn*, w./.«i«»,y. 
Pi'ib'ihici, [iü(i*°'ii,". hl^amkltf. 

rwbbrifnto tttilrt'rit*'^-fii'V''f 


r, rAkri'JI, a.frvtwy. 
rruuriuia, tlbb(«t'il , /. iHfilf^rr^ 

öf. Wi-Hbi, n. «»iv, J»e^. T/r-llelry. 
ciUrf, [tiluhri'i'rt, V, a, ri nih happt/. 

aneieo, («liairtS, ..ptrjfkic-i, cmtL 

(nuniiMscialD, Hna'bifjhtK.H. uÄTr*. 
>lla, Mmmtm«11,/.|Wi>r, iHii>i.f>.i 





,'r-/:Ä-"-r'tÄ— . 


p,riio)-i. nnu.yi,f. i~„,-l.^u. 1/.«.-^».. 
FenMinmlo, (trminfa'-H, ~."™"j5™.i;o-.i 

Ferocii, («rt-iibl, Ferocith, Waiiblit', /. 

BnrJIIII, Miil'U, /, i™^V™i». 
f tmldi*, Hnllt'r6, la.yarrfii-, Bnnil. 
Fimtara, MtrtW.!,/. *.r.MA..i.». W» 
|«r», ffrti, ../«■-««. i"""j: 

FMrignoj ftrrl'n'D, a- /frruginoMä t irwif 

Varraginoia, «rtillBl'«!, t/crmfinonj. 
lertTl«, rtruit, ../.r(i(.Ji-.((Ai. fjtmliin, 

WtnruziiunlmrtjL./.finitii'. {."fr. 

TtrVtWt, nt^lit n «. I* HHj f0 H Bot, 

VDwiM, Mi«'itjlnl,y.nHt- 
fRindo, ru^rii, ■./im AI. 
VvTOn, MfiVr«, iih/iniMn uif. 

Terurt, »ruf r«, v. t. 11 vliip. 
FCHO, »•'•«, m.ßttart, iltjii uracl. 

Fettan, («lU'il, >'. >. i°/»>i. 

Mtino. r*«l''n4, m, *.H,>Mil. ra'tn-Mi«^ 

™d»l'",'fi«<il'C"it'.3„;.°""'"'' ""' 
•iidnlario, H.iIlil'nA,«il.i„ry. 

'inmmliilia, niiiiiBlill->i, /. iMr/. dry- 

'iiuiilhpgginre, flliliAlJl-r4,B. ., (» iHffn-li 


Imitat, ■>. ^rcndluf. 

■ , m/bUi/.FibhiflgliD.nfabJll't.m. 

•fo, rruiri'jt, n. iDunif'-niW. 

muiir», <n>bll'ct, v. a. U Euctlh 
■ibrfl, fnifl,.f.^*",j5(B».™i. 

ibiolo', ia>cfi4, ä/yftroü. 





F diaii. H«'uiM,X",5S 

flduiUBle, M-tu>tt'\t, a. aH/Ci&if , b 

■IM,, Jt». 
_ _..«* 




Pi(lioecj«, til'i'iilil.y. (»d-rf.üjSr»-. 
PiiliualuBjio, »l'äU-fljl, -,, fitiatiai,. 

^[gimbile. t[ei[V'bllt, u. ^■i.rllli. 
FiinmuiEnla, [l(ilctmfD'l$, n./!.,ire, fnu». 

FiBiirati.TD, niililll't*, _■. JJmr.J.vt. 

PiKnrBggiÄni, «(irMJfri, -, .. (0 .u. r*fc 
Piuioro/fllllt'r^ n. «•U-uMti-Jrinixv. 

Filaalropo, 'oualrift, m, ^*ila»iAriipS!. 
#jr7ani mä'HI, r. a. ib lyin, U leiriärmo. 

iaifiu. IIHii,-ti,j. laUHcUd'lJlrttd. 

ra, IIKfii, f. un^t-draii>itg.plrUt rtm. 

alDfial rirdiojl'i.y. pt-ikUg^. 
neljl, rUAfli'UiJ^' tooBt^i nltAthtgalg. 
Lofiile. niMn^l, ».pkilmiAtc'mt. 

tuiofn», raMrti'ii, />!■■& utiv»! 

lUKFtlo, m'lljt'U, n. ifH-XM. 

FuigBre, llB'Kri, "... .r. '•.t"*-' 

F no, 1i'v6, A.ßnt,i%iBt,tRiH^MnbtiUi araflv, 
.»•lfi.l< -. -i^«. pr. «/.r .^ 1.-;/, u„T&7' 


FiniionB, r(til!.l*iif /. Ä«iM. 

fii, ». .. b »«.; 1.. lor(l 

mi.menlo. ^fbUi«i>'1&, ■../™o«.1. 

•io, (['•fti./.Hv™- 

■uauüie, IMll'^M«, /. eapncr, aikiir 



iicöio, flifti'ii, ..Ä*iii-ier"p"ii«<. 

■ imn, )l'ilBi,/.u>A>ii. 
'uiulopR. Uriiltjf'l,/. pigialon. 
• .idloKieo, rWiH-Jiki, .. Ms""'"JK"'. 

'(l'.nu, /, jlmlt i ßagiia, pipt. 
tVt'nt, m. iplnl tj Jitlntlitn. 

nmilfl°'ridiiil'lt, m!ß-^™i^.' {•nJmlli.ji. 

umalioo, fWmlllli«, •- fiuvImiL ' "*' 

lO, FiDiniainD, ridtDlIiliril«, m. riimltl. 

F]ngcil*n. ÖllilU'ct,«. >. iBjl'grIUu, ta 

.\o. Olli. mV; naluoiill, tdlttelLt-, /. 

lioIDinia, ütböltiil'i, •. Ir/liie ^I'»^. 

idriZK.<l.l(dll-il, F1ii[^ili,l1dld(tk',/. 

...iide, M.ri'H, ..Jfi««iie.' 
■oc«, fö'M. /. «.;, ««.//. 


roaoH.nkÄU,«. trtußrti pptudir-pmi 
IDWIO, mVl^ •jfi'Til >rBi«. 



., Foali"! 



re, Ml|«il'r6, <i „ , 

tD, raJ|ärl-H, ». •uMrii, rapid. 





FoLLtltD, rolKtli, r>. ig«jo*/i 
FülliB, tOUl'i.y.X^y. - r- 
Pollioolm nui'kgjl,/., Follic 



F™d!fow° WpdlU'e*, '»I!'°>>S--}r«"j».| 

Foralns/ßri'mi,'™.' £/-■?'" T»/!*.*«-. 

pQmiitpe, KclilVpt, m. /••dt'-ipMi'nm t 

For*bl, Mci'U,/. jl>[(, apcrlam. 
ForiluTH, Hrtit-rl, /. i'i«»!'. 
Foraldio, «rlul'pl, ™. ul^tfi, flmla. 
ForfaiBI, »T^rulil, /. pl. •ciacm ilmmi 

Forbire.rertl-ri,».«. u/mrUiÜ, lo ntt ap. 

SoTblUzzt, nAaU-U, JlpalM.lmaIrB. 

Formt, Hrkt,f. pUch-fori. TJ-^fiä. 

ForolieHn, flrli#l'li, /. J->rt ib »I «lilbi 

Pönnn, fifml, >™, AniT, /b.*,«,,;;^ 


Votnofe, (dml'lt. =. formal, t.limal. 

llDrinolill, [i™iliii-,/./.^«.(üs. 
ronuiire, »nBl'M, V. 4. m ^i^,' in fiuiuHi. 

^FUnnoInriD, I6rtaUk'ti&, m.JcmHlary- 

Turmali, t6f<ntlL,, rul.. 
iDtnace, Hnt'IBliii, jO<"-H«r. r><>t>r. 

Vamjre, ltrnl'r«,ii. a. Hßi.lih, b,Jurwiik, 

KorolPlIO, niiiil'Id, n. «"in« ptw«l. 

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Fr«Bolfl, (rl'iaii.?, Hr^wtrrrs.' 
BHili>le, M'ltUf *i>^ ••• Vriallt M. 

FnumniriDoinr«, [ilmmMltll'rt, v. a. I> 
Fnuuiwi'a, ftlnnit'a«, h. InKrlimit, 

FnuninÜDki'T'.Irlmmrikdl^tiii.i' la (abr. 
Fr*nn, trt'ak, J. prreipiee, l/Ü. 


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FnnpiHDla, ln*llmtiirn, u. irtmiingi 

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Freno, liVa*, m. iu'irUtn (riiL) trmlt. 

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Frrqiienz*, Mfc>i(D'dW,/.>»j>.«i™. 
Fn-iunte, trMUn'l«. «i.pti-air mfrtter. 

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Fmcou, ItUkttt.J. «>&Mt. 
Frrtln. ttt^y. Aur^ t^rn. 
PrFltolu», MlWM^ a. f&l, tUdv. 

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Frioiiim, iTlUmft, y.fHc—M. 
rnfftre, tiCiU*!*, w. •- i--. '■/'*■ 
Ftiti<l*at,titluti-tt, FrigidjlC.MIMIib', 

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FntlOB*, riljif at, m. A-uiluif Awn. 
Friniuelto, fclDiarJl, «. aaf/Sut*. 
FniMlIo, Irtikt'M, m. mlll-däiijltif. 

Fnitala, trütf</. MrfM. 

Frillclla, hluVA,f,friatn panoitt. 

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FriTulviu, IrIwtItVtt, f. frhMliit. 
FriTolo, (rt'Ml*. >./n«>bu. 
Friiiamnlo, (iltoldtaM, ». lim»*- 
Fniunle, MulB'lt, >>. nvl, ilirB' Ul£-i 

Ftodm, liMI'r«. M-, IM Vna4ar* «c 

'rd'ndMe'ilinlB, /«"dMn"/!"'"^' c™W 

'ralidl^DVlrtndl-IlrA. ■' ki!^r fww. 
'rondüe» tr^qdCr^ »p PnadarfliiTB. 

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ProntalF, 'frinll-l*, i./™.((«. 

FrgolilpiiiD, frSnlbiii'U«, w. fnniitpi—n 

naianlo', frlüiiü'ul. .. ;.^, jr.... ' 
FnMon», frlil-nil, m. aip™. flr»^ 

Fiollaia, nt-igit,/. U/Wi lU'un«- w>! 
Frnllolare, [ctlltlfn, v. a. w wriu to/J«fii 

F™conf' (rttf n*. ... ««rf(Mn,jf«(n.rf; 
FrufacuLian, Millkli^t, v. i. la loitad 

Fnnl*, rrtfii«. M.Jruimt, l«r(/iy. 
Frajalili. fnl^liU-,/. /"».'i*- 

FrngitKa, Crijcrtt«, a. /nii(-t»riu. 
Frv(>TOTO, fctl('>*r4, a./™/iVi> 

Pnignuolo, fTia'i'\t, m.fowiiiii 
Fnuabti fr<|ä^i4» n. womtditg- 
Frullo, trAVU, m, vjhirring, tmirtiM$-4liHt 
rntlont^bZltiit, m. Mlir u i^fl mal. 

Fmtalnria, fi4sUtt'r*w, a. Min, »i^ 
Frutilun, litiUlit«,/ u^iff^. 


plmaUä viilh fmiu 

fnittifiouiaiie, Miitraiuji-nl, /. /mi'ii 
yrnUd, Ml'tö, m./rall, grfd<.ct. U>r^l.,: ^a««4 </fA»ii. 

ragi,m (tifatt, a.f-turat, 


rueitfillu, Hiljirii^'lrli 




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mlBido, tdl'lMl, .. /«/rW, Mllia.l. 
l^nlfun, IllllS'it, n.. •pTcHänur, hrithUitit. 

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fiunADDliio, Mmlk'kll.n, Jiiiiiigi(ufl,iin»i- 

FlUnillo, rü'mUd, a. Micly. Xzhitnney lop^ 
fiuiuiuiiiialo. MmiulfEi'lf, n. umily »>J, 

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Ul>f II. VnnEoolD, Mll'ktl«,»!. Uu/^m/^ 

aari, fl'ri, ■•iFoori. 

Fuomunta, [iTiikl-lt, m. tulLm. 
Furnn, fdri-Uli«, >. liirvlti. 
Furauienlo. HrtniVtd. a. lA^. 

hlFMl'll^urbiiwIlo, rdrblLlBUl^ 

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FniniD, Nrt)», m. lumtr. T'pmdU. 

FuHJUOla, Itlijtlt, m. IB/lIrt SKI u ■ 

FuiihilB, Hilliad, ■- JiuiUt. 
FiiiibiJillL, UM'tUti'.f.fii.ltllllv. 

FuiQ. rd'>l. •>.. •pliJlt, lli^l«ft »hmn. 
Fuioip, fd'.«i, ... !«»-*««, r-*unBfMI^. 

FüiMedii, HlU's'l. ii>./«il 
Fnlik' Wint,.! Irlßb^.f 

Sabbldi-D, lUUdt'*, o. typMn'le. 
«HbbanirBla, ilbblnifoie, •>. cAnx. 
GibbiDilli, ilbküt-li.y. rUin,-i«,J. 

Qibban. (tUt^t, ». ■. u dmiat, 

Subbiatti, itHilf jt, »h atfi-nMi«-. Fi 
Babbiano, (Ibbtl'iit, ■. clawuiÜi -,m. 
eubbiatii, ■»ifcIt'U,/. ufkjftJ. fu'-i 
Sabbisn, ilUilf rl, ».(miiOup-nan, j 
eabbioB«, (UWnl, «, Isrgi egfci (( 

eSbionulii, tUHiAu-a, s- gtH^tmJt. 

Subellii, (tbtil,/ lu, MU«, iluy, 
Oabfllibilr. ilMlIl'blli, ■.«»/•ci in «r 
Bubcliin. ftbau-tl, v. m. u pmy Mi A 

«■t^o, ••'Uni, »1. pMgn w«™. . 
e> «rill nlpzu, iirinMi'>i,e*(B(u'diii,|l 

Gugliardo, ■■l'li'd«, a, ilmif, ttnUam 

Sugtliofhaiia. iirtin'uiia, n. t"-" • 
Bugtioffingiiit.iiriirl-SJInl, /. rof . 

Gütliaia, |in-ri, ». ku»-!. 

llDlta, lllMII,/. Jl'll/>ri»iy. 

iFOtlo. lUtfU, m. t'ltn-tliat, 

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GaJInn, illll'i«.V «.ID /»(, to . 

illlnini*. llllTlit-f'bl,/. «M ■irtw ««■. 
illmucclo, {lllCBl'Ulit, m, urli^-ncii 

•IKnülla.tllllna'Jl, /. w.i>r-AMc (tlU- 

jnltoria, itllO'Tll.y: rr.luihh, iraiirorl 
laUoiia, lilJt'Ui, GallOIlDln, lUii'U« 


Sagnalarp, (la'«U^ v. a. Is iimil. 

b<no, «li-Mol, ». I-". aUaaa. 
H, (iH'i,/. «.Hfy. 

ttlhn,llltSVli.v.:le Immgi m 
com, tttWut, «. [•Ilnii. 

lalupyo, lUdjl'p«. pn. »dfirr'j .< 



ambcttarel tünbOU'r«, v. n. lo IJ<I atoiil 


Garl»)t>zia, ilTtiittl'il./. rrai<^faffi. 
Garba, it<^*, m.'graeifiiIntH. 

GnfPBgummln, tlrOdjlniB^, m, 
Oi.n.«p.rr, lirtdlfri, >.. «. u fA 
BurriBioio, iilcMJfii.d.aianwt 

Gor^BnizKre, (irgUfiUi'ri, ~. •. I» «r- 
U«|Wll«, ilrcll'H, G"«"!«, (IriOy,/. 

fiarofiino, lUA-Hn«, n. cfavr, flläjlimrr. 

Gmnilo.Ili'nil«, u.i»rr~li><<>, 1/. «rr*lily. 
OF,rin, ,*r-lM,/,«fi.ron. F*»»- 

OB^onilB"ilrdj«iiI''l*; m'.Unui. 

Gatlozibello, ilueuAtl'iA, ■>. ehiif-«f. 
Givizui, (IT«'I>1,/. •*•<■■ V/°y- 
G-iBiMie, «i.miT*,..». t./i.«p/.cjm,. 
Gnudio, liH'dll, n. /sy. 

6«iiBne,tilTf»'i,/.p/.lWMJ» In ihrlhra^i, 
iiie.'ilTl'B*,/. A'ih?» ™".' 

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Lin», 1*1 lifo r/. /.%. 
minaio, ifiiKdi'.i, .. g,UHn,.,. 
(.tö,]*ii'i«,n. /"«>.,=%■%, 


«nm.; itTÜi, 'f?i'm°"pdT" '" i,k 

ÜFnuloglcD, JtDd 

ItodtHJl-ilii/. tigr:i!r, png™Ti>r. ' 

«Miro, jVolrt. -- M-ia-l™. 

enEtoionMrtM, ■' t"Hriui, .«tu. 
Oenrif, Ifitil, n. >/■ (unii. tliniiu. 

MIRIOTO, lto]4-T*, «. f H|<r. 

GeniAlF.JtDll'jX •. Iinjali nliuinc. 
Brnialitil, JtarillU-. /. i.</iral düptWan. 

i, JtDiIrrub«,'/. ••mlÄtT. 
l.JtnJW-rt,/. »irrt. ^Jiina*ry, 

Graor''\fBitl,J. pL in^rclian. 

Onlaccia. 'jtaU'ubi, 'GiBliiilln, jlnlll'ii. 

6enlc, l»o-l(,' /. ^"ph, atiioni tviirtd, 

GTntrrril*, Ibitlieni,/. »aiMon /iMCli. 
G<>ilildoDi.i.llntM<lt^>l,/.J»A,. [>.,«. 
SvnlilE, Itali-lt, 

e«iii[>ua.jtoiru . — 

«enun.«.i>ii^ IM««..!*'?*,/. *»«;i«e. 
eJogrtft«, ittitjfr'i, /. \ng'^!"*' 

ecDgruRcD. ItlCTl'nk«, a. (mfnptfnif. 

GnuDf Üb, ItrBi'l't, n. hui, «fvwl, i 

GliFppio, (t 

eecBiuul, j4nii«'Dl, /. ^t nicr. 
Griusd, Itrni's^ ■. In», rcaf 


iiliruliiilone, jtiifliituun'nt,^. (uiic. 
iiwre.jiiu-i^l"-"'-' ■'---' 

»-,/«. f(«iB-,/"i.i.J"yi 

Ohnorillio. th«r6'niit. MB Simripo. 
Gheroiic, iblM'n«. <>i./^i«wi gui»!, cniibig. 

lipizn, (bll'xt, I. !/.cJ ihr. «„pr. 
liialmlduui, •UlMIdl'Bl./. Irijli, bn. 
hiiicci*)*, ihUUbl']!, /. iip-*«»». 
hinocinnt.tbUliU'N. K. •.«iLto/m... 

hiaila, ikil'dt, m' «IrnM uMi Jagtrr. 

ihilltnals, llirull'll, m. nuard-tnu, 

kUim,,hU-H, f., rmv-l. 
Ghüinri, fbU/fli./. litjhuay. 
GhinjoiD, (kill«'!«, •- irtifll*. 
Ghiult*, f blli'iU, /. .f»^ 
Ghiindaiii, ihllDdl'jl,/. itd-Jaui. 
"' -ldDl»^UlH^■l^4]^./.^/.-.JI Wf/. 

■bnlduii, ibUrtbUdl'Dl, /. u-j/ic, 

Ghipnfaaldniu, (btliihiMl'nl,, Ha " 

hiuino, fblö'nj.n. ifiw tj Ihrtmä, 
Mölln, (biöi'li, / iiipi^ig ptit. 
hiDItenlliBDjliUiMrtiii'i*, GhialMnllo, 

ehiaaantlili, tmiltmtri-i,/. ntmry. 
Bhioltornia, fbltltSrDr'l, /. (liiiwnyt Jmb 

Chlriblazü«. iklrftlMTl, V. ■, i./.»=y. 
filüHbimtoK, ihlrOiIulii'T«, a. .Aituuii. 

Shirlinda. ililtUa'it, f. frUiul, 

Bi.cch.o, l'ilkllil, -.' «/«;!».■. 
sUcinLÖ"! j;iiiii'l="ör-. *il«(nÜ!?* "*"■ 

si-«ioro. ji»i.W!4-rs, ...Inj. 

eitnitni», JUUhrii'tl, /. wiannlr ilf Ij/big 
fiinro, )rt'U, n. com rfmail. 

eixtlDina.jillliVt, a. ytllmilik. 
DiiJtDrc. Jillld-rt, efallums, IflUd'm«, n, 

l)i>iiibF>gi*re. JilBbU)l-rt. •!. M. I. t. 

e&'nnV liiere, jannilHiTI, n. ■•> GiVöeU 

Giiiil'ii. lilr'Jl,/. •/»Chi In 
GÜlldiruia. JUrdlil'll. o<. (. 

, Jltibl'il, GibbnlD, jrhbim, a, 

gTimtIä, Jlbtf'pll^. aa-lriJia-boi. 
- -o, \i»'u. ™. J™i. 

mlv, )I|ia'l4, m.gUnl. [a. figmullc. 

j|]ietlo,]fl'ii-l*, -. «..üiü^/rwat 


jo.jCBljiiiyi, eiarp-ntOilMrrf'lt, 

""""'-■-■-'*' """-vü, /.'OfMKilh 

äiurdlno. JUrtfBt, ». gmnln. 
Blitnrltiim, jiÄrTtalt'ii,J. giu-lir. 
aäiTo, Jitfrt, m. fiicitrjar. 


1, ™. ;-,iJ, 

Ging<-llo. jrnj'l 
Singi., jlnJCl, 

Oinoorslorri JiBhSIlU'it, m. jugft 

jüMKiru-,//!!!,, min, 
Siocondo, jnttn'dt, G 

Oitii. /. i 


Gio rlli«v, iitjmrii 
Giojvllo, IitlCM, n- /rw«. 
Sioioio,J/Uf.4, ^j-^.;. 

.»if, J.H rollt. 

Biomo, j'ir-nft, m. dam •'•«-Hfl-I. 

Gia>t»tan,jitiirliyr«, «. id/ur. 
■aLoT™pnio, IrtTlmd/i*, iB, *»(p, ^n1ySl 
moTanaoGio, fitttsf ubA, ■.. iM./.m«»>» 

afoJM-'ggi^«; JitTlBtJU'rt, V. ■'lo" •< 
»Tfllivo, Jr^fAEfT^ a. uaifulf laiulary. 

OicnndaLir?, jlVtnddli'r«, f>. n. In rnu'vc 

aiMl», llrl'll,/. »nr! (mmh.) „irtmUli^i 
einTOlLO, )'U, /. c~ii>r u ■•»'/n. 
ailiToKu^ llUltlU'i«, V. ■■ "> 'xn r-uf 
Glrt, liTi. ». «. (pa».) W g. J » di.. 

GirpUaiD, UtiSU'fi, m. matir tf pMa/t. 


Siflo, J[|-H, tu. ix'Cfly. 

Giubbfl, \ltVil, m. •indir.vimUl 
OiUbbalD, jfilDbi'U, a. Airinf . 

>beMo, IrdbtiAt'Ld. m. t*ltouMfPl, ... «i 
>b[J«*, tldbbrU'lt, »n GiotiiMci, 
ibiiao.JnUbUt'*, H.Hi*ilM. . . . -i 
)bUaio,I>iU>kll«t>«,.>. nwjwfA 'i.i.i 
ibon*. jill.bVn<, •■. >f^aiM. . . 
__jijiM,)MI>Wr», •.■.u«/««, .. I , 

Giiidicla, J^dl'lib^l, n. /oilCininfr »url !(/ 

GiimioUJiil'ajiil,/. /»/«*., _ F"«™'. 
Siiiimialina. j;ilil|«lM. •. v'll'w-red h- 

GiHgBO,")"vJ. m.V.°f° '"■'"" .^ 

GrIllivVllo, \lw'il-\6, .. prKh, ;>u/i><; 


eEuou», iitu'i«, ■. .. I. pu, 1 (J )«/. 

GlUOOIS l'i'M, n. fdiu, H^' rMMfVKr^r- 

etBocofona, IMmr'Ul, J. h—vU-Mw 
einoooluhm.lJMWi«, ■>. ^ulL-. 

6inn.MtM^>.i.tofliMu-. Lu^- 

Smrttana, ^MMVM, ■. ^w^(~y, w». 
Oiin.lM'ri.i.lM.^^in^u. Tn/r. 
flinrPaanHlllci, JMrl&udl-M, n. juriifm- 
6 oridioa, |rii}ilM, >. /fii. 
Giuriidizulfs lütlMlurit, ■. Auädif. 
GinrilperilD. jkrlMrttPit, m. Uun,tr. 
finu, )il.h m. rjf il, /Mi». 

SiiubNiai«,lM&JU-M,iL£i>'iw. FJ«. 

eiBiUmfiilÄli^UBtei«, W. iMih, •iMti- 
Onutmn, Übui'il./. itta«'. 
Siattillm« lUiUnU'ii, •>. a. li /uii^. 
e mtifiutim.JMitinUU'ii.a.iailiiX»''«' 

' 'in. Uiuniti'i*. •.•!•• ••HUI. !• 

«■»u, ÜI'iM, ■.(■Ml Hu/r-iw'i /uiäi' 

e «ial*. ilMAloi, I. icu. 
SJadie, ■U'AU, >k. (pon^ Hwrfl. 
" (dal*, illa'4411,/. *l«if, irn»l. 

ididwo, illMÜui'i«, ■. cIttMdulM. 

ita, (tl'M*, Glailrn, tU'dit, «l uvad. 
„re, lU'rt, »1. iworJ-JIti. 

i. 1% arl, ^ U*i -, JM. u lllin, U lim I 
Globa, |IAlid,>H, glttht.tpXtr^i hall. 
elobontt. illuilä',/. .»».WciAuH 
Glonm ill-rU y. fbryi/~u. 

a U illrfliUlt'n«, /. »IcfllalJonl 

G fiSt" ». itiri«üii"t4i,/.V''"l3^ 

G fi«, >. |/v»u. ln—- 

a nuiM iJ rW-i.t,/./i(*<r™™». 

IbH'ißn; fliiiot'il, f.. ■, to (IkKuK 

GlBlHie.iK-11.*./.«'.'. , . 

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lodfrF, («d^rd, V- "- Co rtivinr, le tnlav. 

Ga]*, iV\t,J._lllml, fJitlwiyi d 

Goinilo. ■J^'mlU, ». '11»', ui-««-| ra^f, 

Boinitolo, löraClil*, M. cleui of thretd. 
GoiailoKf, |>ii:rtA'ii4, «'. fid^iuc ,„ A, 
Gomin«, ^ni'nn,/. j.™.. L"»™-- 

Gonf^o'I^i, li.I.llnl'll7/°r™'p'Ii-(J» . 

ilj l'n ''/''^onfimiirnio. I «utriMS?'»"^ 

üonL'^ara{l, [lönlmi'.JIIf, «. R.a.hv 
Sonli»™, ,*ahJj<, «.o.ftii. U ,u,.IZ, u 

Sonfiarnjo, |i-itiiil-j*, m. •^ri-gr, btttmi. 




Gonfiatura, f önrUU'ri, /. twellingt ßattery, ^ 
GonftaTetrij f 6nf«f f'trf, m. sm Gonfia. 
GoniiettOt |4nfl4t'tö, m, tmatl twellingt 

little conceit, [nuelling t priae, 

Gonftezza, g6a(i6i'»A, /.. Gonfio, gön^fö, m. 
GoafiOt ffÖD'ffö, «. »welledi vain, proud» 
GonfiottO, göof(d'lö, m. nvinuning-hUdder, 
Gonga, föa'fl, Gongola. fÖD'göU, /. «or« 

Gongolare, föngöU'rtf, v. n. fo leap /er ioy, 
Gonna, gön'ni, /. pettieoat, Teltow, 

GonzOt gön'UÖ, a. eiownitht -, m. stupid 
Gora, gO'ri, /. eonduitt milt-dam, 
Gorbia, §bT^bii,f,/errulet point ofam arrow. 
Gorello, görA'lö, m. «mo// waler-pipe. 
Gorga, gör'gi, /. throat t emnal ; rivulet, 
Gorgheggiare, g6rgh6dji'r£, v. ;t. to trilif to 

quaver. {tvhirtpool, 

Gorghetto, g6rgb6t't6, m. water-eurrentt 
Gurgia, gör'Ji. lee Gorga. 
Gorgiera, görjift'rij /. r«/7» gorget. 
Gorgioiie, görJÖ'nA, m. drunkard. 
GorgOy gj&r'göj m. whirUpool, gu{f, 
Gorgogliare, görgöl'i'rt, v. n. <o gargU, te 

itttbbte up. 
Gorgogljo, görgöITö, m. gargling, purling. 
Gorgoglione, görgörö'ni, m. weevil, mite, 
Gorgozza, görg6'(si, /. lee Gorg«. 
Gorra, g^rTA, /. coaree tuootlen eapi baelet' 
Gota, gS'll,/. oheek; eida. Iwillow. 

Gotata, göU'U, /. «/a;?, ««^. 
Gotta, göt'U,/. g0Mt. 
Gottato, gölli'16, a. epeohled, 
Getto, gt'Vbt m. gobiett eup, bowl. 
Gottoto, götlö'sö, a. gouiy, 
Governale, gÖT^roi'li, m. heim, rudder. 
Governare» gÖT^roi'rö, v. a. to govern, to 

moMmge, to eteer, 
Governo» gÖTÖr'nö, m. government, 
Gozzaia, göUl'ji,jr. u/en; inveterate hale, 
Gozzile, göun«, Gozzo, gö'U«, m. &ir<f» 

crof>. ![maie, to revel, 

GozzoTigHare, gölsörlVi'ri, v, n. to merri- 
Gracchia, grik'kü, /. Jaeldaw, \prau. 

Gracchiare, grikk{i'r6, v, m, to eroali to 
Gracculo, grik'kdlö, m. jaekdaw. 
Gracidare, gribthldrrd, v. a. to croak. 
Gracile, gr4'Ubfl<, «. »lender, »light^ thin. 
Gradare, grldi'r^, v.n. to deteend by degree». 
Gradazione, gridilsfö'oi, /. gradatioh, 
Gradevole, grid^vöU, a. agreeable, 
Gradiaa, grldroi, /. dented ehiael, 
Gradino, gr4d('n6, m. »to^ (of a italrease). 
Gradire,gridf'r4,v^. to Aoeept^to approve oj, 
Gradiro, gridCT^i, «. agreeable^ graluitou». 
Grado, grA'dö, m,degree,9tept riuik,dignityt 

will, pleaeure, 
Graduale, grid4i'16, a. gradual, 
Graduare, griddl'r6, v. •. to graduate, 
Graduire, gridürrt, v. «. to refin«, 
Graf Rare, griff (i'r^fV.a. to eerateb, to elaw. 
Graffiatura, gritnM'tijf. oeratcht hook, 
Gragnuola, grIn'A'U,/. A«i7. 
Gramiglu, grimA'l'l,/. mournlng elothe$. 

Grainare, grimi'rö, v. «. to mfflictf to ver. 
Gramatioa, grimi'tfki *c., see Grammatica ftc 
Grautezza, grimöl'si,/. affliction^ pain, 
Grainigna, grimrn'i, /. «/o; '« grau. 
Grammatica, grimmi'tfki, ,/. grammar, 
Grammaticalmente, gtimmiKkAlmin'U , ad, 

grammatieally . 
Grammatico, grimmi'tfk6, m. grammarian, 
Gramo, grA'mö, a. turetcbed, »ad. 
Gramolare, grkradM'xk. v. a. to bruieejiax, 
Grampa, gtkm'pi./. elmu/, talon, 
Gran, grAn, for t Grande. 
Grana^ gri'nA, f. eoekineal t grmim* 
Granajo. grini'jö, m. granary, 
Grnnajolo, grioiyö'lö, »«. eorn^ehandler* \ 
Granare, grini'r^, v. m. to grain. 
Granata, griai'U, /. broom i grenade, 
Granatiere, gTinM6'r6, m. grenmdier. 
Granato, griniUA, m. garnett pomegranatei 

-f a. grainedf hard, 
Granatuzza, grinitü'Ui, /. littU broom f 

»mall grenade. 
Granbestia, grinbd'stfi, y. elk. 
Granchio , grin'kfö , m. eratu^JSeh t eramp t 

blanden Cancer. 
Graneire, grinUihrrJ.v.a. to »nateh. to »eite. 
Grande, grin'dö, a. great, kigh^ »uolimet -, 

ad. greatly, extreniely; -, la. nobleman, 
Grandeggiare, grindödji'rä, v. n, to lord it, 
Grandetto, grind6t'lö, a. pretty tall. 
Grandezza, grindlt^si, /. groatne»»t »üb- 

limityt lord»kip, 
Grandioello, grindftshAMÖ, tee Grandetto. 
Grandigia, grindrjitf,/. prido, haughtine» 

_ _ . ._ , tne»», 

Grandinarie,~grind7ni'r6,'v. imp. tö hail. 
Grandine, grin'dfnd, /. hail, tpott», 

Grandioto, grind/6's4, a. »naenißeent^ pom- 
Granello, grioA'lö *n. grain^Aernelt »tone. 
Granfatto, grinfil'ltf, ad. eertainlyt »o mach, 
Granire, grinf'r^, v.n. to granulate, 
Grano, grt'nö, m. grain^ com ; trißo. 
Grappare, grAppl'rA, v. a. to grapple^ fo 

catch. ^clueter^ g''''P*' 

Grappo, grip'pö, m. grappling, oatehingt 
GrappOlO, grip'pAlö, m* buneh tifgrape»; 

mnny, Igain. 

Grascia, gri'abi, /• provition»^ vietuaUt 
Grassamente, fristimlo'ttf, m/. with JaV- 

ne»»t largely, 
Grassatore, grissitö'rj, ni. highway-man, 
Grassetto, gris8<t't6, «. pretty fat. 
Grassezza, grisaet'si, /. /atne»»^ plumpnt»», 
Grasso, gris'sö, a.fat. greaeyt plumpt rieht 

»tupid t^t m.fatt abundanee. 
Grassoccio, gru«ö'tsb6, a, pretty fat, 
Grassuine, grAssü'ml, m. tallaw. 
Grasta, gri'tti, /. flower-pot. 
Grata, gri'ti, see Graticola. 
Gratella, griti'K, /. »mall gratet ß»h-ba»let, 
Graticcio, grtft('lsh6, m. hurdtet lattice. 
Graticola, grAlI'köIA. /. gridiron^ grat». 
Gratificare, gritffnrl'rt, v. a. to gratify^ to 

indulge i to pleate, 
Gratitudioe, frlUtü'dfotf,/. tkank/ulneu. 



iBnUali.seiD. (ctlUirUbl, •>. •unUhlKS- 

Oratnita, ttll*' 
Onbiln», ■'•' 

«£•■«, (1 


t SuTiluiiniit. «rl'll 


eniiire, pimi'rt, 
«««lil«, iitll'I», .. f,it.hli 

Gremir», irfmCr*, V. •- (0 «Wp«, » Ki«(c* 
Gr»pp*.V*(i'l''i/-i 6r«jii>0, iiipp«, »■ 
ereppiii. irtp'Jll, /■ ™ci, muBjer. 
Gr.-j.poln,,ltli||p*lt.J'. <^^. ^^ 

Gricnioln, (cnibO'l«, r,.'fa«c<,, a-prlce. 

Grido, irl-a», m. cry, .*n>«l rep«-l,/i".t. 
Giicre, Iri«"»*. "J; (pou.) iratryi (]««'""■ 

Gro^nno, crt-M.^^ "._C.cof.«.. ^_.^^^ 

irongo, ir*n-(l, m. üme». W",'?!!' 

rroplio, (ifi'p*. "»' fcitf^^ftwj eroBfi; at^i- 

IroiKipure, irinMll'rl, i;, h. '"'''■" "■ 

Ir'^i'ein, |r*»H'fi,/. *'e™;,"° "'"'"■ 

irouuinc, iriiill'm*, ™. i/(»MH 4"JJl t»'. 

Griiiiol (nfml, Gruiioln, (rtd'tSW, •■ 

Orliio. iri' 

4, ..' (f (..5. 

ÜTifjuiaa. triiiu 
SriJhre, ^lUt'ri, v. n. 10 »("lonp. 
Orillo, fin«, m. Briatll I ujim, /rnl. 


jrla, IBi'di,/. f>ldl. »nrfatWr. 

Otnrd.boMii,(ianUb«'»W,i..iM>oi(-r.»fw. s«orpo, -ur^i, -. i«UrgM^d. üf- 

fc':sirr;^* — ^»,..™,.g 


■urdacnoni, -M-rt, -. *.*«. 

LI ndolo, lala-dU«. ». rm/, ipin^ti. 

n.rd»n.piHi, -«Ip'pt,/. ..>*.. G 

Äs™.r,-.,s.r."ÄÄ„ s 

IUI»». |.if.i->< »...».'»(»..Ati 

(• »uiJ'r; fo {■■«/, (• Ulf ttrt nf. 

UfllJ^ I..JM..W. 

.«».riMbi, »..*>», *..(, *»^ »ta 

<MKb)i «RXcnf«, laJawr. 

•ulainiD, It'li'ub*. .. t.d w». 

•KR, 1*-1T», «. *, H («.1^ «P r./;.*. 

iiurdu, i»lc't», -. KiVu, l»(, ai/iKI. 

>illa. rt'.U. n, (v(e, Howr rrjlfti 

■Kn-nlif, ■■litBli-ll, » •. U C 

■ loia, id-ie't, .. .(R<al(<, pi—mM. . 

linri. (.^■H.'.J M-»«; •«•!,. G 


I. j. ^:: 

i«mi'rii),«.»™ci4,»./mrt.- irmitMi. 

uimir», i-lrulTt, ip. .. lo /.rnöS, U 

.,-„.. .J.".../.r(Vj. J 


Q,...rl,jrino. ,,i.k*,i'=., .- .^»frf*«'. J 

Ouaitar*. |gI-U'ii. u. i. (o i/ufl, t> ifr- 1 

mho. It.'b«, ~ ,«.*«. 

Gn«rro.'|Ji'«"i.'. °T.i.''i'2i.. 1 


GiuMr», 1.111-11. [..>.*;.. »/»( ■!, b J 

I/.y, M •.» .1. J 

■ Iura, |l'll-rl./ /«r. da-ugi. 

■»;!i"^r,";'i"*;;c°i;>-'.(rc'.i.'"*" i 

wrna, lUteiS, • l.lrir..<, H....r.y, 

n.ll"ro.i~11-Urt,™. «fliSw-im,, K»»«B, Ir- 

1 nnua. ■'■II >!./. i/'U'. r/m'i » mlroi/. 1 

d.o, iddri m. II.O...J ä«<. 

uaiiabiiiilio. (»llilbCJ'l, -i. Ailit-nicjt. ■ 

™, i«-.,/. i^,/-nF. 

uauir?. <iltil n. ■.. .. A». iDiltiSii ID 1 

«««".H^ÖiO.i'll'i'i'j*, ™. t™«r.-«e -/,;.«. H 

fnllli, >«„mi'./ W™«.y. 

uai.iPllD.i'lull'Il, '■■""''"'«''"«'- ■ 

»ina, Idlfml, n. i./ o-i iuliül. 

OlUIIO, ,-i.-^, m. Jiri/. p^ddU, ,pl..k , 1 

cnfo, MIT,«;. ^<, all. , .m.M.. 

"i ''l''^i//'<f'ä'tr 

.gm,,., ldrli.,,,-1,/. Jr.,,^ 

nn.lirn», ■/m.'iruÜ / y..rf-J., -....,- 

„„.11-, H,öB l., A lu" .i.;*!^^ l,v., 

Gii-rrM.einn-, iiitiiMII'cl, c •. In uiiui' J 

Oii^n-icu, lutnKtt, .. u,*rllt.. 1 

.GU"riKrf, |.«iril-r». ™. i«.r,.-.J-,,„Wi,,, 1 

i.lun-, in llanl ™, ,.™i ««•. -,.i •/ 

Oul-iif. «iri'il, v. a. w r«<t. 1 

n..i,. Ibllll,/ .JI.S,«, c-u-,,^«:.. 

iiavD. In'l'it. •. '"VI »wiMf'v. 

««,l-,-M,..*p.Ä..jf^. =* 

tiJir«,(llUdl'r«,i>. >.'■ ■uli hi/vi u isfiL 

.Jiluuitüi«, lDb*ilihl'Tt,ii.i. istjiAf'aunl. 

[ll'ltltl'inD. Illljil'lim«, •, illti^immu. 

llUDilD, llll-bhllil, ■» lllicllo. r" «'fl, 


Ill'u1:^<iLe,' i]liluh<ii'l«?'>?°J>'rVf«ir'»^l?;ll'. ' 


J> i/Zaminc^ l> 











IWtWb*,/. i«. 



1«, M., H» lami 



















IIBbirtlTI, 'f.".. 



rnbirdlT«, V. 

. » .Hart, u 


fiiaäiMft lab 

Imbrotlolire, hobildllfrl , ii. a. In (riMir, 
ImlirogJinre, tnbMI'l'tt, v. a. in piriitir. 

tiuario, ImiDlirnl'rri, ■- (i-ojin-fj. 

■--"-Ein"taln*'jli.l,/. Bn-,,,>,«„,ul 

implilo.lmpt'il«, ■./■■lu(. 
iMpBlibllc, mr-lirUli, a. üinjfintli. 
IiD|>äTiilo, iBplMiW, m.frvlii. 

'^t: "■ 

Imp'f-diinuiln«, ImtUlm 
ImpvdiiaHIIO t üBpHjB* 

IlIll^oHllili^ IBHI. _..,. 

luunKtin, Inrntiuni«, v. Inttiraittt, 

iBpligirian', [mplubl^t, ti. m. U BUumhrr, 

lapueio. Impl'UM, n. irtuiilt, ptrpUiit<tt 
ImpadrQjiire» ImpidTAnTrA, v. ■. (o /ihi m 

Impiiliire, iwkiVTtt V. a- lo üh/mU^ 

unnillulii«, impiiildi'rt.imi.iiUidire.lii.- 
pltitii'rt,«.,. ,.,«^,J., 
IinpiliBiin. tofilmi-ti, «, '. u (in* ili 

Dpattihile» iBpluT^D«» 4 

t, lBplhri'r4,ItBpaurin«/Hp4HT 

r, impfll'H. >. H. Ii 


luipfKiJir«, rnpAiri 
(inpnfitiYa , tepArllCid 


HmpentOIf/tmtitrlU'i«/'!- —■I'"— - 
ItupenlonOt lmpAril6'rM| Ai imprrimL 
ImperatTioB, ta**riLri*IiJi4, /, wmprtt», 
IniHnetllMla, topÄMiMifMM. '. Innrr. 

ohi, iDplnikUkV, 




bplntült', I 

llll|iiiiS>i*,lB]'U(i'c*,«. t - ■ ■ 




Iiaplilmn', ImpIlU't«, <!.'•■ U tepMcUii 
liniillcitd, impJl'uhl 


Bptimnl'rt, u. B. h> Buäii 

impomibllitii». MpUiIbniuW, ■. a. in 

u rfmpfvfit. r'a4«| <■ 7aiH-ji, 

IinpnnavrB, Ivprfri'Mr^ v.u. ir. i* mndti^ 
ImprpnU» iHprM'U,/. /irfRt^nurii pieturr. 

fr iiD .iui-r« V . b,^!^!"!' 

iprobnbila, Jimprtbl'blia, o. imuroMli-i 


P"b'. Imp^'l'*! I'i'pnlw«. [mpü-Mti, i. 


■■■■piil'nrv, fBp4U'rA , v^ fl, b iMpri« ■ la me- 
'lHi|iii<ridtn^ riiHMdftAi *. n^ m amr^/y- 
Inpuiuiw, lapilitt'rt, Inpnizalin, (n- 
' plUNrM, v. ■. B «Jiiiti •> m. 

liilhiif. IM^n«, ^ hempmtU, 
iBlitilliA, ratkllM',/. AivHMy, 

InHiftr^ IltUktirt«. r, H. /d JE'«» hv. 

V*'«'!!!!»-, IslTjMIi'rt.v. 

lni<RaMn«| rnttMaU-tli, KI iMriEBliri. 
■liiiM|i(r}fiin>, Jfebp(A)rt'iA, InMiprir«, (d 
-fuUllinn-, I(la|fi*'r4, v,i.bilMii(irafi 

iBMlcilr'«;», InkllUihllrt" 1., .. "uA. 


/»^ » JtfJF^llliUBIDiiitRUv.'r.'liuI»!. 

Incap*«, hUiil'uht, a. intayiiilr, uititir. 
InapDcichin', CnUplJilil'iti v.'ii u *>«h 

^lnllrp.ll(-.* .^^.^™U«l<..r, 


iBeUunilaUBfriiv, s/m tau, b *>v, i> 

I»h)i»TOla, tehbfitU, •. Iwfl««/, »wh. 
iMUBa, IaIiI'Ml fH. Affw, ««liiiAriM. ftmUr, 
iBehiadu«, ItUMl-rt. •. ■. b jhü (u), u 
IuUo£tui>, MMMM-n, /. prlS%/ . 
liicl»aitro,l>U'flrt,».a/ '^1^0. 
liMihliul*it*,likii'iltrt,«. ■. Ir. M iHtnfc, 

Ikflümpo, fatlbttm'Mp — frumtfiarj lU/*- 

InajdHjM, MthUtoU, ■. &«. üa/nuf i 
Innden, toUkrafal, v. •- ir. ta »I (rni, » 
AHnHi ■■ ^irnnpl. html. 

ta^mm. fiUklVlM. b. k. fr. u *• pr». 
iDäDCOW*, IMlhliäi-tt, u. .. I« Insel 

Be nn. istAM'ri, /. Ipclilt,, fmp. 

nc twc,taUIiiVi^>il>.**n.i><>Knu,»*t 
iMlinuiOH, iiUA-tuU-oi,/. bctf-"— 
pnr/iiitlllf, diipuillljm. 

lücOilitn, InlO^'Irl » V. m^ ir, to ea 
nrirriMti -, v. ja^ Bt tiuppr». 

iBIOlliR, («Uni'I«, V. n. » ffiK. 0: 
bMllnini, MfiHrlr'tr, v. r. fo Ä 
lnoorpä*. tAiHr^ti, V. ■- 1« SU«». 
iMallO, (iMm, ■■•;>. nuuMiMl«, .... 

Insaa^tqza.lsuäbla'li4,/. JiiuiitMcyj 
lAoomiBoiare, fnUnMIfU'rt , ir. o. fa cvin. 

carpnniioiic, MttptrlUirc«./. iWr- 
COrnJaÜr'it. Hl lai^tttB. L*»»^ 

InctoiTftta, b 

BC^H^^l^ likrUD'dsl,/ (iieMJii«,r>ifnini. 
noredibiJr, lilIfUHil'lt, ■. iKcndiU,. 
ncTHlillill, (nferM^JOk'./. b,tr«lHlüa. 
ncndulo, lltrfMIt, ■. i„er.d.l,Zi: 
ImstaBtnta, rokriiiital«, n. iKcrmt. 


mpure, rDlic<9Fi-c<,v.a. 

bicrofiR, iDkid^-r«, •>. 


'»'""*'•■ Inonidii», Inkriart«, • 

,^pifl2i. ■ ' 

I. .. ^..£r 


_... ....x~,iä 

Incadc. lakd'di, Ineudinc, ItWiltit, J, 

besinn, r.i 
Inmillo, In" 

liLciunbenu, takimbia'ilat, /. iae^minA 

tamorate, tLttrt-rf, ■. ■. li ■>. u pu teb 

- ^'ru, UHMi,/. wf/rcnM, «nJoHiH. 

OWVIH, IiMril'H, «. ■. U MnM. H 

i,d»s«fe, lDdl(l'ii, «. >. ■(» M.rcVirift,U 
idnrno, bidm», aA in via. »^ " "* ^ 

'"fl^""^\'°'"'°*' "' 

i-nt. J. i^ 

s, iiidttiJiä'.«."!([!)°wfc.iiv. 

leilione, (nJlj«.i(*'=*,/. bi^HpHi«-'. 

.Ifldinine, Indfrl'ii'i«, loii Dlrliira 

rtt ... r. i%*fi« .«■; 


IndlTidunn^ilI'fddl'il, i 


°'?'','Ji.^,'!''"!''/"^'."''''"*;. . 




Indiulnä, iBdi'iin'»,'/' SJ^ibV^dillfna, 

InVir^'ill', tetn-^'n^ä. i~q 

iMItialilll, laliHUlif, /. iHfualiiy, ji^ 
In«? nie,' (ntrirl»,' ■' '«^'i^'b^i'-mf'^' 

Ill«i. tnfoili./.filly. ^..^. 
mrullibile, (Dfllll-bltl. o. uf^llMt. 

InRelan, [nri«4Tt. v. ■. » wie xiiiA fnfl, 

InfiBTolLre, lüritTiirtl, •. ■■ w fufrthla. 
Infltgcn, nn'djtc«, v.>.fr-.I<i riniY. » drjui 

[nfiinert. tali'n'irt, l^/aign, b, Jim. 

Infilan. Artirrt, ».Vui«^,fi m if/«. 

Inruciobin, lnriDiilidlir 

(> Cr"™ 


f~H (Hill) 

-„ -.. -i. ;,. »"^j.«, of, 

Inronliridio. li>riDirubi'dri, n. I't/inii.Ui 
Inhrclre, lorirubfrl, v. .. » t'.^. 

iäfedfie.'rndiU'l*,''«. 'Ji/aili/HU äithv' 
Inl-drlli, r»(Utllk-,/, i^dtlily.pii'fiiy. 
Infelii:«, IsHir-ubl. •. uJra^/iy. 

iBfHLreriaflrr'i*,'"'.''.'™ Iv°" '" «■.c/l'j^; 

Vi?™"^l liirT™iftt"v?r. » t« ii«™ 

InfETinprH'/, 'lnHlmtrl-l. /, infirmir^,^^ 

tnfcmiill-, rnttrDl^l','J!''!lr»/>,(!' T-, >». A'". 

Infemr«, l°Ilrrl-i«. "... i.>ii<r. I. .'^.«. 
Inftrrora», UMntrl-rl, liJ^rrarii«, hi- 

Iafeit*T'iJle, Mrtjii^l?; °.."^m"^, 
InhIUrr. Iaftta'r4, vT: u infnt. 

Ol.». Im 


Ingnilk, CoBalU',/. '^f'-'V- . . -^ , 
lnr,niS'TT.''M"'rf,"' ™. (|r.l' "SSe-jn-w 
lilfinitO, JsnnfU, a. mdltt. lauMif. 

Inüno, tnrrat, pr. litt, uUif , Aw, u Air ' 
«I - m ort, lU: .>v. r - miit.iUt l(in 

ifiil^Slfsre, (üflniklll'r ™.' i' 1.™^ 
ifinU, tofto'U,/. lnlinlo,lii(li.'lS,™i,/B»I, 

lIlKfre. l«o»|*^ V. a. ra Inytici. 
,„.Lnere. IMfttt. Inhuire, [Dflacr», V. ■. m' 
Indoiio, tn(l«»'i4, "1. Mm, üi/lamc. 

Intimi™, Wiü'l'rt, ». a. lo «ic* iTX 

inforii», rarMift*, «. .. i. *™u. ,n«t 

' rondtre, iDMa'dtri, u. a, ir. la ui/iiici ift 

''■"■-■'""■-'(''/. IVor-a- 



Intrmli. fnMirln'lf, td. in ikt i 
rrJire, [nfrlll'ct, v. ■. a n. u. ui 

- - ■ifrinn»^/. InJmi 


inEibiie, InlciajliiUi. •. iiJ/VwifUfi 

Infniui», foiTAiU'jA, V, 



loMall'g«,/. l^/iuiMI IntBir^ 

--"-iiill«, [■rUkd'il, ■■.•.(■ tafti la 
lUire, (iiljMlil'ri, ■, a, u pw !*• 

"""■ Tfi'yf " " 'Pf'"' "J't'"- 

roBBggiiinN InilJil'lf, V. .. 1. ••I'tt, " 
[n >itriald !>,[xt<l'ilil l'i./.uiKlH«! ^iiUjf . 
|il|ii>l»rdirs, Inill'lrdl'ri, u. a. & n. Ip 


lattlitn, iD|«rlii;il, .. 


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[ng^gnoio, ittitii'6'i 

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-ugladire, IndlriiU'r«, v. ■. u vulct 

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trtriDn«. liIrifD«, 1. iUiri-: •»»Ih>. 
lilruin, (lUtl'rl. II. a. u iMInc^ u iimA. 
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Lubmnla, liUtiii«, •■. Üyrfait. 
L«b:i^ a'kO*, •- •H/ipTyi/wil. 
Lübiiute, Uhlrtiit, •» Uliir'ito. 
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taboriaili, JlMrli-iLa. j.forioxi. »(fn 

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Lagrima. Wpraii, /, laai-, dnp. 

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LAido, llfii, a. ,tbf,/o,.{. r~Mh *(a*. 
Lunbiccan, Ifntilku'N, u. a. lo äUlil. 

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l^amir-uv. UnfU'rL v- Xa«. ia ^-fuin 
Lauiina, U'mlni,/. iilaU gV-MiuJr *'a^. 
Llni nan. lloUiH >>■ '• — w <«■* Jitalu; 
Lauuai«, Uai^iül,/. Mrcn-aH, ay~pJF. 
Laupa Um'^^V'. ipi-A-i^ ri— » 
LainnaOAt Uis'lMdip Lailip»dfli Mm'ftt*,/, 
LoiapaiF, ll^'rt,LÜp?Hun, liUp^M|f- 

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Lancia. lla-fM,/. laa«, j^aar. 
I^ncjap, "■J"j^'U*>J ■■ » '•«■ »/'"ff- 

Lancioilo, Ua(>kl-i/air/ac?^,i*.pi il!^' 


Lanipuäo. Ua'iaU^a. faa|aiiJ. /älal. 
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Idpidiin. Llpl.l>'r4, v. ■. u f imi 

lArdmo'lo, liTiUif f^ x. Imr^lni-pkt. 

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UioitD, U'lkIM, «L If^- 

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UlUto, Ullt'lt, ■. mU-u*1m. 
Lllta. Itl'U, n. BfUr t^ rtt. 

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Lnle. Itru, a. yyli/mllfful, Asniii. 
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Lfg»lili,[*(«lH',/l»S''"S. •"'*"«"■*■ 
LennhlEnrp, lt|ll<Jjii-r», u. •. U lc»^Jw. 

L'gMlwSEal'l'Ällintt'l», ää. 'u't.h/f'ii.K. 

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LwllimiUi, hÜliUnlll',/. Irgülmucg.ili'i^ 

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«■•»Igln, Wn VdlS, »1. <»(«(, An j^y. 


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LnnbD, lta«6, ik *m, fW|>. 
tau, ITM,^ tnalii vffwir. 

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LemKinid, lABAUhfoiA, m, phnp&g, 

Lwla, Jta'U,/.''m£yhi'sUt. 
Lenlu«. MaU^rL 11, ■. u f««, u nlu. 

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LeiJparc. ilppl'it,». ■. an. »il»J; m. 

Uprc, If prt, m. laH. L'i« 

LfprFlIo, Upril-U, ■». younf tan. 
L^roimellii, l«|icdDUIiVl«. n. imn 4an 

l^unUlD, Ii*i4l'll, a. «siiif Jan. 

Lttu^ IM-af, LMuia, HMnf 1,/. pl. lilm^. 
Lttaf EU, IMIIJ!**, /, Utkarta. 

LetlciMD, lÜlU'il, a, ttlifiaia. 
Lvlifinra, llunU'rt, v. a. fa jfvt jvm, 
Leiiua, ItU^U, '. (p«a.) gUS-cu. 
Lette», fttrl,/. liiitr, [candif, Muri. 
LAtlnale, IWUrfli, a. Hlnwl. 
Lellmrio, UUMW, ■. lUUrtry i tttrrtd. 

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LaTinre, paluAj fa Aitaall. 
Lmiira. ItirM^t, n. arrw-twad. 
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brnniaa, UU-mImt, f. pl. (von.) ptifat 

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Uberalill. IIMrUlit',/. Ji»(ra*»iy, ^um, 

LiT.i.mrf, IlWfl'fi, ■. a. I,dcttv,r.b,fr.,. 
Libero, lltitil, •./rni •'ii. 
UbMk, Itbini- (ülurt.A), / (»..-ly, /«.- 

Libidine, inetlit,'/ Imu, tumafl». 
l.Ihi OinoaD, llhldln j-il, a . UudiKimi. wtitltit. 
LibilD, imU, ■•. ■«(( phmiart, tiinäi a v. 







IjBO, ll'iit, a. Ilf, "!'/•<"- 

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Linluiiiw, UnU'illiEt, lu Lenlliilnt. 
L BDOnia, LHUr'Bl, m. iiiii»ni. 
laDfÜtb UtnaU, i<i.i^^ul. 
IjOtUtO, Illol-U, •. Ushl~hr.^K. 

IdopardD, lüplr'dt, n. 'imard. 
laqn^artt ItkutWtt, v, a. »-, , Liqnid^rt, 

ilk.rdi'rt, «... »/if.vVi ">»''« '°''- 

Liquldin, llbHPrt, u. ■. u (nw »foU, 

IiSquidD, Lflufd«, ■. /tfuiif.'näu'i elnri-,' 
Liquiriii., Jlk.Cti'OU,/. ftcrt«. 

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L>ti,{o, InCJO, n. ju.r«l l=i„.,«,l. r»«<. 
Ijligiaio, UirjS'iJ, •. iilitini',, ^aurrtl. 

Uloirafi«, UHjrtfW,/. Hj*"jrap%. 

Lodure, I61IJIT*, ^. y. 1» pr.iK, lü_com™a,d. 
Lodoln, IB'dü*,/. ItC rico-.«. 

Lambardo. Unitt'it,/. UmtmrJ. 
Lombo, Mn'lil, I». hin, Up. 
Loinhrica, Jil^rrM, m. imrO-marm 
LaniDBiiniU, ItniiBllllRt', /. 'Mjnui 
IiOaifTO. IMj»«. M. (pMa.) lanflh/ 
LontinqBO, WnjCg'kii«, ■. vr» Ailwii, /ir. 
UDKilndma, lUJjlii'dbi«, J. hngü'-li, 

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Ldhzi, Itirui,/. c»iii»(> IlllJa pioib--' 

Loppa, It^l, /. T:(air. 
Loqiuce, lOkvi'UliJra. lefumclcu,. 
Liuiwla, likHt^/ ipne*. laiwni, 
Lordo, l«I'4«,a.^flÄy,/si>(| (S^^. 

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LotO, Ifl«, n. im, 
LotolMM, IMM 
LotU, M-U,/. wr 

LaltCMian,!«!*^.... _ ,. 

Lon, l*^y. tJiMMtfr prauilnu. 
Lazania, Muli'ii,/. l>t«((. 
Lanfiia, IMiM-d«,/. Amhh' 
Lubnao, linirm», ■, •Hpptry.MUciuut. 

i.nociulto, MUiirii, M p^feci. riw^uiif 

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l.uiHiola, li'uttit,/. glttr-llg, r'f'l"/- 

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Lncida, lirubril. ■. l^tU, irUAl. 
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Lndm, hfdtrJ, n. n. ir. fa ipgpf, lo plnu 
Lndibna. Ittntlt, m. mtcSüry, la^giUf 
Lndo, id'M. KL (■»•■O^ayj f awi •llvrrHim. 

LiiEubr», ld|f br«, B, ■»■fV"!. 

LunMc«, limt'kJ, LnmaM», Idoii'ulii, f. 
Lumitfo. MnU'jt, m. lamp^UkUr. 
Lnn. M-B*, >>. UfM i l>w»&Äi, .»r.f. 

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Liininiara, MmImlVri. »• La.lm. I.ijc«. 
LiuninoiD, IdaHDfit, a. Jnwf jMi . ihMnf. 


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.upino, Idpl'ai, n. (bat.) ia^ilaa. 
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'illipolO, Idp'pdid» m. Aopt, 

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Lurldo, li'lld«, a./atva-aalcwrnJ. 

Luioo, IdllÄ, a. mri/ü^ I Ifnaid. 

- lignualo, IMa-VJ*,«. Bif«i/ua/> 
liagara,IWaffT*, «...»^alla-, 1 
iiara, IfUrii,^. a. » fu.ia. 

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Morinou, iptrt'l.M,/ r»**ij, r><M. 
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llonifpra, EOni'nrt, ■. d. 


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ObbJiguv, dbbllil'rf, v. a. i» tUiwe, t 

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Obbliuno, tbbli-biia. •. uiUfn; ü,dlrti;t. 
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PuloMMM, pildbäittru,/. pineA. Fy™«*. 
Puidnella, piltihrnfH, i». finthintUo, 

Pi>l"r°/pSl'irt, «. (^8?.r*""iufo"' 

PulBdr9, p'Ä'drI, ™.'™(^/m?. °° 

Pul 'cV'" il^fil'i'M'aXic . ■ 

Puiir»'. pilH'it, '». .. » cfc«», (E po/,7^ ä 

'"is-«J,'"'X*''°'""""™'°'*' '""*^"'< 

fHI'"".'''*'''""""'''' ' "*«•* 

J'^tT.TiV-u^T^', upT^'g.?""' 

l'unlugfi«, pdDUTl,/. JSt*i! 3.1-». 
f imliire, pilatfll, n, Uf, «f/ii. 

^•IbI, JIhIkciIjii lainll;/. 
FunUta, ;dkU^, /. linul ulLt ■ soi 
Pimliiiun, pdulllii'rl, FunUzione , j 
riuUzia, ptali'M, ■■. «f», pr>n<<n^ 
Vtinlefglu*, rdaiMji'rl, ■>.•. r« /miiüi 

VualwaolD, p^ulrl'li, ■■. »<2Jm, w«ni[ 
Punllglio, pÄliri't, •■, pufaf it/itiMsiiri «w 

VuatO. ptVll, n. ^«Juli tfJMlii KKunni 

w «^ ™ -, twitvTÜf ^'-?- pir 

tnntiuHti, piDIdltUt',/. punirUafily. 

Funhin, ptatd-t«, /. 

fnniHÜhun, pintiU 
pAotollli'r«, f. m. uri 
rwuona, ptfiM'n^ n, 
KupilJi, plpD'Ili 
rupiUa, flpIFIi, 

Pore, pl'N, oif. V'I. ai 
Fnnlta, p4rM6, Puntti 

Jurj», fit-O f purft. fupiiiify, 

VurgaiT, pdriJ'rt, v. ■. la piirgt, u eUmkH, 
PuiBtanci, pdriKfcU, m. purralary. 

EiKluiane, pCümt^i,/. fiiv«*lJ«>. 

ulcnlD, pdrdlta 


m. 'rffr^iitMi Hfl, 
liidBiU',/. jmM!«.b, 

ulatiTO, pdUU'T«, a. tHppaitd, 

IilredinDiD, pilrMlD^'i^Ta. ;iKlrHcnl. 

Ulla, pil'U.y. liai;..!. 
nllana, pdlli-ni,/. pn'lllau. 

•uiia, p«ui, /. BU, ilint, •!«oc*. 
■uzzsn, pdli/'rf, v. a. u «inJ. 
•ui;i<.,p*l'.4, ™.««c*, «.rrapiiM. 
/luzalmilB, pdutitn'ii, Fuizoio, pilud'i«, 

Faä'üa, p^iri-ri, /"iiacl i Itftcrhn. 

Qak, *ai, ad. hcn, iMU tidm, Ulicr, 1* ikl, 

QatStTao.kMtitr'at.m.wrüliifttiili fnirl 
tfptpcrx Iwa famt (■! «e», ird Ja a 

ludratlai*. kaldrllU'rt, i>. J'L"dJ^t 
gnadtello.liaUiCM, ■>. irnio, Ml, päd. 

(jujidricniÜD, kuUrirsTt, •■. 


QUA 1! 

nmtdniprde, i^U^fUi, n. /^ 

Snsdnlplicim , küldrdpKVl'lt, v, ■. <• 
ludnipliw, kaJdri'plIuti«, ()uiidnipla, 

lUlllll'flt. ■. Jtu'Jtli. 

6aa|f!i.'tiiMJim', Quaggiaio, kaldlfd'ii, 

QlU(lÜR, lull'i'it, v. n., 9uil(1illtli, 

lull'ti'il, D. r. u dHfiitaiF, u crvUi. 
Qual, bll,i. uf^olJ 
QuiJiih*, biU'U, ■.»•», . 

□rdioi, knilLtfiliUlii. ■. /aMfCtni. 

Quitni, blllrt, a./aiir. 

Onn: '«f I. Qnei'i. k.lYI, tun QgdlL 

Qnia locht, kiilB 

XhHIlintiina, kiilrtBU'ni,/,/"'^ <'■»'• 

, lioi, kal'Ukl, •<<. *er*. 

Iro, I-IIIUKID-Kt, «/. «.r, 




(^nindeeüno, küfnM'tshdnöf •,ßfttwüt, 
Qniadi, kHln'dl, ad, kenee, tketif ^fterwiurdit 

tker^oret da - Innansi, thenct^orwArd t 

" per -, /rom the $am* plaet» 
Quindicesiino, k«(ndftflhö's(mö, a. J^tenth. 
Quindici, kufa'dftshf, m,ßftteH* 
Quind'oltM« kufodArird, ad, thereah^mt, 
Quingentesimo , kufnJiBti'sltaö, «. ßv»' 

hundredth, Tyeari old, 

Quinqnagenario , knfnkaijtni'rid, a, ßfty 
QuinquAgesimo, \uinkuk\t^tim6f a, ß/tieth. 
QuiAqneBJUO, knfnkKA'oM, m, spac€ ofßve 


Quintule, kHfnU'lA, m, hundred-tifeigAt, 
Quintana, kafnti'ni, /. Hlting'post. 
QuintessenzAtkulDtissAa'dsi,/. ^KMteMMce. 
Quinto, kttln'tö, a.ßfth, 
Quintodecimo, kiri Btödd'tsklai^f 9,ßfttenth. 
Quintoplo, k«fn'tip)6, o. ßvefold, 

\ik,f. tweepingSf ßtth, ItioHt to dispute, 
Quistionare, kuistlöal'ri, v,a, A», to ^uet^ 
Qaictione, knlstM^a^, /. quettion, law-tuit, 
Quictioneggiare , kMfstWaddjA'ri, v» a, * n, 

to dupHtCf to debate, 
Quitanza, kuftlD'dsi, /. f a jffoiie«, di$charge, 
Qaitare, kulU'rö, v. a. <o me^uit, to dUcharg». 
Quiri, kM^Tf, ad, therCf in that place, then, 
Quiyiritta, kuIrfrft'U, ad, juet here, 
Quocere, k«A'uk4r<, v. «. to cookt to dreee, 

to meaaget to torment, 
QnoiOt kuö'jd, m. leather^ ahtH, 
Quota, kaft'tA, /. quota^ ehare, portion, 
Quotare, kadti'rd, v. a. to «e< ja order* 
Quotidiano, k«6tfd(l'BÖ, a. daily, 
Quoto, kafr^tö, m. ordert rank, 
Quozientey kaMsf Aa'tA, m. quotiemU 


Rabaccbio, ribik^kM, m. eAf/</, hoy, 
Rabarbarot ribir'blrö, m. rhubarb, 
Rabbaruffare, ribMrüffA'r«, v. a. fo ^/ 

about^ to rüffle^ to dieeompoee, 
Rabbassare, ribbissl'rö , 9. a, to lewer, to 

abate, fagain, to meet again. 

Rabbattprai, ribbAt'tdrsi, v. r. tö arrive 
Rabbollire, ribb6111'rö, v. a. to embeliish 

»neu* ^ l^to bungl«. 

Rnbb<>rciare, ribb6rUbA'r6, «. a. to patek, 
Rabbia, rabltfl, /. /«ry, vMemt paeeiom. 
Rabbrno, I*bbl'n6f m, rabbia. 
Rabbioso, rlbbi4'«A, a, enraged-^ furiouei 

exeeattve. {toßtl up again, 

Rabboccare, ribbökki'rAy v. «. (0 bite againt 
Rabbonacciare, rabbteitshl'ri, v. a. & a. 

to make ealm, to appeaetf to grow ealm. 

Rabbondare, rlbböndi^d, v. «. to abomnd, 
Rabbonire, rAbbdni'r^, v. a. to äppeaee^ to 

pac\fy. ^ fagain. 

Rabbrenciare, rlbbr^ntsbi'rj, v. a. to tAind 
Rabbrusearai, ribbrtiskJr'af, RAbbrutzarai, 

rlbbrtitflir'sf, v, r, to gtt etondy, 
Rabbuffare. ribMlffi'r<, v. a. to disorder, 

to diehevel, 
Rabbttffo, ribbdffö, m. rebuke. teprimand, 
Rabbujare, ribbüyä'rd, v. n,, Rabbnjarsi, v. 

r. to grow eloudy or dark, 
Rabido, rA'bfdö, a. rabid, furione, 
Rabino, rlbfnö^ sc« Rabbino. 
Raccapezzarej rtkkipdtsl'rö, v. a. to ßnd 

out again. [pitulate, 

Raccapitolare, rftkipftdli'r^, v. a. to reca-. 
Raccapricciare, rikkiprf Ubl'r^ v. a. A a. to 

temfyx to be/rightened. 
Raccattare, rikkitu'rö, v. a, to redeem, to 

reeover, lup, 

Raccenciare, rilsbönt^bA'rö, v. a. to patch 
Raccertare, ritabirti'rö, v. a. to reaseufe. 
Raceettare. rAtabttti'rd, v. a. to take to one'e 

home^ to narbour. 
RaccettO« ritabit'td, m. lodging^ »heiter, 

retreat^ atylunt. T»p. 

Racchiudere, rAkkM'd^^, v. a. ir. to »kut 
Racchioso, r^kkid'sö, a. ehut up, eneloted^ 

ineladed, fold elothea. 

Racciabattare, ritshAAtti'rd, v, a. to mend 
RaccogÜRre, rikköT^d, v. a, ir, to gather, 

to collect f to infert to reeeive, to lodget 

to underetand, 
Ra<Jcolta, rikk6t'U, /. eollectiont karveai, 
Raccoinandare, rIkkömAndi'rd, v. a. to ro- 

eommend; to sugpend; ta J'aaten, 
Raccomandazione, rAkkdminditsfö'nd, /. 

Raccomiare, rikkömft'rd, v. a. to diemtie. 
Raccomodare, rikkömödä'rd, v. a. to repair, 

to mend. faceompany again, 

Raccom^agnare, rtkkömpin'i'rd , v, a, to 
Raoconciare, rikköntshi'rd, v, a. to repair, 

to mendt to reconeile. 
Racoonfortare, rAkkönförtl'rd, v. a. to com- 

fortt to/orttftf. rnoaeere *o. 

Racconoacere, rikkdnd'abdrt &e. , see Rico- 
Racoonaolare , rdkkönsdll'rd, v. a. to com- 

fortt to eoneole. 
Raceonfare, rikkffnti'rd« v. a. to relate. to 

redtet raeeontarsi, v. r. to be reeoneiled, 
Raccontq, rikköo'tö, m. account, relation, 
Raccoppiare, rikköppfi'rd, v.a, fo eombine, 

to 7*0 (*; Vo abridge, 

Raeeorciare« rikkdrtsbd^, v, a. to ehorten, 
Raccordamento, rikkördimdn'tö, m. rement' 

branee. fto reconeile, 

Raccordare, rlkkördi'r^, v. a. to remetnbert 
Raccorre, rlkkAr'r^, see Raecogliere. 
Raccortare, rIkkörU'rd, v. a, to ehorten t to 

abridge. ^equat, 

Raccosciarai, rlkkAsbir'af, v. r. to »it doum 
Racooatare, rikkösU'rd, v. a. to appromA 



JUoaHUn, Htküftt, II. ■. M ib 

Itlihl'mUA^in. tlmMUt tf graptm. lue, 

näequMiü«, itttHiU'r«, ftiwipiieliir», itt- 

lUoquJiUn.'MilkKbU'^, n. ■. t> nennr. 
X*lll. rfdt, /. An, r«aV. 

Buddolear*. MdiUlU't*, Diddalsia», rM- 
dUuhl-rt, Ruddoloire, rlddUukf'it, v. a. 

IHdS^pi«re,rMd*i>pcfrt,v.«.' !•«*..«». 
Hjuldallo. riddll-ll, HL platm if •uttiiif, 

lÜddnIU^"NddilU«'ll, V. ^ » Ml* 

Klddum, rldddc'rl, >. ■. bi ItaSiat*. 
Buden. U'dttt, f. >. ir. U •«•», In •*•»-, 
lUdciu, rUll'tl./.rvlfy. , L" •""»■ 

B>diöii,'ti'iinii, Hl Hidln. 

diuluwnl', rUIUlBlD-U, ■<{. radialis. 

KdiM, rtdt'uli*,y,^ii Wr) =^/in', 

|Udun*n,'rid«iii'il, o, .. to lUiB^i., u 


iuSniiu», itfftnU'ii, ■. 
IkaUipirAre, rirrigdra'TA. 

■»fBoiS rtmäl'it.'^.'ä. 

nacgPDtilin, lidldclUCri, «. ■. u no'f» 

HilKurc, »djl-id, H. n. b ri.^>-.», » ««„. 
HaKciali. ndltll, /. i4sri«a<rl tatb). 

" ■'*ni'H,il.m.Utl*MliflfU. 

niiiiiruv, Ttdtttt'H, 

"agiinKuc, tül]iil>U-i<. V. ■. »•«...<, to 

'»?'■ '■" *'•■■■ 

■KiranrilHTV, TitttiBtIWwtfV. a. ta fikliW-, 
cnJrvc', la «JtriM, 'ff wArhiL 



l-l(, ■.■. >. 

r/^*' ■ 

I curt. 

niiSu.aU.^. ftiit,M;t. «.^f Irin,, u 

Jingtizult, liiiufU,/. tiil Jäh tritt. 

Kafanm, rltdol-rt, s. a. ü aimamtiU, b 







IUlnpaj;il1. TlDiBfr'D'J,/. rfAciir, rtpronj. 
Kjlltl|>0](njirej fivpAb'i'rA» «^ d. I# rrii^t, 

RliUIU>q«lla. fllnSiU'l«, n. Ina» Irue«. 

Hucim, luU'r*. ftinshellan, rliktiu'c« 

Hangoii, rlE'itJl,/ Rangolo, rln'glU, n, 

Raii|aluE,nlil|Ali^. v. ■. U c></»iiiiar, 

nungaloiö. Iln^li-i«, ^ rl^r, ■Ifnlin. 
Rnnninihian-, HDafllliri'I«, v, ■. id thrüA 

Im, I. .trw./ 
Hmho, rlo'n*. ™. I«. r» dJe''(fi'. 

claujA/, ' f Tl'oiilt'klt, m. /rag. 

Rniivrelbi, rlpbeii././cmli, 
RupFroilzo, rlpdlnli«, m. rmpiaa. 

RKpidiff, rlpimii-.y. rtpiJlh,. 

" lo, rt'jililll, a. rmpid, niii/li(r«^. 

H*pinii,rlpi-nl,/.ropi«, jimt/urju/ji«. 

•, Hpp^InTM, >. 

JUpporiaiianc, Iipp*tltUI»'i4, /. fipafl, 

ItUbliarlQ, lippAr't^ «I. rtparl, rtlalibn. 
Aiippn-iiden, [Ipprlu'dlri; v. ■. ir, u Uli 

IlBppnM|Li*> itfittafrt,f. rtfrit^, pl. 
»■ppnutliin, rttpwMinT*. v. ■. u Kuiii 

n>ppnH*ntUiU,rlpp[l<«Bl»;4a,/. *-.»•( 

Iti|jipr«ii>, rlpprfit, >. civiUifi AnuintiJi 

lUpprtiian, rlppr'tsU'r*, !■. ■. lo Srimi 
lUpiiunn, NpoOri'i«, v .. i. p.rj. •f6i. 
llB|ilQaia, ripLAdr»,/* rAflp»!^. 
Kapidda, ripiA'dtt, hl rhaawdut, 
BaniinnK, rtilm^i-U, mir.,,!;,. [JU-U. 

Banbuöiia, rlrttiui^y.'rvV"^«^ 
RanizJi, rt rji'it j: r>Hn|( üWmi lunüij. 
HariRun, rliinkl'r«, hi Biritin. 
Kurilk, ttrllf,/. rv/Mr (»»iiyr tmrlotih/- 

-, -d. rmrtb,, »Uin. 
RhoJim, rwT/t, /. nu, •/! 

RjlipA, ttt'pi,/, n 
Baipoilni«, tlqillll'rt, ii 

r-, -.. M/(. 




HOdia. rlHMri./ nlap»<^. 

RiliEiHiial*, rlirtiuuivi "/'>idi<iu<«i. 
lUttwiun, liatkUit, •>. ■. u uwct mg.i^ 

HlflwnoiUH, nilUkanlTt, B, .. to^kiu«. 

Jup frMil I« j|iufvi nUdflanl, tf. r.' fa 

HnltHlan, rtutM'ri, v, ■! u n'n^iir. 
fUltiapidara, HMtfItVU, lUttipiiidira, 

natrmppvep rliirlppt^, v. a. la ^«cn 
Raranrllo, iMiDtl'l«, HaTvia, rlil-a*. 


KBTTiliippi». iliiliipM'rl, 'ülaTu^iira^ 
RarroJirn, rlTi»l'J4i*, v. ■, fr. tm'mnp 

'"^i^"' '" ■ '■ "f ™™;: 

Raiidcinio. rllilölihrnl«. m. ralbciu/i'ü, 
Riiuonabilitl,rlu(tMblL[tV,/. rtat^Mi^ 

nauoa.liil, rtufialir'u'V. rJi'niH^™ 
Rauonr. rlUM-al, /. i-al>~i, rfaif, ,DMi„„ 

RUI«, rld'ii, /. Itorntact i ni^i iptitta/ • 
Aazuire. rtitfil, HaiieegiBre. lUitdJi'it, 
Jtailiinalo, ilililMl'ti, a. ädorvj, ivrtj, ' 

Rnuuola, lUiO'14, -n. /illli rau, lailt 
HhIf, rU11i,V.ri>vaf,luic%l rtal.BMilhi 
JtMllli, rlilii',/. t—liiii ältuma. 
JImL?™. riui'nt, ". liw... ' "' " 

Keupilolare, lAlpruU'it, ft«up[liju 

KfcMuri, rMtH'ti, /. t~Ti.e., p^nv^,. 

HrfHMorin, ,«tiLCrl6.».. r</Ml.T,. f;i. 

»eci^Uuta, tlttll'U, /. KiwiliiDDe, rlUU'- 

R^f I,»rE. rJIluri'ri, «. .. 1. r«»rt, I. 

Ä«;ed"re. fiübe'di'iTü. n. (r. i» nccdc. u 

flFlIellen, rtgcitrt, u. •. ir. U rtßtal. 

Hei miD, reot.-it, «. rc/tui rU/ 

RttMlf, rt'UBtrt, V. •, Ii rrle«, u vnnil. 

HeldcillBn, .ätäUbllU'ii, «. a, u r«(<> 

««".lO, rti.üf.4. -i. r.c«., rtlrtal. 


,M,.r. ' . y > 

i«-rti.(i. .(uli*il('tJ. .. r™-««». 


n.^*, Mubl'airt. V. a,' ". •. »1 B#. 

R^pio, fWi'ai«, «. nrf.,., ^(.«. 

«lpi?^rt'1i!'^^».' "^"X^^pr^ 

RF)(^alD, r«(tU'ld, ■. »u(«i'«l, n(.f 



,«c;;.H., iMlufi-n«,/. nducli,,. 

K«dii|ilicare, läddpUki'rl 

ReciOi rf'Ji*. ■, nymi i nable, 
RfSion», rtjii'B«,/. rtjio», toaB/ry. 

R^lWlnm, I«l.lrfH'tJl, /. rr/J^i^j 
ll*SJi'ifr""rSV'ri,'v?;.r'£"tiir., id nl» » 

IlPgolil,.f(«l,/.ri.Tf, faur, rclijioni.cifir,-, 
XnoUr*, ri|tll'i», II. a. Is rifu/ili, » 

R«goj.riii, t*(4lir(li-, /. r,t«l.r!l3. 

ItnpIlörrlJtrU^'i. n/uürf. "' r<£cl.«. 

Hfluio.iilfri», n. nfapit. ' 

KrlalJTiunail'jÜllIilmh'l«, td.rtUtlMttv. 
niUÜTO, iMIlI'M, >. rWallv«. 

"»r»™" **'*" '*' "' "■ " " ''u'r'd". 

SfliKliHilil, rWttallV,/. rrllfioMnaj. 
ne[l(i0l0, •am.i, M. A n.«H(to«; ,«»1, 

Bxlf^iSka,rtt1kiäPiu,m.'ltHncf!>r Ali'ä'. 
Rvlariinm.fAiHUo'M,/. hJuciuct. 
Honii, ifM./- fAbuh. 



AMntAi[bil«, r#mb9f't 

Rrmüiienr« n 






neuen lue lio, rtptDll'1'6. n. ptril, rill. 

HrpElsn?, rtptllrl, v. o. » rural, 
'■—■'], ttftU-i,m.Ultp-Uirrirtl,tmJara. 

lon«, T<|i«UUIl-D<,/. riiiilfl».. 

), rtplflt, ■. rtplHt, fiill, tiiKi. 

neplnionv, r«iilili!t-n4, /. rtplttlam, JÜ- 
nrplioi, ri-pltlli,/. r«p(y, rrpmrUt. 
Kcpliiuu«, rfpiftl'ri, u. ■. (• n-p/y, , 





blim, rtpdb(b)ir«l,/>ip".*(»e. 

HepuV.«, rtpil'U,/. fV»M/. rr^«t. 

He|iitliare, r^ptlil'rt, i/, o. In rrpujii, t, 

np|>ulnzionF, rtpdlllill'iil, /. repHiaiumj 

HR|u[|iiion>>, rH«l.ll.(0'ii4, /. rifMiililm, ■ 

He.crindp«, Ttli,u,-itlt^i.t. i°. " rtM%Ji, '■ 


piilicnü, riilllta'Ü,/. n^flibii. 


. tItlUiliaifat, j 
7 Ftllllli«*'!!*, /. raUri^ifr 


'■unnione, fHrUuWui, f. Wri-ciü»,. 
■Iroe^dm, rllttUkCdM), «. •■. ii-. to 

DM., 1/ mud a^titi. 

Rf.oliilioini, <tiUiulftt. J. rtMUtÜM 


Bibudi™. mudlTi. ... ■. I, ffBK, IV. 

LibaJKn, Trbllll'it, V. ■- '• tiiil •fUit, It 
librezzm«, rArtliTrl, c. n. !• «ttv»-. 
libreilD, rOirVUl, n. tihirrinf, cfllllbltth 

nigidFre.'rlhlill'r«, ii.i^ jr. » /olJ •ilfm 
ID 'tlmpti, u tit lUmi (11 nrnf. [/a'luni. 

*f,r>un. '"fr- 

nicunaiiirt, rlUilftn^ 

RicipiUr*. raiplU'rl, «.•.■• Jirta, • 

Rjiiiiliila, rCkt'pIll, M. mMrtUi u/ViiiIsh. 
KlEtpItDUn, rOUrlllU'rl, 11. •, » rtapt. 

Kicnpitolniioiie, itUpavtWVri, f. rtcC 

nKJtfRTC, rrUirr«, w. d. » ffl^, iopF9ßlt 

fliech(»ii,'rtU(>^./. riilui.Tl. 

Bklüano. nk.i-int, ■.. rtcUbü 

Aic^iudnv, rf^id'dAfi. «. «. ir, K 


Duma, nunrii,/-. »r, inciilo.. 
tilclima, rikll'ia«. ■•> Kltbumo. 
RlcsilitnH, rnilTlifuhl,/. midwyft. 

lüsolta, rlUJ'U,/., HUioUD, rfkai'Ld, n 

Riconcil^re, rfttat>nnriTI, v. ■. m rit^n- 

nicoorfo. rAUliIll, •. «■•Ir-HRJ •(•in. 



Hieiii>»r(i.irtt'lililTi,*.a. ^. lg «»I^au,,. 

Hidn-r, h-tiit, v.'n. tr, l> laM^A,' ir iSSii 
RidicOlO, rMl-kAlt, a. rii^icw/au, (ai,((a»l>.. 

Rldon». lili'at. la. Jaafiiri ourrv inu. 

Ril.libriciin, liribliiAl'c*, .. .. u r.bmiU. 

Ril'ri.Trn'rt, n. «. i<T'o'X'a'to n.b 

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